Back by popular-ish demand, here’s your spot to talk about tonight’s playoff action, if for some pointless reason you’d rather discuss it here than in the actually-related post, over at Getting Blanked.


8:00 PM ET:
Detroit Tigers (Fister, D.) @ San Francisco Giants (Bumgarner, M.)
TV: FOX/Sportsnet – Giants lead 1-0.

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  1. Here are the lineups for Game 2 of the World Series between the Tigers and Giants, in San Francisco:

    1. Austin Jackson, CF
    2. Omar Infante, 2B
    3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
    4. Prince Fielder, 1B
    5. Delmon Young, LF
    6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
    7. Avisail Garcia, RF
    8. Gerald Laird, C
    9. Doug Fister, SP

    1. Angel Pagan, CF
    2. Marco Scutaro, 2B
    3. Pablo Sandoval, 3B
    4. Buster Posey, C
    5. Hunter Pence, RF
    6. Brandon Belt, 1B
    7. Gregor Blanco, LF
    8. Brandon Crawford, SS
    9. Madison Bumgarner, SP


    LADIES & GENTS, here is your lineup:

    Pagan CF
    Scutaro 2B
    Sandoval 3B
    Posey C
    Pence RF
    Belt 1B
    Blanco LF
    Crawford SS
    Bumgarner LHP (16-11, 3.37)

    Jackson CF
    Infante 2B
    Cabrera 3B
    Fielder 1B
    Young LF
    Peralta SS
    Garcia RF
    Laird C
    Fister RHP (10-10, 3.45)

    ~~~LETS PLAY BALL~~~

  3. These pretzels are making me thirsty. I’m hoping for a close, well fought game between these two teams I could give a fuck about. Go baseball!

  4. Fielder should have just pancaked him, would have had a better chance.

  5. So does that play take Lamont out of managerial consideration?

  6. I only want a seven game series because I’m not ready for the end of baseball.

    • It’s going to be a long winter.

      • I’m going to the Gens game tomorrow, and I don’t even like hockey. Just trying to get interested in something to get me through the winter.

        • Maybe the Raptors will be worth watching.

        • Junior hockey is fun. I go to about a half dozen 67′s games a year but since they’ll be out in Kanata for the next couple of years I don’t know how many games I’ll get to. The Civic Centre is a short walk from home Kanata not so much.

          I’m not a Sens fan and have no interest in the NHL.

  7. Fisted

  8. Fat guys running makes for the best WS ever, I think a good title would be The Prince and the Panda

  9. Maybe I’m thicker than usual tonight, but I went to Getting Spanked and I couldn’t tell which of today’s posts was supposed to be the game threat.

    Think I’ll stay here.

  10. I feel man love for Marco Scutaro.

  11. Where’s Radar tonight? Is he throwing around his $86 with RachelLee22?

  12. Apparently the Giants are winning 0-0.

  13. Did I just see a dust devil?

  14. I insist somebody hacks this site and installs auto refresh. Thanks in advance.

    • Talk about dreaming a dream! I’m holding out for grass.

    • +1
      Eternal thanks and glorious praises for whoever can make this happen.

    • Chowhound has a feature where if you log in, it only shows you new posts within a thread. I’ve thought about asking if they can do it, but I don’t like being ignored.

  15. I remember the quake game well…yes I am over 20.

    • Moi aussi. We were gathered in the pub to watch the game and the TV went blank.

      My first trip to SF was the April following the earthquake and I was at a game at the Stick and some moron sitting behind was trying to impress his date by pointing out where he was sitting when the quake hit. I really didn’t need to hear that.

  16. Today Bobcat was suggesting Guillen as manager.
    Bobcat is losing his mind over this manager stuff.

  17. ozzie fits in with AA’s alleged affection for small ball and the jays stated focus on latin players

    theyd probably need to match the 2.5 mill/yr the white sox owe but what a relatively cheap way for rogers to look like they are spending, and a big name manager washes away the farell drama

    of course there is the whole sanity question with ozzie…

  18. sorry 2.5/yr the MARLINS owe

  19. The Bay Area Hysteria is getting to me.

    Im sure I saw a video shot of Parkes jumping up and own after a Giants strikeout while holding his partner.

  20. Fresh salmon grilled to perfection with dill sauce and a side of prawns @ 18:50 PST…..Oh hi eastern folk!

  21. Wash that down with a little Blue Mountain Reserve chardonnay and you’re off to the races.

  22. Who’s going to be the hero tonight?

  23. You do understand the “light from above” is a flash from an atomic explosion of course….

    God Bless you too…America

  24. I wonder if that oven fired pizza that they’re cooking tastes better than our pizza pizza *cough cough*

  25. I am heading over the hump for salmon and prawns, Tom W.

    Karen, you need not try a prawn unless here on the west coast, mmmmmm. While dipping In a bowl of melted garlic butter.

    Personally,I’m a halibut over salmon guy. Delicious bc fish.

  26. I’m so glad our announcer crew has remained so impartial.

  27. That’s gonna leave a mark.

  28. who are the announcers?

  29. Jim Leylands neck looks like a scrotum.

  30. This could be problematic for Detroit.

  31. I think Verlander was the key to this thing. If he’s anything approaching his normal self they leave SFO with at least a split. Oh yeah, forgot to mention SFO’s horseshoes.

  32. Also forgot to mention the 25 million dollar man. Whats his post season record?

  33. This would be so much better if the Jays were in the world series.

  34. If the Jays are not at the very least in the ALCS by 2014 I promise to fly to TO and run naked down any chosen street with a salmon around my neck hand in hand with Radar.

  35. Greg Zaun says Scutaro wouldn’t come back here

    But I’d let him have 2 all holds barred nights with my girlfriend in exchance for a year in T-DOT

  36. anyone else hoping this series ends in 4 so free agency begins sooner?

    • I do.

      And AA likes small ball? Wow. I guess he was really pissed with the 2010 Jays then huh?

      I don’t know who they will hire, but I will be very very very surprised if it’s Guillen…

      (Still holding out for Sandy Alomar here.)

  37. Lol at Jim Lang this morning.

    “The Tigers know their park better than anyone.”

    “The Tigers have an edge because they’re used to cold temperatures.”

    I find his undying love for the Tigers clouding his judgement humorous.

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