Back by popular-ish demand, here’s your spot to talk about tonight’s playoff action, if for some pointless reason you’d rather discuss it here than in the actually-related post, which I’ve written, previewing tonight’s game, over at Getting Blanked.


8:00 PM ET:
St. Louis Cardinals (Lohse, K.) @ San Francisco Giants (Cain, M.)
TV: FOX/Sportsnet One – Series tied 3-3.

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  1. Betting Glanked: Go to this article to hate on the Cardinals

    …most of article
    I’d apologize for being crude or unseemly about this but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that winners never apologize. I hope your team loses in a heart wrenching manner. More importantly, I hope I’m nearby enough to gloat about it. As one of the BEST FANS IN BASEBALL, I can do no less. After all, my team is better than your team.

    Disclaimer for the gullible: This is intended as tongue-firmly-in-cheek.
    Disclaimer on the disclaimer: Only losers would believe the first disclaimer.

    1st Comment
    Man, are stupid people going to have a field day with this article Of all sad words of tongue or pen; the saddest are these: ‘It might have been!’ — Whittier
    by mysterui on Oct 19, 2012 4:48 PM EDT reply actions 13 recs

  2. That article and the comments are so awesome, I might have to rethink my preference of seeing Detroit cleansed in by fire from a World Series victory.

  3. Molina looked out.

  4. It somehow seems that things aren’t going as planned. I hate when that happens, although it must be said that I’m certainly used to it.

    • I thought you wanted Frisco to win, or are you referring to something else.

      I have money on the Cards, it’s probably no longer my money.

      • No way, Jose. Cards, then Detroit.
        I’m not a betting man. I’ve never in my life even bought a lottery ticket. How many people do you know that can say that?

      • I’m going a game at AT&T next summer, I think those bleacher seats may be fun

        • Define ‘fun’ Karen. (I’ll be taking notes.)

          • You don’t think it would be fun sitting in the outfield in that park?

          • Is that an invitation?

          • Maybe. Going to see our guys play Oakland, taste some reds in Napa, and check out big sur. I’d invite RADAR but I think he’s lost in Niagara. I never should have left him there on his own.

            • If you have the time, try to get to Yosemite. It’s about a 3.5 hour drive, but worth a 2 to 3 day visit:

          • Don’t you worry your pretty little head over Radar. The smart money (note to Smasher!) has it that he discovered the magic fingers in the king-sized bed and just lost all track of time. The mini fridge charges are going to hurt, mind.

          • Sorry I’m late, helping a lady at the home here.
            Road testing her new artificial hip.
            Her new hip works fine but my back is killing me.
            What happens as a lady gets older and where was this when I was 19?

          • Radar starring in:

            Womb Raider

          • We can feel your presence when you lurk, you know. We sort of summon you out of the ether.
            By the way, what was the #1 song back in the day when you were 19?

            Wouldn’t it be a drag to be like them
            They’re gonna sell out everything
            But I won’t get fooled again
            Cause I’m gonna be…19 forever

            You better believe it–you know my dreams still alive
            You can love it or leave it
            But I’m never gonna be 35.

          • #1 song at 19?
            It was either One o’clock jump ( Count Basie version) or was it Afternoon Delight ( Starland Vocal band)?
            Either one would be apropos.

          • So I can assume that you’re at the top of your game just after lunch?

          • That’s the ” window of opportunity” for us here.
            Officially “nap time” and the nurses leave for their poker game in the kitchen area.
            We can make all the noise we want.

          • For some reason I’m getting ideas of breaking you out and going on a boating adventure, but the drooling premonition is hard to ignore. Better to be safe than sorry, I always say.

  5. I just realized that I’m blocked from Wilner and Damien Cox on twitter.

    I didn’t realize i ever even interacted with either of them.

    Maybe they follow DJF and preemptively blocked me.

    No one can know.

  6. Here is an interview with Sandy Alomar by wildman Bruce Drennan

  7. and, here is how Alomar has progressed as a coach and “spokesperson” for the organization 2 years later

  8. That’s my boy! Too rich for AA’s blood now, I’m afraid.

  9. Rangers looking for catching, inquiring about JPA and TDA – David Murphy and some pitching in return??

  10. The next Darvish? I hope Anthopolous is a little more up front this time if he chooses to pursue.

  11. You never know how many Spanish Mets fans there are until you follow Carlos Delgado on Twitter.

  12. Remember when they said a thrown ball couldn’t curve?
    Without that new high speed camera, can you imagine trying to convince someone (anyone?) that the bat hit the ball three times?

  13. Most anti-climatic game 7 ever?

  14. Is Detroit already fueling the jet to St. Louis?

  15. Ooops, San Fran!

  16. Did the Cards lose their bats on the way to the coast?

  17. Let the shit talking about A-Rod begin in NY. Cashman is now saying A-Rod is no longer a superstar and merely an above average player. Sounds to me like he’s fueling up the jet to Miami.

    • I wonder how much salary the Skanks will have to eat. Loria may want Rodriguez but I doubt he wants that big ass salary.

    • Why would a GM shit on a player he’s about to tr…nevermind, I’m not even gonna try to understand the A-Rod situation.

      • I think he’s trying to make it more palatable to the NY fans. If they think he’s dumping a depreciating asset, it’s not as bad as dumping a “superstar”.

        As always, I’m just guessing like the rest of us.

  18. The only two things in life that make it worth livin’
    Is guitars that tune good and firm feelin’ women
    I don’t need my name in the marquee lights
    I got my song and I got you with me tonight
    Maybe it’s time we got back to the basics of love

  19. I don’t wish to create a 1000 comment string. But this game looks just about over ( but you never know).
    I’m curious.
    In 25 words or take 30 if you need, whats y’alls take on the Farrell thing. Jays had no choice? It’s a good thing? It’s a bad thing? or Meh?
    No rants, please.(That means you too, Oakville)

    • Glad it’s over. Got someone of mile use for a manager who didn’t want to be there. Overall, works for me.

      With 4 words left…

    • Short term pain, long term gain?
      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out?

    • Reminds me of media constantly asking celebs “what do you think of Toronto?”. Inferiority rears its ugly head, over a dime a dozen manager.

      • Don’t know if that was a dig at me or your assessment of the overall situation.Wasn’t really looking for positive reinforcement for my id,ego or superego but more of concensus of people whose opinion I respect.
        I enjoy discussing baseball and the views from various perspectives,that’s all, no hidden agenda.
        Now excuse me, while I curl up in the fetal position and ponder why everyone hates me.

        • @RADAR, if you were addressing me, my response was in relation to how upset so many people are that Farrell prefers to be in Boston, as evidenced by the number of posts on the topic. Nothing to do with your comments. Get over yourself :-)

          • I can’t, I’m insecure and just want to be loved.
            Guess you missed my LOL.
            My mistake, I’m over myself now and trying to move on, although I do miss myself.I’ll miss the conversations I’ve had with myself the most.
            I think I’m doing it again.No you’re not,Yes I am.
            All’s good.LMFAO.

    • Why would you want someone who doesn’t want to be here? He wasn’t a great manager. I’m glad we actually got something for him. Ausmus!

  20. “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”
    ~~~~~~~Winston Churchill~~~~~~~~~~

    Let us please move forward, smartly.

  21. I was fully committed to the Jays. I NEVER ran home at the end of every night to check the box scores to see how the Red Sox did that night. I NEVER placed a bet with my bookie against the Jays when they played (my beloved) Red Sox. There is no way my managerial style won’t be successful in Boston. There is no way I’ll be out of a job in two years. I really liked that Coco Cordero and hope the Red Sox pick him up this offseason. There is no way – absolutley NO WAY – that Cito was a better manger than me. No Way! I’m just glad at the end of the day that I’m a 50 year old man finally getting to live my dream. It makes me feel 14 again.

  22. Checking in on Anthony Alford’s football season for Southern Mississippi. A new low this weekend I think (and this is after earlier injuries, booed off field at home, winless season, etc).

    This past weekend Alford’s mother was arrested for getting into it with opposition fans during another SMU loss (and this is not her first Dina Lohan moment). and AA the Younger injured his foot.

  23. Before the Marshall game, there was this hopeful article about AA the Younger’s freshman football season

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