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At Getting Blanked, Scott spots a small item from Bob Elliott about the Jays potentially being interested in Shaun Marcum, which… isn’t what Jeff Blair had been saying earlier in the off-season. But perhaps there’s no sense in closing a door before it’s necessary, especially when it’s with a guy who might actually take your money. Or perhaps they’re just trying to get a handle on the market in order to use that info elsewhere.

That notion actually came in Elliott’s piece for the Toronto Sun about Ken Macha, who apparently wants to manage the Jays. Um… OK?

Guy Spurrier of the National Post pushes back on the commenters who think that the Jays wildly overpaid Maicer Izturis.

“While he’s at a great age/development level and has tremendous stuff, with his 1-2 repertoire, he is purely a back of the bullpen flamethrower and not a potential Morrowesque conversion project, or even deep rotation depth,” writes Jon Hale as he concludes an outstanding-as-always piece at the Mockingbird, this time digging into the Pitch F/X on Esmil Rogers. “Really, his value all comes down to whether he can maintain what was an unusual amount of control over a small sample size last year, in which case he’s another Lincoln/Delabar/Santos in the Jays’ collection of Right-handed one-Inning Setup/striKeout guys (trying really hard to invent the term RISKGYS here).”

There have been a lot of rumblings about Don Wakamatsu being the next Jays manager, which makes this post from Lookout Landing, which came in the wake of his dismissal by Seattle in 2010, and the comments that follow it rather interesting. There’s a lot of support for him, there, though I’m not sure any of it makes me feel so confident that he ought to be the final managerial hire of AA’s career, as some suspect he will be.

MLBTR has the details of the Tigers’ pickup of Team Canada and now ex-Jays pitcher Shawn Hill, who elected free agency last month after the Jays outrighted him off of their 40-man roster.

Bluebird Banter weighs in on the Keith Pelley comment that I also did earlier. Because, y’know, there is just that much other news out there right now. Ugh.

Elsewhere at Bluebird Banter, Tom Dakers talks to Joshua Kusnick, agent for the recently-acquired Jeremy Jeffress.

Aaand if you want to get good and depressed, they take a look at some of the Jays’ most notable failed prospects from the last decated.

Jays Journal looks at the Jays’ pitching depth and commitments going forward, slotting in Syndergaard and Nicolino for mid-2014 arrivals. Interesting stuff.

They also do a prospect primer for the right-handed pitchers in the system.

Scott Ferguson of argues that the Jays should be looking at Don Wakamatsu as their next manager.

The Boston Herald turns its gaze to the Jays, as they continue a series looking at the teams of the AL East and where each one stands as we head deeper into the off-season.

Michael Hobson of the Vancouver Sun’s Fan View blog likes what he sees from the Jays so far this off-season.

Melissa Couto of the Sun speaks to Daniel Devonshire, the New Zealand-born 37th rounder, who played this year with the GCL Jays– and was there when rehab assignments wound up putting Jose Bautista and Brett Lawrie on the same field– and will suit up for the Kiwis in a qualifier for the World Baseball Classic next week.

F0r those of you pushing back at any of the talk from Baseball America last week regarding the Jays’ farm system not quite being elite, FanGraphs has Trevor Rosenthal as the sixth best prospect in the Cardinals system, which is just fucking disgusting. We wish.

And lastly, elsewhere at FanGraphs, Jeff Sullivan writes about the market’s other available ace– RA Dickey of the Mets. A few Jays fans are very interested, but I just don’t quite see how it’s worth the years of control they’ll have to give up.

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  1. Jpa for niese would be the best deal to make if I’m AA

  2. Oh the TSN comment thread is juicy today

    • Of coarse it’s juicy. we have word that AA is closing in on a proven winner in lohse and i saw Shane victorino this weekend at the airport.

  3. Yeah. I’d forgotten it was Wakamatsu who brought Tallet into that game and lost it for us when Fasshole was off having pneumonia or golfing with Ben Cherington or whatever. Although I am loath to ding the guy for one dumb mistake, I just don’t want to see anyone who had anything to do with last year’s clubhouse managing this team.

  4. Thanks for linking to the SBNation article on Wak. It’s a great read. I came to the same conclusion you did, I think.

    I just struggle to see a guy who was let go from his last job for, perhaps speculatively, “losing the clubhouse” is the right fit for a clubhouse that we have reason to think is somewhat difficult – with quite a few having less-than sterling reputations, warranted or not.

    • lookout landing is just a well put together site in general

      i think anyways

    • the problem with getting guys with “swagger” is they think they’ve earned playing time with a single good season in the bigs. zaun nailed that part. it’s evident in their play. watching adam lind limp out of the box towards first, or tuck his tail between his legs on a dropped third strike is pathetic. he’s like 27 and 28 and doing this shit. it might not show up as a WAR on the stat sheet, but making it to first instead of getting out COULD lead to the start of a rally, no matter what the situation. in other words, “the little things” DO matter. that could be a “win” right there.
      say what you want, but some teams actually do “teach the right way to play” to their kids. the jays have a bunch of people who never really needed to learn that to get by, and it shows far too often.

      tl;dr: jose bautista: player/manager

  5. Personally, I too fall into the camp wherein I think the next manager s/b from outside the org. I think we need a complete purge and do-over from last years stench. To me that also means that both Murphy and Walton , who was abominable with the pitchers, should have a can tied to their respective arses.

  6. Back in the late 1990′s to early 2000′s I worked for the Columbus Clippers AAA baseball club. My job was working with the visiting clubs that came to town. Ken Macha managed the Pawtucket Red Sox back in those days. Ken was an ultra strict-authoritarian type and his players hated him. As I recall, Ken treated his players like they 5 or 6 years old. It was also no secret the players in Oakland threw a small party the day Ken got fired. I guess my point is this: if the Blue Jays actually did hire Macha, that would tell us alot about what upper level management thinks of the current teams maturity and discipline and would also give us a strong clue as to what they really thought of Omar Vizquel’s late season comments.

    • cool insight. although art howe is the guy in the moneyball movie, i’ve always thought of macha as the “moneyball manager” – the guy beane got to crack heads and work as his puppet in the clubhouse. i’ve suggested that the jays should probably think about getting that kind of guy, rather than someone with ties to management, or a ‘player’s manager’….unfortunately, at least if your name is AA, if that doesn’t result in at least one playoff appearance, it’s unclear whether the GM could weather another manager hire.

    • Yeah it would definitely speak volumes about upper management and ownership, but what effect would it have on the team? I’m not saying that it’s not needed, but what do you do after order is restored and the team hates it’s manager with a passion?

  7. Just think its worth mentioning that it’ll take 18 mil over 3 yrs to sign Jeremy Affeldt.

  8. jason bourgeois is basically rajai davis, except younger, faster, and likely…cheaper

  9. What’s the line about the Cards’ farm system intended to mean? That the Cardinals have a way better system than the Jays because they have a guy with a 100mph fastball at #6?

    Farm system rankings are extremely volatile, just 2 years ago the Cardinals had a system that was ranked as one of the worst.

    • and as I have been saying over and over again, but thick skull like Stoeten don’t get Correy Patterson was drafted 3rd overall and was rated #1 prospect in 2000 by baseball america. Prospect rankings should be taken with a grain of salt. Not all prospects put there skills together, have injuries, legal trouble etc.

      • You’ve been saying what for how long? Who the fuck are you, even? Is this your first comment?

        Obviously prospect rankings need to be taken with a grain of salt. If you read anything else into the prospect talk around here, I’d be a little more careful who you go around suggesting has a thick skull, because that’s dumb as shit, friend.

    • well, maybe it says something about what all these prospect mavens know.

      “raw” talent is only one component, and baseball above all the other major pro sports in north america shows up that it takes all kinds of be an mlb star. shorts, fats, talls, skinnies, and in-betweens or every shape, size, and colour.

      as much as it’s been denigrated in the last ten years, understanding “coachability” and other things we lump as intangible seems like it’s more important than other things.

      and, if you’re being scouted by the yankees, are you really going to give two shits about the blue jays’ hr-psych-audit they send you? have you seen the things that teams send to kids? it’s a joke. “if you weren’t playing this sport for a living, what would you do?” type of shit. no wonder travis snider said “he knew what people wanted to hear, but didn’t believe it himself”…they need better ways of getting at makeup and coachability….

    • For fuck sakes, Nelly, did you watch the playoffs? Rosenthal, if he can keep himself in the rotation, is a damn nice talent and major league ready, and the Cardinals have five guys that better than that according one of the best in the business.

      It’s pretty fucking impressive, is all I’m saying.

      So what’s this bullshit acting like an authority about the volatility of rankings? Are you Captain Obvious Psmith or something?

      • Although OP is a fucking moron, there is a point to be made. BA, KLaw, and BP haven’t released their rankings, but I’m not sure many people would have Wacha, Wong and maybe Martinez over Rosenthal (which is not a slight on Hulet at all). So while the Cardinals system is better than the Jays and easily a top 3 system, its kind of hyperbole to say “this system has Rosenthal 6th, they’re THAT loaded”

        • This is a fair and reasonable thing to say indeed.

          • You might be a wee bit hyper defensive lately. If anybody questions anything you say, you call them an idiot shit head by default unless they type out a dissertation. If you don’t like criticism, turn off the comments. Not everything is a personal attack.

            Fuck face.

  10. Lookout landing has THE saddest emblem

  11. rajai davis reminds me of the daddy long legs spider. He’s all legs and a tiny brain

  12. AA checklist:

    overpay raja davis – check

    lockup back catcher – check

    overpay utility infielder – check

    to do list:

    contact ben francisco’s agent, offer long term deal

    take chin measurements for next manager

  13. @stoeten
    How much of a difference I’d their between stroman and rosenthal? Keep in mind that rosenthal threw 96-100 only from the pen
    I’m not saying that rosenthal isn’t better but stroman was #12 on BJ’s top 15

    • Which was due in large part to his suspension (he’d be higher). Rosenthal has a good chance to start, and the high end, at least based on what I’ve read, is a #2 starter. Most of the industry is convinced Stroman likely can’t handle starting – unfair or not – and it remains to be seen if what his stuff will like post-’PED.’ I think there’s a pretty big difference at this point

      • He wasn’t on PED’s for crissakes. It was basically a form of food supplement. Had hebeen on, or promoted to, the 40 man roster all he w/h got is a “don’t do it again”and no suspension. He was in the minors and in infinite wisdom have different rukes for those guys for the same offence and thus the 50 games. The shit he took, as harmless as it was, has no effect on his fucking arm

        • Which is why I put PED in quotation marks. From everything I’ve read, I gathered about the same as you, but at the same time I’m not a doctor, or a scientist, or a chemist, or whateverthefuck, and I’m not going to sit here and say for certain I know what kind of effects it does or doesn’t have on a pitcher

          At the very least, the suspension still effects his prospect status in terms of lost development time and his sample in pro-ball this season being extremely limited

  14. 1. Fergusons piece on Wakamatsu explains why he should be the manager perfectly. The team he had to work with in Seattle was a complete disgrace full of egotistical over the hill douche bags.

    2. The Jays farm system isnt elite, it’s solid but not elite. What do they have for top infield prospects? Nothing outside of Hech. They have great young pitching and some high ceiling outfield prospects. Thats about it in my eyes.

    3. The dickey thing is worth losing a catcher if they can extend him, AA and others need to realize that its now time to trade assets or spend money,,, thers no in between.

    • The Jays have more than Just Hechavarria. Christian Lop es (2B) had a great year and is starting to show up on some people’s top 15 Jays lists. Mark Anderson did a piece on Dawel Lugo (SS), and claimed he could have star-level offensive ability (although he’s incredibly raw). Also signed the the highest rated SS (and #1 overall) prospect in last year’s international crop

      You’re completely forgetting about the catching depth as well. Arguably the best prospect at the position in d’Arnaud, then AJ Jiminez, Santiago Nessy

      Its an elite system depending on how what you value. I’d argue there isn’t a single organization in baseball with as much high upside talent. Unfortunately most of it is in the low minors, there’s much more uncertainty. The Cardinals and Rangers have more balance and that’s why they’re better systems. It doesn’t mean the Jays system isn’t elite

      • Its not elite enough for the Americans to give the Jays system credit for being elite.

        • Sure, but Billy Butler also beat out Edwin for the silver slugger at DH. That doesn’t change the fact that we know Edwin was the best DH in baseball last season

          • I agree Edwin is better than Billy…but Edwin mostly played 1B.

          • He mostly played DH (82 games vs. 68 games at first and a handful of starters at 3B). But yeah, that’s what some people are pointing to

  15. Fuckin Rogers, why can’t we just agree that Manny Acta should be the jays next manager

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