Full credit to Ben Lindbergh of Baseball Prospectus, who– as I mentioned in today’s Afternoon Snack– had the fantastic idea of looking back on predictions from the spring that had gone awry, and pulling out some doozies from Alex Anthopoulos by way of this National Post piece from late February.

At least, at first I thought it was a fantastic idea. Then I actually read the entirety of what Alex Anthopoulos had said back then, which would have caused a lesser man– a man with a constitution less fortified by years of sweet delicious booze– to puke his fucking guts out all over the goddamn bathroom floor (assuming, of course, that he was reading it while on the toilet, which… wouldn’t he be?).

I might still toss. You’ve been warned.

“There’s no doubt about it, this is probably the best I’ve felt about the talent we have in the organization top to bottom.”


“Aaron Hill’s got a world of ability and he’s a lot better than he showed last year, but just the production we got out of the position, I think it’s easy to get more than that right now.”


“I just think it’s a very comfortable environment. We absolutely try to make it that way. That’s not to say we don’t hold players accountable … but we do consciously try to make it a place that players feel relaxed. When players are relaxed and they’re not worried about things, normally you’ll get great performance.”


“We didn’t score any runs for him, and the way he pitched early in the season before he got sent down, I think that hurt him as well. So I think Brett’s going to have a big year.”


“I’m probably as excited about [McGowan] as I am about any of our starters.”


“The depth that we do have is all kids, but kids with talent and ceiling and upside. From that standpoint, a year from now we could be talking about a rotation where we have too many guys, which is great.”



I could go on and surely find a dozen more optimistic tomes, but I’m entirely spent [spits]. Just… gross.

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  1. ““The depth that we do have is all kids, but kids with talent and ceiling and upside. From that standpoint, a year from now we could be talking about a rotation where we have too many guys, which is great.”

    I was going to rip this in the other thread, but figured some asshole would defend it by saying wait till we sign Greinke, McCarthy, and Haren. AA went all-in on his young starting pitching and lost badly.

    • +1.

      No one predicted 3/5 of the rotation would get hurt within 1 week plus bautista being gone on July 16th.

      The regression of Romero was also a big surprise.

      Hopefully AA has learned his lesson & Rogers will give him the money to get some quality pitching.

      I would also like to see the bullpen reduced to 7 so we can have some more bench strength.

      I expect Lind to be the power bat off the bench.

      • I’d like to see the bullpen reduced to 6 to be honest. If they go in with Santos/Janssen/Loup/Oliver/Delabar/Lincoln that would be pretty solid. And it would allow them to get a real pinch hitter off the bench which is important in the event Hech/Gose or some other defence first player gets significant AB’s.

    • Can we please stop picking on AA? Sometimes you’re a real ass clown, pal.

  2. Remember when #TeamUnit was a thing? Seems we heard less and less about that as the year went on.

  3. This makes me want to drink more.

  4. It sounds like AA gave that interview on opposite day!

    If the Reds tanks this, any predictions as to what it means for them going forward (ie do any of their big names become available this of fseason)?

    • Fuck I hope no one starts with the Votto shit again…ignoring or accepting he’s locked up for 11 years and a fuckton of money.

      • I had hoped that Votto would not be resigned by the Reds, but since they got a new TV contract , they used the money to lock up their best player.

        Rogers & AA have to adjust to the new financial reality of the MLB & increase payroll.

        The Jays are lucky to hae Morrow,Bauista & edwin locked up at below FMV contracts.

        They have to strike while the iron is hot.

        • You mean like they did when they locked up Morrow, Bautista and Encarnacion to below market deals?

          I understand where the negativity is coming from, but when you have to contort yourself so badly to be pissy, why even fucking bother?

          • Stoeten.

            Your friend Parkes was outraged when Bautista was signed for 65 million after 1 amazing season. He wanted to wait to see if bautista could repeat in 2011 & was happy to take the draft picks if he signed elsewhere after the 2011 season. Bautista would have cost 100 million after his 2011 season.

            Your recent posts have finally come around to the value of tv contracts & the result is teams are locking up their best young players like Votto for 10 year deals.

            The reality is that increased TV revenue & the new playoff system & the lack of draft picks for letting free agents go elsewhere means that the cost of players will go up.

            AA’s dumpster diving for Laffey, Jo Jo Reyes, Dana Eveland won’t work anymore.

            You have to admit that the cost of starting pitching will be higher this offseason than last year, either in terms of prospects or $$$$.

          • OK, I reread your post.

            Yes, the deals AA signed for Edwin, Bautista & Morrow are excellent value.

            If Votto had declared for free agency, I am sure aa would have tried to get him but Beeston wouldn’t let AA sign Votto for more than 5 years. Votto wanted a 10 year contract.

  5. Any word on why Stilson was removed from the AFL?

  6. lets just forget about 2012 and do something of positive not this offseason

  7. Hindsight is 20/20.

    • True, but it was unrealistic to expect Cecil,McGowan & Litsch to be solid contributors to the rotation.

      • They didn’t expect Litsch to at all, and they surely were not counting on McGowan as much as they were hopeful. Cecil was worse than they though, though, yes.

        • The National Post article said that AA was most excited about Dustin McGowan.

          Dustin hurt his foot with plantar fasciatis in spring training & somehow later he hurt his shoulder. He needs bubble wrap.

          Agree on Litsch, but he could have helped in the bullpen

      • They didn’t bank on any of the individual pitchers being solid. They banked on filling 3 positions with 8 young starters (Cecil, McGuire, Jenkins, Hutchison, Drabek, McGowan, Alvarez, Carreno), hoping at least 1 or two would come out and be slightly better than average, filling a spot or two coming into this off-season. When looking at it in that light, it is not nearly as unrealistic as you make it out to seem. The fact that none of the pitchers were able to do this and stay healthy is another matter entirely.

    • Easy to say that when you were wrong. Even easier to say I told you so when you were right. Signing crappy pitchers for any amount of money is a loser’s bet.
      Hindsight is for pussies.

  8. Actually hindsight is not 20/20. If it was we would all agree on why things happen and we certainly don’t. Heck we can’t even agree in what happened let alone why. Yet another terrible cliche I’m afraid.

  9. I always read DJF while on the shitter…

  10. well, there’s at least one positive from 2012…….Marcus stroman’s drug test.

  11. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2012/10/shohei-otani-deciding-between-japan-mlb.html
    Never heard of him until a couple minutes ago and don’t know fuck all except he reportedly throws 100 at 18 years old…so, let’s go AA, get this guy.

  12. Lol I thought I remembered AA saying they’d probably have to many pitchers by next season but I figured I had to be imagining that

    • But it was true. The problem is it is to many mediocre and/or hurt pitchers: CV, Happ, Litsch, Drabek, Hutch, McGowan, Alvarez, Laffey, etc., not even counting Romero and Morrow.

  13. What happened, Cincinnati?

    Giants, Reds (already out), St. Louis, and a Stras less Nationals sure aren’t inspiring teams to go to the World Series.
    Could you imagine a Detroit – St. Louis WS re-match? No one will watch.

  14. Next season I think I’ll just expect the worst. That way the only surprises will be pleasant ones.
    But AA really miscalculated. He should frame that interview and put it on his desk as a constant reminder. He screwed up. Badly.

    • +1.

      I don’t take AA as seriously as I did in the past . Let’s wait & see who he signs & who is in the opening day lineup.

    • Screwed up badly because his owner didn’t give him more money?

      He also said something to the effect of “there’s a certain range they (i.e. ownership) want me to keep payroll” which should make it pretty obvious he was working with handcuffs.

      I know you think that because you have season tickets you are entitled to an opinion.

      You are not, other than with your dollar. You don’t like the penny pinching corporate ways, move to Detroit.

      • @jays2010

        The biggest problem with the Jays is that Rogers pretends to say the money will be there when the time is right, but that always seems to be one or 2 years away.

        It’s true that AA has a limitd budget to work with, but he has to be held responsible for his budget allocation.

        He wasted 2.5 years on his bullpen choices. Coco Cordero,Frankie Frank,Raush,Gregg etc.., Santos.

        Why can’t he get a power bat off the bench?

        Why can’t he fix LF?

        I am not sure why you think paying customers have no right to comment on how their baseball team is doing?

        Should we all just shut up & clap at whatever the team does??

        • oakville69, you are truly the worst.

          Think about what you’re saying, please.

          • Agree with Stoeten.
            (No I’m not kissing his ass)
            Oakville, ya gotta think of the situations of why each existed.
            Some to aquire draft picks.
            If you picked up a LF then you block Thames and Snider before knowing what you had.
            Santos got injured.CoCo was thought to be a better reliever than Oliver.
            Spend money yes, but you gotta know the rest of the holes are filled.
            7 rookies to start the year,Lind struggling and EE was released the previous year.
            Too many questions to be answered before you start opening the wallet.

            • Ok radar. Jays wasted 2012 with lf.

              Why did AA insinuate he made an offer for Beltran? Beltran denied it.

              There was little hope for Thames in lf.

              The team did not like snider.

              Davis is a 4th of.

              AA convinced the media that type b draft picks for relievers. Is more valuable than good young relievers.

          • Lol.


            Since when we’re you sad to see coco Frankie frank raush Gregg etc leave the team.

            The only value prior to this year for those guys was the type b compensation picks when they left. Meanwhile we had to watch crappy performances by the bullpen since 2010.

            This years bullpen was the worst in the American league.

            Alex changes with delaware and Lyon are better.

        • @Oakville

          “He wasted 2.5 years on his bullpen choices. Coco Cordero,Frankie Frank,Raush,Gregg etc.., Santos.”

          The only poor one was Cordero and that was after he was rebuffed by Uehera.

          I’m glad others have pointed out your stupidity so I don’t have to go through each point.

          AA has allocated $14 mil for JB, $8 mil for EE, $8 mil for Morrow and league minimum for Lawrie for 2013.

          Individual moves like Coco and McGowan deserve scrutiny, but it needs to be kept in context as part of the entire roster, where there are exactly ZERO scary contracts.

          Honestly, when I look at what AA has done for the major league team since November 2011, I don’t think he has done a particularly good or bad job in terms of player transactions.

          That’s following an absolutely sensational first 2 years on the job.

          At the beginning of the season, I’m pretty sure more people would have taken Romero, Morrow, Alvarez, Drabek, Hutchison and the depth guys over Oakland’s top 5 starters and depth guys.

          Was there anything better about Oakland’s process over Toronto’s? I don’t think so. One team won with young players, the other team had a shit-ton of injuries.

          I’m quite sure people within baseball feel AA is still one of the top GMs out there. The majority of people who think he is not doing a good job cannot seperate AA from Rogers which is pretty fucking stupid if you are an adult of sound mind.

      • Dear Jays 2010,
        I don’t have season tix any longer. I gave them up last season. I have not regretted it.

  15. Not to sound like devils advocate here, but what was AA supposed to say. ‘Phew we’re gonna suck this year’ or ‘oh boy better turn the channel come July’. I suppose he found have middle ground. Even then, fans would have flipped.

    • True but Beeston has to keep quiet this offseason. Stop promising playoffs :3 times in 5 seasons. Stop talking about fans showing up before they will spend.stop talking about grass at rogers centre.

      • Way to miss his central point entirely.

        • Do you think Beestons comments last year were good for the fan base?

          Making false promises is worse than AA,s 30 minute interviews where he drones on.

  16. I hope stoetens hissy fit didn’t scare radar away

  17. Wow, Leyland lost a lot of confidence in his bullpen. He wouldn’t even let Verlander get any rest with a six run lead.

    Let’s review possible rooting interests:

    SF- Sabean and a recent WS win make them less likeable

    St. Louis- just won last year and perhaps worst regular season team in the playoffs

    Orioles- hated rival

    Yankees- hated rival

    Tigers- former hated rival

    Okay, let’s wind the season up quickly then.

    • i’m for the Tigers.

      What the hell. I was 5 in 1987.

    • Also, Parkes is a fan of SF and he is a big dickhead, so no to them.

    • I’m going to coin a phrase: Binary Bullies

      The ones who if I’m not winning, the rest of the world is shit. PERIOD and end of sentence.

      A more nuanced, pluralistic viewpoint can totally enjoy last nights Oriole victory, because it mirrors a possible future for the Jays. It can also even feel some sympathy for ARod even though I think he and the Yankees deserve each other. If he were Japanese, he would have to commit hari kari. While I started out disliking the Giants, they have proved themselves capable of stepping up when needed and the group insanity is probably tops in the league. A Tim L. no-hitter would be fun to watch in the world series.

      So too bad, sucks to be a Binary Bully

  18. I just puked into my own mouth and swallowed it.

    Now I am sticking my fingers in my mouth so I can repuke, but this time with double the acidic bile so I can melt my keyboard.

  19. Isn’t it interesting how players like Brandon Inge, The Chronicles of Reddick, Johnny Gnomes, Brandon Moss, Carlos Beltran, and many others who are considered too old/risky/pricey/washed up/no future are the stars in the playoffs. Yeah I know the A’s are out but look how far they came.

    We need a balance, not just a young team with high upside. We need a mix, and I hope we take a shot at aBeltran, or Micheal Young type free agent.

    • +1. I do agree about the team should have a better balance with some more productive bets.

    • Michael Young fucking SUCKS now.

      *Edited to add: As an everyday player, that is. He had a .371 OBP against lefties this year, so… Lind/Young DH platoon? I could hate things more than I’d hate that.

      • When didn’t Young suck? I always laugh when Buck or Pat ride his cock and digress of how elite his defense is, yet he’s rocking a career -86.1 UZR.

        He can hit for average, but his hits are mostly Nancy singles.

    • Why would anyone want Michael Young for anything other than a bench player?

      Perhaps Young and Vernon Wells will finally get to play together after they are each released from their respective organizations.

  20. Oh man I’m bored. How about this?

    Lawrie + Escobar + a Lansing arm to Arizona for Cahill, Skaggs and Upton?

    Jays: Hech to SS, Solves LF problem. Shores up pitching. Creates a hole at 3rd.

    D-Backs: Huge upgrade to left side of their infield. Outfield + pitching seems to be their strength.

    What say ye?

    • Ye are on crack. Jays aren’t trading a 22-year old who, in just over a season’s worth of games, has a 5.7 fWAR, even if that’s a solid return.

      • Yeah I’d have to say Lawrie is just about untouchable at this point. Sub in somone else for him and you’d probably get Zona interested. Do they need a catcher? TDA/Arencibia, + Escobar + Lansing arm for those three.

        Otherwise you’re opening up a hole at 3rd.

        • Seems to me that nobody is untouchable. Some players are more expensive then anyone would be willing to pay though.

          A hole at 3rd is certainly an issue. I’m saying fix 2 holes (Starting Pitching + LF) and open up one.

      • No doubt Lawrie’s valuable. The haul back I suggested was too. You have to give up value to get it. In my mind the question is where do we end up on aggregate?

        We traded Marcum for Lawrie straight up. I think his value has increased since then. In my mind Skaggs + Upton for Lawrie seems fair. Add Escobar + Lansing Arm for Cahill into the mix and it makes sense.

        I don’t like giving up good players but the goal is to try compete year in year out. Think Mcgriff and Fernandes move.

    • i’d be on the phone to the mets about buying low on ike davis… they have needs at CF and C… maybe they would be interested in rasmus or JPA.

  21. I shouldn’t have read this, this hungover….

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