Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

Beyond the Box Score awesomely does some role playing as Alex Anthopoulos and Jon Daniels, taking the d’Arnaud-for-Profar rumour and morphing it into an actually interesting trade suggestion: Derek Holland and AA 2B Leury Garcia for JP Arencibia, Brett Cecil and Noah Syndergaard. Read it.

Jon Morosi tweets that multiple teams were interested in Brian Butterfield, before he ultimately decided to join John Farrell in Boston.

Because apparently they hadn’t yet, according to Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times, the Jays have been granted permission by the Dodgers to speak with Tim Wallach.

Dave Cameron does the lord’s work at FanGraphs, walking us through the new rules that will apply for the first time during this hot stove season.

In case you missed it yesterday, like I did, at the bottom of Gregor Chisholm’s piece on the club potentially looking to bring back Casey Janssen Jason Frasor or Brandon Lyon is a nifty breakdown of the club’s positions of need and contract issues as we head into the off-season. Worth a revisit.

Stephen Brunt, in a piece appearing on, writes that the Jays need to contend ASAP, and suggests that the next manager Alex Anthopoulos hires will probably be his last. “If this skipper succeeds, and the Jays thrive, Anthopoulos will be bumped into the president’s job when Paul Beeston walks into the sunset,” he writes, “and if he fails, there will be no more mulligans.” commenters, some-fucking-how, may actually take the cake for the dumbest in the city. Astonishingly. But there’s good news: Alex Anthopoulos was on the radio today, so maybe there’s a post worth writing I can get out of it.

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star sizes up the Jays players who will hit free agency this week.

MLBTR puts forth their list of possible non-tender candidates. Get scouring!

Bluebird Banter has a look at the newest name added to the list of Jays’ managerial candidates, Matt Williams.

Jays Journal wonders whether the Jays might be able to get Martin Prado out of Atlanta, on the possibility that the Braves don’t re-up with catcher Brian McCann. Yeah… I don’t know about that. They also wonder whether Brandon McCarthy is worth the injury risk. That I’ll take, sure.

At Getting Blanked, Parkes notices that the ratings for the World Series weren’t so hot– meh– while Matt Klaassen tries to care about Gold Gloves. Parkes also wonders about the rumours surrounding platoon player Andre Ethier and his crazy expensive contract. If the Dodgers want to kick in a shit-tonne of money, I say the Jays go for it!

Kevin Glew of CBC Sports thinks the Jays need a manager like Bruce Bochy– y’know, one who looks basically like an idiot all regular season, despite some bullpen managing skills, then has everything break his way in the playoffs. Not my bag.

The Toronto Observer talks to Ryan Goins, a Jays farmhand who is Goins well in the Arizona Fall League.

Extra Base Hit writes about the decisions the Jays have to make on Darren Oliver and Rajai Davis, wondering if it’s telling that Davis hasn’t had his option picked up just yet. Still a chance he’ll be non-tendered.

A Fan Fuel blogger at Sportsnet speaks to Jays prospect and Southern Miss quarterback Anthony Alford.

Meanwhile, Jeff Simmons of Sportsnet wonders if any of the Jays were robbed when they weren’t nominated for an American League Gold Glove. Answer: maybe? Probably not. Whatever.

It’s old, but this baseball fandom flow chart was just tweeted at me, and it remains pretty good. Thanks, @Derek Demyd.

Lastly, it’s a slanted and enchanted part two of the Getting Blanked GIFs of the Year: In The Mouth A Desert.

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  1. I think you mean Frasor or Lyon, not Janssen

  2. “In case you missed it yesterday, like I did, at the bottom of Gregor Chisholm’s piece on the club potentially looking to bring back Casey Janssen or Brandon Lyon is a nifty breakdown of the club’s positions of need and contract issues as we head into the off-season. Worth a revisit.”

    think you meant jason frasor or brandon lyon

  3. That faux AA vs JD trade negotiations has a vote which team wins. Whenever I see that and think the Jays win the hypothetical trade, I make sure to vote the other team wins. If everyone votes that Texas wins the deal, maybe Ranger fans jump on it and want it done. The public perception of the opposing team winning the trade may increase the perceived value of Jays players. Realistically for a well managed team like Rangers this wouldn’t matter. For the Red Sox it would.

    • If you’d continue reading that article, profar wasn’t the one being traded. We would have gotten Holland and a prospect for JP, Syndergaard, and Cecil. Rangers do win that trade.

      • The article could have said Nose Snydgen for the Ragers five starting pitchers, I’d still vote the Rangers win. Build up the Jays prospect porn so fans of other teams want them and increase their value.
        Probably, well actually realistically irrelevant, but I try to do what I can to prop up the value of our players and hopefully build their disirability to other teams.

  4. d’Arnaud-for-Profar would be an amazing deal for the Jay’s and Rangers alike. I’d be more then happy with this deal!

    • I’d rather rid ourselves of JP…idk…not a fan of him spewing his hillbilly opinions on twitter. freedom of speech is LAME! ;) Really though, it would be a fantastic trade with either catcher involved, and we could even move Hech or Profar to 2b and be set in 6 years.

      • I don’t understand why people ‘aren’t allowed’ to support Republicans in Canada. Especially someone like JP Arancibia. He’s rich. Mitt Romney wants to lower taxes on rich people. What the fuck does JP care about hiring more science teachers? He barely graduated high school!

        So long as he works on laying off sliders low and away I could care less if he were a birther and a 9/11 truther all rolled up into a bag of anti-zionist retard.

      • Why would you ever move Hech (a potential perennial gold glove winner at SS) or Profar (a potential superstar who is able to field SS) to 2b?

        • Ummmm, because you would have both? I’m not sure I understand the question, unless you’re saying we shouldn’t make the trade. Here’s a question for you:

          Why would you ever move JPA (a solid bat at catcher but not elsewhere) or TDA (a potential superstar who is able to field catcher) to DH?

          You gotta do something there, though probably not that Rangers trade…

  5. The Toronto Observer is a student newspaper from Centennial College. I mean, it’s not thaaaat important, but I probably wouldn’t link to it as a source of anything.

    • The link is for an interview…

      • Oh, I know. I’m just saying I personally wouldn’t link to a student paper is all, even if it is an interview.

        • I respectfully disagree sir.

          Oh wait… this is the internet. *ahem*


          There. That’s more what’s expected I think.

  6. Big off season for the Jays this year (isn’t it every year?). I hope AA can make an early splash to get some excitement going amongst fans and draw the interest of some free agents.

    • I agree with your reasoming. I have mentioned a couple of times about how the jays need to keep some of the momo , but are losing it, going. They must try and rekindle it and a good way to encourage others into seeing we are serious ( Are we??) is to make an early signing and get this phuckin managerial thing overwith so ALL involved know where we stand going forward.

      • An early signing takes an early signee

        • Exactly.
          I think AA’s first move is a big trade. While money does a whole lot of talking, proving you’re serious in wanting to compete will also encourage big name free agents to sign.
          Trade your farm system for King Felix, and Grienke might look at any Jays offer more seriously.

  7. I would have gone with “is Goins all out in the Arizona Fall League.”

  8. Breaking news? Fan590 reports that Romero underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left elbow, along with PRP on both knees.

  9. I dunno how true it is, but I like Brunt’s assertion that if only for PR reasons, the Jays will spend some money. Presumably beyond arbitration raises.

  10. So the mock trade between TEX and TOR… the jays refused to include Syngaard in a deal for Gonzalez last year, makes the holland deal sound a little ridiculous to me even as a hypothetical trade

    • I think this off-season the Jays will be much more receptive & understanding that in order to bolster the big club’s rotation – it’s going to require a Syndergaard (or Nicolinno or Sanchez) to be dealt away. One of those arms will have to be traded if it hopes to make an impact trade.

      • Probably so but I really do not want to see any of those three to go. I am ok with weathering the lack of an ace to see what they got in a few years. I want people to envious of our homegrown rotation like Tampa or San Fran.

      • The chances that all 3 of the Lansing trio making it to the show as Blue Jays are pretty slim. Either one or more get traded, or they simply do not make it due to injury or being blown out of baseball at the higher levels.

        My preference would be for the Jays to keep Sanchez (more upside) and Nicolino (I have a thing for crafty lefties). Syndergaard still has plenty of sexy upside that could attract a nice return in a package deal scenario, like the hypothetical Texas trade.

        • However, if there ever were a group of three players to make it to the bigs together, it would be those three methinks. You’re right in suggesting the trade upside of Syndergaard is more worth the risk of keeping and developing him.

        • Never said all three will make it, only that I would prefer to hold on to them to see if they can make it.

        • +1. The odds are against all 3 becoming the next Braves rotation of the 90′s are remote.
          If it did happen that would be very exciting.

  11. no post (or even mention) about the fact that the Jays announced today that Romero underwent elbow surgery after the season ended?

    • I think people have heard enough about Romero over the season, and him getting surgery is just “meh” to us right now.

      • Pretty sure it’s a huge deal because it raises the possibility that he was just injured & wasn’t suffering a case of the Rick Ankiels.

        Or as Parkes would call it, a case of ‘regression that anyone who actually understands baseball the way I do would have seen coming.’ Because advanced metrics can totally predict a pitcher losing the ability to find the strikezone with a GPS.

        • yeah eexactly. its huge if we can point to paying through injury as the main culprit. if we don’t have that, we have to assume the much murkier (and much harder to fix) “mental issues”

  12. It’s not a lock that the Jays have to move one of the big 3 to acquire a young, controllable starter.

    They could also move JPA/D’arnaud, Rasmus/Gose or Escobar/Hech as well as someone like Henderson Alvarez.

    For example, JPA for Holland seems a little light for Texas. But is JPA & Alvarez for Holland enticing enough? Who knows.

    • So a guy who can’t get on base and a guy who doesn’t have a secondary pitch for a pretty decent middle of the rotation starter? I wonder who says no first…

      • @dgapa

        JPA is a cheap middle of the road starting catcher and that has good value, regardless of his OBP woes.

        As for Alvarez, his value is harder to gauge.

        Just tossing out a scenario. I certainly don’t think that trade would be a huge win for either side.

    • Is Holland really THAT exciting a pitcher that we would give up Henderson Alvarez and whatever potential he has as well as JPA for him? I guess so if you think about it objectively (read: using stats), but Holland just fills me with indifference for some reason.

    • JPA for Holland = Texas gets ripped off

      JPA and Alvarez for Holland = Jays are sending a little too much.

      Everyone is jumping the gun in a huge way on D’arnaud, theyre shipping JPA out of town before this kid even has a big league at bat. Ease up a little on that end of things everyone. Let’s see if D’Arnaud can stay healthy first then let’s see if he can hit at the big league level before shipping the very well liked, above average hitting catcher out of town.

      As for Alvarez, to me, he projects as a closer in my eyes, his fastball out of the pen would be in the high 90s and mixed with his great change up and his work in progress slider he would be a weapon out of the pen. He needs a 4 seam fastball to go along with the 2 seamer as well. But I see him as a future star closer for some reason.

      • You may very well be right about Alverez, but there’s no way we should give up on him as a starter.
        If I were god/AA, I’d plan on having Alverez spend all of 2013 in Buffalo. Go down, attempt to master a third pitch, and force your way back up to Toronto.
        If he master’s an offspeed pitch, you’ve perhaps created a monster. If not, well lets worry about that sometime around April, 2014.

  13. I think it will be interesting to watch the media when the Jays get the next manager. I wonder if they will praise him and continue to demonize Farrell or if they’re going to grill the shit out of the new guy and make him say he loves it here, it’s his dream etc., etc.

    • Good point!. I suppose it depends on the manager. If they pick Alomar, his brother’s ties to the Jays should keep the media quiet.

      The media here is with the exception of the blogs, are pretty complacent about the Jays.

      How come Mike Wilner is trying to confirm that Butterfield had left for Boston one hour after it was posted on the red sox twitter account. He looks silly doing that.

    • 2 words, sodium pentothal

    • I bet one of the first questions will be if Toronto is his ‘dream job’

  14. Regarding Davis’ option not being picked up yet, I’m pretty sure that’s meaningless. I’m almost positive Anthopolous said that the Jays have a policy of leaving option decisions to the last day. I can’t remember where he said that, but it was some recent interview. Makes sense to do it this way just to maximize information before making a decision.

  15. Shi Davidi, Rogers lap dog extraordinaire, is already tempering fan expectations regarding budget increases. In a column posted earlier today, he wrote:

    “The Blue Jays are known to have spent around $85 million (all figures US) in 2012 and given that comment, let’s project them to be in the $90-$95 million neighbourhood for 2013.”

    So we’re looking at a measly $5-10 million increase max.

    Not exactly earth-shattering.

    • true but remember to factor in $6.3 million coming off the books from KJ. $ million from Fraser. $4.5 million from Coco.

      haven’t sat down tks figure jt out, but if Rogers gives AA $95 million budget, that probably means he has $20-$30 million to spend from here. not bad.

      • Fair enough, but but there are also several raises that need to be issued to players.

        According to Davidi, this will mean an additional $11-16 million to spend in total.

        • If the Jays spend only an additional 11 million this offseason, I think it’s safe to say we’ll all probably be fairly disappointed.

          • if they spend a whoopty fuk 11m, then I call BS on the whole AA era and pack it in. For F sakes, that would get you a Marcum OR a E.Santana and our very own Carlos V- that is it. WE need a Peavy ( about 15m per or a Haren, 15m).I realize Rogers would freak at a Greinke so yeah we can forget him but holy fuk at that coin NOT even Dempster will talk to the cunts

          • That’s not enough to make a big splash unless he does major trades.

    • Peavy is staying with the white sox, so maybe the Jays will go after Carlos V or Marcum?

      An extra 10 million won’t exactly get the job done with current prices for starting pitching

  16. “Bruce Bochy– y’know, one who looks basically like an idiot all regular season, despite some bullpen managing skills, then has everything break his way in the playoffs. Not my bag”

    Umm, no the Bruce Bochy who has managed a mediocre to good SF team to 2 championships the past 3 years. Call it what you want but that team was down and out twice and came back. They deserved their wins, and everything just didn’t magically break their way. His pitching management was good from starter to closer and needed to be, considering their batting lineup. I’m not providing anything specific here to the Bochy love but you aren’t exactly either with your comment Mr Stoeten.

    • Cito won back to back and people still give him shit (deservedly or not)

      • Deservedly? How many managers win a pair of world series? It’s incredibly difficult to do, even if the 501st Keyboard Brigade thinks that managers add no value.

  17. Ok so, here we are, mere days away from what SHOULD be some real noise making from the Jays. With you as all of my witnesses, if some BIG things dont get done next week, I am officially done giving a fuck. Rogers has the money, it’s time to spend some and if AA has balls, it’s time to use them.

    First step is obviously a manager because who in their right mind is signing with a team without one. In my opinion, I like Williams or Wallach for the job but Alomar would be a reasonable choice as well as long as he doesnt decide to bring his brother along for a publicity cash grab ride along. But whoever manages NEEDS to consider Mottola for the position of hitting instructor. Dwayne Murphy = bye bye.

    Next is pitching, I am not down with Dempster, too old, he had a good contract year and he will command more term and cash than he’s worth without a doubt, pass on him. Jackson I am onboard with forsure but my question is, shouldnt the Jays be in the conversation concerning Haren and Santana? I personally see one of those two in a Jays uniform next season, just a feeling. But I wouldnt be giving up the farm for either.

    Moving on, I think Rogers and AA would be certifiably insane not to take a solid run at Josh Hamilton. Yes I know, it’s not likely that he will want anything to do with the turf in Toronto but for the right dime, it makes sense. If not then Nick Swisher is my next thought and after him, Victorino. Someone capable of playing a decent LF and someone capable of producing a lot of offense. Imagine Hamilton hitting behind Jose,,, it gives me a giant boner just thinking about it.

    TRADE fucking Escobar, he had a good year at the plate and in the field, his value is high despite his idiocy, the A’s need a SS, send him packing. After that I would assume the Jays could sign a temporary place holder like Gonzalez, Drew or Scutaro to a shorter 1-2 year deal until hechavarria is ready to step in. Aviles plays 2B and Bobs your uncle. While theyre at it, get rid of Lind to anyone for anything theyll offer, he needs new scenery.

    1B or DH is an interesting situation,, there’s options out there for both, It’s a pipe dream but why not explore what it would take to grab Morneau or maybe sign someone they have a good feeling about but if they cant trade Lind, they have to HOPE he can pull it together.

    Sure everything above is shit I imagined in my fantasy world but the bottom line is that there is a shitload on the market and Rogers/beeston/AA need to show some sack and make someone happen.

  18. Really good article at Fangraphs. The sign and trade scenario is fascinating. I would love to see someone try it. The old school baseball crowd would lose their shit.

  19. They need a high profile move by about Nov 15. After that people will begin to beleive they are BS yet again. I would start the ball rolling witha trade to convince the FA’s we mean business this year not just an advertisement for GASEX like last year

    • December meetings. That’s the latest the public and the media will allow things to go, before they start screaming bloody murder.

  20. Why is there no Josh Johnson talk. He was rumoured to be on the block near the deadline. He is a stud in my opinion and Miami has many needs.

  21. I could go for Either on the Jays, he’d be a decent left fielder in a platoon with Rajai Davis

  22. fuk that one year rental-we’re then back in the LF merry go round again. With Boras the pig ,the player always goes to FA so I say pass. Get a guy who can stay there for at least 3 years if need be like say Michael Bourne

  23. Oh, woe is me. AA won’t buy a bunch of free agents and now Travis is gone.

    I’d off myself if I had a life insurance policy.

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