Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of (and that I need to distract myself with in order to keep from arguing with the commenters), with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

Here’s something: Evan Drellich of writes that John Farrell is a proponent of biomechanical analysis of pitchers, and that he wanted to incorporate more of it than the Jays did during his time here. Not that it’s the be-all end-all, I’m not sure what the harm in having as much data on a subject as possible is, or why this would be an area where the club breaks from it’s purported philosophy. John Lott recently had a two part series on the topic in the National Post, detailing the league’s love-hate relationship with the science.

Elsewhere from MLBAM, at Gregor Chisholm tells us that Brett Lawrie has won the first ever Jays-edition of the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award– a new, yearly award won by one player per team, “determined by statistical metrics, using the same ‘shredder system’ seen on the sabermetrics-heavy show ‘Clubhouse Confidential,’ along with input from MLB Network analysts.” Even better news? “Lawrie could also be in the mix for the Defensive Player of the Year in the 2012 Greatness in Baseball Yearly Awards (GIBBYs).” Are you shitting me?!??!? GIBBYs!!??!

The Common Man checks in at Bluebird Banter (?), wondering openly how much experience is worth when hiring a manager.

Something called MLB Reports has a thing on the Farrell trade which says in the title that the Jays won, but totally doesn’t come off like it in the piece. Whatever. But it did remind me of an interesting comment on the subject from one of the post I wrote yesterday: “If the Jays had very little interest in Aviles, then what’s the harm in dealing him after this deal was mostly done by Beeston anyways. He wasn’t an AA guy and he may have even shown his displeasure by immediately dealing him- I didn’t get what I really wanted. It also helps because fans aren’t going to stare at Aviles and compare the manager trade for two whole fucking years long. It’s over already and the team can move on.” Hmmm.

At Sportsnet, they’ve got some video of Jonah Keri talking Jays off-season stuff with Bob McCown and John Shannon on Prime Time Sports today.

As of the time of this writing, two thirds of the people who made it through Bob Elliott’s piece in the Toronto Sun on the wonders of Art Howe, who is now apparently openly stumping for the Jays managerial job, think he should get it. Pretty sure, though, if they wanted him, it would have happened by now.

Elsewhere in the Sun, a wire story tells us that El Presidente– Dennis Martinez– will join the Houston Astros as a bullpen coach next year– and as they’re now in the American League, I guess that means there will be a few opportunities for clowns sitting behind the wall in right field to heckle him not knowing who the fuck he is.

Another wire story from the Sun, though not Jays-related, is worth passing along if only for the money quote from David Ortiz on Bobby Valentine, referring to a message he received after Valentine made the suggestion that Ortiz quit on the season: “I did not respond to the message and I said to myself, this guy must have some mental issues or needs medicine or something. I said, I am dealing with someone crazy and I am not going to drive myself crazy, so it is better if I leave it alone.” Gold.

If you truly hate yourself, the Toronto Star provides a slideshow of free agent pitchers the Jays might target and miss on this winter.

Mike Axisa of FanGraphs goes value hunting, hitting on four guys who might work out on cheap one-year deals.

Similarly, at Getting Blanked, prepare for a flashback, as Drew looks at the potential roster-filler to be had by way of the minor league free agents available.

And lastly, elsewhere at Getting Blanked, Parkes takes us on an epic journey through the Top Ten Stories of the 2012 Baseball Season.

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  1. The fact that Farrell is a proponent of the biomechanics of pitching and the Jays are/were not…is quite troubling to me. Like why wouldn’t you (if you were the Jays). My God, awful to hear. And you are right Stoeten…it IS something.

    • it might be more troubling if there was any evidence it wasn’t dubious science at this point. manager X might be a proponent of psychoanalysis…it doesn’t mean that an organization should bring in a cut-rate phil towle, or that whether they do or not makes a difference. to many are fond of talking about “narratives” here, but the term implies that it is narrating events that have happened when what they’re really talking about are “scripts” which implies that narratives were written prior to the events that we want to have occasioned them.

      the point is: it’s (probably) not a big deal, and there are other things that the team can do in terms of strength, conditioning and general health of players.

      besides, “biomechanics” seems like a fancy word for “what a pitching coach does” if you ask me.

      • +1

      • Luckily we are not asking you. It is a pretty fascinating program that can determine if a pitcher is throwing incorrectly that may eventually lead to injuries or non optimal performance. Your a tool for dismissing it so easily.

        • “throwing incorrectly” – what a ridiculous notion. orthopedic physicians always say that throwing overhand is “incorrect” for humans. it’s a question of risk management. i didn’t dismiss it, if you read my comment. i just said that it’s one new age-y approach that they could pursue, but might be better off staying away from. listen to guys like travis snider complain about how much they hate when coaches try to adjust their swings at all – let alone based on some kind of prescriptive “science” of throwing. because rational analysis has been so quick to take hold in say…front offices, in-game management….ugh.
          also, “your” is possessive; “you’re” is the correct contraction of “you are”…you look like a tool when you mess up basic english that they try to teach you in grade 2 or 3.

          • Well I am glad you are able to point out a singular grammatical error that I made to try to take apart my opinion. You are right, I messed up the spelling of a word my liege.

            That said you still look like a tool for saying that “throwing incorrectly” is a bogus idea. Pitching is one of the most unnatural movements a human can make, so if you are able to slightly reduce the risk of injury by targeting and improving on delivery at an early stage where a player is more open to coaching is a brilliant idea.

            You are using Travis Snider as an example of someone who does not like his swing messed with. Firstly way to confuse pitching biomechanics with hitting (but I’m sure you already knew you were making that mistake).

            Also you are coming onto a site where most of the users are all for advanced metrics and abilities to gain a slight competitive edge no matter what (what the Moneyball approach really is about), and you talk trash “it might be more troubling if there was any evidence it wasn’t dubious science at this point.” like a big shot.

            Also if you are willing to call out my use of contractions I suggest you start using the shift button on your keyboard.

          • well, your posts are rife with grammatical errors, i was just pointing out the most bush league of them.

            i think you have completely misunderstood everything i’ve said. so i’ll give it another go:

            “biomechanics” is really just another word for “what a pitcher does”. it isn’t a special branch of study or anything like sabrmetrics. it’s just the science that orthopaedic surgeons and researchers do.

            Here is a quote that might be relly to your interests Fleisig et al (2009) – looking at the different motions pitchers have at different stages (Youth, HS, College, Minors, MLB) they found that:

            “Individual standard deviations tended to be greatest for youth pitchers, and decreased for higher levels of competition. Thus pitchers who advanced to higher levels exhibited less variability in their motions. Differences in temporal variation were non-significant; thus variability in pitching coordination was not improved at higher levels. Differences in kinetic variation were non-significant, implying no particular skill level has increased risk of injury due to variation in joint kinetics.”

            In other words: as the competition gets better, the pitchers have a more repeatable delivery, but none of that seems to factor in to the frequency of injury.

            So, really – there’s the state of the art in “biomechanics” for you. If you want to pay my hundreds of thousands of dollars to be your strength and conditioning coach because I can use google, go ahead. My point is, was, and ever will be that just accepting the veneer of something as “science” or “scientific” doesn’t mean that it is going to produce meaningful results. that’s how you get scammed.

            also: i don’t use capital letters because i am anti-capitalist.

      • Please research biomechanics before you say stupid things.

    • Farrell says he used it in Cleveland but really didn’t sound like he liked it. It’s like introducing WAR to an old school fan. “Yeah that’s great and all, but I’ll stick with RBI’s.” The Jays org needs to accept these methods asap. I literally called every pitcher injury last year before they happened. This org is full of guys with dangerous mechanics.

  2. And it is sad that the Star is going all Bleacher Report on us….fucking slideshows, seriously? Are we children?

    • Yeah I thought that. Checked to make sure I hadn’t gone to BR by accident.

    • Was supposed to prepare a slide show for work the other day. I just couldn’t do it. Since visiting BR one time, I have since been so traumatized by slide shows, that I can no longer look at them. Even affected my job performance.

      Fuck you Bleacher Report.

  3. In the Lott article, John Farrell (who was interviewed late in the 2012 season) said this :

    “I know one thing: It didn’t prevent injury,” said Farrell, who spent the last two years managing in Toronto and was interviewed late in the season. “Some of those same pitchers that we tested got hurt.”

    Farrell is concerned that a slavish devotion to biomechanics could force counterproductive changes on a pitcher.

    “Biomechanics in and of itself is a great tool,” Farrell said. “But to what extent do you let it rule everything you do? When you’ve got a million and a half tied up in a [draft pick], and then you say, ‘This test says he’s going to get hurt so we better change things’ — well, he was drafted on what he’s been doing.

    “If you look to change the delivery to appease the report, and make a delivery with less overall effort in it, you may end up with a guy that has no ability to pitch at the big-league level any more, or it may drastically reduce his effectiveness.”

    • Thats interesting post.

      • Joanna conveniently left out the preceding paragraph:

        “Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell sent prospects to ASMI for testing over four years while he was player development director in Cleveland. He said the data were often used to improve a pitcher’s conditioning regimen.”

        So he clearly does believe in the process… however he recognizes it’s not a magical solution.

        • I am not a fan of doing this… but +1 allisauce

        • It was not so much “conveniently” leaving something out, but a desire to not cut and paste the entire article.

          The thing I did post was in response to the dude who said that the Jays were somehow preventing Farrell from using ASMI. The Lott article makes it clear Farrell doesn’t see it as a magical solution. He didn’t use it as pitching coach for the Red Sox, either.

          • That’s the way I took the comment also Joanna.Valid point made.If Farrett was such a proponent of biometrics, I can’t see AA or the Jays turning down the request for testing.After all, the article stated the Orioles tested 30 pitchers in ST at a cost of $40,000.

            A little snarkish there allisauce.I don’t think she was trying to mislead anybody.

  4. Baseball free agency goes a lot slower than in other sports. In the NHL it seems the big names are gone within the first two or three days.

  5. I go to a physio guy every once and awhile for acupuncture in my lower back. He’s incredibly smart, and seems to know his shit. He’s told me in the past that he has actually done work with the Toronto Blue Jays organization. I asked him about it recently, and he said that the jays are actually one of the most prevalent teams in terms of scouting out and using sources of biomechanics in regards to injury prevention. When I asked him why the Jays endured so many injuries this year, he said that perhaps it was merely the head trainer (Mr. Poulis) not preparing his guys properly…. Obviously, I have no fucking idea whether or not this is true or not… Just a thought

    • Interesting….the Jays stuff, not that you get acupuncture…

    • I’ve heard the same thing re: the training staff not being particularly good. I don’t have first hand knowledge though.

      If they’re cleaning house with the coaches, I think it would make sense to reevaluate the training staff in light of the past year.

      • While it’s definitely worthwhile to investigate, the Jays had pretty much the same training staff the previous 2 years. If it was specifically a training staff problem, you’d expect a rash of injuries in preceding years. IIRC, the last time the Jays had something like this happen it was 2005 or 06 or 07… (?).

        In all likelihood, it was some combination of training/bad luck.

        Sometimes, shit just happens.

        • pitchers break down. ask jobe or andrews. every article they’ve ever written about over-hand throwing says something to the effect of: “humans aren’t built to do this”

  6. hopefully the action picks up its boring as hell right now rumors are fun but…..

  7. I want to see more Arizona and toronto rumors.

    a giant blockbuster for a quality pitcher and justin upton in exchange for hech, one of the lansing 3, osuna and sierra

    • if upton didnt shit the bed then yes

    • By his standards, Upton didn’t have a great year in 2012. Lots of talk that he played through an injury. Or as one poster says, maybe he just shat the bed.

      Yeah, no question, Upton would look in LF. But no way is Arizona dealilng him while his value is low. They keep him and see how things go in 2013. Arizona itself might become buyers if they are off to a good start. In which case, Upton would be off-limits.

      Besides, an asset like Upton yields better returns during the July trade deadline season, where GM’s are more willing to part with their own assets to get their hands on a player of Upton’s calibre.

  8. Why would Arizona do this deal when they want to compete now?

  9. First I’ve heard of Biomechanics, but I like what I read. Being able to adjust your mechanics, without adversely effecting performance, and saving injury – what’s to think about? Do it! This year was a disaster for the Jays pitchers. Let’s not be Dinosuar’s here AA

    • if i was writing this a year ago. i’d say: look at tim lincecum. the biomechanics “experts” said he’s going to break down and hard, and it’s gonna be soon. and well, it’s 2011 and 2-time cy young winners, WS champ, Timmy Tim Tim says: fuck off, ya bollocks!

      but it’s 2012, so instead my anecdotal evidence is going to be something else. maybe: Cleveland’s biomechanics couldn’t fix Ubaldo…

      again, if you listened to biomechanics everyone would throw side arm, or do something other than straight over the top or 3/4s….it’s all about risk management, and i think doing yr jobes and long tossing on the regular is probably still pretty close to the “state of the art”

      • One can argue many views. Scouts also said Burnetts arm would wind up somewhere between the mound and home plate one day. He is still dealing it in there at a good clip.

        • In reading all the shit about jays injuries and since theyve lost most of their staff as it is, perhaps cleaning house on the strength and conditioning coaches and/or trainers should be taken into consideration. I would like to see a stat on man games lost over the last 5 years. Jays would have to be up near the top.

  10. sounds like haren is hurt. wonder if he needs surgery, or if this is a shoulder or back thing that isn’t going away?

    if it’s just TJ…maybe the jays sign him for 2014 and beyond…

    probably best to avoid him tho.

    • Whatever it is, it’s the reason why the Cubs nixed the deal. The Angels knew and they decided to shop him around and see if they could get something in a trade for him. When the deal with the cubs fell through, the Angels declined the option on Haren and will have to buy him out. ( I think 3 mill).

  11. Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos acknowledged to Shi Davidi of that his priorities this winter are pitching, second base, and left field. “There’s no question the priority is definitely in the rotation, with the dollars we have available, we have to be creative,” he said. “Our payroll is going to be up from what it was last year but it doesn’t mean it’s a bottomless pit, there is a limit and there is an area we can go to.”


    • with the dollars we have available, we have to be creative,” he said.


    • Which basically means hello opening day DH/1B Adam Lind for another season!

    • daniel norris has fallen off a lot of jays fans’ radars because he had poor era etc…and osuna and others dominated…

      norris still looked good. gotta remember how awesome this system looks today

      • Norris era apparently doesnt do his year justice I read he often had that one big inning that got away from him thus the ugly stat.

        Deck Mcguire on the other hand we can safely assume was a big disappointment.

      • Somebody mention RADAR?

    • And there goes the offseason.

      I just wish Rogers would sell the fucking team or move it to the States and end my fucking misery.

  12. AA has shown a willingness to trade non-star prospects (i.e. Wallace/Stewart) to get potentially impactful young players.

    Would he consider trading someone like Moises Sierra (who seemingly projects somewhere between low end regular and quality 4th OF) for Alfonso Soriano if the Cubs ate the majority of the contract?

    I’d gladly have Soriano on the Jays for $5 mil next year. Assuming that $5 million doesn’t eat up the entire payroll increase.

    Actually, that’s a pretty big assumption with Rogers.

    • Rogers is looking to cut payroll.

      • I guess this will be the sentiment until some cash is thrown around.

        • Yes and they are gonna have to deal with it. I don’t want a repeat of JPR’s spending spree but these days when I hear the word ‘creative’ coming out of AA’s mouth I think ‘dumpster-diving’ and I am sick of it. I get Rogers is a business and won’t throw money around like an individual owner but if they continue the way they have been operating for five or six seasons now they will kill the fan base and we will lose baseball here.

          • @Isabella. I don’t think the team will move away.

            There is too much value in the content that it provides Rogers broadcasting.

            Now , perhaps Rogers will wait to see how the prospects AA drafted come up.

            It’ still wait & see till April 2, 2013, but not looking great.

            Rogers PR departmet must be aware of the buzz words that upset fans, so I don’t why they still use them.

            Why not say player X has great potential, instead of “cost controllable”

          • Please.

            The team isn’t anywhere near moving away. It doesn’t matter how much fans foam at the mouth, Rogers is doing very well owning the Jays.

            Their goals (i.e. making money) simply don’t line up with our goals (winning).

          • @Oakville

            Just because your demand that Shaun Marcum be signed on day 1 of free agency does not mean the sky is falling.

            It doesn’t happen that way in baseball.

          • “I get Rogers is a business and won’t throw money around like an individual owner but if they continue the way they have been operating for five or six seasons now they will kill the fan base and we will lose baseball here.”

            Step off the ledge! It’s Nov 7th!

            And good lord, this isn’t the Phoenix Coyotes. They’re owned by one of the biggest companies in Canada, who happen to have in owning and broadcasting sports properties. Absurd to bring up the team moving.

          • Exactly.

            It’s fine to be unhappy with spending over the last decade; but there’s no need to be ridiculous about it.

          • why would the team move? they’re profitable…ESPECIALLY as a 3rd place team that can rely on boston and yankee fans to draw a crowd for 1/4 of their home games.

            in fact, if i’m a smart exec at rogers, i might be thinking less about how winning in 2013 might help, but how trading prospects might hurt in the long run…ESPECIALLY because of how hard it will be to get talent in the draft with the new spending limits

    • do you know that nelson cruz didn’t hit well his first 400 ab’s?

      I don’t know how you know what sierra projects as. The guy has serious talent hitting wise and tremendous power. You don’t just give up on that.

  13. Any thoughts on the Sun article about Art Howe thinking about the Jays Managerial opening?

  14. Holy shit! Calm down everybody. The World Series just ended.


    • Tonight, its blue.

      • @Jays2010


        It’s fine to be unhappy with spending over the last decade; but there’s no need to be ridiculous about it.”

        AGreed. Of Course The Jays don’t need to sign Marcum today. I am talking about the” PR Department”.

        There is no need for the Jays to repeatdly focus on the words cost controllable,payroll parameters etc.. It’s a big turn off for fans.

        • It’s a big turnoff for a certain segment of fans.

          By the same token, some fans appreciate those terms because it helps to illustrate what the GM values.

          “Why not say player X has great potential, instead of cost controllable”.

          I GUARANTEE you fans would be just as irked by “potential” or “ceiling” as opposed to cost controlled.

          These fans want players who are good ASAP, not players who might be good down the road.

  16. The Kansas City Royals laugh at the amount of money we are increasing our payroll this season

  17. Guys I’m not on the ledge. I did not say baseball will end here next year. For chrissake don’t take what I said and reductio it into freakin’ absurdam. I’m not that dumb. However, if this trend continues for the next years as it has for the last few, I think the fans will lose interest and eventually–mark that word I said ‘eventually’–I think the team will lose money to the point that it’s no longer viable for the owners to keep it. I’ve heard a lot of ‘we pay to watch beautiful baseball and we don’t care that much that we lose. You’re not a true baseball fan’ type comments over the past couple of years I’ve been posting here. And maybe that’s the case. But I strongly suspect that the local fans will never give the Jays the amount of support through thick and thin that they give the Leafs. In fact I know this. The Leafs play to a full arena every time they are here and they haven’t won a Stanley Cup since 1967. The Jays don’t play a full stadium and haven’t for a very long time. Attendance is not particularly strong. If we continue to play what amount to exhibition games, I think it will dwindle. I gave up my tix last season. I’m not re-upping. I’m sure I’m not alone. Hell I can’t even watch them much on tv these days because I’m so sick of watching them flounder. I am pretty sure I’m not the only one.

    And my real anger here is that, yeah, the team probably will have more money to spend because they’ve got to get some asses in the seats somehow and Hustle and Heart 3.0 (or is it 4.0 I’ve forgotten) isn’t going to work again. But last season was the season to go out and spend money. This season there isn’t nearly as much talent around and a whole lot of teams chasing whatever talent there is. AA doesn’t like overpaying and he will have to overpay. And maybe for not very much reward. This? It’s not how you run a ball club. Over the past decade we had Halladay as a sideshow-distraction so the fans aren’t paying much attention to our consistently mediocre performance. In 2010/11 we had Bautista. He might improve and EE might become this season’s sideshow. But we need a team full of talented players which right now we do not have and we needed ownership committed to helping the front office improve the team which so far we have not seen. I posted about Jam Tomorrow a couple of days ago. The team is surviving on Jam Tomorrow. At some point there is gonna have to be Jam Today. Because if there isn’t, then it might take a few years. Maybe as long as twenty years. But eventually there will no longer be a Toronto Blue Jays major league team. [/rant]

    • @ isabella

      I understand the frustration but comparing the last two years to what is going to happen from now on is an unfair comparison.
      The organization goals are different now, than in the past.
      In 2010, there was nothing to trade or promote in the minor leagues.The goal was to bolster the system with high ceiling, risky draft picks.As many as possible.This meant playing type A and B potential FA’s on the major league club,to garner as many picks as possible. I don’t doubt,IMHO,that Beeston, through his connections at MLB,knew that MLB would be closing that option.
      At the beginning of 2012,the question marks had to be addressed before action was taken.Was Bautista regressing?After hitting only 9 homeruns in the last half of 2011, the Jays needed to know.Could Lind return to 2009 form?Was Thames or Snider the LF of the future?Was Rasmus a dud and TLR correct?EE was always considered a decent bat who couldn’t field, could he be turned around after being DFA’d?Lawrie looked fantastic at the end of 2011 but he was playing a position he’d never played before, had stunk at 2B and was projected to be an eventual LFer.JPA had holes in his defense in 2011, despite being AAA player of the year in 2010.The pitching staff had 3 rookie starters, all very talented but could they survive,were they ready?
      The Jays could have signed FA’s before last season but most FA’s want more than one year contracts and they would be blocking the young talent in 2013 and beyond.
      You could do all that and the fans could still be apathetic about the team,hence Beeston talking about attendance.
      2012 gave some answers but it left some questions,due to injury.
      The Farrett situation didn’t help any.
      So now the Jays have a much better farm,they know attendance and TV ratings increased,they have an idea who should consistantly produce and which holes need to be filled.They have increased revenue through various streams and that provides vital,valuable content for the Sportsnet brand.
      The goals for 2013 and beyond have changed.
      There’s a new mission statement.

      • Geez, that’s a long assed post. Sorry bout that.

        • @ Radar

          Your post was long but so was my rant :)

          I take all your points. However I wasn’t just focussed on the past couple of years. Since Ricciardi’s ill-fated splurge in the mid-Oughties, the team hasn’t signed one impact free-agent. I think the last one signed was Frank Thomas–and I was a big opponent of that signing. When AA became the GM I was thrilled because I hated JPR and thought he had a bad effect on the team. I’m still not unhappy. AA is a bright boy. But he has turned out to have a bit of a tin ear concerning public relations. And he’s picked up a bad habit of JPR’s. When the Farrell thing blew up he claimed he expected Farrell to manage here next year. He intimated the whole thing was a surprise to him. Then we discovered that Farrell had asked out in 2011. That was misinformation at best and reminded me of JPR’s classic ‘it’s not a lie if we tell the truth’. Then we have the obfuscation from him and from Beeston vis-a-vis payroll and budgets. He tells Blair he’s gonna astonish us this off-season. Then he tells someone else he needs to be ‘creative’. I don’t mind if he doesn’t talk about anything and just kind of goes ahead and does stuff. But all the tap-dancing is making me dizzy.

          In other news, The Star reports that we’re in the s/s market because Kelley Johnson won’t re-sign. Not that I want the strike-out king back. But why in hell wouldn’t he re-sign? I can’t believe other clubs are breaking their banks to get him.

          • For ‘s/s’ please read ’2nd base’.

          • @ isabella

            Fa’s weren’t signed because it would have negated the advances in the draft picks gained.
            After Farrett’s 2011 request he reportedly went into Beeston’s office and said “we good”.He no doubt wanted assurances and wanted to play nice.If AA admitted to his manager wanting out and yet having to keep him because it would’ve violated corporate policy,everyone would be screaming about a manager who didn’t want to be here.Best way was to state Farrett was the manager going forward. Anything else would be suicide by media.
            AA was reportedly miffed when KJ accepted arb instead of FA,last year.He also knows he’s not in the Jays future so why would he want to re-sign?
            He’s persona non grata with the Jays.

    • @Isabella

      None of this makes sense.

      The team isn’t moving or anywhere near it. You need to get off that notion to be taken seriously. Moving your timeline from 5 or 6 years to 20 years doesn’t make it any less absurd.

      • I didn’t put a timeline of 5 or 6 years on it. I referred to the behaviour of the past 5 or 6 years. Do you actually read this stuff or do you just take a fast glance and then react?

        • Fast glance and then react if the premise is absurd.

          A (very) profitable team isn’t moving just because a few people are pissed with the cheap owners.

          • It’s a few people right now. Another twenty years like the last nineteen and I reckon it’ll be more than a few. But why don’t we see what happens to the Raptors? If they continue to lose. I’m going to say upfront that basketball isn’t a game I enjoy and I don’t know anything at all about how the Raptors are run or funded, I just know that in general they are perennial losers. I think if a team in TO goes down it would be the Raptors ahead of the Jays but let’s wait and see. If the perception continues over a long period of time that the owners are choking the team, then I think it will also choke the fanbase. And therefore the team will be much less profitable than before.

  18. Baseball America’s new Top 10 list for the Jays:

    Always interesting to see how BA projects the team & lineup years down the line. If the Jays weren’t to trade anyone (which of course they will) – they project Ricky Romero as the #5 starter in 2016. Wacky.

  19. I seriously think the jays will spend this year. I know words like creative being thrown around dont garner much optimism but that could very well just be posturing. I do think its easy for a GM to sit back with what little funds are given and try to pull some wizardy out of nothing Billy Beane style. If he fails he doesnt lose his job and is given more of a spending leash in the future to prove himself until that doesnt work then he his gone, and if he succeeds he is garunteed long term job security.

    Even if Rogers did have ‘some’ money out there on the table last year available, if yer AA why not take another stab at the HERO no spending card. I just dont see the gain in requesting money until the heat is on if your a new GM who wants to be around as long as possible.
    That being said I like AA and believe their gonna be players

  20. Hopefully that occurs but don’t hold your breath

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