For Shit sakes, can’t a man just watch Lionheart and get drunk without some supposedly significant news breaking?

Um… evidently not, because Sean McAdam of CSN New England tweets what we’ve been longing to fucking hear: it’s finally official, John Farrell will manage the Boston Red Sox.

Alex Speier of tweets that compensation won’t be announced for a couple days– thank fuck.

Earlier, MLBTR passed along Denver Post reporter Troy Renck’s tweet that Sandy Alomar Jr. is now the favourite to manage the Jays. Alomar was reportedly the runner-up to Farrell when the Jays searched for a manager two years ago– and can’t you just see them raping the corpse of ’92-’93 to help soften the blow by putting Robbie on the staff? Not that he may not be qualified, but… y’know… holy fucking cynical.

But hey, everyone loves Robbie– and that would certainly soften this PR blow. Or the PR blow that will come when the fans who know two players on the Red Sox find out we’re not getting either one of them.

Or maybe it won’t happen. We don’t know yet– or maybe I just don’t know, because I’ve spent the last 20 minutes typing this out on my phone, and all kinds of shit might be different by now.

I’ll update you if that’s the case, but until then, thank fuck it’s over. Let’s get drunk.

UPDATE: Jon Morosi tweets that the player the Jays will receive was a Major Leaguer in 2012, and is an infielder. Not Middlebrooks.

Hey, cryptic games for two days– just what we need!

Or, y’know, it’s fucking Ciriaco.

UPDATE THE SECOND: Or maybe it isn’t. Rob Bradford of tweets that Mike Aviles is coming our way. Hey, so do we have a second baseman, maybe? Sure, why not?

UPDATE THE THIRD: Obviously Aviles helps the Jays nicely in freeing them up to trade a shortstop, if so inclined. And seeing as that kind I stuff is by far the most important aspect to the off-season, it’s hat I complain.

Better still? Bob Elliott tweets that we shouldn’t be surprised to see Adam Lind also go the other way. Sure, fine.

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  1. Hey, should we check in with Jose and see if playing with the Marlins is his dream job? We might owe it to him. Maybe we could trade him for Guillen.

    • LOL!

      Agreed. The Jays have a new precedent. Anyone that doesn’t like it here can ask for a trade & AA will happily accomodate their requests.

      As long they get back Aviles, the second worst OBP player in the major leagues according to Wilner. What a f…g joke…!!!

    • nice one, Jim Briggs

  2. I think farrell was fed up with rogers penny pinching ways and decided the red sux were his dream job. Cant blame him. We all know which ownership is willing to invest more $ into the team. Just wish the jays could have gotten a little more from them.

  3. At least Alex can get a manager do over and still has recent search information. He will be on his third manager but hasn’t had to fire one yet.
    This sure makes for a more intriguing offseason than just seeing what arms he can roundup.

    • I wonder if he will be afraid to pick a manager from a successful team??

      Maybe he will be gun shy about picking someone from Boston, NY Atlanta, Philly etc

      It looks like sandy alomar is the favourite from cleveland, so no worries about him going back to a playoff team.

      • I’m wondering if Dave Martinez (bench coach of the Rays under Maddon) can be had…

        He’s been tutored by one of the best managers in MLB, and he would be a good presence for the Latino segment of the team.


    Let’s not throw Alex under the bus if ownership mostly made this transaction.

  5. I’ve put up with a lot over the years but this is absolutely, 100% for sure the final straw.

    I’m outta here and I will not return again. Ever!

    Furthermore, I will be burning all Jays hats, shirts, etc…and I encourage you to do the same.
    I just can’t bear it anymore…I’ve been fooled too many times and I will not allow it to happen again.

    I’m OUT!

    • See ya soon, Bud.

      • LOL SP. He’ll be back (in terminator voice)

        • I’ve got a history with several of his alter egos. I just wish he would resurrect ‘grumpy.’ That guy was good for shits and giggles.

          • I’m actually the original. I gave up after the first couple of months when grumpy started imitating.

            Now I’m really officially gone, though!

    • It’s all over says: 10.25.15@8:06PM EDT

      This team can never win the World Series like this giving up one run in the first inning.

      I’m outta here and I will not return again. Ever!

      I’m OUT!

    • Wow look at that we just lost a soldier. Well done Toronto Blue Jays, I bet he is not going to be the only one.

      A few things I have learned. Farrell wanted out last year, and AA tried to ship h but asked for too much. Alex, why the fuck did you hire the man in the first place? 1 year!? You screwed up, owe up to it like a man. Then you might save some fans.

      And for the people raving about The Value Whore. He’s cut payroll, picked up 3 potentially good players. This doesn’t make him god. Bautista came out of 1970s wood panelling woodwork like an ephihany. Encar nacion was the kid no one want so we took him as filler.

      My point, we are lucky to have the two best hitters in the American League. AA is lucky. Our draft picks haven’t really panned out yet, all before the organization has lost trust in them.

      So, for the people that think this is no biggy, you are lying to yourself. We look pathetic as an organization. Its gotta change. Time running down and my hangover is setting in.

      • Yes, we are lucky to have two of the best hitters in the AL but, more importantly, we have them locked up at VERY team friendly terms. That gives AA a lot more leeway to add to the talent pool.

        Hang in there dude, the wins will start to accrue and top tier players will want to be on a winner as long as we pony up the bucks.

        • @GSMC we are lucky but we shouldn’t waste Edwin & Bautista in their prime.

          We saw what happened when Bautista was not performing in April & after July 16

      • Hair of the dog, Gruber. Tried and true.
        For long term relief, call The Smasher. I believe (and hope) he can be of assistance.

      • I don’t see this as an AA screwup. This is the usual American baseball guy that wants to go home. Frankly, its tiresome. Toronto deserves a lot better thanoit gets from American athletes and managers. They are happy to load up their bank accounts with our money, but they rum home to mummy like a bunch of school girls that whine ‘we can’t win’. So fuck off John, don’t even bother coming back when your sorry ass Red Sox come to town. As for the rest of you American ingrates that only talk glowingly of the Jays when its FA time, and have no interest in coming here, a really big FUCK YOU!

      • @ Kelly.

        Very well said. Farrell wanting to leave after 1 year was possible but his “best friend” Francona was smeared & fired.

        Spreading gossip about his marital status & drug addiction is crap.

        It will be fun to see what they do to Farrell in Boston.
        His son’s radiation treatment were organized by the Red Sox according to Griffin.

        Smart move by the red sox to keep in touch with Farrell.

        His son is OK now so Farrell did not leave for medical issues.

    • And I’ll get on my knees and pray
      We don’t get fooled again
      Don’t get fooled again
      No, no!

      Meet the new boss
      Same as the old boss

    • lmao

  6. @confused.

    “OH gee I don’t know, maybe the players? Bautista, EE, Rasmus, Lawrie, Morrow, a bunch of wicked rookies, Christ if you arent on board with this team I don’t know what it is you possibly want to see. A good young team being build patiently and with an eye to sustainability”

    Sure there are a few players worth watching. The team won’t lose 100 games in 2013. But there is a difference between an 80 win team & a 93 win team which should get you into the playoffs.

    Jays fans are conditioned to believe in the wait till next year, we can compete if everything goes right etc…. For once, it would be nice to see a playoff contender on paper on April 1.

    • For once, it would be nice to see a playoff contender on paper on April 1.

      Isn’t that the truth. No need to wait to see if the team is still in it at the trade deadline. Alex is going to have to bite the bullet- you either stick your neck out and demand more cash or you have to trade more prospect capital. Things are going to get a lot more uncomfortable if the Jays can’t get what they need this offseason.

      • Cut AA some slack Ed. Let’s not judge the offseason before it begins, hmm?

        • Definitely agree. I am still largely skeptical about Rogers current CEO being able to pry open Ted’s wallet from his cold dead hands, but it will just take a couple of decent signings to make me a believer.

          • Who actually is above average on the team though? Morrow, Bautista, Encarnarcion. That’s about it.

            Everyone else is average at best. Some may have potential to be better, but haven’t shown it with any consistency. In order to be a playoff team we need a lot more above average talent, not above average potential.

      • @ED


        Hopefully AA learned that you can’t wait till July 15 to decide whether you want to add players before the trade deadline.

        The new wildcard means more teams are in the playoff hunt. Virtually everyone this year. so teams are reluctant to throw in towel & trade.

        IMHO you need tons of depth in case injuries occur.Solid bench. No more 45 year old mascots from venezuala.

        Be ready on April 1 st 2013 or bust.

        • “Be ready on April 1 st 2013 or bust.”

          Or what…you’ll stop renewing your season tickets?

          Quit drinking the KoolAid Oakville. Toronto will never win while AA keeps getting bullied.

      • that was Boston in 2012 … playoff team on paper on April 1 … means shit; baseball is UNPREDICTABLE …

  7. Now is the winter of our discontent.

    I’ll put in a wheelchair ramp this spring and welcome back all you “fans” that are breaking your ankles jumping off the bandwagon.


    Please join us over at Getting Spanked for shits and giggles and not having to refresh 650 comments constantly.


  9. SP see comment above not at getting spanked but podcast thread from Friday.

  10. News just in:

    Robbie Alomar ia spitting mad at this breakdown, unless he is hired as a coach.

    Shea Hillenbrand says that this ship is listing.

    Tedd Lilly is so disturbed at it all that he wants to have words with Farrell below the dugout.

    Davis Wells says that he wouldnt go near this team as far as he could throw a ball from the pitching mound.

    Carlos Tosca says that he was approached to manage, but he had covert duties in Iraq.

    And the Smasher might be a good guy, bu he is drinking too much of that blue coolaid mixed by Alex himself!

    • Bastard Son,

      Was Farrell’s departure the straw that broke your back? Certainly you would have come to grips that this was a lost season months ago, so why is John’s sudden departure grounds for divorce? Anthopolous had his 4 year plan, he’s accumulated one of the best harems of prospects in all of baseball and signed some premiere sluggers to lengthy team friendly contracts. If there is any truth to what AA has said numerous times this summer then we are due for a significant payroll upgrade and an overhaul of the pitching staff. The offseason has not even begun, let’s see what he does before you excommunicate him.

      I am truely shocked at all the negativity, our youth is the envy of all of baseball. Alex did that, he’s set this team up to be competitive for years.

      • Funny but step away from the Kool aid.

        AA’s kids haven’t proven anything yet. If anything,AA admits you can’t put all your eggs in the kiddie corps.

        Ricky Romero could end up in Buffalo next year if he pitches like he did this year.

      • Tim Johnson is the fake military man, duh.

  11. 666 Farrell illuminati yo

  12. Newsline October 1, 2013…..Boston…..Red Sox finish 62 W 100L….John Farrell fired as Manager. Fans lament that Bobby Valentine was ever letgo….Circus to contimue for a undeterminede period of time….that is all

  13. So now that Farrell is done and gone lets look ahead to what the roster currently looks like. Interesting comments from AA regarding not counting on young guys and wanting to have depth.

    Position Players – Starters (7 out of 9): JPA, EE, Lawrie, Escobar, Rasmus, Jose, Lind
    Position Players – Bench (3 out of 4): Mathis, Davis, Aviles

    Total Cost for 2013 for 10 position players: $41.95 million
    Holes to Fill: 2nd Base, Left Field, 4th Bench Player

    Starting Pitchers (3 of 5): Romero, Morrow, Alvarez
    Relief Pitchers (5 of 7): Janssen, Santos, Delabar, Lincoln, Loup

    Total Cost for 2013 for 8 pitchers: $24.4 million
    Holes to Fill: 2 starters, 2 Relievers

    Total Cost for 2013 for 18 players: $66.35 million
    Additional Costs*: $4.25 million
    Grand Total for 18 players: $70.55 million

    *McGowan, Hechavarria

    I didn’t include Happ or Jenkins in the rotation or relief at this point as a lot will depend on what happens with someone like Oliver and free agent acquisitions. I suppose you could remove Alvarez as well and deduct the $0.5 million I allotted for the other pre-arb players like JPA, Lawrie, Loup, Delabar, and Lincoln. I gave the arb players like Rasmus and Aviles 10% raises over last year’s salary.

    So basically the Jays are at $70-71 million with 7 roster spots to fill as things stand now.

    I would love to see payroll at $115-$120 million this coming year. That would be an increase of roughly $40 million over what they spent last year if you took the top end of that wish and give them roughly $50 million to spend on free agents this winter.

    Throwing around numbers for the sake of it, October Rosterbation got to love it after all, getting 2 starters of Haren or Peavy’s caliber would run approximately $25-30 million. Bring back Lyon and Oliver and you’re looking at roughly another $10 million. If Oliver is out, you could slot Happ there and save a million.

    That would fill the rotation and and the pen leaving you with holes to fill at 2nd, Left and the final Bench spot for roughly $10-$15 million.

    You could save money by playing either Hechavarria who is already accounted for in the total amount at 2nd or play Aviles there and have Hech be the Utility guy. That would leave a decent amount for a good Left Fielder, someone like Melky perhaps? lol The final bench would go to a right handed platoon mate for Lind if I had my way. Someone like Sierra who had an .815 OPS vs Lefties – yes I know SSS, might be a cheap option and give you the 5th Outfielder the club wanted to have at the start of 2012.

    The $120 million US is probably a stretch for this ownership group but it would have put them 7th in payroll in 2012.

    Just to give you an idea, it’s really not a record amount, at least historically. In 2001, the first year of Rogers ownership, or at least majority ownership, the Jays spent $76.8 million which ranked 10th that year. In today’s CDN dollars that’s $147.61 million, 1.24 for inflation and 1.55 for the exchange rate in case you’re wondering. In 2008, the last year the Jays sniffed the upper half of league payroll (13th) they spent $97.8 million or $103.52 million in today’s CDN dollars, 1.05 for inflation and 1.07 for the exchange rate.

    Considering the dollar is roughly trading at par right now you can also use the $120 million U.S. as the CDN dollar figure as well for comparison.

    Obviously revenues in terms of CDN dollars have increased dramatically from 2001. You could argue that they have increased nicely from 2008 when you factor in exploding value in TV revenue and gains in the CDN dollar vs the U.S. dollar. Add in the inflation of ticket prices, concessions and the additional revenue per team from the new CBA with a lot more on the way and I don’t really think it would be a huge stretch. Of course the bean counters will likely say otherwise. For the record attendance was 1.9 million in 2001 and 2.4 million in 2008.

    • Filling in the blanks:

      2B: Aviles
      LF: Gose/Davis platoon
      4th bench player: Gomes

      SP: Romero, Morrow, Alvarez, Jenkins, Happ
      Bullpen: Janssen, Delabar, Lincoln, Loup, Cecil, Dyson, Beck/Carreno

      A formidable Opening Day roster!

    • Great post, Night_Manimal.

      I think that if the Jays can acquire two decent starting pitchers, they can go into 2013 with a reasonable shot, even if they don’t make big budget additions at 2B, LF and DH.

      I think they’ve got to throw some cash at EJackson/Anibal Sanchez/Haren/Peavy and hope that one of them bites. Realistically, I think acquiring one of those guys would be a success.

      Then I think you put a package of prospects together and shoot for a second guy.

      Adding someone like Ortiz or Choo would be great, but I think this offseason comes down to whether AA can add two arms to the rotation.

  14. Hey I only got here a few minutes ago what’s goin on??

  15. I am more than a little disappointed at Wilner’s article. There is nothing in it that isn’t in this thread of comments. He said it was hard to get a read on Farrell- WTF, Wilner, you covered him for two years as manager. You get access that fans could only dream of and you can’t get a read on him?

  16. Jeff Blair reports that all the stuff that came out in the Boston media about rifts between Farrell and AA came from…Farrell. Nice.

    Should be interesting next time the Sux come to the RC. I think I’ll head on down to that game. Blair thinks this is a good thing for the team but a PR disaster.

    • I think that’s pretty much the consensus opinion at this point. Still I think it’s one that can be rectified far more easily than the one they’ll create if they don’t spend or make at least a couple of high impact trades.

      By doing something similar to what Ricciardi did entering 2006 – boosting payroll by 56%, I think it could really energize the fan base again to a point higher than where we were at the start of 2012 and the managerial issue will largely be forgotten about soon enough.

      Obviously more payroll isn’t a guarantee for winning, but it certainly should help. For me the extra payroll allows the depth to build and for the lower tier, but higher ceiling prospects to catch up. The really nice thing is that if the Jays went out and got 2 starters at a minimum and a jizz worthy 3rd, then by August of 2013, with Hutchison and Drabek most likely back from injuries, you could have a surplus of Alvarez, Hutchison, Drabek, Jenkins and possibly Happ in AAA. One or possibly all three of Lansing 3, I guess we should start calling them the Dunedin 3 now, could be at AA by the end of 2013. That’s probably a bit ambitious, but not by much as they would likely start 2014 in AA anyway if all went according to plan.

      That kind of pitching depth would likely be pretty hard to match by other teams and would certainly afford the Jays a lot of expensive chips to play with come the trade deadline.

      • It’s been a weird 12 months. A big swell of totally surprisingly optimism and enthusiasm from fans (and the city). Followed by a disappointing offseason without a major acquisition, a 2012 season from pure hell, and now this.

        I think the Jays are in a position where they sort of have to open the vault this off season.

        Well, they don’t HAVE to, but if they want to make people forget about ‘tu eres maricon’ and Farrell, then they probably should.

        • I just think from a economic stand point it would be in their interest to do so. All they need to do is go and watch the 20th Anniversary special of the Jays WS win in 92 to see what the crowds were like. It doesn’t take a genius to see this city is dying for a winner of any kind again.

    • Really? Where does Blair say that?


        There’s that article but I didn’t read that it was coming from Farrell. I suppose it could be read that way or it could also be directed at the Sox front office. From what AA had said today it wouldn’t surprise if Farrell hadn’t had contact with the Sox front office before all of this was decided.

        • I did read it that way, but it was late and I was tired. However looking at it this morning it sounds like it comes from the Boston organization. However no one has challenged the fact that Farrell clashed with AA or that Farrell wouldn’t rid of Vizquel. So he told Boston and Boston leaked it to the media. Ultimately this comes down to Farrell. He was with that organization for four years. Everyone knows it leaks like a sieve so you don’t tell them anything you don’t want the world to know. At the very least it means that Farrell was chatting with his old pals in a situation where he shouldn’t have been.

          • Please excuse typos…

            Should have read ‘Farrell wanted rid of Vizquel’ predictive text strikes again!

    • Isabella, do you have a link for that?

    • “Should be interesting next time the Sux come to the RC. I think I’ll head on down to that game. Blair thinks this is a good thing for the team but a PR disaster.”

      ‘Fuck You, Far-rell!’

  17. Can’t believe you have gotten this many comments off of a post that said so little….Shame Shame…

    I expect a little more Stoeten…

  18. I can’t believe how many times I read “Fire Farrell” during the game threats. Now we’ve gotten rid of him plus aquired the redsox everyday shortstop from 2012 and everyones bitching and complaining.

    I’m Happy

  19. so the lesson i learn from this, if i’m another team: when AA won’t play fair, you just go above him and deal with beeston (who obviously has no idea that aviles is a shit player).

    as bad as i feel for aa sometimes, he’s still doing the job of a corporate stooge. so, fuck him and the shitty fucks he works for.

  20. If AA had made the exact same transactions over the last 3 years…but simply spread it out a little better instead of doing the bulk of the work in the first 2 years…the Blue Jays would have…

    -3 massive drafts that has transformed the farm from bottom 5 to top 5
    -Flipped Wells for Francisco/draft pick
    -League/Chavez for Morrow
    -Marcum for Lawrie
    -Extended Bautista for WELL below market value
    -Extended EE for what could be well below market value
    -Spare parts for Escobar
    -Spare parts for Rasmus

    He’s actually done a shitload in 3 years WITHOUT a payroll boost to, you know, TRY and contend. And with all of this some mouthbreathers actually think he shouldn’t have a few chances to, you know, TRY and contend with a PROPER payroll.

    Fuck off.

    • Jays2010 – I agree with you. I think fans will be impressed with AA’s aggressiveness this offseason. They’ll put the same amount of effort into FAs and trades as they have been doing with prospects and player development. They have a lot of pieces already and I think they’ll add solid starters at least, a DH, and LF as well to the mix. There may be a surprise in there too, especially with who they’re willing to trade off the MLB roster. It should be fun. As for JF, it’s not a loss. He wanted to go home. And, AA and Paul had trouble getting money from Rogers. I think Paul demanded that change this year or he was walking. I think Rogers gave Paul and therefore AA, a bump in payroll and more control overall of the teams finances. As for a replacement for JF, I think the Jays have already decided for some time to hire Sandy Alomar Jr. He’s as good a candidate to be successful out there, has Robbie in the organization and can connect with the Latino presence on the Jays. I like Dave Martinez but he might end up being homesick for TB and Maddon and end up being another JF. Alomar will get the job.

  21. Other good AA moves:

    -Molina for Santos
    -Wallace for Gose (everybody hated this trade when it happened)
    -Thames for Delabar

    As for bad moves:

    -Snider for Lincoln (unless Lincoln recaptures his brief success again)

  22. The Does anyone know John Farrell? article was on October 9th:

    This much we know: Nothing leaks like a lousy Boston Red Sox team, starting from ownership on down. So if folks like Peter Gammons are writing or saying there were issues between Farrell and Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopolous, and that the same issues are enough to have Farrell looking ot manage the Red Sox, they’re getting it from some place. They aren’t supposing it or making it up, and since the nudges and winks wouldn’t be coming from Anthopolous, three guesses as to where they might be coming from. Three guesses to the agenda.

    This article seems to be pointing to Boston as the source- not Farrellball, unless you ridiculously ignore the first sentence of the paragraph- then it would point at Farrellball.

  23. Oh, I see all the hindsight tools coming out with their “we thought Farrell sucked anyways” posts. I understand the emotion behind this folks but in all reality the only thing that matters right now is how AA/Beeston/Rogers respond to their shitty handling of this club lately. The let down meter is half full so lets see what happens this Winter.

  24. For the love of God can we please stop hiring people from boston.

    Aside from that has anyone noticedd that we keep taking bench players off of other teams and they become our starters?

    corey patters, rajai davis, rasmus, and now aviles is our 2b? God help us.

    • Yeah I’m getting a little concerned about the pattern of reclamation projects as well. AA will be a fuckstick by this time next year if he doesn’t pull off some quality shit this winter for sure.

      • I have to say that I did like someone’s suggestion that with the manager change, it is a chance to bring up Motorola to be 1st/3rd/bench coach + second hitting coach. Unless Sandy Alomar or Wallach are amazing, I think it could be time to bring Fasano up or at least promote him to bench coach. Otherwise he might get picked off to be someone else’s big league coach soon. I know Wakamatsu is already covering the catching coach position, but who knows now that the gates of hell have opened on the coaching staff.

        The biggest acquisition perhaps should be stealing the White Sox training staff that keeps their players on the field. Even before this year, many here have been questioning them. AA seriously needs to think about bringing in someone from the healthier teams to oversee things and make sure the training system/program is doing things right.

        • The entire coaching staff is likely to be fired. I have a hard time believing that a new manager will be forced to take on these coaches after this disaster of a season.

          And I think murphy’s 10 minutes of fame with bautista are over.

          • Dumb as fuck.

          • It’s seems a little odd that the only bright spot is the Jays offence but Murphy takes the biggest flak. No one is going to blame Walker for Coco, but Walton and Farrell should have taken heat for having such lousy pitching results the last two years. 11th in ERA in 2012 and 11th in ERA in 2011. That’s not good enough for a manager that is a former pitching coach. He doesn’t have to fix every pitcher, but he has to have some success too.

        • Yeah but AA was considering that at some point before this all happened: bring up “Motorola” (love that!) and having 2 hitting coaches.

    • So unbelievably dumb.

  25. If there are no free agent signings this winter I won’t blame AA, I will blame Rogers. The market is what it is and it isn’t AA’s fault if quality pitching is outside of his budget–what the hell is he supposed to do? He has made about as good of trades as anyone could ask and if the money isn’t there it just isn’t there.

  26. It’s fucking funny listening to csnne when the guy called farrell “majestic” and reminds him of john wayne. holy shit.

    an undisciplined manager going to an undisclipned clubhouse. that is going to be hilarious.

  27. This whole thing has been one big disgusting display of how the sox work. With Boston putting on its usual clandestine media leak campaign to undermine the jays and lower the asking price to Farrell himself most likely being involved in slinking his way back to his dream job. The whole thing makes me wanna puke all over my jays jersey!!! Then to top it all off AA the book worm that he is can’t even muster up the spine to dump on Boston and tell the world how pissed off he is that the sox committed what by all accounts is tampering by courting personnel under contract to another team! They way that organization is run leaves much to be desired and I for one would like to see the commissioners office step in and investigate the whole seemly ordeal. The out and out lies that were planted in the ears of the Boston media by the Red Sox ownership is a travesty and a slap in the face to Omar visquel and others who were used to further the repatriation of Farrell !

  28. I guess the song should be rewritten “Dear Alex”

    Dear Alex, Dear Alex…by the time you read these lines I’ll be gone….

  29. Despite the lower run scoring environment, Cito outperformed Farrell on the pitching side. That is DAMNING evidence ;)

    • Actually Cito was an outfielder, not a pitcher.
      … wait… no… are you suggesting that the Manager of a team can be measured by how their pitching staffs did in a particular season… and that two different managers can be compared by comparing their two DIFFERENT pitching staffs?
      Is that what you’re suggesting?

  30. From Bob Elliott this morning:

    “For fans who knock him for leaving, ask what yourself this: What would you do? Manage next year as a lame duck on the final year of a contract?

    Or, take a three-year deal in a city where you have lived and still have a house?”

    Farrell NEVER sold his house in Boston. At the original press conference, someone asked if he would move to Toronto full time. He said he lived in Cleveland in the offseason. I suppose it’s OK to own several houses where you used to work, but maybe he thought he would have a second chance at working in Boston, so why bother selling if you think you will be back in Boston .????

  31. Oh well, hopefully the Boston media can live without harassing the Jays anymore.

  32. The amazing thing for me is that Farrell somehow found a way to manage a team that was worse then Toronto this year.

  33. Interesting exchange between Jeff Blair & Jeff Sammut on the radio just now. Sammut asked Blair about Shaun Marcum possibly returning to Toronto…here’s the basic jist of what Blair said in response:

    “There are extenuating circumstances in the dugout that would prevent it. I think the Blue Jays feel there were some clubhouse issues w/ Shaun…Let’s put it this way, Shaun Marcum won’t be on the Blue Jays as long as Alex Anthopolous is GM. ”

    I remember hearing a couple of years ago about some weird clubhouse stuff with Shaun…maybe it was actually around that one time that Shaun was briefly sent to the minors(??). Anyways – doesn’t sound like North Of Steeles will be returning.

    • I wouldn’t trust that they have a clue about any clubhouse issues

    • With AA’s knack for secrecy I really have strong doubts that a lot of the rumours that the reporters are passing on have any accuracy. Either that or AA sure lies a lot when he comes out and denies reports like Farrell wanting Vizquel gone. Just look at the life that one took on. Even Bob Elliot’s rumour about Lind being included in the deal as the player going back to Boston was picked up by The Fan within minutes and was then announced on the radio multiple times after that as fact. I saw Elliot’s tweet and then was listening as it all went down Saturday night. It’s amazing how little verification gets done these days. Twitter is pretty awesome at times but in regards to things like this it certainly allows reporters to pass on a lot of stuff that would never see the light of day in printed form.

      I think it’s starting already with Heyman’s assertions about the Jays wanting to trade Escobar. If you listen to what AA said yesterday about just how valuable middle infielders are right now you’ve really got to doubt that one even after all of Escobar’s troubles. On top of that you’ve got AA saying he’s learned to not count on the young guys. Now I’m not saying Escobar couldn’t be the centerpiece of a pretty big trade, but I do think he’s got WAY more value than what most are giving him.

      As soon as free agency starts Jays fans are going to be subjected to an even bigger shit storm of rumours, bs and probably outright lies than last winter.

      • Excellent point on the accuracy angle NM. At some point or other people were accepting as fact Lind was gone and I posted something to the effect of..”Has anyone confirmed this yet?” …turns out no one did…740 comments later.
        But this raises another question; Short of actually having to go to the people involved, who do we trust for information? Elliot was just saying “dont be surprised”. Somehow legitimate sports news people f*cked that up royally.

        • You nailed it when you asked “who do we trust?”. That’s the sad thing nowadays, it’s very hard to trust anything you hear until it’s completely out in the open. All you have to do is look at the cable “news” shows. Objectivity is long dead for the most part.

          With Twitter and these national beat reporters like Heyman, it seems it’s just a race to put out whatever tidbits they hear without any thoughts to fact check them just in case that if it turns out to be true they can claim to have written about it first. They do far too little in telling people that their rumours are largely unsubstantiated and should be taken with a large grain of salt.

          Watch during the winter meetings, they’ll all be scrambling to claim first dibs on the stories and god forbid another reporter mentions it without referencing who ever tweeted it first. I saw plenty of cases like that this past winter.

          • Sadly, as someone in that industry, I can attest to the fact there’s far more importance placed on being first than being right. It’s all about getting the hits.

  34. I can’t wait until we get to focus on player transactions again. Aviles as the everyday 2B works as long as lineup holes at 1B and LF are addressed adequately. At minimum, he’ll be able to give Hech another half to a full season at AAA Buffalo. If Hech is our 2B, Aviles can be a utility man with far more utility than Vizquel this past year. I think it’s a stretch to say this move gives us freedom to trade Escobar, though if KJ is retained, I could be convinced.

    As far as the managerial search, I’m a bit concerned about the time this will take away from AA fixing the roster, but given all the contributing factors, it seems best JF is gone.

  35. Why the uproar?

    Is there a study that I missed that said managers actually contribute to wins in a meaningful way? I thought the generally accepted idea was that the best managers were worth 1 or so wins a season compared to the worst.

    I can understand the casual fan being upset because we got poached (from their point of view), but I’m assuming the posters here are hardcore enough to have baseball knowledge past the 1990′s.

    So….who the fuck cares if Farrell is gone. IMHO, the guy was shit anyways. Uncomfortable offense = retardball.

    Better yet, we got a guy who can play and add value to the team. Farrell was adding zero value (and probably taking some away).

    Oakville69, you are better than this, no? I don’t really read your posts so maybe you aren’t

  36. They just need to hire somebody quickly and get some pitching and Ortiz (or comparable, and we are good to go)

  37. Just off the wire: Red Green will be introduced as TO’s new manager. Harold will be his bench coach and Stinky Peterson will be the pitching coach. Old Man Sedwick will be part of Red’s coaching staff as well. Stinky was chosen because of his unique ability to teach his “swamp cutter” out pitch, and is expected to take Alvarez under his wing. Alvarez is reportedly not pleased he has to stand that close to Stinky and has filed a grievance with the Union. Red sold AA on his ability to lead the team by highlighting what he would do differently than JF. Specifically, the team needs another uniform change…to plaid. Practically, with Stinky handling the pitching and Old Man Sedwick advising on tactics pre 1912, Red though the team needed to cut down on steals. He told AA that if the SS and 2nd baseman wore some of Stinky’s famous body wash (swamp funk), teams would think twice (likely many more times than that) to steal second. And Red though that one of the young guns needed to tone it down to avoid injury. So, Harold will spend time (too much time) with Lawrie, to make him a kinder, gentler ballplayer we all know he can be. Rogers okay’d Reds hiring based on all the money the plaid uniforms, Canadian content and Red threatened to but a skunk in Rogers head office. :-)

  38. Nick Cafardo suggesting that Don Wakamatsu might be a candidate for the manager’s job,

    Oh hell no.

  39. Hahah, there seems to be a shit ton of fun trolling on this thread. However, the more I think about John Farrell going to Boston the better I feel about it. Get this shit done and get moving on this off season.

  40. Jerry Howarth had a good levelheaded perspective on the Jeff Blair show this morning. While most in the media can only speculate and spread rumors with the occasional fact, Jerry is on the inside talkin with everyone all season long. Good listen.

  41. Were the Foo Fighters singing about Farrell without evening knowing it? lol

  42. While the rest of the world is busy churning out stories, I am busy sleeping off my hangover. Stoets wins as always

  43. Have any of the players commented yet? If I were a Jay I would be pissed as hell about that ‘dream job’ stuff. Who knows, maybe this will the the spark to drag the team out of the culture of complacency that I have railed about for years.

    • Could be a good thing. Other than the distraction this whole Farrell thing is rather insignificant. I think this club is due for a new coaching perspective and a fire under their asses wouln’t hurt too.

    • “Culture of complacency that I have railed about for years.”

      Yes, because a less complacent culture would have fixed everything.

      • @Jays2010.

        A less complacent ball club would be a good start. That accountability shit? Wasn’t just this year’s version of the club. But you may not be old enough to remember Rios dozing in the outfield or Delgado dozing at 3rd base or strolling down to 1st on a ground ball. Shit needed to hit the fan here. It just did. Now we’ll see if it has a good effect.

        • Has this complacency affliction only struck the post-World Series Blue Jays, or is it widespread throughout baseball?

          It misses the point as far as I am concerned.

  44. I don’t know about this Farrell business but I’m positive that 800 comments completely rapes the processing power of my browser. New thread please

    • Try it on a 15 year old computer.
      I’m gonna post this, grab a sandwich, go for a nap.
      Figure it come up sometime on Tuesday.
      Probably have smoke coming out the back of it and need to throw a bucket of water on it.
      Already had to install 4 heat sinks and a A/C unit.
      Chug Chug Chug, c’mon baby, refresh dammit.

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