Jon Heyman has the official word on the coming-to-fruition of what Ken Rosenthal was sniffing around last night…

However, there’s a slight hiccup: Shi Davidi says Heyman doesn’t quite have the accounting right:

That could possibly change things, but the fact that Davidi is telling us it’s “similar” probably means we don’t have to change much of how we think of this… which is rather positive, frankly.

(UPDATE: A team release announces that the deal is for three years at $3-million per, with a $3-million option for a fourth.)

I covered a lot of stuff on Izturis last night, noting that what’s coming our way is a decent defender, capable of playing second base, third base and shortstop; a switch hitter who was slightly below average against right-handers last year, and who has generally been a very decent hitter against lefties, though he was atrocious this year; a guy with some much nicer OBP seasons a few years ago, but who’ll still get on enough to (sadly) look decent at it among the Jays lineup.

I get the sense that the Jays might be looking at Izturis as a cheap option to start for them at second base , rather than in a utility role where most would agree he’d be ideal, but I think that’s OK– especially because he’ll be able to easily slide out of the role if Adeiny Hechavarria proves he can hit in an environment resembling most of planet earth (well, Buffalo, but you know what I mean).

And even if that doesn’t happen, or Hechavarria ends up as the club’s shortstop because Yunel Escobar gets moved, or if the cost of doing business was a promise he’s the starter, I’m pretty sure it’s still a nice little pickup. Izturis barely costs more than Mike Aviles would have through arbitration, but as a switch hitter comes with the added benefit of not needing a platoon partner, and if he find the level of success against lefties he had prior to 2012, and maintains the average-ish (for the position) bat against right-handers, he’s a solid, if unspectacular, piece.

In a comment on last night’s piece @BFullmer_Fan makes an astute comp:

Interesting comparison I just noted between two FA 2B, one of which will surely get much more than the other based on his most recent season. It’s striking how similar they’ve been offensively in their careers.

Player A is Izturis. Any one want to make a guess as to who Player B is?

Player A career: 8.2 BB%, 10.7 K%, .108 ISO, .297 BABIP, .273 AVG, .337 OBP, .381 SLG, .318 wOBA, 94 wRC+
Player B career: 8.7 BB%, 10.8 K%, .116 ISO, .297 BABIP, .276 AVG, .340 OBP, .391 SLG, .324 wOBA, 95 wRC+

Player B is Marco Scutaro, who FanGraphs readers saw getting $8-million per year, and Jim Bowden figured on getting six.

No, it’s not anywhere close to a signing that’s going to immediately resurrect all the good will the club pissed away over the course of 2012, but it’s just the first of many moves that the club is going to have to make this year– so, for the love of fuck, stop wondering if this is their “big signing,” or at the very least stop saying it in the vicinity of me. And it’s also quite potentially a tidy piece of business, given the dearth of better second base options on the market, not to mention the cost, the versatility of the player, and the possibility Izturis is quite a bit better than he showed last year.

Plus… um… how long has it been since this team had an actual switch hitter? (Hint: Zaun Cherry probably knows the answer).

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  1. I like it! Solid little player, not too much money…

  2. Good. One (not so important) hole filled. Now lets carry on AA.

  3. 3 years a bit much? Not a ton of money to eat though I guess.

    Like what he brings to the table better than a Keppinger or Aviles.

    • I wonder if it’s actually the third year’s that’s the option year, not three and an option.

      • would like that a bit better i think. if he can continue 2+ WAR production though people will always want a flexible option so not the worst thing if its actually 3+option.

      • Even if the 4th year is the option, if we get to his third year and he’s underperforming, he’ll still provide very serviceable bench play and then we can decline the option. Super simple stuff.

  4. The best part will be listening to Buck try to pronounce his name

  5. Couldnt ask for a much better team friendly option than this deal with Izturis. I like it. Nice to see it get done early in the offseason too. Hopefully AA really is going to be active. Lots to do still, but I like where hes started off.

    • Nice. Like post above good to see it get done early. Now to see if he replaces KJ or Omar.

      • Lol who do u think iztutis is replacing if not KJ? and I don’t think replacing viquel will be too much trouble…

  6. Cool! A switch hitter! Was Zaun the last time the jays had one?

  7. One of the few times a leak about a player became reality under AA’s regime.

  8. stoeten…are you intentionally misspelling “maicer”? if so what’s the joke behind it?

    obviously we’d all love a real stud at 2B but izturis will suffice for now…couldn’t really expect much outta the FA pool and he’s better than theriot i guess. i like the club option as well.

  9. Good Signing if he hits for any average- Don’t get caught up in his power stats. Not necessary since we have enough pop in the line up. We need a good defensive player that will get on base and have a threat to steal so EE and J bats can get more the solo bombs.

  10. This is a good move. Perfect #9 hitter on a contending team (hopefully). And depending on the Manager, he could steal 20 bags next year if he gets 500 plus AB’s. His career success rate is 76% and last year he stole 17 out of 19.

  11. Starter in 2013, Starter/bench guy in 2014, bench guy in 2015. Good value.

  12. Here’s the thing about the extra year – it’s like that if AA offered two years and wanted an option on a third, he’d have to include a buyout in the contract. If the next difference between the buyout and the third guaranteed year is only, say, $2M, then why not just take the guaranteed third year with an option for the fourth.

  13. I love it. The Rogers/Aviles deal makes a lot of sense now.

  14. I love this move. Perfect transition guy for Hech and he doesn’t break the bank.

    He could easily accumulate 1-2 WAR a yr as a super utility guy, which is probably the eventual goal.

    To date, not having a manager has not made a difference.

  15. Not every player on the field has to put up 4+ fWAR. If Maicer ends up being the starting 2B and just plays a solid 2 fWAR, I’ll take that in a heartbeat.

    Fix the damn rotation!

  16. jeremy jefress! super pen!

    • 12 the show loves the guy

    • AA makes another ninja move? Power arm, 1st round draft pick, but hasn’t looked especially good in either the minors or majors.

      • probably remembered him from when they made the lawrie trade…rumours were he was going to be part of the deal

        • guys settle down. His walk rate is off the charts. Obviously he is a bit of a project

          • his walk rate wasn’t that bad in the minors this year… he may have turned the corner a little.. no one has ever questioned his stuff.

            the thing about jeffress is he is one more positive pot test from a lifetime ban. probably worth a flier.

        • Or the Greinke deal. I believe he was in that.

    • i think Jeffress is a Matt Bush type flyer. They probably paid a nominal amount to the Royals. I’d be stunned if he made it through the offseason without being outrighted from the 40-man roster.

  17. i feel like he’s going to be about 20x more useful than omar.
    maybe if someones hurt now they can take a few days off and not worry about their backup having a heart attack

    • who do you think is the starting 2b for the jays?

      • right now, probably izturis.
        i dont think it stays that way all year though.
        I’m still holding out for a package built around hech and some of our arms in a 3 way trade to get upton.
        I read a depressing article in baseball america listing our top prospects over the last decade… basically all of them have done fuck all.
        i’m ready to move our top young guys for major league-rs…
        hopefully AA asks my opinion

        • since TINSTAAPP, i doubt upton will end up in a jays uniform.

          as much as this will draw ridicule, i think moving bautista back to 3rd and lawrie to 2b with upton in RF and a new signing in LF would be something worth experimenting with.

          • I think we should get everyone to shift over to the next position after each out….like they do in volleyball

  18. If the plan is to bring up Hech in mid season, this could work. However, as we discussed in the previous article, playing Izturis every day for 162 games will not work. Nice comment by Ryan about Buck. Indeed, that should be funny. I’d like to see them sign Keppinger as well and then they’d have real depth in the infield, but doubt that is going to happen.

    • why would you pay the backup 2b who isn’t really a 2b/SS ergo, not a UTIL, 3/10million?

      • we sure would have killed for a legitimate back up last year.

        • I hope that this is just the start of building a decent roster. 2B was certainly a black hole last year. Question is whether or not Izturis is a stopgap or if AA believes he can be a legitimate starter.

          I am sure AA is thinking, you didnt like Omar? Well, fuck you Farrell, now we got Izturis.

          • The sad thing is, KJ was in line for a good payday until those cancerous calves started aching him. Very strong first third of the season for KJ but couldn’t sustain it.

      • I’d make EE the full time DH, play Keppinger at 1B vs lefties and at 2B vs righties. Izturis would start at 2B vs lefties and get extra AB’s giving time off to Escobar and Lawrie. Would give depth and flexibility at all 4 infield spots and leave the team in position to deal to deal Hech or Escobar in the first year &any one of these guys in the second. Without some sort of move like that, they’re still an injury away from Mike McCoy or Hech as your every day second baseman.

  19. Almost unanimous praise for this deal by the DJF Monkey Army. I like it too, just thought that the (so far) unanimity was noteworthy.

    Very versatile player and is quite opposite to KJ in terms of getting the bat on the ball. Nothing wrong w/ a low-priced, team-friendly, versatile player on the books. Nice signing.

    • you mean nice signing a low-priced, team friendly, versatiler player… long as the savings are put back into the team.

  20. Hey it seems we picked up a relief pitcher, too. You have to pick up a relief pitcher in every trade, or trade for one the same day you sign a guy in free agency. That’s the rule, right?

  21. What about Dickey? He’s got one year left on his contract. What would the Jays use as trade bait? I’m not to familiar with what exactly the Mets are looking for.
    And what is a reasonable extension for Dickey after his 5mil last contract year, 2 years 20mil? Cy Young candidate and all, he’ll be asking for a lot.
    Jays should make this happen somehow.

  22. It should be noticed that Jeremy Jeffress throws 100mph on a consistent basis. Plenty of potential there, if he can harness it.

  23. I bet Arencibia would get him Mets want a catcher

    • they probably value JPA more like a sane person, so i doubt that gets it done. think more: d’Arnaud, Gose/Hech, and someone from lansing or osuna.

    • Arencibia, one of the Lansing 3 and a minor league nobody? Only provided that you could extend Dickey. 2 years 20-25mil? Option?

      • why would you extend a 38 year old sp another 2 years. GIving up that much for a 38 year old starter is not a good idea, he had a good year, but I would be shocked if he was still pitching in 3 years, and b that he was up to this level and in the AL.

    • I don’t understand the fascination with a 38 year old knuckleballer. Old and unpredictable. You don’t give up any top shelf assets for such a thing.

  24. Wait till I get ahold of the little mexican….err..whatever his nationality is…

    Those power numbers are going to go through the roof. I see no reason why he cant hit 30 dingers once he starts pulling the ball and using that natural power all spics have.

    his obp might drop 200 points, but who cares. this game is about hitting homers..not getting on base.

    • You mock but look at what he’s done with Scutaro, Jose, EE, Buck and Mathis for example. All had career years with Murphy as hitting coach. I am talking OPS numbers too. Obviously no guarantee of success but there’s a possibility of improvement especially coming to a park that is more hitter friendly.

      Cute racial reference too.

      • I think you’ve vastly overestimated the effect of the hitting coach. He can have a few points of impact here and there. But Scutaro was more a product of getting the opportunity to play, EE actually changed stuff with a coach in the DR not Murphy and I don’t see how Mathis was really much better than he usually was. I guess you can credit Cito, Tennace and Murphy with getting Bautista started earlier which led to his transformation though.

        • lol what proof do you have that it was a product of just getting to play more and not Murphy’s adjustments? I mean neither of us know for certain but all the guys I mentioned had career years OPS under Murphy. He only played 8 less games in his first year in Toronto than he did in Oakland in 2004 when he had the same OPS. The next season in Toronto he played one game less but it was his second with Murphy and his OPS took off.

          Again not claiming I have proof but it’s an odd coincidence I guess that all had their best years with Murphy. Scutaro and Buck all dropped off after leaving. Of course it doesn’t mean he’s been successful with all newcomers. We just have to look at Rasmus and Johnson.

    • LMFAO

  25. This works for me. Not too much money. Seems to be an upgrade on KJ.

    I wonder what will come next. A pitcher or the manager.

  26. kunckle ball works well in a controlled enviroment. i.e. the Dome when closed.

  27. I’ve been wondering if since seeing Hechavarria playing, that the team decided they needed a better defensive second baseman. It will also make the pitchers look better.

  28. I shake my head at all the people who think your middle infielders have to hit home runs.. Thats why you have EE and Joeybats. Honestly I think this is a solid move, and I would love it if they get Hech playing some second base in the minors as well as getting his bat ready.

  29. It will be interesting if they can find a manager who can utilize the versatility of a guy like Izturis (a la Joe Madden). Guys like Izturis, Prado, Zobrist also give a GM a ton of flexibility in putting together a team. A lot more leverage when they’ve got internal options at multiple positions (like the Braves being able to broaden their search to replace Chipper given Prado’s ability to play OF or 3b).

  30. More importantly…Is he on Twitter?

  31. Nice job on this one by AA. He’s moving at a pretty good pace so far. Bullpen looks to be solid and 2B is taken care of and we’re not even out of the GM meetings. If we get a top of the rotation starter before Christmas, I would be pretty happy with the way AA is moving.

  32. Very pleased with this signing.

    At this price, hard to go wrong. Beats the Eckstein signing of a few years ago…

  33. Where do they put Jeffress on the roster? I thought they were at 39 yesterday.

  34. This is just like a fluffer at a porn shoot. Boring.

    Where is the money shot Alex, we have been picking up scraps ever since the Lawrie deal.

    • There is no prize for spending the bigger money before the little money.


    • You sir are an idiot.

      • I’m an idiot because I’m sick and tired of mediocrity.? That’s okay right, because we are rebuilding. With players like Juan Rivera, Omar Viquel, and Isturis and Jeffreys, Mathis, Vladimir, and whatever else is in the recycling bin.

        I’m an idiot because I’m not very patient either. It’s been only 20 years since post season, so shame on me.

        My question to you Sons, and everyone else, it we don’t get better this year, then what? We need a couple of big fuckin names in the starting rotation. Not reclamation projects for crisssake.

        So fuck off with all the patience crap because I got none.

        • bang on man,I’m with you. I’ve mentioned a couple of times as well. no more Fukstik peripheral bo hunks from other teams like Tallett,Ohka, reyes, Eveland, Igarashi, Coello and a whole host of useless fukstiks. Spend some money and get proven MLB calibre pitchers . I’ve had it with some of the shit that passes as pitching here. and that goes for useless turds like Frasor. Trade him for a pillar of salt ( oh yeah heplayed with us for 10 years-big fukin deal–he cost us Jayson Werth, another great trade by JPR)

          • I’ve been very patient as well, until I heard a report that the Mets want to lower their payroll at $100M this season…..$100M?!?!?

            Wasn’t the ownership in financial shambles the past few years and the attendance has dropped every year since Citi Field opened?

            I’m not saying Rogers should be spending like the Yanks, but surely if the Mets can sustain a payroll of $100M, Rogers could easily do the same!

          • You sirs (fukstick, KGBS) have personified my feelings for the past five years in beautiful words in the form of a pair of blog comments. For fuck sakes! The leafs will make the playoffs before the Jays, and the NHL is in a lockout AND MLB added extra bonus round playoff spots. FFS!!!

    • Big guys aren’t typically signed on November 8th, so just breathe.

      Also, Rasmus and Santos have arrived since Lawrie. While we’re still not an allstar team, those are some pretty good pieces and not considered “scraps” to anyone in baseball.

  35. Jays now have 4 of the top 20 picks from the 06 draft.

    Lincoln, Morrow, Jeffress and Drabek.

    They could have had 5 if they had found a way to acquire Lincoln without trading Snider…

  36. My guess is Cory Wade gets designated off 40 or possibly McGowan as I do not see anyone risking taking on the contract

  37. Good pick up. Good post.

  38. Obviously it’s a big if, but IF Davis and Izturis can somehow manage to be bench players by the end of the offseason, the Jays don’t necessarily need to find a true platoon partner for Adam Lind.

    The ABs against LHP could be soaked up primarily by Davis, but also when Lawrie, Bautista, JPA et al need a half rest day as DH.

  39. Can’t wait to trade him for a hard throwing unproven reliever.

  40. “Plus… um… how long has it been since this team had an actual switch hitter?”:

    hmmm.. Bobby Kielty?

  41. If Itzuris can play a solid defensive game at second base, any offense out of him is a bonus. I liked the occasional power out of KJ – but the whiffs were starting to get tiresome. Plus it’s hard to justify that salary with that kind of performance. We have a few options as the occasional backup for him, so I say this acquisition works for me. It also doesn’t rush Hechy into the big league…he can take some time in Buffalo to round into form.

  42. A signing! Maybe you fucks will settle down and be happy for 7 minutes!

    Just kidding, I love you guys, but you are fucks.

  43. MEH. Fine, but really, I’ll get enthralled when we get someone truly significant. So far we’ve acquire a guy ranks 10th on the BP depthchart and now our 25th man to replace Vizquel, who was shit, and to make sure that Mccoy who is a fukstik does not make the team as no25. I want to hear rumopurs of us offering Sanchez or equiv 4yrs and 56m so I can fantaz-size that maybe, just maybe we’ll fukin do something real positive

    • You really are a fukstick.

      Are Morrow, Bautista, Lawrie, EE, Escobar, Santos, Rasmus and Romero not “significant” signings/trades? Yeah they haven’t all worked out…. but I am pretty sure not all big free agent signing work out either.

      Really please give it a rest. If Escobar starts off well at short and Hech starts off well in Buffalo and if the Jays start off well as a team, we can land a nice pitcher for Escobar. (A nice pitcher on the last year of a contract.)

      Assuming we sign some other good inning eating quality pitcher during the offseason and maybe land a better LF, we’re right in the playoff hunt.

      • dream on man and drink the koolaid. If you think they are anyywhere close with what they have now you must be on crack. Izturis is a spare part-nothing more, Carry on

      • Quit freebasing boatgas sons.

        Playoff hunt with a few acquisitions? They better be some serious checkers if they want playoffs and Romero, Rasmus, Escobar and Lind have to get it together mentally.

        If this shit come together with a few trades for pitching then yes maybe.

        In the meantime stop tossing AAs salad.

    • You sir are a fukstick. Do you really think Izturis is the 25th man.

      I think you and Oakville have been spending to much time together. Also I would rather see the Jays nickel and dime right now and then make a big splash with what they have left. Otherwise what will happen is you will get out bid of Sanchez anyway and get left with your dick in your hand. if the Jays can sign a decent defensive lf it will make it easier to sign a good pitcher. Look back on all the Halladay years, I would argue for a good 5 years with the Jays he was the best pitcher in baseball, but the defense around him cost him games. Look at the Rays, look at SF good teams win by having great pitching, great defense and good hitting. Even if you have yourself great hitting and 1 great pitcher you still wont win it all without good fielding ( I am looking at you Detroit).

      • Well technically he could be the 24th man if the team does get another player to start at 2nd and they go with 7 relievers. All things considered if that’s the quality of your 24th or 25th man I’d say that’s a good sign.

        • and Realistically unless the jays were to make a trade for 2B there isn’t much out there except Scutaro, who is 37 who had a great year (during a contract year) which usually means they go back to reality the next year.

      • yeah i do. If you want a high calibre club, dickhead, then a guy like Izturis has to be a spare part not an integral component. And I got news for ya, AA ain’t signing any of the big guys because if u listen to what he says as in “we have to be creative…” it means we will be mostly dumpster diving again. I’ll come on here and plead mea culpa if he does * you do know what that means , right?)
        In the meantime, goback to drinking the fukin koolaid

  44. So a starting pitcher gets signed by this this team or a major trade occurs?

  45. Here’s the updated roster and costs as I see them.

    Position Players – Starters (7 out of 9): JPA, EE, Lawrie, Escobar, Rasmus, Jose, Lind
    Position Players – Bench (3 out of 4): Mathis, Davis, Izturis
    Total Cost for 2013 for 10 position players: $44.65 million
    Holes to Fill: 2nd Base, Left Field, 4th Bench Player

    Starting Pitchers (3 of 5): Romero, Morrow, Alvarez
    Relief Pitchers (7 of 7): Janssen, Santos, Delabar, Lincoln, Loup, Oliver, Rogers

    Total Cost for 2013 for 10 pitchers: $27.9 million
    Holes to Fill: 2 starters

    Total Cost for 2013 for 20 players: $72.55 million
    Additional Costs*: $4.25 million
    Grand Total for 20 players: $76.80 million

    *McGowan, Hechavarria

    Again for the pre-arb guys JPA, Lawrie, Alvarez, Delabar, Lincoln, Loup and Rogers I gave them $500k. I changed Rasmus’ arbitration number to reflect the estimate they had in MLB Trade Rumors of $4.5 million. Sounds a bit high to me, but who am I to say otherwise? At this time I have alloted $3 million for Izturis. Not sure of the year-by-year breakdown yet.

    Total payroll is sitting at $76.80 million for 20 players or 21 players if you want to count Hechavarria as the starting 2nd baseman and Izturis as the utility guy or vice versa.

    Spots that still needed to be filled: 2 starters, Left Field, 2nd Base, 4th Bench Spot or 8th reliever if you’re into S&M.

    Still no inclusion of Happ because of the questions remaining about Oliver and the rotation. Again using the MLB Trade Rumor arbitration estimate for Happ of $3.8 million you can add $800k to the total and remove Oliver if you are convinced he’s not coming back.

    • Jpa for dickey?

      • Yeah in a heartbeat and I am higher on JPA than most around here. That’s potentially $7-12 million you’d save on a starter and you could turn around and split that between the 2nd starter and a primo Left Fielder allowing you to overpay for the guys you’d really want.

        You might lose a bit in the power department but would likely gain overall in the OPS department. Not to mention you’d have someone that pitched like an ace last year in your rotation.

    • You have far too patience to work out this stuff. I applaud your work.

    • Hech still has rookies status, missed it by about 6 AB’s. So he’ll get rookie money, right? By your calcs were giving the infinite shoulder surgery candidate McGowan around 3.5m for warming the doctor’s table and wearing funky ass facial hairs. Amidoinitright?

  46. On another site it was mentioned that he hated hitting in Anaheim, and it shows in his splits. Hey Andrew you said you get paid for this now, try working on the fucking weekend for a change.

  47. I hope they give Jeffress a legit chance and keep him on the 40 at least for next season.

    Nice signing on Izturis!!!

  48. Interesting analysis over at The Southpaw on the Izturis signing. More negative than everyone around here.

    • Actually I think his worries about AA spending money that should go to a starter is actually a good sign here. Obviously AA has been pretty clear that the rotation is his first priority. Do you really think he’d jeopardize his ability to take care of that just for a utility guy or at best a marginal starter? To me this says that $3 million a year isn’t much in the grand scheme of things especially when you total it all up in the context of the Davis savings and the savings on Aviles-Rogers trade by not having to sign a Frasor or Lyon type.

      In fact he’s probably still ahead.

      Say $4 million for a Frasor or Lyon + $2.3 million or Aviles + 500k for Davis savings – $3 million for Izturiz – $500k for Rogers = savings of $3.2 million.

      • didn’t enjoy that article based on there comments the jays money spent on there bench should be spent on SP. This statement is wrong, the jays need a solid bench and solid Rotation, and bullpen. Look at the Yankees, besides being able to outspend everyone else for years they have signed great bench strength of aging veterans. If anything 2012 is an example of why adding more cards to your pile is a good idea.

        • Indeed. You could argue that teams like the Yankees and Boston have such success because of their deep benches. The money spent there is a luxury very few teams have.

      • “Do you really think he’d jeopardize his ability to take care of that just for a utility guy or at best a marginal starter?”

        Considering that last year anyone with one fuctioning eyeball could see that the Jays needed upgrades in the rotation and AA’s response was to sign two aging relievers for 9M dollars… I would not give an outright “no” to the question above.

        • Seeing as at the time the jays had a shit bullpen. And the only big name SP options were Hamels (crappier than greinke with less experience) and Yu Darvish (who to be honest has been decent but not stellar in the second half) and Edwin Jackson (isn’t he available again this year) to know that there are more mid level options this year than last.

          Not to mention the fact of the jays having an extra 25 million in tv deals, I think that is a stupid question.

          Not to mention I don’t think anyone would say Oliver was not worth his 3 million.

          • … and I don’t think anyone would say that Cordaro was worth even $1.00 of his money. And what’s worse a bunch of folk thought that he wasn’t worth that before he was signed.

            Regardless, the outcome is not disputable… greater needs were not addressed and the fiscal room that could have (or at least could have contributed to) addressing them were misappropriated (overall unsuccessfully I might add… the bullpen was still shit afterwards) to lesser needs.

          • That $25 mil is going straight into Rogers bank account to be reported as quarterly profits lol

      • Actually when you look at the moves so far of moving players for arms the Davis signing all moves to shift money off this years payroll it points to the fact that AA has hardly anything to spend. You don’t make moves to free up $500k here and $500k there because you have $25 million to spend you do it cause you only have $10 million and your going to need every penny to sign even one pitcher!

        • Well the budget was never going to be unlimited. If you’re looking at trying to sign at least two pitchers of Edwin Jackson’s caliber, and that’s not saying a whole lot, for $26 -$30 million in total, there’s nothing wrong with being fiscally prudent, especially when you still have a couple of other holes to fill like Left Field.

          You also have to remember that having some financial wiggle room come July and August is also handy. Going back to Rogers to ask for a bit more money for one player is probably doable but going back for more beyond that is likely to be problematic.

  49. Trade for controllable arms – AAs explanation after he trades for Jon niese

  50. Once again AA continues the long standing tradition of overpaying for utility players. Wouldn’t paying theriot 1 mil be the same fucking thing? why waste 2 mil for no good reason?

  51. late to the party.

    but AA has set himself up nicely to focus solely both with time and money on the starting rotation.

    however if the free agents don’t want our money, its going to be a long cold winter

  52. This seems like a good move by AA. There isn’t much available as 2B, so this is fine.

    It looks like AA is hoarding money for pitching , so that’s a good idea.

    As for the extra 25 million for the Jays, every other team gets 25 million more, so that would affect what other teams are able to pay for pitching as well.

    This is a good day for Jays fans.

    Don’t spoil it by signing Wakamatsu as Manager.

  53. I like this move it wraps up our infield needs and at the same time frees up the jays to deal Escobar who I can’t stand ! The sad part is that every news agency is reporting this as AA’s largest FA signing ever! 3x3mil ! That is so sad I don’t even know what to say when your owners are among the richest in sports ! And reported profits in the BILLIONS last year. All we are asking for is $120 mil or so.

  54. One thing I loved from the article I linked in the post above was this:

    “And there’s something else to consider. Angel Stadium is a pitcher-friendly ballpark. Izturis is not a power hitter, so one wouldn’t intuitively expect him to feel the park effects as much as someone else. Izturis’ numbers, like wRC+, are park-adjusted. But Izturis first played for the Angels in 2005, and batted nearly 2800 times. Here are his home and road splits:

    Home: .276/.336/.363
    Road: .277/.342/.404 ”

    Anyone else take a potential .750+ OPS, at least at the Rogers Centre, from a defensive minded middle infielder in 2013?

  55. I give it 8 days until he’s flipped for a hard throwing reliever.


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