No, really.

In an impressive piece of work that he does every year, at (Insider only), Jim Bowden has listed his top 50 free agents, providing suggestions as to the best fits, little tidbits of information about each, and predictions of the terms of the contracts they’ll eventually sign– which, as you may recall, were eerily accurate in last year’s version of this exercise.

Because of this, and in spite of the fact that it’s a piece written by Jim Bowden, I think it’s certainly worth taking a look at all of the Jays-related things he’s saying. Which… um… isn’t a whole hell of a lot.

Which makes sense, because the thing is, despite all the talk we’ve heard of Rogers ponying up more dough for Alex Anthopoulos to spend than usual this off-season– which they may well actually do– their benevolence isn’t quite as impressive as they’d like you to think. Money is flowing around baseball like beer that flows like wine, and free agents will be flocking elsewhere like the salmon of Capistrano.

As Scott Boras says: “Every team is going to have another $25 million in revenue through the national TV packages. They’re going to be making between $110 million and $120 million (including other revenue streams) before they sell a ticket. It’s a different financial model.”

In other words, thanks, Rogers, for your piddly attempt to make it look like you’re almost, kinda-sorta, maybe going to keep spending in line with inflation league-wide!

But, OK, there are a few Jays-related things in Bowden’s piece, most notably his comment on Edwin Jackson– his 13th best free agent, who he sees getting a three-year, $30-million deal, and of whom he says “Toronto seems most interested.”

Hey, I’ll take it. Add Jackson and another arm through trade and the Jays will have done pretty nicely for themselves.

Bowden also suggests that the Jays are, among others, a fit for Ryan Dempster– who he likes more and thinks will be cheaper than Jackson– as well as: Brandon McCarthy (they’ve contacted his agent, Bowden says), Melky Cabrera, Shaun Marcum (he obviously hasn’t heard Jeff Blair on the subject), Jeremy Guthrie, and Scott Baker.

Shit, I’ll take any of those, frankly. Anyone who might actually want to take money here, why the hell not?

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  1. “Shup up and take my money!!!”

    Also this made my brain hurt (which I assume was the point): “Money is flowing around baseball like beer that flows like wine, and free agents will be flocking elsewhere like the salmon of Capistrano.”

  2. If Stephen Drew is seriously going to command anywhere near 3/30 on the open market, you’d think the Jays could get some serious value in return for Escobar or Hechavarria.

  3. so what are the bare minimum expectations for this off season..

    I think anyone with a brain knows that they jays are not going to be operating in the top tier of free agency (grienke, hamilton etc)

    but the most recent trade kind of scares my tempered expectations, i love that our GM was able to make a deal and save the club some money by moving not essential parts. but i’m now a bit worried about how restricted AA is on spending money.

    If we just sign Jackson, would anyone consider the offseason a success?

    • Successful in that only signing Jackson would still make the 2013 a better team than it is right now.
      But I’d be disappointed nontheless.

    • Do they trade for anyone?

      • @ Stoeten
        Good question.
        It seems that AA trades appear in clumps. Trade, then a few days later another followed by another.
        Also, with everybody talking about the increase in TV money, perhaps the FA’s are waiting for the market to establish itself?
        Look at the League contract. Agents may be using that as a barometer for their clients.

      • My realistic hope was that they signed one and traded for one. I like Jackson at 3/30 but in a thin FA year (and lets face it, EVERYONE wants pitching) is that going to do it?

      • well to answer your question with a question..

        If their only FA signing is E jax.

        Who would they have to trade for, or what level of talent would it take for you to deem it a successful offseason.

        If they only sign Jackson I would hope they would trade for no worse than a #2 starter for it to be successful to me. I can live with the holes in LF, 2B and DH if they legitimately fix the rotation.

    • If we just sign Jackson, would anyone consider the offseason a success?

      I would consider that an unmitigated disaster.

      • No Way. Last year they proved that there’s dick between the ML club and the Anthopoulos draftees. And after McGowan Litsch Drabek and Hutch went down, there was no one left. Now they’re left with Morrow and 2 others ( Alvarez and Romero) who may or may not be able to pitch at the ML level. I’m ok with picking up 2 ML pitchers for 3 years if they just want to bridge the gap. But that is the absolute minimum they can get away with.

        • Romero is capable of pitching at the ML level. That much was proven in years 1-3. A down year does not end a career. Just ask Cliff Lee.

          Alvarez still has a lot of upside. That he spent all of 2012 in our rotation spoke more to our lack of depth than anything. I really liked what I saw out of him his last few starts when the strikeout rake spiked.

          I like EJax as the 2nd best rotation piece added this offseason AT MINIMUM. Personally, I would prefer a trade and a pair of signings (McCarthy/EJax/Marcum) types to pair with Morrow and Romero. I’d bump Alvarez to AAA and part with Happ as one of the pieces going the other way in a trade.

    • If EJax is to be their only acquisition they shouldn’t even bother. Save the money for a FA who can actually move the needle. EJax isn’t a Darvish/Fielder type talent where you can say it makes sense to buy him even if your team isn’t ready to compete this year because he’ll be there in the future.

      • Fair point. Though Jackson is only 29. Younger than Escobar, Bautista, EE….

        • Was referring to his talent level, not his age. He’d still be here in 2014 but he isn’t necessarily enough of an upgrade over potentials like Drabek & Hutchinson that you should be willing to focus all your FA dollars on him.

          • Pure stuff wise he has Hutch beat I think, but maybe not Drabek.
            But he’s also a far more proven commodity. It’s probably less than 50/50 that even one of those guys surpasses EJax for value come 2014.
            and if one or both do, then Jackson because a very valuable trade commodity to fill whatever hole this hypothetical contending 2014 Jays team may have.

  4. Melky for LF please.

    • We need another problem child like we need a hole in our heads.

      Why do we want a guy who played lousy before (presumably) shooting it up before his two best seasons in 2011-12? I don’t want the shitty pre-steroids Melky. And he certainly didn’t prove himself to be such a team player that the Giants basically told him to fuck off and don’t bother showing up when his suspension was over.

  5. I’d be happy with a decent Manager choice (although only time will tell on whether it was the right choice of course), one good (2nd or 3rd in rotation) Starting Pitcher, and then getting good health reports on Santos, Bautista, D’Arnaud and (big IF) McGowan.

    If we get more than this, gravy. And I won’t baste Beeston at the ‘State of the Franchise’.

  6. “I kinda love how the front office seems to be rather transparent in their attempted accounting, making sure by their actions that everyone knows Rogers is holding the purse strings tightly.”

    “In other words, thanks, Rogers, for your piddly attempt to make it look like you’re almost, kinda-sorta, maybe going to keep spending in line with inflation league-wide!”

    You’ve come a long way, Stoeten. Last year at this time you’d be defending the decision not to spend seriously (not some bullshit 95m) as AA being fiscally responsible, and that the money is there and he just hasn’t asked for it (even though Darvish, Cespedes, and Soler were very obvious targets even AA would’ve wanted). It took awhile, but you’re starting to see the light.

  7. Jackson at 3 / 30
    Some LFer or another at 3 / 30 or less
    Macier Izturis at 1yr / 2-3mil (2B and slowly losing ABs to Hech over the course of the year)
    Jonny Gomes at 2 yr / 3-5 mil (RH DH to go with Lind – also 5th OF)
    trade for another SP.

    There. That’s my Rogers cheap-ass-bastards approved proposal for the offseason.

    • Would you expect trades as well? or would this be there entire offseason

      • Meh . I’m just throwing out things that seem to work from a logic standpoint.
        Not necessary what i WANT to have happen. But yeah, I’d expect the second SP in my little plan would come via trade.

    • Some LFer or another at 3 / 30 or less…

      Or, for the same price, Angel Pagan.

  8. I wonder if anyone has called about sierra, I never hear his name mentioned. He has a laser arm, is way above league average in speed and showed he can hit bombs. If he stopped running the bases like he’s brett lawrie I think he could be part of a substantial package.

    • Maybe it’s too soon. He hasn’t really shown THAT much yet at the ML level.

    • I imagine his value is pretty similar to Yan Gomes’… not much more than a throw-in to a deal.

      • Probably more like Eric Thames’ value. I could see Sierra fetching a non-established reliever or a bench player by himself.

        I think Gomes was thrown in more for his 40-man spot than anything.

    • If he’s as good as you say then why wouldn’t he start in LF for the Jays next year? Young, controlable, potential star. Isn’t this who AA usually goes looking for?

      • if he started in left next year, I would consider it an upgrade over who started there last year. The only way that would happen and I wouldn’t have a problem with it is if all this penny pinching ended in 2 or 3 legitimate 200 inning guys who can add some stability to our rotation. Must be tough to have to have a bullpen pick up 12 – 15 innings a series.

        • I’m not saying he’s the answer in left. I just thought you were over-hyping him.

          • honestly, watching him just reminds me of watching alex rios. You know he has the tools, but he always seem to come off as borderline retarded.

    • I think Moises is a wild card with at least a sliver of hope on upside. Jays should give him a year in LF and see what happens. You don’t do it for Moises, you do it for the money you can save in LF and spend on a serious SP.

      Worst case scenario, Jays sign a middling LF and a number 3 starter who would be number 4 on a better team.

      Better scenario. Moises hits .235 with 20-25HR and we sign a legitimate number 2 guy for the rotation.

      Actual scenario, as predicted by the hallucinating peruvian shamans, Moises hits .328 with 42HR, 12SB (40 CS*), comes into pitch in relief in wild card game and strikes out 5 in a single inning.

      *Controversially the 40th caught stealing will look like it may have involved some almost purposeful bad judgment but Moises reaches the 40-40 plateau regardless.

  9. I think the offseason is a success if Brandon Morrow isn’t or has to compete to be the Opening Day starter. And Ricky is the 4th or 5th starter on Opening Day. I stress Opening Day cause of last season, if he bounces back during the season I wouldn’t mind him being the 3rd starter

    • So we’re getting Verlander then I guess? I think you’re setting the offseason bar a little high.

    • It’s hard to see a scenario where Morrow (or Romero, if that’s what the manager wants) isn’t the Opening Day starter next year. The only FA good enough to usurp that honour would be Zack Greinke, and he isn’t ending up in Toronto. It’s also really unlikely that the Jays land an arm in trade good enough to automatically pass Morrow without ever throwing a pitch here.

      • I didn’t say automatically pass Morrow. I said good enough to compete with Morrow for the Opening Day start. I’m hoping there in a situation where Morrow isn’t the clear cut no quesions asked Opening Day starter

    • Time to temper those expectations there Brown Magic….

  10. I’m more interested in the chick in the black bikini. Not the one with the hat.

  11. The only way Jackson signs for 3/30 is is he moves to Tibet for the winter comes back in March and realizes he still needs a contract, guy is going to get more then that.

    • He got $11 million last year and wasn’t even a .500 pitcher for a team with the best record in the league. 3/30 is fair. Give him too much and it’s an insult to the other guys.

      • What nobody’s gonna rip this guy for using pitcher wins, “…a .500 pitcher,” as a metric for evaluating pitchers?

        • Good point. I can’t believe I’m still breathing! Let me check his RBI stats. I’ll get back to you.

    • Fangraphs crowdsource (which did pretty well last year) has Jackson at 3/36.

  12. The years and money he has going to Grienke and Sanchez have them very affordable and very much worth it from a Jays prospective

  13. Ending up with Edwin Jackson as your premium off-season acquisition is like kissing your cousin. (A CLOSE cousin – not the hottie from the West Coast side of the family that you’ve haven’t seen since you were 5 years old. But I digress…)
    Now, Jackson combined WITH somebody like Baker or whomever….I could consider that an offseason improvement worthy of throwing an attaboy at AA.

  14. I’m feeling good about this off season, and here’s why….

    The thrifty completion of the bullpen has me much more optimistic about the Jays completing their off season shopping list. AA may still have his eye on the FA reliever market, but from how it looks now it would most likely be a value/january signing type guy.

    A commenter mentioned Jonny Gomes as a platoon partner with “Like it or not, due to the contract we he’s gonna be a Jay for one more year”Adam Lind (yes, a long nickname, but an apt one). If that could be done, all of a sudden DH doesn’t look so bad for not a lot of money.

    As for LF, one can speculate on who they would like to play there in 2013, but the one fact I can remind us all of is that it’s not the most difficult position to fill. A good bat/ok glove guy is out there. Their trade price is reasonable, and the cost won’t break the bank.

    The Kelly Johnston bargin contact notion could also be a very good fit. He fields the position adequately, yes, the K’s were at times atrocious, but the power upside is still there, and Hech can now be considered to be reasonable depth. With an upgrade at DH and LF (mentioned above), KJ would not be batting anywhere near the top of the order. I could easily live with him batting 9th. He has the track record to do a fine job there, and if not, Hech is there to replace him. Most importantly, this would buy some time for AA to find a long term solution for a position on the field that is a thin market. Maybe they can get the “guy they want” at the trade deadline when the have a team over a barrel.

    This leaves starting pitching. With all the other holes patched (as mentioned above), at a reasonable cost this leaves a decent portion of off season budget left. When thinking about who will take the ball every 5th day (or 4th for those Jim Tracy boosters out there ;) remember that a wave of both young and surgically repaired arms are about a year or two away. This, to me, really takes the pressure off of committing a lot of money, and/or prospects, and years. Mid rotation “innings eaters” can be had at decent term and price.

    Remember, Morrow is a stud, and with a potential for a really good bullpen and mashy type offence there is no reason not to think that the Jays could play some playoff/in qualifying type ball in 2013, while keeping the most to all of the assets on Marc Huet’s list in the Jays system, and more significantly, at a price that Rogers chooses to sustain and and endorse.

    Can I get a Hallelujah!?!

    • That Gomes suggestion was me.

      A bench of
      Gomes (RHB, DH/OF)
      Lind (LHB, DH/1B)
      Mathis (RHB, C)
      Davis (RHB, OF/stupid fast)
      and a middle infielder (ideally a LHB or SHB but whatever)
      really doesn’t sound too shabby to me.

      • Besides not being able to play catcher, Mike Mccoy is everything that Gomes is. and he can play SS and CF.

        So losing Gomes really isn’t a big deal.

        I don’t see who would push Lind to the bench though.

      • I was so happy when I first read your Gomes idea. I was trying to shoe horn Mark Reynolds into the platoon before, not my finest idea, but it was more based on the probable fact that Adam Lind makes too much money to eat, that he has little market value (ex. clearing wavers last year), and that like it or not, he would be a Jay in 2013.Most importantly, Adam Lind, if used properly, can contribute to the Jays in 2013. The man can hit RH pitching, and for god’s keep him off the field defensively so that he has a shot of keeping back in decent shape for all of 2013.

        I really hope that the Jays front office has turned the corner from the days of giving a player AB’s and innings to increase the players value in the form of compensation (in the type A and B days), to trade value. I hope that most every inning and AB moving forward is about winning games.

    • “As for LF, one can speculate on who they would like to play there in 2013, but the one fact I can remind us all of is that it’s not the most difficult position to fill”

      Then why have the Jays had such difficulty filling it?

      • I’m not sure why Choo isn’t a blue jay yet,

        He fits all of the blue jays needs, a good fielding, left handed hitting, HIGH ON BASE player who can be slipped right in to the #2 slot before bautista.

        The guy is a walk machine and fits a need defensively. I swear if he gets traded and its not here I’m going to be pissed

        • Choo is a fucking star. If everybody and their mother says that the guy is super underrated then he’s not actually underrated. I’d expect that if Choo does get dealt, it’ll be for some nice pieces. Jays need those pieces more for an arm than an outfielder, IMO.

      • There is a “That’s what she said” joke in here somewhere. I just know it.

      • In the JPR days, he had no budget left to work with ( I know this from a very reliable source). He blew his budgets early, and would not be given an increase at all.

        For AA, I think that he looked at LF as a position that had more value in using it for either development, the flipping of a short term asset, or roster flexibility. Moving forward, I’m hopeful that it will be used primarily to win ball games.

  15. I don’t get why people keep suggesting the Rogers/Aviles trade indicates the Jays have little money to spend this winter.

    The move basically saves $5 million once another utility middle infielder can be signed. This $5 million can be used somewhere else regardless of whether there is a laughable (i.e. $5 million) or legitimate (i.e. $20 – $30 million) payroll increase.

    As someone else mentioned, Rogers and Izturis (for example) can provide similar value to Lyon/Frasor & Aviles for $5 million less.

    Opportunity cost shouldn’t be spun into a Rogers is cheap meme. There is plenty of ammunition over the last decade to go down that road…

    • Because he traded an asset he needs, a utility infielder capable of starting, for an asset he doesn’t need, a guy who currently slots in at 6th or 7th in the RP hierarchy, depending on Oliver’s return. It’s hard to see what the impetus for that would be unless AA has very real budget constraints within which he must operate.

      The move doesn’t save 5m (not sure how you’re arriving at that number), and Rogers/Izturis is a very clear downgrade from Frasor/Aviles.

      • Not sure I agree with your last sentence there…

        • Not sure how you can. Regardless of what you think of Izturis vs. Aviles, Frasor has a very clear edge over Rogers, who has one season of low leverage innings on his side. I’m not trying to predict 2013, just saying who’s the better bet to provide value.

      • On what basis can you say he needed Aviles?

        He needs an Aviles-type which he can sign this winter.

        I’d rather get the better player (when factoring in money) than fill a need at this stage of the offseason.

        • you aren’t going to get an ‘aviles’ type without eating in to the savings you just made.

          and to outright claim that rogers is a ‘better’ player is moot, jury is out on all fronts.

          • Point being an Aviles replacement will cost around what Aviles ends up making through arbitration, while Rogers is a 0-3 player and another middle reliever would likely cost $3 – $4 mil.

        • “On what basis can you say he needed Aviles?”

          On the basis of your answer…

          “He needs an Aviles-type which he can sign this winter.”

      • $5 mil might be a little high, but between $3 – $4 million I’d say.

        Rogers clearly has a higher upside at this point in his career than Frasor/Lyon.

        And I have zero issue with Izturis over Aviles.

        • Lyon is an excellent reliever, and Rogers has shown in no way shape or form to ever be the reliever Lyon has become.

          Lyon will be expensive, more expensive than probably AA envisioned thanks to the freeforall dodgers and their signing of brandon league.

          They took a lesser player to save money, theres nothing else to it.

        • “Point being an Aviles replacement will cost around what Aviles ends up making through arbitration”

          That wouldn’t make very much sense, considering arb-2 is supposed to be paying Aviles in the neighborhood of 60% of his market value.

          • Uh no.

            That is why players get non-tendered.

            Aviles will be getting paid in part for what he did early in his career as well as the fact he was a starter for most of last year.

            Even though he’s clearly a very good utility/very low end regular at this point. Same as Izturis.

          • “Uh no.

            That is why players get non-tendered.”

            And the fact that Aviles was traded for and likely won’t be non-tendered should tell you that Aviles is valued above what he’s going to make in arbitration.

            The Jays might find a viable utility infielder for 1.5m but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a downgrade from Aviles.

            Izturis made 3.8m last year.

    • Its indicative of restraints or a hard cap, because the reality is that while the trade was comparable value going each way, the jays bullpen would be fine sans rogers but now has to fill its middle infield depth.

      • What dc says.

        I’m not totally against the trade because Rogers seems like a decent addition to the bullpen but this was a team with no bench at all last year and boy did it hurt us. So I think I would rather have kept an in-fielder who could play a couple of positions.

        Of course there’s always the conspiracy theory floated around by an astute and imaginative poster that AA was pissed that Beeston took over Fasshole negotiations, so dealt the player he brought back just because. It’s an ingenious theory.

  16. from MLBTR:

    The Mariners claimed outfielder Scott Cousins off of waivers from the Blue Jays, his agency, Sosnick Cobbe Sports, announced on Twitter. The Mariners, who have confirmed the move, now have 37 players on their 40-man roster.

    The Blue Jays claimed Cousins last month before designating him for assignment. The 27-year-old hit .163/.200/.267 in 92 plate appearances for the Marlins this past season.


  17. I want Josh Johnson so bad it hurts.

    JPA and one of the Lansing 3 as a base?

    • I want Choo and Masterson.

      maybe they’ll throw in Francona?

      • are u suggesting he’s not being traded, it’s not enough in return or that we shouldn’t want him?

      • I want that big drum they bang in centre field too.

        • racist!!

        • Indians are rebuilding. they are coming off a 94 loss season.

          we have attractive pieces to them that fits their need to get younger and cheaper very quickly.

          Gose+Alvarez + gets the indians listening very quickly.

          • likey

          • I think I would rather have Alvarez than Masterson straight up. Actually, would probably rather have Gose than 30 year old Choo as well, though that one’s definitely a toss up.

            Alvarez could legitimately be amazing if he got one more year in the minors to work on things. He’s got control and composure AND he can get ground balls. All he needs is one pitch with movement.

          • @ray,

            if you are going to wait for gose, alvarez and the rest of our prospects to develop you might as well trade bautista because by the time we’re ready he’ll be a depreciated asset.

          • isn’t Choo a (Boras) free agent after this season?

    • That would be the start. It would take more.

    • What’s with people expressing their sexuality on here today?

  18. we should be so lucky that ONE of the lansing 3 turns into J.J.

    • You mean they aren’t guaranteed to turn into Pedro, Verlander and Maddux respectively?!?!?

    • Want Neise and Murphy for Arencibia, Stilson, and Goes as well Trade Lind and Nolin for Davis.

      Mets are as bad as indians, and they just lost their backup outfielder Luca Duda with a fractured wrist.

      Plus they have payroll issues. So they receive two starters and three prospects, 1 AAA and 2 AA prospects.

  19. I want Cleveland to fall into Lake Erie

  20. I was way too lazy and frankly kind of busy, for once, to read all the comments, so if somebody has already made this point, sincere apologies.

    I love the idea of signing MELKY!!! I care about ethics and morals almost as much as I care about RBIS, and if “bad PR” is going substantially drive down his value, I am fully behind the idea of signing him to a below market deal. To me it seems like a shrewd move, very much in line with the escobar and rasmus trades, except this time instead of being undervalued by a single team, MELKY will have to be undervalued by an entire league…. Which makes the whole thing much less likely. Swindling one GM is hard enough, beating an entire league of GMs, scouts, sabermetricians, is a whole other level of NINJA!!!

    • Easy enough to sign Melky, takea small PR hit but then have a press conference talking about how they will stress accoutability and zero tolerance and all that jazz.

      It they want him they can handle it.

    • I know the official party line here is that “PEDs have never helped anyone be better at baseball, ever” but For Some Reason Melky went from being a strictly replacement level player to a line drive hitting high BABIP god. Of course, if he’s cheap even replacement level Melky Cabrera would be better than the Davis-Sierra-Gose platoon hydra of strikeouts in the dirt.

      I had thought it was part of the master plan, but given what appears to be a shitshow in left can someone explain to me why AA traded ALL of the LF in the organization? Not that I hate Delabar, or even Lincoln, but if he didn’t have someone in mind, why would he get rid of literally all of them?

      • i wondered the same thing, you can’t empty the cabinet without plans to address the position. wonder if Justin Upton will move…

      • Melky was pretty good in 2011 and did not test positive during that seasons. (he was admitedly even better in 2012, but 2011 didn’t suck)

      • Again, the Giants thought so highly of Melky as a team guy that they told him to fuck off and stay home after his suspension was over with. Why do we need a guy who isn’t valued by his team at all when they had a glaring need, being forced to play Hector fucking-.091-hitter Sanchez at DH in the World Series?

        • That was mostly due to the fact that there was no place to get him back into game shape at that stage of the season. You can be pretty sure that if it had happened 50 games earlier they would have rode him all the way to the playoffs once he was reinstated.

  21. Man, if AA can get some real pitching from Oakland or Arizona for Escobar he’s crazy not to do it. Hech would definitely be a step back (though not from what Yunel did last year) but if Escobar has actual trade value I’d 10000% rather fill a hole in the rotation by creating a hole in middle infield. I’m not even sure how much of a drop Escobar to Keppinger would be.

  22. is oakland too close to San Fran for Yunel? sorry Parkes!

  23. All names dropped gave me Blue Bird bravado.

  24. Here’s what I don’t understand. Rogers by owning the jays and obviously the television rights and the only channels that you can see a jays game on ! Don’t have to pay for television rights to broadcast jays games thus saving tens of millions of dollars if not a hundred million. But yet cry poor and want revenues to go up when they are already making way more money then other owners because they have a monopoly on Canada’s only baseball team. They broadcast the games for basically nothing , they own the stadium and all the mobile rights to games as you can’t watch jays games on MLB at bat for iPhone in Canada. Unless your a Rogers customer and download their app of course! How are these guys not making millions off of this team. I believe they are and lying to the public !

    • Of course they, are but as good Corporate Citizens, or real people if you’re in the States, they have every right to make as much profit as they want. Unfortunately, winning was well down the list of their goals when they bought the team. Such is the perils of having your home team corporately owned.

      • “but as good Corporate Citizens, or real people if you’re in the States, they have every right to make as much profit as they want.”

        Damn! That line is almost as good as: “Skilled labour is so pre-9/11″.

    • I would be more interesting to see the real numbers though.

  25. Whats wrong with Mike McCoy taking a shot at 2nd base this year? Is he that bad with the bat that he can’t play there?

  26. its funny how before the playoffs we all yelled for scutaro but even as fans we know he’s going to get paidddddddddd

  27. Anybody else wishing we still had Scutaro to possibly fill the hole at 2B after his playoff performance? I know I kinda am

  28. E-Jax & Choo would be a pretty good off-season for me. Choo may be a little costly but with only on a year left it shouldn’t be too much, and even though he is a Boras client, players can take charge of their own negotiations if they really want to. (Jered Weaver).

    Morrow, Mr. X, Jackson, Romero, Happ….. we need another #2 starter!!! Sanchez/McCarthy?

  29. I’d rather have Sanchez as the main pitching FA signing but whatever, Jackson is an upgrade as well.

    A big DO NOT WANT on Dempster, Lohse and Marcum.

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