Not sure what the hell is wrong with WordPress today, or how I managed to delete the Playoff Open Threat and Podcast! that I’d posted earlier, but… whatever, let’s try this again. Apologies to those whose comments disappeared with the thread.

We’ve got a full slate of playoff games on the schedule today, and as usual, Getting Blanked will have you covered for all of them. But if for some pointless reason you’d rather discuss it here than there (and judging by last night, apparently you would), knock yourselves out, I guess.

And we’ve also got today’s edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast, in which we preview the action and recap what happened yesterday, and which I’ll just go ahead and post in here.

If you prefer to have a listen later, you can download the podcast right here.


1:00 PM ET:
San Francisco Giants (Cain, M.) @ Cincinnati Reds (Latos, M.)
TV: TBS/Sportsnet – Series tied 2-2

4:00 PM ET:
St. Louis Cardinals (Lohse, K.) @ Washington Nationals (Detwiler, R.)
TV: MLBN/Sportsnet – Cardinals lead 2-1

7:30 PM ET:
Baltimore Orioles (Saunders, J.) @ New York Yankees (Hughes, P.)
TV: TBS/Sportsnet – Yankees lead 2-1

9:30 PM ET:
Detroit Tigers (Verlander, J.) @ Oakland A’s (Parker, J.)
TV: TNT/Sportsnet – Series tied 2-2

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Comments (104)

  1. 6-0 lead with Matt Cain on the hill. This game is over.

  2. No problem Stoeten.
    Figured it was something like that.

  3. Sportsnet already transfering programming to the Score,starting tonight.

    • Oh, is RADAR talking like he knows things that he very obviously fucking doesn’t again? Of course he is.

      This kind of thing happens from time to time due to scheduling conflicts. Sportsnet has a commitment to the NFL Thursday night game across all regional networks, with MLB on Sportsnet One. Because of that, they’ll only be able to join the A’s-Tigers in progress, and evidently they’ve managed to pass the late game along to theScore so that it can be seen in full at least somewhere.

      No, Rogers is not in charge of anything on the TV side here/there yet. But thanks again for pretending like you had a clue for us.

      • Jesus, Stoeten lighten up on the hate.
        I thought it would be a good thing,a better synergy of Sports programming.Havn’t seen a bunch of Sportsnet stuff on the Score,so I was surprised. Usually,from what I’ve seen, when there is conflicts they go to SN1 then either SN east or SN West with another game on SN Ontario.
        Whatever, you caught me, I assumed it was the start of Sportsnet’s integration of the Score.And that’s horrible I guess. A major fuck up on my part to elicit a major over reaction of the populace that is DJF.
        I can see it’s already caused outrage and disgust with one reader.
        If you’d like I can print a retraction and apology to your readership for my reckless speculation..

        • It’s just, y’know, how many times a week do I have to see you speaking like an authority on things I know immediately that you know nothing of?

          It’s OK to put stuff out there in the form of a question, you know.

          • Okay,fair enough.
            And I’ve been trying to add IMO when I speculate , so there’s no misunderstanding.
            If my opinion or thoughts get out of hand, the commenters here will police me, and tell me when I’m out of line.
            If you don’t like what I say, then debate the facts.Commenters here may start to wonder if they’re next on the hit list.
            BTW. Many things I say, come from links provided by other commenters or you or people that I know who know much much more than I ever will..
            You shouldn’t be surprised by that.

        • God bless the insulation of “no big deal, relax bro” when you consistently position yourself as somehow informed and are so regularly exposed as anything but.

      • I thought the idea behind SN1 was for it to be a “national” channel like TSN? Has Rogers not pressured cable providers across the country to make SN1 part of basic cable yet? Doesn’t it seem stupid to play the NFL game on all 4 channels when they could just put it on SN1 and use the regionals to provide coverage of all the mlb games? Just image the mess if the NHL wasn’t on strike. Sounds to me like Roger’s has once again made too many “commitments”…

      • You wouldnt call this an overreaction??


    • It is good!

      The Score could use some live sports on their network, they don’t have any besides fake wrestling.

      • Wrestling is fake? WTF!!!!

      • The Score shows college football games every Thursday night as well as on Saturdays. In fact tonight’s programming schedule for the Score showed Arizona State @ Colorado, but it’s baseball on instead. I was looking forward to watching some college ball, a little bummed the Score is showing baseball instead.

  4. I just wanted to vent and say I was disgusted by last night’s game. Why is it every retread that plays for the yanks becomes babe ruth? And the game wasn’t won by ibanez, it was lost by that punk ass bitch jones who thought it was more important to blow a bubble than catch the damn ball. He looks like a complete fool.

    And I just realized that it’s actually impossible to run hard while blowing a bubble since you’re not actually breathing! I’m surprised zaun didn’t skewer him for cadillacing it. How does blowing a bubble help you in any way? The only purpose is to show off for the camera but you look ridiculously stupid when you don’t.

  5. Who else saw Posey get left hanging by everyone that went near him on the field after the Giants won?

    “High five? No? How about you? High five? No? High five? Alright, rain check!”

  6. Reds shit on that series. It was theirs to lose.

    • lost in game 3 when their Lawrie type tried to take an extra base which ended up costing them a run, the game and their ace in the next series which they now don’t have to play. But, and this is what is constantly missed by all the “winners”/whiners is that NOBODY plans shit like this. Baseball happens. Probability rules (and is impartial)

      • Loved Leyland’s quote about losing the other night. To paraphrase: “that’s why this is the greatest game of all”.

  7. GAME 4


  8. is this game not on TV anywhere? for fucks sake

  9. I’m looking forward to this series being over. It’s tough watching two teams I don’t give a rat’s ass about..

  10. An impressive ab for Jeter.
    An impressive strike out for Saunders.

  11. I have arrived with gifts of knowledge and angry wit.

  12. There you go SP

  13. Never say die.

  14. All I can say is holy shit! What a catch! That was effin impressive!

  15. Has the Monkey Army lost all interest, or is it that nobody can or will afford SN1?

  16. What are the odds this series goes to 5 games?

  17. sup?

  18. I was waiting to reply to the pettiness that happened earlier until Radar surfaced, but—

    Jesus Radar, I promise I’ll never again make fun of your unwillingness to say ‘pretty please’ to Stoeten. Our Supreme Leader is never shy about venting his spleen upon your good self, but usually goes about it ‘mano a mano,’ without a pet ankle-biter in tow. You were caught without a second.
    And talk about a egregious error on your part! What were you thinking, man!
    Going forward, you may just want to not only wear your cup to protect your night-time snake, but also get accustomed to employing a question mark at any and all opportunities, sort of like a Vally Girl.

    Yours in commiseration, Small Potatoes.

    • What I got out of this was RADAR repeating what Jamie said in the programming update. I don’t know why people got their panties in a bunch,

      • @ DD
        Yup. Everybody knows the score TV got bought but I thought it would take awhile before any overlap.Didn’t think it was a big deal
        But it hit a nerve. Wasn’t meant as disrespect.

        • He must have been breathing into a paper bag after that reaction, a bit over the top.

          • @ karen
            I seem to have that effect on him.
            Que sera sera.

            One of the first arguements( debate) I had with him , he took 7 screens to respond.
            It all started when Brad Fullmer Fan bullied some commenter for asking an innocent question.
            I hate bullies.
            BFF has calmed down a lot also.He was so bad he got banned from several sites.
            Beleive it or not , there was a time Stoeten would invite into a discussion “as the voice of reason”
            All is good.

    • “‘mano a mano,’ without a pet ankle-biter in tow.” …….Oh the laughter, and then I laughed and laughed some more. ‘Twas good!

    • Huh?
      That stuff earlier today?That was nothin.Stoeten’s given worse and I’ve given him worser.Brought Drew out of his hole.If you thought Parkes is douchey now shoulda seen him two years ago.He’s much milder now ( except when he says there’s no good reason to keep the infield fly rule).
      Anyway’s I know it makes the commenters uncomfortable so I back off a bit.
      no probs here
      Good game though probably going to extras again.

  19. birddawg–

    This book may well help you with your current troubles.

  20. I like the 2 for 14 storyline for A-Rod.

  21. A-Rod sure is clutch these days.

  22. I’d be OK with beaning this fucker.

  23. K-Rod!

  24. Nix fucked up!

  25. Buck is not amused.

  26. I believe some of the pixie dust just evaporated.

  27. I hate it when the Skankee fans commence to praying. Like that’s really going to help them.

    So we go to extras.

    What’s the score on the Tigers v the A’s?

  28. I wish for this game to end so I can watch Detroit/A’s. I do not have The Score. I assumed having all the fucking Sportsnet channels including SN1, that my play-off viewing pleasure was covered but noooo, they had to throw this Score channel in the mix.

  29. They’re starting to give doubts about the maple bats.

  30. Randy Newman says about Baltimore-

    Hard times in the city
    In a hard town by the sea
    Ain’t nowhere to run to
    There ain’t nothin’ here for free.

    Oh, Baltimore
    Man, it’s hard just to live
    Oh, Baltimore
    Man it’s hard just to live, just to live.

  31. Living just became a little easier in Baltimore.

  32. The Moment Of Reckoning. Not a minute too soon.

    • That was relatively easy. Baltimore lives to play another day. It’s either Buck or Luck. I’ve lost count.

  33. CC v. Jason “guy in white stealing signals” Hammel tomorrow. Going to be a good game. What a playoffs so far!

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