The few, the loud, the Boston media.

Jays manager John Farrell spoke today on MLB Network Radio, affirming that he is, indeed, the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. “That’s where I’ve been the last year. That’s where I currently am,” Sherlock fucking Holmes continued.

“This speculation started to rear its head again about the final two months of the season,” he explains, and “I can tell you this: in my conversations with Alex it hasn’t distracted me from my job and what the commitment there is. I’m extremely challenged, happy as the manager of the Blue Jays. But it’s obvious that there’s a vacancy to fill there, and they’re going about their interview process as it is, with a couple of guys coming in there today and tomorrow, I guess. But nothing has been communicated directly to me, as far as– if the Red Sox have contacted Alex, I’m unaware of that. So where it stands is what I said: manager of the Blue Jays.”

Now, if we really wanted to, I suppose we could parse some of his words here. For starters, I suppose you could say he’s not exactly as entirely emphatic you could imagine in his statement of commitment to the Jays, but that’s really only if you’re expecting him to bang his fist on the desk and start frothing at the mouth.

Or, y’know, actually say that he’s not interested in going to Boston, which would fucking end this all real quick, no?

He also is very obviously paying attention to the reports, tossing a transparently aloof “I guess” at the end of his regurgitation of the reports that Tim Wallach and Brad Ausmus have headed to Boston to interview for the gig.

And if we really want to try hard, it’s funny, also, that he also says that nothing has been communicated directly to him. So… what’s been communicated indirectly, huh?

Y’know, besides the ridiculous love-in for Farrell that’s spewing from Boston’s fucking pores– or, at the very least, Sean Casey’s moustache.

The MLB Network host had a few good things to say about the Jays manager, I guess, as passed along in the latest saga update that could have been written any time in the last two weeks, from Rob Bradford of

“I absolutely love John Farrell. If that ends up happening, that will be such a breath of fresh air in that clubhouse. Those guys, they’ll do anything for him. He’s a great fit.”

. . .

“When he went to Toronto and things fell apart in Boston, the first thing I thought was, ‘Man, I wish they bet John Farrell was still available.’ He’s like Tito. Guys love him. And for us, even as position players, we got to know John. Sometimes you don’t get to know the pitching coach well, but you wanted to be around John. He brings out the best in people. He’s such a smart guy. He’s such a baseball guy. John Farrell is the type of guy you just want to be around. I can’t say enough good things about John Farrell.

“This guy is different. This guy is a baseball player. He gets it. He would be a great communicator. He gets people. At the end of the day, especially in a place like Boston, you have to be able to get people because you have to understand the team, the media and so many other different things. John Farrell is just one of those guys. … He’s somebody you want to have a beer with, but you respect the heck out of him. You respect who he is as a man. When he talks, you listen.”

Jesus Christ, no wonder Farrell won’t emphatically rule out jumping ship. When the hell was the last time someone said something like that about him around here?

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  1. He has to leave a door open, especially if comes down to money. If he feels this may be his last year in Toronto, with no guarantees afterwards, and Boston is frothing at the mouth to get him, it would be assumed that Boston would also be willing to give him a long-term big-money deal. He’s probably thinking about that, and it wouldn’t shock me if he went to AA and said “give me an extension or give me my freedom; either way, do it NOW”.

  2. Why don’t you say Mohamed instead of me for once?

  3. Just make it all go away.

  4. Please just get a bag of balls for him and let him go. Look what a GOOD manager did with the O’s & A’s with teams that expected to be in the basement. Even without the injuries the Jays would have been maybe .500 (as they were before all the injuries)

    • Yes, that was entirely due to the managers.

    • I’d like to ask Showalter which tactics he changed this year from last year

      • Clearly he had more heart this year.

        And… more gut! Aaaaand more um managing stuff.

      • I may be mixing up my timeline but didn’t showalter take over the o’s near the end of last season and didn’t they go on a nice little run after they hired him? I honestly can’t remember. But he is definitely getting the most out of that team. This is not to say that managers make that big a difference.

    • You’re right! Buck Showalter and Bob Melvin are amazing managers! Never even been fired before! – oh wait. Nevermind.

    • Showalter only won 70-75 games in four of his first 5 seasons.
      Bob Melvin won 93 games his first year, and never won more than 76 for the next three seasons. Now they’re the fucking poster boys for Manager Excellence. If they had managed in Toronto with those numbers, they’d have been run out of town on a rail…and everyone would have been falling all over themselves to kiss Farrell’s rear end instead of telling him to catch a bus outta town.

      • out of curiosity, did melvin and showlater’s baserunners obssess about stealing third like it meant they’d be granted a thousand virgins in the afterlife as farrell’s teams do?

  5. I was wondering the same things, Stoeten. Farrell could totally end all of this discussion right now by saying he wants to be manager of the Jays long-term. Actually, he could have said that weeks ago when he brought the topic up with the media. Instead he says things like “I’m the manager of the Blue Jays,” which, ya, of course you are. Speaking in future tense instead of present tense would really clear this stuff up.

    Interestingly, AA has talked in a similar fashion, saying only that Farrell “is the manager of our club”:

    All AA whas to do is say “we want John here for the long haul and he’s not going to manage the Red Sox or any other team but ours.”

    Which leads me to believe that both Farrell and AA are open to Farrell managing the Red Sox next season.

    • +1

      Red sox would give him a long term deal .

      If he gets the jays back to 81 wins in 2013 would AA bring him back for 2014??

      • Why bring back someone you want to let go of? Its this type of logic that will keep the Jays as pereninnial lossers. Get a proven guy and have him take us to the promised land

        • YOU TELL EM ZAUN

        • If AA likes Farrell for the long term why doesn’t he offer him an extension?

          Maybe AA wants to see what Farrell does with a better roster next year & a healthier lineup??

          Make Farrell earn his extension?

          I listened to the October 4th Podcast & was pleasantly surprised that Stoeten gave aGriffin ( Thumbs down) to AA for his roster this year.

          AA is leaving the cozy club of Rogers Apologists kicking & screaming….

          I disagree that the Jays should accept the 25th rated player on the red sox roster as compensation for Farrell.

          AA should take a quality player, preferably Buckholz or tell the red sox to go away.

          The jays should not give up farrell for nothing.

        • birddawg, this notion of some manager being able to “take us” anywhere, as opposed to that being far, far, far, far more dependent on the talent on the roster, is pretty laughable.

          • Laugh away, the truth is that a Manager plays a key role in any teams success or failure. Do you not believe that Farrell couldn’t have got more victories outta this team than he did this year? Injuries aside, basrunning blunders, questionable bull pen calls, unability to control player emotions, unusual bunting strategies and a lingering ponderance of his love for Boston combine to have this team underperform. Talent alone Andrew will not produce a winner

        • “The Promised Land” what’s that? .500 baseball?

          • You think pretty small for a guy who chew’s tobaccy

          • You think pretty small for a guy who chew’s tobaccy. No, the promised land is but one special place – the WS. The point being that Farrell’s year this year proved to me he does not have what it takes to take the BJ’s there. A talrntedteam alone will never succeed in thaking us there either….we need both the manager and the talented team and we are well short of that now on both sides

  6. His words read very much like he is interested in leaving. .02

  7. Along similar lines to Andrew, maybe Farrell isn’t prepared to affirm his total commitment to the Jays if he’s not sure that the Jays are totally committed to him. I’m not talking about an extension here, I just mean that if AA is going to entertain offers from Boston to see what they say then Farrell obviously can’t be 100% confident he’s going to be the Jays manager in the future. He definitely seems to be playing it safe with his comments, but I don’t think we can really know why he’s doing it.

    • Let’s face it, Farrell is a pawn in the whole thing.

      • Actually, that makes sense – let’s say AA has no intention of letting Farrell go, something Farrell knows, but AA knows the Sox will inquire. If Boston really would be dumb enough to give up a valuable piece for a manager, they should be willing to give up that same piece in any player trade, right? Maybe AA is just testing the waters to see what, if anything of value, he can get out of Boston in any type of trade (even one that doesn’t include Farrell). Ninja-esque, amiright?

        • Ok, and that absolutely fits with what I’ve read and heard about how things work around the league and especially the AL East. I’d only add that the age old axiom is that you dont trade within your division, no matter what you know about the other team’s likes/dislikes and needs.

        • Except that if they DO offer a valuable piece for Farrell why not just take it right then and there? You may like Farrell but do you like that much more then a good player + Sandy Alomar Jr. or whoever else replaces Farrell? Probably not. If you can get a good player without giving up any player that should be a no brainer.

    • Farrell talks like a politician and I don’t blame him. The fact of the matter is that he has very strong ties with Cherrington and Red Sox and at the same time his status is Toronto isn’t very solid. So, why would he burn all the bridges behind him?

  8. On a bright note, i ordered home opener tickets today, cant wait to see who manages the jays next year..

  9. jays should be focused on bringing in a good manager… if they feel they already have one, then dont let him be a lame duck

  10. Farrell was definitely not emphatic and left the door open for a possible change. Jays better not let him go to the Massholes for a couple of C prospects. If they want him that bad, make them pay by giving up someone like De La Rosa. If they dont want to, tell the massholes to fuck off. No reason to do them any favours.

  11. What the Christ is he supposed to say?
    He’s under contract…he’s said that.
    He’s concentrating on his job with the Jays…he’s said that.
    As far as he knows, he’s back in TO next season.
    Anything else is out of his control – and despite the best efforts from the media, that’s all he can say with any assurance.
    Fuggin’ media – trying to beat this non-story to death by drowning it in ink. Go talk to Beeston and AA – they’re the only ones with a clue about what’s going on.

  12. “Or, y’know, actually say that he’s not interested in going to Boston, which would fucking end this all real quick, no?”

    Even if he wanted to stay in Toronto why would he do this? The opportunity of leverage has presented itself which he can use to try to get an extension out of the Jays. He would have to be pretty stupid to say he’s not interested in Boston.

    • Ok, has he said anything about staying long term… apparently he is good friends with Chris Bosh

    • Fair point.

    • The Jays are the ones holding the boss hand here in this 3 handed game of poker. The Red Sox can only bully the Jays into giving Farrell permission to talk to Boston, provided of course, that some form of compensation is agreed upon. However, much like a poker game, sometimes a big river bet raises the stakes high enough to make the boss hand fold.

      As for Farrell, he is sitting with a small pair with the hope of rivering a set. He has little leverage over the Jays in my view. He’s done nothing in his tenure as the Blue Jays manager to merit an extension. AA can simply play out the contract and turn to other managerial candidates should things turn sour in 2013. I am not sure that AA has enough of a sample size to properly evaluate Farrell’s job as manager, especially with all of the injuries.

      Turning back to the poker analogy, I also think that AA doesn’t want to fold his hand versus the large river bet by Boston. It would make him look weak. We all know how AA values precedents in how he manages the organization.

  13. In other news… K-Rod is sitting on the line for tonight’s game. Geez, I thought Lind was an expensive bench player.

  14. I think Farrell is referring to the media reports he is so obviously following, with his ‘indirectly communicated’ line.

    • Could an “indirect” communication be considered tampering? I’m thinking now of some Boston media type doing favours for Cherington.

  15. It’s not for Farrell to say one way or another. He’s under contract. Suppose he says ‘here I am and here I’m staying I dont want to go to the Sox’ and AA trades him to Boston. What does he say to the Boston media then? ‘I didn’t mean it. I’m thrilled to be here.’. Doesn’t sound good.

    I assume he’s just paddling to stay above water while his current boss talks to his maybe future boss. He isn’t interested in pissing-off either one. When it’s settled I expect him to release a statement along the lines of ‘I’m thrilled to be the new manager of the Sux/to continue to manage the Jays. This past few weeks have been difficult in some ways but I am thrilled with this outcome’.

  16. Machado walk off to win it. 20 bucks, takers?

  17. Not sure if anyone caught this proposal today:—3-billion-casino-plan-unveiled-for-downtown-toronto

    If it’s built it will really alter the area around the dome. Covering the traintracks with a park would be absolutely fantastic.

    Wonder if this proposal could be a catalyst toward renovating to dome… maybe taking out the hotel…incorporating the north end into this new area..

  18. It’s a pity that Stoeten can’t be bothered to post a Playoff Open Threat for those of us still struggling with our apparently pointless reasons for enjoying said Threat. It seems to me that people vote with their comments to a degree, and 104 on DJF versus 3 on GB last night during the same game (and El Supremo holding fort at GB) signifies something worth protecting.
    Tonight, with El Jefe hunkered down once again over at GB, there are 0 comments at this point (bottom of the 7th inning.) Over on DJF we were disenfranchised, so we’ll never know the relative interest. I for one am disappointed.

    • Ya it sucks. I’ve been holed up in a convent the last few days trying to convert a few cute nuns and I was hoping to catch up with the Monkey Army tonight.

    • agreed simply because it would take him a grand total of 5 seconds

      • He’d have to care, though.

        I know the commenters don’t like to hear this, but high comment totals doesn’t always mean high traffic. So… take from that how valuable I find such posts, in that sense.

        I DO intend to post Open Threats for the playoffs as often as I can remember and am able to in time, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

        • Maybe a little less cynicism Stotes.
          We come to read your articles and stay for a laugh. Not sure that’s a bad thing regardless of your “hit count”.

        • What boggles my mind is that this should be a win/win for you. Imagine Coca Cola worrying whether I filled their coffers drinking Coke or Diet Coke. Instead you dish out the snark–you don’t care about us, you don’t value us–in an apparent attempt to cut off your own nose to spite your face. Strange days indeed, but carry on carrying on, by all means.

        • No pretty please for you! Next!

        • LOL.

          One would assume that the number of hits is higher here than on GB.

          I think Stoeten enjoys going back & forth with the posters.

          It would be boring if all the posters agreed with whatever Stoeten posted.

          • Well if that you definition then it sure isn’t boring ………ever

          • Everybody’s talking and no one says a word
            Everybody’s making love and no one really cares
            There’s Nazis in the bathroom just below the stairs
            Always something happening and nothing going on
            There’s always something cooking and nothing in the pot
            They’re starving back in China so finish what you got

            Nobody told me there’d be days like these
            Nobody told me there’d be days like these
            Nobody told me there’d be days like these
            Strange days indeed — most peculiar, mama

          • They do it to protect GB in the hope that there will be more cross-over traffic. It’s not a bad idea, though I think there seems to be a certain amount of “brand loyalty” to DJF.

        • kind of a dickish thing to say to your loyal posters

    • passive aggressive behaviour

  19. Tying runner at the plate, c’mon boys.

  20. “According to interviews with Buck, he has said it was around this time he was given the nickname “Buck,” as he tended to hang out in the locker room “buck” naked.”

  21. I got home a bit late tonight. AFraud is riding the pine pony tonight. Robert And Dino can tie it up.

  22. I’d love for both teams to lose.

  23. well Baltimore’s magical run is over. It will be interesting to see how they do next year. I predict a 4th or 5th finish in the AL east (yes kind of early to make a prediction) unless they get some more offense.

    • Too early to say what the Orioles do next year.

      statistically speaking they can’t continue to win 1 run games, excellent bullpen etc as this year but I doubt they go back to 65 win seasons.

      The AL East should be a dog fight next year.

      • You’re right. Based on this year, and especially the last couple of months, it’s hard to see them going like 68-94 next year. You gotta think they’re a good bet for .500+ anyway. Then the MFY, even if they finally start to age I have to put them down for 90 or 95 wins. Tampa should be tough to beat as always. Boston will probably have to rebuild but they have the resources to get back into things. Then there’s us. Could be crazy.

        • I could see the AL East next year be a 5 way fight with a bunch of teams winning between 80-90 games.

          Yankees should be weaker.

          Rays a bit weaker.

          Red Sox & Jays are a question mark.

          Orioles weaker but not a collapse.

  24. Cmon Washington.

  25. Go Cards (cause I hate Loria and what he did to the Expos which enabled the Nationals to be).

    Go Tigers (cause I hate the Skanks).

  26. baseball is a Game with signs, counter-signs, deceptions of all kinds and deking and psyching out the opposition standard behaviour. Why wouldn’t AA and JF work together to create whatever im-PRESS-shun they think will be effective?

    As far as what they tell us?

    Wouldn’t that be part of The Plan?

    I’m more worried that Rogers marketing decides they want to spend money to create a good impression with fans, and rush The Plan and we get players that really don’t help.

    But don’t listen to me, I’m a contrary old cur.


    Looks like Saint Loo is going home.

  28. Shit’s getting interesting.

  29. Looks like the ugly step-sisters are going to the ball and Cinderella’s staying home.

  30. Somehow I get the feeling whoever comes out of the NLCS will make the subsequent World Series an afterthought.

  31. In ’81 it was Blue Monday what will this Friday in October be called? And will the ghost of the Expos haunt the Nationals just as Babe Ruth haunted the Red Sox?

    • I would call is freaky friday. Blowing a 6 run lead, then allowing 4 runs in the 9th inning was completely unacceptable.

  32. I think that the jays should get zaun to coach. He has an interesting approach and already has first hand experience with many of the jays. He’s given nothihg but good advice all year, i can see him being the next Joe Madden

  33. Who thinks shutting down Strasburg so he was unavailable for the post season was the right move?

    • I think shutting down strasburg was a dumb move.

      They should have skipped him for a few a few starts so he would be available for the post season.

      The Nationals had a comfortable lead against the Braves all season.

      What was the point to win 98 games & then blow the first playoff series.

      It’s ironic that Ian Desmond the last expos draft pick had the ball tip off his hand, so cardinals tie it at 7-7.

    • Strasburg sure doesn’t think it was right.
      Neither do I.
      This opportunity only comes around when the rest of the factors are right.
      When Gillick was asked which he thought was the best Jay’s team he had assembled, the 92 or the 93 Jays?
      He answered “neither, the best was the 91 Jays.”
      It surprised me.
      The Nats may be better or worse next year but the opportunity was now.

      • That’s right. Now if they go on to win the World Series next year all will be forgotten, but a few years of missing the post season will sure make it look like a bad decision.

        • Agree with the above. For Nats fans, they’ll now have to live with horrible “what if…” scenarios.

      • +3

        You never know when the next opportunity rolls around – maybe next year, maybe not. For some of their players, this was their only kick at the can.

        • And it’s not like that division is ripe for the taking. Braves have a pretty solid team. People forget about the Phillies, who came on strong and could still be a force with a little tinkering. You never know with the Marlins, either. The Mets are a baseball team, still…I think.

      • @RADAR
        Agreed. As you know I am a recent fan of the Jays , so I didn’t follow the old Jays teams.

        However, it’s very tough to try & get into the playoffs after 162 games.

        It’s mind boggling that they would waste an asset like Strasburg, so he’s ready for next spring.

        Let’s say a few Nationals get hurt next year, who cares if Strasburg makes 30 starts. It could be useless.

        • Yeah,it’s just an opinion on my part but as an old school guy with an understanding of metrics,better minds than mine have hopefully thought this out.
          My Sabermetric side understands the logic.
          My old school side has seen what happens when you baby an arm.
          It’s like the debate on long toss.
          Even baseball experts disagree.
          One thing we can all agree on, I think, is if they knew they were gonna shut him down,why didn’t they manage the innings better?

  34. @TaoofStieb just made a good point on Twitter giving kudos to MLB for the condensed play-off schedule with few days off. I tend to agree.

  35. This should be a good night, post-season and UFC. Hopefully both Yankees and Silva get their ass kicked.

    • You must be a Goddess, a dream.
      Likes baseball,UFC,drinks wine and likes to canoodle.

      I thought Silva was a 13 to 1 favorite?
      Cheering for Detroit too.

  36. Will this be our playoff threat for the weekend?

    • Only Stoeten knows.

    • The mistake we made was asking for what we want. Perhaps this is out of spite.

      On the other hand, this thread could go to 500 comments tonight, while showing an incredibly low 4 hits.

      • Or have nothing here, and have no hits.
        Hell of a business model. He wouldn’t get too far on Dragon’s Den.
        Maybe he hasn’t yet realized that nobody is irreplaceable.

        Wally Pipp.

        • Perhaps Rogers will have higher expectations? Who knows, but I’m pretty sure they have their own brand of cold and ruthless metrics to measure performance much like the sabermetricians.

          • Rogers is used to operating in oligoplistic markets with cable & cellphone business.

            With respect to entertainment business, Rogers spent a lot of money to get the MLSE which provides guaranteed revenue for the leafs except this year.

            Can Rogers invest enough money in the Jays to rebuild a loyal fan base?

            Using the restaurant example,Rogers seems to be afraid of hiring a good chef & buying good ingredients to make a good meal that guests want to buy.

      • Fuck it! Party on anyways. As a ‘non-fan’ of all the teams left at the dance its all about having fun and enjoying Oct. ball without giving a damn who wins at this point. Yanks get stomped tonight.

  37. Rogers are a cold hard bunch.

    I’m not watching the playoffs. It hurts too much.

  38. Another Zaunism–

    “The one thing that gets lost here is a couple of things.”

  39. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GAME THREAT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    GAME 1


  40. We need a secondary nickname for the Jays similar to the Yankees and the “Bronx Bombers” Toronto Tweeters sounds a little weak, any ideas?

  41. Rogers would be furious if Detroit wins because fans would clamor for a Fielder like signing.

    The Rogers apologists are desperate to prove that signing good players in their prime fails.
    Rogers would have wanted the Oakland A’s to win because it would give them an excuse to reduce payroll to 55 million.

    I wonder if Rogers ever tried to get Billy beane instead of JP Riccardi.

    Could Beane be as successful in the AL East with a 55 million payroll

    • So oakville, you of the high forehead, you seem to be suggesting that Rogers would instead rather approve the Yankee model of spending much more money that anyone else as the plan for the future? Yes?

    • I could’ve sworn he was here a minute ago. Oh well.

  42. Going out on a limb here and taking the Tigers in six.

  43. A-Rod is getting his redemption chance.

  44. “This time they are loaded for the right guy”….what a dis the commentator just made towards A-Rod…ha!

  45. It’s official.
    The Baseball Gods disapprove of the Skanks.

  46. Looks like the baseball gods are kinda leaning towards the Tigers so far.

  47. OK SP we just refered to the baseball gods at the exact same time Freaky man.

  48. News agencies everywhere are playing with the words Fister’s fist.

  49. Andy will Pettitte but Doug will Fister.

    Ayyyyy – Ohhhh

    I apologize it’s not me, it’s the No-BlueJay playoffs and rum talking.

  50. Ok, Rick Sutcliffe is an insufferable jackass.


  52. I just checked out GB. Looks like AS’S (see what I did there) strategy has worked. Two posts already.

  53. So what is this Yankees/Detroit playoff game of which you speak? I was in NY until Friday. Didn’t meet too many GIDP-Rod fans. The fans I spoke to were just that little bit worried that their guys couldn’t go the distance and next year may be a bit problematic.

    • By problematic they meant old and overpaid, correct?

      • Yep. The Yanks are getting on in years. They should be beatable in the next little while. So should the Sux.

    • So Isabella, you DO like to watch, eh? I thought it hurt too much? Well, more the merrier I say. A-Rod is the gift that keeps on taking. Year after year after year.

  54. Atta boy, Jackson.

  55. Chicken shit Skanks!

  56. C’mon Prince. 3 run jack.

  57. oakville69 will re-enter the fray at any moment to ball wash Prince and badmouth Rogers.

  58. K-Rod!

  59. How the mighty have fallen. Giggle.

  60. I was hoping the bean weasel would join us as the token Yankee fan on site. Any others are remaining conspicuously silent. I’d also like to say hello to Algeria, Tasmania and The Netherlands (to show some respect for the Dear Leader.)

  61. 7th inning stretches were much different before 9/11

  62. At least the graphics for this game are readable.

  63. Skankee fans are getting restless

  64. The Detroit Illitch’s over the New York Steinbrenner’s in this weeks episode of….

    Wallet Wars

  65. Could some genius here please explain to Mohamed the ROI formula using Fielders direct expense as an example

    • I told you that oakville would re-enter the fray at any moment, but I didn’t expect him in the guise of birddawg, or vice versa. Maybe he/they do post the majority of comments.

  66. An examination of Edward Rogers III’s wallet produced a Mensa members card, a condom that expired in 1993, one billion dollars and a small locket containing the displaced faith of 10 million Jays fans.

  67. I guess Buck & Tabby aren’t so bad afterall

  68. “If you were to put a ball on a tee in the position where you could hit it the furthest, that’s where it’d be.”
    Sutcliffe’s evidence that Cano has an eyesight problem…completely forgetting there’s like, oh I don’t know, like a 93 mph difference between a ball on a tee and the ball he struck out on.

  69. I hate the Yankees.

  70. FFS. The Tigers don’t deserve to win this series after that shit show!

  71. Boom! shake-shake-shake the room
    Boom! shake-shake-shake the room
    Boom! shake-shake-shake the room
    tic-tic-tic-tic Boom!

  72. who the fuck is this Ibanez?

  73. That’s crazy mang!

  74. Think I threw up a little there seeing Dotel come in to face a lefty.

  75. PST is better than EST!

  76. I have a feeling that the NL winner will crush the al winner

  77. Swisher + choo make it happen AA lf prob solved

  78. Fast bugger!

  79. I had no idea the Monkey Army turned into pumpkins at midnight. Good to know I guess.

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  81. Lookin’ for a winner, any winner at this point.

  82. So what’s the official ruling when Cabrera takes all his drunken rage for Valverde out on this baseball and completely vaporizes it?

  83. Detroit must have the heaviest (fattest) team in MLB.

  84. Jayson Nix…that name sounds familiar

  85. Wow–Jeter down. It looks bed, so I’m gonna let it alone.

    • If it were A-Rod I’d be all over it with a bloodthirsty grin but actually respect Jeter so yeah he gets a pass.

    • It looks bad. I’m also tired. Nurse Karen (or Dr. birddawg) will tell you that there’s a name for that.

  86. Phelps could give up ten runs here…that could happen. Sutcliffe’s a fucking moron.

  87. ‘Planet’ Fasciitis–it gets better and better!

  88. Its been a slice don’t forget to have your pets checked for STIs and Ds.

  89. Looks like A-Rod makes his return to shortstop tomorrow

  90. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Game Over~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Game Over~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5 Fucking Hours~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  91. @Potatoes.

    Tigers win! Tigers Win!

    The Rogers Apologists have egg on their faces once again. TM. Fielder came through.

    I never advocated a Yankees Payroll, but Jays can certainly afford a better than 65 million USD

    Feel bad for Jeter. The Captain is down.

    • You are some slippery son of a something or other oakville. You can’t (I say you can’t) say that Rogers would be furious if Detroit wins because of deciding to forgo the cost associated with Prince, but then blithely duck the fact that the only other team in the game fields the most expensive side in baseball, year in and year out. I would have more respect for you if you discovered (and employed) logic.

      • @Potatoes

        I am being sarcastic about Fielder.

        Rogers tried Billy Beane strategy when they bought the team.

        At best they got to 85 wins before JPRiccardi got a few $$$ to bring payroll up to 98 million for 1 year which was above average.

        After 2008 , payroll was cut back so the team spends around 25th in payroll.

        The team has not been able to develop home grown talent to compete with the A’s or Rays.

        I keep hammering home the point that even Stoeten agrees with, the Jays have to step up & compete by getting quality free agents.

        There are no prizes in baseball for the team with the best WAR adjusted contracts.

        Yankees have been playoff contenders for the last 15 years.

        Jays have yet to play a meaningful september game except with Vietnam Vet Tim Johnson led the team to a heroic 88 wins.

  92. Seriously, is there a more “un-clutch” closer than Valverde? I mean, this pansy parades around the regular season like he’s the fuckin GCOAT (greatest closer of all time) – but come the playoffs he’s nothing more than CoCo Cordero. Seriously, him and Fernando Rodney need to book a Super 8 deluxe suite and spend the night sucking each other off in the jacuzzi tub Say what you want, but at least Papel-douche was at able to close out ONE World Series…

  93. Karen
    Tigers win –yea – except Cabrerra looked like he was gonna burst a blood vessel on the bench in the ninth
    Silva won-boo–what a waste of time and money
    SP- thanks for the Game threat- nice comment at GB-you’re a very bad boy, I’m going to get nurse karen to give you a few whacks (not those kinds of whacks)I mean a little spanking ( no that doesn’t sound right either)have her take you out behind the wood shed for a little ( nevermind I give up). You’re in trouble young man.
    Oakville — I’m wondering if you might be right if Rogers woulda just ponied up for Fielder the Jays coulda won 97 games.What?They had a better player than Fielder and still didn’t win 95.
    How did you guys produce over 100 comments yet the hundreds at GB produce 6?Either you people are quite chatty or the lurkers at GB are comatose,Or does it mean something else?Just askin.
    Where else could ya go and find out the difference between STD and STI other than DJF?
    DJF comment section, educating it’s readers for over a 20th of a century.

    • @radar.

      No one player would make the Jays win an extra 24 games. No players have 24WAR.

      I think Fielder +Edwin with Lind on the bench is a better team

      AA has to make upgrades to the team.

      Roger has to stop selling “hope & change.”

      The new financial reality of the CBA with extra tv money means that you will have teams paying outrageous amounts for above average players .

      The Reds are a small market team yet they signed Votto for 200 million plus.

      The Jays “freight train of talent” has yet to arrive & the scariest thing is that the young talent like Snider were so mishandled by the franchise that I wonder if the Jays can be trusted to develop a level where they help the team more than trading for other team’s misfits.

    • @RADAR, just to clarify, the term STD isn’t used anymore, it is now STI, because it is an infection not a disease. Now you can impress the nurses with your knowledge.

      • Jeez thanks karen.
        With my new found knowledge,I started talking to the nurses here about STD’s and STI’s. They gave my a weird look,strapped me to my bed, stuck an IV in my arm, a thermometer in my nether regions and put two condoms on my ears..
        I think I explained it wrong.

  94. I had a hockey game and had to leave you good son’s of bitches(and daughters-karen).
    Good outcome even if it took longer then a congressional hearing.

    My view on 2013. (fuck you guys who say “who are u” cuz if Wilner gets a voice so do I)

    Bautista and EE hit 70 home runs and drive in 200.

    Romero steals Selena Gomez from Bieber and his confidence returns. 17 wins.

    Lawrie outgrows his prepubescent attitude and accepts that his choices have consequences. He’s the best Jay in 13. Wins a Golden Gauntlet, hit’s .300, mashes 25, steals 30, with 90 RBI.

    Big Papi rejoices in fresh surroundings, hit’s .290, 28 dongs and becomes the clubhouse leader the bluebirds so desperately need.

    Edwin Jackson does his thing, 13 wins and keeps the Jays in all of his starts.

    Josh Johnson whom we get in the Arencibia deal is great, wins 14 and leads the club in ERA.

    Yunel Mariconi and Hechavaria form a middle infield that turns the most double plays in ’13

    Colby hits some dingers, y’all get some dough.

    D’arnaud win R.O.Y. hitting .270 with .350 OBP and 16 dongs.

    Farrel wins Manager of the Year when the Jays take a wildcard. (fuck you Boston)

    • Now THAT’s a brand of Fantasy Baseball I can relate to at this time of year; especially as the teams on the field prove that ANYTHING can happen.

  95. I had a hockey game and had to leave you good son’s of bitches(and daughters-karen).
    Good outcome even if it took longer then a congressional hearing.

    My view on 2013. (fuck you guys who say “who are u” cuz if Wilner gets a voice so do I)

    Bautista and EE hit 70 home runs and drive in 200.

    Romero steals Selena Gomez from Bieber and his confidence returns. 17 wins.

    Lawrie outgrows his prepubescent attitude and accepts that his choices have consequences. He’s the best Jay in 13. Wins a Golden Gauntlet, hit’s .300, mashes 25, steals 30, with 90 RBI.

    Big Papi rejoices in fresh surroundings, hit’s .290, 28 dongs and becomes the clubhouse leader the bluebirds so desperately need.

    Edwin Jackson does his thing, 13 wins and keeps the Jays in all of his starts.

    Josh Johnson whom we get in the Arencibia deal is great, wins 14 and leads the club in ERA.

    Yunel Mariconi and Hechavaria form a middle infield that turns the most double plays in ’13

    Colby hits some dingers, y’all get some dough.

    D’arnaud win R.O.Y. hitting .270 with .350 OBP and 16 dongs.

    Farrel wins Manager of the Year when the Jays take a wildcard. (fuck you Boston)

  96. If I didnt know better, Id say that Wilner is almost pleased Jeter got injured.

  97. Jeter broke his ankle:(. I wish it had been K-Rod.
    Not that I want the Yanks to win.

    • I’d rather it have been Swisher. Jeter is a classy guy – always has been that way.

      • I wonder if Jeter has ordered a few gift baskets for his nurses?

        But seriously,Jeter is a classy ballplayer.

  98. I went to sleep when it was still tied in extras. Honestly suprised to wake up this morning to see that Ibanez didn’t win it with a hr.

  99. The winner of this series will come down to whether or not Big V can close it out. Ive said it once and I’ll say it again; Closers are one of the most fundamental assets that a team can posses in the bigs.

    On a side note I lol’d when Jeter went down.

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