I still can’t say for certain that this will become a regular feature around here for the early winter (looking like it, though, huh?), but again today, with all kinds of movement happening on the trade and free agent markets, and all kinds of decisions being made on players throughout the league who may wind up having some bearing on the Jays’ plans for the off-season, I think it will be a valuable exercise to comb through the latest from the astonishingly fantastic and comprehensive MLB Trade Rumors and add some Jays-related context to whatever is going on out there…

Not sure what the fuck is taking so long– well, OK, the fact that he’s managing in the AFL might make the logistics difficult– but apparently the Jays have yet to even schedule an interview with Matt Williams. In fact, they haven’t even formally asked for permission, they’ve just “kicked the tires.” Um… figure it the fuck out, Alex.

Oakland has re-signed suspended starter Bartolo Colon, in a somewhat surprising move. This immediately adds to the A’s rotation depth, making it all the more possible that they’ll deal from it at some point this winter– perhaps to address their hole at short and to add a live-armed prospect. Hmmm…

Colon’s deal, reportedly, won’t stop the A’s from trying to re-sign Brandon McCarthy, who the Jays are reportedly interested in. There are injury red flags, sure, but there are damn red flags on just about every free agent out there this year, and I’d be all for McCarthy bringing his Twitter wit to Toronto, and maybe getting some of his teammates to step up their (Twitter) game.

It’s official, the Red Sox and David Ortiz will continue that little arrangement where he’s the face of their franchise. Last year would have been the time to do it, but as you may recall, nobody was willing to go multi-year with him, especially at the cost of a draft pick.

Josh Hamilton is asking for a ridiculous amount of money. Specifically, seven years and $175-million. Hey, it can’t hurt to ask, but holy shit, that’s a scary proposition for a guy who put his fucking horrific approach on full-on display in the second half, who folks whispered about not having his head in the game, and who isn’t very likely to be putting in 130+ games per year by the end of that deal… or the beginning. And, y’know, there’s also that other stuff.

As you’ve surely heard by now, Dan Haren is a free agent, after a lopsided trade that would have sent him to Chicago for Carlos Marmol fell through, and the Angels apparently had nothing else in the queue that tickled their fancy enough to not just eat Haren’s $3.5-million buyout and set him free. Odd. And I can’t help but wonder if a club is going to end up paying more for him in total than it would have cost to replace whoever they would have given up trade to get him for one year– the contract crowdsourcing project at FanGraphs figured on 3/36 for him. The Red Sox, Nick Cafardo notes in the piece I linked to at the start of this paragraph, reportedly tried to move Alfredo Aceves– who is very available– for him.

Aaaand… that’s really about it. Or do you want me to bother mentioning stuff like the Rays’ re-signing of Joel Peralta? Yep. It’s slow.

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  1. woohooo, DJF content!

  2. Or it may mean Williams is not there target and have there eyes on someone else. Remember AA likes to make the moves no one sees coming, ex Rogers, Happ.

  3. It was reported hamilton wants 7 years, 175 not 5/175

  4. it’s 7 years and $175 million for Josh Hamilton. Not like that $/year is any less ridiculous. But just a little less $ for him to blow on his sinus-crippling Red Bull addiction.

  5. Hamilton was asking $175 for 7 years, you said 5, just figured you’d want to correct it.

  6. i have to believe that the medicals on haren are not pretty… otherwise someone would’ve given the angels something, anything for haren at a marginal cost of one year / $12M.

    • That’s not necessarily true. Why would you give up a prospect or MLB ready player to get a pitcher on a 1 year, $12M deal when you know you can give up nothing and sign him for 3/36M? The only reason it made sense for the Jays is because they believe they have a lot of minor league pitching depth and are just looking for some stop gap measures until the prospects are ready. But most teams are not in position. In

      • pretty sure you do it if you feel more comfortable not giving multiple years.

      • Notr necessarily true, but it’s a viable theory.

        I wonder if Haren is going to get “Jackson’d” this summer and be forced to take a 1 year deal in the 10-13 mil range.

      • the royals gave up a 27 year old RP that hasn’t pitched in the big leagues for the marginal cost of santana – you have to assume that 29 clubs could have had haren for the same cost. if they were willing to pay the buyout than they surely would have taken anything greater than zero, right?

        … and there is alot less risk at 1/$12 as opposed to 3/$36

        • There is a lot of error in assuming that the price for Santana was the same as the price for Haren…

          • so Mark… would you rather pay $3.5M and get nothing… or pay $3.5M and get something?

            seems to me that if anyone were offering anything that has a positive value the angels would have been compelled to accept.

    • That’s not necessarily true. Why would you give up a prospect or MLB ready player to get a pitcher on a 1 year, $12M deal when you know you can give up nothing and sign him for 3/36M? The only reason it made sense for the Jays is because they believe they have a lot of minor league pitching depth and are just looking for some stop gap measures until the prospects are ready. But most teams are not in that position. In fact, most teams could probably use 3-4 years of Haren at $9-$12M AAV for the middle of their rotation. I’m not sure the Jays aren’t also one such team.

      • If you trade for him, you guarantee he’s on your team in 2013. No team can guarantee that Haren is signing a 3-year deal with them.

        I think the Santana/Haren thing ends up being more about the Royals gravely misreading the market for #3/#4/#5 starters more than anything.

        • I don’t think most teams operate with as much concern as the Jays that they won’t be able to get players to accept their offers.

          Further, while the trade guarantees that you get Haren for 1 year at $12 mil, it also guarantees that you lose 6 years of cost control on another asset (who may end up being Haren 2.0), guarantees that you will be overpaying him the following year if you keep him by using a qualifying offer, and does not nothing to further your chances of signing him as a free agent if you didn’t extend him a qualifying offer.

          To me, it’s just so short-sighted. It’s a move only a contender that is “going for it” next year should make.

          • The Jays, nor any other team, operate by themselves in the free agent market. No team is guaranteed anything on the free agent market. For all we know, 28 teams could be lining up to hand Haren 3/36 million contracts. This has nothing to do with whether a particular team is more desirable than another, it’s pure probabilities.

            No team presumably had to give up an asset of any value. The Jays could have sent one of the college seniors from the last draft as a PTBNL for Haren. The Angels would presumably have done it to save themselves the buyout cost. The asset cost is virtually nil.

            You trade for him: you guarantee that he’s on the team for 2013; you’re in the driver’s seat to sign him beyond 2013 with no competition for his services until the 2013 offseason (players will almost always take a long-term contract from their current team, if offered, unless they’re a Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols who is set to break the bank in free agency, someone that Haren is not).

            You don’t trade for him: You’re bidding with 28 other teams, with the risk of not getting him, and the risk of other teams bidding up the price.

            This was a performance/medical assessment made by the Jays and 28 other MLB teams that Haren wasn’t worth 1 year at $15.5 million and being in the driver’s seat to re-signing him past 2013.

            I don’t think it’s as short-sighted as you say it is.

      • I would 100% have given up a prospect for Haren at that value. Not a top propect (Lansing 3, Osuna), but a lesser prospect (or two) for sure.

        If he regains his form, then I could make him a qualifying offer. Also, it gives one year to “check him out” and consider offering an extension.

        There’s a reason that “better a bird in hand than two in the bush” is a saying.

        This is only excusable if his medicals are horrible or if the Angels just intended to resign him. Otherwise the Jays really, really missed out. Payroll, schmayroll, they have already saved more money than Haren would have cost in one year just from the Wells trade.

      • because you don’t “know” that he will come to your city…or cost 3/36 (might be more)…would the jays still want him if he demanded 5/80 + an escape clause after 3 years? so taking on all the risk immediately, and then losing the player if he does well and didn’t want to be here?

        • Fuck me I hate this whole “won’t come to our city” thing…

          If the Jays seriously think they can’t get guys to come here, then they should look in the mirror and make some changes to what they see. Maybe guys don’t want to come here because it’s the worst “park” in the league to play at…or maybe they have to pay guys more to compensate them for the higher taxes or border issues…or maybe they just have to do something, anything, to show that they are serious about winning.

          A hell of lot great players, some Hall of Famers, “came to this city” when the stadium was new and teams were winning.

          • i said “you don’t KNOW he will come here if he is a FA”
            not that he wouldn’t – just stating the FACT that if you TRADE a guy they come to your team for certain…if you wait t’ill FA, there are 29 other teams who can offer the same or better deal.

            your idea of a new park is good until you realise that, it’s likely a decision that falls more in the hands of a gravy-conscious tax base than it does rogers. are you telling me that people who elected a guy to “find” a few dollars here and there in office supplies from city hall are going to raise their taxes to build a new baseball-only park in the city because some people think the one that isn’t even 25 years old is “ugly” – even if it is functional and in good repair (roof mishap aside)?

            what evidence do you have to suggest that rogers would be willing to contribute DIME #1 to the costs of a new building?

            talk about shitty posts I HATE.

  7. Anybody know what kinda contract Hamilton is asking for?

  8. you had to believe that the Angels would have taken anything, even a middle reliever and saved 3.5 million.

    something has to be up with his medicals. they could have even just traded him for PTBNL or cash.

  9. So whats the reported deal Hamilton wants? Does anyone know?

  10. 7 years $175M? Yeah, well, I want a toilet made of solid gold but it’s just not in the cards.

  11. Kicking the tires eh? Sounds more like kicked tires, heard he has a dream job and moved on. The new manager will be announced by the end of the week…….or not.

  12. Anyone read that awesome prospect porn on fangraphs?

  13. I think Stoeten is bang on, the most interesting news of the day so far is that the A’s have signed Colon, who incidentally, got his noggin knocked off in winter ball recently. But he was apparently throwing smoke too, so maybe the A’s are confident enough in him to deal one of their rotation arms.

    Escobar + Cecil + prospect for Brett Anderson? Anyone have thoughts on that?

    • I would like YEscobar + prospect gets it done, no need to include Cecil.

    • the athletics gotta haul for GONZALEZ. Its gonna take four pieces much the same to net ANDERSON. And they reportedly wanted Syndergaard in the deal so one would have to expect the same request this time around.

    • trading escobar creates a bigger hole than the one anderson fills when he’s healthy.

      • I think Escobar will likely be traded at some point in 2013. The Jays have $7.7M committed to Escobar and Hechavarria, who is paid $2.7M regardless of playing in AAA or with the Jays.

        Provided that Hech shows he can handle the hitting adequately, and if the Jays can find a decent 2B option, I don’t see how dealing Escobar creates such a hole.

        • “if the Jays can find a decent 2B option”

          pretty big “IF”, there. name some good FA Middle Infield options.

          i had this thought the other day that the jays could go vulture the Mets for Wright, move Lawrie to 2b you could even sign Drew to play shitty SS so that people who hate escobar now can be happy until the season starts and they want him back…. but then i thought: that’s a totally insane idea that a jackass would have, and i dismissed it as stupidity.

      • Agreed. Lets worry about the holes we’ve got before going on making more.

  14. Perhaps Matt Williams is a red herring designed to get Colorado to make a manager decision quickly.

    That way, AA can take as long as he wants going through free agent managers knowing he’s the only game in town.

    • The Rockies front office has publicly stated/indicated that Williams, Weiss, Giambi and Runnells are their managerial finalists. Williams is the only candidate that overlaps. So I don’t think this is the case.

  15. Alex….call one of the guys you interviewed a year or so ago, and give him the job, already! It’s not as if the guys have changed a whole lot from 2 fucking years ago.
    Or did you hire a guy already – and got caught up in the whole ” AA secrecy thing” that you forgot to tell the press?

  16. Shouldnt we have a fucking manager by now? Christ.

    • Hire SAL FASANO for fucks sakes

      • Given we’ve heard nothing for quite a while I’m hopeful this might be nearing the end. I wonder if there’s a mystery candidate who we haven’t heard of who’ll get the job. I’m not saying there is one. Just pondering possibilities.

        As long as it’s not Wakamatsu. I don’t want anyone from last year’s coaching staff to get this job.

        • Any reason why not?

          • @IMW

            Because the players last year and to some extent the year before seemed to me to be woefully unprepared and I believe that’s down to the coaches, not just the manager.

  17. FWIW, Jeff Blair believes the Jays payroll will be around $100 million and suggests they are likely to sign someone like an Edwin Jackson and then trade for a second pitcher.

    Pretty much what I expect as well.

    • I can has LFer too!??!

      But.. uhm… yeah… sounds about right. And is ok by me!

    • I would be happy with a FA starter (Sanchez, Dempster, Jackson) and a trade for another starter (Masterson or Anderson).

      Then there will be the middle infield question. Who will play 2B? Hopefully, AA can find a decent 2B option either via trade or free agency. Someone I would target is Dan Murphy who was on the trading block this past season.

      LF and 1B are likely going to be filled with internally, with either Gose, Sierra (if he isn’t dealt) or Davis vying for playing time in LF. Lind and EE will likely be pencilled in for 1B. Further think that Cooper gets dealt for pitching with McDade kept in AAA for depth.

      • Some cheap-ass 2B options that could be had one way or another.
        These aren’t exactly shiny names, but they are out there:

        Drew (not so cheap-ass I guess)
        Kelly Johnson (ha!)

      • I hope for the love of god there’s no chance of Rajai as the everyday LFer come opening day.

        In the case of a Davis/Gose platoon, I wonder if there’s any chance they ask Colby to play LF vs righties? His bat would play better and Gose sounds like he has a slight advantage in the field by most accounts.

        • i like Rajai Davis. in a perfect world he’s your 4th outfielder and a nice weapon as a pinch runner late…but, y’know what? the jays just had a shitty season. maybe let’s let the “core” players show us whether they’re actually a “core” group, or whether they’re actually a bunch of guys who play in this city and will later play somewhere else.

          as of today, Rajai is the Jays’ LF. Full Stop. It’s months away from opening day, and there are plenty of scenarios in which Davis playing LF every day is not the end of the world…including having a healthy lineup like the one that led the league in runs scored for half of last year….one in which Davis was a big part.

          • Interestingly enough, the Jays website has it’s depth chart updated and Gose is listed ahead of Rajai in LF depth.

  18. I think a LF will be acquired as well as 2 pitchers.

    There are a number of guys (Ross, Soriano, Cabrera) who would be an upgrade without breaking the bank.

    For example, maybe something like Sierra for Soriano with the Cubs eating all but $10 million left on the 2 year deal. That could work for both sides.

  19. Might as well put Hech at 2B. He’s getting paid big bucks anyways, whether he’s here or in Buffalo. Not like he’s gonna do worse than Kelly Johnson.

    • I agree. Unless the Jays were to pull off a major surprise and land a top second baseman, might as well let Hech start. As you said, the Jays are paying him 1.75 million regardless and his defense is stalwart. It might be even more attractive if the Jays manage to sign Anibal, an extreme GB pitcher.

      Of course, it would be nice if the club had some more certainties in LF and DH if that were to happen.

      A team with too many question marks is a team unlikely to make the playoffs.

  20. Rajai Davis should DH and bat leadoff.

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