“Free agency began at 8 a.m. Monday, with teams retaining exclusive negotiating rights until midnight Friday,” wrote Jeff Blair in a piece chalk full of goodies in this morning’s Globe and Mail. “Other teams are not precluded from talking to free agents during these five days, but only the players previous team can re-sign him during the period.”

In other words, the Jays need to get on their damn horse with this managerial search, in order to make sure they don’t have too many balls in the air as the most ridiculously crucial free agent period this team has faced in a long time gets set to begin. And, at least according to Blair, it’s not going to be an easy decision, explaining that “one veteran baseball man, who knows Anthopoulos and the Blue Jays, said last week that he believed Anthopoulos would lean toward hiring a candidate with a background in player development as well as coaching – much like Farrell – which could hint of Wakamatsu,” however, he also believes that “finding someone who has proven that he can manage a Major League team and has demonstrated tactical nous would seem to be an important consideration.”

I tend to agree, which is why I’ve been looking so favourably on ex-manager of the Clevelands and the Nationals, Manny Acta, despite the fact that he doesn’t have a great record, and wasn’t able to keep a lid on disgruntled closer Chris Perez last year, among whatever other issues– beyond a shitty record reflective of a team with not a lot of talent– that caused his ouster from Cleveland at the end of the season.

But what do I know? Not enough, certainly, about the other candidates to really be able to gauge who they’d be as tactical managers– which is why it was ridiculously easy to be on Team Acta, given his reputation as a guy open to progressive, sabermetric ideas.

I say “was,” though, because according to Shi Davidi of Sportsnet, Acta is “not believed to be in play right now.”

So… there’s that. Yet, with bad news comes good: Davidi also lumps Jim Tracy in with Acta as guys not being looked at, reporting late Saturday night that the “still-developing list of managerial candidates includes Los Angeles Dodgers third base coach Tim Wallach but not San Diego Padres special assistant Brad Ausmus.”

He notes, however, that Ausmus may not be interested, having turned down interviews with both Houston and Florida, “and is thought to only be interested in the Padres or Red Sox for personal reasons.” If true, it leaves the list of candidates he gives us as Wallach, Brian Butterfield, Don Wakamatsu, DeMarlo Hale, and the name I, and a lot of people, keep coming back to: Sandy Alomar Jr.

No, he doesn’t have experience running a game, but his having a place on Acta’s staff is enough to make you at least hopeful that he’s go the right ideas, tactically. Of course, it’s not like watching Terry Francona work had a lot of impact on John Farrell, so we’d be looking at yet another leap of faith, and this time from a GM whose decision-making fans are a whole lot more wary of.

Fortunately, Anthopoulos doesn’t often seem to give a shit what the fans or the columnist trolls think when it gets in the way of running the Jays he wants them to be run, whether it’s staying mum on Yu Darvish, or letting the Farrell saga play out the way it did. Sure, if we get to April and he hasn’t succeeded in his task of improving the club, there’s going to be a lot of bluster about it– and rightfully so. Until then, that’s all it is.

Speaking of Farrell– and of columnist trolls– according to a tidbit from Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun, Anthopoulos may be more upset about having such a crucial off-season thrown into disarray than he’s led on, than those who think the Jays should have seen this coming since last year may believe, and than some of John Farrell’s parting comments have made it seem.

Regarding Farrell’s explanation of a conversation with Anthopoulos about the GM hypothetically wanting to leave for a “dream job” with the Expos, Simmons writes that “Anthopoulos insists he said nothing of the kind. According to the Jays general manager, he just wanted to end the conversation with Farrell, was disgusted by his lack of loyalty, and made an analogy about running the Baltimore Orioles and wanting to run the Blue Jays.”

“The inference was more like, ‘OK John, save the explanations and let’s figure out where we go from here,’ said Anthopoulos — and not in any way tacit approval of Farrell’s move to Boston,” he adds.

Where the Jays go, of course, is into yet another manager search, and into an off-season where, according to Blair’s piece, “the free-agent pitching market is thin – Ryan Dempster of the Texas Rangers and Edwin Jackson of the Washington Nationals are targets, sources say, but the Blue Jays are under no illusions that either is a No. 1 starter and have resolved that they will need to put together a package based around one of their big three pitching prospects (Noah Syndergaard, Aaron Sanchez and Justin Nicolino) if they are serious about getting a front of the rotation starter.”

He adds that he believes Yunel Escobar has more trade value than many people are acknowledging, given the scarcity of options at shortstop, and passes along last week’s rumour about JP Arencibia being linked with a move to Texas as well.

Makes sense. Now they just have to get it done. And fast– Gregor Chisholm of BlueJays.com notes that the club has until three days after the World Series (i.e. Wednesday) to decide whether to pick up their club options on reliever Darren Oliver, and outfielder Rajai Davis.

Picking up Oliver’s option, so long as he doesn’t want to retire, should be a no-brainer. The $3-million commitment to Davis, however, hangs in the balance. I’d expect the club to pick it up, but I have no idea, and I don’t deny that there are probably cheaper options as fourth outfielders. Yet there is definite value in Davis, if used correctly– he can hit lefties (wOBAs over .340 in each of the last three years), and is better on the basepaths and in the field than your memory probably suggests, making him a decent option as a pinch runner and a defensive replacement, depending on the defensive deficiencies of whoever the Jays do wind up going with as their regular left fielder.

Still, this year more than ever, every dollar towards core pieces counts, so… who knows what will happen?

You could say that about just about everything at this point, I suppose. I’d even be excited if I wasn’t so damn worried.

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  1. I miss baseball so much I’d be willing to watch a Jays game with Vizquel batting cleanup.

  2. I can see Dempster on the team next year. He’s someone you can mostly rely on to be solid, and might provide that “veteran leadership” we’ll hear tons about next year. At his age, he probably can’t expect more than a 3-year deal, which should be palatable to the Jays. There’s also at least a possibility he’d be interested in playing for the Jays, unlike most “high-end” free agents. It was reported this summer that the Jays were one of a few teams Dempster would waive his no trade clause for.

    That said, if signing him takes 3Y/$39M or so – do the Jays want to spend $13M or so on a guy and not even have their “ace”?

    • I think that’s palatable, entirely.

    • i don’t remember the Jays being among the teams that dempster would waive his NTC for… IIRC, it was a very short list and the jays were not on it.

    • The interesting thing about Dempster is that I think if he runs of gas as a starter after a year or two into his next contract, I think he’ll be one hell of a reliever.
      So in that sense there might be some safety in signing him.

  3. hard to fine a better bang for buck in a 4th outfielder than davis.

    they could also decline his option and he can goto arbitration .

    • MLBTR projects Davis to get $3.9M in arbitration if his option is declined, so yeah, it does look like good value.

      • It would be foolish for AA not t pick up Rajai Davis option, given that he is a useful 4th OF.

        They aren’t going to use Sierra or Gose as 4th OF.

        I wonder about Oliver. Does he need an extra 3 million? He might be tired.

        Can he retire as a Jay & then come back in 2013 for another team or is he prohibited from playing for another team in 2013?

        • The Jays will pick up his option so they’ll own his rights, I think. If he came back in 2013 he’d have to play for Toronto.

          Of course, if he comes back and tells AA it’s his dream job to pitch in Baltimore or New York then we’ll have no choice but to trade him for 10 cents on the dollar.

      • I think it’s more likely that he would be non-tendered if he did not have the option. Which is just to say that I don’t think the arbitration estimate says much about his value IMO.

  4. Ortiz still has signed, even though they were reportedly close to a deal.

    AA can officially sweep in with a big offer! Two-years, $30 million! A little bit of an overpay, but worth it!

    The dream is still alive!!! At least for the time being…

    • LET ME DREAM!!!

      • Wouldn’t they have to give up a 1st round draft choice to sign Ortiz? I’m not sure I’d be interested in that.

        • I believe our 1st rounder is protected beacuse we finished in bottom 10 record wise

        • We have a protected first round pick so I think we’re ok in that department

          • So we would have to give up our 2nd round pick then?

            I’d be more willing to support this kind of move if they made other impact free agent signings such as say Grienke, which would then bump the Ortiz compensation pick down even more and increase the chances that the Jays will have a competitive team next year.

          • Only if he was offered arb at over 12 million and declined.

          • Which I would guess there is little chance that he won’t be offered arbitration or at less than $12 million.

          • That’s why we’re dreaming!

        • + Billions and Billions Peter.

          • oops.. I forgot! They finished in the bottom 10 this year and are immunized from giving up a 1st round selection…instead they give up a 2nd round selection….I’ ll take back a Billion and leave you a few.

  5. Quote from Stoeten:

    “Fortunately, Anthopoulos doesn’t often seem to give a shit what the fans or the columnist trolls think when it gets in the way of running the Jays he wants them to be run, whether it’s staying mum on Yu Darvish, or letting the Farrell saga play out the way it did”

    Yeah, but he was wrong about Darvish I think. At least wrong to let it play out as long as it did. Farrell, hey, I think he would have paid for that guy’s ticket to Boston as soon as the words ‘dream job’ left his mouth. He hired the wrong guy but I understand why he made that hire. Now he needs to pull on his Big Boy pants and get moving. Quickly.

    I share Stoeten’s worry about the off-season. It’s maybe the most important off-season in a while and I hope it goes well for him. And us.

    • i have to the think that the world series ending in 4 games hurts the blue jays… if it drags on for 7 games maybe the jays are ready to announce a new manager at earliest opportunity and turn their attention to free agency.

    • +1.

      AA can pretend not to care what anyone thinks, but it was a PR disaster to let the Red Sox manipulate the Jays into giving up Farrell for the guy with the second lowest OBP in the AL.

      Also, AA had to admit that he had a lame duck manager for all of 2012, so the Indians manager Acta take the helm.

      Might as well go with Sandy Alomar & hope for the best.

      It is an extremely important off season for the Jays & AA can rely on miracle recoveries of Jessee Litsch, Dustin McGowan & Brett Cecil.

      AA is taking a risk by dumping Carlos V

      AA lost a lot of goodwill last year & his ninja status has been reduced by his own admision that the compensation for Farrell was done at the ownership levels.

      I don’t know why he would admit this because it makes him look weak other than if Aviles flops next year, he can blame Beeston.

  6. Can we bring back the days of the Player-Manager?
    I think Yunel would do a good job making the managers decision … Or maybe Lawrie. Red Bulls for everyone before every at-bat.


  7. Let’s hire Hurricane Sandy Alomar Jr & get on with it.

  8. Rajai’s Defense and base running is exactly how I remember it. Wild swings from great to terrible. It averages out to a middle of the pack defender at best, and a better than average base runner with the occasional brain fart.

  9. AA needs to act decisively, pick a guy and move on. It’s not like he’s picking a new Pope for fuck’s sake.

    • No, I want him to take a reasonable amount of time.
      He’s not picking a new Pope,true.
      But more importantly.
      He’s trying NOT to pick the next Farrett.

      • shit dude, he took a year and ended up with farrell… maybe there is an inverse relationship between time taken and the quality of the choice.

        • He wasn’t interviewing for a year and a half. He didn’t know who would be available.
          And this time he should concentrate on baseball manager skills and not pretty face,media darling,two faced cocksuckers who lust after other managerial jobs.
          Just my opinion.
          Not that I’m bitter.

          • +1. Didn’t AA brag that he had researched several hundred potential managers through the 29 other franchises.

            If he hired Manny Acta, he could offer all the sabre geeks a free subscription to fan graphs with every season ticket package :))

          • C’mon Radar, dont hold back…say what you mean!

        • You got a point there…

          • I mean Ryan has a point there. Sorry, Radar, I’m not agreeing with you!

          • @ isabella

            Okay, now I’m bitter.
            Or maybe i’m just a cranky old fart.

          • No idea where this would end because there’s no reply button on Radar’s post.

            Radar I mean that AA should be quick about it, not that he should hire the most managerial-looking candidate. I do think that a part of AA’s decision on Farrell was–maybe subconsciously–based on the fact that he was right out of central casting for a ‘manager type’. The Red Sox clearly think that. Boston media has been drooling over Farrett’s square jaw and manly affect and strong handshake etc etc. They think he looks the part. And he does. But unless he’s had a complete personality transplant I don’t think he’s a manager. I guess we’ll see.

            As for the Jays, I’d be happy to see Sandy Alomar suit up. I think he might be good for the team.

  10. I wouldn’t overpay for Dempster coming off a career year. Anibal Sanchez is my #1 target. I’d be willing to go 5 years $75M for him. Sounds high, but both his advanced stats and traditional stats are a lot closer to Greinke’s than people realize. Have to overpay him a bit to get him to come here, but it’s only an overpay relative to what other teams are offering. In reality, I think he’s well worth that money. Much less of an overpay than what Greinke will get.

  11. What’s the chances the Jays go after Sanchez? Seems like a good fit, as the #3, although I’m guessing he maybe too pricey.

    • 90% of MLBers are “too pricey” for this club.

      • Idiot.

        • I might be an idiot, but at least I’m not a fat hipster who mouths off online as a way of trying to make myself feel tough/cool.

          And that beard? Talk about trying too hard.

          • “mouths off online as a way of trying to make myself feel tough/cool.”



          • You are right, you might be an idiot.

            I question why you are here reading and commenting on a blog by “a fat hipster who mouths off online as a way of trying to make myself feel tough/cool”? I guess it take one to know one…

          • RADAR:

            Not trolling. I’m just stating what I perceive as truth as a long-time observer. The fact that calling Rogers cheap makes so many of the fan boys foam at the mouth tells me that it hits a nerve – because they know deep down in their lemming hearts that it is the truth.

            Let’s see Rogers prove me wrong this off-season. I hope they do.

          • lolz.
            He burned you Stoeten, you are a fat hipster with a douchey beard.
            Also, your baseball analysis is piss poor and blatantly ill-informed. What would you do without Richard Griffin?

        • Stond Jays Fan/Andrew’s thinner handle:

          Wow. Did you just imply I am an idiot and follow it up with “it take[sic] one to know one”?


          • Of course, I’ll be dismissed as a troll when it was Andrew who insulted me first.

            But like good little lemmings, you’ll ignore that.

          • Clearly you don’t realize that the internet is full of trolls like us who can’t take insults very well

          • You are a troll man.

            “90% of MLBers are “too pricey” for this club.” Troll-worthy.

          • @ MikeWLH

            I’m not exactly known as lemming.So for for an unbiased opinion of your statement.
            You’re an idiot.
            Trolling about Roger’s spending is trolling at it’s best.
            Try and make an informed statement before looking for a reaction.

      • Is that a Mike Wilner impersonation.

        With the extra money going to teams as a result of the new TV contract, prices will go up for starting pitching in terms of prospects or free agent money.

        It’s the best time to be free agent pitcher in years.

        Watch mediocre Marcum get 10 million per year.

      • I don’t consider stating the obvious as trolling. The jays have never spent more then 5mil on any free agent so yeah they consider anything above that expensive.

        • Well it has been a while since they did that, but thay have. But I’m assuming you’re talking about the AA era and he’s spent lots of money on international signings and the draft and scouting.

          • Btw, I consider that when they signed Kelly Johnson last winter at 6.38 mill, he was a FA then.

      • MWLH, no point in arguing this.

        When all the dust settles and March 1st fails to deliver a winner on paper, just remind them. And repeat this every fucking year and one day the truth will sink in.

        • I guess Rob only wants winners to be ‘on paper’.

          Thank Fuck for that.

          Note: We looked good on paper before 2012 too. And the Tigers looked better on paper. Shall I go on?

      • maybe we should focus on signing aubrey huff, we can afford him

  12. so how much do we give up for one year of choo?

    • What choo talking ’bout?

    • Obviously I don’t know what the Indians would want – but they could kind of use some of the scraps the Jays have. They could use a 1B (Cooper), and would a replacement RF (Sierra). Choo was only worth 2.6 fWAR last year, and 1.5 an injury-shortened 2011 (played a bit more than half the season), so he’s a few year’s off of being the perennial 5+ WAR guy he appeared to be becoming.

      So basically, I don’t think he’s worth a ton. Sierra, Cooper and one more interesting player?

      • Dunno Bret…I like him kinda. But he’s a FA in 2014 and a Scott Boras client. You’d prob have to give up more than table scraps for 1 year.

    • I’d rather just avoid him. LF may be a hole, but pitching is a far bigger one. The prospects required to land him could be used to acquire a much-needed SP. Add to the top of that: he’s a Boras client. One year of control and that headache isn’t even worth thinking about it.

      • Maybe trade for him as a late-offseason aquisition?

        God knows we need a better regular outfielder then Davis, even if it is for only one year

        • I would not be opposed to the Jays looking at Melky Cabrera. Aside from walk rates, they’re about the same type of player, and one would likely come cheap.

          • I wouldn’t be opposed to Cabrera either, though I know a lot are weary on the idea of coming off of PED’s

          • Moreover Cabrera isnt likely to re-offend. I’d have to wonder though what kind of production he’d give you after he’s clean.

  13. I have a pretty big question about Rajai – do pickoffs count toward “caught stealing”? Because I don’t think it does and when you add it in, his numbers are bad, real bad.

    In that case I’d rather take a chance on Gose as a platoon type player. He needs some more base running practice but his speed is insane. Plus he is cheaper.

    Now you still need another side to that platoon so maybe you need Rajai anyway.

  14. I heard the Jays were sending a brinks truck to florida and the key to california via fedex… either that or i was hearing things. one is more plausible then the other i have to admit….

  15. Just my opinion, but I think AA really needs to bring in one mid-rotation guy ASAP and then he can spend the rest of the winter haggling over prices with agents and GMs over a second (and possibly third) starter.

    I know KW is out as GM, but could Gavin Floyd finally be had by AA? KW mentioned that their payroll will remain the same and it sounds like they want to keep Peavy.

    We’ve been well rested for over 6 months. It’s time for another round of Floyd rumors.

  16. “which is why it was ridiculously easy to be on Team Acta, given his reputation as a guy open to progressive, sabermetric ideas.”

    Just a question? Has anyone run the numbers to see how well “managers open to progressive, sabermetric ideas” have performed? While I do hate most of the traditional stuff managers tend to do that are percieved as old school, I have some concerns about how players respond to new school managers. At the end of the day the impact that this type of manager brings may be secondary to what really makes managers successful.

    • That’s right. No matter how smart you are, no matter how many ways you can have a computer tell you so-and-so is best against so-and-so and whatever the hell else, if you can’t make those 25 men battle their fuckin’ hearts out for you, you ain’t nothin’.

      Davey Johnson’s a huge dork, so’s Joe Maddon. But they can handle the intangible stuff, too. Can Acta? Dunno.

  17. Rogers was fuckin’ glad to see Farrell go. Now they can tell Alex to make the managerial search a long, drawn-out one and distract the fuckin’ sheep with it long enough that they notice Rogers isn’t willing to spend to contend. They’ll sell the new manager as the saviour, with the same fuckin’ personnel manning the field. Goddamn shameful.

    • **won’t notice

    • Excellent off-season prediction.

      That being said, I sincerely hope that your prediction falls face first in a turd.

    • LOL!

      Unfortunately, AA won’t be given a big leash this year to waste a few months to find a manager.

      If he is too confused, he can pick Butterfield for continuity purposes.

      He can’t waste the entire offseason looking for a manager & forget to get starting pitching, 1 more bat & a 2b although, he could keep Escobar

  18. Troll!

    Despite all of the evidence that supports your statement, you just wrote that Rogers won’t spend money to contend.

    That makes you a troll around here.

    • Shut up troll.
      If you’re feelings are hurt,educate yourself.
      Just because the Jays didn’t spend over 20 milion per year average on Darvish or Fielder doesn’t mean jack shit.
      The jays weren’t the only team not to pony up the cash for those two.

      • “If you’re feelings are hurt, educate yourself”.


        Well done, genius. :)

        And let’s see if Rogers proves me wrong this off-season.

    • +1.

  19. What are you so worried about?

    Thin FA market?
    Breaking up the Lansing 3?
    Going into 2013 with new manager?
    AA feels pressured to make a big splash and makes a move he regrets?

    • …yes?

    • 2 & 4

      What the Giants have done (win with pitching built primarily via the draft) should at least make us consider holding onto the Lansing 3. I understand that patience is wearing thin but would prefer to see AA temporarily fill the holes through free agency and hold onto the boys in Michigan.

      • +1 cow town.

        free agency or trade some of the redundancy at the big league level… JPA/d’arnaud, escobar/hech, gose/rasmus.

  20. stoeten said it’s hard to find 4th outfielders. well gee let’s see

    how bout nate mclouth? a guy who can play defense well and knows how to hit and take a walk. and did I mention he can steal bases? 12/13 is quite good. and he only made 1.75 mil so I doubt he gets much more. so yes there are lots of 4th OF if you just look instead of constantly assuming that every jay is invaluable.

    And here’s a wild and crazy thought. Why not make colby rasmus your 4th OF instead of just giving him the job when he’s shown for 2 years he’s quite shitty at it. I’d rather have mcclouth/rasmus competing for that job.

  21. I guess it’s easy to say now, but I never liked the Ferrell signing. He was supposed to be the next great managerial mind really over hyped. I wish I could find where I read at the time of the hire, that Ferrell would be using the BJ’s as a learning ground and would be moving on to a big US market when the deal was done. Someone saw through his BS right from the start.
    I love the part of the story “…was disgusted by his lack of loyalty…” I’m hopeful that AA & Beast were not as understanding in this as publicly shown.
    I’m glad he’s gone
    Now let get some pitching

  22. It’s interesting that if we sign 1-2 more pitchers we actually will have tons of depth
    >insert FA/trade
    >insert FA/trade
    McGowan (lol)

    Thats like uhhhhh a lot of pitching eh

    • Pretty sure someone said that last offseason too …. Then the baseball gods started kicking us in the testicles. :S

      • At least Hutch and Drabek got their tommy johns done already

        • Hutch wont be back til 2014 and Drabek ( who wasnt pitching well before he was injured and required his 2nd TJ ) will be on limited innings when he gets back after the All Star Break in 2013.
          So now you’ve got Morrow (ok) Romero (not sure which Romero will show up next year) Alvarez (who needs at least 1 more ML pitch for his repetoire) Happ ( who is at best a question mark) Jenkins (who had a crappy year in AA) and McGowan.
          This is depth? They definitely need one high priced pitcher and one workhorse, lots-of-innings guy who can keep you close who wont cost you the farm in a trade.

  23. No one wants to see John Johnson is a Jays uniform? He is rumoured to be on the block. Too risky given injury history?

    • JJ should be target #1 on the trade barometer. Then sign/trade for one of Floyd, Haren, EJax, Liriano, Lohse, McCarthy, Santana or Shields. Sign Melky to play LF and trade YEscobar and/or JPA. Off-season over.

    • Whoops, Josh Johnson, of course.

    • Sure. But at the right price. I wouldn’t mind seein Johnson here ,then sign Dempster to a max 3yr plus an option deal. Jays should also roll the dice on a short term deal to Melky. He may just bite and could be a low risk/high return as he’s got to re-establish his value. This gives Gose more time in Buffalo.

  24. Jeff Keppinger would be a useful sign. He could be the starter at 2B with Avilas in a utility role. In case of injury or for tactical reasons, he can also play either corner. Obviously, he would not fill the glaring need for pitching nor the need for a left handed bat to hit between JB & EE, but he’s the kind of depth signing that pays dividends over a long season.

  25. Delmon Young, Francisco Liriano and Pitt the Elder.

  26. Its josh johnson and I for one would love to see the jays pursue him!!

  27. Morrow
    Romero ( i don’t believe he ll be as good as few years ago but certainly won’t be as bad as last season)

  28. oh ya …forgot #5 which would be Happ

  29. There are a few interesting names out there. On the offensive side it seems like the best option at 2nd is a platoon with Alives and maybe Daniel Murphy or Izturis. As for left field there are very good options available via trade like Choo and Gordon (Yes please) or free agent Tori Hunter. As for Pitching J Johnson has to a top target, would love to see AA go after Greinke.

    As for the manager, its hard to say. I like what i’ve read about Acta but who knows what he was like in the clubhouse. personally I feel the manager plays a bigger role behind the curtain, keeping all the egos on the same path.

  30. Sign Johnny Gomes to share DH duties with Adam Lind. Gomes is cheap and crushes lefties, Lind is not going anywhere and can hit righties.

  31. LF: Choo and Davis
    1B: Ike Davis/Lind

  32. 1) Sign the manager quickly, don’t take a million years to do so

    2) Get pitching – Sanchez, Jackson

    3) 1 more big bat

    4) Boom – Playoffs

    Of course, these things would likely require an expansion of payroll that would put the Jays at league average or possibly above league average, so we’ll see how far it goes.

  33. Anything stopping the Jays from dealing for Haren and picking up the option (i.e. no trade clause)?

    This may have been mentioned earlier in the thread (didn’t see anything after a quick scroll) but a $15 million dollar risk for one of the only arms available who could slot in near the top of the rotation seems pretty reasonable. Sends a compete message early in the off-season (to other FAs), only one year of risk (with potential extension depending on player/team performance) and should be a reasonable price given the Angels save $3.5 million on the option.

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before – seems like a pretty obvious move given the Jays off-season needs, competition for starting pitchers and scarcity of proven arms.

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