And the next manager of the Toronto Blue Jays is… Lawrence Fishburne?

According to a team release from Cleveland, the Clevelands have “finalized” Terry Francona’s coaching staff, with Sandy Alomar Jr. remaining as bench coach, and ex-Jay– and now former Jays advanced scout– Kevin Cash joining the club as their bullpen coach.

For some reason, this has rustled some of the tourist trolls out from under their bridge, as a story continues to report, at the time of this writing, that “the Toronto Blue Jays can scratch Sandy Alomar’s name off their list of potential managers for 2013,” while Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun has yet to bother to correct this currently hour-old tweet, despite information to the contrary being readily available:

Fortunately for all of us, there’s Sportsnet’s Shi Davidi:

And, as Parkes noted earlier over at Getting Blanked, the same is true of Brian Butterfield.

“It’s a rare opportunity, and we would certainly not block that,” explains Red Sox manager, President CheapTalk, on the possibility of the Jays re-hiring Butterfield in order to promote him, according to Rob Bradford of And as odd as it may sound, it makes sense– as it does for Alomar, as well.

Surely these clubs know that the possibilities exist that their employees may be hired away by one of the franchises still looking to fill a managerial vacancy, but it’s only fair to the coaches themselves, as well as other potential hires who may have otherwise remained in limbo, to set their staffs under the assumption that it won’t happen. If it does, they move on to plan B.

To assume now that these guys would have taken these positions at the absolute exclusion of a promotion, a much bigger salary, more responsibility, and a chance to hold one of thirty MLB managerial jobs is pretty bloody ridiculous, when you think about it. Which, basically, is just a long way saying: don’t bother ever listening to Steve Simmons or the interns running in between making trips to get Vaseline for the camera lens they shoot Lansberg with and shuttling guys back and forth from getting their obligatory hockey reporter hedgehog haircuts. Though if you’re here, I’m sure you already knew that.

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  1. If I’m not mistaken, Kevin Cash, along with Butterfield, was heavily involved in the defensive shifting that the Jays have applied. So two of the main progressive defensive minds in the organization are gone.

  2. “lucky_loonie
    14 mins ago

    They should hire Joe Carter and Pat Borders for Manager and Bench coach.”

    That was a post in the comments over at .. and I think that he was serious

    • This one takes the cake by far:

      1 hour ago

      Bring back Buck he did a decent job las time considering all the injuries he had to work with. Then hire Ernie whitt to be GM. I have supported AA from the start but his 15 minutes of fame is up. Oh and one other thing why is it when pitchers leave toronto they excell and same with batters. Could it be we need new pitching and batting coaches….just a thought. Farrel has not been after them from out team. 3 Days from FA signings woohoo Report this comment!”

      Holy fuck, does TSN ever suck…I cant watch it anymore and I dont go there for my sports news. But I had to go read some of these comments after your post rdillon99.

    • TSN commenters still think Toronto’s baseball team is in the International League and that it’s named the Toronto Maple Leafs. Oh wait, they are still thinking of the hockey team.

    • I’m holding out for Tabs

  3. I don’t think it changes anything for hiring Alomar.

    But what would the optics be if Butterfield were named Blue Jays manager?

    Is it a negative that he left for Boston, even though it is completely justifiable?

    Is it a positive because the Blue Jays poached him back?

    Imagine the ridiculous levels of questioning from the TO media about loyalty.

    • Stop. Fucking. Saying. Optics. You. Pretentious. Twat.

      • Butterfield did not even have a contract with the Jays after this season so he wasn’t even guaranteed a job here and that’s probably one of the reasons that he left.

    • Optics only matter to the media and to hardcore fans on Twitter, message boards and blog comments (i.e. an extremely small proportion of the overall consumer base of the Jays).

      It’s hard for optics, particularly when it’s regarding the fucking 3rd base coach, to have any effect whatsoever on the organization’s bottom line or how the organization goes about its business. Which is why AA doesn’t give a shit about this stuff.

      • AA might only care a little, but isn’t it a well known fact that Rogers cares a lot?

        This was mentioned a lot during the JPR era as to why he wasn’t allowed to truly rebuild the team by completely gutting payroll. And the same is true in the AA era.

        I’d say optics are unquestionably important to AA’s boss and employer.

      • I think optics matter to the casual fan, because they’ll listen to knobs like Steve Simmons and assume they must be right.

        Ie Simmons tweeting something yesterday along the lines of : “Butterfield goes to Boston too. #TorontoFarmTeam’

    • Aviles for Butterfield?

  4. “obligatory hockey reporter hedgehog haircuts”

    Fantastic Stoeten. I’m going to think of that line every time I watch the Hockey Panel on Sportsnet.

  5. For fucks sake, hire Acta already goddammit!

  6. I wish The Sun would make Steve Simmons go the way of Al Strachan, who I assume, they just shot and buried in a shallow grave that’s befitting of the worst columnist of all time (now being challenged by Simmons of course).

  7. Hire Bugsy the Bear and all his woodland friends….

  8. Today in ‘Things you don’t read very often’

    “Fortunately for all of us there’s Sportsnet’s Shi Davidi”

    • Shi Davidi is a solid reporter.

      • Are you kidding me man? The scoops he gets are his best feature and also the result of being an employee of the same company that owns the team. Sample Davidi article;

        Tough to tell which players the team will be in on but only because AA will be in on EVERYONE and obytheway did you hear about the attendance numbers? Up 18% since last year, the most since 1989! I know we weren’t talking about that but it’s amazing how well the team is doing at everything always. What are the risks this summer? Well, there’s a risk that AA’s moves could be so good that it blows your freaking mind and overwhelms OHIP. In conclusion, have you seen the TV ratings?

        I’m just as happy not reading Pravda, thanks anyway.

        • I don’t see any evidence Davidi is a homer. He just isn’t overly reactionary and negative, like most sports media.

          • Read the article today which is headlined ‘risks and opportunities of this offseason’ and find me a risk.

        • Shi is a company man. That’s why when he “guesses” payroll to be a 90 -95 million , I take him seriously.

          It could be a trial balloon to see what the reaction is from other media, fans etc…

    • I laughed at that too

  9. I’m predicting Sandy gets the job.

    He was one of the runners up last time (so they must like him a lot), seems to be well respected, he’s an Alomar (not sure that’s a good thing, but may make it more likely), he’s kind of a name.

    It makes sense I think. Unless some other candidate blows them away in the interview I guess.

  10. No one saw Bastian’s tweet about Sandy not having been contacted about any managerial openings?

    • From what I understand, the Jays have only been contacting candidates that they haven’t spoken to previously (Wallach, Williams etc). It sounds as though the intention is to talk to the new candidates, then circle back & talk to parties they liked before to gauge interest in the job.

  11. Seriously…what is taking AA so freakin’ long?
    Not that due diligence isn’t called for – but for crissakes, get a move on!
    I’m not sure about a free agent’s thought processes – but wouldn’t a guy want to know which manager will be sitting on the team’s bench before he signs a contract?
    I know AA’s a super-secretive and deliberate kinda guy – but if this process is any indication, this is gonna be a long, quiet winter full of speculation.

    • It’s only been 10 days.

    • Free agent’s thought process generally = how much $ are you going to pay me?

      • Nah. Free agent’s thought process generally=off-season! Cool! I’ll take the Ferrari down to Pebble Beach and play a few rounds.

        Free agents’ agents’ thought process generally=how much are you gonna pay me?

    • The off-season isn’t like hockey where signings happen right away, so you can relax.

  12. I’m pretty sure we’ll know who the mgr is b4 the GM meetings on Nov 6. AA will NOT want to go to these to talk trades or lay groundwork for same with this albatross still around his neck. Plus as a former player myself ( admittedly low minors) a player does like to know who they will be playing for especially if they have a choice as FAs do

    • fyi, baker park softball does not count as “low minors”

      but thanks for the insight anyway, us unwashed masses had no idea its a good thing for potential FA’s to know who the manager is

  13. ‘making trips to get Vaseline for the camera lens they shoot Lansberg with and shuttling guys back and forth from getting their obligatory hockey reporter hedgehog haircuts. Though if you’re here, I’m sure you already knew that.’


  14. I’d wager a guess that more Sun News readers support Zaun for manager than any other media outlet. In fact, I’d bet my house on it.

    • Can Jamie Campbell be the bench coach?

      I mean the guy who criticizes ball players while sitting on high horse in the broadcast booth must know what he’s talking about, right?

      No? But he speaks with such great conviction. Doesn’t that mean he’s always right?

  15. angel pagan as lf platoon

  16. Royals acquire Ervin Santana. Cue panic from Oakville69.

    • Does that mean they’ll keep Haren? If so I might consider panicking. Well, give it a week to see what happens with McCarthy & Jackson.

      • From what I’ve read, it SEEMS like they planned on trading both players, rather than just letting them walk via Free Agency.

        You’ve got to think the Jays are one of the teams in on Haren. It actually could be better for the Jays in a way. I like their odds of trading for him more than I do them signing him as an FA.

        The only question I have is whether the 15.5 mil he’s owed is deemed too much by the Jays. I’d really like to think not, but who knows.

    • +1. He’s a decent pitcher. Can probably pitch 200 innings with 4.50 ERA. He wasn’t as good in 2012

      • I think so too. Rough year in 2012, but I think it’s reasonable to expect 200 innings of decent numbers from him..

  17. Rosenthal wrote this story last night (before the trade today) saying the Angels are aggressively trying to trade Santana and Haren, and both could happen this week:

    I think Haren makes an awful lot of sense for the Jays.

  18. I love TSN, and prefer it, strongly, over the score and sportsnet.

    So suck it Andrew

    You know you’d work there if they paid you to blog.

  19. “Lawrence Fishburne?”

    C’mon, it took this long for the link, or a certain someone to post?

    Stay focused people!

  20. Hire Ernie Whitt or just get all wild with it and call Juan Beniquez out of Santa Domingo district prison.

    • Fuck while we’re at it, why not have ole Charles Sheen do any opening day celeb managerial cameo.

      If he wins the games, he gets to say it with unbridled passion.

  21. I’ve has sometime to think it over. The trade business thing threw me through an emotional loop. Then I was busy lashing out my hurt feelings on to Stoeten by championing Jim Tracy (you hurt the ones you love the most ‘eh).

    So after much reflection (well, some) I’ve decided on who I would like to see become the next manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. I would like them to rehire John Gibbons.

    I have awesome support for the argument, but alas, I’m a little too lazy to type them out at this moment. I will however respond to any questions you may have.

    You may begin.

    • Gibby would at least punch rookies in the face if they needed a good zeroing in.

      • I’m sure he’d lighten up on the fisticuffs after what he learned the first time around. However, the no bullshit attitude will return, which I think we can all agree would have been useful this year.

        Next Question.

    • All you have to do is ask yourself ONE question…”would Gibbon’s have burnt Coco in a low leverage situation?”. Alas. You have your answer rainbow.

      • FamousAmazingGuy says:
      07.17.12 @ 9:53 PM EDT
      not sure why they’re burning coco in a low leverage situation?

  22. I wonder if the Angels getting rid of Santana makes it more likely they’ll actually end up keeping Haren now. It’s interesting that they just got a minor leaguer for him. I’d really really hate to see Haren end up somewhere else with the prospects the Jays have to offer.

    • The rumors all along were that the Angels were going to decline both options.

      The reason Santana was traded first was because his option decision was due today, while Haren’s is due on Friday.

      Of course, these are all just rumors. But I’m guessing they still try and move Haren.

      • Thanks 2010! I forgot about Haren’s option being due on Friday.

        At least the Jays picked up Oliver and have basically Davis locked up for this year. Baby steps. Now how about one giant leap for Jayskind puhlease.

        • So what’s the point of declining the option on Davis, payng 500K buyout fee & giving him 2.5 milion next year?

          Does Davis need 500K today? Perhaps you can pay the buyout fee immediately.?

          Oliver’s option picked up , but can he still retire?

          Perhaps , it is a useful trade chip if he wants to go to the Angels ?

        • Yeah, Im glad about both and hopefully Oliver wants to play in 2012.

          Or, heck, like someone cleverly suggested earlier, offer him to LAA for Haren if he suggests he’d play for a contender but would retire in TO, haha.

  23. Oliver’s option picked up. Davis’s declined, but Jays sign him to a 1yr/$2.5 million deal.

    • Damn AA just saved $500,000.

      Can’t complain about that.

      Even though RD may be worth $3 million, I’d be shocked if he got that on the open market.

      • Davis had to be paid 500k for the opt-out, though.

      • Did he save any money? If the option is declined the buyout automatically kicks in doesn’t it? Then the $2.5 million + the $500k = $3.0 million which is what he was set to be paid anyway.

        I wonder if he did for accounting purposes. The buyout might count as the budget but his 2013 payroll actually comes in 500k cheaper on the books this coming year. Maybe he’s just trying to create as much wiggle room as possible for additions this year.

  24. Santana seemed cheap enough. Surely would look better in our rotation than Laffey and others…

    • Santana at $12 or $13 million doesn’t sound like the best of options. Of course if we end this offseason with Laffey-types as the only SP signings, then I might re-think that

  25. Good news on Davis and Oliver.

  26. The Angels are sending $1 mil to KC for Santana.

    Instead of buying him out, they basically used the $1 mil to get a prospect.

    Might the same principal be applied for Haren? Angels eat $3.5 mil to get a prospect like…Sam Dyson!

    • If they don’t want to pick up the option, there’s no reason the Angels wouldn’t trade Haren (they won’t decline the option then make him a qualifying offer). However, I’m guessing it would take more than Dyson since Haren will be in greater demand than Santana.

      • Will Haren be in that much more demand than Santana?

        Of course, I like the 1 year risk for Haren. But considering Haren`s age I think Santana may have a better chance for bounceback, even though Haren has been the more consistent pitcher for the last few years.

        It`ll be interesting either way because the sense is a Haren trade is almost a certainty.

    • Apparently the guy that KC is sending over isn’t much of a prospect. He’s a 27 year old relief pitcher in AAA. Probably need to give a bit more for Haren, but it shouldn’t be too bad.

  27. Stoeten, at this point who is your front runner for the job?

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