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Alex Anthopoulos spoke on TSN Radio on Tuesday morning, bringing Mike Richards and his listeners up to speed on the club’s still-ongoing manager search. In doing so, he downplayed the sense of urgency some feel the club should perhaps be better demonstrating as the process goes on:

“The only reason there’d be a sense of urgency is if it started to cut into other things that we wanted to do in the off-season. The whole process of the transaction with Boston was going on, really there wasn’t a whole lot to do on our end– it was more just sit back and wait, at least from a front office standpoint. So we really spent a lot of that time having meetings on free agents, meetings on trade targets and so on. Consciously I’ve made a point to not get completely bogged down in this process. Obviously it’s taking time, but I’m also making sure that each day I’m still keeping in contact with clubs, still keeping in contact now that free agents are starting– I was on the phone last night for quite some time with various free agents and so on. We’ve done a lot of work, we’re already prepared, and I’d like to get the manager component done sooner than later, I don’t have a timeline, but I think we’re at a pretty good pace right now.”

And here’s the money quote on what Anthopoulos, who insists he’s not worried a tick about the optics of his selection, is looking for in a manager:

“They’re there to connect to the players with the clubhouse, to put the team in a position to win, to do the in-game. There’s obviously the media component, there’s a lot of other components there too, but really it’s going to come down to two simple things: connecting with the players and connecting with the front office and the ownership group.”

In other words, maybe don’t be terribly shocked if it’s another manager who is technically inept or entirely inexperienced with in-game stuff. Which… hey, as long as he’s adaptable, that’s not so bad, and presumably that goes along with the first key component.

Though I’ve heard his name essentially ruled out, that can’t help but make me feel a little bit worried for one of the names Jose Bautista drops on the Toronto Sun in putting together a list of ultimate managerial qualities. “Jim Tracy’s leadership skills” would be an asset for the ideal manager, the Jays’ star says, along with “Cito Gaston’s patience, Tony Beasley’s enthusiasm, Trent Jewett’s knowledge, Lee Mazzilli’s motivational skills.”

Speaking of potential managers, Cleveland bench coach Sandy Alomar Jr. isn’t waiting by the phone for a team to call him, says Gregor Chisholm of, and indeed, apparently the Jays have yet to reach out (they’re first looking at guys who they weren’t able to speak with last time around).

Though it was being reported earlier today that Brian Butterfield’s jump to Boston doesn’t rule him out of being the next Jays manager, according to an excellent piece from Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star, Butter left “armed with the knowledge he wasn’t being considered — again — by the Jays to replace Farrell.” Interesting. Also interesting: Griff implores fans to not resent Butter’s decision, and entirely makes sense in his explanation.

More coaching stuff: during the 11 AM hour of the Jeff Blair Show this morning, Blairsy told us he’d heard rumblings– specifically from Pat Tabler– that Luis Rivera may also be on his way to Boston, eventually. That loss, he suggests, would be even bigger than the loss of Butterfield. Rivera was very important to the development of Adeiny Hechavarria, he says, and very well-respected– potentially a future manager.

John Lott of the National Post has an excellent update on yesterday’s Ricky Romero stuff, with help from the phone conference held on the subject Tuesday evening, explaining that the surgery took place two weeks ago, and that Romero hadn’t told team officials about the soreness in his elbow as the season progressed. “The relatively routine surgery followed a rough season in which Romero began to feel unusual soreness on the outside of his elbow,” Lott explains. “He said he could not recall exactly when it started, but it was ‘a little more soreness than usual’ and it ‘built up little by little.’ ”

I posted it somewhere else earlier, I’m pretty sure, but there’s nothing wrong with sending another link in the direction of the latest at Sportsnet from Shi Davidi, who talks budget and payroll and where the off-season may take us.

The Royals did with Ervin Santana what I’m still hopeful the Jays will be able to do with Dan Haren, acquiring the Angels pitcher, and cash, in exchange for a non-prospect, hoping he bounces back from a disastrous 2012– and, as Dave Cameron writes at FanGraphs, hoping that the market for pitching goes nuts this winter, making the one-year, $13-million deal look rather astute. Hum now Jays!

Speaking of Haren and FanGraphs, Michael Barr looks at the potential market for the red-flag laden righty.

Drew writes about Santana at Getting Blanked, concluding that “he is a pitcher, something the Royals desperately need. A good pitcher? That isn’t really the Royals MO. They just get guys known to pitch and figure the rest will take care of itself. Thus their stellar record of development and big league success.”

In addition to the Davis and Oliver stuff noted in the previous post, the Jays made a few more minor moves today. Gregor Chisholm has the details at, as the club announced it has picked up lefty Scott Maine from Cleveland, designated Scott Cousins and David Herndon for assignment (hoping to slip them through waivers and to Buffalo as depth, presumably), while also using some of their open 40-man roster space to reinstate several pitchers off the 60-day disabled list.

Speaking of Oliver and Davis, there was some confusion about Rajai’s deal that I’ve done my best to add to in the post below. If you caught that one when it was relatively fresh, have a look again, as there have been some updates worth checking out. (Y’know, if you’re into agonizing over the contracts of fourth outfielders… which I am.)

Mop Up Duty digs into their ESPN Stats and Info goodness in order to give us a report on the season that was for Anthony Gose.

At FanGraphs, Matt Klaassen hands out the Jays-flavoured Joe Carter-Tony Batista award for 2012, which goes to “the hitter whose 2012 RBI total most exaggerates his actual offensive contribution.”

Jays Journal swoons over the Jays’ catching depth, and provides us with a prospect primer for the corner outfielders in the Jays’ system.

Not Jays-related, but still awesome: Ultimate Astros has a fantastic interview up with the club’s GM Jeff Luhnow.

Lastly, it’s part three of the Getting Blanked GIFs of the Year, this time featuring the worst of the worst!

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  1. Like they did with Santana, I suspect LAA will wait until Friday afternoon to extract the best deal for Haren.

    Is AA ballsy enough to offer both Sam Dyson & Michael McDade?

    Time will tell.

    • Sam Dyson and McDade will net you exactly one half of Haren’s jock strap.

      • perhaps adding mark mccoy to the mix might help make the angels a bit more decisive, wink, wink, nudge, nudge …. if you know what i mean, so to speak

      • You really think Haren has much, if any, trade value?

        I don’t.

        I’m sure the Angels would gladly dump him if a team agreed to pay the entire $15.5 mil.

        Presumably nobody will do that.

        So the Angels will probably eat a little money like they did with Santana.

        Eating a little money doesn`t mean they can get a good prospect back. It means they will get something as opposed to buying him out for $3.5 million and getting nothing.

        • Agree. Haren’s contract needs to be discounted, not coupled with a premium.

          Any deal should be non-prospect for Haren + cash.

          And again I agree that if Haren comes without cash, the player price should be zero or closest thing to it. Even then it’s no slam dunk given salary space opp cost on jays side. There are worrying signs of decline on Haren. If you’re buying low it’s great but this would be an expensive gamble for jays.

          • Let’s spin it around: Would the Jays take McDade and Dyson for Ricky Romero? No, AA would laugh, and then hang up the phone, the same as the Angels should with that offer for Haren. His contract is higher, but he has a longer history of being a good pitcher.

            I tend to agree with MSFC- given the signs of decline, I don’t know if the gamble is worth it, and I can’t picture the Angels biting at a cost/prospect price the Blue Jays can live with.

        • I think he certainly does have trade value. He had a bad year, but even then his xfip was 4 and that coming off of a 3.29 2011. so yeah, guys that can do that and eat up innings have value even for one year of work.

          His trade value may be inflated due to a lack of high end free agent pitchers as well as teams picking up options on guys like peavey and shields.

          a ton of value? i dont think a TON..but enough such that he will cost enough to make it not worth it for us i believe.

      • Dan Haren has been a very very very good pitcher.

        • @DaveC

          The only way Haren might be comparable to Romero is if LAA would actually consider picking up Haren’s option at $15.5 mil.

          Based on rumors, that is not going to happen.

          Assuming LAA is not willing to pick up a penny more than the $3.5 mil buyotu cost, I can’t imagine Haren being worth a whole lot.

          Yeah, he’ll probably net more than Dyson if LAA eats the full $3.5 mil buyout value.

          But what is that? Carreno? Cecil?

          I don’t consider that particularly significant.

  2. is it just me or will davis be next trade deadline bait. 4th outfielder with speed and jays took 500k of his hit for other teams.

  3. 1. Joe Carter at Raptors game saying basketball is his favourite sport.

    2. I really miss Jays in 30.

    3. I would rather listen to Baseball Central at Noon talking rumours about player transactions and strategy for the FO, than listen to NHL labour negotiations at noon.

    That is all.
    Happy Halloween

    • Good thing the Raptors weren’t around in 93, he might have gone to play his dream sport before hitting his big homerun.

  4. So AA has to:

    1. Hire a new Manager
    2. Land a quality #2 type pitcher
    3. Land a quality bat at the LF, DH, or 1B positions
    4. Round out the pitching with a depth starter and maybe an additional bullpen arm (especially if he trades one away)
    5. Figure out the 2b position

    I’m guessing 2. will be solved through a trade, 3. through a roughly $8 Million per year type free agent signing, 4. through free agency/trade/whatever, and 5. with in house options.

    If he does this it could be a good off season without spending all that much. I would prefer for Rogers to invest in the team and not make them trade away one of the big three but I do not see this happening.

  5. The Fangraphs piece on Haren is interesting. Some encouraging signs, but his velocity is still a red flag. Not sure how that would play in the AL East & Rogers Centre.

    If Haren flames out, it’s not going to matter longterm and even if he repeats his 2012 that’s a better season than what the Jays got from almost everyone on this year’s staff.

    Worst case scenario is Rogers shelling out a little money. Best case scenario is Morrow, Romero & Haren all pitching well overca full season. I’d probably roll the dice on Haren.

    • I’d roll the dice on him too. He pitched with back soreness for a large part of the year, spent time on the DL and, when he came back, was bascially Dan Haren 2011.

    • Me too. The Fagraphs piece was good. The last time I saw Haren my perception was he was lights out against the Jays. Apparently he’s no longer that but for 1 year I’d be ok with that because Drabek will be back in 2014 and Hutch could pitch limited innings then too; not to mention the Lansing 3 should be another year (or more?) closer.
      My concerns are:
      1/ who do you offer ? Hopefully no one better than Sierra or Dyson but I’m ok with AA’s choice.
      2/ How close is the Haren story to Brett Cecil whose velocity dropped from roughly the same speed?
      This all has to be examined under the aegis of the Jays have NO pitching except for Morrow and saying that “if” Romero returns to form doesnt count.

      • I’d say Haren’s story is pretty far off Cecil’s, mainly because of track record.

  6. Best voicemail left at MILB head quarters by an ex MLB umpire.

  7. I’ve been a Haren fan for a while but at his stage right now – he is a #3 (on a good team) at best. If our payroll was at 150 million, then bring him in. At 80 or 90 million, a 15 million dollar #3

  8. doesn’t make any sense….. (sorry my message in two parts)

  9. What should we be reading into the Luis Rivera rumour? I’m a bit concerned that If he goes to the Red Sox (and what does “eventually” mean..exactly?) that it says more about the Jays than it does about the Red Sox. Is Farrell that wonderful or are AA and Beeston (and Rogers) that bad?

    • I think it tells us that speculation about “unrest” in the clubhouse this year was probably true – and that stories about wanting Yunel Escobar and Omar Vizquel gone at various points in the year weren’t coming from the front office.

      And probably that it wasn’t a good idea employing a manager who wanted to go to Boston all year to get in your staff’s ear.

      Oh, and probably something about money.

      • The reporter on Blair’s podcast said it wasnt based on anything but Tabler had to have heard it from somewhere. Also Farrell has some Latin America background in his resume. This “eventually’ thing could mean anything but the fact that it was mentioned at all is interesting. And Blair’s opinion of Rivera’s talents and intelligence is quite high.

        • I would think that the Butterfield/ Rivera to the Sox has as much to do with these guys taking a guranteed job as anything reflection on the Jays as an org. If they wait till a new manager is hired and he wants to bring in all his own guys then Butters and Rivera are SOL

      • +1M

    • Before eveyone gets all excited about the possibility of trading for Haren, it has been reported that he has nine teams he can veto a trade to. If AA doesn’t acquire him it doesn’t neccessarily mean that AA wasn’t willing to beat another team’s shitty prospect, or that the cheap fucks at Rogers wouldn’t pony up the money needed. Maybe Haren just wouldn’t agree to come.

    • Thx NM.
      Great link as usual.
      Smile of the day.

    • After a long negotation – The Red Sox will send Gillermo Quiroz and his lifetime statline of .206 / .265 /.272 to the Blue Jays for Ace ….. This & the Aviles deal will give the Jays two quality guys who have an idea of how to get on base

      • They might have an idea how to do it but sure as fuk can’t execute it.
        We used to have quiroz and he, alomg with that dwarf who always used to catch for Towersznd some other guy named Roberto were always going to be our “catcher of the future with their .201 average. Fuckin idiot riccardi drafting catchers that are 5.8

  10. Anyone else hear that women announce the GIANTS as the 49ERS at parade. Yikes!

    Ps where is Lenny Dykstra these days? Now theres a gamer for Manager. Or would he be too occupied bettin the spreads then drawing a game line up?

  11. Anyone hear the beginning of the Blair show talking about Farrell at 10.00 am? Is Romero suggesting that Farrell tanked the team during the season?

    • So Tank Nation 2012 was a real thing? (I didn’t hear the show). I hope we make good use of our protected draft pick and actually sign somebody of consequence this offseason.

      • I don’t know. I came in on the end of it and it sounded as if Romero had ‘noticed’ something and so had the other players and Blair was talking about how the coaches that had left/are gonna leave had decided to leave with Farrell before the season had ended. But like I say, I came in on the end when he was throwing to callers so didn’t hear the whole thing. The call-ins certainly suggested that that had been the discussion.

      • Jail wow, thats right i do remember hearing sumthin like that now that ya mention it thank you.

        Wow Soriano and Boras are really taking advantage of Rivera most likely not returning and absolutely no closers on market. Opting out of last yr which woulda netted him 14mill!!!? Fuckin Boras will prolly gettem a multi yr deal at that price too. Thats the sad part

  12. Has Tank Nation 2013 started yet?

  13. There will be more crap that will spew from whole Farrellgate saga. Some of it might even stick. Some of it won’t. Hopefully, by spring training, most of the saga will be old news. However, it would be fun to see this kind of scenario play out:

    New Manager (Not Jim Tracy): Welcome to Dundedin gentleman, I am your new skipper. Fielding drills and batting practice schedules are on the wall. Read them and be on time. Fielding drills are also mandatory, especially for infielders, and I am looking at you Lindy.

    Lind: Holy shit, I am still on the team?

    NM: Yeah, no one wanted you this offseason. Alex was only offered a half-smoked cuban cigar from the crazy fucker in Miami.

    Lawrie: Yo skip, who is handling infleld practice? Butter, he is like gone man!¸

    NM: (lowers his clipboard, removes his cap, smoothes out his hair, gets up on a bench in the middle of the room, and starts yelling): Fuck Butter, fuck Farrell, Fuck Rivera, Fuck those fucking asshole Boston Redsox fucking massholes. Fuck em, did you hear me, F U C K them!

    Lawrie: (grinning) Yeah, that is what I am talking about skip!

    Lawrie: (lets loose a huge roar, rips off his shirt, starts to run around the locker room, opens a case of Red Bull, tosses em around): You hear that boys! Let’s get those fucking massholes!

    Bautista: (gets up from his corner, puts away with his Iphone, removes his shades): Time to get to work guys, I am heading for some BP, who is the sucker who wants to lollygag me some meatballs?

    Edwin E: I am right behind you Joey, lets put some dents in some windshields.

    New guy: (to no one in particular) Holy fuck, I parked right behind the left field bleachers (bolts out of locker room to move his car).

    Colby: (puts away his Guns and Ammo magazine, removes his shades, greases up his locks), I got to get me some meatballs, been living off fried hushpuppies for too long.

    And so on.

    • Continued:

      Pat Tabler walks into clubhouse. Takes a grand 360 degree look around the room. Buck walks in right behind him, bumps into tabler as he is not looking up, but rather playing angry birds on his Ipad

      Tabs: Wow Buck…get a look at this place. I see alot of BIG SCHTROOOONG guys in this room. Makes me sort of wish I could be on this team.

      Buck: What ya sayin’ there tabs? You ARE on THAT team if you know what Im sayin’.

      Tabs: Turns to Buck, look of bewilderment on his face…”Buck, I dont EVEN know what that means..”

      Buck: OOOOH. I think you do tabs…I think you do. Not that there is anything WRONG with that.

      Tabs: Enough of this, I heard we signed Jose Valverde. Im gonna find him and chat him up. Bout time we found a PROVEN VETERAN CLOSER who KNOWS HOW TO WIN.

      Buck: Good luck with that..i gotta pinch a loaf. Where the fuck are the bath rooms around here?


      Tabs: Well, there is a new sheriff in town…and I LIKE it.


  14. That was fuckin gold! Pure fuckin gold hahahaha.

  15. Ortiz on the open market perhaps

  16. Love to see Ortiz between JB and EE. Just cant see it happening

  17. I for one would be more interested in having his 2012 buddy Cody Ross. sign him 2 years. not a fantastic defender, but has decent enough pop for a LF. Not pay a fortune. give Gose another year in AAA and Davis 4th outfielder. Ross gives you a fielder who will give you comparable 2013 to Big Pappi ( who I am expecting numbers to diminish for 2013) he will be cheaper and can play a few positions. Take a page from the rays don’t hinder yourself with players who can play 1 position. ideally, I would prefer a better hitting, speedy, defender, but Ross would give you all of position covered and would be shocked with the inflated market to see him get more than 2/14 (taking into account Leagues rocketed salary, I would try 2/10.

  18. Yes, keep that Ortiz dream alive, fuck those Massholes !

    • I would rather see Gose play outfield everyday next year than Rasmus.
      What about moving Rasmus in a deal for pitching and signing Bourn? Fills leadoff spot need.
      I dunno i just never did buy into the Rasmus hoo rah

      • Agree with you. A month ago I suggested we deal Rasmus ina deal for a pitcher as I just don’t think he’ll ever get it. Cleveland w/b a candidate say, for Masterton. Perhaps Rasmus and Sierra for Masterton. We can live w/o a guy who hits .223 is an ok defender and strikes out a ton-plus seems a little on the dense side. Then sign Bourne

  19. Ortiz is interesting but MLBTR is suggesting that Adam LaRoche is going to go to free agency and turned down his club option. If he is still available when exclusive bargaining is over he could be a target for the Jays to replace Adam Lind and to add a left handed bat to the order. .273/ .343/ .510 with 33 dingers would be a monumental upgrade at 1b for us and he’s 4 or 5 years younger than ortiz.

  20. I’d like Ortiz, but the Shi Davidi article about payroll has made me think it may not be realistic. I know he was probably just guessing on his part, but if the Jays have 10 or 15 million to spend, I think they’ve probably got to use it to address starting pitching.

    • I dont see him leaving Boston regardless but who knows. Maybe he too is tired of the shitstorm fiascos in Boston. Maybe he body slams Farrel, fingers Cherrington and packs his cleats and fucks off to TDOT

  21. as i’ve been saying for weeks, Davis/Lind platoon in LF wouldn’t be the worst thing ever. i’m holding out hope that lind can find whatever’s been missing the last few years and get back to where he once belonged. the sad fact is that he’s still the best hitting prospect the team has seen since JPR took over.

    • Lind in left field would be a nightmare

    • Lind cannot play LF. He’s probably worse than Eric Thames, even if he is slightly more graceful.

      What could make sense is trading for someone like Soriano (if the Cubs eat almost all of his contract) and having Davis & Soriano cover LF/DH vs LH pitching.

      • Soriano can also play second base 8)

      • you guys are so negative. michael morse plays terrible LF, but no one gives a shit because he can hit 30 dingers with a good average. lind/davis would be a fun experiment to watch if only because you can envision them playing differently around the different lineup constructions.

    • yeah, it w/b the worst thing ever. do you remember how bad Lind was with his noodle arm when we had him there a few years ago?? Christ, even Matt Staits ranked ahead of hime for the LF playing time. And.. Davis is a farce as a LF-migt as well use Thames

    • Lind in the outfield? Lind in the outfield?? Lind in the outfield???


      Lind could do ok as a 1B/DH platoon/backup, assuming we add another big bat to go with EE. That and pinch hitting is all he should be doing.

  22. Interesting chat with Blair and Brunt:

    Brunt said he thinks the Jays are going to do something flamboyant this winter to calm the masses. He thinks that’s not just coming from the organization, but from ownership. He says he ‘feels it coming and will be shocked it it doesn’t happen’.

    I think that quote is probably worth keeping in mind, because Brunt is probably as plugged in as anyone…. especially now that he works for Rogers.

    • Brunt has also mentioned a couple times, that he thinks if the Jays get back on track, AA will succeed Beest as President.

    • please don’t be Hamilton, Please don’t be Hamilton……

      Somehow convivnce Grienke to come to Toronto

      • i would love hamilton to come here if it’s a decision made by ownership that aa doesn’t have to take responsibility for. why woulnd’t you? i mean…there’s the whole vernon wells thing, which has always been thought to be a decision that wasn’t JPR’s, but was used to hang him anyway…

  23. Two words I never want to see on this site again…parameters…optics. Fuck off and use normal words.

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