Back by popular-ish demand, here’s your spot to talk about tonight’s playoff action, if for some pointless reason you’d rather discuss it here than in the actually-related post, which I’ve written, previewing tonight’s game, over at Getting Blanked.


8:00 PM ET:
New York Yankees (Hughes, P.) @ Detroit Tigers (Verlander, J.)
TV: TBS/Sportsnet – Tigers lead 2-0

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  1. Dare I say a the possibility of the Yankees getting swept in the ALCS has a calm soothing effect on my baseball soul.

  2. Let’s go Tigers!

  3. 100 MPH fastball, 90 mph changeup, dates Kate Upton and get’s free Little Cesars for life.

    I want your life Mr. Verlander.

  4. Does Mr. Stoeten often post the articles on Getting Spanked?

  5. I don’t know about anyone else, but clicking reload now gives me pause.

    • Is it because you feel like they’re gaming the system?

      • If it is true that each reload/refresh counts as a new hit, and when I consider how many times I have to do it to involve myself in the discussion, then yes, to a point. I don’t at all begrudge Stoeten any extra leverage that might accrue, but his argument that many comments doesn’t translate into many visits is certainly weakened.

      • The whole reload page count doesn’t make any sense to me…what does it prove? It seems so 1992. I must be missing something.

  6. Can someone punch the guy howl-yelling in the throat please?

  7. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being able to see what inning it is, amongst other things. See Smasher–simple pleasures!

  8. Cabrera done good.

  9. With the lineup changes the Yanks are a tinier bit harder to hate. On principle though I still hate them. (but without complete disdain)


  10. Nice job, Delmon!

  11. Still wish they woulda kept the fences back…It was like 440 to CF when the Detroit stadium opened

  12. Cano might have better luck at bingo….O58, O58….

  13. Please no 2004 Alcoa comeback yanks, fuck off

  14. Why do so many presumably intelligent folk feel the need to Tweet a play by play of any given baseball game?

  15. Jerry Howarth should broadcast all the playoff games – he’s the best

  16. Apparently Miguel Cabrera is responsible for Delmon Young’s homerun and Phil Hughes’ injury…is tabler on the teleprompter???

  17. How is that possible? (not that I mind, mind.)

  18. Anyone flipping back and forth between the debate?

  19. Can ‘God Bless America’ be far off?

  20. oh I thought we were talking about his brazilian again, sorry

  21. Radar, take a compassionate leave of absence and make Stoeten’s heart come all undone. Then hurry back.

  22. Mark Anderson (BP) on Dawel Lugo in the AFL

    Dawel Lugo, SS, Toronto Blue Jays
    BLUF: Plus hitter with power projection give him a strong bat-first profile.
    Setting the Stage: Lugo was signed by the Blue Jays at the outset of the 2011 international signing period. They gave him a reported $1.3 million signing bonus and he debuted in the Gulf Coast League this year with a .224/.275/.329 line as a 17-year-old.
    Scouting Report: The numbers may not support it right now but this scouting report is going to be a glowing one. Lugo’s bat stood out in both games I saw last week. He has plus bat speed, allowing him to drive the ball to all fields with authority. He showed some loft in batting practice and there were hints of that translating in the games. I can see plenty of gap power in his future and the potential to hit 18-20 home runs once he fully matures. While he swings at a lot of pitches, Lugo has tremendous feel for the barrel. He showed an ability to sting a variety of pitches and use the entire field with ease. He has easy plus offensive project

  23. jeff daniels?

  24. Why is Will McAvoy not covering the debate tonight?

  25. Who’s scheduled to pitch for the Tigers tomorrow?

  26. A hockey reference by an american broadcaster? I’m going to take it as a sign that we’ll have some puck this year.

    • The many chickens that could have been sacrificed in search of that answer thank you my friend.

  27. How’s Radar making out with “Operation Hornet’s Nest”?

  28. I heard today that the Tigers have set a playoff record for their starters with a combined era of 0.95. Looks like that number’s going even lower.

  29. So who’s Adrian? Or did Radar give the thousands sitting at GB but not commenting the confidence to convey their thoughts through the cyberweb?

  30. I kind of hope Nunez get’s a hit so ARod get’s to pinch hit and fail… again.

  31. Oh Oh, time to get serious.

  32. Leylands the balls.

    Love that guy.

  33. Radar’s on a roll kids.

  34. Radar’s doing yeoman’s work over at GB.

  35. Phil Coke’s got a mean BMF walk…that’s closer material for sure.

  36. Fuck, if the black was still there that’d be a strike!

  37. I’m barely keeping my eyes open here so please no extras

  38. Do you think Verlander is happy right now?

  39. I wonder I the Yankees will find a way to unload A-Rod this off season.

    • Talk about selling low. It’s only money I guess, but it’s such a lot of money that they’d have to eat.

  40. @ SP

    I was just kidding about peeling potatoes. I feel so ashamed.
    With the exception of Adrian, the hundreds of people at GB must be in a coma.
    He actually seemed like a decent guy, he even used foul language.

    • Adrian needs to follow you into the light. I never doubted that we were doing a schtick Big Guy, and I too have to wonder what we have wrought, given their frail sensibilities. Giggles all around.

  41. Kinda funny. Lots of Yankee fans griping over how ‘shitty’ their team is:

    Imagine how over the moon we’d be if the Jays won 90 games and then made it to the ALCS? Even if we were swept!

    Hard for a Jays fan to get in their mindset, that’s for sure.

  42. Since the Jays bandwagon is in the garage for another winter, I suppose I can be a Tigers fan. Verlander is just ridiculously filthy. I can’t recall a pitcher being this dominant in quite some time – perhaps not since Pedro.

    • I agree. They kept talking about how he didn’t have his best stuff but he looked great to me.
      And instead of Pedro, how about Halladay?

      • Verlander is more nasty than Halladay was IMO, at least in terms of pure stuff. Numbers wise Halladay is the superior pitcher when compaing their first 7 full seasons (to which Halladay was injured for much of 2004 and 2005).

  43. Red Sox fell apart this year and gutted the roster.
    Yankees are old and currently falling apart.
    No way the O’s can repeat 2012 in 2013.
    Rays will always be a dark horse.

    Jays in 2013?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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