Back by popular-ish demand, here’s your spot to talk about tonight’s playoff action, if for some pointless reason you’d rather discuss it here than in the actually-related posts over at Getting Blanked.

Enjoy! Or… whatever… like I care.

8:00 PM ET:
St. Louis Cardinals (Carp, B.) @ San Francisco Giants (Vogelsong, R.)
TV: FOX/Sportsnet – Cardinals lead 1-0

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  2. Let’s go Giants!

  3. Amazing that Scutaro wasn’t seriously hurt on that play at second. Matt Holliday is a very, very large man.

  4. fuck you Pagan.

  5. Sounds like Andrew doesn’t like us anymore.

    • He doesn’t give a fuck is more accurate.

      But do we really care?

      • It’s how the message is conveyed.
        If it was ” join us at GB for more in depth coverage,welcome all” instead “if you scum want to hang here, in the slums, even though I though I really don’t give a shit” It might be different.
        The message is more antagonistic, almost defying people to stay here,cause all the cool kids are at GB.
        I’m not easily bullied or intimidated and I certainly don’t like being told what to do.
        That being said, I try to give GB a chance, I appreciate what they are trying to do and the effort being put forth.
        But if the cost is being told “I don’t matter” at DJF or ” I’m with the hip crowd at GB”.I don’t give a fuck.Besides I like this bar.
        I don’t need to be herded somewhere to tell me what or who I am.
        The sad thing is it seems to have turned into an us vs them attitude.
        The two sites should compliment each other and we, as baseball fans, should be able to enjoy both, without ridicule.

        • And that’s the last comment from me on the subject.
          I’ve vented.
          Back to baseball talk and enjoying the games.

        • I teared up for a moment .

        • There’s a crowd at GB?

          No offense to GB, but there’s 2 comments over there.

          • I’d rather there was a crowd there, y’know, seeing as there’s a shit-tonne of work being done to cover the series’ and every game well, and here I shit out antagonistic threads sometimes, or sometimes not. I mean, I understand the comments have a life of their own that’s way beyond anything I say or want, so… whatever, I guess. But it’s just weird to see all the activity here– or whatever little activity here, as the case may be– when I’m making clear this blog doesn’t really give a shit, and pointing folks in the direction of somewhere that audience and writers will both get more out of the experience for having got together, I think.

          • i’d read GB more often if parkes wasn’t there.

          • Stoeten–As your last sentence makes clear, you divide us into ‘audience and writers.’ Many of us at DJF don’t see it quite so cut and dried. Yes, we enjoy your posts as an audience, but we then choose to engage you or each other–to interact–and it is this impulse that seems (to me) to separate DJF & GB affectionados. They occasionally politely say ‘thank you’, but rarely more, whereas we are rarely polite at all. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This is your doing. I would think you’d be happy.

          • Maybe if Parkes wasn’t such a fucking insufferable douchebag, GB would have more readers/commenters?

        • @Radar plus 1.

          Why are there 2 sites anyway?

          I thought Parkes & Stoeten were partners.

          Why not have one post when the other one is unavailable.?

          • DJF is of course ,Jays centric. GB covers the rest.
            It’s an interesting story ( the part known publicly).The boys have come a long way and worked hard to get here.
            Too long to narrate here.
            I think the most telling thing is that, it’s documented that Wilner and Griffin have read or do read DJF. How often is unknown.Hayhurst has commented here,so have other baseball writers.DJF has been mentioned on many other sites including Trade Rumors and SI.
            Why? Who knows. Are they checking out Stoeten and/or using the comment section to gauge the fan reaction or are they nuts and need a good laugh?
            The opportunity to expand the brand and make the Score, in general, THE place to go, is limitless.

        • Maybe they should combine the two sites into Getting Drunk and Shooting Blanks Jays Fans. We get the high minded insights and thoughtful analysis of the GB site along with the loutish comment pages of the DJF site. There’s no toggling back and forth for Stoeten and the boys either. It would be like Cheers and Gary’s Old Towne Tavern merging together – Frazier, Norm, and Cliffy sitting around one bar discussing the Jays.

        • I appreciate the work being done at Getting Blanked – Drew is both smart & entertaining…but I simply can’t stand Parkes and won’t participate in any of his endeavours…..the guy is just an unbelievably conceited, smug douche.

  6. Hmm, kind of a dickish preamble, at least to my ears, and not exactly nuanced.
    Let me see:

    ~~~”Popular-ish demand”–Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall a single poster taking Stoeten’s side (ie-a mass migration), either here or at GB. So–Popular.

    ~~~”Some pointless reason”–We’ve on more than one occasion stated our reasons, and I suspect none of us see them as close to pointless. So–Not at all pointless.

    ~~~”Like I care.”–Yes, the nub of the problem. Once again the Dear Leader deems it necessary to inform us of his utter distain for us all. For my money “the lady doth protest too much, methinks.” So–Dial down the snark, Stop jabbing us with pointy sticks, and Exhibit a modicum of class.

    • Well stated SP. I’m with you. And I would stay with you, but alas I have a headache so I’m going to watch the game in bed, without my laptop.
      See you tomorrow, same bat-time, same bat-channel.

      btw my beer can photos had over 120 hits…hmmm…

    • I didn’t read your reasons because… see point three.

      See my above comment. Whatever.

      • Why does it have to be a one-way discussion for you. I can match you snark for snark in my sleep my friend, but I do you the honour of reading your ramblings. You just try to score points with shit like “I didn’t read your reasons because…see point three.” (and let it be said that ‘point 3′ was in a post you claim to have never read.)

        • Snark for Snark? Love that game.
          In your sleep?I can beat that.
          I can do that in my sleep AND in a drunken stupor and both of you at the same time or in a tag team style if you prefer.
          Aha. try and beat that why don’t ya.

          • Wadar, you wascally wabbit. You’re one phone call to Shane Stant and one hip replacement away from regretting that bravado my friend. Be vewy afwaid.

          • Did I mention and with one hand tied behind my back?
            Okay okay .This is fun.Your turn.
            And put some effort into it this time.
            You’re making it too easy.
            Wascally is spelled Wascially,BTW.
            I’m regretting the bravado already but dammit, it’s exciting.I’m engorged and tingling waiting for the response.

          • Radar, only our little friend birddawg would mangle the spelling of ‘Wascally Wabbit’ that badly, and to his credit he’d do it on purpose. It’s kind of his thing, don’t you know, although with all the atrocious spelling, diction and grammar on the interwebs he has to really overdo it to be sure of being noticed. Where were we?
            You know the expression “late to the party”? It has a certain appropriateness here.
            I thought that those lady retirees pumped you dry? Here you are engorged and tingling like a schoolboy, but without a slice of liver I’d hazzard a guess. I have it on good authority that it you sit on your left hand until it’s full of pins and needles that it’s almost as good as the real thing. No guarantees, mind!
            This show of swaggering deviant behavior, this blustering pretense at courage has got to be put to bed, and clearly you do too.
            Oh ya, one more thing—–BOOOOO!!
            That always gets them.

        • Not snark, I just literally didn’t read them. Were they buried in that 500-odd comment post that was up all weekend?

          • Stoeten, this is getting too convoluted even for you, and if you yourself didn’t post at 10:30 tonight as ‘Stoeten’ in answer to my post 15 minute earlier, then fair enough. However, if ‘Stoeten’ is none other than your good self, then what in the fucking fuck are you yammering on about? The only way to position your reply where it is is to click the reply box next to my post. Yes?

          • Ah SP, ya missed it.
            Ya gotta learn to to speak Stoetenese.
            I must train you better young Jedi.

          • So much he says goes under my head.

          • Np SP.Have a good night.
            ALCS tommorow.
            Lookin forward to it.
            Maybe we’ll even talk baseball.

    • I think under the Ontario Hipster Jay fan code you have to insult your audience. :))

      The Score takeover was approved today by the Ontario court, so maybe this may have an effect on Stoeten??

      I hope not, & everything stays the same.

      • The Score takeover is for the TV side and 10% of the,I think.. So I ASSUME it doesn’t affect him or the rest of the website people.
        I may be wrong.

        • @RADAR,

          OK sounds good. I thought I read somewhere that the online content is not affected by the takeover but wasn’t sure.

          It still makes more sense to combine the talents of Parkes & Stoeten & Drew under 1 website.

  7. been watching the game SP?

    • Just the last 10 minutes Radar. I’m an American League guy through and through, and I can’t get too worked up about who wins or loses. That said, I love baseball, so I’m here now for my fix.

  8. I’ve probably given this too much thought but could Stoeten be getting grief from the Score because traffic is low at getting spanked (TM SP I think) and hence the lack of playoff threats on the weekend and the snark of today’s?

    • I’ve accused Stoeten of cutting his nose off to spite his face, but I don’t buy that the same can be said of The Score. They’d hardly ask him to jettison his loyal posters to artificially bump up Getting Spanked, and he would be a fool to acquiesce to their demands if they did. His own reasons are probably due to his contrarian nature.
      And no, I deserve no credit for the delightful “Getting Spankrd,” but can’t remember at present who to credit.

    • No grief. The words were entirely of my choosing, as they always are.

  9. Lovin the camera work of the ball coming out of the pitchers hand.

  10. Never thought of having my rye flavoured with “toasted caramel” but I’ve wondered about my toasted cararmel flavoured with “rye”.

  11. I enjoy Andrew Stoeten’s commentary. Most of the time.

    I do not enjoy Dustin Parkes’ commentary. Again, most of the time.

    I respect that Dustin has put a lot of effort into his blog. And that he has put up a thoughtful game thread.

    However, if I do not like what he has to say or do not feel the same connection with his community, why the fuck would I comment on his site? Being friends with Andrew Stoeten is not a good enough reason for me.

  12. Reportedly, the Jays had nine different scouts at E-Jax’s last three starts of the season. Let’s go to the game logs and see what went down

    September 21st he had a real nice eight inning outing against Milwaukee.
    September 28th he went one-and-a-third innnings giving up 8 runs against St.Louis.
    October 3rd he went six plus innings against Philly in a nice outing.

    If they look strongly at these three starts, I would think the Jays wouldn’t go too crazy in their bidding for him. The only team with something to play for creamed him.

    • Pitchers are going to have bad starts. This goes for everybody… even your Verlanders and Sabathias. They just tend to limit them.

      I think EJax fits nicely as a #3 starter on a competing team.

      Morrow, Romero (assuming he returns to form), EJax, #4_pitcher, JA Happ is not the worst rotation in the world.

      I think Alvarez needs to start the year in Buffalo, find that out-pitch, and be utilized as depth mid-late year when some pitcher inevitably goes down.

      • It isn’t the worst rotation in the world, but you arn’t that far off. Yuck

        • Well, what do you think? They are going to go out there and acquire 5 new starting pitchers? Some of this shit is going to have to work out internally, I’m afraid. That means relying on Morrow to gain some consistency, stay healthy, and give us 200+ innings. Romero needs to have a bounce-back season. JA Happ needs to continue to pitch like he did before injury.

          I’d say we all need to be pleased if we obtain two additions to the starting rotation.

      • Not the worst, but not a legitimate playoff threat, either.

        What we need is:

        #1, Morrow (or Morrow, #2, whatever), Romero, Jackson, Happ.

        Even then, I’d prefer Happ be next year’s Villanueva.

        • Sure, if we can land a #1 or #2 starter, that would be great. Regardless, you are at least going to have Romero and Morrow in the rotation. I’d think Happ would be in there as well. Worst case scenario and you also got Alvarez in there.

  13. I really enjoy this blog and the Jays, but i really think that the Jays are just owned for content and a long term real estate play with the Rogers Center. They will sell the dome , the team and keep the broadcast rights when a new owner comes in and builds a real stadium. Don’t be surprised if they play in Buffalo till it’s built.

  14. This reminds me of my fifth grade dance. A bunch of people standing on either side of the room with no one in between. Everyone realizes that no one actually commented on the game tonight right? Just vented about the other threads then talked a little about the Jays (not that I’m complaining)?

    Personally, I consider the GB threads a great way to follow or (more likely because I get drunk at bars) piece together my memories of each game. I don’t really know why people don’t comment on it. I guess without the atmosphere and the community everyone feels like they’re the only girl in a French Canadian nightclub and don’t want to put themselves out there.

    Either way, stop whining. Also Nick Swisher and Bobby Valentine = PLAYOFFS!

    • Bye

    • Okay Parkes.
      Unlike your 5 grade dance,DJF has interaction between the commenters. Often, it deviates from the subject of the original post.That’s some of the appeal.
      GB does a good job providing information about the game but usually from one perspective only,although it does that well, it doesn’t accept opposing viewpoints or counterpoints very well.
      So while viewing last nights game and after reading the moderator’s post three times and the 5 comments (one every 45 mins) did it really add to your memories of the game?
      Do you really think the commenters here are shy about putting themselves out there?
      Don’t know why more people don’t comment there?If it walks like a duck,acts like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.
      We all read GB from time to time. I noticed that you didn’t comment in GB’s game threat ( which you find great) but instead came here to voice your opinion.
      Believe it or not,I hope GB succeeds,anything that increases the discussion of baseball, I support.
      Maybe, if they weren’t so pretentious and arrogant, they’d get more interaction and support.
      Perhaps, in the interest of detente, I will post some comments there today, in hopes of an invigorating conversation.

      • Because I like this site better than Getting Blanked? I don’t think everyone should go over there at all, I was just saying that bitching and moaning about it is pointless. Either way, I don’t give enough of a shit to argue about it.

        • Fair enough.
          When you make a comparison between DJF commenters to kids at a grade 5 dance,did you not expect a response?
          We’re a proud tribe and defend our ground.

          • I’m considering painting my ass blue and rocking a kilt for tonight’s game for editorial purposes, but I’ll probably get over it .

    • Mahatma Gandhi said “you must be the change you want to see in the world.” Stay out of the bars tonight and join us with a beverage of your own choosing and an attitude. Last night was ‘vent night.’ We require the release from time to time, just as we feel the need to every once in a while tack on “fuck you Parkes” to the end of a comment. It must be therapeutic, n’est ce pas?
      Tonight we’ll try to keep it loosely confined to baseball and our collective hatred of all things pinstriped, although if that conflicted puppy the bean weasel joins us it could get interesting. You yourself as a advocate for throwing suitcases of money at one Nick Swisher could find yourself in many high-spirited conflabs. What joy. As to your suggestion concerning My Funny Valentine–all I can say is tonight could be fun fun fun. He’s a particular favourite in these parts.
      Game threats are much more enjoyable when you directly participate, much like the fifth grade dances you so fondly remember. So stop recapping, roll up your sleeves and please DO give enough of a shit to argue.

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