And now… a special co-presentation of the DJF and Getting Blanked Podcast, breaking down all you need to know about yesterday’s trade– aka The Trade.

Today’s topic: Don’t half ass it.

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  1. I don’t have time to read all the comments associated with this trade, but as a Blue Jay fan since day one in 1977, I can surely say this is as excited as I’ve been in a long time. Heck, you’d propbably have to go all the way back to that infamous trade with the Pirates that landed Carlos Garcia, Dan Plesac and Orlando Merced.

    I have to wonder a whole bunch of things though. Did the Marlins hire Mark Redmond because he knew the Jays minor league system from managing 2 years there to help choose the players going the other way? Will they flip JPA? Maybe to Texas for Derek Holland and some other bodies like Brett Cecil being moved too. Was this deal made to help convince someone like Joe Torre, Lou Piniella or Tony LaRussa out of retirement? Finally, I have to ask myself how much the New Jays will help as they underperformed in Miami last year, which is what led to this housecleaning. Oh and one more thought, they should have gotten GianCarlo Stanton in this trade too. After all, why leave him out there to be picked up by the Yankees or Red Sox for a couple of guys named Joe.

    • Stanton won’t come anywhere close to cheap and the fact that the Marlins weren’t very good last year certainly wasn’t on the guys the Jays just acquired, but I definitely agree that it’s an exciting, exciting time.

      • Oh don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to imply the failure of the Marlins rest on the shoulders of the guys who were dealt. Reyes started slow and Heath Bell blew every save oppurtunity and the club was quick to raise the white flag. I’m still concerned about 2B and LF as I feel those issues have yet to be addressed (obviously). I think the most important player in this trade might be Mark Buehrle. Why? Because many times I’ve heard guys like Duane Ward and Pat Hentgen being interviewed on the FAN590 and I’ve have given heaps of praise to Jack Morris and Dave Stewart for their impact on the pitchers on the World Series champions of 92-93. Buehrle seems to be the same kind of guy. While his best days are behind him, I think he still has something left and can influence the young kids in a positive way. When the Jays won the series you could pick up players like Morris, Winfield, Molitor and Stewart, but guys like that are in short supply these days. Free agency isn’t always the answer either as clubs are locking up players for pretty much the duration of their careers, like the Reds did with Votto, and you can be forced to overpay a guy on the market. I can’t believe Anibal Sanchez could get 90 million on the open market, but if he does, then I’m much happier with trading for top tier talent instead of signing free agents.

  2. It’s funny to me that you guys seem to all be reasonable in recognizing the potential problems with this trade, but are too afraid to take this to its logical conclusion and at least consider the possibility that this is a bad deal for the Jays. You all seem to agree that right now the Jays are contenders, but still not favourites to win the AL East. Maybe not even favorites to make the playoffs. If that’s the case, then the ONLY way this deal can be good is if it means that Rogers is still willing to spend another $10-20M on top of the $120M they’re already spending this season to raise the payroll up to $130-140M levels. That would allow them to sign a guy like Melky and maybe a half-decent DH, or take on a bit of salary in whoever they can get for JPA.

    However, the key point is that if Rogers set their cap at $120M, which I think is a real possibility, then none of that can happen. The Jays are now done adding salary for this season. So what you see is what you get. And if this team as it stands right now is still not even favoured to make the playoffs, then I’m afraid we have another 2006 on our hands.

    The ONLY way this trade is a major win is if Rogers will spend even more money this winter, and we won’t really know that I guess until AA gives his press conference. I’m withholding judgement until then. If AA says that he’s basically done unless a LF/DH/2B falls into his lap, then this trade is a loss for the Jays.

    • Stop it.

    • You are a fucking idiot. The Jays gave up little in terms of assets for a huge overhaul. The real cost to the Jays is the assumption of rich free agent-like contracts. But with TV revenues coming into stream in 2014, the existing deals may turn out to below market in the years to come.

      Sure, it would be great if the Jays can upgrade 2B, LF, 1B, DH, and maybe another arm for the rotation. But jesus christ, AA just pulled a heist on the Miami Marlins. Give him time to recover.

      And who says that a player like JPA can’t be traded to address the needs you identify? A smart trade can do that and it doesn’t have to cost an extra $10 to $20 million in payroll.

    • Fuck off and die already

    • Tremendous bit of trolling, kman. Excellent work, building a hypothetical strawman and then defending it.

    • dude, the Jays could take their entire team and swap it for the New York Yankees and they would still not be the favorite to win the east. Not only that as it is this trade is not a loss you just don’t know what the hell you are talking about. :)

    • Don’t withhold your judgement, withhold your posts.
      While you’re at it, hold your breath for a long, long time indeed.

      • And maybe hold his breath while leaning over a pool of water too so when he passes out he actually drowns?? Going too far?? Yeah, I suppose so. Shut up, Kman, don’t die.

  3. I wish Parkes would fully retire. He adds very little to these podcasts.
    And I just dislike the sound of his voice.

    • You’re an idiot. Parkes is the only one bringing balance. Notice how the other two want to avoid talking about financials because its the one part of the trade that the Jays don’t win. Listening to the podcast without Parkes is basically intolerable because of the rampant homerism from the other two.

  4. What’s with all the negativity? As someone who was born in 1994 and hasn’t seen any good Canadian baseball in my life I’m pumped for this year’s Blue Jays. I think Stoeten has it right though, that we can’t half ass our opportunity to be a real competitive team. Now all we need is a move to the Al central and we’ll dominate for all of Reyes’ contract.

    • I am curious about the Jays moving to the AL Central.

      Geographically, we are closer to Cleveland , Detroit & Chicago than we are to Tampa Bay or Baltimore.

      Secondly, competing with the Yankees & Red Sox is much harder unless Rogers consistently agrees to field a 120 million payroll team.

      I understand Beeston likes the 18 games at home against the yankees & red sox, butthe team overall would have benfitted rrom easier shot at the playoffs in the AL Central.

  5. To those who listen to Espn’s Fantasy Focus podcast I have one question……. is this trade “Bona fide or Bonifacio?”

  6. ha you guys are discussing the payroll that the Jays are taking on.. doesn’t this make some of the previous moves that AA has made look like legitimate brilliance. Vernon Wells? that is looking huge now.

  7. Holy fucking shit. we got a team now!!!!

    Why is the nose of the Marlin pointing at Buffalo? Did we pick up some minor league help?

  8. So how on earth is Roger’s Centre a hitter’s ballpark for right-handed hitters more so than left-handed hitters? It’s the only goddamn symmetric ball park in North America! No really, (DREW) in what way is it better for a RH bat?

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