The particulars of The Trade have are begun to filter into the Commissioner’s Office, or at least through Bud Selig’s ear hair and into the mush beyond, and Jays fans are starting to get a little anxious– perhaps understandably, due to the too good to be true nature of the deal– with dark thoughts of MLB vetoing the deal and everything returning to how it used to be.

This inclination is not being helped by the posture taken by the Commissioner– he’s reportedly unhappy and, according to a tweet from USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, “feels for the Marlins fans and will take everything into consideration before making a decision.”

Sounds troubling, right?

Well… it would be were his posturing not exposed in its clearest form thanks to CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman:

That’s pretty much the rub, isn’t it?

Bud, completely defensibly, wants to look sympathetic to the people of Florida here, given how they’ve been so badly taken by the shrewd and villainous Jeffrey Loria, but there’s not a whole lot he can do. Nor is there anything he should do, frankly.

This isn’t the first fire sale that’s happened on Selig’s watch, and the extra, scummy layer on top of the deal– in the form of the Marlins’ new publicly-funded stadium– can only take away so much from the fact that what we have happening is a high payroll last-place team shedding a bunch of current salary and long-term financial risk while adding tremendous amount of young talent to kickstart a rebuilding process. The stadium isn’t going anywhere, the team isn’t going anywhere, and what’s happening in South Florida isn’t a whole lot different than what we’ve seen there before– and what has brought the Marlins’ a pair of World Series wins during the last two decades.

Bud has long been in tacit acceptance of the fact that Loria’s gonna Loria, and even if he weren’t, it’s not like anything appears to have been done here that contravenes MLB’s rules. So what’s there for him to overturn?

Frankly, I’d be shocked if, behind closed doors, Bud wasn’t thrilled to see a new player jumping into the deep end of baseball’s big money economy after being dormant for so infuriatingly long.

In that light, the “best interests of baseball” canard that we keep hearing trotted out about this appears pretty myopic, doesn’t it? Because it sure seems to me that this new tide of Rogers Communications dollars will lift all boats, and that’s something Bud truly has a stake in.

Sure, what Loria did leaves a bad taste in everybody’s mouth but his own, but it’s not difficult to argue that– optics aside– his club has made a pretty good baseball trade here. And if we’re being honest, it can also be rather easily argued that the Marlins are much better off today than they were earlier in the week– a last place team at the apex of their payroll capacity, saddled by back-loaded deals, incapable of turning their fortunes around with more splashy free agents or winning as constituted.

Should Loria be forced to ride out his doomed experiment until those contracts expire? Should he be forced to spend more in some kind of show of good faith to the taxpayers who voted for the clowns who let him get away with funding so much of his new stadium with public money?

Given that he’s a colossal douche, it might be nice. But forced? I just don’t possibly see how Bud could do it.

That’s not to say that absolutely he won’t– I have no idea– but it seems a much, much tougher row to hoe once we get past this notion that Alex Anthopoulos and the Jays completely got away with murder. Personally, I’m not worried, for whatever that’s worth.

So then… what’s the hold up? Mostly getting numerous players to Florida, from whichever parts of the hemisphere they happened to be in at the time the trade quickly came together, to take their physicals, one presumes. And paperwork.

These things take time– they always have, it’s just with Twitter we’re now conscious of every moving part of the deal. It will be completed in due course, I’m confident– no need to be overly worried.

Well… maybe a little worried is OK, if you have to– to be honest, at times I can’t help myself either, a little– but just keep telling yourself that it’s very, very unlikely to be overturned, as it would be completely unprecedented and would need some kind of twisted new interpretation of MLB’s rules, and action from Bud Selig that almost certainly goes against his interests as commissioner, regardless of whatever posture he happens to be taking at the moment. It’s gonna be OK. Probably.

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  1. I’m not really that worried. I am far more anxious to hear from Jays management regarding further moves and if there’s more money available. I know what a greedy fuck eh? Oh well. I figure after 10 years of below average payroll we’re kinda due lol

    That $150 million figure Beeston talked about a while back is still ringing in my ears and dancing in my head. I know it’s completely unrealistic for this season but a boy can hope right?

  2. Yeah I don’t think there’s any real chance at all he nixes this trade.

    But if he did…….HOOOOO BOY.

    • Well how could he nix this trade after having allowed the equally absurd Boston /LA trade earlier in the summer?

      • that one was more absurd,
        miami is actually getting good mlb players

      • yeah, not sure how this is any different. underachieving team jettisons overpaid underachievers for young talent and financial relief.

        guess the big difference is, boston is going to spend again, while loria may not.

        • Other difference: A considerable portion of the Red Sox fanbase celebrated the trade (Gonzo departure notwithstanding) whereas Marlins fans… not so much.

          I’d feel burned to once I realized the owner of my favourite team played the city for fools by promising big things for a publicly funded stadium, signing a bunch of backloaded contracts and jettisoning said contracts once the salaries began to escalate. And then acting all “duh, why wouldn’t we do this? Idiot” when someone has the gall to ask why he would slash 80% of his team’s payroll commitments after one lousy year, as if it would be unheard of for the team he hyped so sincerely last year to bounce back with less drastic changes.

          Signed, Bitter Expos Fan

        • Loria will keep buying houses… he just wont ever pay off the full mortgage.

      • That is the big point right there… Miami is getting some VERY talented players back, so this isn’t as bad as the what the Red Sox did last year. That trade should have been vetoed.

  3. yup totally agree however the exchanging of cash is what is probably slowing down the deal

  4. Uncle Veto is in the house on this one. Time to sharpen my suicide knife.

  5. As for all the fuss the US media is making, please just STFU. It was amazing to watch the reactions with them going so far as to complain about the tax rates these guys will have to pay. Gimmie a fucking break.

  6. Selig vetos trade.

    Marlins trade Reyes to Boston; Johnson, Buhrele to NYY.

    Jays still get John Buck.

  7. Selig feels bad for Marlins fans? Take it up with Loria, old man.

  8. Hey Stoets, I know its kinda like asking Santa why he only brought you 5 presents instead of 6, but I am curious, has there been any word as to whether Stanton was a part of the deal or if he would be traded now? What about the fact that Justin Upton hasn’t been traded? Would D’aunuld + Sanchez be enough to get it done? Youre the expert and I am a casual fan, so don’t burry me in sarcasm, ‘kay?

    • Thing about Stanton is, he’s so young, and still so cheap– relative to talent– and under team control for long enough that the Marlins probably see him as part of their next good team.

      As for Upton, that’s probably the level of talent you’d be looking at parting with, but the pieces don’t really fit– Arizona has a catcher (Montero) locked up and isn’t looking to entirely rebuild with prospects. They’d want MLB-ready pieces to help their roster where they need it: top tier pitching, SS/3B. They have a surplus of outfielders coming up, and dealing Upton is a way to maximize the strength of their MLB roster– kinda the way that the Jays did by including McGriff in the Carter-Alomar trade, which opened the spot for Olerud.

    • Stanton would be awesome but probably a bit much, since he’s already a star. But I wonder if AA pushed to include LoMo, who, according to MLBTR is now being shopped. Considering all the cost-controlled assets the Jays gave up, it would seem somewhat reasonable to ask for one in return. He kinda fits an area of need (although i kind of think of him as a younger Lind) and he’s value can’t be all that high

  9. would be more likely to be overturned if cash was going the other way. ie. toronto “buying” the players. structurally cant see how a veto would be justified as it is no different than many of the other salary dumps we have seen in the past, of course including the Red Sox and Dodgers last year. If he’s considering vetoing it because of “anger” in miami I say lets get ahead of this and start a fucking shitstorm on twitter saying we will burn this motherfucker to the ground if he vetos this because the yanks and sox don’t like a little competition.

  10. Stern did this in the NBA and it really put a huge damper on the Heat’s success. Don’t think Selig would want to risk it. Imagine all the ruckus we would be able to make at whoever ended up winning the AL East

    • But Stern did it as an Owner – because the NBA owned the Hornets

      • Although the Hornets’ GM had okayed the deal before Stern stepping in. That was worse, to be honest with you, because there was a conflict of interest issue.

        Now, if the Jays had done something like this to the Brewers….

      • Good point. Forgot about that.

  11. ESPN just cut in with “breaking news” to announce that Bud Selig would be reviewing the trade and that it had yet to be formally presented to him. One positive is that they quoted him as saying he had talked to two independant baseball people who had confirmed that the Marlins had done “quite well” with the prospects that acquired in the trade.

  12. Question: If the Jays added Justin Upton to play left field, are they then the best team in baseball? Will they consider throwing 30 million over 5 years to Grienke and asking him if he wants to be the Ace on a winning team? This doesnt seem so stupid anymore. After this I even think would they be wililng to sign Josh Hamilton? Are they suddenly in these conversations?

    • Grienke isn’t taking 30 million over 5 years, that’s ridiculous.

      • What would he cost? Love baseball but not a big salery follower.

        • He could end up 6 years over 100 million easy. I’d love it, but it’s crazy what he might fetch as the top arm on the market this year.

          • Well five years 30 million is 150 million and you just told me thats no good. I didnt mean 6 / a year.

        • But why? Their team as currently constituted would require the following to even have a chance at the Series: 1. Romero Rebounds 2. Morrow improves. 3. Rasmus/Lawrie live to potential 4. EE is not a fluke. 5. Bautista stays healthy and in his prime 6. Santos bounces back 7. Burlhe and Johnson stay healthy 8. Reyes stays healthy. 2 or more of those things go sounth and they just wasted a hundred millin, so why not go all in ? I mean, why come so far and stop? With what they did Tuesday, isn’t Hamilton, Upton or Grienke just protecting their investment?

        • it’d probably cost closer to $30M/season than $6M per…

        • maybe you’d like celery instead

      • Also, we’ve added enough salary that paying Josh Hamilton $22 million a season is not happening. I’m in favour of looking into Greinke, although I still don’t think we’d get him.

      • I assume he means 30×5== $150-million.

        • THANK YOU!!! Reading this was starting to be like a bunch of inbred hillbillies tyring to hump a doorknob.

        • Agreed. With the demand so high for pitching, Greinke will most likely get a deal close to what Sabathia got. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least with both LA’s and Texas interested.

    • pretty much no chance on all fronts there big guy. may flip a catcher for another pitcher though.

    • One more starter who is better than Happ and a decent left fielder who is better than Davis then we are set.

      • manimal enough with better than Happ ………………Happ is solid 5 guy

        • But then who do we go to WHEN one of our starters get hurt? Need some insurance. Thats why Happ as #6 is ideal

          • If that happens then the question is when? If it’s later in the season then Hutchison or Drabek… if it’s earlier then maybe Jenkins or Cecil.

            Happ is alright as a #4 guy so having him as a #5 guy is just fine.

      • What about Choo in left?

    • This still sounds incredibly stupid. $30M for 5 years??!! Grienke can get an $100M and play in Southern California for the Angels who have at least as good of a chance of making the playoffs as the Jays. The Jays are much better – but don’t be thinking they’ve become some juggernaut. This trade allows them to compete, not be favoured to win it all. Doubtful they’ll throw down on a huge FA signing on top of this. They don’t have a SS to include in a trade for Upton and would have to gut their farm system AND get creative to make that happen. I’d be estatic if they rounded the team out with someone like Melky and another back of the rotation starter.

    • Yeah, 30/5 isnt happening, but I like your point. I’m not sure why everyone here seems to think that we’ve smashed open the piggy bank. The day before the trade most people we’re guessing we’d put 10-15 million on the payroll tops, and that was completely wrong.

      Has anyone in the Jays FO indicated this is the end of the spending? Why would it make any sense to stop when we’re now only a few pieces away? Major corporations like Rogers don’t half ass spending projects, I get the impression they decided to go all in on this one.

    • I would rather see AA kick the tires with Melky Cabrera. See if he would take 1 year with an incentive laden option for another year or 2. Then go after a 5th starter or 2 which would be cheaper and provide more depth pitching wise.

  13. The Yankees and Sox sent their crack legal teams down to give old Bud a hand looking things over I would assume.

  14. I have just been given some red hot information: “Oakville 69″ has un-cancelled his season tickets contingent on the deal going through the blue jays not giving out any discount tickets. He says his source – someone high up in the Romney administration (Oakville thinks he won) has confirmed the deal is going through, as long as the Jays add a 1% logo to their hats this year.

    • Shiiiit, there goes those shitty cheap as fuck 500 season tickets eh?

      • Don’t quote me on this, but rumour has it that they’re going to move them to the neither region of the 500 outfield. This could very well be the last year for the $99 pass though.

        • Hope not. Have had one last two yrs. did not like the fact last year my two seats were allocated for the season. Made it awkward if other people wanted to go to game with me.

    • Lol. I already have my tickets and may buy more flex packs.

  15. At this point it should be helpful tat Beaston worked for MLB and knows where all the bodies are buried.

  16. Blue Jays are sending much more talent to Marlins than Dodgers did to Red Sox.

    The whole Loria thing stinks and I would be very upset if I were a Miami fan/taxpayer, but the Blue Jays shouldn’t have to pay for it, especially as they are trying to finally spend and be competitive in the division. It would be massively unfair if Selig nixed the trade and would send a very bad message.

  17. From MLBTR: “Selig has heard a lot of grumbling from other owners about the trade, writes Ken Davidoff of The New York Post. Clubs from the AL East, NL West, and NL Central are not happy with the on-field ramifications of the swap.”

    So basically, the other owners don’t like the trade because it made the Jays better right now and the Marlins worse.
    If this trade gets vetoed (somehow), can all of Toronto please riot like there’s no tomorrow?

  18. As soon as this trade is made official, I bet we see another trade from AA…Maybe JPA, maybe someone else. AA doesn’t seem to be waiting out the market.

  19. Well we’ll see what happens. I think, if Selig overturns that trade, after rubber-stamping the Sox to Dodgers trade, and after saying he saw no evidence of tampering in the Farrell to the Sux business, every baseball fan in Canada will march on his office.

  20. Man…could this trade be approved already..

    ive dusted off my Jo Jo Reyes 37 jersey and am hoping Jose will go with the same number in order to save me some coin.

  21. And by the way, don’t Beeston and Selig know each other rather well? I can’t believe Beeston didn’t pick up the phone and call ol’ Bud to give him a bit of a heads-up and make sure he was reasonably ok with the trade. It would be a prudent thing to do in the circa.

  22. Dearest Bud,

    Remember all the years the Jays stayed under your laughable “slot” system in order to stay on your good side? Because as a Jays fan, I sure as fucking shit do. I sure remember the club passing over premium talent while other teams shrugged off your pathetic recommendations and pushed our shit in.

    Approve the trade, you motherfucking dickbag fossil. Don’t start trying to grow a set of balls. Turning a blind eye to steroids, turning a blind eye the last time the Marlins did this EXACT SAME THING, turning a blind eye to Red Sox doing this EXACT SAME THING — you had your opportunities if you wanted to keep this game from becoming a fucking joke and failed every single time. You’ve also done enough to specifically target Anthopolous. You’ve done enough to give Rogers the kick in the ass it needed to stop operating like Pittsburgh north. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED.

    Everything about this trade is legitimate and Marisnick & Nicolino are great prospects. The “review” for this trade better be hung on waiting for an e-mail back from Beeston and for nothing else.

    Warmest regards,


  23. Selig is a fukstik commissioner. Ever since he made that bonehead decision on the allstar letting it end in a tie he has been devoid of any common sense. Still, I’m sure the deal will be approved. Who the fuck is he to decide whether the players traded in either direction are worth it or not-has he ever been a GM?
    I didn’t think so

    • If he invokes “best interest of baseball”

      what he is really invoking is “best interest of the yankees and red sox”

      which…per bud…is baseball

    • What level of Fukstik is he though? Gold, is he a Gold Level Fukstik? Can you apply the levels of fukstik for players to the commissioner?

    • I think his decision to unbalance the leagues by moving his Brewers to the NL because Milwaukee was a NL town a long fucking time ago, but not for the last 20+ years, was a tipping point. That move also had ‘nothing’ to do with honing in on the increased revenues associated with playing the ever-popular Cubs and Cardinals either.

  24. Mlbtr says other owners are upset about the “on field ramnifications” of the deal.. WTF does that even mean?

  25. The trade will go through. As a baseball trade, it’s fine. If it was anyone other than Loria doing it, nobody would question the integrity.

    But I could see some type of pressure from MLB as well as the union for the Marlins to spend more than the $30 – $40 million it looks like the might spend on payroll this year.

    There is good reason to dislike what the Marlins are doing as it’s bad for baseball’s image. But it is allowable in the CBA.

  26. Selig – OK you feel bad for all 27 Marlin fans…. Approve the trade and let the Ninja go and swindle the next GM!

  27. The Marlins’ strategy = every decent fantasy baseball player ever. Sure, it’d be nice to win for a three or four year window in between the fire sales, but there’s something to be said for stripping the furniture each time it reaches its high-water point and rebuilding an even better living room.

    I am a tiny bit torn about this trade, because it still seems like a lot of talent for what could have been a straight salary dump, but if the Red Sox were in heavy then I guess the Jays just decided to pony up and I can’t fault them for it. And I’ve always had a soft spot for Buehrle given how he used to match up with Halladay in CG nailbiters.

  28. Whoa whoa wait. Are we not taking on WORSE deals on these 3 main guys than when they were signed: they are all older of course + the deals are all backloaded to some degree? And then on top of that we are giving up 2 good arms and a SS under a good contract, etc.

    I am only happy about this because the Jays are spending now.

    But to say this is somehow unfair makes no sense. If Loria thought he could get much more for those guys why the hell wouldn’t he have?

  29. Video of Bud Selig’s press conference:

  30. I don’t know if anyone on this blog is capable of answering this question, but on what grounds would Selig be able nix this trade?

    • None. Because if he does, he must explain why he didn’t nix the Dodgers-Red Sox trade. Selig couldn’t survive as Commissioner if he stops this trade.

      • Exactly blocking this trade should be a fireable offense

        • Problem is he works for the owners and I’m guessing he would need a majority of people to vote to get him fired and if even 10 of them are cool with the trade he won’t get fired.

          • Problem is he’s also good friends with many of the owners (he used to be one himself). Some of the older owners, like Reinsdorf, are guys Selig colluded with in the 1980s to keep the cost of free agent contracts down. Some of these owners are guys Selig worked with to kick Fay Vincent out of office.

      • Just out of interest, what was the Sux salary exposure after the dump? They didn’t lose every high-profile player. They still had Pedroia, Ellsbury, Lester etc. So perhaps it could be argued that they kept their duty to their fans by maintaining at least the semblance of a competitive team. Loria has dumped all the big salaries but one I think. And what he’s gotten back–although valuable in many ways, especially Hech–could not be considered an mlb-ready bunch of players. So someone could argue that, unless he makes significant acquisitions before the start of next season, he’s not fielding a competitive team and has dumped salary with little regard for the team, which will now be overmatched by every other team in baseball.

        I’m not saying this is a supportable argument. I think if Selig nixes the trade I’ll get my gun and go hunting. But I can see a possible argument on the other side that allows the Sux/Dodgers deal but nixes this one.

        • Yes, but you would also have to include all the deals where teams, like Oakland, have dumped players to rid themselves of salary.

          What Loria has done is a sound financial move and he can point at teams like Oakland, and even previous Marlin teams, to show that it is possible to still remain in contention even with his low salary team.

          What he has done is well within the rules and it suck to be a Marlins fan, but it also sucked to be an Expos fan when he was doing the same sort of thing in Montreal.

    • Under the “best interest of baseball” clause to be exercised as the commisioner sees fit.
      Yes, it actually exists.

      • It exists, but not for this purpose. The only time it’s been invoked for a trade was when the Athletics sold Joe Rudi and Rollie Fingers to the Red Sox and Vida Blue to the Yankees in two straight players-for-cash transactions. If the Marlins had traded these 5 guys for a bucket of cash then Selig has full grounds to veto the deal, and even as a Jays fan I wouldn’t blame him in that situation. But this is way different because the Marlins got a nice return package.

        Also, Loria is in Selig’s back pocket. He watched as Loria destroyed the Expos, and he’s watching as Loria pockets revenue sharing. What needs to happen is Jeffrey Loria selling the team and going to jail for the scam he’s running.

  31. If the trade does not go through then Selig will once again leapfrog Bettman as the most despised commissioner on the planet for me

  32. MLB is a joke, you are a communist if you don’t allow teams to spend beyond what is reasonable during the FA process, but the BJ’s make a bold move at just the right time for their franchize, and we must bear the weight of Bud’s scrutiny. Fuck off Selig

    • Oh fuck off with this melodramatic bullshit. Players are scattered throughout the world right now, so the whole process is getting delayed because of physicals and paperwork.

      • You’ll notice that it is the Marlins fans Bud is concerned about, no mention of the BJ ticket holder. Yes, No I’m sure its just me – you know that hand wringing, worrying Canadian fellow that feels insecure about everything.
        We should be concerned about MLB’s handling of this deal , AA has done a tremendous job in aquiring talent to make us contenders. It is a fair fight, and we won! Be apathetic if you like, but this process is insulting.

        • No, it’s absolutely not. No had you dead to rights, and it’s fucking delicious. You smear too much knee-jerk dumbfuckery around here.

          • Andrew, lovely response and always great to get your candid opinion. Your vulgar retorts are as per usual, overly nasty. If it were the Yankees instead of the Jays, the response and tone (from MLB) would likely be more receptive. All this is speculation of course, but that is my opinion! In the end thats all that matters

          • how does he not have a valid piont? The trade made between LAD/BOS mid season should be case-and-point. The numbers are a bit skewed, but nevertheless it was accepted without any hinderance. I think I got wind of the trade the very day it was made official. Very stealthy movement, or a flash of the hancock from the Seligman as soon as he sees “big market” deals going on. I think birddawg has a point. knee-jerk, maybe a little. Dumbfuckery, not at all. I see it everyday at work and in the world, superiors having favourites, and “equals” being treated differently. It’s not a conspiracy theory. Your apathetic hipster rebuttals are a bit tiresome at this point, stick to typing up baseball info’s instead of flexing your beard muscles on every fan with an opinion that is against the grain of yours. Where’s Parkes at, I like that guy….

  33. I assume at this point Jeffrey Loria has a fair amount of dirt on Selig from their time fucking over Montreal, because I can’t understand how this guy is allowed to be an owner.

    I don’t think the trade will get vetoed, the backlash would be worse than what Loria’s been getting from Miami residents and Marlins fans the past few days.

  34. Rogers conspiracy time?

    Make it look like we’re going to spend money….but not really. Just to say we did it and now shut up.

    Nahh too ludicrous, even for Rogers.

  35. 1. Stoets, get a proof reader, my brain is so full of fuck right now after adding AND subtracting words to make complete english sentences.
    2. Why is he a huge douche? Do you know the guy, has he said something to point to this douchyness? I understand undermining the tzxpayers dollars by selling the team, but what was he supposed to do? You just defended his whole fire sale standpoint. I fully agree with the not waiting out the end of all the contracts he signed last year while the team was losing badly, although I think he may have jumped the gun, only waiting for 1 year to see if would work, I mean, their cousins from the NBA didnt win a championship until year 2 of their mega team takeover… just sayin…

    • *taxpayers, see proofreading works!!!

    • You clearly do not know the Loria/Expos/Marlins history do you?

      • You state the answer to your question in the beginning of it. You clearly dont know english. If it was so clear why even ask?
        Moving the expos out of Quebec wasn’t a good idea? Are they trying to get a team back in the basebal crazyl hub of Montreal? Do we really need a team in Montreal? I can understand your butthurtedness over losing a Canadian franchise, but you’re off your rocker if you think it was done out of spite/douchyness/anti-canadianism or whatever you want to call it. The team is making money and is successful in washington, I dont think I would be ale to say the same thing for a team that would have been playing in exhibition stadium right now, and there would be no talks of a new stadium being built, ESPECIALLY with the debauchle of corruption in the QC government on multiple levels, as well as student riots and tuition fee battles going on. Baseball works around the world’s schedual, not the other way around.If the move out of Montreal was detrimental to the team, the city, or baseball itself, it wouldn’t have been accepted. But I digress…

  36. Isn’t what the Marlin’s did kind of smart though? As in, they don’t plan on being competitive for a few years. So trading Buehrle was a no brainer. Plus Buehrle was Ozzie’s guy and for all we know asked to be traded after they fired Ozzie. DoubleJ is a FA next year and has a history of injuries so why not trade him now while his value is still up rather than gamble on him having an injury filled 2013 and not net much at the deadline. Trading Reyes is a bit of a stretch – but with the Marlin’s history of selling teams off – doesn’t it seem like they sign FA’s and then trade them for prospects, thus netting themselves prospects? As in, they can afford to sign big name FA’s, so why not sign them and then trade them for prospects rather than just letting other teams sign the FA’s (possibly your division rivals) and not getting anything out of it? Isn’t that why they don’t hand out no trade clauses? They essentially got Alverez, Escobar, Mathis, Nicolino, Marisnick & DeSclafani in a trade for players that they didn’t have under control two years ago, a pitcher who is about to become a FA, John Buck and a utility player.

    On paper this doesn’t look like a better team than the 2012 Marlins, but aren’t they better than the 2011 Marlins (minus Hanley)?

    • Yeah, that’s definitely a salient point if you consider the Marlins’ spending spree last offseason a pure talent grab. Two years ago if you told a Marlins’ fan they would trade Josh Johnson’s final year+Emilio Bonifacio+$27M (in FA contracts already paid out) for Escobar, Hech, Alvarez and 2 top prospects, would they have turned you down?

  37. There is no precedent for him to overturn this trade. If he does, it will be as others have stated above , to appease the Sox and Yanks. He’d get frucking roasted in the media and maybe even flogged in the streets by a bitter Jays fan such as myself.

    • “frucking roasted” is also how my favorite chinese restaurant prepeares Peking Duck.

      Wish this site had an edit button, fuck.

      • Prepeares? Jesus, how is it my spelling is so much better when I’m drunk?

        • You just answered your own question Smasher.

          Like “No” said above, this trade is a done deal. It’s the physicals and other shit that is holding up the deal. If I were you, I would grab the flask from the top drawer of your filing cabinet and take a quick nip to sooth your nerves.

          • Ok, keep an eye out for my boss. He looks a little like Bud Selig only his tits are bigger.
            Down the hatch…

  38. Three things you have to wonder:

    1. What is worse: alienating the Marlin’s fanbase, or the Blue Jays fanbase.
    2. Why does Florida have two teams.
    3. How could this deal possibly get nixed, when the Sox/Dodgers trade was allowed with little attention.

    Thought Process #1

    It’s unfair to really compare two fanbases, and have to pick a lesser of two evils. But really, the Marlins fanbase truly got alienated once Loria was allowed to buy the team. Marlins fans need to realize that the team got a huge haul of controllable talent for essentially money (money spent on free agents). They lost a tonne of games, but this was largely due to the rest of the team, minus Stanton, amounting to one giant turd – not because of these 5 specific players (more accurately Johnson, Buehrle and Reyes). In a couple of years, the Marlins will have a strong chance to be a very good, young team as a result of this, and probably other trades.

    As for the promises Loria made, people need to learn about the person you’re doing business with before making a deal/promise. Look before you leap.

    Thought Process #2

    This is an honest question. The Marlins are perhaps the shittest-run organization I have ever seen – a rudderless ship if I may say. Funny enough, they were still 18th in the league in attendance. Tampa Bay has a great front office, a excellent farm system, and a dangerous team on a tight budget, but have the shittiest stadium you could ever hope not to see. There’s two possible “quick” fixes to alleviate these issues:

    1: Relocate the Rays to Miami, and Miami to fuck-if-I-care.
    2: Contract the teams, and have them stay in Miami.

    Again it’s picking the lesser of two evils, and I usually hate contraction, but in this case it works out really well: Miami gets a team, Rays get a new stadium. This should also (hopefully) effectively get Loria the fuck out of baseball.

    Thought Process #3

    It pretty much speaks for itself. The Red Sox dealt a shitload of salary to a large-market team and received basically one (ONE!!!!1!11) prospect. This deal, if memory serves, had no issues and was done with smoothly. In the Jays/Marlins trade, the Marlins, a small-market team, give the Jays, a large-market team, a lot of salary, while the Marlins get a lot of cost-effective options which also happens to be quantity and quality.

    I think for the first time Selig is starting to finally understand just how fucked up baseball in Florida, and Miami, really is, and that’s why this is taking much longer than it normally would.

    Feel free to disagree, it’s just my 2 cents in a long-winded wall of a post.

  39. God forbid that a non-American team should ever again be competive or even win the WS (back-to-back bitches!). There is no precedent for revoking this deal as many of you have already astutely pointed out. And as someone already asked, what the hell does “onfield implications” mean? We’re a better team and we’re going to be tougher for the Stankees and Sux to beat! Deal with it MLB.

  40. Andrew is correct, every little thing is over analyzed in the Twitter age. This is all white noise until the Jays newser to introduce the new players.

  41. MLB trade rumours is hilarious today with Red Sox fans screaming the trade should be overturned as its bad for baseball. But red sox trade was only to get those players with bad attitudes out of town and not about money……..

  42. David Cone thinks we’re the team to beat in the East….

  43. So is Vida Blue the only precedent for cancelling a trade between “grown ass men” who wholly own their own commercial enterprises???? 35 years have passed since Vida Blue was enroute to NY for only cash and then to the Reds for some poo-poo platter. Both times the reason cited was “an already powerful team” received a benefit without sending back ANY significant talent. THIS TRADE DOES NOT MEET THE VIDA BLUE CASES (which I think are the only modern era known vetoed trades).

    So, remember, it was the 1976 Yankees and 1977 Big Red Machine that were fucked with, “already powerful teams” – a definition that does not fit the 2012 Toronto Blue Jays. And, Miami definitely received SOME significant talent in return. Case closed.

    This has to be a paper shuffling exercise to assuage the tempers of MIami fans before a baleful apology that there is really nothing the Commissioner can do as they did get some decent baseball talent and it is not unjustly enriching the rich. Then, MLB can refer the issues and concerns to the rules committee and try to draft something that everyone is well aware of going into trade discussions

    Ultimately here, overturning this trade would be changing the rules of operation on the whim of the Commissioner. This does not go against baseball. FUCK OFF RED SOX (who are obviously the meddlers behind Bud Selig)

  44. The other, and perhaps more important issue, the Jays better get ahead of is Darren Rovell and the rest of the moron-stream media re: taxes. If you listen to the end of the Tim Kurkjian interview with Dumbass and Cuntihan from WEEI (Bahhhhsten) talking up this 14% tax hit the Miami players take after being traded, you would think Taxachusetts is the Cayman Islands or Dubai.

    And, Bloomberg’s story about Reyes losing $8 million over the course of the five years remaining on his deal due to taxes is going to get around. Blue Jays = TAXES TAXES TAXES

    Now, of course the US has been bingeing on debt for years forgetting to actual pay up for shit they are currently buying so taxes taxes taxes are coming. There is likely some raise of rates among high income earners so that $8 million is going to be less, and how would it compare if he was trades to the Yankees or Dodgers (two high tax states, NY and Cali). FUCK OFF MORON-STREAM MEDIA!!!!!!!

  45. I don’t see any basis for which Selig can cancel this deal. Sure, it’s another Miami firesale, but teams are allowed to trade the players and it’s not like the Jays are sending back chopped liver. Odds are at least some of the guys will turn into good if not great players for the Marlins.

    That being said, clearly Loria is a douchebag. On the bright side, from a Marlins fan perspective, at least he got them a proper baseball stadium. And hopefully one day, he’ll pass the torch to a proper owner.

    As for the city and taxpayers, well clearly it the stadium deal looks like a bait-and-switch con now. The only lesson I can see here for future cities is, if they’re going to finance new stadiums, get a contractual commitment from ownership for a minimum team payroll for a set number of years. Don’t know that any city has tried that, but din’t see why they couldn’t.

    Where I live, a shopping mall looking to get nicer, demanded that all its tenants/stores commit to renovating, otherwise it booted them out. It’s not apples-to-apples, but the idea being you can have quid-pro-quo commitments. So I don’t see why if a city agrees to commit cash to a new stadium that it in turn couldn’t demand the team commit to staying a minimum number of years and to fielding a minimum payroll (even say just “league average”).

    Of course, payroll, doesn’t guarantee results, but it’s a start. And of course cities probably shouldn’t be in the business of buying stadiums for wealthy sports owners. But this argument seems to be a lost cause.

  46. Ive seen worse trades…Jerry Sands was the #1 prospect in return for Gonzalez/Beckett/Crawford…. That one was OK, But Henderson Alvarez, who has a very bright future, Hechaverria who is a future goldglover, Marisnick is a future star, and Nicolino who has promise isnt good enough for Buehrle/Johnson/Reyes??? Selig hates Canada. He helped Loria kill the Expos, but wont help him kill the Marlins, and wants to fuck over the Jays. Its so plain to see.

  47. In the best “interests of baseball” would be to keep the blue jays out of the playoffs due to loss revenue in merchandise and television. Bud Selig is all about money and profit. He killed baseball!

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