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Today in MLBTR: November 2nd

I still can’t say for certain that this will become a regular feature around here this winter, but again today, with all kinds of movement starting to happen on the trade and free agent markets, and all kinds of decisions being made on players throughout the league who may wind up having some bearing on the Jays’ plans for the off-season, I think it will be a valuable exercise to comb through the latest from the astonishingly fantastic and comprehensive MLB Trade Rumors and add some Jays-related context to whatever is going on out there…

OK, so as I begin writing this post this one’s not on MLBTR just yet (it is now), but it deserves our attention, as Jon Morosi of Fox Sports, despite knowing damn well that the Jays are going to contact everyone– despite Alex Anthopoulos having said on the radio that he’d already been touching base with free agents– notes that the Jays have been in contact with pretty much everyone. Or, as he puts it, the Jays “already showing interest in free agents Zack Greinke, Anibal Sanchez, Kyle Lohse and Ryan Dempster, among others, according to major-league sources.” Well, yeah.

Morosi’s piece also suggests that the Jays have interest in Scott Baker, formerly of the Twins. I think he’d be a nifty, cheap-ish option for them to go for, and quite possibly the kind of free agent pitcher who will have an interest in coming here, because the opportunity to land an actual rotation spot is certainly here.

Turning to MLBTR, today is supposedly the day that the Angels will trade Dan Haren, and the latest updates suggest that the Cubs and Red Sox are interested– as well as “others,” according to a tweet from Jon Heyman– but not the Yankees. Yes, I’m still hopeful that the Jays will wind up landing him– the short commitment makes a whole lot of sense– but we’ll soon see what the price of doing business is, which might mitigate my inevitable disappointment.

In an earlier Haren piece we’re told that the Angels pitcher says he’s had talks with the club and feels like he’ll be traded. Meanwhile, in a piece for FanGraphs, Jeff Sullivan wonders why the Angels wouldn’t just keep Harden as insurance in case they don’t manage to re-sign Zack Greinke, because, after all, he’ll still have trade value later in the winter. Shhhhhhut up, Sullivan!

Dear lord, not this again: 25-year-old South Korean starter Hyun-jin Ryu, who “has been one of the KBO’s most dominant starting pitchers since 2006″ and “was on the South Korean team that won the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics and placed second in the 2009 World Baseball Classic” is being posted by his team in Korea. His agent is Scott Boras, so I’m not sure the Jays will be interested, but it’s as damn true as it was last year that there’s great opportunity in the blind bidding of the posting process for a club like the Jays.

The latest on David Ortiz has him and the Red Sox getting closer to a deal, but time is running out for something to get done before he can speak to other clubs. The Texas Rangers reportedly have interest, and I hope the Jays would as well. He’d be a fantastic fit here, would truly stick it to Boston, would play with his friend Jose Bautista, and— assuming Rogers is operating the club in anything resembling good faith– he’ll get paid.

Ben Nicholson-Smith gives us a terrific breakdown of how qualifying offers work, noting that the Jays’ first round pick (10th overall) is protected from forfeiture, though they would lose their next-highest pick should they actually manage to lure in a free agent who received a qualifying offer from his club.

In a post with a couple of Jays notes we’re told about Dr. Rosen Rosen’s report of last night regarding the club’s lean towards a manager with big league experience, and are passed along a quote from Darren Oliver’s agent, via Shi Davidi, who says his client is not sure at all about whether he’ll retire, and in no rush to make a decision.

I’ve never figured on Hiroki Kuroda actually leaving the Yankees and hitting the open market, but it’s a slight possibility, even though the right-hander is apparently open to a one year deal– meaning he might actually take New York’s qualifying offer, once made. I’d be all about the Jays making a one- or two-year deal with him, but the possibility has always seemed– and, I think remains– remote.

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  1. I love the idea of Baker as well….but he recently said he would like to work it out with the Twins….and they certianly have room in their rotation.

    I guess there is still a chance the Jays could sway him to come over. That would be awesome.

    • awesome my ass. He’s basically another shitballer along the lines of a Laffey. For F sakes we need solid arms not more guys hoping to land a starting rotation job because there are openings here as we know we stink. The last 5 fukin years have been like tghis as we bting in Toma Okha, Laffey, Chavez, Reyes, Brad Mills and so on to “compete for ajob”. For fuksakes get pitchers who we know will have the job because they are good and worthy NOT a peripheral POS

  2. I’ll repost what I posted in the dying thread:

    Here’s a thought.

    A writer on Fangraphs suggested the Angels hold off until they know about Greinke before trading Haren. I fully support the idea.

    I know the chances of the Jays getting Greinke or another expensive ace are slim.

    But why not acquire Haren now so you know you have another mid-rotation starter and if the Jays somehow manage to get more desirable pitchers than Haren, he could always be traded again.

    Even if it means taking on $13 or $14 million instead of $12 million, it seems like a worthwhile gamble.

    • why would getting a better pitcher mean we’d trade haren, why wouldn’t we keep both?

      • Not too mention you contradict yourself by saying you agree the Angels should hold onto him, but they Jays should hold onto him until they find something else better AND ONLY a slight price difference…

        You confuse me.

        • I’m not contradicting myself. I do think the Angels should hold onto him. But it appears they won’t.

          By the same token, I think more teams (even ones that aren’t necessarily comitted to keeping Haren) should make offer. Which is what the Cubs are reportedly doing.

          And getting a $20 mil/yr pitcher like Greinke might preclude a $12 – $14 mil starter like Haren for the 2013 budget.

  3. I just hope we don’t hear that Haren went to some other team for some piece of crap player that the Jays could have easily bettered in their own offer.

    I get that there’s always a chance that Jays management doesn’t think highly of Haren or that they think he’s too expensive for them even for one year. Unfortunately, if that’s the case then I don’t see a ton of good things to come this winter. Yes totally irrational I know considering there’s a ton of other variables that we’re never likely to know about. Just one of those feelings. Here’s hoping I am dead wrong.

    • Could Alvarez get things done? I can handle giving up his years of control and potential for Haren who is one-year detached from an all-star season (declining peripherals notwithstanding).

      • There is reportedly a 8-12 no trade list he has which may include the Jays, so we should be careful not to jump to conclusions… but yeah it would suck if its an org filler guy.

        • No trade expired. Jays2010 posted a link to ESPN story in another thread stating that.

          • That is the only article out there which says the No trade expired following the world series. Everyone else, including Cots, says that he has no trade protection to 12 teams. I’m saying which is right, but I don’t think you can say for sure it has expired.

      • way too steep of a price. I know everyone is down on Alvarez, but he is a 22 year old who has made over 40 starts wiht OK results. His potential is still quite good.

        • Ya agreed. If Alvarez could somehow develop an off speed strike out pitch he would be nasty. Big if i know. Plus looking at what Santana was dealt for I dont for see a roster player being moved for Haren. A better and younger minor leaguer is what will be moved for Haren. Just my opinion

        • Alvarez’s K-rate went up towards the end of this past season too. I know it was just September, but still, it’s something. He should probably be held onto for the time being.

      • Way too much imo. I am talking about some other team giving up a Chad Beck type or even Brett Cecil.

        I think with another year in the minors or a few adjustments in spring training this year he’ll be a fine 4 or 5 starter with potentially higher upside. He’s got one serious arm and he’s shown more than a few flashes of brilliance in his short career. Just getting him to be more consistent is the next step imo. No easy task that’s for certain but that arm…

        • I’m just not sure Brett Cecil would get things done. Especially as Sullivan points out rightly so, Angels don’t need to trade him. His value will stay the same over the offseason.

          And in regards to Alvarez, his fastball might be in the high 90s but is awfully straight… He desperately needs to develop an out-pitch to have any real chance of being consistently effective.

          • They don’t need to trade him, but they want to trade him because there’s more value in getting a proven commodity than an unknown in a draft pick.

            And in regards to Alvarez, his fastball might be in the high 90s but is awfully straight

            Ummmm… his fastball has plenty movement. His issue is exactly the sentence that followed the one preceding it → He desperately needs to develop an out-pitch to have any real chance of being consistently effective.

            Just because a 22 year old kid doesn’t light the world on fire in his rookie season doesn’t make him a bust. Should the Jays trade Lawrie too because he only hit 11 home runs?

          • Truely, I think Deck McGuire could be in play

          • Agreed Indestructible. I think Alvarez has way more upside that Happ does. I truly think most people forget just how young he is.

          • @Indestructible — I’m not sure there’s much movement on his fastball at all. But that’s from me looking by eye. If you’ve got the data that says otherwise, I stand corrected. If his movement was better, I would only assume that his swinging-strikes% wouldn’t be 5.1%.

            And I am not characterizing him as a bust. Not at all. Just a tradable asset at this point for a pitcher that would be the 2nd best pitcher in the Jays rotation today and not far removed from an excellent 2011 season.

          • @indestructible Yes, please. Lawrie is one of the few guys that can bring you a guy like King Felix. Lawrie, one of the Lansing kids, and a couple of lesser prospects for Felix and Kyle Seager. I’d also deal Lawrie in any kind of package that would bring R.A. Dickey, Chen Ming Wang, Charlie Furbush, and Trey McNutt together in one rotation.

          • Did you just say alvarez’s fastball is straight!!? Are you joking, both his sinker and 2 seamer have way above average vertical movement and his 2 seamer also has a little arm side run on it. Alvarez has his faults but a lack of movement on his fastball is not one of them.

          • Are you watching the same games?

            His sinker (sinking fastball) has nasty movement and clocked sometimes around 92-96. If he can locate it though.

        • Man, u guys are not thinking straight. No WAY Haren gets dealt for anything such low level prospects. Its not so much the angels not holding many cards, its the demand for him that will be there. Guarantee you it would take a prospect along the lines of sean nolin to get him.

      • Just because AA raped the Angels in the Wells trade doesn’t mean that we have to return the favour, bend over, and take it, like they did.

        Alvarez for Haren would be a huge overpay.

        • @spclxk

          If his movement was better, I would only assume that his swinging-strikes% wouldn’t be 5.1%.

          That could also be cause by having only 2 pitches. If he had a legitimate third pitch that could also cause swinging strikes, it’s logical to assume his FA swinging strikes would increase.

          I’m not saying you’re wrong for his 2012 season. But there’s no real reason to trade a young pitcher with such a great arm for one who has red flags. I want to see the Jays land Haren as much as anyone, but for Alvarez? Insanity IMO.

    • Yeah, agreed. You would think that they SHOULD be able to afford Haren. Especially for 1 year but its rogers were talking about and Im not too optimistic. Hope Im wrong. Judging by what the angels got for santana, the price for haren shouldnt be much higher but I get the feeling more teams are interested in Haren which could raise the price. Plus, getting a mid rotation starter this early in the offseason would be a huge boost and allow AA to focus on other things instead of simultaneously trying to improve the club all at once.

    • I don’t care if Haren has Tommy John surgery tomorrow. I will be pissed if the Jays don’t get him today!

    • +1

      It’s no use getting too excited until something happens with Haten.

      Does Haren have a no trade clause?

    • What about trading Oliver for Haren?
      I think there is a better chance of Oliver not retiring if he was close to home and with a contending team.
      I know there is some bad blood with the Angels and Oliver but that may able to be overcome.
      I don’t think we will see Oliver back with us but he has real trade value.

      • That would actually make a lot of sense. A trade of quality players that each of their respective teams risk losing for nothing, although for different reasons.

        Guys like Carreno, Cecil, possibly Jenkins and McGuire would make some sense.

        They got nothing for Santana, it’s not as if you should be giving up a lot in this scenario. Trading Alvarez in this deal would be a disaster.

  4. Big Hirok would be amazing here. I absolutely don’t mind overpaying him on a two-year deal.

  5. If Ortiz does his free agency, I hope that AA makes him an offer he can’t refuse. Not solely because of Ortiz’s value, but because he’s pissed off at Farrell and want’s to stick it to him.

    I realize this is (probably) just a dream. But it would soothe the souls of many a Jays fan.

    • It is a big dream.

    • I really hope we do scoop up Ortiz, would compliment our lineup well, Big Papi, Bautista & Edwin down the middle! Yikes.

    • I would think AA won’t want a dh who can play in the field . Ortiz would be a welcome addition to the jays.

    • It is a dream but it is a double whammy. Boston loses yet another piece of their core while the Jays get better. Sure boston will probably make it up by signing someone else, but it would be a blow to boston and would also be a 10x bigger deal than boston getting our manager.

    • If we got Ortiz and one top pitcher, I’d be happy with the offseason.

  6. I really like the idea of Baker to the Jays- would be a great signing probably short term. Haren or Greinke would be great but I doubt it would happen. Haren is more likely and it seems like the Angels just want to move pitchers anywhere. Totally undersold Santana.

    • Baker would be a nice risk as a #4 or #5 starter especially if kicked Happ to the pen or Alvarez to the minors for further work on his offspeed pitches.

      • Exactly!
        Rotation is
        Morrow, Haren, Romero, Baker then Happ/ Alvarez fighting with Hutch and Drabek in the wings.
        Great look.

        • That wouldn’t be the worst and I am being a little greedy piggy (probably delusional as well) in hoping that they could add Haren, someone like Sanchez and Baker.

          Don’t forget Hutch is probably gone for all of 2013 and Drabek mostly all of it and neither will be at their best right away. Having Alvarez and Happ as depth would be, how do DJFer’s say it? Nails?

          • I agree Sanchez would be great, just not likely for cap reasons. Happ was picked up to be a 5th starter with a high ceiling. AA realizes Alvarez is 22, but if you have him as your 6 man! Great depth.

        • say this were the rotation. I wonder how would it look 3 or 4 months in if they were hit with the same kind of injuries they were this year?


          would this be an improvement over the crap they trotted out this year? I’m inclined to think so

  7. Pretty sure from what I have seen and read that the Jays are maybe going to be able to spend like 15 million or so in the free agent market…..so thats maybe a reasonable starting pitcher….and a cheap bench guy. I am not an advocate at all of trading the 3 pitching prospects we have….i would rather keep them than lock in to some dude for 100 mill right now.

    • From what you have seen and read? You mean like one Shi D article where he threw out a random low number so no one would get too excited and so his complicated serious of theoretical manoeuvres would be warranted?

  8. Stoeten, I am not feeling it for Ortiz man. I would love to have him, like any red blooded male who likes to eat meat and drink beer, but I fear that AA doesn’t have much leeway in terms of budget room for a big ticket FA.

    I would rather see AA use up whatever pittance Rogers is allocating for him on a pitcher, like Anibal Sanchez, or Ryan Dempster. I see AA making one major FA acquisition, and making up the rest of the roster needs via trade.

    • Rather see Sanchez over Dempster. Sanchez proved he can pitch against AL bats. Dempster was pretty mediocre in Texas with a +5 ERA. Imagine how inflated it could be in the AL East. I realize his ERA was low in the NL Central but fuck, AJ Burnett looked like a Cy Yound Canidate for most of the year there.

      • Sanchez would be my first choice also, but remember that Dempster has a small sample size in Texas.

        Kyle Lohse is better suited to pitch in the National League. Apparently, the Dodgers like him, and with their silly money, well, the Jays can forget about him.

        And while media speculation focuses on how the Jays are kicking the tires on Greinke, let’s be realistic and keep our hopes way down on Greinke. He is looking to get paid and he is looking at staying in California.

        My two targets would be Sanchez and Dempster. I guess you could throw Edwin Jackson in there too.

      • hey! don’t logic rain on the maple parade

  9. If the Jays don’t acquire any pitchers, or anyone for that matter, besides Ortiz, I will see this off-season as a success.

    I so badly want Ortiz! A lineup with Bautista-Ortiz-EE batting 3-4-5 would be so awesome and sooo fun!

    • wouldn’t winning be more fun?

      • Yes…… and how do we do that? PITCHING not signing a 36 yr old DH- at this stage

      • Pfft….Ortiz is fun enough for me. Give me Ortiz for two years, and I’ll be patient enough to wait and hope that two of the big four pitching prospects turnout and we can win then…hopefully.

    • LOL dude Ortiz will be 37 this month…he is steadily declining. He would do FUCK ALL in terms of us winning more games next year. Pitching pitching and more pitching, plus either Melky or BJ for LF. I’ll be PISSED if all we got was Big fucking Dirt.

  10. Fangraphs (via rumour mill) suggesting Michael Morse to TOR for Drabek and McCoy would make sense. To which I say yes please and ba-bye Lind.

    http://insider.espn.go.com/mlb/hotstove12/story/_/id/8579468/los-angeles-dodgers-trading-andre-ethier-national-league-moves-happen-winter-mlb (paywall’d)

    • I would make that trade in a heartbeat. Though I definitely would keep Lind and just play Morse in Left. I know he’s not ideal defensively, but that bat… He also could move to DH vs Lefties and let Davis play Left on those days while Lind takes a seat.

  11. Josh Johnson and Giancarlo stanton for the lansing 3, JP, and gose


    • If AA has any ninja magic left up his sleeve?

    • miami says, “HELLLLL nah”

    • Would need to add Lawrie for them to start to consider that.

    • Maybe in the videgame. Drew’s head would explode if Stanton ever played for the Jays.

    • Stanton in Toronto would be a freaking dream. He could hit 60+ HR in Toronto!!!

      But his knee on the turf would be a disaster.

      I still say go and do what Drew says. Temper with him!! Go to his agent, and Stanton and tell him to demand a trade and tell them you will give him $20 million a year for like 4 years, not even buying out any of his free-agency years while buying out all his pre-arbitratory years and arbitration years. Then phone Miami, and offer them Lawrie plus any three Toronto prospects for him.

      Then watch HR after HR!

  12. I’d love for the Jays to trade for Haren or sign Ortiz but aren’t both out of the Jays price range? If Haren can be had for 12.5 million, the Jays payroll goes up to $98 million. If Ortiz can be signed it will likely be even more per year – maybe $14 million per season? Payroll would be over $100 million then. I do believe the Jays will spend some money but I don’t see them blowing the whole budget on either of these players.

    • The Jays payroll is at $73.5 million for roughly 19 players right now if you include Oliver’s $3 million.

      Position Players – Starters (7 out of 9): JPA, EE, Lawrie, Escobar, Rasmus, Jose, Lind
      Position Players – Bench (3 out of 4): Mathis, Davis, Aviles

      Total Cost for 2013 for 10 position players: $41.95 million
      Holes to Fill: 2nd Base, Left Field, 4th Bench Player

      Starting Pitchers (3 of 5): Romero, Morrow, Alvarez
      Relief Pitchers (6 of 7): Janssen, Santos, Delabar, Lincoln, Loup, Oilver

      Total Cost for 2013 for 8 pitchers: $27.4 million
      Holes to Fill: 2 starters, 1 Relievers

      Total Cost for 2013 for 19 players: $69.35 million
      Additional Costs*: $4.25 million
      Grand Total for 18 players: $73.55 million

      *McGowan, Hechavarria

      • Ok I’ll trust your numbers as I was just going off of Davidi’s payroll estimate and adding $5 mil haha.

        • I have a spreadsheet I will link in a second. Need to switch user’s on my computer.

          I suppose you could remove Alvarez as well and deduct the $0.5 million I allotted for the other pre-arb players like JPA, Lawrie, Loup, Delabar, and Lincoln. I gave the arb players like Rasmus and Aviles 10% raises over last year’s salary.

          • I agree with the numbers you have, I just see it as a departure from AA’s strategy to be signing a 37 year old DH or Haren, when there are many other holes to fill (2nd, LF, SS, starting). Signing either of them seems like something that would be done if the team was close to contending or had a lot of payroll to work with. I will be shocked if payroll goes over $100 million.

          • Thanks.

          • @JToronto while you have a good point about the other holes, he could fill some of them internally for cheap.

            Hechavarria for instance is already on the payroll so he could fill in at 2nd or they could have Aviles play there with Hech being the Utility guy. Also I suppose Sierra or Gose could also split time with Davis in left. I know neither are ideal but it wouldn’t be the end of the world either.

            Happ or Jenkins could fill the last pen spot if Oliver is back. If he isn’t Happ is your other lefty specialist. He’s actually a bit cheaper than Oliver.

            That would leave 2 starters spots to fill with one more bench player or you could say 2 starters and 1 left fielder with someone like Sierra being your final bench player/right handed dh/5th outfielder.

            Either of those scenarios gets them to approximately $75 million with say another $25 million to spend on three players to bring them to your total of $100 million. Again not ideal but it certainly gives them more payroll flexibility.

          • Nice work manimal on the figures.

            I still can’t get over how an agent can have the name Stringfellow.

          • I like your thinking manimal but Hech needs regular at bats either in AAA or Toronto. You are wasting him if he is your utility guy.

          • BTW when I said I have a spreadsheet, I should have said I have a link to a spreadsheet. I did not compile those numbers personally. I’ve had that link for a couple of years now and can’t remember where I got it from originally. Perhaps Cotts? Anyway the mystery person deserves the credit for keeping such a good list over the years.

            There is also this list from Baseball Reference if you prefer:


          • You’re missing Happ in your calculations

          • I didn’t include Happ or Jenkins in the rotation or relief at this point as a lot will depend on what happens with someone like Oliver and free agent acquisitions.

            I suppose you could remove Alvarez as well if you’re going to leave Happ out. If Oliver retires Happ would go in as 2nd lefty. He’d be slightly cheaper than Oliver so call it a wash and the totals remain basically the same.

    • The Jays payroll is around $80 mil right now with projected arbitration raises I think. I believe they’ll go to around $100 mil. But, who knows, could be a little lower or higher.

      I think the Jays could realistically get a 1 yr guy like Haren for $12 mil, a LF for $5 mil and another cheap starter through trade or free agency for around $3 – 5 mil. Any other additions would likely have to be payroll neutral trades.

      But that at least fills the biggest holes without necessarily burning a prospect, which can still be done on the right player.

  13. A Blue Jays Ryu jersey would be slick, Hadouken!

  14. This may not amount to anything, but some spark of life from Brett Cecil via interview:

    My goal is simple. And that is to get stronger. With my weight not being an issue anymore, I can focus soley on getting stronger and not dropping weight for the first couple months of working out. As far as arm strength and regaining velocity goes, I will be doing a completely different throwing program this offseason. The same one that Steve Delabar has done in the past.

    That Delabar program is the one he credits with boosting his fastball speed 7 or 8 MPH. With Cecil’s good change up and curve, an improved fastball could go a good way to making him at least effective and who knows, maybe more. If Ryan fucking Vogelsong can be an absolute shitballer for years and then turn into something decent, everyone deserves a second (or third chance).


    • Hopefully that program addresses throwing belt-high meatballs in fastball counts.

    • The delabar story is quite a good human interest story. but i wonder if, the simplest explanation being often the correct one, delabar just didnt start taking ped’s. i find it hard to believe someone could increase their fastball velocity that far above their high BEFORE THEY WERE HURT. it just doesnt make sense.

    • Well Cecil did the weight thing, and was successful. And he actually made that promise last season so who’s to say he wont do the strength buildup this season? I’m particularly interested in the velocity programme that Delabar was on. I read a little on it and it seems promising.
      As for PED’s I’d stake my next cheque that JB was not on them. I’m not familiar enough with Delabar although I like what I see so far.

  15. Predictions:

    AA will land one of (roughly in order of who they want the most):


    left off guys like Lohse, Kuroda and Greinke cause it seems so unlikely

    along with another pitcher, such as Baker, someone who is either lower quality or a bit of a wild card, but still able to make the rotation.

    along with another bat, which could be (in order of the guy they want most):


    If AA manages to land two starters and a good bat then I think we can be happy about the off season.

    • My list for who AA wants the most – realisitic or unrealistic is

      • I would love Keppinger on the Jays. I doubt AA would prefer Haren over Sanchez signed long term though. The coming days will be interesting. I wonder how many free agents will be signed tomorrow.

    • +1

  16. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there a prediction (from Drew I believe) on a late season DJF podcast that Rogers will not be outbid on Greinke?

    If only Rogers had bought DJF as well; I could put more stock in these predictions!

    • Yeah, Drew said that. I think someone else on the podcast agreed with him at the time….

    • Yup just like Yu Darvish.

      • Don’t think anyone from GB ever said Jays were going to outbid everyone for Yu Darvish.

        • Many people believed that Rogers was going to make a hefty bid for Darvish–and even for a time that they won the bid. I don’t know if GB were among those people, but the hype turned out to be flat wrong. If I were a betting man I would say it will more than likely be the same with Greinke, as in the Jays will not put in a colossal bid.

  17. So Fangraph’s released their contract crowdsourcing today:


    A quick look at that list and I think both the dollars and terms are pretty conservative.

    Although Haren at 3/36 was kinda interesting. It makes LAA’s decision even more questionable unless they get a good return.

    • Yikes I wouldn’t want to pay Nick Swisher $14 million a year over the next four years. Lohse and Sanchez seem like much better investments at lower prices.

  18. Mike Napoli.

    Ideally a DH who can play 1B and catch.

    Only hit .212 but OPS’d .812 this past year.

  19. Orioles claimed Alexi Cassila off waivers from the Twins. I was hoping Toronto was going to claim him after picking up a bunch of bums off the wire earlier in the week, they could have claimed at least one decent guy.

    Baker’s an interesting case, he was putting together some pretty nice numbers before going down with injury. I’m curious to see what kind of contract he’ll land, being a decent pitcher coming off injury. I’m also curious to see what kind of contracts guys like Carlos Zambrano and Daisuke Matsuzaka will be offered, coming off big contracts and disappointing seasons. If Zambrano wasn’t a giant d-bag and could check his ego at the door, I wouldn’t mind seeing him as a Jay if the price were right, but the odds of the former happening ain’t great.

    • Zambrano is much, much to unstable to throw into the Jay’s clubhouse at this current point. Especially with a new manager coming in, we don’t need that distraction. I also think his better days are behind him.

      • Yea, I don’t think anyone could reign-in his attitude, and he is way too much of a basket-case for just about any team. I’d be surprised if anyone signs him for anything more than a 1-year deal.

  20. I would take Scott Baker for sure; he’s consistently a pretty good pitcher in my opinion, and I wouldn’t mind him dropped into that 4 spot at all.

    • c’mon- we can do better than recycle pitchers from a team that had the worst starting staff ERA in the AL even though they play in the pussy AL central-worse than the Jays if you can believe that-NO onward for rthe Sanchez’s Jackson’s and Johnson’s of the world my friend

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