Shi Davidi of the Rogers-owned Sportsnet reports that Rogers is expected to sign a two-year extension with Paul Beeston in order to keep him around as president and CEO of the Rogers-owned Toronto Blue Jays.

Initially reluctant to take the position on permanently, Beeston said Tuesday that he’s “committed to seeing this thing through,” although he refused to put any sort of time frame on that.

“We’re in discussion, but if there’s something to let you know, I’ll let you know,” said Beeston. “Honest to God, I’ve never worked under contract before, other than this one. I don’t buy into contracts, if I do my job, I do my job, if they want to get rid of me, they get rid of me, if I want to leave, I leave. Simple as that. It’s on a day-to-day basis, and I expect to be here Nov. 1.”

That’s some hilariously charming Beeston-esque thinking right there. Less hilariously charming: pretty much everything Beeston has said in the last two years.

Perhaps that’s only natural, given his role. There are PR aspects of his job that require a delicate balance to be struck between his promoting of the brand and his offering something resembling-enough to honesty to keep people from tuning out entirely to what he says. And while I don’t think he’s done a particularly good job maintaining that balance, or managing fan expectations, or not pissing away the fucking lake of goodwill he and his GM built over the first two seasons of the Anthopoulos era, or answering a damn question succinctly, when it comes right down to it, I kinda just can’t give much of a shit.

He’s still far better than the last guy– which, granted, isn’t saying much– and I feel like we’ve reached a nice, utilitarian equilibrium wherein we know not to bother taking a damn thing he says seriously, assuming we’re even able to decipher it through the verbiage. His little rules about contract length? Made to be broken. His belief that several playoff appearances and lots of Rogers brand money are about to be laid at our feet? Whatever.

They’re all just empty words to keep us busy and keep us from straying too far into the negative suckhole that’s pulled down a hefty amount of the fan base during the second half of this season, and will only gain in gravity if the clubs words aren’t met by actions this winter. If the club acts like it’s backed by one of the richest corporations on the continent and ultimately flourishes, fans will be happy. If not, they won’t. That’s about all there is to it. And that makes Beeston’s coming or going hard to get too worked up about, for me, at least.

Now, if I believed he wouldn’t make an exception to his free agent policies if the right guy came around, maybe there’d be more reason to be upset that he’s sticking around. But, call me naive, I think he entirely would. I just can’t take any of it seriously.

Hey, but he spearheaded the uniform change! And I’m still holding out hope that, once the Grey Cup is through, he starts working towards making good on his fan-prompted babble from last year that the club has considered finding a way to install a grass playing surface– and taking any number of measures to make the building Rogers bought for a fucking song into a more baseball-friendly, and ideally baseball-only, facility.

No, really, I am. Again, call me naive. And say it one more for my lacking the wherewithal to shit too badly on Beeston’s extension, if you really want. It’s not like it wasn’t entirely a foregone conclusion anyway.

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  1. I miss Pat Gillick.

  2. Remember when Beeston formed a search committee for the team president position and ended up having himself chosen in 2009? He did an interview with McCown shortly after that announcement and claimed that he would definitely be leaving after his contract was up in 2012. I remember McCown calling bullshit on that (he should probably just do that whenever Beeston speaks). It’s no surprise that he turned out to be right.

  3. i can’t decide if this is good or bad.

    on one hand if it wasn’t beeston it would be some other random schmuck (like godfrey) doing rogers bidding – and history says it really could be worse…. on the other hand most any other corporate pawn would put their (sockless?) foot in his mouth less than paul beeston.

  4. The only thing I’d believe from Beeston would be his advice on which cigars are best.

  5. piss.

  6. I don’t see how grass at the Rogers Centre will ever happen. The roof is closed for most of April and September, preventing any sunlight in the building. There’s also just too many other events there (60 per year) and they must bring in revenue to the stadium and concessions.

    • they could do it. There are portable modules you keep off-site at a green house. install the turf before a home stand, then move it back to the green house, if you need the space for something else. I watched a show about it on one of those discovery channels, it didn’t look like that much work.

      • Whether Rogers ever does it or not, Beeston acknowledged that it absolutely is possible.

        • Real grass along with a facelift inside the Dome would do wonders. I have enjoyed many games inside the Rogers Centre but I must say that the shine has worn off in recent years.

          That awful looking artificial turf looks like it was assembled by a 4 year old. I can’t imagine that its any fun playing on the turf. At the very least, if no real grass can be installed, they should at least bring in new turf.

    • They could put grow lamps in the dome and grow hydro during the offseason to pay for FA signings. They could sell said hydro at the games at 4 times market price.

      • It’d probably cost way more than home grown sod, but I wonder if they could grow the stuff for their own use…?

  7. Have a listen to the following: (Warning: avert your ears if you’ve ever held any kind of hope for natural grass at the Rogers Centre)

    Dude almost breaks his neck backing off the grass comments. So, daydream all you want (I sure do) Blue Jays Nation because it ain’t gonna happen. Don’t want to miss out on all that cash from Cracker-Pulls, religious yawneroos, Tony Robbins wankfests and whatnot!

    Fucking Beeston.

    • +1. I think Beeston was drunk when he mentioned the grass thing at skydome.

      The Argos aren’t going anywhere else, so you have to live with the turf.

      However, they do bring in grass for european soccer games at rogers centre.

      Could they try that for a couple of home stands?

  8. Beeston is the one pulling the strings.He’s following a similiar plan that worked for him in the past.Does that work in today’s marketplace?I don’t know.
    His resume includes president and COO of Major League Baseball.
    And I’m ready for the onslaught of naysayers.
    Given what has been done so far,he’s a genius.Very few could enact what he’s done.
    Really take a look at what’s being done and where it’s going.
    Especially look at “the Why”.

  9. There’s no way the Jays can turn Rogers Centre into a baseball-only facility unless the Argos find a new home. BMO can’t host them — though I still believe and hope that the stupid “soccer” club will fold due to horrible management and fan apathy within the next 5 years, allowing the Argos to finally move in there — and then the Jays will have Rogers Centre. As a Jays and Argos fan I could not want this more. Both teams would benefit from their own parks. But right now, the Argos are homeless without the rent-free Rogers Centre, and until they can get out of there the Jays are stuck sharing a multi-purpose dump. (And to be honest, the Argos are stuck in an even worse situation — Rogers Centre is at the very least a tolerable baseball stadium, but it’s beyond a total dump for football, and that’s when it’s sold out.)

    • If this team starts winning and becomes popular again, I would hope they’d put some serious consideration into building a new ballpark.

      • thats not happening, Rogers wouldnt want to pay for a new building and the city is’t going to help pay… case closed…

        • And the location of SkyDome is too good. Yes, it’s terrible, but it was cheap and is in the ideal location. No new ballpark in Toronto.

    • rogers could simply evict the argos whenever the lease expires… you know, independent of the argos having a new home in place.

    • “There’s no way the Jays can turn Rogers Centre into a baseball-only facility unless the Argos find a new home”

      Well.. I mean, Rogers doesn’t own the Argos. They don’t really have much of a reason to wait to make sure the Argos find somewhere to play before taking steps to make the RC baseball only.

    • Let the Argos play at the U of T’s stadium. Jeez, we are talking about a beer league that fines guys 300 bucks for head spearing.

    • The 10 Argo games aren’t really an issue – it’s the number of many other events (i.e. concerts, motocross, figure skating, religious events, carnivals) that occurr that are more of a roadblock to the Dome ever being a baseball-only facility.

    • just fold the Argos… I’m pretty sure the last generation that is watching them are baby-boomers

    • The stupid soccer club is co owned by Rogers now, so it’s not folding.

  10. While I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a “genius”, he’s obviously done something right to generate interest in his services for so long.

    Let’s remember, job #1 for a president, GM or manager is not winning or making the organization a buttload of money. It’s to keep the job as long as you want it and improve your career along the way.

    That was JP Ricciardi’s greatest legacy. That he kept his job for so long.

    Paul Beeston doesn’t need the Blue Jays. This fact alone doesn’t make him good or bad at his job, but it should be revered nonetheless.

    • sometimes success just finds you. Beeston seems to be a beneficiary of success and not a benefactor of it.
      Cito Gaston on the other hand….
      I see Stoeten’s starting to develop an immunity to the Kool-Aid. You kids think you know everything. Trust me as an older,more experienced hand; it’s all bullshit.
      Prove it on the field or just STFU; variance,luck and regression are the tools of the weak.
      See ball, hit ball.

  11. I think this story could be relevant to any potential Skydome renovations:–toronto-casino-proposal-would-turn-railway-lands-into-public-park

    If this casino goes forward, a park will be built on the rail-lands directly north of the dome. Plus some office space, new hotels and general massive renovations of the area surrounding the place.

    It would be so transformed, Rogers may want to alter the north side of the stadium to act as more of an entrance. Could be the catalyst for other renovations in the park.

    … or Rogers will do nothing, who the hell knows.

    • Rogers doesn’t own the land. Not an inch of it. They can’t renovate anything that touches on the land.

  12. I can recall a Beezer blurb where he said being the NHL Commish was his dream job. Now, it isn’t much of a stretch that the NHL big swinging dick franchises are fed up with The Count dancing to the tune of maybe 6 militant owners.
    Maybe these guys, like the Leafs, Rangers, Canucks, Blackhawks, Wings, etc etc have jerked the Commish’s chain,to the tune of settle this fucking thing now. Thus the surprise offer today.
    The Beezer and Mr. Fehr put together the deal that has led directly to labour peace and record salaries and profits, as seen in MLB. I still say MLB blew it by not easing the car salesman out, and gave the baseball Commish to sockless Paulie.
    If I’m an NHL owner, I deep six Gary for the Beez before the CBA ink dries. If I’m Rogers, I have a third of a vote in the NHL, I can’t block the move to the NHL. But I can extend Beez to protect the further progress to be made at 1 Bluejay way.

    • The CDN teams & a few American team like NY Rangers, Flyers, Bruins are losing money with each game lost.

      A 50-50 split is fair.

      Get 2 more franchises in Canada , to raise overall revenues to the NHL.

  13. I’m slightly confused. Let’s say the Jays were owned by a struggling, historically Canadian company with bleak future prospects and not a lot of money in the bank, if any. However, they still spend the exact same amount on the Jays, funded by baseball revenue. It sounds like most of the fan base would be happier.

    • Totally. What’s confusing about that?

    • People have gripes with Rogers because they AREN’T spending the baseball revenue on the team. It’s pretty clear they’ve been turning a handsome profit on the team the last few years. If Forbes thinks you have a positive operating revenue you’re making money hand over fist considering the lengths accountants like Beeston will go to hide that fact. MLB took away the Jays’ revenue sharing and made them ineligible for the competitive balance lottery for a reason, and it isn’t because Rogers has maxed out potential payroll relative to earnings. If the Jays are anywhere close to being in the red it’s only because Rogers underpays the Jays for one of the largest TV audiences in baseball, one bigger than that of the Yankees.

      • I agree NYJ.
        Now WHY do they do that?

      • +1. The MLB knows that Rogers doesn’t pay FMV for tv rights to the Jays.

        Who knows what other related party transactions are conducted between Rogers & the Jays.?

        Do the Jays get billed FMV rent by the real estate company

        I think Stoeten nailed this post. You can’t take Beeston seriously.

        Beeston reminds me of Joe Biden. He’s like the lovable crazy uncle who tells funny stories.

        I met him briefly last December in the PATH system at Royal Bank Plaza. He’s friendly & befuddled in person. he was on his way to a meeting at Rogers Centre.

    • You bring up a very good point. As a former Expos fan, I can tell you I understood that the Expos franchise was cash strapped when Bronfman sold the team to the Partnership with Brochu who operated the team from 1990-1998.

      There is no excuse for Rogers not investing proper resources in the team given the revenue possibilities of a competitive team.

      Let’s say the Jays were as competitive now as they were 1985-1993, don’t you think Rogers would have an avalanche of cash from data usage on cellphones, broadcast revenue, ticket sales etc….?

  14. YES< GRASS PLEASE. It is disturbing watching these guys play baseball on turf.

  15. I dont mind Rogers being cheap – up til now (if cheap is the correct word). JPA didnt like the draft and he showed it by picking up guys like Thomas BJ Ryan, to mention only a couple. Under AA they’ve had a decent run at restocking the farm and scouting. The failure of the rotation this year will probably get AA the cash he needs to bridge the team over to the arrival of his first draft picks.

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