Butterfield to the Red Sox

Welp. Here’s where the whole “fuck you and the horse you rode in on, John Farrell” thing gains a little bit more traction, and gets a little bit worse for the Jays. Brian Butterfield, who preceded Farrell here– and has, in fact, been here since the day after Buck Martinez was fired, coming in as a member of Carlos Tosca’s staff– has been scooped up by the Red Sox and their dickbag manager to be the new third base coach in Boston.

Sean McAdam of CSN New England confirms:

Now, it’s not a supposedly-prohibited lateral move, because coaches generally work on one-year deals, which made Butterfield a free agent. And it may well be for the best that the Jays clean house as much as possible, and flush away whatever stink remains from the John Farrell era. But this does kinda hurt, because by all accounts Butterfield was a tireless worker, a fantastic infield instructor, had everything to do with the defensive shifts the Jays employed to great effect this season, and was obviously liked and respected enough to have stuck around through Tosca, John Gibbons, Cito Gaston’s Legacy Tour Victory Lap and now President CheapTalk.

So, would I have considered him part of that Farrellstink, had he come back? No. And can I really blame him, a New Englander, for jumping to a bigger stage, a club with a ridiculously passionate following, overflowing crowds, a cathedral of a ballpark (if also, y’know, a dingy shithole), ownership that can operate without bashing their heads against metres-thick layers of corpor-bureaucratic red tape, and frankly, most likely a better paying gig?

Not really. A lot of what’s happening here– not just with Butterfield, but with Farrell, whatever other coaches leave, and whatever free agents turn us down– is Rogers’ small-time thinking when it comes to this club coming home to roost.

Say what you will about loyalty– and idiots certainly will do just that– that equation is so lopsided in the employer’s favour in the business of baseball– it’s so understood that it’s not just acceptable, but it’s right for a team to cavalierly toss aside a coach or a manager and hope that somehow something with the club changes– that it’s entirely pointless.

And the thing is… whatever, really. I’m sure it won’t be too much trouble for someone else to get the Bloomberg app on his iPad and position the club’s defenders accordingly (and, damn it, whoever comes in next better fucking be into that kind of stuff– which is why the possibility Matt Williams, who smacks loudly of “old school,” terrifies me). Plus, it’s not like, for all his hard work and supposed wizardry with the infielders, the clubs here that he worked for ever amounted to anything.

But I really don’t want to dump too hard on Butterfield on the way out the door. He’s a guy you never hear a bad word about, and who has been a good soldier, capable with working with a number of different managers and groups on the coaching staff, given what can’t be understood as anything but a terrific opportunity. Good for him.

And… uh… I suppose this means he’s out of the running for the managerial vacancy, eh?

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  1. We were told so many times how great he was, but I don’t really have any idea, and I certainly have no idea if he is any better than any other coach.

  2. Looks like Matt Williams…

  3. A fantastic guy and I wish him well. But seriously Blue Jays fans, this is not like losing a manager. It’s a third base coach. Yes, it falls into the giant middle finger from Farrell, but after that it’s a guy moving on. Let’s not riot over losing a third base coach…oh who am I kidding, fans are going to riot over this.

  4. I think what’s missed too, in talks about “loyalty”, etc., is that baseball has a culture of moving around from one organization to the next. Before coming to Toronto, BB played in the Yankees minor leagues, coached with Arizona and managed in the Yankees minor league. Why does he suddenly owe Toronto (and not, say, NY) loyalty?

    It’s a damn shame he’s gone, because he was really good. But he’s not exactly putting a knife in the Jays’ back on his way out (coughFarrellcough).

  5. RIP crazy defensive shifts.

  6. This manager search is going drag on painfully long, isn’t it? AA should just take cues from Beeston:

    “Anthopoulos appoints himself as Blue Jays manager. La Cava bench coach.”

    • Why do people have doubts that it will be wrapped up relatively soon?

      • Just seems like we’re very early in the process, if they haven’t even begun interviewing guys like Wallach and Williams (only getting permission to speak with them).

        • Are they coming to the interviews via wagon train???

          • What if AA has trouble getting a hold of the final candidate’s references?

          • Who’s to say that the Jays don’t have someone in mind and that this fellow wants to bring in his own?

            I say we get these coaches … all of them!

            Tosca, Johnson, Gibbons, Buck, Cito!!!!! HELL YEAH!

      • call them fears.

      • I think people say that because the last one took a long time, and this one is starting to feel the same way.

        That being said i dont think it will because alex has got to go spend 150mil to bring us players asap as possible

    • Ted Turner for Blue Jays manager.

      Actually no, he lost the one game he managed for the Braves in 1977. Fuck him.

    • Screw La Cava. John Farrell was hired mainly due to his relationship with La Cava in Cleveland.

  7. Yeah, have never heard anything bad about him either, and his family is on the east coast. But still, leaving under the premise of persuing a ‘dream job’ while at the same time bringing along other high level coaches seems shitty.

    • I think we’re all agreed that Farrell is shitty.
      I just hope we’re all agreed that Butters is not.

  8. No worries here. Let the new manager bring in his own peeps. Butters was a fucking marine and I wish him well.

  9. If you listened to boston sports radio, you’d know better than to give any credit to Red Sox ownership

    • Why would I listen to those braying dolts.

      Just look at the payrolls– it’s very obvious it’s a good ownership group.

      • I generally agree that they know nothing, but they do raise interesting points that stretch beyond payroll.
        The seem to care only about having ‘big names’ to sell their tv product, which makes business sense, but not necessarily baseball sense. See Crawford/Lackey/Beckett and other money they pissed away trying to bring in big names that didn’t work out. And their supposed ‘sellout streak’ that is the biggest joke out there, as the stadium was no where near sold out this year

        • Beckett was traded for and was a big part of their World Championship machine.

          And you speak as if nobody ever signs free agents to try and improve their product. What about Washington and Jayson Werth? Barry Zito? You can’t succeed if you don’t fucking try.

      • not when you account for their ownership of Liverpool FC, as well

  10. I can remember when Arnsberg left for Houston, and how broken up everyone was about it (myself included). He seemed to be a wizard — he cleaned out (some of) the rocks in AJ’s head, he got a potential org guy in Ricky straightened out to nearly ace form, etc. But when’s the last time you heard someone lament his departure? That his leaving is why the Jays are still on the outside? Butter served us well. I wish him the best in his personal life, and hope he founders in Boston.

    • Good point. I agree. And the guy lives in Maine, doesn’t have a job, is offered the job, and has worked with the manager. Who among us?

  11. I’m not mad at Butter more so Farrell and giving us the middle finger the entire time leaving… When can we get the F U farrell chat going?

  12. chant!

  13. This mess is on A.A. The Honeymoon is over. If he can’t get a good Manager and rebuild the coaching staff and make the playoffs, it’s time to move on!!

    • Sorry friend, I think you’re in the wrong place. The Toronto Sun comments are that way ==>

      • Here here. I don’t understand the “Let’s blame AA because it turned out Farrell was a plotting, lying asshole.”

        • I think you can criticize AA for handling the Farrell situation without preparing AA’s unemployment filings.

          • most people can. But there’s a lot of gutter trolls who honestly can’t

          • Yup.

            Ultimately, AA’s status should come down to a body of work, not one or two isolated incidents. I’d agree that if the Jays don’t have sustained successes in the next 2 years, his job would be in jeopardy. I think Rogers could do worse than tie his fate to the length of Paul Beeston’s extension, purportedly 2 years.

      • How long does AA get a pass Stoeten? His biggest accomplishment to date is getting rid of Wells. More of a win for Rogers’ pocketbook than Jays fans.

        • getting rid of Wells’ contract (which allows you to ‘gamble’ on Bautista’s and Eddie’s extension, as well as open yourself up to more flexibility going forward), turning the minor league system from one of the worst to the best in 3 years of rebuilding, bringing in Brandon Morrow for, essentially, nothing much, bringing in Brett Lawrie, and a bunch of other minor (potentially more than minor [Rasmus]) positive moves. Sure, a few flubs, but how long do you give a general manager in the midst of gutting a team and rebuilding it’s core?

          • From a team-building perspective, that’s all true. Will Rogers look at it the same way?

            From that roundtable on PTS a couple of weeks ago, everyone made the point that Rogers wants the Jays to be done with no-headaches, no PR problems, etc.

            This has been a pretty brutal PR year for the Jays, hasn’t it? As great as rebuilding the farm system is, and finding value on Bautista and Encarnacion’s contract, it isn’t stopping the public from calling Rogers’ cheapskates and uncommitted to winning either. That’s not to say AA’s job is on the line, but this year must have somewhat damaged his stock in Rogers eyes – his manager pick backfired, his major strategy of adding distressed assets with perceived character flaws showed a tough consequence or two (Escobar’s eye-black incident, and the reports that Butterfield and other coaches wanted Escobar out, which likely factors in to this departure).

            After Beeston just signed that two-year extension – or did it ever get signed? – it’s not crazy to think that the next two years will be make-or-break for AA and Beeston in Toronto, I don’t think.

        • Probably until after this offseason if AA doenst do jack shit.

          It’s still too early in the off season to do any major crapping on AA. If we crap on him now, it just makes us seem like a bunch of babies not getting what we want.

          • that’s what most of the crappers seem like all year round

          • to Bret: Yeah, this year has been PR garbage…. but I feel like PR control should fall mostly to Beeston. AA can’t escape blame, of course, but if Rogers is unhappy with that direction, Beeston is the one they should look at. I think his two year deal speaks more for Beeston himself and the fact that he doesn’t supposedly doesn’t want to be doing this long term than the idea that Beeston and AA’s timeframe are the same.

            But what the hell do I know?

        • I think AA gets a pass until he fails to meet Rogers’ goals, which likely pertain more to the business as opposed to fielding a contender.

          AA works for Rogers, not for the pissy fans who feel they are owed a winner.

        • Pennywise: He gets a pass until he fucks up this off-season. Though even then, I think it won’t make a lot of sense to shit on him, though, because he evidently didn’t have the resources last year to keep himself out of this trap– and this trap is only as bad as it is because of extenuating circumstances (lost trade chips in the injured Drabek and Hutchison, regression from Rasmus and Lawrie, Escobar’s potentially toxic reputation).

          So… not for a while.

          Which I’m sure you’ll think is way to light on him, but fortunately I don’t care, since you’re obviously a fucking idiot. You don’t think getting d’Arnaud and Gose for one year of Halladay was good? Getting Bautista signed to a way under-market contract? Morrow for Brandon League? Lawrie for two years of falling-apart Marcum? A whole bunch of draft picks via gaming the system and a smart contravening of the rules this year to acquire more high-impact talent?

          I mean, sorry for calling you an idiot, but I’d have a much harder time doing so if you didn’t, y’know, make it so easy.

          • game, set, match, championship

          • Stoeten, I think most fair minded fans would say that AA has been totally fucking ninja. The accomplishments you list are proof positive.

            My concern is that AA now has too many balls in the air starting the off-season. Thanks to Farrellgate, and the subsequent managerial search, focusing on free agents and trades will be secondary.

            Sure, its possible to walk and chew gum at the same time. But will Rogers now try to leverage the whole need to find a manager narrative to kibosh any payroll request?

            Beeston needs to man the fucking up here. He needs to go to ownership and tell those fuckers that AA needs a significant increase in payroll parameters.

          • @ Ballsdeep

            I understand your concern but AA ( and most GM’s) have a lots to do.
            Remember AA makes the final decision but not without a full support staff that includes a couple of former GM’s in the background.
            It’s a nice mix of sabermet guys,younger baseball execs and old school crumudgeons that advise and recommend to AA..
            Lots of people,but AA’s the Face.
            When was the last time you heard La Cava say anything?He’s in the background doing legwork and he’s not the only one.

          • Lets see what Darnaud and Gose produce before calling it a win.

            The Bautista contract that you argued against?

            Morrow who cannot stay healthy or consistent?

            Gaming the system for picks that were flipped for JA Happ?

            Lawrie providing us with league average offense and non stop baserunning errors?

            What about extending Lind? Running him out there year after year when he has failed to produce? Signing Coco? Trading Napoli?

            Laugh… get off AA’s nuts.

          • The fat hipster with the confidence-building beard just insulted a poster for no reason. Again. It’s easy to be tough online, isn’t it, you Rogers stooge?

          • @ pennywise

            I’m gonna humour you just in case you’re not a troll.

            First it was Parkes not Stoeten who wasn’t thrilled about Bautista’s contract.

            Morrow has already pitched what is considered to be in the top five pitching performances of all time.You want to give up on him?

            AA gamed the system so throughly that MLB changed the rules,immediately after.

            Lawrie’s 22 , you don’t think he’s any good?Shake your fucking head.

            Lind just won the silver slugger award,you don’t think they shoulda extended him?

            Coco was a top closer before he shit the bed.Shit happens.I guess Oliver was a bad choice too?

            I could continue but you get the idea.
            You’re wrong.

            • Coco was on the decline when he was signed.

              They should have cut bait with Lind a long time ago.

              I’m not saying Lawrie, Morrow, Gose, etc. wont get better… just lets not rush into deeming them wins just yet. Look at Rasmus.

              Your logic on Morrow is flawed. Should we pick up Phil Humber because of his single great pitching performance?

              AA has so many blunders that people refuse to acknowledge. Sorry fanboys.

          • @ mike wilner’s LH

            Please stop trolling for attention.
            If pennywise made a convincing argument then okay.
            But he trolled and got called on it.
            And how you get Stoeten being a Roger’s stooge is beyond me.
            Take an anger management class.Get some help.

          • We can shit on Paul and AA all we want but IF there’s a villan amongst us, it’s ownership. You want to build a solid franchise, a winning franchise? Start at the top and that’s Rogers. If AA had the resources, the team would be in better shape on the mound and in terms of overall depth. He’s done a great job building and doing what doesn’t cost big money, it’s still money, but the minors and getting guys under contract for far less than market value is a clue he’s got a clue. This offseason we see how much Rogers, not AA or Paul, want to win. I’m betting that AA does well in FA and makes some really good trades and get rid of excess baggage on this team…not so much talent but the ability to be part of a team, pull for one another and take lesser roles for the team. The Giants did that…the team came first. I hope he gets the right manager this time. Butters going tells me that no internal candidates got/or will likely get the manager’s job. Martinez, Sandy Jr or Wallach are likely the new boss. Butters took the sure thing. I would like to see Martinez with the job but all three are good candidates.

        • @RADAR

          So I need anger management for insulting the tubby hipster but Stoeten gets a pass for tossing around lame insults between gobbles of poutine?

  14. He knows who ‘butters’ his bread now!! Right!? …I’ll show myself out…

  15. Fuck. This. Shit.

  16. 1. We all like Brian Butterfield. He was a nice guy. We’ll all miss him.

    2. That being said, let’s not pretend that the Jays would have won or lost any more games if they’d had literally any other third base coach in the league last season.

    It’s a third base coach. They give you an ass pat, some “attaboy” platitudes, flip foul balls into the stands for kids, and they give fielding advice and make baserunning calls that pretty well any baseball coach is equally capable of making. It doesn’t even matter if he’s built a rapport with players that goes back years, since there are hardly any current players left on the roster that go back for more than a season or two

    • But what if he was the best ass patter ever!?

    • It’s both sad and hilarious to watch some of these fans completely lose their shit, as well as all hope for the human race, over a third-base coach. Why does this city have such an obsession with coaches? I see more Butterfield jerseys in the stands at Rogers Centre than half of the players.

      Is there any other city or fanbase in any sport that goes this crazy when an “assistant coach” type leaves? Honest question.

      • It is the principle.

        • I do think a lot of it is because it’s Boston. If Butterfield was best friends with Bo Porter and decided to go be a part of his staff in Houston, the reaction would be a touch less than what it is now. But because it’s Butterfield, who many Jays fans believe is a God (I’ve seen people calling him a ‘Toronto legend’ on some other threads), most of this would likely still be there if he had gone to Houston, or Pittsburgh, or gone to take a AAA managing job somewhere.

  17. Better idea than the F U Farrell chant: Let’s show up to the first Red Sox game with pitchforks and torches and ride Farrell out of town like Frankenstein’s monster.

  18. Ok, all year I advocated getting rid of Murphy, for , how can we keep a “hiting” coach when most of em don’t hit ( most guys on the team are <249) and I wanted to get rid of Walton, who, to my mind is a useless pitching coach and we are regressing as a whole in that area.
    Now that Fukstik Farrell has left and taken now 2 of the senior coaches I think the time is right to get rid of the 2 above metioned anachronistic assholes and lay the carpet so that the new manager will feel comfortable in bringing in his own complement of coaches. Besides, It eliminates the excuse of "well I didn't bring them here".
    Or, as a lark, hire all the coaches Boston is firing

    • You have no idea what these guys do.

      • Well, if they can be replaced by someone who can just “Download the Bloomberg app on an iPad”, what the fuck does it matter what they do. Coaching staffs, honestly, make an impact on maybe 3 or 4 players that their methods actually have effects on (See EE and Bautista, DONT see Lawrie, Rasmus, KJ, Escobar, everyone else who pooped their pants with a bat in their hand this year). And isnt a pitching coach supposed to kind of protect your pitchers from hurting themselves? I heard breaking balls break elbows.(See scar on my right elbow) How many +Velo guys are in our rotation?
        I dont know the nuances of what they do, but I do see the aftereffects of it. Just because you blog about baseball, and talk on a radio show doesnt mean you’re the be all and end all of every opinion of anything BJ related, please dont talk to me, sitting so high up in your tree…

  19. I could be wrong, but I swear I saw AA & Sandy Jr. sharing the double porterhouse at Morton’s last night.

  20. Not really sure there is such a thing as “loyalty” in professional sports as we would understand it. In today’s game, all levels of baseball ops employee: players, coaches, and front-office, move from club to club chasing either better opportunities or pay. Certainly hurts to have a Jays coach who spent the professional sports equivalent of a lifetime coaching in T.O. I wish him well. But at the end of the day it’s not like the Farrell, Lovullo, Butterfield triumvirate was effective enough to lead the Jays to anything but a fourth place finish.

  21. So…was away for almost 2 weeks on vacation…came back to find out we…..need a new manager to replace the dolt that left town (who, as an essential lame-duck was nearly destined to be gone anyway), need a few new coaches (yawn), and we have a new utility middle IF (whoop).
    Umm….that’s it, right?
    Can someone, THEN, please explain to me why there is so much needless bleating and disenchantment? Try viewing the bigger picture here, folks. While you’re at it, take a deep breath.

    • It’s almost like people want something to be super angry about.


  22. The Jays are the new AAAA affiliate for the Red Sox.


  24. And, another thing, let’s not forget that while Butter was OK as coaches go , it did seem to me that Toronto led the league every fuckin year in guys thrown out at home plate by 30 or more feet sometimes when there was none or one out!
    Who can forget Lind being out by 69 feet in a game in Sept because Butter sent him home on a doule to the RF corner. The catcher was reading a paperback waiting for him at home. Fuckin ludicrous

  25. Guess that whole “Can’t leave unless you get promoted” thing is out the window…..

    Farrell at least netted an asset. Meh, whatever, just a coach, one of many.

    • Damnit! Just re-read the article, 1 yr contract…. back to my summation then: Meh

      • NO! Why did you re-read the post and correct yourself before anyone had a chance to assail you?!?!?!

        Just kidding.

        Yes indeedy – he left “no job” for “a job”. What else is the man to do? I think he might have stayed if the Jays threw a couple years and a ton of cash at him, but that’s 1) stepping on the toes of the new manager, and 2) What if Butterfield finds he can’t work with the new manager?

        He went to a situation that was good for him with a manager he clearly likes and can work with. Meh.

    • You mean someone who is not under contract cannot seek different employment? You do understand that there is a difference

  26. Meh no biggie unless the Jays don’t continue to do the infield shifting in 2013. I thought that part of Butterfield’s job was great and it was something tangible the fans could see unlike most of the coaching that goes on. Hope the organization insists continue to be done no matter who the manager is. At least the new manager is more likely to get his pick or at least have input on own choices for some of the coaches.

    Really hope the manager issues get solved quickly as there’s so much to do on the free agent trade front.

    • I’m hopeful, because it’s not like it’s inherent to Butterfield– it’s not like he was doing it before last year.

  27. It was a good time in Toronto, friends. Now I must leave to a team that actually gives a fuck about winning.

  28. Is Jimy Williams available?

  29. Point by point why to hate farrell, and why he embarrassed AA

    - wanted to leave last yr and told everyone
    - said AA would have done same thing
    - has a lot of unpaid parking tickets in tor
    - took all tor coaches
    - while coaching in tor had a bell cell phone
    - jays got a sack of shit for him
    - is a lying bastard

  30. I don’t care about the loyalty angle, but as far as tangible effects of coaches go – you could see the defensive alignments that he used and how effective they were last season, and for that I am a little sad to see him go.

    That said, what is the likelihood that a new manager wouldn’t want to hand-pick some of his staff for the upcoming season anyway? These guys want to be surrounded by people they know – and depending on who came in, they may not have wanted him around anyway.

    Its just too bad the situation drags on, because the options are dwindling as other teams who can offer more in the way of known entities start planning for next season.

    • I dunno – it’s not like the players are suddenly going to forget everything he taught them and no longer realize that Player A only ever hits the ball to the right side.

      That said, only Brett Lawrie might be back in that infield.

      Shit. Or, meh? Meh.

      • I agree – but I just hope we end up with coaches who are at least not so old school that they can see the benefit of using the ludicrous amount of information they have at their disposal to make smart in game choices.

    • You just don’t care about loyalty because the Jays canned your Canadian ass

  31. I can’t believe it’s not Butterfield…

    …that will be the Jays’ next manager.

  32. I wonder if Robbie Alomar would make a good 3B coach.

    “Steal third!!! Steal third goddammit”

  33. Does anyone know how much of the new ‘shiftiness’ can be attributed to Butterfield? It’s not like he was employing it liberally in his entire time. I’m sure he had a role in the implimentation and maybe even in starting it but I wouldn’t be surprised if the original push and suggestion came from a higher place.

    This is a 3rd base coach. By all accounts, a nice and likable coach with a recognizable name.

    Let’s get to the good stuff already.

    If Berkman isn’t retiring, would it be absurd for the Jays to try sign him to play to try play some DH for us?

    • Berkman would rather play for the Astros. What does that say about the Jays?

    • Dirk Hayhurst called Butter one of the hardest working coaches he ever played for. He said the two people you could always count on seeing in the clubhouse before you were Roy Halliday and Brian Butterfield. Not sure what all that is worth – but that stuck with me since I heard him say it.

  34. I would assume there could be more Toronto self-pity at Butter moving then JF.

    To think that we should be sad because one of his key traits is he’s a “tireless worker” is bahooey. This is a bench coach/3B coach. Assume they all work hard and if they don’t they be gone.

    The bigger point that you nailed is that each defection, and each Player X that they don’t sign makes Toronto look farther and farther away to any semblance of relevance. All this after being anointed a “team on the rise” .. and not wrongly then and probably not wrongly now. It’s just that with Sox, Yanks and Orioles having huge question marks, that everything the Jays don’t do this year, will look 5 x worse.

    I am not sure if having a manager in place really makes a deal to potential FA’s. Perhaps its a tipping point, but really for the players they sign (marquee) it’s not going to be about SITUATION but rather $$$.

    Still lots of faith that AA gets this manager right, and that new recruits are shortly on the way either by trade or signing. JF leaving was not AA’s fault, it’s the thought that maybe he didn’t axe him previously when he so obviously did not want be here that hurts.

    Aviles being an ok consolation prize of AA’s lack of action.


  35. Im fine with laying down bunts up the third base line when Boston plays the overexaggerated shift against the Jays next season. I still don’t know why more teams/players dont do that. Obviously the situation dictates it quite a bit. But to my money, if the team is going to give you a base, why not take it?

    The Rays and Carlos Pena did it 3 times in a game I was at last year. I get the whole “we’d rather have him standing on 1st then trotting around the bases” thing, but shit – it seems to me that the best team player is one who can get on base and keep the line moving, not always the one who’s swinging for the fences.
    I’d like to see a manager (a Joe Maddon type perhaps) that instills this attitude in his players.

    • Agreed

    • With the exception of Bautista and Encarnacion, no manager would want to give the Jays swingers a free base. A steady diet of low and away offspeed pitches will be sufficient to quieten their undisciplined bats.

  36. http://www.torontosun.com/sports/baseball/2010/11/04/15954716.html

    For what its worth, In 2010, It took 17 days from the beginning of initial phone interviews to naming Farrell manager.

    • Interesting, thanks!

      That seems to paint a time-frame of the November.

    • RedSox media reporting Farrell was the choice before Beeston was told should have been a HUGE red flag right then. The past 2 seasons have been a waste. Hiring a new Manager should have been a priority and announced yesterday.

  37. Farrel was too much of a politically correct and say what ya wanna hear blah blah blah guy. Wont miss that guy at all!!!

    I’d like to see AA call up someone like Paul Oneil. Guy wore his heart on his sleeve and would demand respect. Get someone with some grit n passion up in here for F**ks sakes.

  38. Fucking Boston… This post marks the day of what will be the known as the legendary Blue Jay Fanatic – as a soon to be Boston resident, I am making it my life’s duty to harass the fuck out of Boston’s coaching staff a la Vancouver’s green men.

    Look for a blue version next season during every jays game and others in Boston next year. You’re mine Farrell.

    • Farrell and Butters are acting like any rational person would do in their situation. Their employers couldn’t care less about their well being, and they can only do so much to improve the team.

      If you want someone to harass,why not the corporate overlords at Rogers? They were the ones who nixed the signing of Yu Darvish, and likely interfere in all major baseball decisions.

      • It’s a matter of loyalty…and I won’t be living in Toronto any more.

        Blue full body unitard purchased.. the baseball version of the green men will be taking place in boston.

  39. Too bad.

  40. Maybe 3rd base coaching all those years on turf wrecked his knees and he needs to go someplace that has real grass?

  41. Above all else, I hope the manager, and coaches, the Jays decide to go with are passive-aggressive in style. Farrell I found to me black and white in his style; He would be stupid aggressive with base-stealing, but would bend over when the umps essentially told him to. Butters quickly became the same way over the last year.

    No more base stealing in unwarranted situations. No more unharnessed ego’s (this means you, Lawrie). No more running out to the ump when a bad call is made, just to play nice. No more crazy shifts on every. single. batter.

    • I thought Bautista’s behaviour was more out of line that Loulou’s given his pedigree, time in the league and face of the franchise shit. That guy needs to reign it in

  42. Too bad Johnny Mac still has one year on his contract with Arizona. He’s nearing retirement age and fans here would love to see him as a third base coach. Or in any related role, really.

  43. It doesn’t bother me that the coaching staff left (most of them would probably have been let go by the new manager anyway). What’s really annoying is that they too found Boston and Farrell irresistible. Its almost like another fuck you to the organization. Whatever i just hope they resolve this manager situation soon because (as the media generally portrays it) it seems to get worse every week

  44. With a new manager coming in, it’s probably a good idea to hire an entirely new staff. I hope butter doesn’t remain in Boston long and is hired to manage a team soon…

  45. Lets wish Farrell & Butterfield all the success in Boston that they brought to Toronto.

  46. I think I only liked him because of his longevity with the team. Doesn’t really stand out in my mind as a “great” coach or anything. Good luck to him, as has been said, can’t say anything bad about him either. Here’s hoping the outgoing coaching staff is replaced by a supergroup that is run by Manny Acta and includes Dwayne Murphy and Chad Mottola. Wouldn’t mind seeing Wallach at 3B if LA allows him to leave/he wants to come to Toronto.

  47. I see via Twitter that Wilner is trying to verify this story ……..

  48. I can’t believe it’s Butter

    I’m so clever.

  49. Brian Butterphaggot and Farrel and that ladyboy lulu gtfo here. Jays need someone with balls. OZZY


    (not really, just trolling…)

  51. In all honesty who gives a flying fuck about a 3rd base coach leaving? People are ready to throw themselves in front of a moving train over this and his departure is more meaningless in the grand scheme than farrell’s was. (and farrells was beyond meaningless)

    • According to Stoeten I and therfore you, do not know what coaches do….yeah sure Stoten-he;s a fuckin coach and they are basically interchangeable. Why do you think we have had like 44 of them over the years?Because they are replaceable. Does anybody really miss Ernie Whitt as the first base pick up the hemet person(coach?) cry me a fuckin river

  52. More breaking news! Five ushers, a ball boy, and two urinals from the Dome have also been scooped up by the Massholes. Oh, the shame!

    I’m pretty sure we can find someone else to wave runners home in an ill advised fashion. Also, I feel like the only Jays fan on earth who didn’t have Butterfield over for dinner on a regular basis. Not sure how I missed out on this obviously wide open opportunity to get to know him so personally that so many others took advantage of. I guess he never really liked me as much as some of you guys.

  53. I always thought Butters was a bad first 3rd base coach, in the sense he often messed up in his judgement on whether to send ‘em home from third or not.

  54. Meh. Wasnt gonna keep him anyway. What? I’m out of contention???? We’ll see, we’ll see….

  55. Please get the ‘can’t post off an iPhone’ fixed! I lost two posts in which (1) I apologized because just this morning on another thread I suggested that the coaches may not have loved Farrell and may not follow him–obviously I was wrong–and (2) Butterfield was ok but he sent his runners home far too often and they ran into outs. Same like Farrell. In fact I wonder if it was during once cosy I Wish I Were In Boston get-together that Butter said to Farrell ‘ever wondered what would happen if we really made ‘em run…?’

    I agree with the guy upthread. I wish Butterfield all the success in Boston that he had here.

  56. Not sure what all the fuss is about losing some or all of the coaching staff. From the rumors and innuendo it appeared the clubhouse culture needed to change and starting with a new coaching staff may be the quickest and simplest way to get it done.

    • Losing the coaching staff isn’t really an issue. The team was woefully unprepared and made the same mistakes all season. The field coaches have to bear a lot of the blame for that. However Blair this morning made it sound like most of the coaches were not fond of Farrell so I was surprised to hear that Butter jumped. I’m not incredibly sorry to see him go however.

  57. If at the end of this the Sox take all of our coaches except Dwayne Murphy I’ll put a revolver in my mouth.

  58. Just tossing this out there: is the reason AA doesn’t feel he needs to hire a manager ASAP is because there are, at the moment, only 3 manager spots available and Toronto is seemingly the best situation?

    There are dozens of “potential” managers out there. Hell, Jeff Blair suggested everyone on John Farrell’s TO staff was a potential manager. But there are only 3 spots.

    Is AA banking on the fact that he has probably the best situation to offer a new manager?

    • It might take a while to find a guy that will admit this is his dream job.

    • I would imagine ( no I don’t know) that privately, both Beeston,AA and the rest of execs are fuming. The next hire will be somebody that is fully committed to the Plan and the Jays.
      I can only guess as to the reaction when Farrett first mentioned, after one year on the job,that he covets the Boston gig.Especially after saying all the right things to get the Jays managerial position in the first place.
      AA’s gonna make sure it’s right this time.
      The first question will be ” Is this your fucking dream job?”

      • +1.

        I wonder why Farrell revealed he wanted to leave last year?

        It makes AA look silly, since he wanted to bring him back for 2013

  59. It doesn’t mean fuck all anything who the 3rd base coach or manager or guy cutting the grass is if this team keeps a payroll of 85 million going forward. It will mean absolutely fuck all.

    Biggest influence on MLB team success, with all due respect to GMs and managers and coaches…is ownership.

    Unfortunately the Jays climb an uphill battle because their owners are cheap fucks.

    • +1.

      Let’s see what AA is allowed to do this offseason.

      Does anyone remember who we drafted with the pick we got for Marco Scutaro leaving in 2009?

      It was the 2010 draft.

      • I had to look it up but it was Aaron Sanchez. Nice compensation when you consider Scutaro was never going to lead the Jays to any WS wins. He did make them a better team though.

  60. Butters?

    You are so grounded, mister! You hear me? GROUNDED!

  61. The question for me is what does all of this do for the perception of free agents? It doesn’t make for a stable looking organization.

  62. Man it seems to have gone from a promising start to the season, fans on board with the team poised to make waves in the ALE, to what now appears to be rats jumping off a sinking ship. What a difference a year makes! Rogers sucks at managing sports franchises. F U Sportsnet!! Good luck to Butterfield though – great coach and mentor. The red sox will only benefit from the move. The Jays will suffer, but that’s becoming the culture of TO sports teams. Argos are the only team in the playoffs… Yikes

  63. They can have our sick coaching staff of the last two years.

    Guys we’re going to be better off now.

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