Back by popular-ish demand, here’s your spot to talk about tonight’s playoff action, if for some pointless reason you’d rather discuss it here than in the actually-related post, over at Getting Blanked.


8:00 PM ET:
Detroit Tigers (Verlander, J.) @ San Francisco Giants (Zito, B.)
TV: FOX/Sportsnet – Series tied 0-0.

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  1. We have a game threat but no line ups – SP you busy?

  2. Happy Panda!

  3. Wish I had vast amounts of money to bet and got great odds on a Zito start.

  4. Leyland spoke to the boys over a pack of Marlboro Reds and said:

    “Fuck these freaks from Frisco. And Verlander, if you see that goddam pirate play head piano again, throw in into their bench. And Miggy, you gimme a big night then I got you a case of scotch and the keys to the car for you. Go get em boys!”

  5. Wow, the Bobcat went off.

    To paraphrase:
    I would have told Boston no …dial tone
    After they hired their new manager, I would’ve fired Farrell.

    This is why Alex is classy when he said something like emotion and anger will not help improve the team, and he needs to do what is best for the organization.

    Bobcat would even give Ernie Whitt an interview. I think he has forgotten when he trashed the team before.

    What we can take from this about Bobcat:
    - his opinion is suspect and his judgement is slipping
    - he should be pretty much ignored unless he has an important guest on

    • Isn’t he a transplanted American? Just curious, but then again I could just Google it like any other transplanted piece of information on this site as suggested by Stoeten for some pointless reason…. but why do I give a fuck.

    • There’s a lot to be said for gunboat diplomacy. I like the Farrell approach he used, and fuck those of you who think Johnny boy showed class – he did not

    • Bobcat’s been pretty hard line about these sorts of things this year (Escobar as another example), to the point of being terribly unreasonable and cutting off his nose to spite his face.

  6. sup?

  7. I didn’t know Bob wasn’t a citizen until 2004. I didn’t even know he was once fired from the Fan.


  8. Frickin Scutaro musta sacrificed some chickens, Serious voodoo.

  9. Extra Happy Panda!

  10. Zito!
    Big money big game pitcher!

    Worth every cent, we knew he was capable of this


    • I sure as fuck didn’t! ….and speaking of what …. Yankees are run from ownership to this day after I saw that news bite regarding A-Nob. Managing the Yanks is the worst job in sports.

  11. This magic/Happy Panda shit is taking it’s toll. John Sebastian and his Lovin’ Spoonful are dead to me. I DON’T BELIEVE!!

  12. Remember folks, as bad as it gets with the Jays, we could cheer for the Pirates.

    “On Oct. 14 at 11:45 p.m., the Pirates’ minor-league coaches and instructors broke the midnight silence by banging on dorm rooms throughout the complex shouting, “It’s Hell Week! It’s Hell Week!”
    Players were told to be dressed in 20 minutes and to meet outside by the batting cage. Waiting there were Kyle Stark, the assistant general manager and architect of the team’s “Hoka Hey” ways, as well as Larry Broadway, the first-year farm director who never before held any instructional position at any level of baseball.
    Look it up.
    Broadway told the assembled players this would be their “rite of passage” to become Pirates, then sent them on a two-hour scavenger hunt for envelopes hidden across the complex.
    (Don’t ask. No idea.)
    At 5 a.m., after a wink or two of sleep, they were bused over to Bradenton Beach for a two-mile run, followed by relay races in which they ran back and forth filling garbage cans with sand.”

    “Gregory Polanco is one of the Pirates’ top five prospects. He’s a 21-year-old, 6-foot-4 outfielder who was named Most Outstanding Prospect in the Single-A South Atlantic League after batting .325 with 16 home runs, 85 RBI and 40 steals for West Virginia.
    The kid can do it all, but that apparently isn’t enough.
    Polanco’s ankle was sprained in mid-August, and it cost him most of his final month of play. But the Pirates still saw fit to have him participate in that first day with the SEALS last month, and as you might guess, the ankle was reinjured.
    Worse than before.”

  13. Anyone know where a stream might be found? Radio is fine, but…

  14. Zito is in his zen mode and Verlander is frustrated. It is only one game but this would be huge for the Giants. Winning with a pitcher they didn’t expect much out of against the best pitcher in baseball, putting them up one game with with home field advantage.

    this is going to be a good world series

  15. Tigers will come back

  16. Zito is doing it all. Anyone know if he can manage?

  17. He could probably DH for us too.

    What is the biggest difference between the two world series teams and the 2012 Jays? Solid pitching rotations. The Jays would’ve gotten eaten alive in a seven game series. AA will need to get at the absolute minimum two quality starters if the Jays want to think about having success.

  18. Holy Fuck!

  19. Speaking of cancer with a small c…..anyone heard from Beeston lately?

  20. Seems to be a lull in the action. Oh another Buck……

  21. Fielder is good but if the Jays were going to cash their chips in on a player I’m glad it wasn’t him.

    • There was a discussion on BCat the other day regarding this:

      Is a 100 dollar million contract worth 1 world series win?

      • If that 100 Million dollar player is a vital factor in the world series win then I think it has to be yes. A pretty good chuck of that contract would probably be eaten up by the profits from a WS win alone.

        Funny how Zito and Lincecum have those kind of contracts but produced nowhere near what they are getting paid.

  22. Have you noticed average catches are now being described as gods gift catches now….aah American T.V

  23. I wonder what Sabean wants for Timmy L?

    • Probably to regain his distinctive falsetto/vibrato voice, or was that another Tiny Tim?

      • That Tiny Tim has passed on.

        This one is due to be paid $22M next season and then becomes a FA so realistically I don’t see him in AA’s plans unless the Giants eat some salary.

        • Does Miss Vicki know? Seriously, I’d be happy to trade Ricky Romero straight up for your Timmy and wait to see who wins. Deal?

          • That’s a tough one because I think they’re both going to bounce back – not saying that RickyRo is as good as Tinyt Tim. I would like to have them both on the Jays. But if I could only have one it’d be Tiny Tim.

          • What’s a hat tip from a triple crown-winner worth?

  24. What happened to the game threats at GB?
    They give up or did the volume of pageviews overload the system?

  25. It’s great to see The Village People’ are still appreciated. Which one was he?

  26. That single got me excited for a delmon throw. Sadly…. No.

  27. Jon Heyman on WFAN with Mike Francesa says Mike Redmond (Manager of the Dunedin Jays) is the favourite for the Marlins job making the jump all the way from A to MLB; another catcher managing candidate, apparently he is beloved in the Marlins org, where he played forever (12 years in minors and with big club)

    And, anyone listen to Hentgen on 590 today – kind of faint praise for Farrett “he’s a nice man”. I think Hentgen’s competitive juices might be flowing where he takes on a real coaching role, like pitching coach and gets RR and the others to perform better than Farrett did. Have to wonder whether there really was some double agent shit going on with that guy. Also, Matt Stairs interviewed yesterday on 590 and he wants to manage someday and perhaps coach or be involved with media and would like a job with the Jays it sounds like – he strikes me as a decent hitting coach type. The Farrett Fiasco highlights that the Jays need to foster a deep pool of loyal types who won’t fuck the organization over like certain other people we have experience with.

    • That’s the first time I’ve seen the Farrett reference.
      Dunno if you deserve the credit for originating it dm but I like it.

  28. Ennui reigns supreme.

  29. Redmond was pegged as a future manager right away and that’s why the Jays moved in so fast. I hope he doesn’t get away.

    • Hard to refuse a jump from ‘A’ Ball to ‘The Show’, I would think, especially if it’s your ‘dream job.’ Would you?

      • 1. doesn’t mean he gets hired
        2. Jays could jump him up too
        3. could be Jays bench/1st.3rd coach too

        Unless Sandy or Brad are amazing, I would be just as happy if Fasano or Redmond were promoted. I always prefer to promote within if possible. It makes for a stronger organization as a whole over time. When Farrell was imported, the Jays didn’t have guys ready like they possibly are now.

  30. From the twitters:

    Jimmy Rollins:
    He [Panda] must have the guy from Toronto sitting in CF…lol

    retweeted by jp arencibia

  31. If your manager wants out–Farrell pretty much did everything to let AA know this outside of asking for a trade–it sets a pretty awful example for the rest of the team. It’s his job to motivate the team and keep them together, if he has one foot out the door then he isn’t the best for the job. Luckily the Jays actually have a decent amount of baseball people they can rely on.

  32. Internal
    Manager: Fasano, Redmond
    Pitching/Bullpen Coach: Hentgen, Walton, Walker, Hors(e)man
    Batting Coach: Motorola, Murphy
    Catching: Wak (Fasano, Redmond)
    Infield: Butterfield

    Alex has done a respectable job of having coaching in place.

    • so when EE and Jose go deep, will there be a Rogers sponsor moment for the Chad Motorola Bat Flip (phone) Giveaway.

  33. I hereby name the fucking cell phone company I am with John Farrell

  34. If only it were a west coast game………………………..:)

  35. I have to laugh at Brady and Lang continually calling Panda’s 3 hr game a fluke and saying it was the least likely performance, etc. this morning, just because he only hit 12 homeruns this season. He was injured for like 54 fucking games with a hamstring injury, which obviously takes time to come back from once you are playing again as well. Not to mention he hit 23 homeruns in only 117 games in 2011. I enjoy their show, but man I wish those guys would do some fucking research for once.

    • Know that Brady is a huge Tigers fan (worked in Detroit, from London ON), so I imagine there’s some ‘justifying the result’ going on with that analysis.

  36. Farrett! I love that!

    In the meantime I’ve been doing a little online research on our pal. There have been multiple polls running in the Boston media about whether he was the right hire. Very few of them have come down heavily on his side, generally they are split down the middle and a bunch of commenters on those threads have been somewhat disenchanted. I don’t think the Masshole fans are as dazzled by JF as the front office.

    One thing struck me about Boston coverage of the presser and Farrell in general. They all comment on how he looks the part. How he sounds like he’s in command. A general on the field of battle etc etc. And I bet that played into AA’s thinking when he made the hire. Looks count. They shouldn’t and no doubt posters will tell me it was just a matter of credentials, good interview etc. But it isn’t. It’s why good-looking people earn more than average-looking people for jobs where looks absolutely don’t count.

    What we saw in Farrell in the beginning was the Wizard of Oz. At the end, the big balloon burst and a pitiful little man crept out from behind the curtain and scuttled away.

  37. Hinterland Who’s Who soft music intro:

    The ferret (Mustela putorius furo) has a distinct Canadian spelling of Farrett. It is categorized as a member of the Musteldae family, which is more commonly known as, wait for it, . . . the weasel family.

    I will spend the winter indoors preparing my Farrett costumes and signs. See you at the ballpark when the BloodSux are in town.


    LINE UP:

    Pagan CF
    Scutaro 2B
    Sandoval 3B
    Posey C
    Pence RF
    Belt 1B
    Blanco LF
    Crawford SS
    Bumgarner LHP (16-11, 3.37)

    Jackson CF
    Infante 2B
    Cabrera 3B
    Fielder 1B
    Young LF
    Peralta SS
    Garcia RF
    Laird C
    Fister RHP (10-10, 3.45)


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