And Kenny Ken Ken adds:

Shit son!


HINT: You might be:

Might have to take back some words about Rogers:

And another… but what do we give up?

I don’t even know where to begin here, so I’ll just keep adding tweets as they come in. Shaking.

Can’t be just him of the big three, could it?

I don’t know if I believe Bowden, but I WANT to believe. This is insane…

So a catcher must be going– fingers crossed for JPA, but… whatever. Bonifacio coming too? Holy fuck…

Henderson Alvarez? SEEYA!

Marisnick, too. But that’s OK…

I don’t think we’ll ever forget, Ken…

Skip this one if you want: Heyman making it seem like it could technically break down still…

Complete and total fucking insanity. And this:

Um… is this what’s been holding up the manager search? Too much else to process to speculate right now. Ahh, but poor Marlins fans, whoever they are. You think we have a bullshitter as president of the club?

More thoughts coming– mine will be in a subsequent post when I stop shaking:

OK, so Marisnick OR Gose, but no matter. And a non-d’Arnaud catcher? HELLO!

Still things being said out there… holy mother…

Apparently it IS Marisnick and not Gose:

Jim Bowden talking about it as though no more names are set to filter in:


And also this (Sorry Miami):

Indeed they did. Indeed they did…

Holy fuck, make it official, make it official! I can’t relax until I know they can’t take it away:

Players are now tweeting as though it’s a done deal, so that’s reassuring. Yet… Dun dun dunnnn….

Forgive me for worrying you, but it’s still not wholly finished…

Good news: There’s confidence in the front office, so maybe my concerns are overblown. Clearly they’d have done their due diligence and not figured out the trade without thinking of the possibility it may not go over somehow…

And feeling better still with these tweets:

Jeff Mathis goes to Miami (per Bob Elliott, though) so there may still be more names to come…

Even if it’s Syndergaard, d’Arnaud or Osuna, it’s still a big win…

Uh… and does AA also get to sleep with Loria’s wife????

More good vibes…

Seriously, you guys. Fucking amazing:

This is not the worst problem in the world to have:

And I think I’m going to leave off with this Brandon McCarthy tweet, for now. Some actual thoughts will be coming up in a separate post before the night is over, and once the deal becomes official. I’ll keep adding updates here if they seem necessary…

Ahh… OK, one more, then I gotta eat and get writing (and champagne cracking… though not until it’s officially official, I suspect)…

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  1. Imagin if we get josh hamiliton by trading a couple prospects. o ya man wants a big deal

  2. Thank you, sorry everyone about the above comments

  3. id rather give Colby than Gose….fuck…i dont want to see Nicolino or Hech go either….

    but this is a big trade. wow. give us Stanton muthafuckassss!!!

  4. Wow, I am simply stunned. I was completely wrong about everything bad I ever said about AA and Rogers if this is confirmed. It’s an amazing feeling. Amazing.

  5. I knew Rogers would do something once I stopped paying my bill!!

  6. Bautista might drive in 150 with rabbits Reyes and Bonifacio hitting ahead of him!

  7. Wow!
    I remember the Alomar trade (still have the sports section of the Star from that day) in ’91 but this deal looks to be even bigger; franchise altering indeed!

    It really is like something out of a video game – with trade logic turned off, aka AA Ninja mode…

  8. No Stanton? Meh.

  9. This is Jeff Loria’s apology to Canadian baseball fans

  10. In the immortal words of the cook from the great outdoors…..

    “He’s nof done”

  11. Jeff Mathis — JEFF MOTHERFUCKING MATHIS — is the catcher in the deal. Holy shit.

  12. Best part of this deal.
    Those who own Kelly Johnson blue jays jerseys(I know. Not many of u) can just change the number and have a real jersey :)

  13. Jeff Mathis the catcher going back.

    Lind/Buck platoon at DH!
    JP catcher!

    TDA still catcher of the future!!!

    • They will move one of those catchers. Bucks bat doesn’t really scream DH.

    • JPA/Happ/Gose trade chips for other upgrades.
      Sign Jonny Gomes to platoon with Lind.
      TDA/Buck at C

      • I would be less inclined to move Gose without Marisnick behind him. DJ Davis is a ways a way and Rasmus doesn’t really inspire a ton of confidence as a long term solution.

  14. Fucking Loria, that fucking fuck, fucks over another city. Signs those guys to big deals, says they’re building a winning franchise, gets a new stadium built with public money….and then dumps the whole lot of them.
    I’d be pissed if I was a Miami baseball fan. I don’t blame Stanton for being pissed.

  15. I called this exact deal yesterday and everyone made fun of me >:(


  17. Even if this trade goes through, and as awesome as it is, I’m sure the Jays will still find a way to miss the playoffs next season. :S

  18. Siiccckk!! They can still use arencibia as a trade chip!!

  19. I really hope Syndergaard, Sanchez, d’Arnaud or Osuna don’t go.

    Am I greedy?

  20. this is the greatest blue jay trade of all time

  21. minor leaguer is Anthony DeSclafani according to mlbt

  22. I just tried this trade in MLB12 the show. The Marlins rejected it haaaaard.

  23. Fuck just bought black ops 2 and Im not going to play it till tomorrow now haha

  24. If I’m still hard in four hours, I’m checking into a hospital.

    Who’s buying flex packs tonight?

  25. AA just avenged the Expos.

    • Love this.

    • +10.
      The mailroom boy hired by Loria has fleeced the Marlins owner.

      Loria wanted to be fleeced.

      He got his stadium in Miami at a low cost . he dumped ayrol & can rebuild the malins with the Jays propects & players.

  26. Ok, ok, ok… Elliott is tweeting that the catcher going out is Mathis. MATHIS!?!?!?!?

    If that’s true, then, well, holy shit. This seems like the cliche of threading a needle from a football away. HUGE improvement to the MLB club while sending out value – without a doubt – but not by any means selling the farm. In terms of value, in declining order, I’d say it’s Escobar, Marisnick, Alvarez, Hech, Nicolino, Mathis. For this, the Jays get two potentially elite players, two average-above average regulars and a young controllable every day player with upside.

    Most fans were hoping that only one of two of those six would be on the MLB roster next year. The farm is still strong, and AA is back in the saddle in a big way.

    • You’re way undervaluing Nicolino. I’ve always been high on him but I see him as a near lock to be a major league starter. Not an ace but a very good chance to be a solid #3 for a lot of years.

      That’s said of course I still love this trade.

      • I guess I’m placing a higher priority on present value at the MLB level. His upside would slot him in behind Marisnick, but he’s still a long way from the big leagues, development wise.

        • He’s closer to the majors than any of the other stud pitching prospects the Jays have. And he’ll get there that much sooner on Miami. He’s got more maturity and command than most pitchers his age. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him called up toward the end of next season, ie. 2013.

  27. Is the Jays off-season over now?

    • They still can very well move JPA. However this off season is a success if nothing else gets done to say the least

  28. This post is a mess

    For readers just tuning in now it’s really hard to read

  29. so who is the new beast of the AL EAST!!?!?!?!? bitches.


  31. Trade summary (so far?):


    Josh Johnson
    Mark Buehrle
    Jose Reyes
    John Buck
    Emilio Bonifacio
    $4M in cash


    Adeiny Hechavarria
    Yunel Escobar
    Jake Marisnick
    Justin Nicolino
    Henderson Alvarez
    Jeff Mathis
    Anthony DeSclafani

    Did I miss anyone? Jeebus.

  32. Jon morosi Said it best

    “Jon Morosi ‏@jonmorosi

    So, why did Alex Anthopoulos wait to hire a manager? Perhaps because more candidates would have interest in working with THIS roster. “

  33. Why do I get the feeling that AA ain’t even close to being done yet? This is going to be fun!

  34. Too bad about Marisnick, I was hoping the OF would be DJ Davis or someone else.
    But you got to give to get, a huge fucking awesome trade.
    Thanks Mr. Anthopolous, I didn’t have a reason to get drunk tonight.
    Whiskey time.

    • Jays might have felt better about moving Marisnick with Rasmus and Gose ahead and DJ Davis behind. I know it is early, but Davis put up a really nice showing in his short season. Also Marisnick had a tough year. Still, I agree, it is one of the tougher bullets to bite in this one.

    • Ya lets hits the sauce. I think losing Nicolino stings the most for me

  35. Lineup:
    SS – Reyes
    LF – Bonifacio/Davis
    RF – Bautista
    1B – EE
    3B – Lawrie
    CF – Rasmus
    DH – Lind/Buck (Buck to be replaced by TDA mid-season)
    C – JP
    2B – Izturis


    Then the killer bullpen.

    Holy fuck, am I fucking dreaming????

  36. Jeff Loria’s wikipedia page is hilarious right now.

  37. Anyone want to go to the first Toronto boston game now and chant TORONTO DREAM JOB!!!!

  38. Can the season start tomorrow please?

  39. If the Jays still manage a trade for R.A. Dickey, the team would be the greatest Jays team I’ve seen on paper.. maybe more-so than the 92-93 teams. They still, quite easily, have the farm to do it too.

  40. If you were not watching live when Jim Sundberg hit the wind blown, bases loaded triple versus Dave Stieb in Game 7 of the 1985 ALCS, you have no right to comment on this transaction in any way, shape or form.

  41. So we are trading the half of the Jays of the future for the Miami Marlins of 2012.
    Does all this mean that Ozzie is going to be the new manager ROFLMFAO?

  42. AA just gave a middle finger to all the cynics.

  43. So, I guess that Beeston wasn’t just spewing bullshit when he tossed around the idea of the Jays increasing payroll up to the $120M range…

    Good on Rogers for providing the financial support that AA needed to make this trade.

  44. @bluejaysbatboy is saying that someone from the Yanks and Sox are crying to Selig about this. I hope hope hope that is true, this is the only way this could possibly be any more fucking delicious.

  45. fastest post to 400 comments? just under 2hrs, not counting the half dozen or so deleted.
    and oh ya…go fuck yourself SP!

  46. Can we sign Brandon McCarthy just because he is the best tweeter in baseball? (I suppose he would make an alright 3, 4, or 5 pitcher as well).

  47. Where the hell is Night Manimal

    • Ha ha ha!!! Just watched that!! Dig these lyrics!!
      M-A-R-L-I-N-S! We are the Marlins! GO FISH!
      Everything is great in the Sunshine State
      We’ve got the Marlins, the Miami Marlins
      So get up and let’s go — let everybody know that we are the Marlins – The Miami Marlins!
      Catch the wave! Cheer the boys (We are the Marlins! GO Fish!)
      Stomp your feet and let’s make some noise!
      We are the Marlins, the Miami Marlins
      Make a date with the Marlins — those Miami Darlins
      Let’s go Marlins!
      Black Yellow Orange and Blue – We are coming after you!
      Catch the wave! Cheer the boys (We are the Marlins! GO Fish!)
      Stomp your feet and let’s make some noise!
      We are the Marlins, the Miami Marlins
      Make a date with the Marlins — those Miami Darlins
      Let’s go Marlins!
      M-A-R-L-I-N-S! We are the Marlins! GO FISH!

  48. [...] lie. Time constraints tonight and, frankly, a distraction and my chronic pants urination after the best trade ever in a sport that’s not football led to tight ends being left [...]

  49. Brandon McCarthy is such a chill bro.

  50. So basically the $4 mil is added so John Buck is our backup catcher instead of Jeff Mathis. Fine by me as it’s more or less a wash. Actually, I’d prefer Buck and I think he makes it easier to trade JPA and gradually transition to TDA.

    Essentially, Johnson, Buerhle, Reyes, Bonifacio for Escobar, Hech, Alvarez, Nicolino, Marisnick & Descalfini.

    Love it.

  51. HAHA cots has crashed!!!!!

  52. I’m so happy Stoeten! I’m gonna buy you a pizza!

  53. So how does a big, fat, greying turd like Jeff Loria manage to get such a hot wife?

  54. hmm, step away from the computer for like an hour and come back to find DJF exploded. cool I like it. I like the AA take them by surprise moves, they are fun.

  55. Lets order up the season tickts. sing me up

  56. What, no Giancarlo Stanton? Pffft.

    Seriously though, if Loria wasn’t the mother of all douchebags I might kiss him full on the lips. While there is no “taste” for the mayor of Montreal (or Laval) in this deal, please take this ass-raping as an analgesic balm for the clusterfuckery that was the Expos under that fucking asshole.

  57. My fuck!

    The Greek Geek does have a large set of hairy balls and Rogers must read this website.

    I just put on my daddy’s jersey for dinner tonight.

    Fuckin rights!

    • Groooobah. Just finishing off my 3rd rye and ginger. Celebrating the trade.

      John Farrell can go fuck himself. And I hope Boston can sing Jason fucking Bay.

      Eat it massholes.

      • Ballsdeep ma man. I’m buying the first 26 rounds at Opera Bobs for pre opening day.

        Were back in the ring with the heavyweights. Look out AL East, there’s a new muthafukin sherrif in town and hisname is the 2013 Blue Jays.

  58. AA to John Farrell and the rest of the AL East: “I must break you”

  59. AA is a magician. He just convinced Miami to downgrade about 4 position players on his roster.

  60. Denard Span ‏@thisisdspan

    Wow! The bluejays just got a little bit better

  61. Holy fuck what a day. Every since that AA is itching to get a trade done tweet from this morning I sort of half expected something but not like this. Was just about to get on the subway to head home after seeing the new Bond flick in IMAX and glanced at my twitter account.

    Here’s the updated roster and costs as I see them.

    Figures in parentheses are for 2013 salaries in millions of dollars.
    * Denotes the arbitration estimate via MLB Trade Rumors.

    Position Players – Starters (8 out of 9): Buck (6), EE (8), Lawrie (0.5), Reyes (10), Rasmus (4.5*), Jose (14), Lind (5.15), Bonifacio (2.5*)

    Position Players – Bench (3 out of 4): Mathis (1.5), Davis (2.5), Izturis (3)

    Total Cost for 2013 for 11 position players: $57.65 million
    Holes to Fill: Left Field, 4th Bench Player

    Starting Pitchers (5 of 5): Romero (7.75), Morrow (8), Johnson (13.75), Buehrle (11), Happ (*3.8)?? fuck no please lol
    Relief Pitchers (7 of 7): Janssen (3.9), Santos (2.75), Delabar (0.5), Lincoln (0.5), Loup (0.5), Oliver (3), Rogers (0.5)

    Total Cost for 2013 for 12 pitchers: $55.95 million
    Holes to Fill: None or one starter if Happ ends up as depth (praying to BJ gods one more time)

    Total Cost for 2013 for 23 players: $113.6 million
    Additional Costs**: $1.5
    Grand Total for 23 players: $115.1


    Again for the pre-arb guys Lawrie, Delabar, Lincoln, Loup and Rogers I gave them $500k. I changed Rasmus’ arbitration number to reflect the estimate they had in MLB Trade Rumors of $4.5 million. In addition to Rasmus, I put Happ down for $3.8 million and Bonifacio for $2.5 million as per MLB Trade Rumors.

    I have Bonifacio as the starting 2nd baseman at this point. Again feel free to flip Izturis and Bonifacio if that rocks your boat a little better. Unfortunately, I have included Happ as 5th starter at this point :o( Still hoping that the Jays make another move for someone else like Marcum perhaps and send Happ back to the depth bench but that looks doubtful.

    Total payroll is sitting at $113.6 million for 23 players.

    Spots that still needed to be filled: Left Field, 4th Bench Spot or 8th reliever if you’re into S&M.

    As for the trade itself, I am mixed on it. I think for this year it will be fantastic, if they add somone decent for LF you’ve got a strong contender for the division imo. However, if they don’t sign Johnson to an extension the cost might end up being prohibitive going forward when you add everything up in future salaries and prospects. I do love the fact that we’re getting Reyes. Back when I first started posting here I really really hoped the Jays would make a splash and go after him. I was never a big Buehrle fan and don’t see him being more than a #4 on a good staff but that’s not exactly horrible either. If Romero bounces back in 2013 then having Buehrle as your #4 is a good problem to have I suppose. As I mentioned above I hope AA isn’t done with the pitching staff. There’s still the issue of depth if Happ is your #5. Of course beggars can’t be choosers and I was certainly one begging for Rogers to put out and they certainly did even if it wasn’t the way I expected them too. The back loading of the Reyes and Buehrle contracts could be an issue starting next year though who knows if AA won’t turn around and flip some of these guys for other pieces.

    • Oh forgot to add that it’s reported the Marlins are sending $4 million the Jays way too. Almost a drop in the bucket now but it might get us our Left Fielder.

    • Opps looks like I might have messed something else up. Not sure if we traded Mathis or JPA. Anyone know for sure? Thanks

    • I think you go with a platoon in LF of Bonifacio and Davis, their splits back that up pretty well I’d say. And if we can sign Jonny Gomes to split time with Lind at DH (so that Lind never has to face LHP ever again) I’d be happy about that too.
      I think the next move has to be dealing JPA (and Happ if necessary) for a better 5th SP than Happ, then have D’Arnaud take over for Buck when/if he’s ready.

      SS – Reyes
      LF – Bonifacio (vs. RHP), Davis (vs. LHP)
      RF – Bautista
      1B – Encarnacion
      3B – Lawrie
      CF – Rasmus
      DH – Lind (vs RHP), Gomes (vs. LHP)
      C – D’Arnaud/Buck
      2B – Izturis

      SP – Morrow, Romero, Johnson, Buehrle, Upgrade SP
      RP – Janssen, Santos, Oliver, Delabar, Lincoln, Rogers, Happ (if still here)/Cecil for the long-relief/swingman/LHP specialist role.

      Brings you to 24, so you either go 8-man pen or bring in another backup, either way still looks decent to me!

      • I think Bonifacio ends up easily getting 100+ starts as a super sub, 40+ in LF, 40+ in 2B, 30+ as injury replacements at 3B, SS, CF. If they’re both healthy, there’s no reason why Bonifacio and Izturis can’t both start as many as 130 games or so each.

  62. Well. We were waiting for the money’s shot, and wow, Alex really blew his wad.

    It feels like Christmas.

  63. I can’t wait to read all the damage controlling that goes on in this comment section. Bunch of cheap fucks! Suck it AA haters.

    • Fuck that. I happily got tired of the nickle and diming…………

      I liked Alex all along. But it looked as though he were following the cheap orders of Rogers and thus the comments.

      I will happily go eat a tray of shit sandwiches…………but I stand by my questioning of their commitment before.

  64. If this goes official, good on AA. This is a perfect time to build the Blue Jays brand in Toronto, right in the middle of the NHL lock out.. and honestly it looks good on those greedy bastards. I hope this pays big for AA.

  65. Still kind of speechless when I think about all this especially knowing that AA could still have a few more moves up his sleeve.

  66. We just round this out with Jack Cust in left field. All is well.

  67. Wikipedia:

    “Jeffrey H. Loria (born November 20, 1940) is an art dealer, noted cheapskate, and the owner of the Miami Marlins.”

  68. I had another shitty, disappointing day on the job today, being neglected and left to twist in the wind.

    I cannot, for the life of me, remember why that is. CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY!!!


  69. hmmm….cecil’s wife’s tweet makes me think the night is not over!!! jpa and cecil (2 of ricciardi’s guys) for Dickey!!!!! YES PLEASE!!!!

    • plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

      It is like AA is making up for years of underwhelming off seasons in one night

  70. Maybe Melky will just sign with the Jays for free, like some community service-riddled guilt he feels for last year’s juicing!

  71. This is great for the Buejays !

    Now as long as Rob P from THESCORE does not pic the the JAYS to win.
    We’ll be good to go.

    Because everyone knows that guys a joke and all his Pics suck

    #Heat in the kitchen

  72. I took my son for a walk tonight and was dreaming on getting Jonny Gomes for a DH platoon. Then I got home and checked MLBTR.
    Bless you Alex you crazy motherfucker!

    I think the payroll parameters just went out the window in NY and Boston.

  73. A couple of interesting points in this Fox story:

    “The blockbuster was made possible by the fact that the Marlins, as a club policy, do not award no-trade clauses. Thus, the Blue Jays were able to obtain veterans such as Buehrle and Reyes who did not seriously consider Toronto during free agency.”

    Well that’s one way to get around the problem of players who don’t want to sign with Toronto.

    “A key consideration in the deal is that new Marlins manager Mike Redmond managed in the Toronto system and knows many of the prospects Miami will receive.”

    Maybe we should do this more often send off our coaching personnel to teams we want to trade with in the hopes they can grease the wheels to get a deal done.


  74. In case anyone is reading this thread, and is confused by the last half dozen comments, There was a disgusting, racist comment that Stoeten removed, and all of the child comments to that comment seem to just stay at the bottom of the thread. Scroll up above Anthony O’Neil’s 7:10pm comment for the most recent comments.

  75. Ok. Im very excited for this trade. Don’t get me wrong. Very excited. The team is much better today than it was yesterday.


    These are the same core players that were supposed to do big things for Miam last year…and that team was a disaster.

    i love that we gave up neither sanchez or noah…and Marisnik likely ends up being a corner OF in the bigs…something that you can find if you have cash.

    Just we need to not act like this is a championship team automatically. nice pieces..but lets be realistic and look at performance and not just name recognition

    • +1

      The games still have to be played.

    • The players the Jays are receiving weren’t the problem with the Marlins. The rest of the team was (I’m not even kidding).

    • That’s worth keeping in mind, but it’s also true that we grabbed two potentially elite players, and their performance was solid last year. The Marlins had many problems last year. Heath Bell was a bust, Hanley Ramirez was bad, and a distraction. Johnson and Reyes were two bright spots for them, and Buerhle has a long enough track record that he’s a virtual lock for thirty starts and 200 innings. Big pieces.

      • but now we have Miami’s core and Toronto’s core, and maybe another player or two yet to come

        • This.

          It’s not like the Jays are an expansion team. There was a lot of talent in place already and other than a new LF and platoon partner for Lind, the Jays don’t necessarily need to do anything else this winter.

  76. I am really happy for the guys who have never seen the Jays in the playoffs – man there’s nothing like it! Its magic, and its comming to the Dome. Well done AA, Beeston, Mr. Mohamad and Rogers. We have a team to be proud of now! Move over Sox, Yanks, O’s and Ray’s, and meet the new bad boyz of the AL East. Save yout pennies for the playoffs cause the seats arn’t cheap. but they sure as hell are woth it.

  77. Anyone else concerned that, as awesome as this trade is, we still need upgrades in LF and DH and now are unlikely to be able to add payroll to address those ?

    • Won’t Bonafacio be the new LF?

      • I hope not. He appeared in 64 games last season with a .645 OPS. And a platoon w/ Rajai doesn’t make sense b/c they’re both right handed. He steals a lot of bases, but I don’ t think he’s too much of an upgrade on Davis, who we all know, is not a starter on a contender.

        • He bats as a switch hitter.

          Bonifacio had a .370 OBP against righties last year, and .714 OPS. Davis .345 OBP and .783 OPS last year against lefties. Plus they are fast!

          Makes a good platoon. I wont be upset with them platooning and batting 2nd! Reyes – Bonifacio/Davis – Jose – EE – Lawrie top 5.

          • Maybe so — what was his health status last year? Something wasn’t right I assume. Any worry that he won’t be recovered?

        • Agree with Argos, would be a great LF platoon.
          As a Bonifacio fantasy baseball owner, he had thumb and knee issues (at separate times) throughout the year, had surgery on his thumb to fix it. Should be fine for spring training as far as I know.

  78. It’s nice to see that Rogers is letting the Jays put all that extra TV money back into the club.

    The Arms Race escalates…

  79. From Dan Szymborski’s Insider piece. I won’t give away the big stuff, but he came to these calculations after adding some wins on the assumption the Jays won’t have ridiculous injury luck again along with the new acquisitions:

    “Add up what the Jays have and what they gained today and you’re looking at a team with a mean expectation for wins somewhere in the high 80s or low 90s.”

    Fuck yes.

  80. Things can still change before Spring Training, but it amazes me that the Jays suddenly can field a complete quasi-veteran rotation (or at least all established starters):

    Johnson – R / Buehrle – L / Morrow – R / Romero – L / Happ – L

  81. I can’t help but feel that the Blue Jays just won the 2011 off-season… Buehrle and Reyes!

    • Of course, they would have been nice to have had last year…

      • Miami just got the new stadium and was spending left right and centre, it looked like they were even going to land Pujols. Which team do you think has a better chance of landing them if they offer the exact same contracts?

  82. If only we had a Manager ? Hey AA…….

  83. Wow..just looked up reyes stats….this guy rarely strikes out…

    still stole 40 bases last year..and had over 700 Plate appearances.

    could it be that AA just wanted reyes to be healthy for one full season before he was willing to committ big dollars to him? or is this just rogers not being tight wads anymore

    • Good chance his stats improve this year playing at the Rogers Centre. His speed game is primed for a place like Toronto. Miami had a neutral park factor of 100 last year according to BR. Toronto was at 104. Add to that some of the other hitter friendly parks in the AL East.

      • Careful, park rating can’t be seen as accurate.

        Miami had a neutral factor because it is a new park and they don’t have enough data to draw conclusions yet.

        • Yep that’s a good point I forg0t they are calculated using multiple years data but even just from watching games there and seeing the size of the park it’s likely going to trend a pitchers park and Toronto is without question a hitters park which is what’s really important.

  84. So we gonna trade one of our catchers and sign Melky for Left Field now?

    FUck. I can’t believe how excited I am right now lol. This takes me right back to when I remember hearing about the Jays trading Fernandez and McGriff.

    • Sign Melky.

      Sign Gomes to platoon with Lind.

      Trade JPA, Happ, Cecil & Sierra for Dickey.

      Not only is this trade awesome, there are still plenty of pieces left to make another impact trade.

      • Yep that’s basically what I tweeted to Stoeten a few minutes ago lol

        SR ‏@Sandlot_Terror

        @AndrewStoeten @dustinparkes @francisprescott @House4545 @DrewGROF Trade one in a package for Dickey and sign Melky!

        Personally would like to keep Happ strictly for depth and functionality since we don’t know what’s going on with Oliver yet though this trade might help him change his mind. If I had my way Happ would be my 6th starter. Since Cecil is out of options I’d rather move him. Also a move to some of the more spacious NL parks might do wonders for his stats.

        • Cecil is not going to bring you very much back.

        • Good point night_manimal to keep Happ for depth.

          As much as I have no issue trading Alvarez, he would have been a nice safety option as the #6 starter in Buffalo.

          I guess that role will be filled with Jenkins, German and another Laffey-type filler.

    • We might not want to drop all our kids though…… We want to be good for a while not a year or two. Where do we stop………. I say no to Darnuad and the rest of the Lugnut chuckers.

  85. Josh Johnson, Burhle, Morrow, Romero this is an impressive starting rotation. We may not give up an earned run all year

  86. Just realized how impossible it will be to hit through the left side of the infield next year…I’d say we’re a Dh away from best offence in baseball…preferably left handed…this is so fucking amazing…

    Lh Dh (not named Lind)

    Black Magic just told his wife he’s gonna play another season…

    • And 3 switch hitters…fuck me…I’m so fucking excited right now…

    • not much of anything after the 4 hole, imo

      • Nope, just one of the best young players in baseball, one of the best prospects in baseball (plus JPA for the time being), and a former top prospect who could still blossom. Not much at all

      • You’re crazy. You’re going to write off Lawrie for one bad sophomore season.
        I believe he’ll be one of the most improved Jays next year and probably is the greatest beneficiary of this trade. Pressure is off him, he won’t need to be risking it on the bases and there is an influx of leadership.
        In my humble opinion Lawrie will be in the 2-hole by a month into the season and will rake the fuck out of the ball.

    • If only Rasmus could be that lefty clean up hitter we so want him to be…..

      Lineup does look pretty lethal either way

      • I wish Ike Davis for JPA+ would be possible just to top off the best off season ever…hell maybe morneau why not…I wish I could hibernate till spring…

  87. CN Tower deal reached, proposed city skyline to look as follows:


  88. So many options now for other things. There’s always a possibility that Bonifacio ends up as 4th outfielder and Davis gets moved in a part of a package. Considering his ability to play all over the diamond doing that might give the Jays the option to do some different things with their bench.

    • NM you made it! A few of us thought you got packaged to Miami as well

      • Ha!. Have an uncle visiting from Scotland so I took him to see James Bond today and then some shopping and the obligatory beers at the pub. He actually bought a Toronto FC shirt instead of a Jays shirt for my cousin if you can believe. No taste in some relations I tell ya lol

        Been a great day so far!

        • I apologise for any role that I may have played in suggesting that you too were traded. I thought the Marlins board would need someone to explain to them the quality of the prospects they’d be receiving…then I remembered that there isn’t a Marlins board… ;)

      • With the amount of salary eaten in todays trade I am leaning towards expecting Bonafacio to be the LF.

    • Roster-porn :) Nice change from all the prospect-porn we’ve had to re-hash. Was getting a bit desensitizing.

  89. At this point I wouldn’t look so much at trades. Sign someone like Melky, and then maybe another mid/low level starter, pushes Happ to swingman, depth role. You keep everyone else, give TDA a chance to get back on his feet at AAA and have yourself positioned nicely if you need something at the trade deadline.

  90. Hey, get ready for the Jose Reyes music channel exclusively on Rogers Galaxy Music roster or the app store – you WILL LOVE reggaeton –


  91. I would still take Villanueva as our 5th starter, sign Melky for LF, keep Lind at DH. All is good.

  92. Feels pretty fucking good.

  93. [...] Alex Anthopolous, much criticized in recent days for his delay in hiring a manager for the Toronto Blue Jays, has, by all appearances, pulled off one hell of a trade this evening. Taking full advantage of Florida Marlins owner Jeffrey (Scrooge Mc)Loria and his steadfast adherence to hip-hop’s universal maxim, Anthopolous has reportedly acquired Pitchers Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle, Shortstop Jose Reyes, Multipositional Fast Dude Emilio Bonifacio, Catcher (and forme Blue Jay) John Buck, and somewhere in the neighbourhood of $4 million. In exchange, the Jays send Shortstops Yunel Escobar and Adeiny Hechevarria, Catcher Jeff Mathis, RHP Henderson Alvarez, and a trio of prospects, Pitchers Justin Nicolino and Anthony DeSclafani and Outfielder Jake Marisnick. An excellent roundup of Twitter reaction to the piecemeal revealing of the trade, as well as forthcoming analysis, can be found at Drunk Jays Fans. [...]

  94. YESSSSS THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME!!!!! THE PIECES ARE COMING INTO PLACE. ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO LOST TRUST IN AA & BEESTON, it’s understandable, but I always believed they meant what they said. It was evident through all the moves he was making and finally it has come full circle to trading prospects for proven players. JAYS 2013 PLAYOFFS!!!!?

  95. I will not be disappointed to have to watch Buerhle and Johnson for 62 starts next year instead of the Laffey/Happ/Chavez/Jenkins shitshow from last year.

    Arencibia gone next?

  96. Wow. Jays gettin ready to turn Farrell’s dream job into a nightmare!

  97. Merry fucking early Christmas fellow Jays fans!!

  98. I think the best part is all over the net they have a different player in the healiner. “Jays nab Reyes in Blockbuster”, “Jays nab Johnson in blockbuster”. Truth. Jays nab everybody!!!!

  99. Finally the team wants to win. As a fan this is great. Is anyone listening to Wilner now? Shut his mic off, he is such a fucking idiot!

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