Rather than the lengthy podcast we blasted at you earlier today, here’s some trade reaction that I think you’ll find a little more succinct. Yeah, it’s just more of the same, but it has our faces in it, so you should probably take a look…

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  1. That didn’t take long for Mark Buehrle to host the GB Show.

    That’s Drew? Oh yes, of course.

  2. Jose Reyes is the best SS in the AL. Agree? Disagree?

  3. I literally cannot contain my joy with this trade. To get 2 starting pitchers and an all star fielder is incredible. And we didnt have to give up all the young arms we have. I agree with Dustin that this doesn’t make the Jays the best team in the AL East….but we are definitely a lot closer. Love it!

    • It at least makes the Jays right there with TB and NYY and I’m sure if Dustin compared the rosters he’d agree.

      The Jays have the 2nd best rotation behind TB and at least the 2nd best lineup behind NYY.

      Along with a stellar bullpen.

      And I doubt they are done, even if the remaining moves such as a Melky or whatever JPA brings back don’t add a lot of payroll.

      • The more I think about it, the more I LOVE the idea of over paying on a one year deal for Melky Cabrera!!! I liked the idea before this mega-trade, however after examining the salaries for the upcoming season it makes even more sense!!!

        Compared to 2014,15,16… and so on, 2013′s payroll will be relatively low. Combine the low payroll that with the fact that key players in Bautista, Reyes, and EE will begin a slow decline in production after this coming season and the it seems more and more that the year to win it all is upon us!

        Basically what I have taken far too long to get at is; that with 2013 providing what could be the perfect storm for success, why not spend an extra $$$, overpay for one year of Melky, and increase the likelihood of success by solidifying the depressing hole currently in LF.

        lowest payroll+best production+average divisional competition+ Melky=…. dare I say it…. 2013 WS champs :S

        • The payroll actually goes down when you take out Johnson, Buck and Davis who are free agents in 2014. That’s $22.75 million right there.

          • hahaha well then……

          • I still say GO GET MELKY!!!!!

          • With you on that. I wish they would hurry up and approve the deal so we can actually here from the Jays brass. I am dying to know how much more wiggle room they have.

          • if melky signs less than 3/30 i’ll be surprised. and if he does, then the jays might as well get that guy too

          • Just listened to JJ’s agents interview, sounds like a stand up guy, very optimistic about the future with this guy!!! His drop in velocity troubles me, along with obvious concerns about his health. However, contrary to JJ’s agents belief, I think that a preseason extension is precisely the buy low opportunity AA typically acts on.

            • No way Kohnson signs an extension during spring training.

              He’s still re-building value after his injury and he just moved to a new team in a whole new country. I’m sure he’ll want to check out the scene for a while.

              If the Jays are contenders after the break it may get done. I’d love to see it earlier, but don’t see any reason for Johnson to do it unless the numbers are ridiculous.

          • The velocity drop was mostly early in the season. By the end of the year he was back up into the mid-90s and only ended up with an average velocity drop of 1 mph, which is incredible when you consider that he was throwing 88-89 in April and May.

          • 4/80…i dunno….i think he’d probably want something like a cliff lee deal 5/120, Hamels 6/144…

            i like johnson A LOT, but the draft pick might be worth hoping on…and maybe you want to see what hutchison/drabek can do before Syndergaard/Sanchez/Osuna etc. start coming down the pipe…might not need Johnson in 4 years.

            i hope he likes it here and signs a halladay-esque deal to be on a winning team #swagger.

          • I’d really hate to see them let him go for a lousy draft pick. If this team is going to make a sustainable run they will need a pitcher of his quality going forward.

      • My hope is and has been JP, Lind and a prospect to Twins for Morneau. Lind is only in deal to offset salary

  4. What’s with the facial hair and jackets? Is it cold in the offices? Is Roger’s lowering the heat in their side of the offices to help pay for this trade?

  5. I can’t get enough of the trade reaction stories, even when they are just rehashing the same stuff… Do the same podcast/video tomorrow and I will watch it (and enjoy it) again.

  6. Does anyone have ESPN insider? I’m curious what KLaw’s opinion of the trade was?

  7. I feel like my Grandma dresses Parkes

    Stoeten is dressed by the Homeless guy who always makes me buy him a pizza outside 7/11 on Granville

    Drew is dressed like he has kids and doesn’t have time to worry about that

    Yes, I am the DJF Fashion police.

  8. 2013 is going to be fun as hell to watch but also nerve wracking. Anything short of the first round of playoffs will be a failure. I hope AA has enough wiggle room to round out the team, and work out a way that the contending window will last 2-3 years, the key issue in this regard being whether or not Johnson stays.

  9. Fuck it.

    If we’re going for it you might as well take a 1 year shot at Melky.

    No risk beyond this year and if he keeps tearing it up you can either re-sign or get a draft pick with a qualifying offer.

  10. Stoeten, it’s time for you and that ridiculous beard to have the talk. That shit is tired.

    Also, when is Parkes going to start filming “The Crispin Glover Story”?

  11. I keep saying it in my head…

    “starting at shortstop for the Toronto blue jays, number 7, Jose Reyes”

    And then I giggle like a school girl

  12. I would love it if Melky came to Toronto, but he is not the damaged goods that everyone thinks he is. He is not coming here or anywhere for a major discount. He’s still going to cost some $$$.

  13. parkes is such an a-hole

  14. Parkes is another dude who will ALWAYS go against the grain just for the sake of going against the grain.You will always notice that every reaction h he has had to the trade is …”yeah but they still arent better than the Rays or Yanks”…..smh. He sounds so bitter for no reason.

    • The Rays are losing some big bats this off-season and will be relying on their awesome pitching staff. On balance, I still prefer the Jays roster.

      The Yankees still have a dangerous lineup and play in a fucking sandbox. But how will Jeter hold up and is ARod done? And its not like their rotation is set. Kuroda might not return and Pineda is coming off from labrum surgery, and might not be healthy enough to throw a pitch before July.

      Parkes is full of shit. Just saying, oh, they might now be the 3rd best team in the AL East with a smirk does not equate to a reasoned baseball analysis.

  15. yeah i dunno. over the last year he has just become really grating. maybe its just me. he comes off as pompous and aloof and I note more than a hint that he’s somehow above cheering for or giving credit to a team like the jays. it kind of goes beyond some notion of objective love of the sport or the mechanisms or the stats. its somehow come out on the other side as pretentious and ‘above’. this interview kinda reeks of it and look how many times Drew pulls back on saying something he knows Parkes disagrees with. It happens 2-3 times in this short clip. its one thing to rain on the parade as a blog troll, its another to supposedly by a journalist who should kind of have some degree of grace and/or objectivity. he comes off as a total dick.

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