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Steve Ladurantaye of the Globe and Mail has the full quote that caused yesterday’s Keith Pelley kerfuffle, and… I’m not sure it looks quite as good as the concepts I was defending. “There are only four types of fans,” Pelley said. “But the group which I think is most important are the people who just come because it’s fashionable. And social media can make something fashionable or not. As well as winning.” Uh… not sure why winning gets slipped in there as some sort of secondary part of the strategy, but I’m hoping it’s mostly because it just didn’t quite come out right. Because it all starts with winning. Period. Full stop.

Bluebird Banter’s Minor Leaguer gets the full quote from Ladurantaye’s notes, and I’m not sure it’s any better.

The Jays’ tentative Spring Training schedule is out, and they’re starting early this year, because… who wouldn’t want more Spring Training? The first game for the club is Sunday, February 24th, and while those in the area will obviously want to be at the Daytona 500 that day, you snowbirds look like you’ll have some extra opportunities to see seven innings of minor league fodder.

MLBTR has a bunch of stuff from Joel Sherman of the New York Post, who suggests that the Rays are more open than ever to trading a pitcher for some offensive help– even Matt Moore, apparently. Yikes. They could use a catcher, theoretically– though, on the flip side of that notion is Ben Lindbergh’s latest at Baseball Prospectus, where he wonders about the possibility, put out there by Joe Maddon, that Jose Molina might have saved the club 50 runs with his defence. If true, would have made him one of the top 15 player in baseball, he posits. Um… didn’t we have this guy?

Say what you will about Sergio Santos, though Nestor Molina hasn’t graduated as a prospect yet (he’s listed as having the best changeup in the organization), the ex-Jays farmhand has dropped from being the second-best prospect in the White Sox system last year to out of the top ten, according to this year’s list from Baseball America. Ouch.

Buster Olney tweets that Jason Bay is looking for “opportunity and a place where there is some familiarity,” which makes Cleveland a fit–Terry Francona, of course, was Bay’s manager in Boston– and I’m sure will have people thinking that he should come to Canada, as well (because Toronto and his home in BC are practically the same, right?). Hey, on a minor league deal? Sure. Amazin’ Avenue fills in some details on his buyout agreement with the Mets, via Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

John Lott of the National Post writes about the tricky balancing act Alex Anthopoulos faces this winter: “building a rotation that can help turn Toronto into a contender next year while avoiding contracts that extend beyond a pitcher’s best-before date.” And, y’know, not decimating the farm system or creating giant suckholes elsewhere on the roster to do it.

In the Toronto Sun, Bob Elliott writes some nonsense about a bunt-loving rabbi wanting to be the next Jays manager.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet looks at the Jays’ history of promoting guys from within their organization to be the club’s manager, which hasn’t always worked out so hot– but sometimes has!

At, Gregor Chisholm has himself a little mail bag post, which I might have to hijack if the week continues to be this painfully slow. No Griff Bag sightings for a while now.

The Blue Jay Hunter looks at a number of potential trade candidates who could help the Jays’ rotation, as well as Jeremy Hellickson.

Tom Dakers of Bluebird Banter talks to recent acquisition Jeremy Jeffress.

At Baseball Prospectus, Maury Brown ranks the top ten expansion and relocation markets for MLB– Montreal’s eighth!

At the end of yesterday’s podcast at FanGraphs, Dave Cameron and Carson Cistulli talked a little about the Maicer Izturis signing, while elsewhere at FanGraphs, Jeff Zimmerman winds up comparing Edwin Encarnacion and Buster Posey as guys with similar numbers in some ways, but completely divergent ones when it comes to IFFB%.

At Getting Blanked, Drew combs through the Marlins roster looking for trade targets, after Bob Nightengale of USA Today tweets that virtually everyone on that roster is available– though Drew warns us not to get too excited. “While he didn’t have no-trade protection written into his contract, Jose Reyes has the no-trade protection OF his contract.” It’s insanely back-loaded, as is Buehrle’s.

Lastly, elsewhere at Getting Blanked, we see Parkes’ quiet vision on display, as he dives into how the worlds of drugs and sports connect.


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  1. And that was why I was so disappointed to see Molina go last season (especially to a divisional rival). I think baseball teams are just figuring out how important catcher framing is to saving runs.

    • I seem to remember his bat coming through in some clutch situations too.

      • He was a fine hitter in 2011, but I didn’t expect that to be sustainable (and it wasn’t for Tampa). It seems that his incredible pitch framing skills remained much the same, though.

  2. I think the “winning” versus “social media” part is what distinguishes–in Pelley’s mind–between Bandwagoners and Fashion-ers. Winning will get the bandwagoners out, but to make it fashionable, they have to couple social media with winning. That’s how I read it.

  3. Who has a better chance of managing the Jays the rabbi or me? I only played high school baseball, he played low-end college ball. I don’t love bunting but I do love stealing bases…I think I have the edge.

  4. I guess Joe Maddon did learn something from Scoscia…overvaluing defensive catchers, 50 runs saved my ass!

  5. Sorry about the repost, trying to catch up:

    I hope the Dickey thing isn’t posturing by the Mets.
    I’d love to see Dickey in a Jays uniform for the bad jokes alone.
    Buck : Looks like Arencibia is having a tough time handling Dickey’s balls.

    Jokes aside, I know Dickey comes with huge question marks but with the premium on pitching this seems like the exact type of risk we need to take to get a competitive starting rotation.

    Stotes, Mets are in full rebuild and probably don’t want to committ long term to a 37 year old who’s had a couple of outlier years. What would it take to get Dickey? (so to speak)
    Arencibia, Syndergaard and a depth arm enough? Would you even do it if they said yes?

    • Good lord no, I wouldn’t.

      That’s ten years of cheap MLB control of those guys (four for JPA, six of Syndergaard) for just one of Dickey.

      They’ve got to do better if they’re giving that much up. MAYBE I’d do JPA for a one year fix and the hope that we re-sign him, but zero chance on one of the Lansing guys. If they’re dealt it’s got to be for someone like Latos or Gio– years of below market control left.

      • JPA for Shields straight up?

      • JPA, a lansing arm, and _____ for Hellickson?

        • I wonder if AA could rekindle that old ninja magic and mastermind some trade where Rays send a pitcher somewhere, then he gets flipped to Toronto. Sort of like a reverse of the Wells, Napoli, Francisco deal. Probably a lot more difficult, I just worry there’s a big hesitancy to deal within a division.

        • JL: “JPA, a lansing arm, and _____ for Hellickson?”

          If you asked me if I’d rather have Hellickson or Carlos Villanueva, I’d have to think hard about it. So… huge no.

    • Yeah, I’m all for Dickey, but not for Aaron Cibia PLUS a blue chip prospect. That’s insane for a 38 year old.

      JPA, Sierra, Cecil & Ricciardi can also have Kevin Ahrens, Justin Jackson & Balbino Fuenmayor if he is so inclined.

      6 Ricciardi guys for RA Dickey may seem like a lot. But not really.

  6. We desperately need a managerial hiring, a trade or a FA signing to liven things up around here.

    Spring training is one week early due to the WBC. Too bad we won’t get any games here in Toronto. The CAN/US game 4 years ago was a lot of fun.

    • Oh yeah. I remember being a part of some pretty good heckling of Adam Dunn out in right field. The Italy-Venezuela game afterwards was kind of boring, but still kind of interesting.

  7. Didn’t quite understand the uproar surrounding yesterday’s Pelley quote. He said nothing that we didn’t know already about how Rogers and really all professional sports teams operate. They don’t make their bank off the diehards. It’s getting the casual fans to pay attention that makes the biggest difference.

    As far as winning goes, nobody can deny that it wouldn’t help with increasing revenues. It doesn’t seem to be a requirement for Rogers to make money off the Jays, though, as the last 12 years show.

    • Was he not talking about the Argos at the time as well? and how they needed the CFL to be fashionable and not taking a back seat because its not the NFL

      • I thought that was the Argos owner, but Pelley used to work for them, so maybe it was both.

        I don’t think the CFL will ever be fashionable in a city like Toronto again, so I’d expect that to be a difficult task for them.

  8. I equated those comments of fans to the recent election in the states…most the campaign money goes toward convincing the swing states, why waste effort on people that are goign to come out anyway. i should probably read his whole quote though.

  9. Ya, WTF was the Rabbi article about? Didn’t they get my application?

  10. people keep giving me snappy returns when I talk about Molina. But if you use half a brain you could see this has been obvious about Molina for years now and he was one of my favourite players while on the Jays. That guy has a lot of value that goes un-recognized.

    its a shame we couldn’t have kept him. D’arnaud / Molina would be one helluva combo and i like the idea that the young catcher could learn some frame-defence from an old pro like Molina. Molina is like an elite catching pick-pocket. he robs you blind that guy.

  11. Good God. Ranking Monterrey ahead of Montreal? That’s the Loria legacy right there. Three decades of MLB in Montreal squandered by the selfish whims of a guy that couldn’t have cared less about the fan base. With a new stadium and solid backing you’d have a hard time justifying Montreal being out of the top 3 here. They’re certainly above Charlotte and Vegas.

  12. Jon Morosi ‏@jonmorosi

    Source: #BlueJays on verge of acquiring Josh Johnson from #Marlins. Deal could be even larger than that.


  13. Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal

    Buerhle headed to #BlueJays along with Josh Johnson, sources tell me and @jonmorosi.


    • If this is true and you’re not trolling…. I think I just came a little.

      Josh Johnson is the MAN.

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