So much has been written about John Farrell over the last few days, and so much needed to be done here on my end, that it was inevitable that some of it would slip through the cracks. Or… y’know… that a lot of it would slip through the cracks. And rather than just flush it all out of my RSS reader, never to be seen or heard from again, I figured I’d go through a bunch of stuff we’ve seen written since this story first broke late on Saturday night, and link it all up here, even though I know full well that most of you are probably as sick of it all as I am. But there are a number of good pieces to read about the whole affair, and we’re in the dead zone of an off-night before the World Series starts tomorrow, so why not have a look and see if there’s anything here that might be worth a read, or a re-read. There sure is lots of it…

Cathal Kelly of the Toronto Star thinks the Jays need a “leader who will lead” (or so says the headline), and suggests that Alex Anthopoulos got “as close as the GM will get to taking a parting shot” when he told reporters that “after you’ve lived in the [first house] for a while, you say I’d like ‘x’ and ‘x’ and ‘x’ from the next one.”

In his first reaction piece for the Star, Kelly calls the deal lopsided in the Jays’ favour, as they got something for nothing.

In a blog post at the Star, Richard Griffin points out the conflicting chronologies given by John Farrell– who says he told the Jays he wanted to move to Boston last year– and Alex Anthopoulos, who said the subject wasn’t broached until last week.

In his first reaction, Griffin goes deep to explain why he thinks the Jays ultimately let Farrell go, in a must-read piece for the Star.

For me, the clear sign that there was something to this Farrell speculation came on Aug. 25 when the Dodgers and Red Sox reached an agreement on a blockbuster trade,” writes Gregor Chisholm on his North of the Border blog. After relaying the details to the Jays’ manager, “Farrell thought about it for a few seconds and then began running down the list of players I just mentioned were in the deal. Within a minute, Farrell had the total amount the Red Sox would be shedding in the trade. I remember being somewhat taken aback by this because — despite public opinions to the contrary — this is not the type of information most managers would know off the top of their head.”

According to the Star’s roundup of today’s presser, John Farrell explained to reporters: “I truly believe in an up-tempo, aggressive style of play.” Good fucking luck with that, Masshole dickfucks.

Trying to one-up his colleage Simmons on the ridiculous hysteria front, Steve Buffery of the Sun laments that “AA couldn’t have squeezed a little more out of the cocky Beantowners.”

Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail reports that Alex Anthopoulos is unconcerned about John Farrell bringing Jays secrets with him over to Boston. Well, what else was he going to say? But also, it’s not like Farrell’s great knowledge helped the Jays a whole lot when he came over here: they were 19-17 against the Sox during Farrell’s two years.

Elsewhere at the Globe, MacLeod says the Jays are back at square one, as he wonders how acquiring Mike Aviles works as the starting point for an off-season in which the club has claimed it wants to find ways to increase it’s ability to get on base.

MacLeod’s Globe collegue Jeff Blair bids farewell to Farrell, summing up the situation thusly: “Enough running in place. Enough with the one step forward, one step back. Anthopoulos and Beeston need a big leap forward in 2013. They must make this right.” Agreed. But how? And can they?

At Getting Blanked, Parkes explains that sometimes a manager is just a manager.

And when the story first broke, Drew was there to catch it, suggesting that “the stink of this will take a long time to rinse clean. The tourist columnists and generalist trolls will have a field day and the talk radio callers might actually fill the Rogers Centre with the foam from their mouths.”

The Tao of Stieb offers his thoughts on the mess, and ultimately is upset with Alex Anthopoulos, who obviously made the wrong hire.

Wilner laments the poor optics of the Farrell transaction, despite the fact that he likes the outcome, ultimately.

Bruce Arthur wrote about it.

Shi Davidi likens the transaction to a divorce, or something, in his piece about it for Sportsnet.

Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun wins the stupidity derby on this one. He was, of course, the favourite. Damien Cox DNF.

Simmons’ Sun colleague Bob Elliott wonders how best to spin this.

Elsewhere still at the Sun, Ken Fidlin gives us the nuts and bolts of the story.

John Lott of the National Post writes about the “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity given to John Farrell.

Tom Dakers of Bluebird Banter wonders why the Jays don’t use media as an instrument of evil the way the Red Sox do.

Elsewhere at Bluebird Banter we have some snippets from the conference call with Alex Anthopoulos after the trade was first consummated.

And when the story broke, Dakers wrote out some quick thoughts that I seem to recall not really agreeing with.

Mark Zwolinski of the Star recaps the John Farrell era.

At CBS Sports, Jon Heyman wonders whether Farrell is any good, but commends the Red Sox for at least getting the guy they wanted.

From WEEI, Ben Cherington insists that there wasn’t any tampering on his end in this whole messy matter.

Here’s the first of two audio clips from a WEEI roundtable on Sunday where they broke down the transaction from a Red Sox point of view.

And here’s the second.

The Boston Globe’s Extra Bases blog has a bunch of Farrell fluffing from various members of the Boston media and the Red Sox themselves.

Lastly, via MLBTR, some more Boston links:

Peter Abraham of the Globe says that Mike Aviles is not an insignificant piece, and points to not just his on-field abilities (which are, y’know, limited), but his presence in the clubhouse and his professionalism.

Abraham also looks at where the Sox go from here, in terms of their off-season.

Scott Miller of CBS Sports wonders if the Red Sox got the right guy for the job.

Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston writes that Ben Cherington’s punchable face is on the line. Well, he says it’s his “neck,” actually, but… potato potato.


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  1. “The stink of this will take a long time to rinse clean. The tourist columnists and generalist trolls will have a field day and the talk radio callers might actually fill the Rogers Centre with the foam from their mouths.”


    • “Tourist columnists”

      Bruce Arthur’s ears are burning….

      • Just want to remind you that Bruce Arthur broke the story about Darvish not coming to TO just before the announcement. No other Toronto sports journo got that and it had to have come from the Jays’ front office. So he’s not that much of a tourist…

        • Arthur was certainly way in the right on the Darvish thing– I remember because we spoke about it at the time, when I countered what he was hearing with my theorizing– and full credit to him for that, but to “break the story” in my mind connotes something different.

          Just nitpicking.

          • True and I shouldn’t have used those words. He pointed out that it was unlikely that the Jays would be all in on Darvish and that article came out just before the news broke. The day before if I remember right. But I’m certain that he got it from the front office who were beginning to realize the pr disaster looming. Every other sports journalist in town was like ‘Darvish!! Fuck, yeah!!’.

        • wrong … arthur never said darvish wasn’t coming, instead he wrote some convoluted article saying dont be surprised if darvish didnt come … he was purely throwing shit against the wall to see if it stuck

  2. Had my money on the basketball guy (Doug Something?) in the stupidity derby. Simmons, Cox in the trifecta.

  3. Cathal Kelly’s reaction piece really is the best thing written over at that liberal douche-pit in a long time. Perfectly spot on.

    • Liberal douche pit? What are you, some conservative, zero-brained jackass? And how did you get on this site, anyway? Tell your mom’s tennis pro boyfriend to stop typing the big words for you and go suck on Harper’s marrow, asshole. Or better yet, move to the US and vote for Mittens. At least there you’ll be surrounded by people who believe in angels and demons and hate anything to do with, you know, education and critical thinking.

  4. Fuck John Farrell

  5. “Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe hears from both sides that Ortiz isn’t close to a deal, though talks are amicable”


  6. i now hate the red sox more than any other rival

    itd be nice if we get a solid replacement, kick ass next year and when the sox come to town we could chant “THANK YOU FARRELL” over and over again till he gets a little tear in the corner of his eye

    you know, like the bruins fans do with kessel

  7. I though this exchange from Griffin’s chat was interesting:

    Commenter: “Question I’d love for you to ask Farrell: “When did someone from the Red Sox organization first contact you about the position?”"

    Griffin: “The Jays were in Boston in September. At 3 pm before bp Farrell was out on the field in uniform but without the jersey. He stood with Peter Gammons for 15 minutes then moved over to talk to Nick Cafardo for 10 minutes. Then a grounds crew guy for five minutes. That went on with different people for three days. No Sox management types but undoubtedly the message was delivered. technically no contact.”

    • Ugh. So you’re saying I might have to write more about this?

      • Of course there will be, gradually over time, more little things will creep out. Anthopoulos beginning to draw heat on himself and Org for the Farrell stuff isn’t helped by Anthopoulos lying and trying to control all the information as he had up until today. He should of got ahead of Farrell’s press conference and laid it all out there as he’s made an obvious issue larger by calling into question his honesty and judgement.

      • I think its interesting that this stuff is all coming out now, not when the rumours initially started coming out (this, Chisholm’s bit, for example).

        I’m sure hindsight is 20/20, but I’m sure it’s a bit of reporter crony-ism too.

        • Exactly! The toronto media blows so hard over nothing, and then always drops the ball when they do have something good in hand.

    • Fuck you, Gammons, fuck you Cafardo, and fuck you Groundskeeper Willie!

  8. Moving on, I’d like to see a manager that acknowledges that this club is and has been for as long as I can remember a slugging club. The Jays generally beat you with the 3-run homer. They win via the bases-clearing triple. They have an affinity for extra-base hits in general and the long ball in particular. It’s not that I never want them to bunt or try to steal a base or two. It’s just that I don’t think the players we have here are or have ever been suited to small ball. Farrell seemed to think he could change that overnight and we see the results. ‘Aggressive’ in the language of this club is Jose cranking one right out of the stadium. It’s not giving an inexperienced hot dog like Lawrie the green light to run. Whoever we get next, let it not be some clown who thinks the way to win is to make the pitcher feel uncomfortable when you get on base. That’s a nice thing to do occasionally but it’s not going to get you all that far at the RC. The way to win, up here, is to hit the shit out of whatever crosses the plate and watch it leave the ballpark.

  9. What do you make of Wilner’s interview of Adam Lind yesterday? He left me with the impression that he wouldnt be thrilled with Butterfield or Wakamatsu as potential managerial candidates.

    • I haven’t listened, because I couldn’t give a shit what Lind thinks, frankly.

      • Some of the transcribed bits that have been posted at Bluebird Banter, are pretty juicy(comments regarding Farrell).

  10. Farrells move should be a troubleing one for MLB overall, as the integrety of this business transaction has to be questioned. It makes Toronto appear like a farm team, grooming a manager for the ‘big time’. Did the Red Sox and Farrell have this worked out in advance? Could the BJ’s possibly been willing participants in the unpleasant event? Are the 2 teams conspiring for some other evil purpose? Are the BJ’s victims of a sinister plot by the Sox and Farrell to gian market intellegence of our farm system?

  11. Test test test

  12. can we talk about how AA shipped like 8 prospects to houston for ja happ? cause clearly, david carpenter wasn’t the potential late inning reliever we were told.

    really feels like we’ve seen a lot of lateral, 1 step forward, 1 step back moves from AA in the last year.

    • I remember hearing that about Carpenter too, but who said it. Was it actually from the Jays or just a reporter?

  13. Can we just sign some fucking pitching and WIN for fuck sakes!?! Winning is the only thing that will make everything go away.

    the voices….THE VOICES!!!!

  14. The next thing I would love to hear out of AA’s mouth the next time he speaks with Rogers is

  15. From Peter Abraham’s piece in the boston Globe:

    “There seems to be a good chance that as many as three of his Toronto coaches — Brian Butterfield, Torey Lovullo, and Luis Rivera — could follow him to Boston. Lovullo is likely to be the bench coach.”

    • Fire them all.

    • By the sounds of it, losing Butterfield and Rivera would be the big blows. It looks like we could be getting a whole new set of coaches soon enough.

      • If they don’t wanna be here and are Farrell loyalists, then Fuck’em all.
        Yer either with us or agin us.

        • I don’t know how anyone could disagree with you here RADAR…

          They must go if there is any hint of loyalty.

          I understand how great we hear Butterfield is, but if he yearns for the ‘epicenter of the game’, then get the fuck out too.

          We need people who want to be here. They exist, so make it fucking happen AA.

          • im afraid that scorched earth approach might leave us with matt stairs and rob butler comprising our entire coaching staff

            ah fuck it, lets do it

            lets give all our current coaches lie detector tests

          • The first question out of AA’s mouth should be
            “Is this your mother fuckin dream job?”

            If gets anything other than the applicant gobbling his knob, tell him to get the fuck outta his office.


            “Is this your mother fuckin dream job?”

            Fuck this media savy,PR friendly,smiley face.
            Get me somebody who can run and control a ball team.

          • ‘The first question out of AA’s mouth should be
            “Is this your mother fuckin dream job?”’

            The effectiveness of this process will be maximized ONLY IF Samuel L. Jackson is hired as the interviewer.

          • While I agree with the sentiment, there’s a good chance that such a process would lead to Matt Stairs as our head coach.

  16. Lind:
    There hasn’t been too much anti-American senticism.

    Just making words up.

    Typical day- LOL Play in the pool and play with the daughter. Tomorrow will probably be the same.
    Wilner: But you’ll be back at it in November, right?
    Lind: Maybe after American Thanksgiving I’ll think about it. I don’t want to put more weight.

    Can we just release him now.

    Stroman has been Tweeting about how he’s been getting after in the gym. Never look back at negativity etc etc.

    Stupid failed drug test but give me the guy that is the relentless worker anytime.

    • I find it kind of interesting that most of the Jays have seemingly gone underground with regards to Twitter.

      Probably for the best.

      • Strongly suggested by the Jays front office perhaps?

        • I wonder.

          I think in Farrell’s presser he mentioned that his advice for players would be to stay off social media. Wonder if that’s from experience.

          • JPA was far from silent last night.

            With Republican rants.

          • I think players have no business being so accessible to every idiot with a keyboard. The extra noise put in their heads from social media is lunacy. I would ban it if I was AA.

        • Hopefully the Jays FO said ‘FU’ to Rogers and the ridiculous promotion of the players via their Twitter handles.

  17. Hey everyone! I just named myaelf president and ceo of the John Farrell Get Fucked Society.

    Apply here to receive all the perks of membership. All you need to do is to boo Farrell everytime you see him until he gets fired by the sox in less than 3 years.

    • Remember kids…whenever Farrell actually infests the Dome with his presence, the chant should go something like:

      “Fuck You, Far-rell!” clap, clap, clap-clap-clap.

  18. Hey Stoeten!

    Thanks for the Farrell links round up.

    Just wondering if you were going to have an apology round up as well.

    y’know towards all members of the boston media that you slagged during this ordeal.

    you and Wilner could write it together.

  19. Well now this winter is primed up to be interesting. I am glad this JF stuff is over for now, and the real news can begin..

  20. why do i have to get this Lovullo news from boston ?? Why am i not hearing about this from toronto ?? fucking losers……..

    • The reporters in this town couldn’t brak a story if they had a days head start. Pathetic really. They are remember though for the stupid questions they ask

  21. This is entirely apropos of nothing, but I’ve been interested lately in the (lack of) discussion revolving around the Argos and Rogers Centre.

    The Argos are currently in the last year of their lease at RC, and I have not heard/read a peep about an extension. There was lots of talk around this last winter when Beeston made the ‘investigating grass in Rogers Centre’ comment, but it pretty much went away at that point.

    Now, Toronto is hosting the Grey Cup this season, so perhaps they’re entirely invested in that, but I do wonder if there’s something more to it.

    Hey, its better than crying in our beers over a manager, right?

  22. Just in case you thought Farrell wasn’t paying attention these last few months in TO, let me set your mind at rest. He was. To Bard and Lester.

    • I know, its fucking sickening. I was listening to the rdio today and they brought up a good point……..if JF told AA 1 yr. ago that he wanted to leave, then how could AA/Beeston trust him with ANY information as it related to the Jays affairs or future plans ?? If you have somebody who told you they wanted to be somewhere else, wouldn’t you, at that point, say we can’t have you around anymore. ? how much team info did he walk away with ?

      • @Holier.


        Perhaps that explains why AA did not offer Farrell an extension earlier this season.

        Maybe they knew he wanted to go to the red sox & as the red sox imploded it was a virtual certainty that Valentine would get fired, thus opening a spot for Farrell.

        • Farrell did nothing to merit an extension, from a perfomance standpoint.

          It could explain why AA and John Farrell had a rift. I remember hearing Farrell talk last year about how great his relationship with AA was, and how they talked about the overall organization, which would no doubt include strategy, player acquisitions, things like that. If AA sensed that Farrell was pining for Boston, he might have shut Farrell out of the inner circle as early as this spring training.

  23. And this is the quote right here, if this one doesn’t light a fire under the owners, the front office and the players I don’t know what will.

    ““I can honestly tell you it’s allowed me to be that much more prepared standing here than maybe [was] the case two years ago so for that, guys in Toronto, if you’re listening, I appreciate it very much.”

    Toronto, if you’re listening, thanks for the all-expenses-paid-plus-salary two-year how to manage a ball club course. I really am grateful. I am that much better prepared to manage one of your biggest rivals because of you guys. Kisses! John.

    • Rivaling for the cellar though

    • @Isabella.


      Farrell was able to get training at being a manager & trying out various strategies for the past 2 years.

      After the reports of friction between Beeston & Rogers & Blair reporting that Rogers doesn’t like negative surprises, perhaps they will allow Beeston to get a higher budget up front & say Fix this.

      We will know by the winter meetings if AA has been given the company credit card

    • I’m quite sure every manager feels he is better after 2 years of experience.

      I don’t see why this should “light a fire” under anyone. Is AA suddenly going to be even more agressive? Is that even possible?

      • @jays 2010.

        The loss of Farrell was very unexpected if we take AA at his word that he was planning to have Farrell manage in 2013.

        I assume that AA’s plan was to see how Farrell does with a healthy & improved roster in spring 2013 & watch how the team did.

        If teh team was doing fine by June 2013, he could offer Farrell an extension.

        Perhaps AA gambled that Farrell would not go back to a depleted Red Sox team without Crawford,Beckett,Youklis,Gonzalez etc…

        AA took a beating reputation wise, especialy after admitting that the trade was done at “ownership level”.

        I doubt AA would have accepted Aviles as compensation.

        AA tried to run a tight ship with no leaks, but Boston doesn’t play fair & they made the move to Boston inevitable.

        Once again AA’s refusal to respond to any rumors hurts the Jays reputation

  24. Biggest DOUCHE in Jays history!

  25. lets hire stubby clapp as our new manager

  26. With the way things have gone this season, I hope AA doesn’t announce the hiring of someone until after this season from hell is in the books. This team needs a reset. Get the new manager and let him choose his own coaches. Find reasonable positions (and salaries- we might need them later!) for the coaches that want to stay but are not picked. Make sure Vizquel, Frasor and Lind aren’t back. That should be a good start to changing things.

  27. I am of the opinion that managers only detract value from a ballclub, at least for the in-game management. Someone should just write a program that spits out the optimal decision for every major point of the game and leave the manager to take care of the clubhouse bullshit.

    I think we can get a new guy who will be less bad than Farrell.

  28. I wonder how the players react privately.
    Sure they’ve been told to keep quiet and when they do speak it’ll be all cliches.
    But when a player leaves a team, other players understand it’s for FA paycheck, or a trade beyond their control ( it’s a business).
    When Farrell said he left to go to the “epicenter of baseball”, his “dream job” do the players hear ” and thats certainly not Toronto”?.Does Farrell mean I can’t go to the playoffs with that organization and players?I want to be with winners and not losers?
    This wasn’t a “business of baseball” choice but a choice of rejection of the Jays and a lusting of the Sox.
    I have no idea obviously, but knowing the competitive nature of athletes,I’m guessing there’s more than a few players who might take this whole thing as an insult and as a result be a little extra motivated next year.

    • Playing for millions of dollars isn’t enough motivation?

      God knows what the narrative will be next year.

      If the Jays suck, this whole Farrell thing will still be a story one year from now.

      If the Jays make some solid progress and, at the least, contend into September, then the new manager will likely be give more credit than he deserves.

      • The millions are already there. The paycheck is the primary motivation but even ball players think about the prize.It’s the reason Winfield came to the Jays,why Molitor came to the Jays,why Halladay went to Philly, why Lee went to Philly.Should I continue?
        Money and security first, then playoff potential, living conditions,and so on.
        When Halladay dueled Burnet do you think they were thinking about their paycheck?
        In springtime Farrell will be in the past but bad blood gets remembered.

  29. It’s not worth the drive for Acta.

    All 4 managers this playoffs were catchers. enough said.

    I have absolutely no confidence in alex anymore that he can make even basic judgements. He completely fucked up farrell hiring. You don’t hire former pitchers period. He fucked up napoli. Then he brings in useless omar. Now the merry go round of waiver claims begins again.

    I don’t have any confidence he will hire the right manager this time. Who is advising him? I have a feeling he will go backwards and hire acta just because he wants an experienced guy who won’t have to go through a learning curve.

  30. The Tao of Steib is the only writer/blogger that nails it. The Greek Geek hired him. He is accountable and that’s alright, we all make mistakes. This one was especially embarrassing to the team and the fans. I won’t forget this one.

    So of I could Saul anything to Alex Ottawa would be this: go get em in the new year! But we’re watching you Fokker.

  31. And I’m done with chewing tobacco and auto fill.

    • As long as you stay on board, I’m fine with you keeping Anthopolous on 24 hour stakeout. I think we’re around The Horn and have turned the ship back towards the sun.

      Congrats on the new addition. I see we are both up much too late these days.

  32. I’m praying we hire Ausmus, in my humble opinion here’s why I like him as a candidate:

    He’s Charismatic – we need someone likeable after Darth Farrel
    Former Allstar
    Gold Glover x 3
    Knows how to get hitters out. – Quote from Oswalt who said he always called right pitches.
    LOYAL- 10 years with the team who drafted him
    A Catcher
    Been described by teammates and former managers as a “great future manager” from very early in his career.
    Has only been retired for a short period of time. To me this is the advantage that helped Ventura and Matheny. They know the strategies/managerial interactions that work well as newly retired players, can relate to the younger guys.

    He was loved by teammates and managers. This link was posted by dm in another DJF article and shows it.
    Having a guy that players really want to win for I think can go a long way.

    • well he is white and good looking and those are high on alex’s list. However small chin could be the dealbreaker.

    • Ya, not much of a chin.

      Also, should have wrote 10 years with the same org. He was actually drafted by the Evil Empire.

  33. What really bothers me is that alex said he was willing to let farrell manage this year. That means he still wanted farrel after he wanted out 2 FUCKING TIMES!!!! Now he’s either being trite or just plain stupid. Either way I would have rather alex have the balls to say hey we didn’t want a guy who wasn’t committed to this team. Alex is a fucking pussy and I’m sick of it.

    • He may not be “the man with the iron fist”, and I agree with you on that, but he is adept at accumulating talent. Fuck, they made changes to the rules just because of how he stockpiled picks. Beeston should hire him an asistant gm who does the heavy lifting but doesn’t impede his prospect collecting.

      • you mean colby rasmus type talent? or ja happ type? or kelly johnson type? please be more specific.

        • D’arnaud, Marisnick, Nicolino, Sanchez, Syndergaard, Norris, Hutchinson, Gose, Osuna,
          Hechavaria, Davis, Stroman, Alford………etc.

          Not much, just the number 3 ranked best stockpile of prospects on the planet.

          I could go on if you want more specifics.

          • and some of those were JPR picks

            and weren’t snider and drabek highly ranked as well?

          • Fuck

            -Marisnick and Hutch were JPR picks
            -D’Arnaud and Gose came (in a roundabout way) via trade of the best pitcher in baseball (at the time)
            -Davis, Stroman and Alford haven’t even played a full year in pro ball, and one of them prefers football anyway
            -Hech and Stroman are the only AA products past A ball

      • “they made changes to the rules just because of how he stockpiled picks. ”

        Friedman says hi

    • This is why promotion from within is often lazy and suboptimal. Alex was hired because he was there. Given a long enough time, the mail boy at Rogers would one day be GM.

  34. And how blind or disconnected is Wilner? The guy was claiming as late as early October that he would doubt Farrell would go to Boston because of how they did his boy Francona!

    Really? For a guy with the access he should have, Wilner is fucking clueless in reading people.

    • over wilner’s career he simply adopts the official party line on every major incident arising that involves the jays

      he dresses it up with his own words and a unique angle at times, but he is as much a tool of the organization as ace or bj birdie in his prime, minus the costume

  35. Stoeten,

    I doubt you peruse the troll boards 12-18 hours after you post an article but I’m interested to know, who of the “elligible” managers you’d want the Jays to hire to helm this team in 13. I’m doubtful you’ll answer as you’d open yourself up to the keyboard cannibals but fuckit man, throw yourself out there. I want Ausmus.
    Give me your take you bearded bastard. (term of predilection)

  36. Stoeten,

    I doubt you peruse the troll boards 12-18 hours after you post an article but I’m interested to know, who of the “elligible” managers you’d want the Jays to hire to helm this team in 13. I’m doubtful you’ll answer as you’d open yourself up to the keyboard cannibals but fuckit man, throw yourself out there. I want Ausmus.
    Give me your take you bearded bastard. (term of predilection)

  37. Stoeten, I’m interested to know who, of the “elligible” coaching candidates you’d want to helm the Jays in 13. I doubt you’ll be perusing the troll boards 10-20 hours after you post an article but on chance I’d be interested to know your thoughts. I’d like to see Ausmus run the Jays. Tell me why I’m wrong you bearded bastard. (term of endearment for being a fellow, long suffering fan)
    I doubt you’ll want to open yourself up to the keyboard cannibals but fuckit man, have your say.

  38. Apologies for the multiple posts, this site locks up more then Kelly Johnson on a curveball.

  39. Blair said on Monday that Ausmus ‘had options’ and likely wouldn’t come here.

  40. I just wish just one of the pussy’s from the media would ask these tough questions to AA. Ask them during the open house question session! I’d do it in a second if I was down there. I just wish we could hear an ounce of truth from somebody in pro sports for once.

  41. Are we now the breeding ground for teams to find their managers?

    This team has become a friggin soap opera and not a baseball team

    The last 12 months of the Blue Jays could be made into a movie – problem is no one would believe it and Hollywood hates crappy endings

    • No, we are not. Because this is the 2nd time this ever happened in the 35+ years of the team? A pattern this does not make. Bobby Cox left after 1985, let’s all get over that.

      1) We took Farrell from Boston in the first place.
      2) Cito, despite 2 rings, never worked for anyone else
      3) Gibby went on to be a bench coach
      4) Buck went back into the booth
      5) Jim Fregosi hasn’t worked since
      6) Tim Johnson. Nuff said.

      • My point was it sounds like Farrell just came here to get some managerial experience before getting the job he wanted in the first place.
        It feels like Boston said to Farrell – go get your experience and next time we have an opening, we will hire you as our manager.
        So, we were Boston’s minor league club for their manager.

    • Enough with the breeding ground for other teams crap. The optics of this situation looking bad on the Jays is way overblown. Are we looking at Boston as a breeding ground for GMs because Theo left or Chicago as a training ground for managers because Ozzie left? Nobody gives a shit outside of the Toronto media and fans making a big deal about it. Farrell didn’t want to be here so fuck him and fuck Boston. Hire somebody better. End of story.

      • Exactly. And what exactly had Farrell done here that actually makes this a loss? Outside of Boston, was Farrel going to be on anyone’s list?
        The Jays aren’t a feeder team, the optics are fine, the Jays netted a player they needed for a manager they didn’t, Farrell gets his dream job, the Jays get to get someone new… yada yada yada. Let’s move on.

  42. Just askin’, whether or not what went on this last few months was tampering, was it tampering when the Sox made it known in 2011 that they wanted Farrell? At that time he was one year into his contract. The issue of a contract extension had not come up. He was the manager of the Jays and had management support. There was reason to suppose that he would continue to manage the Jays and would be their manager of the future.

    • It would be difficult to convince me that it’s not tampering. He was under contract but fully aware that he had an opportunity to manage in Boston. I’m sure this was much more than a hunch. He knew this at the end of the first year of a three year contract and asked to be moved at that point in time. If he was a player there is no doubt in my mind that this would be tampering. We sign player X to a three year contract and, one year in, he asks to be moved to team X – not just any team but team X knowing that player X has specific ties to team X historically. Where there’s smoke…

    • It was definitely tampering. The problem is that it would be very hard to prove. Unless there is hard evidence that they negotiated or offered Farrell the position before the Jays gave permission there’s nothing we can do.

  43. After reading everything here is would seem Mr Farrel wanted out of Toronto when the players promised were not delivered, and he could see high end players were not going to be pursued. time to leave Dodge and get back to a team that is going to spend

    • Yes, because it’s always easier to win with expensive all-star players. So thinks Mr Farrell. Except not. Because if you recall, the 2011 Boston Red Sox were heralded as
      ‘the best team in history’ before the start of that season.

      Farrell shit the bed here. And itt was obvious because no one was discussing giving him an extension on his contract and everyone knew that and the sports journalists wrote about it. Boston was his dream job for a couple of reasons, not all of them had to do with Fenway. He needed to get into a situation where he looked like a winner rather than a loser because I think, having seen him in action, that he really cares how he looks. And that, right there, might be a big part of the problem. He looks like a winner. He sounds like a winner. He quacks like a winner. But he isn’t a winner…

    • Farrell wanted out after the first year. Hardly enough time to determine if AA was going to get him the players he wanted.

    • What “high end players” could have been pursued? Fielder, Pujols, Reyes and Wilson likely weren’t coming here. Darvis was a crapshoot and we lost. AA tried hard for Beltran. After that, the only other options were aging (i.e. Buerle) and/or overvalued (Cuddyer, Ibanez, Bell), and the Jays believed their in-house options were stronger. It’s easy to complain about the roster and lack of upgrades, but there really wasn’t much out there on the free agent market.
      Aquiring via the trade market is a different story, but would have required moving significant assets that no one was ready to move at the time.

  44. why are people so concerned about tampering? Alex should have known. The yanks and sox will always be poaching lesser teams. The yanks poached burnett from us, the sox took crawford from the rays and both were after halladay. It should be obvious that if farrell had any success here they would come after him.

    • “It should be obvious that if Farrell had any success here they would come after him”

      But he didn’t. And they did anyway.

      Alex isn’t dumb. Of course he knew. Which is why I don’t think it will take very long to find a new manager. He had to have been examining his options from August on. Farrell had already asked out of his contract once. Reasonable to assume he would again.

      • I really hope there is a new manager in place before the WS ends. That should be the only concern right now. Forget all the “tampering” crapola.

  45. Lets have some fun…

  46. John Farrell wants to be traded to the 1992 Toronto Blue Jays

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