Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!!?

And now your one-stop source for everything horse racing and Detroit real estate: it’s another edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast! And all October we’ll be talking MLB playoff action in podcastical form, shooting our shit through the ol’ pneumatic tube straight into the guts of the Getting Blanked iTunes page, and right here on the web for your listening enjoyment!

And in a timely-ish manner, to boot!

If you prefer to have a listen later, you can download the podcast right here.

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  1. Some fan is going on the Texas boards and writing:

    Apparently Toronto is going through a PR disaster after bending over and giving their manager and coaches to Boston. They are perceived as a joke and a AAAA team who can’t compete with the big boys in MLB. Rogers, the multi-media giant, is the richest owner in sports who are losing another PR was as being the cheapest. They need to do something to change this image and apparently are going to do everything they can do land the big fish this off season. With a contract big enough to scare Texas from taking a risk on troubled Josh, Mr. Hamilton will be taking his talents to the Blue Jays.

  2. GAME THREAT WS 2012 GAME 4 (and perhaps the grand finale but let’s not get ahead of ourselves) the Giants from the city by the bay (aka San Francisco) versus the Tigers from Motor City/Motown (aka Detroit)

    San Francisco
    CF Pagan, Angel
    2B Scutaro, Marco
    3B Sandoval, Pablo
    C Posey, Buster
    RF Pence, Hunter
    1B Belt, Brandon
    LF Blanco, Gregor
    DH Theriot, Ryan
    SS Crawford, Brandon
    P Cain, Matt

    CF Jackson, Austin
    LF Berry, Quintin
    3B Cabrera, Miguel
    1B Fielder, Prince
    DH Young, Delmon
    RF Dirks, Andy
    SS Peralta, Jhonny
    2B Infante, Omar
    C Laird, Gerald 0
    P Scherzer, Max

  3. Cmon tigers give Alex some more time for manager interviews.

    • Thanks DD.
      Motown=great memories.

      • David Ruffin & The Temptations–My Girl & Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
        Mary Wells–My Guy
        Martha Reeves & The Vandellas–Dancing In The Street & Heatwave
        Smokey Robinson & The Miracles–The Tracks Of My Tears
        Junior Walker & The All Stars–Shotgun
        The Four Tops–Bernadette
        Marvin Gaye-I Heard It Through The Grapevine etc. etc. etc.

      • You’re welcome. A few years ago when I was Christmas shopping the Roots store was selling a “roots of Motown” CD and I have to say I still play the shit out it.

        Really off topic but there was a story on CBC news the other night about this guy named Rodriguez who was singing in Detroit during the Motown era but got “lost in the shuffle” as it were. However, activists in South Africa during apartheid discovered him and he was a huge hit in SA. Anyway he’s now 70 and has been discovered in north America and is currently touring. If he hits Ottawa I will definitely go see him.

  4. So good so far.

  5. Walk, Then Run.
    Not a favourite song of mine.

  6. Fearless leader posted a game threat. Only 2 comments, so I guess we’re staying put?

  7. So it seems this Frankenstein-like half Jays blog/half chat room is going out with a whimper.

  8. Oh Yes!! Tigers! Eat ‘Em Raw!

  9. Hey, it’s something to be excited about!

  10. So, will it be Waka, Hale-storm, The Blizzard of Oz, or El Presidente, El Perfecto (oops…wrong Martinez) for Jays manager? Just throwing some nicknames out there to see what, if anything, sticks.

    • Personally I’ll be happy with any of them, provided that the winner isn’t using us as a stepping stone. It surprises me that a blog that insists that a manager has little real influence is so very concerned. Plus, I (like most others, I suspect) know diddly squat about them. In AA I trust.

  11. Shit on a stick… :(

  12. Maybe it will be a not-so-grand finale.
    The Mother Nature giveth and taketh away.

  13. Can the Giants just fuck off, please?

    • I can live with the Giants winning yet again, but enduring Parke’s doucebaggery will take it’s toll.

  14. Every game should be played at the outer edge of a hurricane!

    • You are like a hurricane
      There’s calm in your eye.
      And I’m gettin’ blown away
      To somewhere safer
      where the feeling stays.
      I want to love you but
      I’m getting blown away.

  15. Fuck, why does it feel like the Tigers are losing 3-3?

  16. That rendition of ‘God Bless America’ would have embarrassed a Little League game.

  17. Now the moon is almost hidden
    The stars are beginning to hide
    The fortune-telling lady
    Has even taken all her things inside
    All except for Cain and Abel
    And the hunchback of Notre Dame
    Everybody is making love
    Or else expecting rain
    And the Good Samaritan, he’s dressing
    He’s getting ready for the show
    He’s going to the carnival tonight
    On Desolation Row

    • I liked the cover by My Chemical Romance. You’d hate it Tater.

      • Were you smoothing out the wrinkles again?

        • If only, no, I had a hockey game. Seems like I got here just in time, where’s the cake.

          • Patience, Smasher. Karen’s still trying to wrap her pretty little head around winning one for the Gipper.

          • It seems your membership in ‘The Geezerhood’ is suspect! A pair of knees that still allow for that level of mishap places you in the early levels at best. Time is on your side, however.

  18. Lets see what they can do here

  19. Karen, now is the time to jump out of that cake!
    We have them on the ropes.
    For God and country.

  20. Coke is still #1. The real thing.

  21. Who ends it for the Tigers?

  22. This so called Fall Classic has allowd me to realize that sometimes alcohol can’t even make the shittiest things more exciting.

    • Wiser (and no, that was definitely NOT a pun) word have rarely been spoken. Hence the need for this thingmajig they call DJF.

  23. If it does end tonight, damn those Giants, it’s been fun chatting/getting drunk with you folks this season.

  24. I’ve been only a sporadic participant (but longtime lurker) to the clusterfuck of awesomeness that is DJF. It’s always a blast…the fun shall never end! Next major event…our new manager!!

  25. This cannot be good.

  26. awww, fucknuts! :(

  27. God bless thee Mother Mary and Scutaro, end this sorrow that petrifies our souls.

  28. Ideas for off season topics of discussion:

    - AA’s most Ninja moves (will he top himself by naming himself manager?)
    - The optimal length for Colby Rasmus’ hair
    - The over/under on the # of Red Bulls that Lawrie will drink in 2013.
    - Which position player on the Jays will be the first to be seduced by Dr. James Andrews and get Tommy John Surgery?
    - What will the last uninjured body part be on Dustin McGowan?

    • I thought they froze Dustin McGowan in hopes that future science could rebuild him?

      • They would have, except the contractor hired to install the cryogenics machinery tore his groin, lost a finger due to frost bite, and – of course – blew out his elbow…requiring Tommy John surgery…while trying to construct and test the lab equipment. He’ll likely end up as a member of the Jays rotation for 2014…the contractor, not McGowan.

    • Dibbs on any still-functioning Dustin McGowan body parts.

    • A couple of other topics to add to the original list, on this fine morning:

      - Should Joey Bats go Brian Wilson on his beard and just grow that muthafucka out?!
      - Shouldn’t (they all) have tagged (all of them) out?
      - Jays…Cubs…World Series…who gets there first?

  29. And that ends that, congrats Giants….fuck off 2012 MLB season…Hey Mr. Anthopoulos the WS is over and yoooour up!

    • Go get em Alex, prove us guys that have been sticking up for you right.

      • It truly is his time to shine (or not) either way it will be an exciting off season for Jays fans that deserve much more than what 2012 gave them.

    • And dare I say, this time you’re on the hot seat. No pressure. Just be the ninja we believe in. The Silent Assassin. Make it so!

  30. Anticlimactic series followed by anticlimactic trophy presentation.

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