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“It all depends whether or not Paul Beeston will allow a Blue Jays employee to go to a divisional rival and whether or not he sees Farrell as part of the Blue Jays future,” says ESPN’s Buster Olney, as quoted from a Wednesday Boston radio appearance by Sportsnet. At the time Olney said that John Farrell’s potential move to Boston could happen in “24-to-48 hours,” if the Jays are willing to let him.

The Red Sox may be moving on from Farrell– or just posturing, or covering their asses– as the Boston Herald reports that the Sox have got Dodgers third base coach Tim Wallach, and former big leaguer Brad Ausmus on their radar. At the very least Wallach will interview, as his contract is expiring, and even if not, Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times tweets that the Dodgers have granted him permission to speak with Boston.

Hey, look! It’s a clown from something called the Dorchester Reporter talking out his ass! “Yes, there were injury issues,” says Clark Booth, as he wonders why John Farrell is such a great candidate to manage the Red Sox, “although no greater than has become the norm all over the game in these fragile times, nor as grave as the Yankees endured, yet still survived. More relevant are Farrell’s personality clashes with players and uneven moments with the press. In a notably harsh indictment, the team’s most respected veteran – Hall of Fame-bound Omar Vizquel – complained that the Jay’s promising core nucleus of young talent has learned ‘nothing’ under Farrell. The team has been called, ‘the dumbest in the league.’ ” The fuck?

More sanely, Firebrand of the American League wonders why the Sox are so fixated on the Jays manager.

Sportsnet chronicles the frustrated responses from Ricky Romero on Twitter yesterday, as he was being trolled by a some clueless person who suggested he wasn’t worthy of the Roberto Clemente award (which isn’t performance based) because he had a bad year, and who then got all defensive when the pitcher shot back, lobbing the worst kind of horseshit, like suggesting that “a TRUE professional would have just ignored it #justsaying” and “kudos for giving to the community… I like most Jays fans wish we saw the same dedication on the field.#yoursupposedtobetheace.” Well, no, you’re very obviously not “just saying,” and I can’t even begin to explain how fucking ridiculous that second statement is– oh, but at least we’re no longer talking about the first dumb thing you said, so I guess that’s mission accomplished.

Something good did come from this turd of an opinion being unleashed on the world, though. These David Ortiz tweets!

At, Chris Toman quotes Jose Bautista and Ricky Romero, both of whom don’t see the leadership void in the Blue Jays clubhouse that was so talked about during the club’s listless, awful second half. Gee, can’t imagine why the two presumed leaders of the club would say that there was plenty of leadership going on. That said, I do tend to be sympathetic to the notion that this stuff, especially in a season like this one, was seriously overblown.

Anderson, Indiana’s Herald Bulletin writes about local boy Adam Lind, whose back is feeling better now than it did most of the season. “We adjusted my workout plan and increased my flexibility,” he explains of a mid-season change. “My back felt a lot better the last month of the season. I was swinging the bat with force again.” They add that “Lind said there were many reasons for his strong final month, not the least of which was the presence of Chad Mottola.”

MLBTR looks at the transactions page from CBS Sports, and spots that Jim Hoey and Robert Coell-who?, both of whom spent the majority of the year in Las Vegas, are now free agents. Devastating blows, I know.

The newest writer at Bluebird Banter introduces herself.

A stretch of Faillon Street bordering the former site of Jarry Park in Montreal– now Uniprix Stadium, which hosts Rogers Cup tennis– will be named after the late Expos great Gary Carter, according to a Canadian Press story via the Globe and Mail.

At Baseball Prospectus, Ben Lindbergh looks back on some predictions gone wrong from across baseball, including one from Alex Anthopoulos, who said back in February that he expected the club’s offence to be better in 2012 than it was the year before. Big whiff there, though injuries were the main reason. Lindbergh’s honourable mention predictions– which, like the first ones, come from a National Post piece– are far more damning: Anthopoulos said he expected a big year from Brett Cecil, and that Dustin McGowan was the player who excited him the most. Ugh.

Lastly, non-Jays related, but seriously, yesterday was a fucking incredible day of baseball, and today promises more of the same. Parkes recaps what you may have missed over at Getting Blanked.

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  1. Ortiz and Shane Victorino both tweeted encouragement to Romero yesterday. It’d be nice if they decided to support him by joining his baseball team.

  2. Expect Lind to remain as the Jays’ fulltime 1B/DH next year.

    • Meh. Truth be told if they can find a good lefty-masher to platoon him with, that’s not the worst path for one year

    • Why, Pennywise? Because negative suckfaces say so?

      • Nope. Because of his end of year performance. I sincerely doubt the Jays fancy themselves contenders next year, regardless of what marketing says. There are simply too many holes and too many question marks.

        I feel the Jays truly believe circa 2009 Lind is the real deal, and if he could stay healthy, he could put up good numbers.

        • If only to buy them another year of Bautista is right before moving him to 1B and getting another outfielder.

          That being said, I still don’t agree with you.

          • Bautista wont be at first base for another few years– if at all. His body type will probably allow him to age well.

            Don’t misunderstand me… I do not want Lind to hang around. I just feel that that is what will happen.

  3. What happened to the playoff game threat?
    It was there then it wasn’t.

  4. Today’s play-off open threat seems to have vanished?

  5. Steve Simmons has to win Book of Moron for the year.
    I supplied links to it but message was deleted so just google news him, if you can be bothered googling that ass.
    He’s going on an attention seeking circuit on Boston TV and radio asking why on earth would the Red Sox want Farrell.
    I’m not saying he’s wrong, and I’m not saying that the Boston FO aren’t already aware of the points he raises.
    However, Farrell has value simply because despite wearing blue he’s regarded as part of the Red Sox family. Fan perception among Red Sox nation was driving up his value.
    So for a Toronto reporter to go around telling Red Sox nation he’s not worthy, what he’s doing is decreasing the chance the Jays could trade him for something of greater value than what we’d get now.
    The Boston host even said “I’m surprised” to hear him speak about Farrell like this.
    Rant over.
    Carry on.

    • what a fucking idiot. why doesn’t he just move to Boston and suck cahk like all other Bostonians

    • Did Steve Simmons get hired by the Jays? If not, I don’t see why the fuck he should feel any obligation to try and keep Farrell’s value high (which you’ve concluded through a tremendous amount of assumptions).

      Of all the reasons to criticize Simmons, this is not one.

  6. “In a notably harsh indictment, the team’s most respected veteran – Hall of Fame-bound Omar Vizquel – complained that the Jay’s promising core nucleus of young talent has learned ‘nothing’ under Farrell. The team has been called, ‘the dumbest in the league.’ ”

    Is it just me or is anyone else getting pretty sick of seeing Omar Vizquel’s name being touted (in this case) as “the team’s most respected veteran”, or like statements by media from places outside of Toronto.
    Listen, Ive got a tonne of respect for Omar, and stood and cheered for him in his last game, but seriously I cant see how he would ever go down as being a player Jays fans will remember fondly, and certainly not as our ‘most respected veteran’.

    I would wager a guess that the majority of these media types didn’t even know Vizquel was a Blue Jay before his comments. That’s an exaggeration, but I think the point stands!

    • Agree completely. Omar’s had a great career, but the guy was only here for one year on what was essentially a farewell tour. He does not represent the Blue Jays organization, so his comments about it shouldn’t carry much weight.

    • Billions and Billions

    • I’m more pissed about Omar Vizquel’s name ALWAYS being preceded by “future Hall-of-Famer” or some shit. How is this possibly a forgone conclusion? As if there’s not even room for any debate.

      I think he’s going to get in. I don’t think he should be in. Electing him upon retirement is absolute lunacy.

  7. Helluva quote from Papi there. Thanks for sharing.

    He’d probably bust if they signed him, ala Frank Thomas, but fuck it, throw a 2 year deal at Papi and hope for 4 WAR in 2013.

  8. The Bluebird Banter thing is a joke thing, right?
    It’s funny I guess, but they coulda come up with some better humour.
    I’m not totally up on pop culture so does it relate to a viral thing like the gangham stuff?

  9. lots of retards in the news today

  10. “We adjusted my workout plan and increased my flexibility,”

    Lind has a workout plan and flexibility?

  11. Why was the playoff game threat for today deleted?

  12. All those guys should get off twitter. I can’t imagine the idiotic tweets they must get every day. Absolutely no upside to them sitting behind a screen and being harassed in the name of goodwill.

    • Ive thought that a lot myself. Me being the average joe blow with under 50 followers everyone of which are my friends – well I get excited when I see that I got a mention on twitter.
      For athletes and other celebs, it has to be annoying, no? They probably get thousands everyday, and probably more than half of those are deregatory.

  13. Pretty please may we have a game threat.
    (It’s going to be a long day/night of baseball)

    Posey just hit the big one.

  14. Lott’s piece should be taped on Anthopoulos’ desk, or mirror (does he even shave?), or fridge, or whatever.

    It was a big letdown when the Jays’ purported bid on Darvish went sour and when the Jays were unable to land a decent bat for LF. I am looking at you, Beltran.

    Relying on Cecil and McGowan as being integral parts of the rotation was both naive and far fetched. And really, did any of us truly believe that Eric Thames was going to be the answer in LF?

    Injuries are mostly to blame for the Jays regression in 2012. But the lack of overall depth, the thing that AA seems to brag about in Lott’s piece, was shaky at best. From a pitching perspective, McGuire looks more and more to be a bust and at best might make it to the Show as a reliever. Jenkins might at best be the next Villanueva, which is a good thing mind you. But its not what the Jays need.

    The Jays need the following:

    1. Not one, but two proven AL starters (via trade or FA). I would be happy with someone like Masterson or Brett Anderson (via trade) and a FA acquisition (in no particular order, one of Haren, Marcum, Jackson, Sanchez, Dempster, Guthrie). I think that a Masterson or Anderson trade is very doable. The Jays have assets that would attract the Indians or the Athletics. As for any trade involving guys like Josh Johnson, well, I am not so sure the Jays would be willing to pony up for an injured prone pitcher.

    Regarding free agents, Greinke is a pipe dream. And its probable that the Angels are going to find a way to keep Haren (and the same goes for the White Sox and Peavy). Jackson is probably going to fetch a decent sized contract, so we can rule out the Jays. Same for Sanchez, who might decide to stay with the Tigers or simply return to the more pitcher friendly NL. Dempster? Only if he really likes maple syrup. Marcum might have some emotional leanings to try another gig in the Big Smoke. There might be some new strip clubs he hasn’t been to yet. But is he healthy? Fuck me, the Jays will likely end up with someone like Luke Hochevar or Jeremy Guthrie.

    2. A decent bat in LF. Realy hard to settle on a strategy here as there are plenty of possibilities. A major trade (we can dream on Justin Upton can’t we?). Or somehow, Shane Victorino decides he wants to play for the Jays (he would look good in LF). Either way, its gonna cost the Jays big time in terms of assets or cash. More than likely, AA is going to want to give Gose a shot in spring training. Cheap controllable high ceiling players is what he loves. So again, we are likely not going to be significant players for an outfielder.

    3. A solution for the middle infield (I dunno, something like an Escobar trade, Hechavarria to SS, AND acquiring a high-OBP second baseman). Escobar’s trade value is at an all-time low. And while Hech could handle the SS duties with his glove, it only makes sense to have his middling bat in the lineup if the Jays can acquire a decent bat to play 2B. Problem is, the market for decent hitting second baseman is very thin. So, are we destined to see Escobar and Hech in the middle infield? Well, if that is the case, at least the defence should be good.

    Adam Lind is likely going to be back, but with a much shorter leash. AA has even made rumblings about giving some AB’s to d’Arnaud in the DH slot if he mashes next year. Should be interesting to see how that develops. While it would be fun to have EE at 1B and Ortiz as DH, the likelihood is that the Jays won’t be willing to spend on Big Papi.

    Many holes need to be filled. Payroll will need to be in the $110 to $120M range just to field a competitive team, let alone one that can challenge for a post-season berth. AA’s shine is slowly eroding. He needs to aggressive. Please, let’s see some proven talent and not retreads or high ceiling prospects.

    • Its nor just two starters we need. We are going into next year with a rotation filled with question marks.

      • I don’t think it’s as bad as it seems right now. Morrow should be good for 15 plus ins, assuming he’s healthy all year. I’ll be conservative and say Romero bounces back for 12 to 14 wins next year. That leaves us needing a number 1/2 starter and a 3/4. I could live with either Happ or Alvarez as the fifth starter.

        The multimillion dollar question is who fills the gaps at starter. I would love it if AA went out and got Masterson and Choo to fill 2 gaping holes at P and LF. After that, why not Skaggs from Arizona for Escobar and a tier 2 prospect.

        That’s a pretty good start, but I’m just playing fantasy GM like the rest of you.

        • Dude, Choo is a fucking platoon bat. And he’s a Boras client. Unless they are selling him dirt fucking cheap, forget it.

          Masterson is coming off a crappy 2.3 WAR season. He’s overrated around here because he tends to push the Jays’ shit in.

          Conservative is saying Ricky will win 12-14 games? Not that wins fucking matter, but I’m saying “conservative” might be closer to 6.

          Alvarez needs to spend at LEAST half the year in the minor leagues. He is someone who should be called upon once of part of the rotation goes down via injury. He needs time to get an out-pitch together, otherwise he will be doomed to a bullpen spot down the road.

          There are major concerns with Morrow and durability. He has never pitched a 200 inning season. He’s diabetic. He’s not the model of consistency this team needs.

          • I’ll be the first to agree that these guys aren’t perfect, but we’re not going to get perfect players.

            Masterson is generally a 2.5 WAR pitcher, which I’ll take at his price over Haren or Peavy. The Jays aren’t getting Price or Shields or

          • I’ll be the first to agree that these guys aren’t perfect, but we’re not going to get perfect players.

            Masterson is generally a 2.5 WAR pitcher, which I’ll take at his price over Haren or Peavy. The Jays aren’t getting Price or Shields or Samardzija, so it doesn’t hurt to temper expectations with realistic and above average acquisitions.

            The Bosox want Ortiz back, and I can’t imagine he’s going anywhere either, so we’re likely looking at EE doing what he did this year, while we hope that Lind isn’t a pile of shit yet again.

            Yeah, Choo has shitty splits vs LHP, but he still managed an .815 OPS this year with a 3.1 WAR. Yea

            • So I’ll take Choo over what we’ve had for the last 2-3 years.

              As for Morrow and Romero, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. Start Happ in the 5 slot and promote Alvarez if Happ sucks.

              As I said, it ain’t perfect, but life rarely is.

  15. LOL it is an interesting pose :D

  16. Informative post!!! Thanks for sharing it!!!!!

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