And Kenny Ken Ken adds:

Shit son!


HINT: You might be:

Might have to take back some words about Rogers:

And another… but what do we give up?

I don’t even know where to begin here, so I’ll just keep adding tweets as they come in. Shaking.

Can’t be just him of the big three, could it?

I don’t know if I believe Bowden, but I WANT to believe. This is insane…

So a catcher must be going– fingers crossed for JPA, but… whatever. Bonifacio coming too? Holy fuck…

Henderson Alvarez? SEEYA!

Marisnick, too. But that’s OK…

I don’t think we’ll ever forget, Ken…

Skip this one if you want: Heyman making it seem like it could technically break down still…

Complete and total fucking insanity. And this:

Um… is this what’s been holding up the manager search? Too much else to process to speculate right now. Ahh, but poor Marlins fans, whoever they are. You think we have a bullshitter as president of the club?

More thoughts coming– mine will be in a subsequent post when I stop shaking:

OK, so Marisnick OR Gose, but no matter. And a non-d’Arnaud catcher? HELLO!

Still things being said out there… holy mother…

Apparently it IS Marisnick and not Gose:

Jim Bowden talking about it as though no more names are set to filter in:


And also this (Sorry Miami):

Indeed they did. Indeed they did…

Holy fuck, make it official, make it official! I can’t relax until I know they can’t take it away:

Players are now tweeting as though it’s a done deal, so that’s reassuring. Yet… Dun dun dunnnn….

Forgive me for worrying you, but it’s still not wholly finished…

Good news: There’s confidence in the front office, so maybe my concerns are overblown. Clearly they’d have done their due diligence and not figured out the trade without thinking of the possibility it may not go over somehow…

And feeling better still with these tweets:

Jeff Mathis goes to Miami (per Bob Elliott, though) so there may still be more names to come…

Even if it’s Syndergaard, d’Arnaud or Osuna, it’s still a big win…

Uh… and does AA also get to sleep with Loria’s wife????

More good vibes…

Seriously, you guys. Fucking amazing:

This is not the worst problem in the world to have:

And I think I’m going to leave off with this Brandon McCarthy tweet, for now. Some actual thoughts will be coming up in a separate post before the night is over, and once the deal becomes official. I’ll keep adding updates here if they seem necessary…

Ahh… OK, one more, then I gotta eat and get writing (and champagne cracking… though not until it’s officially official, I suspect)…

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  1. Sweet Baby Jesus…Josh Johnson is 6’7″, 250? That’s a big dude.

  2. Not only does this trade kick ass on it’s own, but the fallout will be interesting as well.

    I know he struggled last year, but I fully expect John Buck to be the opening day catcher with JPA traded and TDA taking over at some point in 2013.

    Could Bonifacio or Davis be traded?

    I believe both Johnson and Reyes are here to stay. But I would not be totally shocked if Buehrle were traded to a team (i.e. LAD, LAA, TEX) that misses out on Greinke if AA can pull another rabbit out of his hat like Dickey.


    • Totally agree that either Bonifacio or Davis could be traded though I think Davis would be the one to go since he’s not under control after this year and Bonifacio offers more flexibility.

      Not sure what they are going to do regarding the catching but it’s practically a given that something else will happen there first.

      As for Buehrle, I could swear you’re reading my mind. Was just saying the same thing a little earlier to my old man. However, I think the Jays would have to extend Johnson first for that to happen.

      • Yeah I could see that. Johnson extension followed by possibly a Buehrle trade if another pitcher is acquired.

        Who knows how AAs mind works, though. He’s probably think five trades ahead of this one.

  3. I’d still try to move a catcher not named D’arnaud and some pocket change for either a LF or a DH-type guy.
    All of a sudden, Toronto might not be a horrible destination for a MLB free agent looking for a team that might make the post-season. This cannot be a bad thing.

  4. The Jays are looking at a 120 million dollar payroll……Everyone can pay their cell phone bills now please!

    • That’s right around what I hoped for. It’s entirely possible it could even higher this year. It totally blows Davidi’s $95 million out of the water unless Buehrle or Johnson gets flipped before the season starts.

  5. Today was a great day but many questions are still present.

    1. Whats the story with the catching situation? JPA could be moved for a solid pitcher, this is true. Then that would give D’Arnaud and Buck the duties this season. This makes sense. However, if the deal is for an ACE pitcher like bringing Halladay back or shocking the world and bringing in Felix or something retarded like that then I include D’Arnaud. If D’Arnaud struggles then Buck is there to pick up the slack. Ive seen some people suggesting the Jays wait to trade JPA until the deadline or something,,, how would that make sense? If the Jays are in contention then why would they trade their starting catcher? and mess up the catcher / pitcher relations? Thoughts anyone?

    2. Left field – Bonifacio is pretty good in the outfield but I see him as a super super utility being that he can play every position on the field apart from catching and pitching. So Id say reserve him for that role. Honestly everyone keeps saying there’s a HUGE hole in left, really there isnt, I picture Gose coming in and really fighting for a job this spring which would push Rasmus to left field and can even fathom a team with the speed of Reyes, Bonifacio, Gose, Davis, Izturis and others? Thats a lot of wheels. But if there must be a signing, my vote is Ryan Ludwick, he would be available on a short term for modest money and would put some power into things. Perhaps they could sign Bay to what would be a VERY cheap deal with his payouts coming from the Mets, see what hes got left in the tank, just to buy Gose some time to bring it to the right level.

    2B – really is this a question or issue for anyone? Izturis or Bonifacio will play this role and play it well, both are above average defenders that can contribute offensively when need be. I dont see a question here.

    1B/DH – ONE solution here… KEVIN, FUCKING, YOUKILIS. It is absolutely THAT simple, there is no question in my mind. He is the only guy for that job, this must happen. He can mentor Lawrie the right way, he will hit like a BOSS in front of Bautista or anywhere in the line up. Who fucking cares what it means for Lind, he has had his chances and burned them, trade him to someone, anyone and eat the salary and give him a fresh start. Youkilis is the factor that puts this team over the edge to being the division favourite in my opinion. He plays the game the right way and would be fantastic to have in that clubhouse.

    Manager – todays move will mean the Jays will get pretty much anyone they want for the job. Period.

    5th spot in the rotation – JPA trade for another good pitcher, Im thinking Dickey would look awful nice in the rotation, obviously not the 5 hole but he would look damn good. If they are looking internally, Hutchison is my candidate, Drabek is dead to me, I dont give a fuck where he pitchers this year.

    • Youkilis really didn’t put up that good of numbers last year. Even with the improvement he saw after the trade, I would pass on that. They just don’t play that well at 1B/DH.

      Also Hutchison won’t be ready for much of next year.

  6. On a side note….there is a certain MLB owner in Miami who should be forced out of baseball.

  7. I jizzed.

  8. That last Olney quote absolutely makes my night. Bravo!

  9. So I’ve been thinking about the manager and here is my (probably dumb) theory. I think AA has his guy. But he also had this deal going through. He wouldn’t announce the manager before this deal because that would immediately draw attention away from the managerial announcement and that wouldn’t be good pr. You want the local media to make a fuss of the new manager especially in current circs. So, all being well with Bud Selig, this deal goes through. Lots of media analysis. And then in a few days the manager is announced. And then it’s the Winter Meetings where AA might wheel and deal even more. The beauty part of this is that it forces Cherington and the Sux front office to play catch-up throughout the entire off-season. After all, they already had their holy show a few weeks back when they paraded Farrell around Fenway. They’ve not done much since…

    • You could be right and judging by the way most people normally make decisions you’d think his first instincts would play a greater role in his eventual decision.

    • Maybe, but it seems more likely that this deal really just demanded everyone’s time and energy. He probably is not far off on some candidates, but wouldn’t you shove all of that to the back burner if you had this puppy to deal with.

    • I agree – the question is who?

      My gut feeling is that it’s going to be Ozzie. Why? Because this deal has a group of players coming to the Jays who respect him as a manager, he’s Latino so he fits in with the new focus of the team back to Latino players, AA probably worked with him back in Montreal Expos last days when he was a coach with them, and the size of this deal will take the some of the focus away from the controversy surrounding him. He is, after all, a manager with experience and a winning record in the post season. Only last week, when AA was talking about getting a new manager he said something to the effect that everyone deserves a second chance.

  10. This Team Rocks

  11. What I also really like about this deal is that this will help sell season ticket packages and help attract free agents because it was done early in the off season.

    I love the aggressiveness AA has shown. I just hope they can get something done with Johnson for an extension. I bet he has huge dollar signs in his eyes but some players will take the security because it’s just too good to pass up.


  13. Wait a second, why is this such a great deal? We’re taking up Reyes’ free agent contract, one year of Josh Johnson, an extended contract at market value in Buehrle, Bonifacio and a shitty catcher. Reyes, the best piece, is gonna start costing a whole lot of money, are we SURE we couldn’t do any better in free agency?

    I was freaking out when I first saw this, and I’m becoming less and less enthusiastic.

    • WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT???? Seriously. Reyes has about 5 years, $95 million dollars left, and was worth 4.5 fWAR in 2012, 6.2 fWAR in 2011. He’s probably the only big signing from last year that is playing at or above the value of his deal. He’s a top four shortstop. It’s a big contract, but it’s easy to see him being worth it.

      Like Reyes, Johnson is under 30, and is an elite talent. Since 2009, he’s 6th in FIP among all starters, 12th in WAR. He’s had injury problems, but to paraphrase an earlier tweet from Drew, with his talent, you get it where you can. His upsa

      Buehrle is aging, but he doesn’t rely in velocity, so profiles as a pitcher who’ll decline gently. He’s pitched 200 innings every year since 2001, and averaged about 4 fWAR in that time.

      Buerhle and Reyes are expensive, but they’re hardly over priced. Bonifacio has upside, and Buck is still a solid, if unspectacular catcher.

      Seriously though, what more do you want? I can’t imagine a non-video game trade that adds more value to next year’s squad.

    • You must leave now.

    • Petey get some rest, this is as good as it gets

    • Why is it a good deal?

      because AA solved the middle infield and rotation in one move

  14. I don’t understand this trade from the Toronto media perspective: given that the Blue Jays have been proven to be a farm team and backwater to the Red Sox, AA and the front office seems to have erroneously targeted famous players. I guess he’s just holding onto them for the Sox…

    • FU

      • Perhaps it was too late at night for you to catch the sarcastic swipe I was taking at the hand-wringing douchebags in the Toronto media who referred to Toronto as a AAA team, but what I think you meant to write was “FU Toronto media…”

  15. Forgot one other thing that made this day a great one in addition to the seeing the new James Bond movie and the Jays trade – the new Soundgarden album got released today. Just have to win either the 6/49 or the Lotto Max for the week to be complete.

  16. Done and done. Fuck the Angels. I’m in. Well done well done. We still have a hole in LF and 2B is still in question. I’d also like to see a SP added but shit this is amazing and no more complaints from me. They are competing!

  17. Who wants to lick my balls now?

  18. I…. I left work early today…. I…. uh…..I……….. ho-…… I……. guh……… *dies*

  19. where’s that idiot who wanted to actually place a wager with someone that the izturis signing was the “big off-season move”?

  20. The top 4 “popular players” on Fangraphs right now are (in order) Reyes, Johnson, Buehrle, and Bonifacio. Blue Jays Nation is out in full force on the web!

  21. I don’t recall a team making this kind of impact trade without a manager in place. Totally out of left field….so to speak.

  22. I am definitely not complaining about the trade – just noticed though that Marisnick has completely turned around his Arizona Fall League stats – in the last 10 games, he has a 1.122 OPS and has upped his 19 game OPS to .837. Obviously much better than his putrid start there. Good Luck Jakester – catch you as a FA in 2020.

  23. A trade for Bernie Brewer is the only way to improve on this coup of an offseason.

  24. Rest off offseason wish list
    Sign Melky to play LF
    Trade JPA for Ogando straight up
    Sign Gomes to platoon with Lind
    Add extra starting pitcher with upside (like Scott Feldman)
    Get it done AA

  25. For 3 years now AA and Beeston have been talking about the “premium” the Jays have to pay for FAs and paying the premium “when the time is right”. This trade gets some great players at fair market value. I cant wait for the season to start. For all those who called those of us AA supporters apologists?……

    we would like an apology.

    • When you’re right you’re right Carl.
      However good it would feel to crow, now is the time to be magnanimous. Churchill said “in victory: magnanimity.”

      (Not that an apology wouldn’t hit the spot, mind.)

      • Magna…whaaaa? SP all my energy is being used up trying to wipe this goofy smile off my face …I’ll be magnanimous tomorrow! (with maybe a pinch of condescension) Promise!

        A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.

        Winston Churchill

        • My boys……
          We the few,
          the proud,
          the marin…
          I mean the guys who believed in AA

          Potatoes, I’m much too flawed a character to be Magnanimous, can you add a little extra for me?

    • @Carl Sagan.

      Why do we owe you an apology?

      If anything, it’s the other way around.

      Pretty sure Stoeten 7 Wilner trashed the signings of Jose Reyes being very expensive.

      I am pleasantly surprised that the reglars on this board aren’t crying about losing Nicolino, Hecheverria etc.

      The Jays are finally a playoff calibre team after 12 years of Rogers ownership.

      The only similar offseason was 2005-2006, when they got BJ Ryan etc….

      We should all celebrate this day.

      • Ok don’t apologize. As I mentioned, AA promised they would spend when the time was right. Up until now, the AA critics refused to listen while he amassed a decent minor league arsenal because they were (and are) so impatient. I chose to believe AA and Beeston and they have delivered as promised.

  26. It’s 11:30 pm. Do you know where your local sports blogger’s analysis post is? ;)



  28. I’ve thought about the Blue Jays every day since 98 and I can honestly say this is the best day of my life.

  29. Cliff Corcaran being a Debby Downer at SI. His reasoning for why the trade might not be so great is OK, but it only uses the last down year for Jose Reyes and Josh Johnson as evidence, when Johnson is coming off a serious injury.

    Also, he uses BRef numbers for WAR, which are really kind to Escobar and harsh on Reyes. He only has the Jays with an additional 5 wins for this trade. I`d put the actual number in the 8-9 range if everybody is like last year. If you go back 2 years for Reyes and Johnson its probably more in the 15 wins range.

    • Curious to see what Law has to say. I let my Insider account expire but from what little I can see it looks like he likes it.

    • Of course it’s impossible to say how many more wins this trade nets, especially considering WAR isn’t extra wins anyhow. However, imagine this trade netting the 5 wins Corcoran gives the Jays; how many more wins are there in this team from injury recovery alone? How about the return to form for Lawrie? Or a full, uninjured season from Bautista? Those 5 wins that he grudgingly gives is actually a fairly important improvement…

      • http://www.baseball-reference.com/about/war_explained_comparison.shtml

        There’s a good breakdown on both versions of WAR and what is different.

      • Romero was almost 2 wins below replacement level in rWAR by himself. Ricky redeeming himself to replacement level adds 2 wins. Although, he was above replacement level on Fangraphs.

        • This is sort of my point I guess. I think Corcoran’s article blurs the line between what WAR is as a stat (be that rWAR or fWAR) and “wins”. If this trade adds 5 wins alone, I guess that might be a disappointment or something, but saying that’s it (as Corcoran seems to do at points) neglects how much better the team might be with these added pieces AND a return to form or return from injury for other players. These different facets all factor into wins for this team.

          • Without getting too much into the whole WAR thing I just look at where this team was at the beginning of July and what they had to overcome to get there. It says a lot that they managed to be a couple games over .500 at the beginning of July while losing 60% of your rotation and having another 20% of it generally suck ass in Romero along with a sub par bullpen.

            Now you’ve got:
            - an improved pen,
            - upgrades in the rotation with the potential to have two legit aces in Morrow and Johnson
            - an offensive upgrade at shortstop.
            - a much better bench
            - and finally more potential upgrades via additional trades or free agent signings

          • Meanwhile, over at BP, this is their transaction analysis:

            TORONTO BLUE JAYS:

            Reportedly will acquire RHP Josh Johnson, SS-S Jose Reyes, LHP Mark Buehrle, C-R John Buck, UTL-S Emilio Bonifacio and $4 million from the Marlins for SS-R Yunel Escobar, SS-R Adeiny Hechavarria, RHP Henderson Alvarez, C-R Jeff Mathis, LHP Justin Nicolino, and OF-R Jake Marisnick. [11/13]

            In a single swoop, Alex Anthopoulos netted two new members of the rotation, a leadoff-hitting shortstop, a utility player, and another catcher without sparing his top hitting or pitching prospect. Toronto now has the look of a serious contender.

            Johnson, the headliner of the trade, ends Toronto’s post-Halladay quest to find an ace-caliber starter. He pitches off a low-to-mid-90s fastball and uses a hard slider to end at-bats. Durability is a concern; Johnson has just one 200-plus-inning season under his belt. The 28-year-old Minnesotan also suffered through his worst big-league season last year. His strikeout rate declined and his walk rate increased—albeit in large part due to a career-high seven intentional walks. Johnson is a free agent at season’s end; given the other goodies involved in the package, it’s impossible to discern whether the Jays intend to re-sign him.

            Toronto reportedly considered pursuing Reyes last offseason before ultimately ducking out of the bidding. The shortstop is heading north one season into a six-year deal worth $106 million. As exciting of a player as there is in the majors, Reyes uses impressive speed and bat-to-ball skills to provide offensive value. He’s made to hit near the top of the order and should become Toronto’s everyday leadoff hitter. Reyes has five years and $96 million remaining on his contract. A club option for the 2018 season, worth $22 million, could push the total amount remaining to $104 million if exercised.

            Buehrle is the archetypal soft-tossing southpaw who survives with guts and guile. He gets by with mediocre strikeout rates by avoiding free passes and displaying a knack for generating double-play balls. The four-time Gold Glove winner has seen his ERA continuously outperform his peripherals as a result. How Buehrle’s approach will translate to the American League East is a question worth asking. Toronto will have the next three years (at the cost of $48 million) to learn the answer.

            After a strong 2011 campaign, Bonifacio appeared ready to take a step forward. Instead he went backward and missed most of the season due to injury. When Bonifacio did play, he performed like his old self. His defensive flexibility is useful, as he can play all over—including second base and center field, where he spent his time last season. At the plate, Bonifacio walks a fair bit, but he also has more swing-and-miss in his game than you’d anticipate from a player his size with his power production. He’s an excellent basestealer, and he should provide a spark off the bench if used well.

            Buck is included to serve as salary ballast. The Jays are sending Mathis to the Marlins and have Travis d’Arnaud hanging around the minors. In a sense, Buck is a lot like J.P. Arencibia. He needs to slug to provide positive value. Otherwise, he’s a mundane backstop.—R.J. Anderson

            MIAMI MARLINS;

            Reportedly will acquire SS-R Yunel Escobar, SS-R Adeiny Hechavarria, RHP Henderson Alvarez, C-R Jeff Mathis, LHP Justin Nicolino, and OF-R Jake Marisnick from the Blue Jays for RHP Josh Johnson, SS-S Jose Reyes, LHP Mark Buehrle, C-R John Buck, UTL-S Emilio Bonifacio, and $4 million. [11/13]

            Well, you’ll never be able to say that Jeffrey Loria and the Miami Marlins didn’t give it the old college try, for at least half a season. Loria and his entourage were the talk of the town (or the Hilton Anatole Hotel) at last year’s Winter Meetings when they threw their money around like an exquisitely mustachioed, monocle-clad oil tycoon, signing Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, and Heath Bell while also trying to lure Albert Pujols, C.J. Wilson, and Prince Fielder.

            They say money doesn’t buy championships, but it certainly helps, and Miami was willing to give it a shot, opening 2012 with a payroll 76 percent greater than the one with which they opened 2011. However, the team wasn’t able to bring in the biggest gun (Pujols) and didn’t spend its money efficiently ($27 million for a closer on the decline?). Throw in the lack of sufficient supporting pieces to go around their fresh talent and incumbent stars Giancarlo Stanton, Hanley Ramirez, and Johnson, and Miami wound up dropping 93 games and engaging in some very early spring cleaning. Following this deal and their trade with Arizona last month, none of their big signings from last offseason remains. They’ve now cleared $48 million from the 2013 books (plus let close to $10 million more expire) and $175 million total.

            Aside from the $11.5 million they owe Ricky Nolasco this year (the Marlins must have totally spaced and forgotten to stick Toronto with him, too) and the $5 million Escobar will cost them, the team’s most expensive non-arbitration player is Greg Dobbs at $1.5 million. With the experiment a failure, at least Miami had the nerve (if you want to call it that) to admit they were wrong, tear it down, and start over (and they even got some decent prospects out of it). Heck, that might have even been the plan all along given the back-loading on their now infamous Winter Meetings deals. —Derek Carty

            Escobar is the most experienced big-league player in the Marlins’ return, but he comes with plenty of warts. Concerns about his maturity have prevailed since his days with the Braves, and climaxed with last season’s eye black message controversy. Teams put up with the headaches because Escobar is a solid player. He’s shown ability to hit for solid averages while posting decent-to-good on-base percentages. Defensively, Escobar has overcome questions revolving around his speed and range. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Marlins move Escobar at some point before the end of next season given his track record and team-friendly contract (he has one year, $5 million remaining guaranteed with two club options worth $10 million total). Until then, he figures to man a middle infield spot.

            Miami acquired Gorkys Hernandez at the trade deadline and may have acquired his infield doppelganger in Hechavarria. The Cuban product is a plus-plus defender with the arm and actions to stick at shortstop. If Hechavarria’s bat were good enough to merit batting eighth or ninth in the lineup, he would be a surefire starter. As is, his offensive production is so poor that starting him is hard to fathom despite the stellar defense. If the Marlins start him in the big leagues next season, don’t be surprised if he posts the worst walk-to-strikeout ratio on the team, and maybe in the National League.

            Alvarez is the baby of the big-league bunch at 22 1/2 years old. An inability to miss bats despite a mid-90s fastball has plagued him over his 41 big-league starts, and the results rarely matched the stuff in the minors. To Alvarez’s credit, he has generated a good groundball rate. Escaping the AL East should help his numbers. The Marlins probably have a tweak or two in mind as well. If their tinkering works, Alvarez may develop into a middle-of-the-rotation starter, but even back-of-the-rotation status would be an improvement.—R.J. Anderson

            Justin Nicolino, the second-round pick in the 2010 draft, brings a combination of projection and polish from the left side. At present, the soon-to-be 21-year-old southpaw will work his fastball in the upper-80s to low-90s, showing good arm-side movement on the pitch. His best offering is a beautiful changeup that wears the fastball disguise until it’s too late for hitters to adjust, resulting in weak contact and missed bats to both lefties and righties. His curveball is his third offering, but has good shape and depth and projects to be another above-average pitch at maturity. The entire arsenal plays up because of his pitchability and overall feel for sequence and game situation, so even if the fastball doesn’t see a velocity spike during the developmental process, Nicolino can still profile as a middle-of-the-rotation starter. If the arsenal ticks up without sacrificing his feel for command, the sky is the limit. After a very strong Low-A campaign in 2012, Nicolino has the type of poise and polish to reach the Double-A level at some point in the 2013 season.

            It wasn’t that long ago that the Jays gave slick-fielding Cuban shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria a $4M signing bonus and guaranteed $10M in a four-year major-league contract, but the bat didn’t develop as planned and Hechavarria spent the better part of his three seasons in the minors. His worth is tied to his flash at a premium position, and that flash is substantial. Hechavarria has very slick actions at the position, with some scouts putting a 7 on his glove to match the 7 already on his arm and his legs. The bat would be the topping on his defensive dessert, but it’s been slow to find its form, raking in the offense-friendly environment of the Jays’ Triple-A affiliate but falling short in his 41-game major-league sample. The hands work well, but the pitch recognition skills and the approach put him in a hole, and without much juice, the stick is pretty empty. With some contact ability and speed, he might be able to produce enough to keep his glove on the field. But the approach will need refinement if he is to have a chance as a major-league regular. He has his backers who insist the bat has enough room to develop into something that plays. Others aren’t so optimistic.—Jason Parks

            Jake Marisnick has an up-the-middle profile with potential plus defense in center field. He’s a lean athlete who glides to the ball with long, majestic strides. He can cover a ton of ground to both sides and has the plus arm strength necessary to make throws from the deepest parts of the park. For all his defensive abilities, Marisnick remains raw at the plate. He lacks pitch recognition skills, will swing wildly at breaking balls out of the strike zone, and is consistently out front on even mediocre change-ups.

            Marisnick hits better with two strikes, choking up on the bat, employing a shorter stroke, and using the whole field. He has the leveraged swing and natural strength to earn plus grades for his raw power, but that power has yet to manifest in games. Optimistic views envision a five-tool center fielder who contributes at an above-average level in all phases of the game. The pessimist’s view can see the hitting ability unraveling the whole package, leaving him short of such a lofty projection. Regardless of the frame of reference, he will need all of 2013 in the minor leagues to refine his offensive game, but he could make an impact in the big leagues in 2014.—Mark Anderson

  30. Tonight I have nothing incompetent, ignorant, stupid, offensive or ridiculous to say. Tonight, I’m just proud and excited to be a Blue Jay.

  31. Stanton just changed his Twitter profile picture from him in a Marlins uniform to him in a generic black shirt. Sad to see an entire franchise get torched like this, but…nails much?

    You have to wonder how much Redmond’s familiarity with Marisnick/Nicolino got the Jays package selected over others (Red Sox?). Letting him go to Miami might have been the best thing the Jays ever did this offseason.

  32. nice ESPN piece about the Jays resurrection (and my erection) due to this trade


  33. One possible plug for the hole in LF is Will Venable. Outside of Petco, that guy could be good – .875 OPS away from home last year (.800 for his career) and he is consistently 25 to 30 SBs with good percentage. Final arb year – may not cost much as an acquisition – Padres going nowhere this year.

  34. Incredible fucking incredible.

  35. I still can’t believe the Jays gave up on Snider.

  36. Oh and Boston, you can have your precious manager.

  37. I like the deal, but with the acquisition of Buck, someone (JPA or D’Arnaud) has to go, so you have to figure something else is brewing here. I also wish they’d gotten GianCarlo Stanton while theyt were busy fleecing the Marlins. Let’s just hope Ozzie Guillen isn’t the next move.

  38. See here’s the hidden genius of this trade:

    This season, with all that fat new national TV contract cash, free agency contracts are ballooning. We’re seeing this with relievers getting near $10 million a season. We’re seeing the value of a WAR jump from the ~$5 million it’s been for the last little while to ~$10 million.

    Anthopoulous just snatched the top free agents from last season’s free agency haul. That means he snatched them at last season’s pay rates.

    In three months, the Buehrle and Reyes contracts could look reasonable.

    Anthopoulous acted before the rest of baseball reached this conclusion. Anthopoulous has once again found the market inefficiency before everyone else did.

    Anthopoulous is a genius.

  39. I know that Jays fans could hardly ask for more, but AA has a chance to turn this team into a world series contender. think of adding a Paul Molitor or Dave Winfield. For us it could be a Dickey or Cabrera. DO IT AA!!!!

  40. Farrett’s counter to the Jays lineup:

    “We plan to try to steal 3rd against them as much as possible”

  41. I can’t believe we didn’t hit 1000 posts tonight…

  42. Just finally caught up on the whole thread. Woooooooo!

  43. Plz Photoshop a Jays hat in to the photo of Double J ASAP.

  44. One more benefit: Mark Buerhle loves to work quickly.

    (remember those Buerhle v. Halladay games that would cruise along and suddenly be over in less than 2 hours)

  45. Loving the excitement around this deal, just being a little tempered in projecting what it means given AA’s penchant for flipping players.

    At the very least we can finally rid ourselves of the people bitching about Rogers zippered wallets.

  46. This needs to be the biggest DJF thread ever because this is the biggest thing that has happened in DJF’s existence.

  47. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX5wJwaxE14

    this, plus speed, plus defense, is going to do a lot of good for the jays

  48. Would like to see whether or not they extend JJ.

    It is kinda lame that we got serious this offseason and ended up dumping a lot of prospect capital. We could have signed Buehrle and Reyes to those contracts last year?

    • I think extending JJ is the most important part, especially after an off year if it’s possible. All of the players he acquired might not be on the opening day roster, I think there are more moves to be made since AA has assets and a few needs that remain.

  49. [...] Jays Close to Major Deal with Miami Marlins | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs | theScore.comDJF’s look at THE TRADE. [...]

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