Back by popular-ish demand, here’s your spot to talk about tonight’s playoff action, if for some pointless reason you’d rather discuss it here than in the actually-related post, over at Getting Blanked.


8:00 PM ET:
San Francisco Giants (Cain, M.) @ Detroit Tigers (Scherzer, M.)
TV: FOX/Sportsnet – Giants lead 3-0.

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  1. For something to ponder while we watch the Tigers mercifully put an end to the WS…Shi Davidi has written that it is believed that Jim Tracy, Manny Acta, and Brad Ausmus are NOT on the search list for the Jays.

    Discuss amongst yourselves…if you give a crap.

    • …goddamit…..

      • Well that is a shame Pudgie because it would have been a great homour to have become the manager of the great franchise that is the Toronto Blue Jays of Toronto, the franchise of such great names as David Steib, Juan Guzman and Kevin Mench which hails from the great country known as Canada which is also home to Eric Gagne who I turned into one of the greatest closers of all time while with the Los Angeles Dodgers of California.

  2. …and that Tim Wallach IS on the list.

  3. Isn’t my commercial cool? I’m so cool.

  4. I’ll take Wallach or Whitt.

    No Alomars. Never bring in Hall of Fame blood.

    • Nein to any of the above…

      Wakamatsu if they stay internal…DeMarlo Hale if they want somebody with a heck of a non-managerial track record at the MLB level…Ozzie Guillen if they just wanna fuck some stuff up.

      Dave Martinez would also be a good pick.

  5. Hooray for hurricanes!!

  6. Thank you Karen…though I do wonder how it got re-routed to the podcast instead of just tacked on to the Friday Snack… :?

  7. The Gameday Scout’s comment on the final pitch of the 2012 World Series: “That was pitch number 15 for Sergio Romo; his effectiveness may start slipping….”

  8. Its finally over.

    Division and league series were more entertaining. So, now the real fun begins. Off-season.

    • +1.

      AA has to speed up his decision making.

      New manager. Decie on Davis. Negotiate with Carlos V?

      I hope AA brings him back as insurance.

    • Is it sad that I also wanted the series to end fast so we could get to the off-season?

      This series: Woof.

      • Yeah this series was a bad one. At least the playoffs were pretty entertaining up to this point, especially the first round. And today was a really good game finally.

        And we’re only 25 days after the end of the regular season. One thing I appreciate about the MLB postseason is that it doesn’t drag on and on and on past the point of tedium. If this were the NHL or NBA we’d still be in the second round and have well over a month to go.

  9. I just hope all of these guys in the minors keep up with the winning culture.

    I thought the team had turned a corner in the spring after all of the roster turnover.

    Get rid of Lind Frasor #losingveterans

  10. Now we can find out which white, tall, good looking, big chinned, smooth talking, no substance, big market loving, omar hating, lawrie cock stroking, coco loving, ken doll manager alex plans to hire this time.

  11. Oh neat. It’s over! Now we can get down to business.

    Note to AA. If it looks like it got carved on Mount Rushmore, don’t hire it!

    • You’d rather have someone like Carlos Tosca, the guy straight out of Central Casting?

      • Huh?

        • You know… Farrell looks like he’s chiseled from Mount Rushmore but Tosca looks like he’s hired right out of Central Casting, the stereotypical manager that you see in movies.

  12. “The Giants don’t win on talent. Scott Miller says teamwork and culture has led them to two World Series titles in three years, and made them an elite franchise”

    Stoeten, do you honestly think culture doesn’t matter?

  13. AA should be targeting Dave Righetti as the next manager. I hear his dream job is to be the manager of the Giants, but with Bochy winning 2 WS in 3 years, there’s NO way the Giants would ever get rid of him any time soon, right?

  14. Hooray! Now with the World Series no longer being an inconvenience, we get to finally see if Anthopoulos really is the prodigal son, or if this franchise is doomed from empty words, and a owner who’s content on appearing ignominious.

  15. GG SF..WTF DT. Whodathunkit.

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