Back by popular-ish demand, here’s your spot to talk about tonight’s playoff action, if for some pointless reason you’d rather discuss it here than in the actually-related post, which I’ve written, previewing tonight’s game, over at Getting Blanked.


4:00 PM ET:
New York Yankees (Sabathia, C.) @ Detroit Tigers (Scherzer, M.)
TV: TBS/Sportsnet – Tigers lead 3-0

8:00 PM ET:
San Francisco Giants (Lincecum, T.) @ St. Louis Cardinals (Wainwright, A.)
TV: FOX/Sportsnet One – Cardinals lead 2-1


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  1. What about Delmon Young as a power bat? He’s 27, bit of a loose cannon and a free swinger but Detroit may not be needing him next year.

  2. I’m really enjoying this Yankee humiliation. Couldn’t happen to a better team.

  3. Suck it Yankees!

  4. Congratulations to the Tigers.
    Not since the days of Marvin Gaye have I wished I was a son of Detroit. (For a night, let me be clear!)
    Good on ya Skanks. This abysmal loss was total team effort. See some of you next year.

  5. There’ll be dancing in the streets tonight in Motown

  6. Holy shit, Mike Ilitch looks like one of the zombies from The walking dead

  7. Woo hoo Timmy L is pitching tonight (and that’s not sarcasm)

  8. Sad panda.

  9. I feel a little let down now that I don’t have the Yankees to hurl vile obscenities at.

    • I kind of feel the same way. I’m not a huge Cards fan but I don’t find them and their fans to be offensive. But it sure was grand to see the Skanks get a shit kicking.

      • That never gets stale. I would live to see them regress for a few years like in the late 80s. Life would be fine.

      • I don’t know that I have ever heard MLB announcers openly run down a player the way they have A-Rod. the last couple weeks.

    • I know exactly what you mean, Tom. When you finally get rid of a rock in your sock, you feel good, relieved, but now we don’t have the Skanks around to focus our distain upon it’s a sad sad state of affairs. It’s like not being able to find the North Star.

  10. If Cashman is able to trade ARod to the Marlins does that make him a bigger ninja than AA or Loria a bigger fool than Reagins?

  11. Farrel, Escobar and Deck Mcguire for Pedroia.
    Found that in my fortune cookie tonight.
    I’ll probably be hungry in an hour.

  12. Laser Show isone of Pedroia’s nicknames, Velvet glove would be my sad effort at nick for Hechavarria.

  13. Well…this is looking very similar to the AL game earlier. My interest is waning.

  14. Take hearts out of the equation, who do you surly sores think would win a series between the Cards and Tigers?

  15. I like the Tigers.

    I decided to cheer myself up and went and read the NY Post sports section. That’s better.

  16. Man next April is going to be do or die time

  17. Happy Panda!

  18. Commenter Bret posted a link from Davidi about the coaching staff following Farrell.
    This is starting to get stupid.

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