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It wasn’t just Paul Beeston stumping against the federal government’s new legislation that would allow betting on single baseball games, as Steven Chase of the Globe and Mail reports that “two senior Major League Baseball executives appeared before a Senate committee Wednesday to caution parliamentarians they are making a big mistake,” um… only one of whom was Beeston.

Speaking of folks from the Commissioner’s office, Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star writes that Bud Selig says that he has heard no complaints of tampering from Paul Beeston or the Jays, regarding the whole John Farrell situation.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet also reports as much, expanding on the quotes from Selig, and also adds some detail on how the managerial search is going, noting that “the Blue Jays are expected to begin their process by speaking with candidates unavailable last time – names such as Manny Acta, Jim Tracy, Brad Ausmus and Tim Wallach are thought to be in the mix – before comparing them to those they’ve already spoken to.” He notes that candidates spoken to last time were DeMarlo Hale, Sandy Alomar, Brian Butterfield, Don Wakamatsu, Sal Fasano, Luis Rivera, Nick Leyva, Dave Martinez, Rob Thomson, Ron Roenicke, Pete Mackanin, Tim Bogar and Rick Renteria.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun spoke to Paul Molitor, who says his name isn’t among those being considered for the Jays’ managerial vacancy. He also said… um… actually that was about it.

Elliott also writes about the Giants rotation, which was built largely through the draft– something, he notes, the Jays should consider before being too quick to deal away prospects this winter.

At, Gregor Chisholm writes that the Jays are currently mulling over the option they hold on Rajai Davis. It’s a $3-million option with a $500K buyout on a fourth outfielder who had a .340 wOBA against left-handers and stole 46 bases– what’s to contemplate?

Sticking with Gregor, he spoke to Carlos Villanueva last week about his uncertain future. I can’t remember if I posted this or not, and what am I gonna do? Look it up?

As per a team release, the Red Sox made it official this morning that Torey Lovullo is their new bench coach. Fucking Massholes.

MLBTR has the details on the Pirates’ pick-up of now ex-Jay Chad Beck, who was removed from the 40-man roster last week, to create room so the Jays could add Bobby Wilson, for some reason.

Scott Ferguson of something called writes about how the San Francisco Giants almost became the Toronto Blue Jays, and notes that he doesn’t think the Jays have much of a shot with free-agent Kyle Lohse, who lives in Arizona and he believes would prefer to stay in the National League. Okay?

Bluebird Banter sizes up one of the Jays’ potential managerial candidates: Tim Wallach.

At FanGraphs, Wendy Thurm looks at how payroll has changed, league-wide, over the last few years, and how it lines up with the rate of inflation.

Elsewhere at FanGraphs, it’s a Q&A with Casey Janssen!

Lastly, do you love the “exception” GIF in each week’s Getting Blanked GIFs of the Week as much as I do? Well then, how about the Getting Blanked Exceptions of the Year!

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  1. My favourite part of Bob Elliott’s article was this:

    “… it certainly won’t be former slugging first baseman Carlos Delgado. “Manage? That’s funny,” said Delgado, who hit 473 career homers. “I can’t even manage my house.” “

    • I would love to see Carlos in a Blue Jays uni in some capacity. I don’t think manager at the MLB level is it. Gotta love his sense of humour. Hopefully he gets on the level of excellence this coming season.

    • John Farrell proved thats not a prerequisite.

  2. Rajai option seems like a no brainer to me. Why would it be in the club’s interests to write a piece like that?

  3. Don’t take this as a ‘Rogers is cheap’ post, but the Jays do need to be considerate of everything they spend on bit pieces if they’re presumably going to spend elsewhere (primarily on the rotation). Not that Rajai isn’t more than worth 3M, but if that 3M is absolutely needed elsewhere then I can’t imagine anyone having that much of a problem downgrading at the 4th OF spot. It’s why burning guaranteed money on guys like Dustin McGowan and Jeff Mathis was so frustrating, every dollar counts.

    • I think you have to pick up the option.

      First, I believe he has positive trade value.

      Second, and more importantly, Rajai is ONLY a 4th OF once a 3rd OF is acquired. There is no guarantee of this.

    • Look at the good baseball teams; they have good quality bench players. Over 162 games in the AL East, decent backups are crucial.

      I mean playoff teams aren’t trotting you guys like Jason Nix after an injury or two.
      Err, bad example.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Kyle Lohse the guy who compared the American League to Arena Football?


    • You thinking Lance Berkman?

      I know he just shat on the AL, but I don’t know the quote specifically. Lohse could have said something too.

      • This was a few years ago.

        IIRC Lohse had struggled in his years with Minnesota and while deciding where to sign he implied he would sign in the NL because it is a much easier league.

  5. Bob McCown wants Ozzie Guillen as manager.

    • For a guy who had such a strong opinion during Escobar’s eyeblack debacle, not sure why he would be pining for the controversial Guillen.

      McCown becomes less credible everytime he opens his mouth. Head is waaaaay too big.

      • Ozzie would be GREAT…for McCown. It would give him tons of airtime and would undoubtedly generate tons of controversy, which is McCown’s bread and butter.

        It would be awful for the Jays themselves as a team. I would prefer Tracy over Ozzie as manager.

  6. In 2012 led the AL in caught stealing, with an OPS+ of 86 and terrible defense. 3M is actually an awful lot for a 0.5 WAR player, 4th OF or not.

    • If you want to cherry pick awful numbers to prove your case, sure.

      Defensively he isn’t terrible, though is hardly great. He’s OK. He makes high profile mistakes that really stand out, but I think he’s got decent range and has shown an alright arm as well. DRS thought he was average this year, but UZR did not. It’s debatable how far down he lies on the defensive spectrum, but I think terrible is an awful stretch.

      The caught stealing stat is pretty pointless, because he stole efficiently– safe over 77% of the time– so the counting stat is inflated because of the number of times he stole overall.

      And sure, if you want to overlook the fact that I pointed out he’s a platoon player, you can do a nice job of shitting on his overall performance. But, again, a .340 wOBA against lefties makes him a useful guy to have, especially given the cost, and given the other assets he brings.

      • 77% is not good when supposedly that’s his best asset.

        • It’s not Mike Trout, but it’s entirely fine.

          • Seems to me a couple of those were pickoffs, too. Without those his % is really good. Of course being picked off regularly is an issue in and of itself.

            • I thought CS numbers didn’t count pickoffs which was that argument for why he was actually worse then 77% might indicate. No idea if that’s true mind you. Also, I think it’s an easy choice to keep him around.

        • 77% is very good

          bill james once did a study which led him to conclude 67% was the optimum success rate when stealing bases, at 77% james would fault davis for not attempting more steals

          suggesting 77% is a bad rate is uninformed

      • Maybe the jays think they can find a rajai davis type for much cheaper. He is easily replaceable. Lefty mashing platoon outfielders are not hard to find. His defense is ok at best but id say slightly below average for someone with his speed. His hitting is atrocious against RHPs and his plate discipline is probably worse than arencibia. So, yeah.

        • …if only the jays had another guy they’re (arguably) overpaying…who would be best suited to face only RHP…someone that may have played LF in the past…y’know someone that you would “throw in” to get mike aviles, even.

          • Adam Lind is brutal defensively, has nothing to offer the way Davis does as a defensive replacement or pinch runner, and his wOBA this year vs. LHP was .343 and last year was .330.

            Davis is better.

            • I think he’s talking about platooning Lind and Davis, but I agree Lind shouldn’t get close to LF.

          • yea i’m saying platoon them…

        • He seems really easily replaceable, y’know, until you actually try to replace him. He’s not great, huge flaws, don’t get me wrong, but for $2.5-million (the contract minus the buyout), with what he brings as a pinch runner, platoon guy against lefties, and potentially a late inning defensive replacement in left– depending on who your regular guy is– he’s got very obvious value.

          • +1. You have to pay the buyout if he walks away, so might as well keep him for 2.5 million.

            We don’t which Colby Rasmus will show up in 2013?

            I suppose they might make room for Gose, but he probably needs to be in Buffalo for a while.

          • Another point to consider on the money side is replacement cost. Yeah, your not paying 2.5 mil to Davis, but you still have to fill that roster spot. The absolute shoestring budget scenario would be to have somebody like Moises Sierra as your 4th outfielder, but that still costs .5 mil.
            And if you want a veteran outfielder, you’re probably looking, bottom of the barrel player costing 1 to 11/2 mil.
            So in essence, rajai Davis only costs 1 or 2 million. Not a bad price to pay for a player with his attributes.

  7. I don’t understand why picking up Davis’ option would even be a question? At the very worst, if they had no room for him, they wouldn’t have a problem moving him.

    • couldn’t agree more-especially to a NL team where they play a lot of that bullshit small ball

    • Why would it be a problem? Money. Who knows how the tight wads up above are controlling things. I will never believe again that money isnt a huge factor in EVERY jays matter how seemingly small the amount.

  8. what’s to contemplate? How about rajai is not actually good at anything. The reason he has 46 sb’s is simply because of playing time. Dewayne wise and mastrioanni both have high sb totals and better % and cost a whole lot less and play better defense and hit the same. Rajai is not worth 2.5 mil, more like 1.5 mil at most. That’s why you have guys like mccoy, gose in case of injury.

    I agree with a previous poster. Alex wastes way too much money on bit players instead of overpaying regulars.

    • Read what I said to him. You’re wrong.

      • He’s wrong about Rajai not being worth 3 mil (seriously, what’s 3 mil buy you these days?), but he’s right about the Jays wasting money on bit players instead of overpaying regulars.

        • He’s not. Depth is important, and paying Davis $3-million as a fourth outfielder impacts very, very little.

          • I would agree with you if the Jays had shown any willingness to increase payroll over the last three years. They’re the only ones saying 3 mil matters.

    • Also, I know he’s not very good, but still, Davis is well ahead of McCoy, Gose, and Mastroianni at the plate. Sorry it doesn’t feel that way, but you have to actually look at stuff.

  9. Can’t understand why the Jays are even thinking on Davis. He’s a very good 4th outfielder at a reasonable cost.

    • he is as soon as they get a legitimate fucking third OF that ranks ahead of him-say Justin Upton ( for escobar and Nicolino) or BJ Upton for just fucking you know, CA$H

  10. Isn’t the formula like $5 million per Win Above Replacement? Based on that, $3 million is not a drastic overpay.

    Picking up Rajai’s option is similar to getting Aviles- ideally, he comes off the bench, but he’s insurance if they don’t get someone better. If he gets 200-300 ABs as a backup/against lefties, I’m not crying in my Cheerios.

    If he’s the opening day leftfielder, then the offseason has been a failure.

    • That formula is VERY flawed. It uses fangraphs’ own replacement level designation, and is based solely on free agency dollars spent. It’s not actually relevant to non free agent contracts.

  11. Davis has always played well on a part time basis. Mostly sucked when playin everyday

  12. Anyone have a thoughtful guess of what Davis would be offered as a FA this off season?

    • 2.75 Million Dollars

      • FamousAmazingGuy says:
      07.17.12 @ 9:53 PM EDT
      not sure why they’re burning coco in a low leverage situation?

  13. davis was going to be dfa’d by oakland when the jays traded for him. that’s how bad he was.

    he’s #2 in sb’s but not even in the top 10 in %. and he led the league (tied) in caught stealing.

  14. pretty amazing of the top 40 sb leaders rajia has the 4th worst WAR.

    • Irrelevant, but thanks for the tidbit.

      Davis got a lot of SBs this year because of increased playing time, and had a low WAR total because he’s not very good, especially miscast as an everyday player. Using this as a reason to shit on him is nothing but a ridiculous way to look past what his actual role would be in 2013 and how he provides value there– 4th OF, defensive replacement (depending on who is the regular), pinch runner, platoon player against LHP. What you’re saying is not wrong, it just has absolutely no bearing on what we’re talking about.

      • not irrelevant, it once again points to how bad an overall player rajai is

      • exactly, the only good thing you can say about rajai are his sb totals which he wouldn’t be getting as a 4th OF.

        thus it is a gross overpayment to be paying him 2.5 mil when a viable replacement would only cost you 1 mil.

        • No, that’s not the only good thing you can say– I have outlined several things.

          And no, you won’t necessarily find a replacement for less. You might, but to act like these kinds of guys are everywhere, to be had for nothing, is ridiculous.

          Again, he’s not great, but he provides more than enough value to stay on the roster as a 4th OF, and the $2.5-million hit doesn’t amount to much. Wasting this much time on it is silly– especially if you’re incapable of digesting what I’m saying to you about his value.

          • why are you so worried about losing what you claim is only a 4th of who would likely only get 100 ab’s??

          • yes you can find a replacement for less. his name is dewayne wise. he’s always available. better defense, better sb%, better hitter. nuff said.

        • Not necessarily, he should be used at critical game points to pinch run. It might actually increase his SB totals.

  15. I’m sorry but if the choice is davis or a gose/sierra platoon, then I go with a platoon.

    sierra ops’s .815 vs lefties in his first year

    gose ops’d .601 vs righties in his first year

    this is not a big diff between what davis would give you.

    I’m not saying give up on davis. I’m saying don’t pick up his option and offer him a more reasonable 1.5 mil. If he doesn’t like it he can test the free agent mkt. It’s not like the jays are in some desperate situation if he goes.

    • The reason you pick up his option is because of asset management. If you cut him, someone will pick him up guaranteed. If the off season goes well in terms of who we get ( I know it’s a big if with this club) you can always trade him. Why the hell would you not want to pick that option is the real question

  16. Seems pretty simple, for 2.5MM, isnt it better to go with the devil you know than the devil you don’t?

  17. Like a previous poster said, if Davis could be taught more baseball sense, teach him to be more selective, and pick a hitting zone in favourable counts, this guy is a superstar. No questions asked.

    But part of me believes some people just don’t get it. He migjt be one of them. Then again we caught lightening in a bottle with Eddie and Jose……

    He is a nice 4th outfielder in the meantime.

  18. I like the idea of getting a real LF’er and allowing Gose to grow into a regular as the 4th OF’er. Gose certainly posses the base staling capablities, good D andcan play all 3 OF positions. You can’t keep him on the farm forever, and the tightwad Jays can invest the savings (from Davis’s contract) into starting pitching

    • No way! If he’s up, he’s playing every day. To use him as a 4th outfielder at age 22 would be abhorrent. Well, unless it’s into August and you’re in a playoff chase.

      • You are right, perhaps the frustration of that LF job being an open sore agian for 2013 causes me to give a poor suggestion. Gose full time in LF isn’t much worse than Davis is it? Let Gose develop in LF while Rajai , or some other stiff AA findsfills the 4th OF spot on the bench.. 2013 isn’t the BJ’s playoff year either so give Gose the job now, it maybe a year early but he can fine tune his skills at the MLB level.
        I can’t bear the thought of Rajai in Left for a full year, and signing another journeyman LF’er to a multy year deal doesn’t make sense

        • By the way, the Travis Snider thing, yeah, I thought about it

        • Certainly far from a disaster if Gose is your starting fielder, but he’d probably be better off developing outside of the major league spotlight.
          Also, he and Hech are exactly the type of minor league depth AA talked about wanting in the minors.

    • Gose is a leftie . So it’s a natural to platoon him out there with Davis and let the 2 of them share the time. I dont like the idea of Davis pulling more bonehead plays out there but I also dont like the idea of another year of Gose in the minors and a platoon situation could give him just the right amount of exposure he needs. Besides, if he starts to improve, you can give him more and more time til Davis becomes a bona fide 4th OF. Of course this could all be solved if AA signs a FA fielder, but i would think his 1st and foremost priority would be pitching.

  19. Hurricane Sandy gonna hit Toronto. Sometimes signs are just to big to ignore. don’t hire Sandy A.A . :)

  20. Ausmus declines Marlins request to Padres for interview. I like that guy and Toronto’s pitch should be No. 1 catching prospect in baseball to groom and very good pitching prospects within 3 years of reaching bigs (with a top starter like Morrow and some other nice pieces like Alvarez, Hutchison and maybe Romero and Drabek in the meantime). Of course, I have no idea if he is good, but I would hope they at least try and interview him. Alomar could be good and maybe Luis Rivera. Butterfield is potentially a big loss, but he can’t be the only good infielder coach.

    Lovullo does not seem like much of a loss. Far, far too many outfield fuck ups even late last year (after 2 fucking years of coaching these guys). There never seemed to be enough vocalization of position or calling guys off when there is a beat on a ball.

    • Are they delaying Butterfield’s announcement because they’re interviewing other people? Not much of a confidence bulder I wouldn’t think. Farrell should know if he wants Butter or not and if he doesnt, tell the guy.

  21. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton caused a minor uproar on Twitter as fans posted photos of him on the Butler sidelines donning sweatpants, sneakers, and a Toronto Blue Jays baseball cap.

    Not sure why this is news, but kind of cool.

  22. Selig: “I’ve talked to (Jays president) Paul Beeston and no complaints have been filed.”

    That says to me that Beeston raised a bunch of complaints and Selig told him to forget it

  23. Maybe AA is due to have an off season like Ricciardi’s in 2006? A.J. Burnett, Troy Glaus, Lyle Overbay, B. J. Ryan, and Bengie Molina. Solid starter, top 5 closer, solid bats and defense at the corners, and an above average offensive catcher.

    Does AA ever have an off season like that? Hope so.

    • Judging by AA’s insistence that he’s going to look for FAs this offseason, I could see that.

      • I hope not, this can’t be the right time to deploy that strategy. Too many FA’s and you have to question why the Jays are building a farm system. Is it to develop talent our team, or develop trading chips.
        We could have just stayed with JP Riccardi and hisphilosophy if is we go the FA route

    • I think there’s great potential there for AA to duplicate or in fact better what JP did that year.

      For me the nice thing is that by the All-Star break your latest wave of guys could finally be ready to really produce with another couple of months in the minors under their belt. Guys like d’Arnaud, Gose, Hechavarria, Sierra or Stroman for instance. That gives them great depth going forward from that point with additional guys coming back from injuries not long after that.

      I’m going to disagree with Birddawg and say the timing couldn’t be better. Adding a few free agents to the mix already in place should be enough to push them over the top and make them legitimate playoff contenders. Going back to last year, this was a .500 or slightly better team at the All-Star break with 80% (if you count Romero) of the rotation in shambles not to mention the problems with the pen. Obviously there’s no certainty with the pen in general, but if they actually perform close to what they are supposed to be on paper then there’s an improvement over last year right off the bat.

      It’s always going to be a gamble to a certain extent but there’s always going to be a risk of injuries, regression or not performing up to expectations. I think it would be more of a crime to not risk it when you have the first half performance of 2012 to go on as a sample of what this team is capable of.

  24. My only fear of picking up the option of Davis is that he won’t be the 4th outfielder, he will be starting every game. Watch and see

  25. Some fan is going on the Texas boards and writing:

    Apparently Toronto is going through a PR disaster after bending over and giving their manager and coaches to Boston. They are perceived as a joke and a AAAA team who can’t compete with the big boys in MLB. Rogers, the multi-media giant, is the richest owner in sports who are losing another PR was as being the cheapest. They need to do something to change this image and apparently are going to do everything they can do land the big fish this off season. With a contract big enough to scare Texas from taking a risk on troubled Josh, Mr. Hamilton will be taking his talents to the Blue Jays.

  26. Waaay too many names in the mix for manager.

  27. I just can’t see AA bringing in 4-5 above average useful free agents. It is debatable if we even have signed as many good players since that off season. Eckstein, Oliver, Thomas, umm I’m sure there are more but nobody that really made a difference. If there were a time for Rogers to do it then now is that time. The fan interest high but fan confidence in management low.

  28. Lots of talk about who is being interviewed for which managerial job but nothing coming out of the Jays yet. We know who the candidates were previously. I wonder if Blair was right about Ausmus ‘having options’ and not wanting to come here. I imagine they’ve made the call since he interviewed so well in Boston. If I was one of those BoSux ‘candidates’ schlepped down there for window-dressing I would be hopping mad and ready to stick it to them any way I could. Managing a team in the same division would be a decent start. Unless he thinks the Jays are beyond hope and I have to say I don’t think they are.

  29. Shiiiit no love for Nicolino from the prospect guys ou there compared to syynd and Sanchez

  30. Everyone’s favourite hitting coach – Chad Mottola – interviewed for the Indian’s hitting coach job. Didn’t get it though.

    For some reason, I think more people would be more angry if he left than they were over the Farrell situation.

    • Wouldn’t matter to me. I know he seems to have these near mythical abilities as a hitting coach but Vegas mirage stats aside none of the hitters coming through Vegas seem to maintain anything close to their AAA production once at the major league level. I am sure he is well respected by the players but a lot of coaches can say the same thing. If he was the Don Cooper of hitting coaches that might be reason for concern.

    • +1.

      I wonder if Mottola will stay with the Jays in 2013 or go back to Buffalo?

      How much weaker will the Buffalo bats be than the Vegas bats.??

      It will be interesting to see if our far system ranking changes as a result of moving to Buffalo.

      Our hitters should look worse. Our pitchers should look better.

  31. I would like to send a bouquet to Stoeten for not insulting one of his loyal readers during this snack.

  32. me, I would definitely be looking at both Harren and Peavey. Pay them the fuckin dollars. THe two of them combined walk fewer betters in a whole year than Drabek walked in 3 months. Think about it.

  33. The Tigers roar back tonight

  34. who am I?

    A = I held lefties to a .603 ops with 1 hr. I made 500k

    B = I held lefties to a .644 ops with 2 hr. I made 4 mil

    which lefty reliver do you prefer?


    Ladies & Gents, here is the lineup for tonifgt’s game.

    San Francisco Giants

    1. Angel Pagan (S) CF
    2. Marco Scutaro (R) 2B
    3. Pablo Sandoval (S) 3B
    4. Buster Posey (R) C
    5. Hunter Pence (R) RF
    6. Brandon Belt (L) 1B
    7. Gregor Blanco (L) LF
    8. Hector Sanchez (S) DH
    9. Brandon Crawford (L) SS
    RHP — Ryan Vogelsong

    Detroit Tigers

    1. Austin Jackson (R) CF
    2. Quintin Berry (L) LF
    3. Miguel Cabrera (R) 3B
    4. Prince Fielder (L) 1B
    5. Delmon Young (R) DH
    6. Andy Dirks (L) RF
    7. Jhonny Peralta (R) SS
    8. Alex Avila (L) C
    9. Omar Infante (R) 2B
    RHP — Anibal Sanchez

    Let’s Play Ball.

  36. Here is a name I have not heard mentioned for manager Dave Reghetti I know spelling is wrong but look at job he has done for years now with that staff

  37. From the shallow end of the pool but Miggy is cute as a button!

  38. If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

    Let’s go Tigers, FFS.

  39. Whoa, it’s possible that a full on buzz timed to kick in at 5:00 PM was rushing matters. Mixing Baseball & The Best Coast is not without it’s attendant problems. I will soldier on.

  40. “Good fastball in a perfect spot.”

    *Pitch F/x proceeds to show it was right down the middle*

    • you’re aware of the limitations of the system, right? like they haven’t even figured out how to manage release points, right? like, right?

  41. Woo Hoo!

  42. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Sigh…

  43. Time for the bottom of the order to come through.

  44. Goddammit, Kitty!!!!!

  45. Aw…fuck

  46. Papi is going te resign in Boston from what I read, what do you guys think about signing Fat Elvis? St. Louis just came out and said they won’t be bringing him back.

    2012 was lost to injury but here are his 2011 numbers:

    .301 Ba, .412 OBP, .547 slg.
    Granted he’s 36 but Berkman would look good as our DH on a 2 year deal.

  47. They’ve got to get something here

  48. Based on Prince’s performance so far, does anyone still regret AA not grabbing him, assuming we could have gotten him?

    • Not me but then I wasn’t keen on AA signing him.

    • I would say it is not an overly large sample size unless you’re talking about his uniform. Also 4.4 WAR/4.9 fWAR is still a huge improvement over Lind at 0.0 WAR/0.2 fWAR. How good would his perennial .400+ OBP look between Jose and EE especially as a left handed batter.

      At the end of the day I guess it would come down to budget. Considering the Jays are going to probably have to spend a good chunk of change on pitchers this winter would it have been there for 2013 if they had signed him last year?

      As I said the other day about Greinke, as nice as it would be to have him, it certainly would be risky for a team that’s had below average payrolls to put all their eggs in one basket.

      • Yep. I think batting is the least of our concerns right now. Ike Davis would be pretty serviceable at first. We don’t need a $20M bat; we need a couple of $10M+ pitchers.

  49. How could a 1st base coach not argue that missed call? Wow.

    • With all the lucky bounces they have had this postseason I think it would have been bad JuJu to blow up there.

  50. For GSMC
    The Tiger’s Lament

    When you think that you’ve lost everything
    You find out you can always lose a little more
    I’m just going down the road feeling bad
    Trying to get to heaven before they close the door.

    • Parkes will be insufferable if the Giants go up 3-0.

      I would still have signed Fielder FWIW. He helped get the Tigers to the World Series.

      Linecum needs a haircut.

      • You mean it gets more insufferable than the 18 inches on how by pure coincidence the Giants are the only team since 1969 to make it to the World Series and only face right handed starters. And that that is somehow “another special thing about the 2012 Giants”? You’re telling me, it gets more insufferable?

    • It doesn’t get any better than that! Bob Dylan for any occasion.

  51. Has Getting Bored given up on covering the games? I went over to check out all the activity, nothing there.

  52. It’s a little sad when the only traffic you require are those wondering why you’re doing diddly squat.

  53. Cue DD.

  54. Journey is playing, they’re running out of ways to motivate these slugs.

  55. Man, I never would have guessed that the Giants would be this close to going up 3-0.

  56. I hope there’s such a thing as baseball karma, cause after this season I’m thinking everything is going to go right next year…Jays in the playoffs!1!!?!11!

  57. Once I had mountains in the palm of my hand
    And rivers that ran through ev’ry day
    I must have been mad
    I never knew what I had
    Until I threw it all away.

  58. I’ve just reached a place where the willow don’t bend
    There’s not much more to be said, it’s the top of the end
    I’m going, I’m going, I’m gone.

  59. And when finally the bottom fell out
    I became withdrawn
    The only thing I knew how to do
    Was to keep on keeping on like a bird that flew
    Tangled up in blue.

  60. San Fran are Army Ants, doi you know why?

  61. Fact:
    Every time the Tigers make the WS, it’s BORING.

    I’m so glad that the Jays did waste $214 Million on a tub ‘o guts like Fielder

  62. According to Elliot, Wallach is a managerial candidate, Ausmus is not..

    • Tim Wallach? The same guy who came up with the expos who developed his swing ala Dave Kingman? Low batting average, but some magnificent home runs to compliment his .240 BA? He’ll get along great wuth Dwayne Murphy, more team HR’s lower Team BA – great!
      Tim fucking Wallach, yhe one of the worst TV intervies? Makes Adanm Lind and Colby look like stand up guys? Yep this is the guy alright,,,stealth AA, just fucking stealth

      • Who cares what his TV interviews are like

        • How to pick up on the salient points James…you’ll make a grat moderater some day

          • By the way part of the Managers job is to communicate with the fans during the pre-game and post game…its more important than first thought. No this in itself dosn’t translate into to wins, but it can help with generating higher radio audiences and putting fans in the seats.

          • Right. Well, you can’t judge him as a potential manager based on his batting average as a player.

            And even if you did, for some reason, Wallach had a higher career batting average (.257) than Ausmus (.251) did.

            Anyway, I think we really wouldn’t know what any of these guys will be like as manager until we’ve seen them manage.

          • Good point, just not a Wallach fan as he was never a leader on the field, so how can he be one now…we shall see

  63. I think we all know that the Jays need to sign a whole bunch of players who don’t get on base and clog up the basepaths. This is the Buck Martinez Key to Success.

  64. I guess the Tigers aren’t streetlight people, because they’ve stopped believing in their journey.

  65. For those wondering about Sal Fasano’s clubhouse, check out the rules in New Hampshire…

  66. what a joke this ws is. must be the worst ratings ever. this is what happens when you allow shitty teams to make the playoffs by fucking with the system. fucky you selig

    • Both of these teams won their division?

      • wow that means what? winning with 88 wins in a cream puff division and a losing road record is pretty shitty.

        • lets have the Yankees win it every year

        • I guess I am not sure what the fuck you are talking about. YOu say ‘fuck you selig’ as if his most recent changes to playoff format had any bearing on the two teams in the World Series. When the fact is, it doesn’t.

          Now if you want to go back twenty some odd years to pre wild card days, then that is a whole other argument, which I don’t see that you are referring to in your original comment.

          So either way, you make no fucking sense.

    • +1.

      Selig is a Fu**stick.

      I think the schedule should be balanced & the divisions eliminated.

      Top 4 in each League make the playoffs or Top 5 with the winner of the AL & NL getting a first round bye.

      It’s absurd that the Giants could win the world series.

  67. FYI I’m going to post the game threat and the line ups in the podcast thread from the other day. There’s only one comment at the moment.

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