The astonishingly plugged-in Kenny Ken Ken Dr. Rosen Rosen Rosenthal has given us some crumbs to chew on regarding the Jays’ managerial search in his latest for Fox Sports.

His sources– a trusty bunch– suggest that the Jays “are leaning toward hiring a manager who already has done the job.”

He points to the fact that Sandy Alomar has yet to even receive a phone call from the club, reportedly, and to the Jays’ long history of hiring managers with no Major League experience– they’ve only done so three times in 36 years– which hasn’t exactly worked out so well, save for whatshisname with the rings.

I’d buy it, especially because they’d have some tough questions to answer if they ended up with another manager who’d yet to actually run an MLB game. Thing is, I’m pretty sure that given the state of the froth spittle running down the chins of half the local media right now, the Jays are pretty much damned if they hire an inexperienced guy, and damned if they pluck some old retread, too (with only a Francona, LaRussa or Torre type seen as bulletproof, optically).

One interesting name Rosenthal suggests who has yet to appear in other reports is Jim Riggleman, who is currently managing in Double-A for Cincinnati, and who managed the Padres and Cubs in the 90s, as well as the Mariners and Nationals in recent years.

You may recall that Riggleman somewhat infamously resigned from his gig in Washington mid-season last year, upset that the club had yet to exercise his contract option for what would have been this year– and did so immediately after his club’s 11th victory in 12 games.

Um… kind of a red flag there, I think, though he does meet some of the player development criteria we’ve heard that the Jays have laid out, as, according to a piece last year from Adam Kilgore of the Washinton Post, “Riggleman previously worked for Reds General Manager Walt Jocketty, when Jocketty ran the St. Louis Cardinals and Riggleman served as the team’s minor league field coordinator.”

Also, perhaps interestingly, and to the point of the red flag, Alex Anthopoulos, on more than one unquoted occasion in the interview I mentioned yesterday that he gave on TSN Radio, was quite emphatic about how the optics of it all remain far from his mind on this decision.

Now, I don’t want to read into it too much, but I get the sense that it’s possible Rosenthal may be stamping on our foot barking “Hello, Mr. Thompson” here, when after listing the usual suspects with experience (Don Wakamatsu, Manny Acta, Jim Tracy) he writes:

Wakamatsu is the only one of that group who has been identified as a candidate in media reports. Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos prefers to operate quietly, and rarely shows his hand publicly.

It’s true that there have been various reports shooting down the candidacy of Acta and Tracy. So… if he’s tacitly endorsing those suggestions, hinting that the public suggestions about Wakamatsu are misleading, and throwing Riggleman’s name out there, I can’t help but wonder if he’s saying more here than he’s able to in so many words.

Or maybe I’m just really fucking bored…


Welp. I’m sold.

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  1. Remember now, your name is Homer Thompson.

  2. But is is his dream job?

    • It’s nobody’s dream job, so I think we’re just going to have to let that one go.

      • It’s probably Pat Hengten’s and I believe it’s Ernie Whitt’s.

        I’m just fucking around about the dream job bullshit. I couldn’t care less if a guy has another #1 destination as long he does his job and doesn’t ask out of his contract every year like Farrell.

        Other than the saber stuff, one of the benefits to Acta is that he likely won’t be in a position to ask out of his contract after a year.

        I’m thinking Acta’s stock is much higher on the internet than in MLB circles, but I could be wrong.

        But now that the Marlins job has been filled there are only 2 musical chairs left. And I have to believe TO is more desirable than fucking Colorado and their BS.

      • @Stoeten. That’s pretty cynical. Being a major league manager should be a dream job.

      • They are going to hire whoever is the cheapest option lol

      • It’s my dream job.

  3. No one is talking about Luis Rivera?

  4. by Ken’s logic – jays seek a seasoned manager, tracy and acta are out, and AA plays cards close to the vest – isn’t the state of things at least consistent with ozzie guillen being the guy?

    you want to be the oakland raiders, you better hire john madden (the nfl equivalent i mean)

    • Could AA stomach Ozzie Guillen regularly speaking his mind to the media?

      Rogers would never hire Guillen?. He would attack Rogers , AA , Ace the mascot.

      The media would love it, but AA & Farrell were very good about talking in circles & making the media think that they were smart.

      Go & review Farrell’s after game press conferences now that he’s gone.That man was a master spinner, except for the escobar press conference when he said there was no hmophobia in the clubhouse.

      Escobar had inspirational messages on his eyepatch. LOL

      • People forget though, because of the 3-ring circus that follows Ozzie, that he’s a pretty decent manager. For what it’s worth, the guy has a ring, and has often taken teams that weren’t terribly talented right down to the wire in playoff runs. You could do worse, I think.

    • how does looking for a seasoned manager take me out of the running to manage the great franchise that is the toronto blue jays of toronto, the franchise of such great players as Rance Mulliinicks, Pat Borders, Roy Halladay and Pat Hentgen when I’ve had great success managing the Colorado Rockies of Colorado, the great Pirates of Pittsburgh, and of course the Los Angeles Dodgers of California, where I had the priveledge of creating one of the greatest closers of all time, Eric Gagne, who also happens to be Canadian, the great country which is located to the north of the Great United States of America where I have previously managed, and is also home to the aforementioned Toronto Blue Jays, making the Tracer an obvious perfect fit.

  5. Not if we’re talking guys who’ve been big league managers before, no.

  6. Im not crazy about any of these so called candidates. Just looks like a list of perennial losers. I get the whole thing about needing talent to work with.

    And ya cant make chicken salad outta chicken scratch and all that jazz.

    I guess heres to hoping AA goes off the board and surprises us with a name we havent heard although doubtful i know.

    • Experienced managerial candidates will always have the stink of having failed at their last job, because if they didn’t faceplant they’d either still have a job or they’ve left the game on their own terms (i.e. La Russa, Torre).

      Once in a blue moon, a well-respected manager will become available due to batshit crazy ownership at his former team (see: Francona, post-Florida Girardi). Right now, Ozzie Guillen is the closest thing to a candidate that fits this category.

  7. ozzie guillen = john madden (oakland raiders version)

    • Ozzie Guillen is more like baseball’s version of Jon Gruden. Only Guillen’s mouthing off to the press and at the front office on top of losing his temper at his own players.

  8. The next market inefficiency: let every other team hire a manager first and proceed to have your pick of the dozens of guys who want to manage an MLB team but only have one option.

    AA’s most ninja move to date!

    • @Jays 2010.

      That’s f***in hilarious. I would buy you a beer at the opener for that.

      At this point, bring back Gibby. Former Major League Manager. Jays were his dream job.

      Good bullpen management from what I recall.

      Willing to physically fight players. Lilly, Hillenbrand.

      Gibby vs Lawrie??

      Gibby vs Bautista.

      Jays could have a potential UFC event 81 nights a year.

      I started following the Jays after Gibbons was fired but he seemed to be oK>

      Was he the nager who changed batting orders every game?

      • Who wins Gibby vs Lawrie?

        Lawrie’s got youth and insanity on his side. Gibby has experience and his DGAF attitude.

        Too close to call?

        • Didn’t Gibby get into a fist fight with Ted Lilly?

          I vaguely recall him chasing someone into the clubhouse during a game.

          Was that Shea Hillendbrand or Ted Lilly?

          • The in game altercation was with Lily after he pulled him and they had words on the mound.

          • @manager search.

            OK Thanks. That was so funny.

            I could see Gibby fighting Lawrie on a regular basis.

            Gibby could throw Davis around if he dropped a ball in the outfield.

        • I would pay big money to see Gibby pin Lawrie in a fierce fishermans suplex

        • Gibby wins with his dad dick and man strength


    Get that old hunchback to lead the charge and it’s smooth sailing into the playoffs.

  10. You’d thinking actually quitting on his team would drive AA as far away from a candidate like Riggleman as possible. To me it’s really no different than Farrell coming to AA after the first season and asking to go to Boston. Both quit on their commitments. Fuck that shit.

    I mean talk about setting the bar low. You just had a manager basically quit on you out of self interest, and the fact you’d even consider another manager who actually quit mid-season, again supposedly out of self interest, is beyond reason to me.

    • This is pretty much bang on.

      I remember after he did that Keith Law suggested he was in line to get a contract extension and quitting very possibly blackballed him from future ML managerial employment.

      By the same token, if Farrell gets fired after 3 years in Boston (even if it’s primarily because the GM didn’t give him the talent), I think there is a good chance he doesn’t get a 3rd chance to manage based on how he exited Toronto.

      • Yeah that’s a good point. While I don’t think Farrell will endure the same kind of clubhouse uprising that Valentine did in Boston if things go sour, I sure as hell hope they don’t work out for him all the same.

      • Agreed

      • @Jays 2010

        Very true.

        I doubt Farrell is looked at very well by other GM’s fafter this stunt.

        Plus, he is taking the Jays coaching staff with him. Lovello is OK but Butterfield?

    • That’s probably the reason he’s in AA right now.

  11. I am going to stick with the theory that you’re ‘really fucking bored’

  12. What about Phil Gartner???

  13. Oh my, that Mr Thompson reference had me laughing like I was at that crippled Irishman.

    At the same time, I hope AA is capable of a bold managerial move.

  14. This seems as good a place as any to write what I’d like to see the Jays do this offseason, even with a payroll boost only to the $95 – $100 mill range. Assuming they have $15 – $20 mil to spend. For now, I’ll assume Oliver plays even if the odds are against that.

    #1 Trade for Dan Haren (around $12 – $14 mil I’m guessing). I can’t see this taking more than a Cecil or Carreno, but who knows maybe the cost is higher.

    #2 Acquire someone like Cabrera, Soriano, Ludwick or Ross for LF (around $5 mil in 2013 I’m guessing). A short term 2-3 win player shouldn’t be that hard to find for this amount, imo.

    #3 Re-sign Jason Frasor (around $2.5 mil) if he takes something like 1 year or 1 year with an option. He’s useful and would seemingly take short term and a slight discount, imo.

    #4 Trade for a young starter such as Derek Holland (hell, maybe even Jeff Samardizsa) using JPA & either Alvarez or prospects IF the price makes sense. If not, sign one or two cheap guys to battle for the back of the rotation. Obviously I prefer option #1.

    #5 If possible, trade for a young 2B. Dan Murphy has been mentioned. How about someone like Dustin Ackley? Nick Franklin projects as a 2B so perhaps something like Yunel & Gose for Ackley work for both sides.

    In short, with a $100 mil budget and utilization of both the trade and free agent market, I absolutely think the teams can be an 85 – 90 win team on “paper”, which is about all we can hope for, without burning a ton of prospects or signing risky long term deals.

    • Frasor wont be back. And theres no need to re sign him in my opinion.

      Escobar + Gose for Ackley is crazy talk to say the least.

      • Sadly they’ve talked about possibly bringing back Frasor and or Lyon. Not a Frasor fan at all. Definitely think the money should be used elsewhere first.

        • I like Lyon. In addition to decent numbers while he was here, he was cool on the mound. And unlike Frasor, he didnt give up grand slams.

    • I read Ackley wasnt available in trade (cant remember where…maybe I’m crazy) but Yunel for Mike Saunders Maple Dick in Left would be rad…

    • Love point 1.

      Love point 2 especially if it is Cabrera though Ross looks like he’d fit nicely if money was a problem.

      Hate point 3. Just not a Frasor fan and think the Jays could do way better for that kind of money. Also with the inflation we’re likely to see this winter I find it hard to believe he’d take a 25% pay cut.

      Iffy on point 4. I love the idea of getting someone like Smardizsa but not a huge Holland fan either. Smardizsa seems to have more upside and you’d really have to have it if you were offering JPA and Alvarez. Personally I see JPA and Alvarez having a lot more value than most here, but that’s just me of course. I think if you were offering an everyday major league catcher with serious pop and 22 year old starter with an electric arm your return would be better than Holland. Remember Alvarez was worth 1.5 WAR in 10 starts in 2011 and Holland in 32 starts in 2011 had a career best of 2.1 WAR.

      Iffy on point 5. As nice as it would to get someone like Ackley even if he was available, that’s a lot to give up. The way I look at that one is that your basically exchanging Ackley’s bat for Escobar’s because you’re going to be left with a potentially weaker bat at short in Hechavarria but now you’ve lost Gose. If you don’t make the trade you’ve potentially still got Hechavarria’s bat in the lineup but at least you have Gose.

      • I’m kinda just giving general scenarios, even though I’m using specific player examples.

        Technically, option #1 doesn’t have to be Haren it’s just because he’s out there.

        Melky is my choice too; honestly, I think the market for him is going to be bigger than people currently predict.

        I’m just picking Frasor because he’s an incumbent and seems like he might take a paycut to stay here. I’m certainly not married to him.

        As for the cheap controllable starter, I’m just tossing out names. It could be someone we’ve never heard of, or it could just be a cheaper FA #4-type starter.

        Basically, once someone like Haren is acquired I think AA can wait out the market for a better starter. But he absolutely HAS to get one guy that can be slotted into the middle of the rotation at the least.

        Ackley’s just another scenario. SS seems to be a place the Mariners could look to upgrade the offense. And Franklin supposedly can’t handle SS.

        Escobar or even Hech is probably a little light for Ackley so I figure a top prospect like Gose might balance it out. Is it a slight overpay or underpay? I’m not sure.

        • Just by looking at Mike Newman’s comments regarding Gose over at FanGraphs from his latest chat I’d say it would be a big overpay.

          Not that the Cubs would be likely to do it but I’d get a major woody if the Jays could steal Smardizsa. He reminds of a Brandon Morrow. For that kind of arm I’d be happy to trade one of the Dunedin 3 and another prospect.

          • @ night_manimal

            The Cubs might be one of the few teams willing to take on non-ML ready prospects just because they are so far away from contending. So a match for Samardisza could work.

            I prefer him to Holland too, but we just don’t know what’s available.

            Last year, if I’m not mistaken, it wasn’t known right after the World Series that Latos, Gio, Cahill & Pineda were available.

            Hopefully some other names emerge as the winter goes on because the Jays certainly have the prospects to move,

        • im married to frasor

    • man, aren’t you excited for the jays to spend the same amount of money that all teams are receiving as part of the new national tv contract the mlb signed?!? (!)

      i mean, i know a “rising tide raises all boats”* but, really, all that money does is drive up the cost of players…it doesn’t really mean the jays are “increasing payroll” in real terms when every other team that isn’t at the luxury tax threshhold is probably planning on doing exactly the same.

      *except the pirates and marlins, LOL!

    • What difference is there between Escobar & Ackley other than a couple years and one prefers to play 2nd and one SS? Ackley’s ceiling is about what Escobar’s best season was. And in 2012, both played great in the field and stunk at the plate

      • 5 more years of control with Ackely. 3 more with Escobar.

        2 of Escobar’s last 3 seasons are well below his career levels; thus, it seems unlikely he’s going to hit this ceiling 3 of the next 3 years.

        I know all Escobar does is hit groundballs in the hopes it squeaks through defenders…but RC is a hitters park which should benefit Ackley.

        And then there’s the makeup questions surrounding Escobar. Considering there have been issues with two different teams now, maybe he’s one of the few guys where his makeup is so poor that it depresses his on-field value.



    • i really hope the nhl folds. fucking scab players. fucking greedy owners.

      these players are too fucking stupid (or greedy) to start a league in which players and former players are the owners. so fuck them.

      you have guys going to the middle of nowhere to play because…’they want to play against competition, or they don’t want to lose their edge’….wtf? are you serious? mlb pitchers take a year off at a time for tommy john surgery and most of them come back with the ability to locate their stuff…i tend to think that the fine motor skills of pinpointing a baseball 60 feet away are more likely to go away with a year of inactivity than the skills hockey players use.

      i feel bad saying all this because i know a lot of people in this country love the game of hockey. but seriously: fuck the nhl. fuck the nhlpa. fuck ‘em all. i hope the league fucking folds if only so i can laugh my fucking ass off at rogers and bell’s purchase of mlse

  17. I’d just like for them to hire someone sooner than later.

    Don’t really care who it is (BUT IT BETTER BE THE RIGHT GUY)

  18. AA to be the first GM to have 2 Managers, one to work with each hitting coach. I say Ozzie and Gibby as co managers. This should calm the clubdown a little

  19. Will the Jays have a new manager by this time next week? Before the 15th? Before the end of November?

    Will the Jays sign a free agent player before they hire a new manager?

    How long will this saga go on?

  20. But which candidate has the biggest chin? Surely that will be the deciding factor.

  21. Time for be innovators and hire Platoon Managers.
    Why pick one when you can hire them all?

    We assemble team of Managers to Avenge the loss of the 2012 season.

    Hire Bobby Valentine to strictly manage in all Red Sox games.
    I don’t care who wins, make sure the whole series as hate-filled, long and miserable for everyone involved.

    You know who’s won a World Series and still alive? Let’s hire Jack McKeon for all the inter-league series. Can’t get worse than how the Jays are doing in the inter-league series. Since we’re in Canada, we can pay him in Cuban cigars for all the inter-league home games.

    Hire Jose Guillen for all the big media market road series. Let him do his thing with the media.

    Hire one inexperienced candidate like Sandy Alomar to manage the rest of the games. He can be bench coach for all the other Managers to gain experience.

    Hire Gibby to be the enforcer coach. Locker room issues? See Gibby in the tunnel.

  22. Every time I see Jim Tracy’s name mentioned I want to vomit from my eyes.
    They wouldn’t actually hire HIM would they??

  23. Haven’t heard much mention of Sal Fasano… could this be a stealth hire in the making? He would satisfy the player development aspect. Seems like he wouldn’t take any shit either. And of course he has experience managing at some level.

    • Fasano managed AA ball team in New Hampshire to a championship in 2011. Is an ex catcher who * Is very familiar with the young core on big league roster having managed some of them himself in 2011. ie (gose, hech, lawrie, alvarez, darnaud). Perhaps he knows what buttons to push.

      Fucked if I know but I like the idea of promoting him. He was a popular player too apparently, whatever thats worth.

  24. The cards close to his chest garbage, and the fact that NOTHING has happened and seems not to be happening anytime soon is driving me CRAZY. Fuck you Alex Anthopolous.

    • I suppose he could publicize everyone he interviews and how they did in the interviews….. And of course everyone he’s thinking of interviewing….
      And let’s not forget the ones he doesnt like.
      It would all make for fascinating reading.

  25. Tiny Jays tidbit in this Rockies manager search story: Matt Williams confirms has spoken to the Jays, but that they haven’t scheduled a formal interview yet.

    So that either says something about the Jays preference being veteran managers, as Rosenthal writes, or shows that they’re still kind of far back in this process.

  26. I think Mr. Burns should be manager. I mean, c’mon, he kicked Mattingly off the team for not shaving his side burns. He doesn’t put up with that shit!

  27. The new market inefficiency is not bothering to hire a manager.

  28. I wouldn’t complain if they hired three managers and AA would just pick whoever has the best idea. Competition and paranoia would run rampant. It worked well for a certain guy with an infamous mustache out of Germany.

  29. Didn’t the Padres and the Cubs suck in the 90′s? Well..the Cubs suck in any decade. Oh yeah, the Mariners sucked as well. Welp, I guess it’s ok that if he is hired, because the Jays have sucked for almost 20 years.

  30. I say sign ibanez asap as dh. guy is cheaper than a crach whore.

  31. Could Jim Tracy be worse than John Farrell; seriously

  32. I seem to recall seeing a lot of jays runners getting cut down at the plate this year. I blame this on Brian “the windmill” butterfield

    • + 1…but some of them forgot to look for Windmill too, so Windmill and Ferrett (the guy who neglected to tell them to look for the signal) are together in their dream jobs.

  33. This manager is available right now and here’s his career managing record

    G W L W-L% Finish
    1 2005 162 83 79 .512 3
    2 2006 162 97 65 .599 1
    3 2007 162 88 74 .543 2
    4 2008 69 34 35 .493 3
    4 years 555 302 253 .544 2.3

    Would you believe this manager’s name is Willie Randolph? With the names being bandied about you have to consider this guy don’t you. Bench couch for the Yankees of 11 years under Torre. He might be the right guy for this team.

  34. Pardon the spelling of coach and the failure to add a question mark.

  35. the jays should hire someone that will wear a fucking suit. connie fucking mack style. fuck this stupid old men in uniform shit. these boys need to learn some respect.

    having said that, it seems clear that gregggg zaun “cherry” is the obvious choice for the gig.

  36. on a more serious note: ken macha is basically another manny acta type. he was supposed to be the “moneyball” manager a few years ago. i think that says more about why the jays should avoid acta than it does as to why they should sign macha.

  37. my dream jays move. sign bj upton for lf. to arizona ship rasmus, travis d’arnaud, jenkins, mcgwire, and gose (or hech or more preferable, but would not peak interest sierra) for justin upton.

    not sold on star catchers see what happened ray fosse. and i am not expecting much from tda vs jpa except hitting for avg. its a decent package of potential without giving up to much pitching.

    this would leave jays to work 2b and sp. dont see it happening but sure would be entertaining.

    • bj upton sucks.

      • no. no he doesn’t

        • slightly above average major league hitter…terrible option compared to swisher, or even melky, imo. he’s now walking at a rate lower than gose, and striking out nearly as much…i can think of many better ways to spend that money.

          • Significantly younger than Swisher or Melky. and He’ll cost less than Swisher at least.
            I still can’t get past the thought that Melky is a flash in the pan.

            I’m not saying he’s 100% the answer to our OF needs, but he definitely doesn’t “suck” and he’d be an upgrade over what we have in LF right now.

          • Nick Swisher is looking for a 5 year deal and is the wrong side of 32 when players begin to sign… Yeah great idea carbuncle sign a guy who is going to get a 100 million deal. Re: Melky, yes lets sign a PED user who stats are going to drop like a rock.

            Upton the guessing rate is 5 years 60 million vs Swisher 5 year 100. you really want to have a hitter like Swisher make more than Jose?

            • I have a feeling Boston will splash Swisher with a big offer. He however seems like a guy that loves New York so interesting to see what happens there. Guy looked like a gold glover at 1st against the jays near the end of the season. Just sayin

              Either way i think he gets over paid this off season but 100 million over 5 is a little outlandish for him I mean jeez

            • I, personally, don’t give a fuck about value. It was fun for a while but I think myself and many others have come to the conclusion that it means sweet fuck all in terms of W’s.

              The Blue Jays already have their big guns locked up to team friendly deals. This should allow them to spend on FA’s and be less weary of tying production to salary.

              Any FA they sign will be an over pay. That’s really how free agency works.

              If they aren’t willing shoppers this year they might as well trade the friendly contracts for youth and wait for their very own Tampa Bay situation to materialize.

          • the reason upton sucks is that he’s overrated. he has name recognition, so he’ll get overpaid for what he does…he doesn’t get on base particularly well (which is what the jays need more than anything, imo) and he doesn’t make a lot of contact…power, they have, speed, they have…so, it’s kind of just adding another guy they already have…he’s the exact kind of player i want a rival team to sign.

    • Not sold on star catchers?? Tell that Buster Posey!!!

      Guys played two full seasons and has 2 rings to show for it leading the fucking charge!!

    • I’d say in one year we’ll have our own Upton in Gose. Swisher would be #1 for me, but highly unlikely.

      I don’t expect much of anything in LF, reclamation projects/ bargain binners seem to be the MO of this team for the past 10 years so think we’d be dreaming to expect anything else.

  38. Just hire fasano already

  39. if we go from farrell to a guy who quit on his team i’ll be disgusted… riggleman probably isn’t as repugnant as tony pena… but still pretty bad.

  40. Does anyone think Jair Jurrjens could be had on a non guaranteed contract if and when the Braves non-tender him? Or will he require something more than that?

    He seems like a good reclamation project.

    • Don’t the Jays have enough of those? His numbers never would have stayed above water in the AL anyway.

  41. Im all for Fasano as well.

    And a year ago I woulda been interested inJurrjens however I dont think the jays are in a position this year to be taking on projects to help the rotation.
    But who the fuck knows

    • I don’t think he could be COUNTED ON to help the rotation. But a non-guaranteed contract to see how he does sounds good to me.
      If that was the only move made in the SP space I’d be pretty royally pissed off.

      As for the manager. I don’t care. Just hire one soon.

      • A non-guaranteed contract, or even minor league contract for Jurrjens is about all I’d be willing to offer the guy. Same goes for someone like Mike Pelfrey, another pitcher who has had moments or glimpses of promise, but has more recently stunk.

        On a similar note, I wonder how Rich Harden’s feeling these days? He didn’t pitch this last year while recuperating from injury. I wonder if he’s retired or plans on making a comeback.

        • Harden + Dempster = Timmy’s maple doughnut filling bursting from the seems of lumberjack scrotums across the nation

  42. #SalFasanoOrBust

    • At least Morosi didn’t say “Rogers has ordered Anthopolous to spend” in the same fashion he was “ordered” to get Darvish…

  43. Here’s a thought.

    A writer on Fangraphs suggested the Angels hold off until they know about Greinke before trading Haren. I fully support the idea.

    I know the chances of the Jays getting Greinke or another expensive ace are slim.

    But why not acquire Haren now so you know you have another mid-rotation starter and if the Jays somehow manage to get more desirable pitchers than Haren, he could always be traded again.

    Even if it means taking on $13 or $14 million instead of $12 million, it seems like a worthwhile gamble.

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