Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

MLBTR passes along word from Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald that the Jays have picked up roster fodder, Buster Posey-killer and owner of back-to-back seasons of OPS+ numbers in the 20s, Scott Cousins. Cue thoroughly confused people bothering to give a fuck and utter dickholes taking the opportunity to sarcastically shit on the Jays for the quality of the pick-up.

Turns out, mind you, that Cousins might be awesome. Not at baseball, of course, but at quoting movie lines– at least according to himself, via a Palm Beach Post interview that Parkes dug up. “I’m really, really good at quoting movie lines,” he says.

And there’s another roster move, as an official team release tells us that the Jays have also picked up Corey Wade, the soft-tossing right-hander who has been pretty decent when he’s been able to keep the ball in the ballpark– 2.04 ERA and a 3.76 FIP with the Yankees in 2001 (9.4% HR/FB)– and pretty craptacular when not– 6.46 and 4.50 this year (16.7%). Despite the ugly numbers, he set career bests in strikeout and walk rates in 2012. Not the worst piece of depth I’ve ever seen, by any stretch.

And one more roster move via MLBTR: Juan Abreu, who exists, apparently, and was in the Jays organization, apparently, has elected minor league free agency.

The Bluefield Daily Telegraph tells us that the new general manager of the Jays-affiliated Bluefield Blue Jays is a baseball lifer– yep, he’s been in the game almost all of his 22 years.

Via Twitter, Marc Hulet of FanGraphs tells us he spoke to a “contact” on the matter of Jays prospect John Stilson, who tells him that he loves his “competitive fire, He’s got good stuff, goes right after guys. Whatever role he ends up in, he’ll do well.” his contact tells him in one Tweet.”

Speaking for himself on another member of the Jays’ system, Sean Ochinko, Hulet also tweets that the Fisher Cats catcher “does nice job framing pitches at C, 40 power potential, needs to use lower half more, better C/UTL option than Yan Gomes.”

Back to Stilson, I don’t think I passed along that Keith Law reported last week that he’d been removed from Salt River’s roster in the AFL. I also missed the follow-up on what happened, and when I asked about it on Twitter today, was informed by @Nick0rz that Law had also “said it was arm soreness, no new injury, and that he’s playing in instructs.”

At Getting Blanked, Parkes takes Jon Heyman to task for suggesting that a few awful playoff at-bats will take something in the neighbourhood of $90-million out of the pocket of free-agent-to-be, and theoretical Jays target, Nick Swisher. The Toronto Sun promoted such ridiculousness last week, as well.

Elsewhere at Getting Blanked, we’re beating memes into the ground, and it’s awesome. Here are the remaining MLB postseason managers, if they switched hair.

FanGraphs continues crowdsourcing free agent contract terms, moving on today to second basemen.

Bluebird Banter brings us part two of their interview with Ben Wagner, the voice of the Buffalo Bisons.

Lastly, presented without comment, a 100% real tweet from Richard Griffin (which at the moment I’ll have to quote, since Twitter is acting up and embedding isn’t working).

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  1. Dick is pretty hip, that tweet shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    I saw Ochinko a couple of times on Coney Island vs. the Brooklyn Cyclones when he played for Auburn. He looked like the only MLB calibre hitter to me at the time.

    • Griff’s Jamaican, of course he’s cool.

      • Don’t agree with Griffin’s baseball writing sometimes (or taste in music I guess), but he absolutely seems like a funny, cool guy.

        I always thought the way he took the DJF ribbing in stride was pretty cool of him. I’m sure a lot of writers would have been real dicks to you on that (Damien Cox).

        Maybe the podcast should have a ‘Gibbers and Cox’ segment instead?

  2. *Trollface*

    Un-fing-believable, rogers is so cheap they are hiring minor-league gms that still live at there parents house what a joke Andropolus is no ninja.

    Also, apparently Lind played outfield for the BlueJays this past season, or the Bluefield Daily Telegraph exists in some space-time internet rabbit hole that is three years behind the rest of the world. One of the two.

    • You do realize of course that the minor league GM’s have NO input on player rosters nor on the coaching staff. Those decisions are all the Toronto Blue Jays and that the Jays pay for everything associated with the players and coaches.
      The Bluefield GM will be responsible for administration, marketing and promotion only.Nothing onfield.

  3. On Baseball Today, Keith Law discussed Hunter Pence as a non-tender candidate (is he?) and that maybe he can be had for under $10M to play LF/DH. Sounds like an attractive option for Toronto, perhaps.

  4. Typo on Corey Wade’s good season.

  5. Is Nick Swisher up against a Scott Boras client this off-season?

  6. I would take Swisher or that awkward as hell son of a bitch Pence any day of the week for the Jays in left.

    • I’d take Pence in LF, but the price that Swisher will be asking for… chance.

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