And Kenny Ken Ken adds:

Shit son!


HINT: You might be:

Might have to take back some words about Rogers:

And another… but what do we give up?

I don’t even know where to begin here, so I’ll just keep adding tweets as they come in. Shaking.

Can’t be just him of the big three, could it?

I don’t know if I believe Bowden, but I WANT to believe. This is insane…

So a catcher must be going– fingers crossed for JPA, but… whatever. Bonifacio coming too? Holy fuck…

Henderson Alvarez? SEEYA!

Marisnick, too. But that’s OK…

I don’t think we’ll ever forget, Ken…

Skip this one if you want: Heyman making it seem like it could technically break down still…

Complete and total fucking insanity. And this:

Um… is this what’s been holding up the manager search? Too much else to process to speculate right now. Ahh, but poor Marlins fans, whoever they are. You think we have a bullshitter as president of the club?

More thoughts coming– mine will be in a subsequent post when I stop shaking:

OK, so Marisnick OR Gose, but no matter. And a non-d’Arnaud catcher? HELLO!

Still things being said out there… holy mother…

Apparently it IS Marisnick and not Gose:

Jim Bowden talking about it as though no more names are set to filter in:


And also this (Sorry Miami):

Indeed they did. Indeed they did…

Holy fuck, make it official, make it official! I can’t relax until I know they can’t take it away:

Players are now tweeting as though it’s a done deal, so that’s reassuring. Yet… Dun dun dunnnn….

Forgive me for worrying you, but it’s still not wholly finished…

Good news: There’s confidence in the front office, so maybe my concerns are overblown. Clearly they’d have done their due diligence and not figured out the trade without thinking of the possibility it may not go over somehow…

And feeling better still with these tweets:

Jeff Mathis goes to Miami (per Bob Elliott, though) so there may still be more names to come…

Even if it’s Syndergaard, d’Arnaud or Osuna, it’s still a big win…

Uh… and does AA also get to sleep with Loria’s wife????

More good vibes…

Seriously, you guys. Fucking amazing:

This is not the worst problem in the world to have:

And I think I’m going to leave off with this Brandon McCarthy tweet, for now. Some actual thoughts will be coming up in a separate post before the night is over, and once the deal becomes official. I’ll keep adding updates here if they seem necessary…

Ahh… OK, one more, then I gotta eat and get writing (and champagne cracking… though not until it’s officially official, I suspect)…

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  1. Maybe I’m nitpicking, but when did Marisnick become a pitcher?

  2. But can they still take on that $90M, 6 year AAV? Lol.

  3. John Buck, Emilio Bonifacio, Josh Johnson, Mark Buherle, Jose Reyes


    Alvarez, Nicolino, Escobar, Hech and others

    Thats what im hearing

  4. Did someone just reclaim their ninja status?

  5. But how can this happen, we all know Rogers doesn’t spend money

  6. AA ” i would just like to start by saying…eat it Farrell”

  7. NINJA!!!!!!!

  8. rogers all in, good thing Parkes retired, he’d explode

    they must be moving some pieces out to make room…one of Buck/JPA and the Laffeys and Happs?

    Romero is the #4 hole! woohoo

  9. I don’t know what the fuck to think!

    This is fucking huge! AWESOME!

  10. Apparently John Buck is on his way back here as well. The Marlins are just dumping salary onto the Jays. Which? Fine by me. If this goes through I will no longer cal Rogers cheap fucks.

    • +10.

      Biggest trade day in Blue jay history.

      Davidi was feeling out the fan with the 95 million payroll estimate.
      Mcowan was vindicated. 120 million is a major league payroll in the AL East.

      Glad I got my home opener tickets early.

      AA fleeced the Marlins.Serves them rght aftr Loria destroyed the Expos.

  11. Glad if only one of the big 3 goes, Niclino is going and Sanchez and Noah stay.

  12. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  13. omggggg how the fuck am I supposed to write a shitty philosophy paper when this is going down fuuuuuuck

  14. HO–LEEE

  15. fuck you farrell !!!!!

  16. Bonifacio, Reyes, Rajai and Gose…. That’s ridiculous speed

  17. Could it be!?!

    The Return of the Ninja – First Blood – Part 2 – Port of Call – New Orleans!!!

  18. Rosenthal hasn’t mentioned Marsinicks name with this deal.

  19. we still need a catcher, we only have 5

  20. I will switch phones if this happens. And subscribe to a magazine.


  22. you gotta think that managing the jays just became a few more people’s “dream job”, eh?

  23. WOOAAAHHH!!!!!!!
    Best of luck to all the now former Blue Jays, but WOW. Hope they’re not taking all of our top prospects. :O

  24. Seriously? This is only supposed to happen in GM mode on The Show.

  25. Love Bonifacio’s flexibility. Does he start at 2B? LF?

    • LF I would think. Izturis will at 2B.

      But Davis should get a fair amount of playing time too.

      • Bonafacio has big Righty/Lefty splits.

        Perfect for a platoon with Rajai, because you don’t lose many Sb’s and you still have speed on the bench

  26. Wikipedia:
    “Joshua Michael “Josh” Johnson (born January 31, 1984), nicknamed “JJ”, is a Major League Baseball starting pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays”

  27. We’re going to steal 200 bases next year!

  28. Some really rough calculations shows that the Jays have added about 45 million in payroll next year while cutting 10 million. Whatever the final numbers are, not bad Rogers.

  29. Like everyone else on here, I had no idea a deal would be this big with one team. But, I thought something was up and it would happen this week. With the money coming our way, I guess Rogers finally got it….bigger payroll = quality, MLB ready talent and a better chance of winning and allowing time to properly develop your young guys. That also maximizes revenue streams because, as Richard said and Stoeten reported, casual fans are the key to making big, big money! And, I guess AA really wanted Buehrle last year too.

    • +20.

      This is the move I wanted the Jays to make since I started following the team.

      The big contracts are still manageable.

      AA would not have been able to get these players individually at those prices.
      Toronto is on the map. Welcome to the MLB Jays fans.!

      April 2 can’t come soon enough.

  30. Did Rogers actually just spend their savings of the past few years? I’m not an extreme Rogers hater but I thought that was a pipe dream!

  31. “Rogers is cheap” – an expression forever banned from this blog.

    Rogers taking on just shy of $160 million in total salaries not including options. A bigger deal then the LA/BOS in terms of talent coming to the Jays and looks like it will happen without touching their core players (depending how you feel about Escobar) or top prospects (I think it could be argued that Nicolino is their 4th best pitching prospect and Marisnick rates behind Gose in CF).

    No matter how you slice it – a franchise altering move.

    • so the jays have until 2015 to make the playoffs or AA is outta here.

      can you imagine if they still trade for Dickey (and Johan?)

      • They’re collecting catchers for some reason…

        • They exchanged back-up catchers to dump Buck’s salary on us. This however leaves us much more free to flip one of them, probably JPA, for another piece. I’d be pretty surprised to see all 3 still in the organization come April.

    • Tooshay

    • Rogers accounting Dept showed up. The futureof MLB is to put competitive teams on the field.

      Watch jays season ticket sales explode in the next few months.

  32. Jon Morosi ‏@jonmorosi

    Source: #Marlins will get Jacob Marisnick or Anthony Gose, as well as a catcher — Arencibia, Wilson or Mathis.

  33. This is bigger than a fucking video game trade.


    I love the move for the jays. We needed those arms and aquired an all star who can be a legit lead off man. Been clamouring for JJ all off season

  35. I think I’m going to need some time alone for a little rosterbation…

  36. best trade since mcgriff and fernandez for alomar and carter in 1990, in fact this one might be better

  37. One more thing, some of these guys may be flipped, have to wait and see. But I think Johnson and Buehrle are staying.

    • have to imagine Reyes is staying too. They finally have a lead off hitter with a legit OBP.

    • The only one that might be flipped is Buck but he makes some significant $$$. The Jays desperately need SPs and just traded away their SS and SS of the future. None of the big 3 have any chance of being flipped.

  38. This is our generation’s McGriff/Fernandez for Alomar/Carter.
    Too soon to say that?

    • alomar/carter was a long term play and resulted in 2 WS.

      this is BIGGER, crazier, and has far more potential to look bad in the long run and hasn’t meant a single playoff ticket sold yet.

      with that said…i’m fucking pumped.

  39. I have a feeling Cito is coming back.

  40. This is one of those rare times when it isn’t hyperbole to say a deal could add, on its own, 10 wins to a team. Ridiculous.

    • And then taking into account all the injuries they had last season as well… i’ll be really disappointed if the Jays aren’t very close to a playoff spot at the very least. A rotation of Johnson, Buehrle, a healthy Romero, Morrow and Drabek with the new bullpen and a top of the lineup with Reyes, Lawrie, Rasmus, Encarnacion, Joey Bats… that’s epic

  41. We better be getting a hard throwing middle reliever in this deal.

  42. Oh God this makes up for a lot of dumpster-diving.

    If we really got all those players it’s an instant rebuild. I imagine a lot of managers would like this team now. Maybe it might even be a dream job for someone.

    Eat shit and die John Farrell.

  43. Stanton’s PISSED!

  44. F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5..

  45. starting to sour on this a bit. allegedly 6 solid controllable assets going over, 1 year of JJ coming back, plus buerhle (could easily give his money to lohse or someone) and the right to pay reyes 100m. if we don’t extend johnson, that’s not a huge win.

    • Die. In. A. Fire.

    • Also, have you not noticed it’s been tough to give away $ to FA’s for the Jays? This is what is referred to as a work around.

      • Bingo.
        Apparently the Marlns didn’t allow no trade clauses so the players can’t refuse to come here.

        No way AA gets, Buerle,Reyes & Johnson at those prices .

        This is a brilliant move by AA. He got 3 all star calibre players at a dicount.

    • reyes is a major upgrade when healthy. bonifacio is another good weapon, and with Izturis, the INF combined with lawrie shifting has to be thought of as one of the most elite defense in baseball at this point if it wasn’t already.
      johnson is a beast, and can be an ace. and i have to think that they’ll do all they can to lock him up.
      Buehrle, obviously was and is an overpay and it’s a backloaded deal, so i guess the joke’s on everyone that laughed at the marlins last year. Buehrle only cost them 7million.

      alvarez has no out pitch. i think and hope he develops one, and if he does, that alone is enough to make this a questionable deal. without that…it’s hoping on nicolino who is still over a year away, and hoping on marisnick who is also 2-3 years away still.

      the real losers are toronto star pass holders…unless they bring them back!

    • ^^^Ok that’s not acceptable. Could this post be removed please?

    • That’s really out of line. Shame on you.

    • Dude, that’s seriously uncool.
      Pull your head out of your ass and join us here in 2012.
      Either that, or fuck off forever.

    • Johnson is potentially worth a comp first rounder if he leaves.

      Hoping it doesn’t come to that, but there would be worse things than him leaving.

  46. Stanton Tweet:

    “Alright, I’m pissed off!!! Plain & Simple”

    We will add Lawrie if you add Stanton!

  47. BREAKING: Wilner for Van Horne added to package.

  48. Sign me to play in left pleaseeeeeeeee

  49. This is revenge for the Miami Heat stealing chris bosh from the raptors!!

    • uhh….everyone in miami hates that deal. don’t jinx this, mang.

      • Well even if they didn’t like the deal, from a Raps standpoint they went from yearly playoff contenders to yearly lottery contenders.

      • All 180 fans? Or are you including all of the taxpayers that were fleeced by Loria to pay for that monstrosity of an outfield “sculpture”?

    • Actually, I think Ninja got Bosh back for the Raptors, in exchange for Mike McCoy. This allowed the Heat to address their need for a white boy on the bench.

  50. Im so fucking happy darnaud isnt included. Fuck, they can have arencibia. Hes a miami native after all. Can’t stand his shitty approach at the plate.

  51. Barry Davis ‏@SNBarryDavis

    Just like that AA has made the #bluejays a contender in the AL East. Four of the 5 players coming over have been All Stars at least once

  52. This just in: Billy the Marlin for Bucky and Tabs

  53. Matthew Berry ‏@MatthewBerryTMR
    RT @tunasweasel: That is a trade I would have vetoed as fantasy commissioner @MatthewBerryTMR @AdamSchefter

  54. Not that it matters but will the Marlins ever be able to sign an FA again?

    3 huge signings last year with back-end loaded contracts to coincide with their new, publicly-funded stadium all traded within a year.

    Loria at his worst (again).

    • Sad that Loria is allowed to be an owner but Mark Cuban is not.

    • I suppose they could overpay. Somebody might be willing to do it if it means a lot of guaranteed money. IF you go in knowing that you might get moved, but it gets you an extra 5-10 million then you might be alright with that.

  55. But…who plays left field?

  56. And not to go really crazy but… a Morrow/Johnson/Buerhle/Romero rotation with a Reyes/Lawrie/Bautista/EE lineup… looks a lot like a team that could be playing the last week of October 2013.

  57. Trending worldwide….Alex Anthopoulos. Long name to be trending worldwide, would have just thought maybe AA…

  58. Somewhere in Masshole-land, John Farrell is smacking his forehead, saying “Fuck my life”.

  59. Money has to becoming back to Toronto, right?


    • I didn’t consider that this could be a dream. Ah shiiiiiiiiiiiit.

    • Well if it is then this is the best dream i’ve had since I dreamed that the NHL lockout ended and that the Leafs were up 9-2 LOL

  61. send my regards to Geoff Baker in Seattle… suck it!

  62. Incoming players were worth 12.2 fWAR last year. Outgoing players named thus far were worth 1.6 WAR at MLB level.

    Bluejays 2012
    Batting WAR – 15.8 (Angels 37.8, Rangers, Tigers 21.1, Yankees 30.8, Giants 29.9)
    Pitching WAR – 7.6 (Angels 10.0, Rangers 23.9, Tigers 24.8, Yankees 20.3, Giants 14.7)

    Jays add 4.7 WAR for position players, 5.9 WAR pitching.

    I wonder how much WAR injuries cost the team last year.

  63. Cecil gone? Wilner said his wife had cryptic tweet about persevering.

  64. C’mon Stoeten, get rid of this racist bullshit

    • Hey dickhead, I kinda have other things on the go at the moment.

      • Calling a sympathetic fellow a dickhead because he’s upset about racism on your board is showing you’re sympathetic to racism.
        You think it’s a priority to tweet about players in a game being traded. A game is more important than displaying racist comments to be viewed by thousands? Essentially you’re passive on promoting racism? “Post it. It’s no biggie I’ll remove it later?”
        Really Stoten?

  65. Goddamn great day to be a fan.

    Rogers aren’t cheap fucks anymore. They simply waited for the right opportunity.

    Never doubting these genius sonsabitches again.

    Give AA the key to the fucking city.

    • I must say when I saw your name I thought your comment was going to be along the lines of “Horrible trade by the Blue GAYS. Another pathetic franchise in Toronto. Go Habs”

  66. The only thing that could make this better would be if the next tweet was something like “Mikes Stanton and McCoy now included in deal.”

  67. I think I just had a wet dream!

  68. sucks to be John, how is your leaving the Jays for the Angels going?

  69. Wow.
    If this goes through, I’ll never doubt AA again. This is a full ninja,balls on the table type move.

  70. Adam Lind, come on down!

  71. Josh Johnson is a beauty!

    Way to holster up AA!!!

  72. DAMN, SON!

    Whatever this ends up being when the dust settles it’s time for a big ol’ glass of Scotch.

  73. yeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  74. Weird that I dreamed the Jays made a massive trade during a nap a few hours ago. It was for Miguel Cabrera, but still, that’s messed. :/

    I need to have more premonitions.

    Also, this comment section is moving so fast that comments won’t post lol.

    • i had a dream the night before they traded snider that they would trade snider for some shitty pitcher, it was pretty freaky when they sad he was traded for brad lincoln.

  75. someone better be bottling john feral’s tears to put them in cooperstown someday

  76. Dear complaining fan base, fuck you.

    Signed, Rogers

  77. I’m actually not so excited about this at all. We gave up a ton of trade chips for guys we could’ve signed as free agents last year, and one year of an injury-prone former ace.

    I really hope the Marlins are sending a boatload of cash back our way.

  78. Yankees and Red Sox fans are complaining about this deal.

    Fucking hilarious.

  79. This is a lot of money we are undertaking…but FUCK, HUUUUUUUUUUGE PROPS.

  80. Wonder if Oliver stays now

  81. unreal

  82. We look like contenders now and there are still a lot of sweet young assets in Gose/Sanchez/Syndergaard/Darnaud
    To be excited about.
    This is huge


  84. Ok… now,,,, everyone lets pull together and speculate which catcher is going to what team for what awesome pitcher.

    • I still want ‘Cy’ Dickey.

      • Wont be Dickey…The Mets wont trade away their Cy Young pitcher…at the very least it’s bad PR….Texas needs catching.

        • Dickey Dickey Dickey Dickey all day long!

        • I dissagree, the Mets are poorly managed, they are in full rebuild and I doubt that they are going to give a long term contract to a 37 year old. They’re better off trying to turn him into a long term controllable prospect or two.

  85. So…who pitches Opening Day?

  86. Fuck, we’ve been waiting over 5 years for Stoeten to legitimately end a post with this sans sarcasm:


    • That may be true, though he did take a dabble into the dark world of
      promoting racism on his blog.

  87. Well I’m breaking out the bubbly. It’s time for some celebration.
    All you nipples who have been calling for Anthopolous’s head can bend over.
    All you punks that have been saying the frachise is too cheap can insert your heads.
    This means you Oakville.

    • John Buck, Mathis, Arencibia, Wilson, D’arnaud.

      For AA to add a ML catcher to use for trade is sheer genius.
      Teams are clamouring for any useable body to catch and we are loaded.
      I love AA, that shrewd little bastard,

      • Hey Bitch!

        I was with Oakville too, and we were just speaking the truth on what the Greek had to do. And now he’s done it., so I’ll go eat a shit sandwich and happily do so.

        So you in the Muthfukin Tee Dot bro! And it’s going to have to be a weekend series when Farrell is in town!

        • Farrell’s on the disabled list, he stubbed his cameltoe on John Henry’s nose.

          On AA’s move and the money he said would be there when needed:

          Hate to tell you “I told you so.”

          Bullshit, you’re my brother so I love to tell you “I told you so.”

          Toronto 2013, Red Sox -Jays. I’ll bring bail money and an extra liver.

        • @Kelly Grubers.

          Thanks for your support. Rogers opened up a Business 101 textbook & read it.

          You build a team with quality players.

          There is no way AA could have got those players at those prices with all the reluctance to come to toronto etc..

          AA got the approval to go above 90 million.

    • @Smasher.

      The Jays have finally made the type of moves to upgrade the team that I have been calling for.

      It’s you guys who look silly.

      Where are your complaints that the Jays are saddeld with potential albatross contracts?

      Why aren’t you crying about the loss of Nicolino or Hecheverria??

      AA finally got more than enough money to put a competitive team on the field for 120 million.

      We should all celebrate this move. Loria saved the Jays, but he destroyed the expos .

  88. Thanks to Stoeten for getting that dumbassed bigot out of the comments. We don’t need that shit here.

  89. Thanks for getting rid of the trasy comments Stoeten.

  90. Thanks for getting rid of the trashy comments Stoeten.

  91. Stoets, you’re freaking me out with these not confirmed tweets. I can just see the MLB vetoing this trade and crushing the collective dreams and hearts of Canadian baseball fans.

  92. Am I missing something….but who’s playing short and second for us now??
    I mean, KJ hasn’t gone yet, has he?
    How many catchers do we have in the system now?

  93. Am I missing something….but who’s playing short and second for us now??
    I mean, KJ hasn’t gone yet, has he?
    How many catchers do we have in the system now?

  94. Just looked at John Buck’s fangraphs page…

  95. remember with the increased TV money coming to every team, salaries are going to escalate 25% over the next 2 years. AA just got 4 former allstars for LAST YEARS prices. Ninja indeed.

  96. I wonder how much money (if any) the marlins are packing in on this deal.

  97. How about Stanton too?? This can’t be real can it?

  98. I don’t even
    I can’t
    What the tits just happened

    That Giancarlo Stanton tweet is fantastic.

  99. more to come. Please Ricciardi take your boy Arencibia++ for Dickey. One way or the other there is a taco for hot dog trade coming!!!

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