Today in MLBTR: October 31st

I can’t say for certain that this will become a regular feature around here this winter, but today, with all kinds of movement starting to happen on the trade and free agent markets, and all kinds of decisions being made on players throughout the league who may wind up having some bearing on the Jays’ plans for the off-season, I think it will be a valuable exercise to comb through the latest from the astonishingly fantastic and comprehensive MLB Trade Rumors and add some Jays-related context to whatever is going on out there…

Cleveland has declined their option on Travis Hafner, among other players, making him a free agent. Hafner would be an excellent left-handed power to slot in at DH against right-handers if he weren’t to failing health what Adam Lind is to infuriating inconsistency. Since 2008 Hafner’s high water mark for games played is 118, and in 2012 he was sidelined by knee troubles a bulging disc in his lower back. Still, his lowest wOBA was .342, and that’s a whole lot better than what Lind can say. And he shouldn’t be terribly expensive. Then again…

It sure looks like $10-million really is the new $5-million, as last night the Dodgers re-signed reliever Brandon League for three years and $22.5-million. As Parkes points out at Getting Blanked, the ex-Jay becomes the 16th highest paid reliever in history, despite having a declining strikeout rate (his strikeout rate of 18% ranked 98th among 121 qualified relievers last year) which doesn’t exactly bode well for future performance, but hey… TV money!

According to Kenny Ken Ken it “will be an upset” if the Angels don’t move at least one of their two right-handed starters on whom they have hefty one-year options. Neither Dan Haren ($15.5-million) nor Ervin Santana ($13-million) had great seasons, and Anaheim seems to have decided to not pick up either of their options. But rather than straight-up declining them, they’re looking to deal the two, as there are certainly teams– and despite some ugly warts on the two, especially in 2012, I’m hoping the Jays– who would be interested in trading for their rights in order to exercise the option. I’d love for the Jays to do this, especially on Haren (Santana was considerably more brutal last year), as the one year commitment, in my mind, entirely mitigates the overpayment in salary. Sure, it would leave them looking for pitching again next winter, but so what? Only problem is, in his latest for Sportsnet, Shi Davidi figures the Jays may only have about $11- to $16-million to add to the payroll for next year, which means getting one of these guys might be about it, unless they’re able to shed salary elsewhere. Still, by dealing, at least you know you’re getting the guy.

In a single, combined post we’re told of who the Rockies managerial candidates are, and none of them match up with the Jays’ reported list, save for Matt Williams. Given the recent history in Colorado, I’m not sure that’s a bad thing– though they’d probably be saying the same thing about us, right? And we’re also told that the White Sox, despite declining options on Kevin Youkilis and Gavin Floyd (while re-signing Jake Peavy to a two-year deal), hope to have the two players back next year. The Greek God of Walks might be of some interest for the right price– defensively versatile, still hits lefties well– though a tweet yesterday from Patrick Sullivan of Red Sox Beacon noted that Youkilis “hit .158/.248/.237 in games not played at Fenway or the Cell last year.” Yikes.

The Rangers have declined their option on pitcher Scott Feldman, who pitched well for them as a starter this season and in limited action last year (he was coming off knee microfracture surgery performed at the end of 2010), posting a sub-4.00 FIP and xFIP– and pitching especially well outside his home park– with a career high strikeout rate and his best walk rate since a stint coming out of the bullpen in 2006, which mitigates an ugly 5.09 ERA. I’d hit it.

Left-hander Dallas Braden is now a free agent, as the A’s have announced that he and Joey Devine have declined outright assignments to Triple-A after being outrighted off the club’s 40-man roster. Here’s another option for the Jays to take a look at, as Braden pitched very well from 2009 through 2011, when healthy. Ahh, but that’s the rub– Braden has had a pair of shoulder surgeries since the end of the 2010 season, pitching only three times in 2011 and not appearing at all in 2012. A tweet today from Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle suggests the 29-year-old Braden is upbeat about continuing his career, quipping confidently that he’ll find a job, because “I’m left-handed and have a heartbeat.” He also, according to Slusser, has made good progress from the shoulder issues. Perhaps a luxury too great for the Jays to pursue, but I couldn’t blame them for taking a shot.

Lastly, we’re told that the Tigers won’t pursue their own free agents Delmon Young and Jose Valverde. And neither should the Jays. Because those guys fucking suck. So please stop asking me about them.

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  1. This as a regular feature = fucking awesome. ‘Nuff said

  2. how long before bob mccowen and Zaun say that the jays should sign young to play LF and valverde to setup. I have the under on 6 hours. Who wants a repeat of francisco cordero anyone?

  3. I can’t believe AA would say on record that they can now be players for, um, players, that were too expensive in the past if he only had $15M to play with and still wants a DH, LF and 2B in addition to a few pitchers. I’m guessing payroll is around $120M now and they have about $40M to play with.

    • You’d guess wrong, sadly.

    • With the spinning that AA does , maybe he thinks he can compete with an extra 11 million- 16 million.

      The problem as usual is that the market prices for starting pitchng has skyrocketed.

      The new playoff rules also mean that more teams want to be competitive than usual.

      AA cannot hope to do a blockbuster trade in July 2013 to try & compete.

      Sadly, he has to put a playoff ready team on the field by April 1 2013.

      He can’t hope for a strong april,may , june for him to be able to get rogers to agree to increase payroll to take on an expensive contract.

      AA has to put his chips on the table pretty quickly.

      Based on the eary signings, AA neds more money than ever or trade more prospects than expected.

      Would AA be prepared to empty the farm system to get players he needs to compete in 2013 & 2014?

      • He’s never going to “empty” the farm system….maybe move one or two valueable pieces, sure, but he’s not going to go all in, he’s never even come close to giving any indication he’s thought or thinking about this, he’s wanted to build a consisten franchise for 7-10 years, not a 2 year window.

        • OK, but it seems that the cost of prospects wil be very high if he wants a proven young MLB starter.

          So if he doesn’t empty the farm & can’t afford free agents , the Jays are back to a minor upgrade & hope for a healthy team in 2013 where players have carer years in order to get above 88 wins.

      • Read the article Oakville.
        Davidi expression is ” let’s say 95 million”
        He’s speculating at the amount of payroll increase.

        Somebody answer this one from Davidi’s article.
        If Oliver retires then the Jays will exercise the 500 k buyout.
        Huh? If a guy retires why would it be neccesary to exercise the buyout?
        Unless there’s rules that I’m unaware of.

        • @Radar, I don’t know how the buyout rules work if a player retires.

          Maybe Oliver decides to retire in February because he is tired?

          Did Davidi pull these numbers out of a hat?

          Davidi’s 90- 95 million sounds logical from a Rogers perspective.

        • AA might approach Oliver and say, listen, we know you would like to be near to your family, but you can still fucking pitch. How about a trade? Let me work on a good deal that will bring you closer to home?

          If Oliver says naw, give me the $500K and let me retire in peace, then the Jays lose nothing really. They were on the hook in any event.

  4. With Sandy Alomar Jr signing on as bench coach in Cleveland, does this mean his name is out of the Jays managerial search hat?

  5. I’m a bit concerned that Shi suggests the Jays have 11 to 16 mil to play with. He could be wrong but it seems like he gets fed info regularly.

    I’m not one of the Rogers are cheap fucks types, and I understood why the Jays didn’t spend like crazy in 2010 and 2011, but I would like to see a greater investment than that.

    I think the team’s in a position now where it could really benefit from a couple FA acquisitions, and its not like the fans didn’t turn out last year.

    • All they have is 11 to 16 million?? Thats fucked. Ive never been more fed up with rogers as an owner if thats the case. I hope davidi is wrong because if he is right this team will not have the payroll flexibility to improve themselves substantially. To be honest, when I hear them say payroll will increase “significantly”, Im thinking $30-40 million, which would bring the payroll to around 110-120M. Thats fair for a market this size. Rogers needs to start spending or just sell the team to an owner who will.

      • I believe AA has earlier said that payroll won’t go up by 40 million. I can see 20. I’m in full agreement that Rogers should spend more money. I guess from a BUSINESS standpoint in makes sense to be safe and careful. They don’t seem to want to risk spending the money, producing a winner and swimming in the revenue they would gain. The safer approach for them is to keep it on the cheaper side and hope for the best. As a fan, I can’t stand it.

        • Fair point, but by staying cautious you lose the buzz facto in spring 2013.

          I am not sure about advertising spots being pre sold.

          With no buzz & no new uniforms, how do you market the team when everyone else in the divison has upgraded.?

      • +1.

        If they only increase the budget to 90 million, they might as well trade Bautista at the all star break.

        He will probably want to leave anyway to pursue his dream of playing in a playoff game.

  6. If I’m AA, I woudl immediately try to get Haren, I realize his numbers were not great this year, but he is only 31 and his track record is fantatstic. Worth the small gamble.

    • What would you be willing to give up in the trade?

      • considering they don’t want to pick up his option, the price can’t be too high. A B prospect starter or Sierra……sorry

        • what about casey janssen and recieve back haren and 6 million?

          • Yeah…I’d go with that…Janssen is a lot but that would land us a starter for a year. And at that point (2014) Hutch is back for limited innings and Drabek should be able to go for a year of limited innings. And perhaps one or some of the Lansing 3 may show up?

          • I wouldn’t trade Janssen. He’s the fucking closer already.

        • No. Nooooo!!!!!

      • They can have Mathis back. We seem to have a gluttony of catchers anyways.

    • Exactly…They dont seem to need MLB catchers and / or MLB shortstops so now we’re into prospects and we already moved out the Molina Wojehowski and Zach Stewart types. NO way if I’d want to go to the Lansing 3 or Gose or D’Arnaud.

      • Sorry, I have a feeling one of the Lansing Three is going. Probably Syndergaard.
        The heat is on AA to get A Big Name this offseason…and if he can’t lure a free agent here by waving a wallet full of money under his nose – the next thing to do is a trade. And every GM with an available starter wants one of those three guys in a trade PLUS another guy.

  7. It should be noted that Davidi’s wording implies that $90 – $95 mil is simply an educated guess. Unless he’s being fed info from Rogers which is entirely possible.

    And it’s not like the Jays couldn’t trade for Haren, for example, and make the next pitching a target a cheaper guy.

    Heck, if the rumours of the last week are true, the Angels may very well be willing to eat a bit of Haren’s contract because it would be cheaper than buying him out and they would get an asset back.

    So…McGowan and Dyson for Haren?

    • But Dyson has the best stuff int he organization…no!!!!

    • Why would anyone want Dustin McGowan?

      • We committed this much time (and rehab) to him; I for one would like to see him pitch in a Blue Jays uniform. Before he started getting hurt (may have been in the 80′s, but whatever) he was actually pretty damn decent.

      • @Brett

        McGowan has $3.5 mil left on his contract which is the same as Haren’s buyout. And Dyson, even if he’s nothing special, likely has a small kernel of trade value as well.

        So if LAA has to choose between buying out Haren and this hypothetical trade offer, at least they would get some small assets back in trade. They get nothing if they simply buy him out.

    • Davidi wouldn’t dare say the Jays are willing to spend 120 million if the budget was 90 million.

  8. Only $11-16 million! That is bullshit!

    I was expecting like $25-30 million!

    Cheap Rogers fuckers.

    • Especially if 10 mil is the new five mil. But his article did say that they could approach rogers for about that special allowance type thing they are always going on about.

      • +1.

        True but AA would have to talk to Paul who would talk to Pelley who would talk to Mohammed etc?

        Based on how the Aviles compensation went, AA may not hear about the allowance till June 2013.

        Rogers needs to call the mayor of montreal who has safes full of money.

      • Special allowances like Darvish?

    • +1.

      Sadly for AA , his big budget announcement has already been blown out of the water by the white sox signing Peavy & the Dodgers signing Brandon League.

    • Wonder if it’s some kind of weird reverse psychology or trial balloon deal wherein Davidi is sent out to spread the bad news and Beeston signs an FA who brings them up to $110-$120 mill……??……………………………………..Naaaaah! He’d better be wrong or speculating idly.

  9. Can’t believe I’m saying this but I wouldn’t mind bringing in Youk. He hits really well in Fenway and we play a lot of games there. He can also play 3rd base so that Lawrie can be benched next time he runs into trouble or takes a header over a camera bay or throws something at an umpire.

    • You can’t have too many guys who ‘know how to win’ either.

    • Um… ten per season, tops.

    • I hate Youk so damned much.
      Ugh…. would really struggle to cheer for him.

      • It would be fun to see how conflicted the Massholes would be if he came here. They loved him for years. But Valentine et al sent him on down the line. Would they cheer? Would they jeer? Hey, they’re Massholes. They would bag on him something rotten and he might respond by jacking a ball or three.

        I would like to see a veteran like Youkilis here. I don’t think he’d hesitate to get in some screw-up kid’s face. (I’m lookin’ at you Lawrie!)

  10. We should literally play Lind and Hafner back-to-back. We fuse their spines together so they share one strong back. They can take turns batting while carrying the other one like a backpack.

  11. The other thing that bothered me about the davidi article is the preemptive excuse making about how this team cant afford a high salary player because they will become an albatross on the payroll. Are you fucking kidding me?? Are they the oakland A’s? They should be able to afford at least one high salaried player in the $15-20M range

    • I thought the Jays get a prize for not having any albatross contracts.

      Wasn’t Zito an albatross in SF ? Does he get to keep his world series ring?

      Gee, you would think the Jays were run by accountants who were afraid of overpaying based on WAR?.

      If the team doesn’t make any significant upgrades, can they even sell out the home opener?

      • You are the worst. Literally, physically, the worst.

        One goddamn note, played constantly, and not even a deep one. The worst.

        • + infinity

        • here, here

        • OK Stoeten. I know it’s part of your persona to insult the people who post on your blog.

          Perhaps you should review any blog posts you make where you are critical of Rogers or making jokes about “tv money” paying for Brandon League.

          I am not sure why it’s OK for you to criticize the Jays but everyone else has to applaud the team.

          However,it’s your blog.

          • Did you even read my comment?

            Criticism is fine, constantly bleating the same single, negative nancy note over and over and over and fucking over is a little insufferable.

          • Completely false Oakville.

            Stoeten criticizes Rogers all the time and has done so more regularly in the last year.

            However, he does it rationally without resorting to fallacious arguments to stir up the resentment that many have for Rogers.

            And he doesn’t +1 every ridiculous “Rogers are cheap” posts the way you do.

            Although, I must give credit where credit is due. You don’t +1 any of your own moronic “Rogers are cheap” posts and those are, without a doubt, the most moronic on this blog.

    • It IS kinda scary……I’m not sure if I want to trust anything he says anymore. It sounds like they’re trotting him out to say what they dont want to say. …”preemptive”…good word!

  12. Seriously, that fucking $11-16 million really put an end to my Ortiz dreams.

  13. Did you guys read the Shi piece? He throws that number quite casually – I think he is just throwing out a conservative guess. If it stays that low I would finally join the “rogers are cheap fucks” crowd.

    Also Shi says Butterfield is still in consideration for manager… interesting.

    • WElcome to the dark side. I doubt Shi Davidi is throwing out those numbers without having spoken to management.
      All we need is a Wilner article to say the Jays weren’t suppose to compete in 2013.

      Once again, while an extra 16 million puts the team at 98 million which equals 2008 in USD. The league spending is much higher.

      • Please stop. You are the fucking worst.

        It’s guesswork, very obviously.

        • Gotta agree Stoeten.
          He might be above JB’s level of stubornness and that’s saying a lot.

        • What’s wrong now Stoeten?

          You speculate about the Jays on a daily basis.

          Would you be happy with 90-95 million budget given the early signings?

      • @ Oakville.

        I’m not your friend, but pretend that I am and listen to my advice.

        You clearly possess the media literacy of an infant. You believe anything and everything written by a journalist.

        For your own physical, mental and emotional health, you’d be better off to quit reading newspapers and listening to mainstream radio altogether.

        I truly don’t know how you can function being in a constant frenzy about things that only exist in your mind.

        • LOL!.

          Thanks for your concerns.

          I suppose I could wait till April 2 2013 & hope for the best.

          • @Oakville

            You’ve already shelled out for season tickets regardless of whether or not Rogers increases the budget.

            Not a particularly good business decision on your part.

    • He might be throwing out the number casually.

      He might also be following Rogers’ orders to temper fan expectations.

      We all know they muzzle their “journalists”.

  14. If $11-16 million is all AA has to work with, I understand why they haven’t picked up Davis’ option yet. Try to add a little more to that!

    • That’s a great point actually. Even though Davis is EASILY worth $2.5MM, is he better enough over Sierra that it’s worth taking away that money from what potentially is a very low budget? I’d actually advocating paying out the buyout. 13-18MM, plus potentially trading Escobar, would get us a ticket at the adult table for Thanksgiving. Not that its not a pathetic fucking choice to have to make.

  15. $11 – $16 million? Fuck it. Just blow it all on smokes and booze!

  16. What about Oliver and Davis? Are they coming back?

  17. Braden and Haren……bring it on. Pitching, pitching and more pitching.

    I like those two if they come at a fair price.

    I don’t know about the Pronk though, I like him a lot, but a bulging disk is nasty shit that don’t go away.

  18. Nobody knows how much money they have. Not Stoeten. Not Parkes. Not Dividi and certainly not any of us.

  19. if AA signs Delmon Young I quit. I’ll jump on a bangdwagon. maybe the royals or pirates or something

  20. Hard to get too excited about Haren these days. Interesting article showing Haren’s velocity progressively dropping since 2010.

    • Yup, but if Angels kick in the $3.5M they’d pay in buyout anyway, Haren’s getting paid about $12M. Which puts him as worth about 2 WAR, give or take. He doesn’t have to be spectacular to be worth that.

    • mm hmm….

      do we need to replay the season that featured Aaron Laffey and company making up 3/5 of the rotation?

      • Drabek, Laffey, Alveraz., Litcsh, Cecil….and whatever other crap they bring up or pull off of waivers. shudder. I’m not advocating that…I’m only saying temper your expectations accordingly. I think he also has a history of injuries…?

    • hard to not be excited about anyone who can give the jays 200 good innings on a 1 year deal.

      i wouldnt give up much for him, but you wouldnt have to

    • I didn’t read the article, but his FB only really declined in 2012. Which could at least partially be attributed to his back issues.

      Really, Haren is a younger, slightly inferior but cheaper version of Halladay. He had a down year after a long stretch of being a durable ace and it’s a risk. But it’s a one year risk.

      As cheap as Rogers is, surely they can appreciate that it makes business sense to spend $15 mil for 1 year as opposed to $60 mil for 5 years to get someone else who may or may not be better.

    • great article, but that graph would be more valuable if they drew a regression line through it.

  21. why is everyone assuming Davidi’s piece is fact? is it not possible it’s just his opinion? regardless were going to see the truth soon enough.

    • Whatever way we want to look at it, moves have to be made, and done boldly with a strategy.

      Pitching wins ballgames. I think we have the framework for the hitting if everyone stays healthy. We need some starters to come in with a bit of a track record.

    • Davidi is a Jays insider. Would he post an article saying th team needs 125 million at a minimum to compete?

  22. There are two ways to read this Davidi article;

    1. Davidi is talking squarely out of his ass and just felt like vomiting that thought experiment out onto his keyboard.

    2. This is step one in the spin job for why money didn’t get spent this winter.

    I lean towards option one, but reading him spew the fucking company line on that embarassing Beltran screw up gave me pause. Also, the balls on Shi to tweet that article with “Jays have money, prospects to spend” then talk about spending a Brandon League’s worth and trading Yunel.

    • Davidi doesn’t strike me as a writer “who vomits” out random ideas.

      Can anyone find an article where he went against conventional Jays thinking?

      • No, but just because he’s a shill does not mean he’s not an idiot. I dunno, I bet it’s more likely that he’s just guessing, but closer to 50/50 than I had hoped.

        Actually, having re read the article, I’m more confident that he’s an idiot. It actually really makes me sick how he spins sentences to highlight the positives every. single. time. My bet? AA gets to $100MM because Beeston knows that’s a nice round number to rile up the casual fan.

        • That’s not a bad round number.

          100 million USD would be a record under Rogers ownership in nominal terms , though not inflation or currency adjusted.

  23. Please dont make me laugh about Dallas Braeden about being a free agent, The Jays should have absolutely zero interest in this guy who happens to be the biggest bandage in all sports and has rehabbed the last 2 years without playing a game. This would be a joke if they had any interest in him, go out and get Marcum and Greinke and stop pissing around the bush for christ sakes.

  24. If we are only spending the amount of 2 Brandon Leagues additional – we might as well call ourselves the Kansas City Royals since both teams will be in the cellar and won’t spend to get out of the cellar.

  25. I’m actually starting to lean harder towards another tear down if Davidi is right. If this team is starting to come up on its salary limit and the money’s just not there for a Darvish or even a Peavy (11-16MM wouldn’t have cut it) then I don’t think the team’s current structure is something you can realistically build on.

    I know I’m looking at the half-emptiest glass in the world, but honestly? If we’re looking at 11-16MM THIS YEAR with Johnson, Teahan and Frasor (14MM total) off the books, what’s it gonna be like when Morrow’s extension kicks in, Jose’s salary keeps rising, Lawrie needs to get paid, and we’re not shedding that dead weight? If this is the way Rogers wants to run the team, and it IS their team as much as we bitch and moan, then AA might actually have to start looking at the Rays and A’s, much as we scoff at that possibility.

    Of course, I reserve the right to completely abandon and contradict those comments at any point and for any reason (Upton). Mitt Romney 2012!

    • +1. Sad but true.

    • Shouldnt u be on a cliff Ray?

      • The Blue Jays fan in me has already sharpened the razors and drawn the warm bath. All that’s left is the Joe Saunders/Dallas Braeden introductory press conference and I’ll be ready to put on some Alanis Morisette and do the deed.

        Honestly, as a fan I’m not sure I can do another complete rebuild. Though that’s actually a complete lie. This 11-16MM thing, if true, is just an execution notice for the current roster. That’s just how it is and it’s killing all the optimism I did (& still) have for AA’s vision.

    • If we have to tear down again, I will revolt naked and drunk through the streets of Toronto packing only sneakers and my outdated, nasty beer drenched mullet.

  26. If we don’t get Haren I’ll pretty much be writing off this team as a fucking joke. 11-16 million? Seriously? FUCK Rogers.

    • What did you expect, honestly?

      And why do you think the Jays are able to go out and pick up Haren like he’s a soup can on a grocery shelf?

      • Probably because he has an option the Angels don’t want to pick up and they’d probably take nothing for him to avoid paying the buyout. Maybe?

        • and the Jays are the only team that could possible acquire his services? no other team could possibly do this?

          • Pretty sure the analogy to the soup can is still true. There’s just one soup can instead of dozens, like maybe its Atlantic City or something.

            The point is it’s not like Haren can say “no, I hate back bacon and plaid and I’ll sign for half as much in Cleveland.” If the Jays want him badly enough they’ll offer the Angels more than other teams and it’ll be as simple as winning an arm wrestling competition for the last can of soup.

      • Haha I know I know…just venting. Imagine what I’ll say when things don’t actually happen.

  27. I think we may want to consider the possibility that Shi is trying to set the bar low. Rogers is being hammered in the media for being cheap. If they went out this winter and raised payroll to 105 million, everyone would say “big deal, it’s a league average payroll”. So enter Shi Davidi who is instructed to report that the Jays will likely raise payroll to 90 or 95 million. Everyone gets upset about it. Then the Jays go out and raise payroll to 105 million, which again would be middle of the pack, but fans rejoice and it looks like things have changed.

    Under-promise and over-deliver…classic sales tactic. Onto another year of selling hope…

    • this is what I was thinking considering how much of a shill Davidi is…. Hopefully the Jays recent schooling by the Red Sox front office will teach the Jays to better view the media as a tool to be used. kinda like how gov’t uses them. At least I think this would be good. haha.

      • which would mean that we are going to get mind-fucked more often by the Jays going forward….

      • I love how Davidi brings up the risk of fan disillusionment, but rather than saying something like “AA is risking the goodwill” he says “the decision will be scrutinized heavily” and launches into how amazing the attendance numbers were this year.

        Difference between the Sox and the Jays is that the Jays ownership IS the media and views the JAYS as a tool to be used. Like a shitty Yakov Smirnov joke

        • “Difference between the Sox and the Jays is that the Jays ownership IS the media and views the JAYS as a tool to be used.”


        • +2, especially for Yacov Smirnov joke.

          Moscow n the udson with Robin Williams. Classic 1984 comedy.

    • I hope you are right.

    • @ Mark That’s very smart.
      I think fans would be happy with average spending.

  28. Go big or go home. With all the bluster the Jays have been feeding e’one the time is NOW to do s’thing significant. I’m not interested in any more peripheral bullshit for DEPTH. No more Laffey’s, Reyes’, Evelands Ohkas, Tallets and titmouses. WE and I expect to see a Haren or Sanchez or equivalents and let our kids and all these BS depth guys learn their trade in Buffalo where you only have to pay $7 to see the fuckers not 57 like at the Dome. Seriously, my group of 4 are waiting to see what they do to improve the playing experience b4 buying the flexpacks this year and I goota believe others are too.
    Fuk it was pathetic, not to mention a waste of time going down to watch fuckers like Drabek trying to pitch in MLB ( I got stuck watching that cunt twice last year). If I performed like he does I’d been fired long ago. Same for fuckin Cecil. Christ upgrade the fuckin pitching!!

    • Somehow when you wrote the words “I had to watch Drabek that cunt pitch twice…..” you won we over.

      Listen Fukstik, you can sit next to me anytime and buy me drinks in the 300 section so we can rant together like those two asshole puppets from The Puppet Show.

      • I’ll have to buy you beers-the sodas are beyond my threshold. Game parametr and all that good stuff. I usually sit in section 114 although last year I did one game in sec 328 out near Zaun. Interesting watching Zaun and Campbell between innings-it’s like they don’t even know each other.
        That was a game Alvarez started and the Mets used him for batting practive raking up 11 hits and 3 wals in 6 innings-BRUTaL. Also, I think that was Thames last game in Toronto and he ended the game by striking out with bases loaded. Sort of foeshadowing how the season would go I’m afraid. Had 43k+ there that day

  29. @Jays 2010


    You’ve already shelled out for season tickets regardless of whether or not Rogers increases the budget.

    Not a particularly good business decision on your part.”

    I have a flexpack & can sell off any tickets I don’t want.You save money with the flexpack over regular prices plus you can order additional tickets without the service charge.

    There is still entertainment value.

    You have to admit that the contract signings for Peavy & League are higher than expected.

    • @Jays 2010

      “Stoeten criticizes Rogers all the time and has done so more regularly in the last year.”

      Agreed. He even uses the information posted in the comments section, such as tv revenues debate.

      However, he does it rationally without resorting to fallacious arguments to stir up the resentment that many have for Rogers.

      Stoeten uses the same info we all have. What’s fallacious about the team spending 90 or 95 million??

      “And he doesn’t +1 every ridiculous “Rogers are cheap” posts the way you do.”

      Rogers does spend below average based on Cots.

      “Although, I must give credit where credit is due. You don’t +1 any of your own moronic “Rogers are cheap” posts and those are, without a doubt, the most moronic on this blog.”

      Pretty sure there are other s here posting the same arguments.

      It’s strange to be singled out , but as a regular poster I am an easier target. Fair enough.

      Throughout the season I do compliment some of the moves the team makes.

      I will be happy to compliment AA when he makes a move to help the 2013 Jays.

      • Oakville, look at it this way.

        For starting pitchers, in 3 years AA has acquired Brandon Morrow and likely JA Happ.

        I consider that a solid #2 and #5 starter respectively.

        Morrow was without question a shrewd move and nobody in their right mind would consider it anything less than a steal for AA.

        He hasn’t acquired any other starters, but by the same token, he hasn’t made a mistake on a free agent or trade acquisition either.

        If he isn’t being given the budget for a free agent starter, that is on Rogers, not AA.

        If he doesn’t like the price in trade, that is on him, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a poor move. Certainly Lawrie for Pineda would have been dumb in retrospect.

        I’m not sure you can look around the league and expect much more from a GM in 3 years without the budget.

        • Wasnt it Lawrie to START with for Pineda? The M’s wanted more than just Lawrie, which was way too high a price.

        • @Jays 2010.

          I perfectly agree with you about the budget issue.

          I have listened carefully to his interviews on the Fan & note how cautious he is . It’s sort of like trying to figure out what Alan Greenspan was saying when he was fed chief. You have to look at the tone, space between sentences etc.

          The mistakes on free agency have been Coco Cordero.

          You could argue that Rauch & Frankie Francisco netted draft picks.

          I disagree with the Napoli for Francisco trade.

          He hasn’t made any big deals on free agents.

          The deal on Bautista was a big plus, but at that time no
          one knew if bautista could repeat.

          Overall I am happy with AA.

          The stick with Farrell move for a year after he said he wanted to be somewhere else is baffling.

          Agree about Morrow, although it’s hilarious that League will make as much as Brandon League.

    • League is ridiculous, but it’s not surprising with Ned Colletti and a rich new ownership group making the decisions.

      Frankly, I think Peavy’s deal is pretty fair. I think he would have received quite a bit more on the open market, despite his injury history.

      • Look, I don’t want to get into this because it’s getting pretty intense, but you don’t think it’s damning that Chicago, who are in no better position than us, just signed Peavy for more money than our entire budget (if this article is to be believed)?

        Moderation is obviously key and I’m guilty of losing it myself, but this 11-16MM thing is fucked.

  30. To bad about Peavy staying with the ChiSOX. He’s a work horse and would have been my top pitching pick for the Jays to go after……

  31. MLBTR is suggesting that TB is shopping Shields even after his option picked up and that LA is heavy in on him.

    Why would we be looking at Haren and his 88mph fastball if Big Game James is on the block? I kid.. but still.. If he’s truly available the Jays have to have the kind of pieces that TB would want in terms of young controlled players.

  32. +1

  33. I would target Brett Anderson of the A’s and Justin Masterson of the Indians. Both are owed less money than any of the free agent options and could be dealt for using a combination of MLB and MILB assets.

    Escobar, Cecil + prospects package to the A’s for Anderson.

    Sierra, Cooper + B prospect to the Indians for Masterson.

    The Jays have other needs that have to be addressed, such as LF and 2B. Aviles can handle SS until Hechavarria is ready. Which means that AA needs to find a 2B option. Dan Murphy was being shopped by the Mets. JPA would look good in a Mets uniform.

  34. JPA is going to get you more than Dan Murphy. I would love to see JPA for Ben Zobrist.

    • There is zero chance the Rays trade Zobrist and a less-than-zero chance they deal him to a division rival. Zobrist gets on base like crazy, he has power, the Rays have reasonable contract options on him through 2015 and he’s versatile (can play SS, 2B or RF). He’s almost as untouchable as Longoria is for T-Bay. Jays would have to offer not just JP but probably the entire Lansing Three to get the Rays to consider moving Zobrist.

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