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According to MLBTR, the Jays now have a full 40-man roster, having picked up reliever Tyson Brummett on waivers from the Phillies. Brummett had some nice enough numbers in 2012, as a 27-year-old in Double- and Triple-A. In his 0.2 innings of Major League work, he used a fastball (90.8), slider and change, per FanGraphs, giving up two hits and striking out two.

Over on our Facebook page we’ve got a picture of Brummett, and the man looks powerfull– Kenny Powerful. HEYO!

Free-agent-to-be Shaun Marcum spoke with Jeff Sammut of the Fan 590 the other day, and Sportsnet reports that he said that the Jays are on his list of potential destinations. Not sure what else he’d say while on a Toronto radio station, but I’d totally have no problem with the return of North of Steeles.

Jeff Zimmerman of FanGraphs charts out some DL data, which shows that the Jays were behind both the Yankees and Red Sox in games lost to injury this season, and behind the Yankees when it came to pitchers. They’re also neck-and-neck with the Yankees in terms of pitcher time lost on the DL over the last three years– not exactly the kind of trend you want to be setting. The database he’s linking keeps crashing for me– I’m curious as to whose DL time counts in these calculations, precisely.

Rob Neyer of Baseball Nation calls Colby Rasmus the player who most symbolizes the 2012 Toronto Blue Jays, noting that, “to this point, Blue Jays management, led by general manager Alex Anthopoulos, simply hasn’t demonstrated any real ability to identify hitters who can play championship-quality baseball.” Ugh.

At Getting Blanked, Parkes rounds up the latest Boston media stuff in much the same way I did here earlier, noting astutely that “by entering negotiations, the Blue Jays aren’t committing to anything other than learning what Boston would be willing to give up. Baseball remains a business, even if it is a strange one. I’d suggest that if Farrell’s feelings were hurt by discussions between the two teams, he’s more than likely not all that appropriate as the manager of a Major League Baseball team going forward anyway.”

The competition is tough, but Bob Nightengale of USA Today just might be the fucking worst. And, for some insane reason, yesterday the Toronto Star published some of his “thoughts” on players who could end up as managers one day, including this beehive-sized turd on Omar Vizquel: “He was a week away from retirement, and he ridiculed the Toronto Blue Jays’ lack of leadership, and took on the coaching staff for being too lenient. We love it. He had nothing to gain by speaking his mind, and plenty to lose, but his passion for the game prevented him from keeping his mouth shut. That type of bravado can make great managers.

Elsewhere in the Star, Richard Griffin calls out Hunter Pence of the Giants, because… sure, why not?

Hello Kevin Pillar! reports that the Jays prospect went 3-for-5 (or “three out of five,” if you’re Ernie Johnson) in the AFL the other day, which means… I don’t know what. Not a lot of clubs sending off a shit-tonne of their best pitchers to get in extra work at the end of a season, so…

Joshua Menezes of Jays Journal points out that there’d be some risk to the Jays going after David Ortiz, should he enter the free agent market this winter, but does so while (rightly) noting his late-season injury, and (bizarrely) pointing to the recent performance of three 37-year-olds– Vlad Guererro, A-Rod, and Johnny Damon. I mean, yeah, Papi’s getting older, but not all players decline the same way, so you really have to look deeper to find a compelling worry– which I wouldn’t doubt exists, it’s just… it ain’t here.

Bluebird Banter looks back at the career path of Adam Lind, wondering what the fuck the Jays are going to do with him this winter– y’know, again.

More from Getting Blanked, as Bill Parker looks at free-agent-to-be Kyle Lohse, who– after a long, strange journey– turns out to be kinda really good, while Parkes explains– much like he did on today’s podcast– how A-Rod isn’t going anywhere. Meawhile, Drew awesomely derides Jack Morris’s lack of self awareness.

That’s news to Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail, who points out: “Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is an art dealer and a former Yankees season-ticket holder. He has a view of the game and contractual value that is unique among owners. Second, he has a new ballpark that was seldom filled to overflowing to see the under-achieving, 2012 version of the team. Third, at one point, Mike Hampton had the worst contract in baseball: an eight-year, $121-million contract signed with the Colorado Rockies. The Marlins brokered a deal with the Atlanta Braves that ended up spreading the damage around three teams, effectively splitting the six years and $84.5- million three ways and shuffling prospects around.”

Speaking of free agents, FanGraphs continues with their crowdsourcing project, asking readers today to give their take on the contracts the available third basemen will get this winter.

Deadspin notices that the Nationals and Orioles aren’t refunding the service charge fans paid for buying playoff tickets to games that didn’t end up happening. Dirty pool.

Time Magazine writes about the importance of logos to a sports team’s branding, and uses the Jays’ changes this year among their examples.

Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus takes us back to the day of Hal McRae’s infamously fucking awesome rant while managing the Royals in 1993, and awesomely asks… was McRae right?

Lastly, Beyond the Box Score looks at the most maddeningly inconsistent players in history, with an eye toward ex-Jay Alex Rios. Wait… what? Rios inconsistent?

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  1. In more important news, Don Cherry has weighed in on Zaun Cherry and unsurprisingly he likes what he sees and hears:

  2. for what it’s worth Shawn Marcum has the Jays on his list

    I like Marcum

    I will never forget his start a few years back against the Diamondbacks

    the hitters looked like peewee herman

    • I agree I like Marcum and would have no issue slotting him into the 3 spot AHEAD of Romero

    • marcum is brutal against the red sox rays and yankees. teams that dont swing at his changeup and sit on on his brett cecilesque fast ball.

      he’s an upgrade only because he’s better than laffey and 2012 romero.

      but he’s a marginal upgrade at best

      • Ugh. Seriously?

        • .885 opponent OPS vs yankees, (6.61 era)
          .815 vs orioles (4.33 era)
          .738 vs red sox (4.56 era)
          .616 vs rays (3.33 era)

          too lazy to look up FIP for him vs the teams but they fit in line with this. Which makes sense, the more you see a pitcher like marcum who relies on a change up, the easier it gets to recognize the pitch.

          • You don’t think that, maybe, it’s that those were generally good teams during Marcum’s time here?

          • he seemed to do fine outside of the division, against good offenses he saw less frequently

          • werent really any comparable offenses outside the division at that time (no one within 10 points of wOBA or 5 points of wRC of the yankees and red sox). and marcum was similarly shaky against the rangers, tigers, indians (the next best offenses in the AL). we’re just basically proving that pitchers do worse against better offensive teams.

            what i would be concerned about with him is his longevity. he seems to make visits to the DL every year with arm related issues, and his armsy pitching motion doesnt give me confidence in that regard. no more than 3 years in a perfect world.

    • Marcum is a NL pitcher.

      I think in FA the Jays will most likely be looking at EJax, Anibal and McCarthy. Dempster would be interesting, but he got a little exposed with the Rangers. Kuroda would be great, but I see him wanting to go to a more solid contender, winning a championship, and retiring with the Carp. I can’t see them spending all the dollars on Greinke…

      Trades could be fascinating. I bet with the right package (Hech) they could land Wade Miley. The same package may be able to land them someone like Straily as well.

      • trade for choo, masterson, ubaldo and cabrera from the indians.

        sign ortiz.


        Lawrie (3B)
        Choo (LF)
        Joey Bats -RF
        Cabrera (2B)
        Rasmus (CF)
        Arencibia (C)
        Escobar (ss)


        Ubaldo, Alvarez, who ever else duke it out for the last spot, losers go in the bullpen.

        • Please stop.

          • okay captain mediocre.

            lets keep making lateral moves and wait for the next season.

          • “okay captain mediocre.

            lets keep making lateral moves and wait for the next season.”

            For fucking serious? It’s being mediocre to not suggest fucking laughable trade scenarios?

          • This list of trade targets is like saying that all I have to do is win the lottery and have a nine-some tonight with 8 hot octuplets.

        • So they’re going to make that trade happen without losing anybody off their current roster?
          keep dreaming…

        • dc says:
          10.18.12 @ 3:39 PM EDT

          okay captain mediocre.

          lets keep making lateral moves and wait for the next season.


          dc says:
          10.18.12 @ 3:13 PM EDT

          trade for [...] ubaldo [...] from the indians.


          You talk about not wanting the Jays to make lateral moves, yet you want to make a deal that involves Ubaldo? Are you this fucking stupid?

          • simmer down choir boy.

            its a buy low opportunity, worse case you put him in the bullpen, he’s a salary dump by the indians to make the trade happen.

            and his last 2 years FIP is still better than 60% of our rotations last 2 years FIP.

            so fuck right off

          • velocity loss. dunno if it is reasonable to expect him to regain that speed or effectiveness. but i actually agree, he might be a good “buy-low” guy.

            i doubt the Cleveland racist logos are going to pick up his option, anyway – so he’s likely going to be a free agent. and i think there are better FA options out there. i wouldn’t be pissed if they sign him to a one year deal (a la edwin jackson) depending on the terms, of course.

            that said, i wouldn’t bank on him to be in the rotation in may, either.

    • Thanks. Added to the post, with the suggestion that he probably wouldn’t have declined interest in the Jays, publicly, on a Toronto radio station, but… whatever, right?

      • Can you please make a PSA about calling guys #2 pitchers or #4 or whatever? It’s actually more meaningless than pitcher wins.

        Let’s talk about innings. In his 5 full seasons he has around 175 innings on average. If we could get him and Edwin Jackson, and Ortiz, I think we are a playoff team with a bit of health and luck.

      • insights like that are why you write a blog and I read them!

        I do think Marcum was sincere though – sounds like he is still in the appreciation stage of being a big leaguer

    • Finding an ace somehow would be amazing, but I think the Jays probably at minimum need a solid #2ish type guy, and a back end #4ish type guy.

      If the Jays can maybe snag a Jackson/Sanchez/Peavy/Haren type as a #2, and pair that with Marcum as their #4 I think that’s a pretty solid rotation.

    • I like Marcum if they bring in 3 pieces for the rotation. I.e. make a trade for a front end guy, sign someone else and sign Marcum. That gives you the likes of Alvarez and Happ as your insurance.

  3. “to this point, Blue Jays management, led by general manager Alex Anthopoulos, simply hasn’t demonstrated any real ability to identify hitters who can play championship-quality baseball.”

    Bautista? EE?

    • Colby will hit just as soon as they stop insisting he pull the ball all the time. I pray this to my god every night.

      • there’s just as much evidence to suggest that rasmus is going to hit about as well as corey patterson with the odd HR streak thrown in, and + defense. IF CR was hurt the last half of the season, then i hope we see a healthy rasmus that looks like 2010 rasmus and may/june rasmus this year…but i just look at the babips from those periods and think: ‘i’m not holding my breath’. thankfully, there’s a similar player coming up behind him that means they don’t have to overpay him in arbitration and hold on to him because the cupboards are bare when he nears free agency.

      • this is funny, cause i distinctly remember cards fans lamenting the fact that colby didnt pull the ball enough in st louis.

      • Maybe Mottola can work with Colby on his approach. I’m not a big fan of Murphy. I wouldn’t be too sad to see him go away.

    • Bautista and EE immediately come to mind for me too. That’s pretty lazy and motive-driven to say the Jays are bad at identifying good hitters.

      • They’re both Ricciardi pickups.

        • yes but AA traded him and re picked him up.

          • Actually Encarnacion was picked up off waivers by Oakland, and Toronto signed him as a non-tendered free agent shortly thereafter.

            In it’s strictest sense, he can be viewed as an Anthopoulos pickup. However, he never played one game in the Athletics’ system as he was picked up, and signed, in an off-season, so it’s pretty correct to claim he’s a Ricciardi pickup.

        • AA signed both though – to good contracts it looks like.

          • Not to mention that there was zero evidence of them turning into stars in the JP era.

          • i don’t want to be negative, but bautista’s wrist injury concerns me. i’m not ready to pencil him in as the guy we’ve come to love the last 3 years until i see that wrist hold up to the rigors of a season again.

    • Lawrie (probably)? Morrow? Romero and Escobar looked pretty damn good up to 2012.

      • The comment was about hitting, and yes, they did, but I think Neyer’s not wrong here. Though there’s no reason to think that won’t change, either.

        • The Jays were leading the AL in runs before the litany of injuries hit.

          I’m sorry, but this kind of critical observation would have been far more “astute” had it been made at the end of July.

  4. you have to love all the media shitting their turds down toronto’s throats. if these assholes on the local 9 actually do have even 1/2 the “swagger” or whatever stupid adjective you use to describe the sort of person that would have called you a “fag” in high school, then perhaps, just PERHAPS (and provided that the classic film MAJOR LEAGUE has not steered me wrong) they can use this as fuel to cram those very shitty words back down all these “journalists” and “potential hall-of-fame’r, Omar Vizquel’s” throats with wins and so forth.

  5. Sportsnet has quotes from a radio interview with Shawn Marcum where he says the blue jays are “on his list” whatever that means…note that it was a Toronto radio station he was on

  6. Neyer must have never seen Cooper’s sweet ass swing. Of course, Coop is a JPR pick, right?

  7. every time i read about adam lind and how many fucking chances he’s gotten at the mlb level, i get re upset about the handling of snider.

    • You need to get over it. Snider is now handling the end of the bench in Pittsburgh.

    • You’re going to be even more upset after he gets another year before they finally decline those options.

      Although I have to say, he’s shown flashes of brilliance — the first half of 2011, the last part of 2012…

      If he can stay healthy and come into spring training in shape for once… Shrug.

      • I think his role will be diminished atleast. I cant see them running him out there everyday hes only had one year where he hit lefties.

  8. Parkes’ points on ARod weren’t that illuminating – in other news Mitt Romney is NOT going to nuke China – but I was really struck by something he said in the comments. He kept insisting that, because of park and league adjusted stats, AJ Burnett profiles as the third best starter for the 2012 Yankees. Does everyone feel that way? As far as I’m concerned, I’ve seen AJ Burnett and if your stat says he’d be the third best starter on the Yankees then its the stat that is wrong.

    Anyway, that was the craziest thing I saw in the past five minutes.

    • yankees stadium is tough on pitchers. especially against lefties and burnette was never great against lefties to begin with

  9. that BP piece on the hal mcrae rant was awesome… thanks.

  10. Wells to Yankees, A rod and money to angels.

    Figgins to yankees, A rod and alot of money to Seattle.

  11. Regarding the number of Jays on the DL versus the Yankees and Sox, I’m not sure the number of days lost is the best method to measure. All the Jays (pitchers and hitters) got injured at exactly the same time. When that many people are injured at exactly the same time, the replacements are not “replacement level” at all. They were way further down the depth chart. Because we are not dealing with replacement level players anymore, we can’t use WAR to just add things up to scale linearly and pretend that the number of players injured at any given time does not matter.

    For example, if two starters get injured at different times, you only need a 6th starter. Two get injured at the same time, now you need a 7th. And so on.

    • At first I was like “wtf is this guy talking about?” Then I read your last sentence and you are brilliant. Good point.

      • It’s even worse than meets the eye. During the year, Stoeten made a list showing how far the Jays were down the depth chart. It was absurd. And the injuries are interconnected.

        The starters get injured at once. So, they had to move their bullpen arms into the rotation, hurting their bullpen depth even more than the additional bullpen injuries. Then to replenish their bullpen, they traded away some replacement level outfielders for bullpen arms. Then the offensive guys got injured, and their hitting depth was shot too. They were all connected. Everyone getting injured at the same time is absolutely horrible and is most definitely worse than spreading it out over the year.

  12. Oh it’s gonna be a looong off-season…

    Still, I will look on the bright side. The Angels are trying to find ways of getting rid of Wells. If AA does nothing else, I will think of him somewhat fondly for getting rid of that albatross.

    • Maybe we’ll pick him back up for LF.

      • this sounds terrible even to me, but: wells has hit lefties really well over his career. Lind/Wells platoon at DH might not be the worst thing ever (provided the angels basically eat the rest of the salary).

        *meant to post this as reply

  13. this sounds terrible even to me, but: wells has hit lefties really well over his career. Lind/Wells platoon at DH might not be the worst thing ever (provided the angels basically eat the rest of the salary).

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