The few, the loud, the Boston media.

Jays manager John Farrell spoke today on MLB Network Radio, affirming that he is, indeed, the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. “That’s where I’ve been the last year. That’s where I currently am,” Sherlock fucking Holmes continued.

“This speculation started to rear its head again about the final two months of the season,” he explains, and “I can tell you this: in my conversations with Alex it hasn’t distracted me from my job and what the commitment there is. I’m extremely challenged, happy as the manager of the Blue Jays. But it’s obvious that there’s a vacancy to fill there, and they’re going about their interview process as it is, with a couple of guys coming in there today and tomorrow, I guess. But nothing has been communicated directly to me, as far as– if the Red Sox have contacted Alex, I’m unaware of that. So where it stands is what I said: manager of the Blue Jays.”

Now, if we really wanted to, I suppose we could parse some of his words here. For starters, I suppose you could say he’s not exactly as entirely emphatic you could imagine in his statement of commitment to the Jays, but that’s really only if you’re expecting him to bang his fist on the desk and start frothing at the mouth.

Or, y’know, actually say that he’s not interested in going to Boston, which would fucking end this all real quick, no?

He also is very obviously paying attention to the reports, tossing a transparently aloof “I guess” at the end of his regurgitation of the reports that Tim Wallach and Brad Ausmus have headed to Boston to interview for the gig.

And if we really want to try hard, it’s funny, also, that he also says that nothing has been communicated directly to him. So… what’s been communicated indirectly, huh?

Y’know, besides the ridiculous love-in for Farrell that’s spewing from Boston’s fucking pores– or, at the very least, Sean Casey’s moustache.

The MLB Network host had a few good things to say about the Jays manager, I guess, as passed along in the latest saga update that could have been written any time in the last two weeks, from Rob Bradford of

“I absolutely love John Farrell. If that ends up happening, that will be such a breath of fresh air in that clubhouse. Those guys, they’ll do anything for him. He’s a great fit.”

. . .

“When he went to Toronto and things fell apart in Boston, the first thing I thought was, ‘Man, I wish they bet John Farrell was still available.’ He’s like Tito. Guys love him. And for us, even as position players, we got to know John. Sometimes you don’t get to know the pitching coach well, but you wanted to be around John. He brings out the best in people. He’s such a smart guy. He’s such a baseball guy. John Farrell is the type of guy you just want to be around. I can’t say enough good things about John Farrell.

“This guy is different. This guy is a baseball player. He gets it. He would be a great communicator. He gets people. At the end of the day, especially in a place like Boston, you have to be able to get people because you have to understand the team, the media and so many other different things. John Farrell is just one of those guys. … He’s somebody you want to have a beer with, but you respect the heck out of him. You respect who he is as a man. When he talks, you listen.”

Jesus Christ, no wonder Farrell won’t emphatically rule out jumping ship. When the hell was the last time someone said something like that about him around here?

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  1. Gerting back to Farrell, he really looks the part of a manager. Square chin, good body-language, big guy, looks in command. Maybe that’s what AA saw when he hired him and what Boston sees now. But I don’t think there’s that much substance there. He’s a great figurehead, but the Jays need a great manager. If they keep him to fuck the Sux over I’m happy enough with that. But I would really rather get someone in there that knows how to manage a game and how to control his players. Whether Vizquel was cruising for a manager’s job or not, he’s not stupid enough to make stuff up. I thinks it’s highly likely, given what went on this season, that Farrell couldn’t control the younger players.

    • AA was reportedly very diligent in his managerial search. Farrell had experience as minor league director for the Indians and then of course, the pitching coach for the Red Sox. Its fair to say this his resume was impressive enough.

      How good he looks is irrelevant. Its not like Rogers is trying to sell jeans or anything.

      There certainly were rumblings floating around that some of the rookies (and you can include Lawrie into the mix) were playing with no fear of any consequences. But most would agree that Farrell’s managerial skills had little to do with the final result. Injuries played the biggest role. Loss of regular players, rotation in shambles, bullpen a mess, and the subsequent aggressive promotion of AAA players. Perhaps in retrospect, clubshouse atmosphere could have been better. But very doubtful that a sudden change in regiment would have changed much.

      Farrell has done nothing to merit a contract extension. Nor has he done anything to merit a pink slip.

      If Boston really wants him, let them propose compensation to the Jays. AA still holds leverage over Boston and Farrell.

      • “There certainly were rumblings floating around that some of the rookies (and you can include Lawrie into the mix) were playing with no fear of any consequences. ”

        Imo the Jays as a whole came out of the gate with a rather cocky attitude this year…Bautista included. The shit shows with the umpires was the first sign.

        • @Tm W

          I would agree with that. They were cocky as hell.

          I don’t think AA thought ‘he looks right so we’ll hire him’. But I do think something like that came into it even if AA himself was not aware of it. He came with great credentials and looked imposing, strong etc etc. I’m not dinging AA for choosing him. But I think he lacks something and in the end I think he’s a bum hire and I’d like to see him gone.

    • The Jays haven’t had a good manager since Bobby Cox, and they won 2 titles with Cito. Take that for what it’s worth. That said, I think Farrel is better then 2012, I hope he get’s the chance to prove me right in 13.

  2. OK kids for bonus viewing pleasure you can watch the Red Bull dude skydive from 160,00 ft and hope his chute works.

  3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GAME THREAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GAME THREAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GAME TWO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TIGERS VS YANKEES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  4. A. Jackson CF
    Q. Berry LF
    M. Cabrera 3B
    P. Fielder 1B
    D. Young DH
    A. Dirks RF
    J. Peralta SS
    A. Avila C
    O. Infante 2B

    A. Sanchez RHP

    I. Suzuki LF
    R. Cano 2B
    M. Teixeira 1B
    R. Ibanez DH
    R. Martin C
    A. Rodriguez 3B
    C. Granderson CF
    N. Swisher RF
    J. Nix SS

    H. Kuroda RHP

  5. lol birddawg

  6. Sutcliffe really is annoying to listen to.

    Fister was amazing last night, he left the bases loaded 3 times!

    Well, fuck me.

  7. I have a feeling arod will hit one out today

  8. I am hoping for some bean ball and a dugout clearing skirmish today in honour of the death of hockey.

  9. ARod and Swisher work a Double Dutch Rudder after every win.

  10. Apropo of nothing, Mirror Pond Pale Ale from Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon is some good.

  11. verlander is 29? the guy looks 40

  12. These two are working my last nerve. Last night they were inducting players into the HoF before they’re retired and today they’ve got the Tigers in the WS based on one win and potentially two starts by Verlander.

    And my beer recommendation is Muskoka Mad Tom IPA, excellent brew.

  13. You guys ever get the “Your comment is awaiting moderation” line above what you wrote?

  14. This part of the game is more easily stomached on mute.

    • I changed the channel. Why doesn’t Sportsnet just go to commercial when this god bless america shit starts?

      • Americans would do it in a heartbeat, but we would be worried about being disrespectful. It’s in our kinder, gentler nature I guess. As I say, mute works it’s magic and is worry-free to boot.

      • At least the Yankee fans aren’t screaming USA USA USA incessantly.

  15. Man they are really ripping arod, going on about his selfishness, comparing him to Jeter

  16. Sutcliffe sounds and thinks like Tim McCarver

    • A fellow member in the pantheon of American Sportscasting Legends. “Bow down to them on Sundays, salute them when their birthday comes.”

    • Saying that the right team should win (re: fucked up call at 2nd base).

      Doh, the right team is winning.

  17. These self-pitying Mopes they keep zooming in on are doing my heart good.

    • Very nice. The rest of the room looks a little empty though. Do you hold the occasional hoedown?

      • It’s not empty, it’s the basement..there is a tv and furniture you just can’t see it. It’s a big space though.

        • those shelves are full now, thanks to the contributions of son #2.

          • I’ve got one of those too, but he likes to cash his in every once in a while and has never met a cheap brew he didn’t claim to like. I guess you could have a bargain basement section in your basement?

  18. Ibanez has more walks than the rest of the Yanks combined this game. The Tigers sure believe in the hot hand theory even though it is allegedly not real.

  19. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fat Lady is in full song.

  20. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GAME THREAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    yadda yadda yadda
    (ed. this is easy!)

  21. Thank you SP for yeoman’s work on this Sunday. It’s much appreciated.

    • +1

      For some reason, my comments aren’t getting through. Thanks for showing us your cans Karen. Other than running a marathon today, that was the high water mark.

      • Hey GSMC congrats on the marathon finish especially with the crappy weather. A friend did the Scotiabank as well today.

      • Hey congrats! I ran the marine corps marathon several years ago, just can’t get motivated to do more than 10k anymore.
        How many marathons have you done?

        • This was my second; the last one was 10 years ago. I enjoy the distance, but the training takes up way too much time.

          • I know, I’m a slow runner, so my long runs on sundays were over 3 hours, it was crazy. I injured myself training for around the bay 30k, and that was the last long distance race for me.

            • I have about 2 more marathons in me. I missed qualifying for Boston by 23 seconds today, so I have to run another qualifier and the Boston. After that, I’m sticking with 10K races. I’m hurtin’ right now.

          • No way, 23 seconds? Are you near another age bracket? My husband ran Boston twice, but his marathon days are done.

            • I just turned 43, so I’m stuck with this age group for a couple more years. I may run another in a few weeks, depending on my legs and my enthusiasm.

      • @ GSMC.

        Cans line deserves quip of the night award.

      • Wow 23 seconds. If they hadn’t changed the qualifying parameters would you have made it this time? I’ve done two marathons and 10 half marathons. I’m aiming for a spring marathon so that means running on snow and ice. I’m also a slow runner and don’t relish the 3 hour long runs when the time comes. But I need a new challenge.

  22. These pretzels are making me thirsty.

  23. What’s a ‘Getting Blanked’?

    • Back in the day, people actually just read one person’s opinion of what was going on without, you know, commenting on it. It was sort of parallel play without the pre-schoolers. Then they discovered interaction and comments, and nothing’s been the same since.

  24. I’m leaning toward the Giants in this one although I can live with either team winning the series. I’m mostly neutral on both.

    • I’ve given up hoping they both lose for obvious reasons. I guess in a very half-hearted manner I’m going to ‘support’ the Cardinals, but only because La Russa is kaput. Fairservice and Parkes force me to pick the other guys. I see you’re leaning towards the Dark Side. Hmm. Be vewy vewy afwaid.

  25. I have some face plates in the rec room made from beer cans.

  26. We’re winning, I guess. Huh.

  27. Huh. I wasn’t aware it was possible to get Carlos Beltran out.

    Go Crads.

  28. Go redbirds. Two doubles and a steal of 3rd base. It brought me upright in my seat, I have to say.

  29. There you go d. It was an outlier.

  30. Ladies And Gentlemen–your next year’s Blue Jay 2nd bagger?

  31. MadBum?? more like DisBum!!!

    (MaDISon BUMgarner)

  32. The Giants have been my on again/off again second favourite team since the days of Will Clark. But if for some reason the Skanks win the AL then I’ll be cheering for whomever wins the NL. What I would really like is a team to cheer for without the conditions.

  33. Leads can be ineffably ephemeral. Is Tom W. out there?

    • Just chowin’ down some roast beast and mashed potatoes. Sorry to be so graphic about the taters.

      • Now I understand how you somewhat out of character missed my eloquence. Yorkshire pudding and gravy would make that about as good as it gets. Turnip would put it over the edge.

  34. Tiny Tim is still in need of a crutch, but he is game.

  35. Regarding Brandon Belt,I wonder which came first the ball player or the name.

    • Just guessing here:

      1. The Removal of his fathers belt.
      2. Then Brandon Belt
      3. Then the ball player

      • Nice timeline

        • My son made me very baseball proud, and all it cost was the occasional Gatorade. Oh ya, that and going out with him each and every night for years and years and year, playing catch and basically having the time of our lives. I wonder why I never thought of the belt?

      • Sounds chronologically accurate.

        Great names on this team though, you got your Belt and Marco Scutaro, Buster Posey, Aubrey Huff…..AA should take note that not only do you need a good lookin’ manager but players names should be a big consideration while putting the finishing touches on his little project.

  36. Who wins a hot dog eating contest?
    Miggy Cabrera or The Panda?

  37. Spud wheres’s the lineup? I just got in and wanted to see the starting line up, well WTF…I mean do we have to put up with this just cause Mr. Stoeten isn’t here?

    • I’m not nary the man our Dear Leader is, and I couldn’t be happier.

      • Thanks Spud its much appreciated. You know I think Radar could give Tony Bennett a run for his money

      • Sold out, work for the government.

        • Are you a tad deflated by my reply Smasher? I’ve long beea aware that honesty is hardly ever the best policy, no matter what they say.

          • No way, I nailed it.
            You’re a clever son of a bitch. As I said to Stoeten earlier this week, I come for the articles but stay for the laughs.

            Though I must admit I was hoping you were the Dos Equis guy, as it stands he has been misrepresented as the most interesting man in the world.

      • @ SP
        You’re an entertaing bastard, I imagine you did very well.

  38. Bubble wrap the world McCarver, now celebrating is too dangerous?

  39. By the way, who’s cleaning this mess up, cause someones gonna be pissed Monday when he sees this

  40. Tony Bennett? Yikes

  41. 512 comments, probably only 5 hits though.

  42. Give it to him.

  43. And the Cards win.

  44. Heading for home.TTYL..30 mins if anybody’s around.

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