Not that it will have much of an effect, I’m sure, but Shi Davidi tells everyone not to panic over the fact that The Trade has yet to be finalized… um… quite literally:

So… we’re still playing the waiting game. And, occasionally, the hoax press conference game– CANADA’S SPORTS LEADER!– but as cannot be stated enough, the trade appears to have come about very quickly, and there’s a lot of medical work and paperwork needed before anything can be moved on to Bud Selig’s office for approval.

Justin Nicolino and Anthony DeScalfani appear to have only just made their way to the Marlins’ facilities, for example, according this tweet from the club’s strength and conditioning coach.

So, that may give us at least some sense of the pace here, and why this aspect of the deal may be taking so long. Especially since you could reasonably presume those aren’t even the guys who’d be needing to make their way from the Dominican, Venezuela, or wherever else on the planet they happen to be. It takes time, especially out of season.

Plus, whenever more than a million dollars is exchanged in a deal the Commissioner’s Office is mandated to review it.

Does that mean he’ll somehow pull the plug? As I explained earlier, there are few reasons to think so. And comments from Selig himself, who is currently at MLB’s Owners’ Meetings in Chicago, by way of Eric Fisher of Sports Business Journal, don’t do a whole lot to change that perception:

And then there’s this from John Lott of the National Post, who as far as I can tell must be fluent in Seligese:

So… are we all over our little midday freakout yet? Please say yes. For your own sake. (OK, mine too.)


And just as I suspected, the issue has largely been due to players being difficult to track down, as Bob Elliott explains…

So… there’s that.

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  1. Do we get our afternoon snack or today in MLBTR yet?

  2. Keep us steady here Stoeten! We’re doing our best.

  3. Pour me a drink, i ordered a 10 -pack.

  4. TSN can fuck off forever.

  5. Nope. Still freaking out.

    • Relax, you should be more worried about the arctic ice cap, that if my calculations are correct will melt in the next 2-4 hours, cause a massive flood/ tidal wave and bury Toronto under 20 feet of water. That and the end of the Mayan Calendar. And killer bee’s from south america. And the Y2K glitch.

      • Without knowing precisely what the danger is, would you say it’s time for our viewers to crack each other’s heads open and feast on the goo inside?

        • Yes, and start with any guy wearing a “Tap Out” shirt. Then move on to anyone wearing crocs, and then anyone who says the word “yolo” – Secret zombie code.

        • Hmm… Yes I would, Kent.

  6. Today on “Quotin Stoeten”

    “are we all over our little midday freakout yet?”

    Love it, back to my whiskey……

    Also, is it weird that when I read that quote from Stotes, I read it in Colby Rasmus twang?

    “R, y’all over yer liddle freeek-out yet?”

  7. Love John Lott.

  8. The trade won’t be vetoed. There is no precedent for it and both organizations have good, justifiable reasons for making the move that they did. It all begs the question, though, what is the reason is for all of this rather ridiculous media talk about potentially vetoing this trade? It’s really not much different than any number of moves that many big market clubs have made over the last decade. In fact, we saw the Red Sox and Dodgers do something very similar just a few months ago in which millions of dollars and multiple impact players changed hands.

    My guess is that a significant part of the reason is that people just can’t handle the way Loria brazenly runs his baseball team like a business and want him, in some way, to be punished for breaking the implicit promise he made last year and not even feigning to compete in 2013. I can’t help but think that all of this talk wouldn’t be happening if it was a big market team like the Yankees, Dodgers, Angels, Rangers, or Red Sox making this deal instead of the Jays, though.

    • Agree. They like the Jays in 4th place just fine. The dirty secret is that Selig is happy with NYY/BOS in the playoffs every year for financial reasons.

    • I think it’s also partially due to it being an unlikely suspect receiving all the heavy contracts. The Jays have grown the identity of being the prospect hoarders, and Rogers being known as cheapskates. Now that the Jays finally make their move, the Toronto media is stunned, the fanbase is going apeshit, and everyone else is “what is this, I don’t even..”

      • +1 you pretty much hit it on the head there. But anyone who was paying attention through all of AA’s BS sessions over the last couple of years saw something like this coming. The best part is that even if the Jays get a couple of years out of Bhurle and Johnson, they have talent that has potential to move into the ranks at that time.

    • redsox “nation”…owner dumps a quarter billion in payroll commitments, closes his business, gives tours to other business people of fenway….but they can’t even fathom that the team might be up for sale. they actually think they dumped agon and crawford because they simply wanted to wade back into the free agent market…if there was ever a fanbase that deserved loria it’s boston.

      • even if henry isn’t selling. news of his declining fortune(s) should signal to massholes that they might want to get used to basement dwelling in the al east for a while.

    • Agreed. Loria has already done 1 firesale before.

      The expos in 2003 weren’t even allowed to do callups in september 2003 for a wild card race. No one cared then because the team was owned by mlb.

      I feel bad for marlins fans, but this will have ramifications for tampa bay.

      Tampa has been trying to get a new stadium built with some public funds.

      Will they get any money after the Loria fiasco?

      They are better run than the marlins, but if I am a tampa bay taxpayer I wouldn’t fund a public stadium unless there were guarantees provided by the team.

  9. James Cybulski, for fuck’s sake…

    Maybe the next tweet should be: “TSN FIRED REPORTER PRESS CONFERENCE. Any nervous dumb-ass and bored hockey reporters out there?”

    • I hear you…

      But I am going to point out that your disdain is of your own creation. Do not subject yourself to that juvenile infant-like mockery of a baseball discussion.

      Pretend the don’t exist, then they won’t!

      I put BBB and TSN on the black list for various reasons.

      Fangraphs is much much better.

    • Seeing as TSN is where all the retards go to comment on shit, stands to reason their staff would barely be a cut above that. As another stated, Fuck TSN.

  10. The articles on the trade no longer say “pending approval” They’re written as though it’s been approved, and they’re always the last to say anything is official.

  11. The “In the end, I’ll do what I’ve done in other past situations.” quote means he’s going to follow precedent. Dodgers/RedSox trade was completely laughable and no one said or did anything. What I love best about this deal is what Farrell must be thinking. Looks like he jumped to the wrong ship! Priceless.

    • Oh yea totally. Imagine Farrells massive jaw dropping: “They did what?” “They traded for who!!???”

  12. Well I am waiting for the official press conference. I say the whole argument that this is wrong is bs, as far as business goes it makes hella good sence.

  13. approve the mother fucking trade already !! i just want to see JJ in a Jay’s cap on for fucks sake!

  14. I don’t know who the hell this guy is, but he has a picture of the letter from the Mayor of Miami to Bud Selig.

  15. I’m enjoying the tax angle stories. Nothing is more hilarious than sports reporters doing math.

    • As an accountant i love the tax calculations. Fees to agents not deductible in Canada but OK in USA.

      Fees that players pay to “clubbies” , the guys that handle equipment, put out meals before/after games not deductible in Canada,

      Apparently,Jjosh Johnson pays between 20-50K for 162 games of clubbie duty.

      Josh Johnson pays about 600K more in Ontario than Florida which has no state income tax.

  16. Is Reyes buying an oil well or something?

  17. I can’t wait to insult you all to your faces at Opera Bob’s this spring.

    By the way, the Smasher has volunteered to do belly shooters from Stoetens Amazonian naval to kick off the party . Gross.

    • You’d think with all the beatings I gave you growing up you’d have learned some restraint.
      Pretty sure you were adopted too.

      • Sorry, I got the story wrong.

        Smasher said he will light the party up by doing jello shots from Parkes ass cleavage.

        Hyuk, Hyuk.

  18. It annoys me when you hear about other MLB owners wagging their finger at the deal in distain. They are not happy with the Jays/Marlins trade for one pure reason – that they didn’t think to do it themselves. And that’s that.

    • “The scope of that deal was bigger than we were expecting,” Cherington told WEEI. “As far as we’re concerned, we have standards and we have a limit to what we’ll do in a trade and free agency….|

      The Red Sox have “standards” or whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean. I can almost guarantee they were one of the teams whining about it.

      • I didn’t think I could hate a team more than the Yankees, but these days the Red Sox are making it easy. What a bunch of fucking douchebags.

      • These standards included hiring an ass clown like Bobby V, despite many sources in his ear telling him this would be a huge mistake.

        these standards also included paying Carl Crawford a ridiculous amount of cash for no real reason..other than to say “we spend money on players”

        is he saying that their standards include not making deals that greatly benefit their team? cause if that is what he is saying..then we can agree.

      • What’d ya mean ‘almost’? You can bet Cherington was on the phone to MLB as soon as he got the news. And as for ‘we’ve got standards’ where were his freakin’ standards when the entire Sux front office was tampering with our manager? Well, he got what he wanted and we didn’t whine about it. But turnabout is fair play. We got what we wanted now. So eat shit and die hungry, Farrell, Cherington and your that poor broke owner John Henry as well. He’s lost better than 2B is what I hear. It’s gonna be make-do-and-mend down Fenway for quite a while.

      • This coming from the same team that tampered with our manager? Yeah, some standards you have there douchebag!

  19. get this over with so more rosterbation can occur
    who the hell is going to play LF next year, not rajai fucking davis

  20. Are we sure Jose Reyes wasn’t trying to FLEE to Dubai, and not on vacay?

  21. So is Vida Blue the only precedent for cancelling a trade between “grown ass men” who wholly own their own commercial enterprises???? 35 years have passed since Vida Blue was enroute to NY for only cash and then to the Reds for some poo-poo platter. Both times the reason cited was “an already powerful team” received a benefit without sending back ANY significant talent. THIS TRADE DOES NOT MEET THE VIDA BLUE CASES (which I think are the only modern era known vetoed trades).

    So, remember, it was the 1976 Yankees and 1977 Big Red Machine that were fucked with, “already powerful teams” – a definition that does not fit the 2012 Toronto Blue Jays. And, Miami definitely received SOME significant talent in return. Case closed.

    This has to be a paper shuffling exercise to assuage the tempers of MIami fans before a baleful apology that there is really nothing the Commissioner can do as they did get some decent baseball talent and it is not unjustly enriching the rich. Then, MLB can refer the issues and concerns to the rules committee and try to draft something that everyone is well aware of going into trade discussions

    Ultimately here, overturning this trade would be changing the rules of operation on the whim of the Commissioner. This does not go against baseball. FUCK OFF RED SOX (who are obviously the meddlers behind Bud Selig)

  22. The other, and perhaps more important issue, the Jays better get ahead of is Darren Rovell and the rest of the moron-stream media re: taxes. If you listen to the end of the Tim Kurkjian interview with Dumbass and Cuntihan from WEEI (Bahhhhsten) talking up this 14% tax hit the Miami players take after being traded, you would think Taxachusetts is the Cayman Islands or Dubai.

    And, Bloomberg’s story about Reyes losing $8 million over the course of the five years remaining on his deal due to taxes is going to get around. Blue Jays = TAXES TAXES TAXES

    Now, of course the US has been bingeing on debt for years forgetting to actual pay up for shit they are currently buying so taxes taxes taxes are coming. There is likely some raise of rates among high income earners so that $8 million is going to be less, and how would it compare if he was trades to the Yankees or Dodgers (two high tax states, NY and Cali). FUCK OFF MORON-STREAM MEDIA!!!!!!!

    • They don’t understand that in Canada you pay taxes based on your residency, while in the US you pay based on your citizenship. All these guys are certainly going to be out of Canada for >183 days during the year, and as long as they setup only a ‘temporary’ dwelling here then they aren’t taxed as Canadian residents. If they buy a house here and live year-round then they’re subject to Canadian taxes; if they rent an apartment and go back to their actual hometowns in the offseason then they aren’t.

      I heard Rovell on TSN radio this week and he said some shit about how they can’t claim residency in “Switzerland or Andorra” as if that’s relevant. They claim residency of WHERE THEY ACTUALLY FUCKING LIVE.

    • Too late…Rosenthal just wrote an article about it.

  23. dubai?

  24. So Selig doesn’t get involved if there is no cash exchanging hands? If that’s the case it’s going to look pretty fuckin stupid if this falls apart over 4 million.

  25. Lott tweet was both hilarious and true.

  26. just for kicks the jays starting 9 obp just went from .318 to .326. That would move them from 13th in the AL to 5th

  27. Apparently the news of the agreement was leaked quite prematurely (shocker) so that would add to the perceived lag in approval…….I guess. Nothing wrong with a Friday celebration leading into the weekend ay Bud ole buddy!

  28. I realize it won’t be vetoed, but man…I just read this quote from Selig in an piece. Look at this bullshit talking about the Marlins fans:

    “I have a great sensitivity to fans and people in areas. Remember, my career started because the Milwaukee Braves went to Atlanta and I never forgot the hurt that I felt and everybody around. So I’m not insensitive to that. I’ve lived through it.”

    Yeah, tell that to the fans in Montreal after you destroyed the game there, burned it down and pissed on it. What a fucking slime ball.

  29. After watching the Selig presser, there’s no way this isn’t happening. Jays have this locked down.

  30. Here is one thing to watch with the Real Evil Empire – Boston Red Sux, John Henry’s downward spiraling commodities fortune (note- his personal account is what is primarily managed by JW Henry and it is down double digits in the last year and about 17% in the last three years. Plus he has a trophy wife and Liverpool FC. I hope the Red Sux are the new Mets

    • nothing makes me happier than having all of the fucking massholes whine about their shitty owners

      • I just find it amazing how the Red Sox and their fans railed against what the Yankees were for decades. And then two titles later they are everything they despise. Maybe another 86 year drought will help them understand Red Sox baseball again.

  31. If Butt Selig nixes this deal it will be a mockery of the MLB. It better get done QUICK!

    • Blair mentioned something yesterday about how Bud/MLB had a little talk with Loria/Marlins about how there was no goddamn way that the fish would be financially soluble if they kept to their current ways of spending/losing. If true, that alone says we have nothing to worry about.

      However given the last 12-15 years of Stockholm Syndromesque Blue Jays fan behaviour, I just need to hear that this shit is all good to go.

      • I also don’t believe the tweets ( or whatever) from the Bahstawn media that the Red Pox were sniffing around Johnson and Buehrle before AA got to making the deal. Sounds so apologetic.

        “But, but *sobbing* were were in on those guys too!”

        Bull. Shit.

  32. The only thing that should be happening in this situation is owners yelling at their GMs about why they couldn’t have thought up a similar deal. Think big, be big.

  33. I’m noticing lots of insults being tossed Selig’s way in the comments here. .

    Be nice when you’re talking about Bud! This guy has the power to undo us entirely, doesn’t he? We don’t want him to have any reason to be biased against the Jays fanbase, do we?!

    Given, he’s maybe not sitting down reading DJF tonight, but allow for the remote chance that reading Stoeten’s blogs is one of his favourite pastimes, BE NICE TO BUD!

    We’re Canadians after all. We’re nice guys.

  34. So, Jose Reyes was in Dubai & has had to make his way to Florida for his medical.

    • If I were him, Id say , fuck on vacation..checking out the burj Khalifa and going to ferrari world where they have the worlds fastest roller coaster (formula rosa).

      ill get my physical when I get back…and I get back when I get back.

  35. That tax thing. Florida has non income tax or very little? But what if players get traded to NY? NY income tax is on a par with Canada isn’t it? And in any case I don’t think they get dinged here in the same way as permanent residents. I agree with the guy upthread who said the Jays need to get in front of this issue and fast.

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