Come on. Did you really think that today’s bout of Farrellmania would end with Boston Globe writer Nick Cafardo’s oddly vague tweet last night?

There’s pageviews to be had! And damn it if everybody else in Beantown isn’t going to make sure they get in on the act.

This morning we have Alex Speier of, saying that he has an “industry source” that confirms Cafardo’s initial report, that “the Red Sox and Blue Jays have begun preliminary discussions about potential compensation for Toronto manager John Farrell.”

Of course, “preliminary discussions” could mean a lot of things. It could simply be that the Jays are listening to what Boston might offer in exchange for their manager, which they entirely owe it to themselves and to the franchise to do. The Sox may– and sure as shit appear to– be too desperate to make this happen for the Jays to do anything but let their man go and extract the highest price possible for him, and how else are they going to find out if Boston has reached that point unless they feel out what kinds of compensation is going to be available?

Simple enough. Yet believing that means we have to believe the Jays even want Farrell to continue on as their manager, or that he is as open to winding up in either place as he’s publicly suggested.

Not so, shits out Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe, who tosses a bunch of new alleged information into the mix, explaining that “the Farrell situation in Toronto is bad. He has made it clear to his bosses that he wants to come to Boston. He is not getting a contract extension from Toronto. He is getting crushed by media in both Toronto and Boston as a guy who has never won anything. And now he might end up staying in Toronto as a lame-duck, one-year guy who has already cut ties with his bosses. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jays are already looking for their next manager.”

What? You mean you can search for a manager without parading around candidates in some kind of lame, patronizing dog and pony show?

Shaughnessy is right on a number of points in his piece, however, as he lambastes Sox management, who “seem to be applauding themselves because they are ahead of last year’s ridiculous schedule, when Bobby Valentine was introduced in December.”

“It’s a disservice to everybody to conduct these interviews without resolving the Farrell situation,” he says. And the thing is, it’s “really not that complicated. If Farrell is the guy, get him now. If you can’t get him, announce that he is not your guy or let the Blue Jays announce that they are holding him to his contract. THEN go back to the search of worthy candidates.”

It’s certainly odd that it’s taking so damn long. In yet another piece, Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston reports that “according to an industry source with knowledge of the team’s search, Sox majority owner John W. Henry reached out last Friday to Blue Jays CEO Paul Beeston, although no officials from either club, including Henry, would confirm that conversations have taken place. A baseball source said that Farrell, who is entering the final season of a three-year deal with the Blue Jays, has not been told by the Jays that there have been discussions with the Sox.”


In his latest for (Insider Olney), Buster Olney writes that “if the Blue Jays are actually willing to talk about trading John Farrell to Boston, it’s a clear sign they don’t view him as their manager of the future, and they should make sure they finish a deal with the Red Sox, rather than trying to haggle too much.”

Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald agrees, explaining “that we haven’t heard a peep from either team suggests the Jays at least are willing to discuss letting Farrell leave with a year left on his contract. If they were dead-set on keeping him, news would have leaked out that the Sox’ efforts are futile and Farrell is staying.”

I’m not sure I entirely buy that– could the Jays not, y’know, simply have a well-calculated view of the value of a manager, and see a tremendous opportunity to increase their own assets here, thanks to the very tricky, public spot the Sox front office have placed themselves and their brand in?

And, shit, if they don’t like what they hear from Boston, Olney suggests the Jays could turn around and just be complete and total fucking dickheads about the whole thing, as he notes “one situation that would be awful: If the Red Sox hired another candidate, such as Ausmus, and then the Blue Jays fired Farrell then, to ensure he didn’t wind up in Boston.”

Awful, Buster? Uh… I think you mean deliciously fucking hilarious.

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  1. I would love if the Sox don’t offer much, then the Jays reject, and after the Sox hire their new manager, the Jays then fire Farrell. Would be fucking hilarious!

    • It would be, but Boston would pick up Farrell as a coach in waiting, giving the Sox what they want plus inside knowledge of the Jays.

      • Farrell’s inside knowledge didn’t really do much for the Jays against Boston, did it?

        And I think you’re underestimating how complicated a scenario that would be– would they really force the guy they really wanted, as a coach, onto a manager they just hired?

        • Well, they did hire Valentine… I know I defended Boston as an org in the last post, but perhaps I give them too much credit.

          That would be awesome though. Hey Brad, you know John, he’s gonna be your pitching coach, and our spy.

        • Good points Stoeten.Excellent.
          It’s just the frenzy and hype surrounding Farrell( in Boston) seems to have reached mythical proportions.
          Agreed also, that it’s much more complicated than us fans see.

        • As an adjunct,Farrell could be added as a special assistant to the CEO or roving instructor, as a PR move.

        • Also, not sure anyone needs inside info to know how to get Rasmus out or light up Ricky Romero.

  2. “they should make sure they finish a deal with the Red Sox, rather than trying to haggle too much”

    Fuck that. Haggle for as much as you can fucking get!

    • AA was right last year when he asked for Buchholz in return for Farrell. If the Red Sox aren’t willing to pay it, fuck them. They can find another manager.

      I’d love to see the Jays pick up Martinez though. Maddon is probably one of the *few* managers in the game right now that really have an impact out on the field. Being that they’ve worked together and Maddon gives him high praise makes me hope that some of Maddon’s magic has rubbed off on him.

  3. Just get it over with!!! I can’t take it anymore!!! Leave, stay, whatever…I’m ambivalent. I just want a resolution so we can move on to the important stuff.

    • The important stuff doesn’t get started for at least a month, pretty much, so this at least gives us something to talk about.

  4. Got an exclusive clip here from an industry source of AA negotiating with Cherington:

  5. Why would the Jays come out and say this trade could never happen? Even if I loved Farrell, it the Jays were offered Pedroia, or Lester or Bucholz, they would (and should) do it in a second.
    Of course, Boston would have to be insane for something like that to happen, but crazy things have happened in baseball before, and they will happen again.
    Why close a door when you don’t have to?

  6. That would be hilarious, except I fully anticipate the Jays will take some compensation for Farrell instead. When opportunities like this come up, you can’t pass on them.

    • What the fuck is taking so long then? You think they’re waiting until the end of the World Series or something? I really don’t understand why this is taking so long if it’s actually happening. Cherington should let AA know what his best offer for Farrell is and AA should let Cherington know what the minimum he’ll accept is and you go from there. If they’re close, a deal should be easy to reach. If they’re far you tell Boston to fuck off and to stop leaking shit to the media because they aren’t getting Farrell unless they want to hire a temporary manager for 2013. But for fucks sake, do something.

      • Judging by the last few years, Boston seems to run its organization a little bit differently than most. I doubt it will take much longer for something to happen, though.

  7. Still believe that to help the Red Sox at all in any way short of getting a prime player in return would be a total fail. Why help them out of a jam and then have to start your own managerial search while having much bigger fish to fry in your pursuit of, you know, actual players who are going to make or break the team.

    As much as Boston supposedly wants Farrell I can’t see them giving up any more talent considering all the talent they traded away last year. At the end of the day if you’re team is low on talent then no matter who the manager is your team is still going to suck.

    Boston’s penchant for self inflicted wounds aside, I really just don’t see them giving up enough to the Jays to make it worth it. Obviously the Jays are going to listen because it really doesn’t cost them anything but at the end of the day I really just don’t see it happening.

    Hopefully this is all resolved quickly because it’s distracting us from talking about the really important things like Scott Cousins.

    • How much does it really help them, though? Not a whole hell of a lot.

      • On the field? Getting Farrell for the Sox probably doesn’t make that big of a difference.

        But this is the Boston baseball market. By running out there and prying Farrell from the Jays, Cherington gets a HUGE PR win. One he desperately needs coming off that abortion of a season. That may be valuable enough for the Sox to give up some talent.

        Critical thinkers in baseball are the minority. I’m sure there are tons of idiots out there who are going to put that last place season squarely on Valentine’s shoulders. IF ONLY THEY HAD FARRELL THEY WOULD HAVE WON THE WORLD SERIES@!@@)

  8. Let’s hypothetically say that the Red Sox agree to send Bard to Toronto as compensation for Farrell. Can the trade actually be announced before the end of the World Series? As far as I understand you cannot trade players until the end of the postseason. Is this situation different as it is compensation instead of a player trade?
    Anyone have any insight on this?

    • The “trade” as it were, would only happen if Farrell actually signed on with Boston. So there would be a negotiating window as well. But to answer your question, I have no clue.

  9. With all this stuff going on, I now know that Brad Ausmus might be a half-decent manager. Might be someone to chat to if, you know, we find ourselves looking for a manager sometime soon.

  10. I really do not understand all this talk that the Jays are not serious about Farrell and that he is a lame duck.

    Taking an opportunity to see what the offer is is called due diligence. It is not an indictment of Farrell by the Blue Jays.

    And honestly, since when is letting someone work out their contract such a bad thing? Most contract workers that I know usually get closer to the end of their contract before a new one is offered, or they are told no new contract is forthcoming.

    At the end of the day, the Jays really do need more time to evaluate Farrell. He has had two seasons that were not exactly good indicators of his true value as a manager. I hope they have enough of an idea to gauge his value as a trade piece, but to hand out an extension is certainly the bigger commitment.

    • Nice post. Personally I think this is much ado about nothing and you’ll see Farrell with some type of extension later this winter.

  11. Farrell, Escobar, Gose, and one of the Lansing 3 for Pedroia and Bucholz. By mucking it up into a bigger trade, it lessens the PR risk on both sides.

  12. All I want for Christmas is Boston not finding anyone willing to manage their shitshow, so they rehire Valentine for another season.

  13. Buster Olney writes that “if the Blue Jays are actually willing to talk about trading John Farrell to Boston, it’s a clear sign they don’t view him as their manager of the future, and they should make sure they finish a deal with the Red Sox, rather than trying to haggle too much.”

    You’re right Olney. Shitty teams like the Jays should just give awesome teams like the Red Sox whatever they want without haggling. What the hell are they thinking? They should be happy the Red Sox would even SPEAK with lower forms of life like the Blue Jays.

  14. So apparently, AA is going to lead off Jeff Blair’s radioshow tomorrow morning. Wonder if that’s been booked so as to ‘get ahead of’ something…or to address this situation in some way.

  15. i wonder if AA would give the red sox farrell if they took on lind’s contract.

  16. I’m really surprised Torey Lovullo didn’t get an interview in Boston. He did manage their minor league team, and he does know the AL East (if that counts for anything). He seems like he is going to get a managerial job one day, and I think would make a good fit.

    Plus, it might improve Boston’s leverage for Farrell. Telling the Jays that if we don’t get Farrell, we are going to take Lovullo might make the Jays lower for some reason….

  17. Why would they do that? I’m sure the Jays front office has more respect for Farrell and the Redsoxs then that. The only decision the Jays have is let Farell go to the Sox or keep him and possibly extend him. I mean its not like its Joe Torre or Tony La Russa here lol…. This guy just finished his sophmore year as a skipper and has proved nothing as a Manager as of yet. Let him go build a name for himself in Boston for fucks sakes and lets put a winning team out on that field.

  18. Make those fuckers pay up. They want Farrell that bad, they should get something good in return. Maybe send off escobar in the package as well to get something better. If theyre offering a couple of low A pitchers tell them to fuck off.

  19. I suggest Farrell and Romero for Lester

    My only concern with letting Farrell go is that AA will turn a managerial search into an extended exercise that goes on forever (like the last time) and he isn’t focused on FA. If they think Butter or Lovullo are ready, pull the trigger on a deal and move on.

  20. Do managers have no trade contracts? Maybe it Farrell holiding this thing up because he has no interest in being the next head on the platter for the inevitible shit show that Boston is going to be.

    • Managers have contracts. This is not actually a trade. It is extracting compensation for giving permission to Boston to speak to our manager. The compensation is negotiated first, but only delivered if Farrell were to leave to take the job in Boston. If Farrell does not want to go to Boston, all he has to do is not accept the job.

  21. I often wonder if the City of Boston gets its water from the sewage runoff of NewYork.

    Because somethings in the water there, and it ain’t healthy. These people just came off their worst season in decades and now its all about how John Farrell is going to find a cure for cancer.

    Equally sad is that this organization hired this man knowing that this might happen.

    We are the Salvation Army of baseball. We help everyone else out but we look like shit and no one wants to stay with us.

    Double A better dial up some sweet shit of season moves or the Bastard son is going to take up watching European Darts.

    • Ridiculous.

      • Ridiculous?

        Now that is insulting. Im drawing my guns on this one Andy.

        What’s so ridiculous about the Toronto Blue Jays being on the possible verge of losing their manager, not their star pitcher, not their right fielder to free agency, but their goddamned manager to an Amercian League East rival? Thats embarrassing if it happens. It certainly sends the message to the rest of the league.

        And what’s so ridiculous about us being the Sally Anne of baseball? We are, deal with it. And the only way to really deal with it is to do what Pat gillick was allowed to do back in the early 90′s, bring in big names so that other good players(and managers) wanted to play here too. Omar Viquel and Yorvit Torrealba dont cut the pie.

        Now that you are in the Sports reporting industry, why dont you stop by and say high to the Garfoose’s daddy, and ask him how hard it is to entice people north of the border. Bring in the talent and they will come.

        Oh but yes, we are bringing up youngsters and thats our future. We need performing veterans to compliment them and make the team well rounded. When you have guys throwing helmuts at Umpires, wearing eye black calling people fags, going winless in thirteen but more interested in chasing hot pagent chicks and posting on Twitter, and having players practice more with stupid celebrations more than taking curveballs in BP,……….we need change.

        Regardless of injuries this year, this team lacked chemistry and mettle.

        Don’t call me ridiculous again. Im a fuckin’ realist.

        • Are you implying that if Farrell was the manager of the Astros, Royals, Brewers or probably all but 6 teams in this league, it would not be a step up to manage the Red Sox? There are a small handful of premiere teams in the Majors, and sorry, but the Jays are not one. Who the fuck cares?

          Am I a sheep if I say ridiculous?

          • Fucking Red Sox look rediculous, they let Farrell get away in the first place. Hiring Valentine demonstrated Boston’s keen sense of Market intelligence. Yep the last place Red Sox want the guy they let go 2 years ago, the guy who guilded the BlueJays to the next worse record in the AL East. Getting rid of a coach that gave us 2 fourth place finishes and an overall sub .500 winning percentage is normal.

        • Artist, you are an absolute fucking moron.

    • +180

      • Lizn.

        -360 for being a sheep. Speak your goats mind if you want to dial up minus’s on people who have been watching this team since 1983.

  22. I wish the ghost of seasons passed would take me and show me what the 2012 seasons for the Jays and Redsox would have been like if they had traded Farrell for Bucholz

  23. I want to believe that Farrell wants to be here and will turn into the manager we all hope he is, given the right roster.

    But if he does want to go, I love the idea of firing him right after Boston names their Manager.

    And if I was the new Boston Manager, would I really let John Farrell into my dugout as a coach, knowing he’s the guy they really wanted? I know I wouldn’t…

    • I understand that Farrell hasn’t had the best teams to work with… but don’t act like we haven’t got any insight into how he’s going to manage.

      His management of the running game and bullpen both leave something to be desired. Maybe he gets better in 2013, but he didn’t show significant improvement from 2011 to 2012, that’s for sure.

  24. I’m so sick of the bullshit that media people pull sometimes. How reliable is this “industry source with knowledge of the team’s search” that isn’t an “official from either club”? So what, it’s AA’s dry cleaner? John Henry’s hair stylist? Maybe it’s Brian Cashman, who’s just stirring shit up. Why do reputable journalists repost that crap?

  25. This part of the Shaughnessy article bothered me:

    “The Farrell situation in Toronto is bad. He has made it clear to his bosses that he wants to come to Boston.”

    It must be great to be able to write articles and make claims without needing any evidence to back up the statements you make.
    Theres such a panic about all of this in Boston. Its almost comical to me to watch them stress so much.

    AA, Beeston, and Toronto Blue Jays – continue to enjoy the view from the driver’s seat.

    • what ‘evidence’ do you suppose he should provide? nobody is going to be quoted on the record at this stage.

      • I guess there wouldnt be anything really tangible. But I mean, doesn’t it diminish whatever credibility he has as a writer by making baseless claims such as that?

        • well, i’m sure he has sources that have given him information that he is comfortable with. it only diminshes his credibility if the information proves to be incorrect.

  26. I really wanted to post about how AA’s penchant for CIA level secrecy about his FUCKING BASEBALL TEAM is again fucking up a process that should be mind numbingly simple to communicate to the fanbase (like the Yu Darvish fiasco) but that’s not at all what’s happening here.

    The problem is that Boston ownership are the shittiest media managers in history. They think they run the fucking Egyptian State TV service and that these ‘leaks’ to the media bring the fanbase and the other team over to their way of thinking. I still despair that every time AA talks like Mitt Romney or couches his answers with a metric ton of ambiguity he pisses away another drop of the glacier pond of goodwill he built up by 2010 but this Boston idiocy is the other side of that ‘failed PR 101′ coin.

    Luckily I don’t feel strongly enough about John Farrell to give a shit about the result of this idiocy. Either we get good compensation and say adios, or we don’t. Wake me when Alex is explaining why the market didn’t fit our needs this year.

  27. Extend Farrell to the end of 2015 and get on with building a contender. This Farrell shit is all a bunch of white noise. If Farrell doesn’t sign the extension, extract as much as you can from the Bosox.

  28. ellsbury for rasmus and farrell

  29. The Jays really need to speak out about this Farrell to Boston saga as the rumors have gotten out of control. If JF is still the Manager when the season starts, it will be a circus all season long.

  30. Farrell and Lind for Buchholz.

  31. Farrell and Obama are in the same situation…. Neither one accomplished anything with their chance but there are plenty people that think suddenly both will become great if given a few more years

    • No, it’s just that “plenty people” think Romney/Valentine would be so many times worse.

  32. Why dont we keep making up pretend trade offers and see who is the best!

    That sounds like so much fun!!!!!

    Quick, call AA. The DJF commenters have it all figured out…

  33. Gotta believe if Farrell is going the deal is already done and just waiting for the WS to get close to ending before it is announced.

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