Juh? The Yan Gomes era ends, and… um… it would seem as though Alex Anthopoulos has something of a type, as he’s once again dealt for a hard-throwing right-handed reliever– albeit this time one who has only spent one full season in the ‘pen.

Ex-Jays MLB.com reporter, and the hardest working man in show business, Jordan Bastian, has the details:

Now, I mention the fact that Rogers has only one season under his belt in which he was a full-time reliever, but that’s maybe not as of interest as it seems, because in 2011 with Colorado he was below replacement level over 83 innings, including 13 starts and five relief appearances. He’s nobody’s rotation solution, I don’t think. However, he definitely had some success when he moved on to Cleveland mid-season last year, bringing his BB/9 rate down to 2.04– the first time in his career that he’d taken it below 3.25, though thanks to an atrocious start of the year in Colorado, his season rate was 3.43.

But he’s a hard thrower, averaging 95.6 on his fastball last year, and he misses bats at a decent, if about middle-of-the-pack rate for a qualified reliever. He doesn’t have a particularly troubling platoon split, his strikeout rate spiked up to 23.9% in 2012, and Bastian tweets that he appeared to be a setup man in the making, though he also wonders if Cleveland was smart in selling high, as the numbers Rogers put for the Rockies are pretty fucktacular.

Of course, that’s true of just about every Rockies pitcher, isn’t it?

Keith Law is on board:

Cheap is the key word there, as Rogers just missed being Super Two this year, and will be under team control through the end of the 2016 season, and making a whole lot less than it would have cost them to bring back Jason Frasor or Brandon Lyon, which allows the Jays to allocate precious resources elsewhere– and actually sheds a little bit of salary in the form of Aviles.

The deal also means the bizarre Yan Gomes preoccupation among far too many fans can mercifully end, and that we won’t be seeing something like an Aviles/Macier Izturis platoon at second base next season, which I certainly don’t think is the worst thing in the world, depending, of course, on what the club actually manages to do at the position.

I’m somewhat surprised that the Jays decided to move back to square one in the middle infield in order to make it happen, and I have no reason to be entirely confident that Rogers will necessarily just pick up where he left off in Cleveland at the end of last year, but as uninspiring as acquiring yet another bullpen piece may be, let’s not forget how far we saw an absolutely loaded ‘pen take the Baltimore Orioles and their shaky starting rotation this season.

It remains that relievers are a volatile lot, and not a particularly great or irreplaceable investment, but to me– and apparently to Alex Anthopoulos– that’s really only looking at it in a single-player vacuum. To have a large group of cheap, cost-controlled, hard-throwing, bat-missing relievers is a nifty asset for the club going forward, both on the field and in terms of resource allocation, even if it’s… y’know… kinda weird how they all got here.

And if it means the club gives Marcus Stroman the chance to fail as a starter before rushing him into their big league bullpen, all the better.

Of course, on the other hand, though, Anthopoulos may be pre-emptively building up bullpen depth in the knowledge that he’d going to have to trade some himself as the winter progresses. With second base, left field, DH, and two or three key rotation spots currently a bloody fucking mess, he’s certainly going to have to do something.

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  1. I don’t understand this logic that rogers has to make a profit on the jays. they have already doubled their investment in the jays over 10 years. I would suggest that the franchise value will increase 20 mil every year which would be about 5% on 400 mil valuation. So the jays could easily be increasing payroll by 5 mil per year and still have a net increase in value.

    It’s like buying a stock. It doesn’t matter whether you sell it for a profit or buy it for the dividend yield, you still make money. rogers can easily run the jays at a loss and still make money.

    • It is true, but they could also not run them at a loss and make even more money.

      • not really, that’s like a company saying hey if we don’t spend any money on r and d we’ll make even more money. it’s short sighted.

        rogers should know that if you invest in your asset it will generate more income and also increase in value. but lots of companies are poorly run soooo.

        • +1

          Rogers was proactive investing in cellular & cable TV technology.

          They did it to keep & increase revenues.

          The same thing should be done for the baseball team.

  2. in fact rogers has tripled their investment

    according to forbes

    The television rights fee paid to the Toronto Blue Jays by Rogers Sportsnet doubled in 2011. TSN, which had been televising a handful of games, no longer shows the team’s games. Both the Blue Jays and Sportsnet are subsidiaries of Rogers Communications. This jump in television revenue helped boost the team’s operating income to $25 million from $4 million the previous season. The bottom line was also goosed by the team’s low payroll. The Blue Jays have been in the lower third of the league’s payroll the past two seasons.

    • All the more appalling considering they bought the stadium the team plays in for 25 MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS. So they own the team, the stadium they play in and the network they’re broadcasted on…

      I don’t even want to begin to think about the number of readers on this site and countless others who buy their internet access from Rogers so they can come on here and pine for them to spend a couple extra mil. Integration is a bitch, ain’t it

      • @ that guy.

        Agreed. But take into account that MLSE started the TFC franchise in 2007 with sellout crowds & by this year, the stadium is half empty with a team that has a worse record than the expansion team they started with.

        The new meme that AA started with a worse team than the 1977 Jays is discouraging.

        That suggests that Rogers had no clue what JP Riccardi & Paul Godfrey were doing.

        Would Rogers be that indifferent to their baseball team??

        • I’m not sure I understand the point you’re making with the TFC example.

          But I would go so far as to suggest it seemed Paul Godfrey often had no idea what Paul Godfrey was doing.

      • people always bring up the cutrate sale of the dome to rogers, but it was already sold to interbrew/labbatt’s years before for 89 million bux when the province realised that the stadium was just going to continue to hemorrhage money.
        everyone clamouring for a new stadium should look at what’s happening in miami at the moment, or washington – where many people hate the new building.
        also, espn did a review of stadiums a couple years ago, and iirc, they found that fans are more likely to dislike any stadium that has any kind of roof. so, there’s no real winning.

        with that said, i guess the liberals spent close to the cost of a stadium on a single electoral seat last year when they cancelled that power plant…so who knows?

    • Pffft Forbes numbers are way off on the low side. All you have to do is look at what the last few teams actually sold for and compare them to the Forbes numbers to know they aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. I’m not just talking about the Dodgers either.

      • @night manaimal.

        Very true. The Astros sold for 680 million without a stadium in may 2011.

        The Padres sold for 530 million in 2009.
        Jays are worth more than the Astros.

  3. “@oakville

    Take this with a major grain of salt..

    but a year or two ago I chatted with someone who had been in the clubhouse here and there who claimed Marcum was known as a serious womanizer/party-er etc.

    I didn’t know the guy well at all, and could easily be bullshit for all I know, but maybe something to do with his partying/drinking whatever pissed off Jays management.”

    Thanks for the info James. If AA has concerns about Marcum’s personal life, OK.

    However, AA will then have to pay extra $$$ for free agents or trades .

    • It’s never the ones you’d think, eh? By the time he’d become the franchise’s #1 starter Marcum seemed like a class act, or at least that’s how I perceived him. Even if this is bullshit, he must have done some pretty egregious shit for an established sports journalist to suggest AA, of all people, would never sign him based on character issues.

    • Yeah… his injury history scares me a bit, but I’d love to have Marcum as a mid rotation guy for the Jays again…. based on his on field actions at least.

  4. @ Jays 2010

    “That’s bullshit.
    First off, the Jays don’t appear to have a fixed budget. It appears to be fluid depending on the circumstances and players available etc.
    Second, if they actually said they had, for argumen’t sake, an $80 mil fixed budget, that would piss off the dumbass fans a lot more than being vague.”

    No, that’s bullshit. The Jays have a budget you may be sure of that. We don’t know what it is and we probably shouldn’t know. But they have one.

    As for your second point, that’s what I’m saying. The fans don’t need to know the budget and in fact it’s important to keep that info under wraps. So maybe Beeston can stop talking about it. Because it’s just fuelling fan unrest.

    • “The fans don’t need to know the budget and in fact it’s important to keep that info under wraps. So maybe Beeston can stop talking about it. Because it’s just fuelling fan unrest.”

      The key words there are “Beeston can stop talking”. It really would do the franchise more good than anything else he can say or do.

      • @Canuckistani

        Agreed. It was Paul Beeston running his mouth last off-season that made me get mad and cancel my season tix!

        • I don’t mind if Beeston thumps his chest and declares that the Jays can do this or that. What I do mind is when he declares one thing, and ultimately means another. This has been an unfortunate trend of his since coming back as president.

          This off-season he declares that the Jays are going to be aggressive on all fronts to get pitching, notably for the rotation. Bets on the trend continuing?

  5. and he is on Twitter now too


  6. Plus, Marc Hulet did his top 15 Jays prospects list, with Osuna probably the highest/fastest riser.


    Now I am going to continue to pump my own nickname for the young pitchers:

    SONS of Anarchy

    Sanchez and Syndergaard
    Nicolino, Norris and Nolin
    Stroman and Smoral

    • So if all breaks well –

      We have a future Justin Verlander & future Bartolo Colon heading the pitching staff…

      That’s the type of prospect porn that makes a Monday seem brighter!

    • Thanks again dm

      I have no rational reason other than my fan goggles,so don’t shoot me.
      I had huge doubts about Osuna when he signed and for some unknown reason I’m hyped up about Smoral ( must be my liking a 6’7″ lefty,throwing in the 90′s at seventeen).

  7. Apparently Schumaker might be available this offseason. He’s no superstar, but he’s probably better than Aviles would have been as a starting 2B.


    Grab him if the price is right and then play him until Hech wins the job away from him?

  8. Fun stuff at SBNation, where they review their preview of the Jays’ 2012 season: http://mlb.sbnation.com/2012/11/3/3592784/toronto-blue-jays-2012-season-review-recap

  9. I’m not even beating up on AA or Beeston any more….I think that’s anger misdirected.
    Bottom line, IMHO, is that it’s hard to attract free agents here. And throwing money at a guy…if he’s got a choice between 6M in Toronto or 5M anywhere else in USA-Land….he just might take the lesser amount. Hell, he’s probably got 10M in the bank already…what’s another?

  10. RADAR says: 11.05.12 @ 11:42 AM EST
    @ indestructible
    “Bets on the trend continuing?”
    Whatcha got to bet?


    RADAR, I’ll bet you anything that Beeston will continue to say stupid and awkward things. and the Jays won’t land a “Holy shit” free agent. This ownership is SHIT and this ownership has been SHIT. Since Beeston came back he hasn’t accomplished ANYTHING, he hasn’t gotten the ownership to stop being shit and he has made several embarrassing gaffes. (Embarrassing for him, not us.)

    Why are you always defending this assclown?

    • @ ICJ

      I defend him because I believe he’s following a business plan that will lead to a competitive team. If you look at the moves made, it follows the pattern used to take the Jays to WS in 92/93.
      With absolutely no inside knowledge but observing from the outside,he picked a manager and a GM who would obey his instructions to the nth degree.
      He’s using his experience and knowledge from the past to implement his plan.
      Even if you are cynical, try to look at it from Rogers or Beeston’s angle and what the end game should be.
      If the end game is money then the Jays being sucessful will still be, a collateral benefit.

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