We’ve still got plenty to catch up on in the wake of the Farrell mess, but while I’ve been procrastinating on putting together a roundup of links, or transcribing whatever non-verbiage came from the mouth of Alex Anthopoulos yesterday– or assuring myself I wouldn’t bother to pay attention to today’s Farrell presser in Boston– some genuine, actual, off-season rumour mill grist has actually begun to leak our way in earnest.

Specifically, TR Sullivan, Rangers beat writer for MLB.com, has noticed that the Jays have a pair of decent, young catchers, while the Rangers only have the empty shell that used to be Geovany Soto, and free-agent-to-be Mike Napoli, which makes the two clubs potential trade partners.

Oddly, Sullivan frames the report around the fact that the Jays added to their catching depth yesterday, acquiring Bobby Wilson on waivers from Anaheim, which seems more like a nothing depth move to me, but he’s certainly not wrong that– for all their public pronouncements to the contrary– it’s going to be very tempting for the Jays to deal one of their young catchers this off-season.

JP Arencibia– who, incidentally, caught some flack on Twitter last night from those who aren’t quite so easily duped by cynical opportunists– would represent an upgrade at the position for the Rangers, Sullivan suspects, while he thinks the Jays might have interest in starting pitching, like Derek Holland or Alexei Ogando.

Sullivan also suggests that the Jays could potentially give up d’Arnaud, who he tells us “one baseball official compared D’Arnaud to Giants catcher Buster Posey,” and throws Jurickson Profar’s name into the mix– the Rangers’ stellar shortstop prospect.

Sure, Sullivan is just entertaining his own thoughts here, but that didn’t stop someone from asking about the hypothetical on Twitter, and having Jim Callis of Baseball America throw cold water on it:

Now, last year we heard a lot of chatter about the club having all kinds of money to spend, and we know how that went, so I don’t think it would be particularly useful to go ahead and start assuming that the club will really pull the trigger on a deal involving one of their catchers– and given how their last deal with Texas went, I’m not sure the Jays will be eager to jump back into that pond– but… sure, it could be a thing. Maybe. Eventually. Though I doubt it is at the moment.

So… there’s that.

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  1. Can i have my Darvish now? Please?

  2. Arencibia for Ron Washington.

  3. Please, as long as it’s not Brett! REDBULLDUBSTEP4LIFE!

  4. hahahaha it legitimately took me like 30 seconds to realize JP was referring to the presidential election and not Alex Anthopolous. I was absolutely stunned for a second and thought wow can they jays organization have any more issues. Then I read the responses to his tweet and immediately felt like an idiot.

  5. Nooooooooo not the “so there’s that” stuff again!!

  6. For as crappy as arencibia has been
    He still has a lot of power for a catcher and his defense has improved steadily.

    He’ll never get on base at an acceptable rate, but with his cement feet not sure that’s overly important.

  7. I’ll take one of the arms. Profar isn’t going anywhere.

    • Why wouldn’t he go anywhere? Because he’s a top prospect, kinda the same way d’Arnaud is?

      It most certainly wouldn’t hurt to try and obtain Profar, even if it’s a hopeless attempt. Escobar + d’Arnaud should at least get them to listen, since they’re looking to move Andrus anyway. Is it enough? Probably not, but I nor you have any idea how desperate the Rangers are to obtain 2 cheaply paid players to fill holes and keep up their dominance.

      • My take on it is that Texas will move Andrus before they move Profar. I could be wrong.

        • Didn’t read your post closely. You may be right about Texas wanting cheap options, especially if they’re moving Andrus. I would still rather have one of the arms.

          • there is no way texas trades both andus and profar…

          • @ryan

            Andrus is making $11.3MM over the next 2 seasons, where Escobar is non-guaranteed to make $10MM in that span, with an additional option of $5MM for 2015 for essentially the same productivity (perhaps better offensive numbers in Texas).

            2012 was more of an exception to the rule for Escobar’s season btw.

          • @indestructable-

            we’re talking about a team that just dropped north of $50M to negotiate with darvish… they aren’t trading adrus and inserting escobar to save $1.3M over 2 seasons. money isn’t that tight in arlington right now.

            the only reason they are considering trading adrus is they have the top prospect in baseball in the organization… who happens to play SS.

            there is ZERO chance they trade both profar and andrus.

          • @indestructable… you are also seeing escobar with rose coloured glasses. he has been awful 2 of the last 3 seasons with the bat… his drop in BB rate last year is a huge concern… and he is on the wrong side of 30 now.

      • They are only looking to move Andrus to make room for Profar….

  8. Arencibia was daft last night. It’s his privilege to publicly support his choice of political candidate, but pretty silly to push Romney to an overwhelmingly liberal Canadian audience, and just outright stupid to call people “blind” for not getting behind the slippery cyborg. Way to isolate your base, JP.

    • I’m pretty sure JPA is allowed to have his opinion; also he didn’t call Obama supporters blind, he just accused them of being ‘blinded’ by rhetoric. Also, he’s rich! Why wouldn’t he vote Republican?

      Lastly, I think its unfair to Mitt to call him a slippery cyborg or a cynical opportunist. I think he just lies because that’s the only fun thing you’re allowed to do as a Mormon.

    • A very strong majority of professional athletes are Republicans. No surprise there.

    • Them Florida Cubans are a different bunch. They like republicans because of Castro. Every other Hispanic group in the US supports Obama

    • Overwhelmingly liberal Canadian audience??

      Are you serious? You do realize that the Conservative Party has formed the Government of Canada for the past 6 years, are basically guaranteed to form the government for the next 4 years, and if things stay are they now, will very likely continue to form the government for 5 years beyond that? Give your head a shake.

      Consider this Duke: Why Blue Jays fans should want a slightly right of center government

      You vote left and taxes go up on high income earners. No problem there…except ball players tend to make a bit of $. Don’t we already have a small issue getting ball players to come to Canada?

      Vote for Harper Duke. We’ll all be better off.

      • The ‘conservative’ side in canada if far more liberal than than republicans in the states. Canada overall is more liberal than the US is what Duke was implying i believe. This is a socialist country after all.

        • Not sure that the presumption of Canada being so left wing hold any water anymore. Perhaps on some select social issues such as abortion and health care but Canada is a distinct outlier on both of these issues anyways.

          1) We share a healthcare system with North Korea and Cuba. Europe has dual systems that allow both competition and private involvement.

          2) Abortion – Canada is unique in the western world to have absolutely no laws on abortion

          So these two outlier issues aside, (where we don’t match up with any other western country let alone the USA) Canada’s Conservatives and Liberals match up pretty closely to the USA Republicans and Democrats on most things.

      • @CowTownJay Dude, Conservatives won 39% of the popular vote so yeah, the “overwhelming liberal Canadian audience” isn’t far off. First past the post system is a majority government’s best friend.

    • Agreed Duke! If he backs Romney, he’s the one who’s blind.

  9. I think some version of JPA for Kinsler sounds pretty good for both teams.

    • I think you’d probably have to give up D’arnaud for Kinsler

      • 1 year of Kinsler at a pretty high price?… you definitely have to give up some good stuff, but I don’t think the Jays would trade D’A for a rental…. even Kinsler.

        …. Can we please acquire Kinsler??

      • No fucken way , D’arnaud for kinsler isnt good , D’arnaud has power and hits , hes compared to buser posey and pablo sandoval , thats not a good deal , and from claiming bobby wilson i think their making a multi player deal , with the waiver claimes , and the jays got 2nd base covered , its between escobar and hechavarria , and pitching , but right now its pitching and texas is a good place to get something , but you gutta remember , We gave up Napoli , 30 homerun guy , for frank francisco , who cant even lower his era to a fucken 3.00.

  10. What about D’Arnaud for Andrus?

    • I like that or Arencibia for Andrus. not sure if the Jays would have to throw in something else but would love to see andrus in the Jays lineup. Then move Escobar to 2b or Oakland (If there rumoured interest was accurate) for Brett Anderson

    • Meh on Andrus. I’d rather not trade for a guy who’s career wRC+ is 86, and has a career .313 wOBA – not that Arencibia is any better, it’s just a seemingly lateral move.

      • Not really (unless you were referring to Escobar then I would agree). Andrus has been a 4 WAR player with an OBP 73 points higher (comparing to JPA). However Escobar and Andrus at peak are similar, Its just with the rumours of the Jays wanting to trade Escobar, that wont go away, make me feel that there is some truth to that. So if they could get Anderson for Escobar and Andrus for Arencibia why not?

    • Well jaysball , where would you put andrus? i know its a good deal , but for somereason , theyre still putting either escobar or hecha at shortstop and they got mike aviles now , soo , maybe pitching , alvarez they can send him back and get him a bit more time in the minors.

  11. So if you don’t want to vote for Obama you have been “duped”?
    Wow. Talk about being in your own echo chamber for too long.

    • Meh Democrats issue generalities about Republicans all the time too. Politics is silly, especially American politics. Please I’d rather hear about Farrell than this.

  12. One of our Catchers plus Hech for one of their infielders makes plenty o’ sense to me.

    • This makes no sense for Texas. They already have 3 big league middle infielders…unless they plan to flip Hech for a 1st baseman

  13. Darvish would be a deal breaker. Unless of course you started with D’Arnaud. ( had trouble typing that out… )

    • The Rangers spent $52-million just to have the right to negotiate with Darvish. Why on Earth would they flip him for prospects after ONE season?

      • He’d be a deal breaker; meaning Texas wouldnt deal him. But they DO need catching and Darvish walks a lot of guys. If there was even a half a scintilla of evidence they were interested in D’Arnaud, I’d talk. But obviously I think they’d want a whole lot more than just him. Any mention of JPA and they hang up.

  14. That’s an interesting scenario that’s for sure. Not a fan of JPA’s politics but I do think he’s got more potential than a lot of people give him credit for. I realize he’s still a bit streaky but you have to wonder just how potent he could be if he ever managed to bring up his horrible .550 ops months to something a little better to go along with his monster months.

    It’d be nice to be able to know if d’Arnaud isn’t another Vegas mirage which is why I would love to see him make the team as the right handed platoon for Lind at DH. I think being at the major league level would shave time off the learning curve compared to what JPA had to go through. This way you’d know about d’Arnaud sooner giving you a chance to move one of them for another piece to fill whatever holes remain on the roster.

  15. I can’t see the Jays trading D’Arnaud with the type of ceiling he has – even though Profar is probably going to be amazing too.

    It makes way more sense to me to deal Arencibia + to get some pitching. Holland has years of control and a reasonable deal (5y $28.5M) and is probably good for somewhere between 1.5 and 3 WAR. At 26 he’s right in the wheel house of what AA should be looking to get.

    • Yep. D’Arnaud is currently by far the best catching prospect in baseball. It seems his ceiling is much higher than Arencibia’s. I’d much rather deal JPA at this point, unless TDA can bring in some prospect that’s even more of a monster, eg Profar.

      • Delmon Young was THE hottest prospect for TWO years in a row. Stick with TDA, we don’t need a SS. A Buster Posey comparable is fine with me, y’know, MVP type offense, ill have that.

  16. Not so sure Rangers will be willing to part with starting pitching. They’ve got Holland, Darvish, Harrison and then a bunch of questions. Feldman was ineffective in the role,
    Dempster & Oswalt are a free agents while Colby Lewis and Neftali Felize are on the DL. They’ve got Alexi Ogondo, the youngster Martin Perez and guys like Robbie Ross and Tanner Scheppers who’ve pitched in relief but are unproven as starters. You’d Jays would want a proven starter for JPA and its hard to see the Rangers giving one up.

    • But it’s pitching they need. Imo AA should go after pitching 1st. Dont wait around til Jan or Feb when there are fewer choices available.

  17. Since we are daydreaming, let’s look at Mike Olt and Tanner Scheppers Can’t see Profar coming our way even for D’Arnaud/JP.

  18. Derek Holland for JPA sounds ok to me!

  19. Im wary of trading TDA before we even get a chance to see the kid in the Bigs. I want to see what he is after the hype and prospect porn we’ve heard about him for so long. But most importantly, I want someone who was a part of the Roy Halladay deal have an impact on the Jays roster. Drabek – I’m not closing the book on him yet, and would like to see him come back from TJ with some new confidence, but he hasn’t really been an impact to this point.

    Who knows if D’Arnaud will be any good, but I just kind of want to see him get a shot.
    However, if he’s the guy who has to go to net the Jays a legit starter, then so be it. Awh the Offseason! Gotta love it.

  20. Farrell to the Jays this morning at the presser:

    Thanks guys for teaching me how to be a better manager for My Beloved Team. But I’m moving on now. So long.

    He thinks he needs to hold players accountable. One thing he learned last season.

    God I detest him.

    TSN calling him out for being dishonest and skipping town. Asking him for his reaction to the anger in TO.

    He ‘appreciates that. Means passion from the fanbase. But takes issue that there was no intent to fulfill a contract. He told Paul and Alex last year and this year the same thing ‘after two intensive days of exhaustive year-end review’ Sounds like they gave him a very hard time in their talk with him.

  21. I was about to get really excited about the possibilities, then I saw that one of the ‘related posts’ is “Heyman: More Hanley, Jays ‘in on everything’”

    Given how trades have gone for us in 2012, I expect this rumor to turn into Jeff Mathis for Mitch Moreland. Or maybe it’ll turn into a blockbuster. You never know with AA I guess.

    • But it IS a natural matchup. And even given all the aformentioned catchers (Mathis JPA and TDA and the guy they got yesterday) the Jays have got Jiminez and one other in the minors who they’re very high on. So yeah if the Rangers dont want to deal, it looks like the Jays will be talking to someone with pitching for a catcher.

  22. I dream on having Profar but it aint gonna happen.

    Baseball Prospectus had some interesting peculation on prospect trades. They suggested Mike Olt for Trevor Bauer. If the Jays could make that a 3 way deal, sending TDA and getting Bauer, I would be happy.

    Nothing else to do on this shitty day but play GM.

  23. Holy fuck. Farrell’s true colours are coming out. Watching the press conference. He admits that he expressed his interest in the Boston job last fucking year, but the request was denied. He expressed his interest again in recent weeks. And he is glad that a trade could be made this time.

    So obviously, the smoking gun was Farrell himself.

    So glad he is fucking gone.

    • Looks like AA had no choice,Farrell was gone, mentally from the Jays.

    • He was probably checked out last fall. That explains why the clubhouse was such a disaster. He didn’t give a shit.

    • Kinda makes you wonder how much shit he stirred up with the media and Sox management.

      • Which was what I got from that Jeff Blair piece. I still think he was aiming those ‘nudge nudge wink wink’ comments at Farrell who was the messenger rather than the Boston front office which was the medium.

    • So … everyone still thinking Omar was a self-serving POS?

  24. Asking him now about his coaching staff. How he answers will be interesting.

    Ben Cherington taking this which is interesting. Being very coy. Tap-dancing around the question. Talking about John having a really broad network in the game, knows coaches everywhere. They are working together to get the coaches he wants.

  25. Asked what mistakes he made here,

    He says his aggressive running game at Toronto and now thinks he was too aggressive. He ran his club into outs. Should have changed closers more often.

  26. The only problem I have with trading JPA is that if he ever learns how to hit more consistently and stay healthy, then you got something.

    • That’s the problem with any trade isn’t it?
      I bet the Pirates kinda wish they’d kept Bautista.

      JPA is an average catcher and could someday become more if he learns how to have better ABs. He could also blow out his knees and become a shitty 1b/dh option who spends half his time in AAA. … You just never know,

      • He’s more of a known than TDA at this point. The guy has been consistently ok, for next to no cost. Can’t complain.

    • Consistency is what it is all about though, isn’t it? That is like saying, if JPA learns to hit we will really have something! You could say that about anyone.

  27. Alex asked at the end of the two day discussion if Boston calls will you speak to them and he said if you approve I would speak to them then I was aced out and didn’t hear anymore while the discussions were going on. Sounds a bit different to what we were told earlier doesn’t it? Or does this jibe with the post Thanksgiving chat we were told about.

  28. If AA is sending out a major asset like JPA or TDA, I think the best case is for a starting pitcher. I don’t think the marginal improvement from Escobar to Andrus is worth one of our catchers, and while Kinsler could be great, he’s into the first year of a big extension next year at the same time as he’ll be hitting his decline years.

  29. “epicenter of the game” FUCK OFF – the pink hat crowd and that shithole of a stadium FUCK OFF

    I cannot wait for the exit press conference when Farrell is out as manager and into some “consultant” role in two years

  30. John protected the organization and protected players. In Boston. Didn’t protect Ricky Romero though did he? And how come all our pitchers went down with serious injuries. What a complete jerk. I’m thinking of bringing rotten eggs to the first Boston game at the RC. I doubt they’ll be checking our bags too carefully that day LOL!

  31. Really got to wonder what the Jays players think about Farrell’s saying now?

  32. AA wants to manage the Expos.


  33. I have no problem with JPA being our catcher, but if got us Ogando – pull the trigger… Morrow, Ogando, Romero would make a great #2, #3 #4…. (still would need AA to get us a #1)

    • We have a number one.

      • Morrow has 1 season with more than 150ip.

        He has the potential to be a true “ace”, but to even consider him a legit #1 right now is dangerous

        • But that’s not to say he cant do it…Dont forget Seattle wanted him as a reliever and he never threw over 70 IPs there , so because of it since he’s been in Toronto he’s been building up.

  34. Farrell looks like Romney’s brother. I wouldn’t buy a used car from either one of them. Beeston did the deal, part of the old boys club. The city of toronto is subsidizing Rogers on property tax for the Skydome and outrageous cable and internet fees. We deserve a lot better. I wonder what the property tax on 25 million is compared to a Billion in what it’s worth of land value ?

  35. Fuck you Farrell. He talk like he was held hostage in this city. I need an article about that piece of shit NOW.

  36. just so long as Beeston makes the trade, I’m fine with it.

  37. I had to answer the phone. What was that about the Expos?

  38. This organization sold us on “2012″ after the Halladay trade. If we start shipping out the pieces we’ve been building on for more developmental pieces I’m going to barf.

    • No they didn’t. Funny how AA went out of his way to avoid putting a timeline on things and yet people still think there is.

      • Exactly.

        I have no idea where people get this idea that there was ever a firm timeline for the Jays contending, other than their own preconceived notions.

    • Did they? Or was that another “5 year plan” piece of BS invented after the fact?

    • Ever has been a timeline. Geez, get your facts straight.

      • Ok calm the fuck down. 2012 was being floated around here every second comment three years ago. Hang around here long enough and eventually DJF comments start morphing with Anthopolous’s.

  39. Farrell is a dick, but AA and Beeston look like amateurs on this and the Jays look like a joke. Training ground for those going elsewhere.

    They should have made him sit out the year and got a new manager.

    AA is a pussy. Time to grow up and toughen up.

  40. How bout the Toronto media banging the drum for Ortiz ?


  42. I would much rather trade arencibia than darnaud. However, if we can get profar for darnaud that would be very tempting to pull the trigger.

    • I think Texas hangs up if we offer d’Arnaud straight up for Profar. However, if AA offers up d’Arnaud, any one of the Lansing trio, a solid MLB regular, any other prospect, they might, and I say, might listen. AA would have to overwhelm Texas with a blockbuster deal to get Profar, who is considered by most to be the best prospect in baseball. Swich hitting SS with some pop and who plays the position very fluidly. And only what? 19? 20? Jesus fuck, those players don’t grow on trees.

  43. Oh I can’t wait for the Rogers Sportsnet Ad promoting Boston’s first series in TO next season.

    It’ll be even more hype than the Halladay vs Burnett, Teacher vs Student theme.

    The question is, will Rogers bump a junior boys hockey tournament to put it on Sportsnet, or just shove it somewhere on Sportsnet One?

  44. Is this Farrell thing just a case of what goes around ,comes around ? Since theJjays pried him from Boston . Naw , fuck them with a dog’s dick, lets get ORTIZ.

  45. Buh-bye Farrell. All you people worried about the PR side of this deal need to take a look at this man at the press conference. He is embarrassing himself, and this is really unprofessional looking from his side.

    It appears AA did the right thing in jettisoning Farrell from the organization; you cannot have a manager around a young club that has this sort of attitude. Things are starting to make sense to me now about this past year — this man’s apathy is boundless.

  46. When does the trading of players ever get us to a place where significant of the Blue Jay brand improves. Yes if I were the Rangers I would love to aquire a great youg talent lile D’Arnald for a couple of stiffs like Derek Holland (had a 15 stint on DL with Arm fatigue and lost 15 lbs with a stomic issue in 2012)or Alexei Ogando ( a 29 year old with 1 start). Lets add some more dead arms or another fucking SS would be grat as well cause you can’t have enough of those.
    Some day soon we might wanna look a 2nd base and see that there is a hole there.
    Can we please get some deals here that make sense…Lind for Darvish ain’t happening either

    • Have to agree with you on that one when I heard Hollands name first mentioned. He’s average, solid, but not even a strong #2.

      This franchise has no excuse peddling away it’s high ceiling prospects for anything less than impact players especially when they have plenty of money to spend first.

    • alexi ogando started 29 games in 2011… and has come out publicly with his desire to start next year… i’d trade JPA for ogando like yesterday.

      • Me too. Ogando has great stuff. He IS a little bit older (he looks like he is 47) which is the only thing that might stop me from trading away a younger bat.

        • Otis Nixon syndrome.

        • 1 Start in 2012, yes lets add him to are starting 5. If we can pull off the D’Arnad for Oregino trade I hope we can then unload Morrow so that we havde a rotation that will clearly sets us apart from all other team.
          My o fucking my, what hath this blog wrought on my team?

    • Ogando sucks! He is just terrible. DA for Profar is a good deal for both team based on potential and need. I wouldn’t be offering like some people DA plus this guy, plus this guy…DA’s talent is well established and he’s a potential allstar catcher. Profar is the same at SS. If it’s not a one for one, you expand the trade to fill other needs for each team and see if something is more patable that way.

  47. I find it funny how Farrell mentioned multiple times it’s all about what players they can put on the field. Duh no shit Sherlock. What manager doesn’t in their heart of hearts think this? Talk about covering his ass going forward and also for his time in Toronto. Not to say he’s not right, but I’ve never heard a manager say that in public before, even the ones that got fired.

    Still it’s nice to hear it from an “insder”. AA, Beeston and more specifically, Rogers, should take note. Someone in management is saying put a better product on the field. AA largely still gets a pass from me because of the rebuild and just because a below average payroll doesn’t give him a whole lot to work with especially when having to deal with a developmental gap in the farm system.

  48. Let’s say we do get Profar. Then what?

    1. We flip him in 8 months for an even higher touted prospect as we decide his numbers have been inflated by the minor league park he plays in. Oh yeah and he has a bad attitude.

    2. We mercilessly jerk him up and down from Buffalo to the Dome for two years, repeatedly telling him he’s the greatest thing ever to grace The Game yet the biggest piece of shit to ever swing a bat. Oh yeah and he has a bad attitude.

    • Those are pretty random scenarios considering they have yet to happen.

    • The Rangers will never deal Profar, unless AA literally empties the farm system and adds solid MLB players.

      At this point, I doubt that the Rangers are even telling Profar that other MLB clubs exist.

  49. Let’s bring back Tony Fernandez and Manny (uel) Lee.

  50. If there’s a Baseball Hell, then Toronto is it.

    Welcome to our abyss, Mr. Aviles. I hope you brought the sun screen.

    • He doesnt need the sun screen. Canada has winter 10 months out of the year. At least thats what I think the perception of the average American/Latino ballplayer is.

      • I went to a game in August, but it was hard getting enough tickets for my dog team…

    • ??

      This is just a ridiculous statement to make. Have you heard of the Chicago Cubs? How many teams can you name that have won two championships in the last 20 years? Have you thought about what it must be like to be a Pirates fan? Or a Padres fan? Houston Astros?

  51. Funny Brad Ausmus video – clearly he is an Astro guy (or wants to live in California)


  52. Im reading/listening to a lot of Farrells comments at the press conference today and it got me thinking about AA. He has been perceived as the quiet guy in the room, sort of the “kid at the adult’s table” that sort of thing.

    In his recent comments though, it seems to me he’s finally showing some emtotion. You can tell he’s not too pleased with how this whole thing went down, and Im sure some of Farrell’s comments today will also play into that. So maybe (HOPEFULLY) he takes some of this emotion and puts it towards really, aggresively pursuing some Free Agents this winter. If nothing else than to stick it in the face of the Red Sox and John Farrell.

    Not that the desire to win, and the desire to beat a divisional rival has not been there before, but I feel like there may even be a little extra motivation now. I like the fact that he said he wasn’t happy with how this went down, I like to see that kind of emotion.

    Just a thought, and there’s no real way to measure it. Just something that popped into my head.

  53. we shouldn’t trade anything of value for anyone whos not a pitcher.

  54. Ortiz pipe dream seems dead, reportedly re upping with the Sox says MLBTR

  55. Besides a catcher the other weak spot in the Rangers lineup is CF. We could solve both issues quite well with Gose and D’Arnaud. That just might be enough to get them to consider trading Profar. Maybe we throw in a pitching prospect to seal the deal. Escobar becomes trade bait for pitching and Hech moves to 2B.

  56. Apparently Lovullo is heading to Boston as the bench coach http://www.weei.com/sports/boston/this-just-in/21235896/source-lovullo-become-sox-bench-coach

    Really curious as to who the jays bring in for the new coaching staff. Griff said it best about coaches at best they can win you 5 games (think he is highballing it here) but at worst they can lose you 15 games (and this I agree with last two years, Frank2Frank, Rauch, Coco, pulling starters at 90-100 pitches only with 1 run lead to put a shit baller in who gives up 3 runs. Not to mention, not blaming him for Lind, but if Lind batted say 7th last two seasons I guarantee his avg would look better.

    • What would have really helped is if he made something resembling an effort to shield Lind from lefties. Having such an extreme platoon splits guy and just using him normally has to be the most heinous crime on his record.

  57. After listening (though not watching) Farrell’s presser, I have to say I still like the guy. I hold no ill will to someone who wants to further his career and will likely have a better chance to win with their ownership group.

    I could care less that he’s washed his hands clean of the Blue Jays. I would have done the same.

  58. Seriously enough…

    1. Why trade for Profar when you have multiple gaping holes that dont involve short?
    2. JPA for a 3-4 starter would be fine by me and as much as we jays fans rip him there aren’t many catchers with 25-30 hr potential in baseball so there’s value there.
    3. Hech/Yunel up the middle is fucking stupid because it negates (hech especially) their top tools.
    4. Ortiz is going to sign with Boston. Get over it he would’ve been a bad signing due to age and the post steroid injury plague might be a avoided for a season but surely not 3.

    • Ortiz would be a good signing. U keep thinking long term. Nobody here is thikning that with Ortiz. He’s good RIGHT NOW.

    • +1.

      Quit talking about SS. We need pitching!!

      • @Heinz…thinking long term should be obvious all the time…we’re not a LH DH away from the playoffs…and he played 90 games last year at 36 what are the odds he goes back to being a 140 game beast at 37?

  59. Trade JP…not D’arnaud…..i’d trade Esco and JP for Profar tho….move Hech to 2B

    best defensive middle infield in the game? I think so. Questionable bats tho lol

  60. The only thing good about Farrell was the Farewell

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