Jason Bay used to be a really terrific baseball player, not to mention a Canadian!

But while Jason Bay remains a Canadian (though also an American), he’s no longer terrific at baseball. In fact, he kinda fucking sucks. So much so that the Mets and him have reached an agreement to end his contract with the club.

So stop. Take a deep breath. And do not pester your favourite Jays writer– or even me– with breathless questions about the Jays jumping all over this bag of bones that vaguely resembles a guy who was once one of the great lights in Canadian baseball, and who just got fucking paid his whole contract to not play for the fucking New York Mets.

Sherman adds:

This, you may have noticed, is a somewhat unusual situation.

That’s because of things like this, from an excellent piece by Mets 360:

“I searched for corner outfielders with at least 1,000 PA in their age 31-33 seasons with an OPS+ of 95 or worse. This covers Bay’s time with the Mets, in which he has 1,105 PA and an OPS+ of 91. I sorted the list by batting average and Bay’s .231 mark is the worst of 44 players in our sample.”

In the excercise, Brian Joura looks for comparables to Bay, hoping for some kind of hint of an upside, but finds mostly fourth outfielder and Quad-A types in his sample. Feeling that these aren’t great comps, as none of them were ever stars, he fixates on the few names who might make more sense– guys like Shannon Stewart, Von Hayes and Jeffrey Leonard.

We saw first-hand how Stewart flamed out– almost around the same time the Jays pulled a similar trick by releasing BJ Ryan while still owing him $15-million– so that should tell you something right there. Joura puts the “ex-stars” part of his list into stark perspective, relative to Bay:

“It’s pretty sad when Leonard and his .661 OPS is the upside in your group of peers but that’s what the Mets and Bay face if they have a reunion in 2013.”

It’s what the Jays would face too, of course, if he dragged the maple shell of his former maple self up to these parts in some cynical and pathetic attempt to attract the crusty maple cocks to the ballpark, following his 34-year-old scent like it’s maple crack.

When the aging dragon was below replacement level, with a .240 wOBA over 70 games, and has a listing in BP’s injury database that looks like THIS, YOU DO NOT CHASE. No matter what his damn passport says.

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  1. The real question is, once Vernon Wells is released, who will be the Jays $500,000 opening day LF: Wells, Jason Bay or Anthony Gose?

    • I have banned myself from Bluebird Banter after someone put up a fan post totting the benefits of a Vernon Wells return to TO.

      Fuck, may as well bring Vince Carter back to town too….

      no more BBB…



        TSN is on the same list

      • bbb is by a far margin the dumbest “community” of jays fans outside of leafs talk. i got there if i want to laugh at the latest rajai davis + lind + some prospect with a low ceiling – in exchange for – clayton kershaw and matt kemp tarde (!) proposals.

        • vernon wells played hurt – and people gave him crap. vince carter’s “uniform” in toronto was a 3-piece suit.

        • That is complete bullshit to discredit BBB based on one proposal there, that would b like saying DJF is the dumbest site because there r a ton of numbskulls commenting on there, and if I wanna cherrypick comments from here I can find the most dumbass collection possible

          Besides u completely ignore the reasoning he suggests there, maybe u can explain to me why it would be dumb to bring him as lind’s other half?

      • Vince Carter? Pardon me, but Vernon Wells was and is a class act. I feel very bad for him that he has lost his swing so badly.

        His character was a 10.

      • a) Vernon Wells, if it came down to him at 500k, or last year’s parade of misfits, I’d pick Wells. He’s been playing + D in left and would still have a little power.

        b) I know it’s not a basketball site, but someone brought it up, so… The Raptors would be idiots not to bring Vince back if he wanted to be there. Coming off the bench as he has the past couple years, he’d immediately improve that team.

    • Remember Bay is playing at Citi field. Get him to a hitters ball park.

  2. Dave Cameron on Bay:

    “Now, Bay gets to pick his own landing spot for 2013, and he should pick an AL team that can give him some at-bats at DH in hopes of a rebound season. Bay was terrible last year, but he was an average-ish hitter as recently as 2011, and it wouldn’t take a large bounce back to make him a decent enough platoon DH for a team that already had a part-time left-handed bat in their starting DH spot.”


  3. we already have moises sierra

  4. Wait, he’s AMERICAN now?!?!?


    (Ssh people, follow my lead and the maple dicks will go away)

    • You will have to start calling him a “Trader” a la LeBron, if you want to get peoples attention.

  5. maybe he wouldn’t mind trying his hand at a comeback in the cosmopolitan metropolis that is Buffalo, NY

  6. But but but, he’s Canadian!!!!!! All the obvious stuff about him sucking being said he will be dirt cheap and that’s going to be attractive to a number of teams.

  7. I don’t think the Jays or anyone else is going to “chase” Jason Bay at this point.

    But if he’d sign a minor league deal, why not? I’d put him somewhere below Moises Sierra on the depth chart, but at worst he gets a shot at spring training and in Buffalo if he can show something and we get hit with injuries.

  8. I think he should become a agent, anyone who can suck a team into his contact deserves to be one

  9. Jason Bay for Manager! There no other dream jobs left for him.

  10. Are diminishing skills clauses not standard in contracts?

    If you are Jason Bay, what percentage of the remaining value of this contract will you donate to charity? 100%?

  11. Even if if he did sign for the minimum, I don’t trust the team not to run him out there for 300+ PAs despite overwhelming evidence that he’s done.

  12. If he came for no money and was fine with being in a platoon at DH and only being an emergency OF i’d be okay with that. Especially if they make Improvements to offence elsewhere. last year was an unmitigated disaster year. Previously he has hit significantly better against LH pitching. Not a great option but not a terrible platoon player to have on the bench. Anything close to a starting role has to be out of the question.

  13. Wow, i didn’t realize he got that shitty. -0.8 WAR? wow!

  14. I would pass on Bay. Why waste a spot on the 40-man for a player who looks to be done?

    • Agreed, no point wasting a roster spot for him while there are more candidates with more upside available.

  15. But seriously, what an unbelievable fall it’s been for Bay. I mean, just 4 years ago he was being traded to Boston for Manny Ramirez.

    • And if Manny were still playing, they could be traded for each other once again

  16. Weird that his BABIP was ridiculously low with a FB% that suggests it should have been higher.

    Still though, that 48 wRC+ made me giggle.

  17. What happened to him anyway? Was it all injuries?

    • Could it have been the concussions? It can take quite a while to recover from, even after coming off the dl ,look at how long Hill took to get back to normal. Bay’s had 2 in the last few years.

      • Some football players never recover and suffer permanent memory loss and diminished brain function.

        • On the other hand some football players never recover and suffer permanent memory loss and diminished brain function.

          • “You ever been hit by lightning?” “Yep.” ” Me too.” … “You ever been hit by lightning?” “Yep.” ” Me too.”

            Man I love my Overboard anthology.

        • Yeah, some fans as well..

  18. “Maple crack” … that is fucking funny!

  19. Hey look! A semi-free Canadian ball player!!

    The front office will be after that like a rat up a drain.

  20. Even Anthony gose probably > bay right now

  21. I’ve never seen so many people heading for the concession stands with 2 out as when I witnessed Bay walking to the plate last year at Citi Field. It was like it was the 7th inning stretch.

  22. Eh, I dunno… I mean if he’d sign a minor league deal I’d take him. If he shows well in spring training keep him around as an emergency outfielder platoon bat with Lind. I mean, sure he was shit-tastic last year but as of 2011 he was a .300 .418 .500 .918 hitter vs. lefties. And if he doesn’t show well then cut him at no big loss.

  23. the d-bags are dangling upton again.

    if toronto balked at the price for gio last year…i think upton probably commands even more. but, unlike last year – hutchison is hurt, alvarez was shit, drabek is hurt…so…i don’t really see how toronto gets this deal done without gutting its farm.

    i have no idea what the thought process in arizona is, or who might line up with them for a deal…i could see the padres.

    • I can’t see it either, especially at this point in the offseason, where they won’t want to commit significant money or prospects in a trade without addressing pitching.

      • i’m inclined to agree.
        i’m really at a loss to see who might have anything that might interest arizona…i’m wondering if upton is waiting for free agency to sign for a team he wants to play for. probably a lot of hidden factors involved. kind of pointless to speculate.

    • I dunno how it gets done either but I would trade almost anything to get Upton on my favourite team.

      note: “Almost Anything = anything that doesn’t include Morrow or Lawrie

      • Gio to Toronto 2011: Hutchison, Alvarez, Drabek, 1/3 Lansing, d’Arnaud

        That was for a pitcher who had 3.3 and 3.6 WAR seasons the two previous years in a cavernous park.

        Upton has averaged about 4 WAR the last 4 years…he’s capable of more, i think we all agree.

        I don’t see it happening with the “no lawrie, no morrow” short of clearing out the farm, including gose and d’arnaud and at least two of the lansing 3 and/or osuna…or trading bautista.

  24. Yeah Jason Bay sucks. I still think a minor league contract/invite to training camp wouldn’t be the worst thing – stick him in Buffalo and see if he has anything left. If he manages to be a not-awful and cheap corner OF/DH vs. lefties option (his ceiling at this point), great, if he continues to suck, he’s in Buffalo so who cares? Meh.

  25. Fuck one of those guys on the baseball America podcast. When talking about the Jays, he kept trying to change the subject and talk about other teams and players. It was so annoying and obvious.
    Toronto snags all of these highly ranked BA guys and then they turn around and dis the team for having “athletes”. The other guy on the podcast was making solid points though, but I felt they couldn’t look past the top ten list and realize that it doesn’t matter which particular players make it, just that some are hitting their upsides.

  26. Pretty fuckin harsh comments for a good ole boy from
    BC who has suffered from injuries.

    True Maple dicks like me don’t like that there Andy, especially if the guy dealt with a concussion.

    His demise were from injuries, not from being “pretty fuckin shitty”

  27. No thanx we don’t need another train wreck in the outfield

  28. The Jays should get Bay…see what I did there? So then he would be Jay Bay? Or Bay Jay? Nice Canadian connection with The Bay. A new sponsor for the Jays? The Jays should change their uniforms to those famous coats and blankets from The Bay. Thanks, I’m here all week…

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