Maybe there really is something to the notion that we haven’t even yet seen the top of the Jays’ payroll mountain, because while you were out arguing about how it’s absurd for anyone to believe that Miguel Cabrera– incredible season as he had, and incredible achievement as the Triple Crown is (albeit one that does precisely nothing to demonstrate a player’s Ultimate Value, and one only made possible by something as quaint as whichever long-dead scribe coined it choosing to use RBIs as one of it’s three pillars, rather than a stat with actual meaning or that Cabrera didn’t happen to lead in)–  had anything close to a better season than Mike Trout, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports was doing the lord’s work, laying this one on us:

Now, as we’ve long understood, wanting something and actually being able to get it are two very different things, but all of a sudden such notions have been turned completely on their head when it comes to this team and their ownership. As explained in the previous post, Globe business writers Paul Waldie and Grant Robertson have reported that Rogers management has already cleared the way for the Jays to take their payroll up to $120-million– or about $10-million above where it sits in the wake of this deal.

Obviously that doesn’t leave a lot of room to go fishing for the Zack Greinkes of the world, and with so much escalating money now committed to Buehrle and Reyes, the notion of another big-time back-loaded deal seems far fetched, even in this moment of wild optimism. But if the Globe report is true– since Rosenthal’s report is obviously true, given that JA Happ makes a much better sixth starter than he does fifth, and Chad Jenkins seems to be the next name down the depth chart– there certainly would appear to be room to add a Joe Blanton, a Francisco Liriano (but please don’t, Alex), a Jeremy Guthrie, or to bring back Carlos Villanueva. And that might even leave enough to snag a lefty-smashing bastard like Jonny Gomes to platoon at DH with Adam Lind or David Cooper.

Free up some money by giving away Lind and/or Buck to whichever team will pay the most of his contract and maybe you can even aim for a Brandon McCarthy (swoon!) or Shaun Marcum (though probably not, if you believe Blairsy).

We’re really talking about this!

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  1. Colby Lewis shouldn’t cost much right?

  2. So, just for the record…AA can go back to keeping secrets. It’s really alright, we didn’t mean any of that crap about transparency and all that. We’re cool, right?

  3. Good. They still have no starting pitching depth even with the trade and could certainly use another one for that reason alone.

    I hope this means that they’re also going to upgrade the team in other areas, too, and really go for it in 2013. This team needs another bat to do it.

  4. Agree with everything you said. Gomes/Lind is an ideal DH platoon and gomes could even play LF in a pinch. Sign McCarthy/Gomes and we still might have room for a mid season trade.

  5. Let’s just keep tweeting Brandon McCarthy with just the word Toronto. :)

    • McCarthy – fuck yeah.

      • Remember Matt Clement? Not to mention a few other fellas that have had their coconut rocked and not come back the same.

        The chance of ANYONE giving McCarthy big money and big term is slim right now and personally I dont think AA is thinking about McCarthy at all. I think it’s going to take a one year deal with incentives and a club option for McCarthy to prove his head is in the game still.

    • i’m game

    • Plus one and done.

  6. there’s actually a ton of useful FAs on the pitching market.

    Brandon McCarthy, Eric Bedard, Fransisco Liriano, Kevin Millwood, Dan haren, Carlos zambrano, roy oswalt, joe blanton are all guys who will likely sign 1 year deals and who have some track record of MLB success.

    Not a lot of excitement there but any of those guys could be better than happ and i wouldn’t be surprised.

    With a solid rotation this offense only needs moderate upgrades. Ichiro+gomes?

  7. I think I’d prefer Happ to Blanton, Liriano, Villanueva and Jeremy Guthrie. If we’re going to move Happ into the swingman role, let’s do it definitively.

  8. I dream of Ogando… *swoons*

  9. Can we not use the words useful and Carlos Zambrano on the same page never mind paragraph?

  10. Ignoring the pie in the sky notions of Greinke, Sanchez, Halladay, Lincecum and the rest, the most realistic and impactful pitcher that appears to be available is RA Dickey. And the Jays have the perfect centrepiece to give up in JPA.

    Not sure if the Jays would go for a #3 or better like Dickey or Niese or if it’ll just be someone like Carlos V to battle with Happ, but how awesome would it be to have Romero as the 5th starter.

    • I agree. Go after Dickey. Mets are listening.

      Also Romero as a Dth is perfect, especially after his 2012.

    • JP owes Toronto something for all those years its only right he gives us Dickey.

    • +1

    • I mean, in theory trading arencibia + for dickey is great. It really depends on how much the mets like arencibia though and if the jays even have enough room on payroll. Personally, If I was a talent evaluator on another team i wouldnt be too impressed with Arencibia’s offense. But hey, thats just me.

      • Well, neither would I.

        But one of the Mets’ top talent evaluators is JP Ricciardi who drafted JPA.

        And Cecil. And signed Sierra I believe.

        AA could offer a 15 to 1 fantasy trade centred around JPA and 14 other JP draft picks.

        Maybe it’s the time to sign Russ Adams to a minor league deal.

  11. Why not E-Jax for 4/52 and slot him between Morrow and Romero in the 4 spot.

    At this point the team shouldn’t be dumpster diving.

    Bring in Gomes on a 1+ 1 option and Parkes will be back on the bandwagon flaunting his little boy baseball card again saying he’s being waiting his whole life (outside diapers anyways) for October baseball in Toronto

    • Buerhle is not a #2 or something has gone wrong. Maybe you were going for a R-L-R-R-L pattern?

    • the jays have so much money locked up I would rather avoid a pricey free agent unless they are top tier talent. Edwin Jackson is good but I don’t think worth that kind of money or term. I much prefer the Dickey idea.

  12. if we somehow pulled out something like Melky+McCarthy, i’d go from ‘hey tampa’s still looking good, so are we, still hoping for yankees to age…’ to ‘WE ARE WINNING THIS DIVISION’

    another good point to the Lind platoon idea is that it does nothing to conflict with the idea of using the DH spot as a rotation place. it just gives you another guy to slot in for some ABs there. and another pinch hitter, too!

  13. You know who is only going to cost prospects and 5 million for 2013, R.A. Dickey. Jays are a little more all in then they were a week ago. Might leave room for a Melky Cabrera one year deal in left also. I’m sure there is some regression there but as a number 4 or 5 starter. Plus like Johnson if he leaves there must be comp picks.

  14. Has anyone seen this link before. I wonder what the announcement is…..

  15. As I was saying in the other thread there’s still all kinds of wiggle room for this year and even more next year if you factor in the additional $25 million on the way.

    As for mid season wiggle room a solid boost in attendance numbers and an increase in TV numbers will likely buy AA that.

    A lot will depend on how that supposed $8 million equalization payment gets put to use. Does the $120 million figure include that or will that give him more leeway? If it does grant him more leeway now you’re looking at roughly $16 million before clearing more room by shipping out Buck for instance.

    Again it just goes to show those that mocked AA for making all these little cost saving moves ahead of all this just how important they can actually be even in a situation where your payroll just jumped nearly 50% over the previous year.

    • Would love to see Buck flipped, for basically anything, but at $6M, he’s an expensive catcher. Opposing GM’s will be asking about d’Arnaud and JPA. All will depend on who would be coming back in a hypothetical trade.

      • At 6M, Buck is pretty much getting paid market value for what he provides (1-2 WAR). I could see a team eating all that contract and offering maybe a C level prospect in return.

      • Buck, sent to the Dodgers for one of Harang LHP, or Capuano both are .500 SP and over 100 ERA+ in 2012. Priced 7 and 6 million dollars for each one. Same price as Buck’s contract and you also have an option year.

        This way you keep JPA or better, you increase the value of JPA.

  16. I can picture AA going after some 6/7 type pitchers on the free agent market, let’s not forget the role Laffey played in eating some decent innings. We also have drabek and hutchinson coming up sometime halfway through the year. But I do still see AA making a trade to round off the rotation for next year, especially with 4 catchers currently in the major league roster.

    • I would be very surprised if Drabek or Hutch see any action in the MLB this year, more likely they spend some of August in Buffalo if they are even healthy by then.

      • Hutch didnt go under the knife til late in Aug I believe. He probably wont see any basebal till the spring 2014.

        • And Drabek may not start when he comes back – his second TJ surgery, and we all know his problems the last couple years in the rotation.

  17. Here are 3 options….

    1. Sign Marcum to a short term modest money deal. Other possibilities would be guys like Blanton, Braden, Saunders that wouldnt break the bank and would likely pitch for a modest salary. Everyone else is more expensive than they are worth.

    2. Look internally and hope Happ, Hutch, Drabek, Jenkins or someone else grabs the reigns and runs with the job in a big way which is a possibility since all of these guys have good stuff and the potential to be a solid #5.

    3. Trade for someone. You could move Buck and another prospect for someone reasonable depending on what prospect is involved. You could deal JPA + more for a real solid pitcher or deal Darnaud and more for a real serious top 2 type starter with a decent contract. Not a shit ton of options out there right now but there could be some. Dickey is not going to be in the mix, the Mets SHOULD look to move him with his value sky high but it’d be a bad PR move forsure so it’s likely he’s out.

    If I am AA, fuck it, let’s pack the fucking place and get the city pissing their pants, go trade D’Arnaud and a little more for the Doc and blow the roof of the joint every single night.

    • Wow you had such a good post until you suggested we trade d’arnaud for doc. pure retardation.

      • Guys,, I didnt suggest ONLY Doc coming back really, I didnt lay any groundwork in there. The Phillies really want D’arnaud back, we know this but would they settle for JPA, maybe.

        Fuck it, wait a year and have Doc sign back in TO as a free agent or acquire him in a deadline move for what will likely be a small package.

        I would be more than OK with a character guy like Marcum as the 5th starter. We know he wants to come back and with the new developments he will likely sign even cheaper than he would have before because now its the familiarity of Toronto + the chance to win.

        • Doc acquired as rental at the deadline with the Jays in the hunt would make baseball fucking explode in Toronto. That’s almost such a corporate move that it doesn’t seem impossible at all.

    • I’d love Doc back at some point and I also think he’s a great fit on a contending Jays team.

      But he is NOT worth anything close to TDA at 1 year and $20 mil coming off a poor year by his lofty standards.

      Realistically, the earliest he’s likely to be available is at the deadline if the Phillies are out of it.

      And I see no reason why the Jays shouldn’t be in hot pursuit next offseason if he isn’t extended by Philly.

    • D’arnaud for one year of Halladay? No thanks.

    • Hutch and Drabek are both hurt. Happ looks much better as a 6th starter and I really prefer not to have Jenkins starting.

    • Hutch wont be pitching next year at all from what i understand

    • Dodgers dont have a catcher…. but have to #4 Pitchers. Swap him heads up.

  18. Dan haren isn’t a good fit with this team plus will cost too much money. Sign Lirianp who has just about if not a bit less upside who is cheaper

  19. Wow I just remembered that I wondered whether JA Happ could maybe be a #3 starter. I just had to pinch myself. Can’t believe this really happened.

  20. You can convince a team to take on BOTH Lind and Buck and their full salaries by including a decent prospect in the deal.

    Just saying, it could be done if the Jays were seriously intent on clearing another 11 million.

    Ryan Dempster and Melky Cabrera anyone?

  21. I feel like signing a #5 guy like Blanton, Guthrie, Lirinao… is kind of redundant. I get that it would be a nice depth move and probably push Happ down to AAA, but I really feel like why stop here? If they are making a push then you have to do it right. I think there will be another trade for a pitcher that no one saw coming. Not a number 1 guy like Johnson and Morrow, but someone who could slot in at #3 or #4 and push Romero down to #5.

    I think Buck and Lind could be moved if packaged with a very nice prospect or two. Teams will take on bad contracts, especially short ones, in order to get a better prospect. If they could somehow package Buck and Lind and save that money, maybe they would have the wiggle room to really go after Grienke.

    • Happ would not be pushed down to AAA. If hes not in the rotation he will be instantly slotted in the bullpen to face lefties or come in when a strikeouts needed or for long relief.

      • I would think they’d want him as starting depth. Send him to triple A where he can pitch consistently in a rotation. If he goes to the pen, you would have to stretch out his innings in the middle of the season if there is an injury to one of the starters. Or Chad Jenkins becomes your #6 guy, and no one wants that.

        • Happ is a better version of Carlos Villanueva with the added value of being a lefty. He’s perfect in the swingman role and a more than adequate #5 starter with appropriate depth behind him waiting in AAA in case of injury. There’s no point in wasting him in AAA. In the bullpen, he’s one roster spot that can fill a role that last season had to be filled by two different pitchers, Villanueva and Loup/Crawford.

        • Where did this notion of Happ to AAA come from? There is a 0% chance that actually happens.

  22. If the Jays can somehow manage to make Lind’s and Buck’s contracts disappear, this team would definitely have the finances to find a palatable left fielder and decent starting pitcher.

    Also, I believe this deal was the reason why the Jays made all those small moves a couple weeks ago to penny pinch (mike Aviles etc) – to stay under this $120M number that’s being floated.

    Who else is on the team that’s expendable and making money? Right now I’m borderline on Davis (if it means getting an upgrade in LF).

    • Casey Janssen might be expendable depending on how healthy the anticipate Santos…

      • I would hate to see Jansen moved. I am actually hoping he retains the role of closer even with a healthy Santos. I know Santos was brought in to close. I know his stuff is sexier than Jansens but he also lacks control and Jansen really shined last year closing games. I think he deserves to keep his job

      • I would hate to see Jansen moved. I actually hope he retains his role as closer even with a healthy Santos

        • I would second that. Janssen is a fucking stud in the BP. Why trade him when the Jays are building a team to contend in 2013?

          Santos, if healthy, could be a valuable weapon in 5th or 6th inning situations, like the fireman from the BP, when you need a bunch of K’s to kill a rally.

          Or he could be the 8th inning guy, and close when Janssen is unavailable due to fatigue.

          Those who remember the Ward and Henke two-headed monster will agree that the Jays in those days had a lockdown bullpen after the 7th inning. Santos, if healthy, along with Janssen, should own the 8th and 9th innings.

          • Like the Ward/Henke comparison (even if its way generous) as people forget Wardo was the one with the filthy heat and slider whereas the Terminator was more of a precision surgeon using an effective sinker to get his outs. Have no problem at all with Santos and Casey emulating that duo.

            In summation: keep Casey, for the love of God

  23. I would love to see Dickey aquired in a JPA trade. However if nothing else transpires on the trade front I actually would like Villanueva brought back as the 5th starter and given his chance to prove himself in full time starter role.

  24. The only pitchers out there that are worth the cost for the upgrade over Happ are Jackson, Sanchez, greinke and kuroda. Every other pitcher either is a wash with Happ (dempster, Guthrie etc.) or is too much of a injury risk (McCarthy). I think LF is fine as it stands with a platoon of Davis and the super utility guy from the marlins. Get Gomes to fill out dh and another bench spot and thi team is fine, Adam Lind Is fully capable of being more than worth his contract if he is strictly platooned against righties, a combo of Gomes/Lind would be an elite dh.

    • I’ve been pulling the Gomes bandwagon since Oakland picked up Chris Young. He would be absolutely perfect for the Jays. There aren’t too many guys out there that mash lefties the way he does that don’t need a full time role.

  25. Dear AA, I am a lifelong Tigers fan. Please trade Arencibia to us for Rick Porcello and Omar Infante, so Alex Avila can go back to being a backup catcher like he should be.

  26. I think the best option for the #5 rotation slot for the first few months of the season is Kyle Drabek.

    Command is typically the last thing to come back after TJ surgery. So the Jays might be able to get 12 – 18 starts out of Drabek before his command comes back and the walks overtake the strikeouts again.

    Why waste the best command he is ever going to have on rehab starts in Dunedin?

  27. I wonder if jojo Reyes would consider comming back to toronto

  28. I did an estimate of how many runs this staff will give up based on last years numbers and I get about 630 runs vs 784 last year. that would put us 3rd in the AL. And that’s based on RR with an era of 4.50. add a modest 30 more runs scored and you get a pyth win total of 94.

  29. …. if I was the GM in the situation right now…

    1. Kevin Youkilis, dont ask me why, I just feel like he would really help the morale and add the experience and character needed. He has spoken about wanting to stay in the East, he probably wouldnt sign with the Yankees even though he would get good time between 3B and DH, I think hes more of a 1B/DH at this point in his career. He could teach Lawrie the right way to play the firey intense style of game etc. 2 year deal, 16 million.

    2. Trade Buck and Sierra for a solid pitcher with a cheap contract. The more I think about trading JPA, the more I think it would be a bad plan actually, he is one of the core group of character guys, he’s Lawrie’s best friend etc etc. So trade Buck and a prospect for a reasonable dependable innings eater. OR… sign Marcum/Blanton/someone like that.

    3. For left field, Im really thinking Gose needs one more year of seasoning, so why not sign Jason Bay to a dirt cheap deal and see if playing in Canada in a hitters park with a contending team cant light him up. If you want to spend a bit more, Melky Cabrera or Ryan Ludwick would be the way to go.


    • I wouldnt mind picking up Youk as a bench player. But last time we got a Masshole character guy it was Kevin Millar… yeah.

      I agree with getting a decent 5th starter cool

      Anything other than a minor league deal for jason bay is moronic.

    • I also think adding Youk is enticing for jays and a great idea.

      Trading Sierra and Buck however will not net a solid pitcher in return im afraid.

    • +1 on Youk. Move Lind to the bench where he belongs. Let EE shine as the DH.

  30. How much leash does Romero have? If he cant get his head and/or left arm extracted from his ass and pitches like he did in 2012, that’s unacceptable for a playoff team. What do you do with him?

    Carry him as a 5th starter and sit him when you can? Trade him? Waive him?

    • Why not see how he is after rehabing his surgery?

    • I think your question is fair, but I also understand why people are avoiding it: that scenario would be really ugly and no one really knows what to do if Ricky’s 2012 becomes Ricky’s 2013.

      So I will also not answer your question. Sorry chief.

      • This is a fair point.

        Im not trying to suggest we need to be thinking about replacing him this offseason or that we should be signing an insurance plan. But after 8-10 starts this is the same guy as last year do we trot him out there 20 more times?

    • Treat him like Timmy Lincecum and put him in the pen as a super reliever

  31. Let me know when you guys get to trading for the rights to dig up Ty Cobb with an option for the ghost of Babe Ruth.

    • It’s not there rights that is a problem, it’s the years of being haunted by the ghosts of Cobb and Ruth. I think it’s a club policy?

      • Well if you added up their WAR and added that to last years wins not the real record but what they shoulda had as per their Pythag wins,you got a 140 Pythag win team.
        And if they both regress after being dug up,package them together and do a three way to obtain Cy Young.Then the Jays would have a legit ace instead of somebody else’s #3 trying to be a #1.

  32. Love our fans.. Late night Jays fans rule

  33. this thing needs to go through so more crazy shit can happen.

  34. After reading some of the Red Sox boards today I can honestly say I hate Red Sox fans more than Yankee fans. I want the Jays to punish them in ’13. Good Night.

    • Yeah, Yankee fans are like old money. They’re arrogant but they kind of cant help it from the years and years of success. Sox fans are like new money. Just completely insufferable.

      • Yankees fans are like Mitt Romney – dusty old money that’s arrogant and horrible but easier to accept, Boston fans are like Lil’ Wayne – loud obnoxious and way more noticeable… ultimately Romney is way more dangerous

  35. Im not excited by these shitty names. But what are you going to do? After last year, you cannot expect to go the entire year with 5 starters. someone is going to get hurt…someone might suck their way out of the rotation..perhaps we can trade “best stuff in the organization Dyson and JPA for someone who doesn’t completely suck

  36. Happ is an adequate number 5.

  37. ***PREDICTION*** I thought this before The Trade, but it has been watered down since: THE JAYS WILL ACQUIRE RA DICKEY AND DAVID WRIGHT FROM THE METS. THEN MOVE LAWRIE TO LF.

    • I feel AA is now back to being viewed by rival GM’s as the slick shit ninja fleece commando that he was two years ago, ergo said GM’s will now be leery of being robbed by our baby faced leader of their precious resources.

      He’s like a guy who sleeps with your wife/gf occasionally. You don’t exactly invite him to Xmas dinner.

      • People would probably stop sleeping with your wife if you didn’t use words like ergo. Ergo you’re a douche

    • please, just stop this nonsense

  38. BAM.

  39. I’d rather a LF or 1st baseman rather than a #4 / #5 type SP…. Give Happ the shot at the #5 SP role… I feel he would do as well as a Blanton or Milwood would

    • Happ is fine as a #5, but we still need SP depth. Who is #6/7/8?? Jenkins could provide some depth, but who is behind him until Hutch/Drabek are ready? I could see a couple guys brough in on cheap deals to compete with Happ for #5 and provide depth if they don’t make the rotation. Bedard?

  40. So I’m thinking ‘thank you John Farrell!’. I know the seeds of this deal were planted in the summer but it got awfully big awfully fast. Farrell’s exit made the franchise look weak, ineffectual and irrelevant. Even the suits at Evil Empire HQ would have been concerned when their holding and by extension their brand took that much of a beating. I can’t believe it’s a coincidence that Farrell walks away without a backward glance and two minutes later our payroll just doubled and we are the talk of baseball in a good way this time. Even if the deal is vetoed, agents and players now know the Jays are gonna spend aggressively to put a winner on the field which will make it much easier to acquire top-line talent.

    So thank you John Farrell for your small but vital contribution to the process.

  41. Happ’s a #5 starter on a .500 team, a swingman on a playoff team. Besides, you have to remember that we have to assume the Jays will lose one starter for at least a couple of months (cumulatively), so your #6 is crucial.

    Happ would make a good #6. Jenkins, less so (although there were some signs of life, it’s a big risk).

    What the Jays really need is another pitcher on a one year deal, to bridge to 2014 when Hutch and Drabek will be back, and Jenkins might have developed into a contender for #5/#6.

    If not a free agent rebuilding value for a year (Liriano?), then perhaps a trade for a slightly overpaid vet in his walk year on a team that realistically isn’t going to be a contender.

  42. How about a year of Ichiro for LF, if we can’t get Cabrera? Throw in Davis against lefties. He could even give Bautista an occasional rest in RF. Maybe the Yankees will bring him back, but Bowden projects him at 1yr/$4m, which would be fine. Whether he’d sign to play anything other than RF is doubtful, however.

    Gomes is the obvious choice for DH (who doesn’t even get in Bowden’s top 50), but I’d be okay with Sierra as the right-handed side of the DH platoon. He’s not great, but he’s cheap and can play the outfield to give others a rest, and he’d only be playing once or twice a week anyway. And we have plenty of quality ight-handed bats.

  43. Get the Knuckler, he can pitch for another 10 years.

  44. I like the R.A. Dickey idea, that’s great brainstorming lads. The Mets are broke thanks to having to pay back all that money they got from their weekend at Bernies’.

    A few comments …

    Romero will be fine. Just forget about any season that involved John Farrell, the man was a cancer to our pitching staff plain and simple. Even if Ricky comes back and pulls Jack Morris type “wins with a lousy ERA” type numbers, I’m fine with that. It was the not winning part that was the problem

    I’d support signing any experienced pitcher with a decent track record (not some bum like Liriano) for the #5 spot over using any of the non-Morrow/Romero starters from 12′. That’s how the ol’ World Series Jays would have done it.

    To my mind, guys like Drabek, Hutchinson, Happ, Villanueva etc just don’t cut it in the rotation considering what the Jays appear poised to do in 13′. I know some fans have affection for these guys, but do you really want to miss the playoffs by a few games just so we can be nice to Drabek? I thought not.

    I’d also love to see another bat, I think the offense still needs some extra punch when the injury bug hits as it always will. Ichiro is a great idea, he’d rack up hits bouncing balls off that turf.

  45. One more comment, just like a lot of you I have watched baseball for a long time, and I personally don’t think that another Ward/Henke type combo will come along very often. That was simply un-hittable in the 8th and 9th and has not been replicated very often anywhere in the league.

    I thought Casey Janssen did a fine job and should keep his job as the closer, I’d give Santos set up if he’s ready to go. I’m also hella glad AA kept Oliver.

  46. Any chance we can swing Lind and and a couple of pitchers , say Cecil and Jenkins or a lower prospect to Minnesota for Morneau who only has one year left on his contract? A combo of Morneau and Encaracion at the 1B/DH would be pretty leathal , I am not confident in Lind anymore.

  47. How about Linda + Prospect for Morneau? and we can get Bay to be the bat boy?

  48. My guess is that if the Jays acquire more pitching it will be the Aaron Laffey, Jo-Jo Reyes, and Dana Eveland type of guys that get claimed off the scrap heap, start the season in the minors and aways seem to find their way on the roster after a couple of injuries.

    I would be surprised if it is anything more than this.

    • Why is Jo-Jo Reyes still in the Major Leagues?

      • Jo Jo will be in the minors.
        And lefty’s that throw 95 are a rare breed.It’s like a righty throwing 99.
        Everybody thinks they can turn him around.

        • uhh..Reys is a shitballer who barely makes it to 90. Think of LHP Jon Rauch w/o the rage or control. In other words he’s shit personified. Even Brad Mills was better

    • I would be surprised if it was only this.

      So the Jays decide to go all in, and the finishing touches to put them over the top, with regards to pitching is Jo-Jo Reyes?

      Hey you might be right, but they’ve come this far, why not add something better. I’m sure Toronto has become arguably a more attractive place to play for the rest of the players.

  49. So what exactly is went wrong with Romero? What was the primary reason for last year’s down year?

  50. Unless AA trades for the pitching and LF/DH depth that they need, I think I would be happy if he waited out the market a little bit to see who’s not getting interest from the big spenders. Last year, there were several bargains to be had but they weren’t available until much later. These kinds of guys should be much more willing to take a 1 year deal from Toronto because they actually have a chance to win.

    • You must remember the Jays are one of the big spenders now, or up there anyway. Just talking like a fan but I would be more comfortable if AA got his “needs” out of the way asap and sat back on the wants and watched the market. I think the player market has changed with more teams thinking they have a shot do to the added WC.

      • I agree then he can take advantage of a team (Texas??) that’s desperate for a catcher and get a good return including starting pitching

  51. How about sign for one of the free agent pitchers, ie. sanchez, jackson et. al as insurance in case JJ leaves or gets traded. This is all assuming that free agents want to play in Toronto.

  52. One that can last more than 4 innings

  53. still a bit bummed that Scott Baker’s off the market – he would make a real nice #5 to complement the current starting 4 – unless of course the Jays are thinking way bigger than that

    Baker also would have saved a lot of dough to shore up some money on a LF’er

    I suppose AA can sit back and wait for the best deals/creative trades now that he’s made his major move. Not enough teams are anxious just yet to make a deal, still so early in the offseason. I think it’s going to be quite the winter of gamesman/oneupsmanship across both leagues – a reactive trade almost every week sorta thing

  54. Can you believe we’re even having this conversation! These comments are like gorgeous porn to me.

    I think we’re probably fine with Happ as the #5 if nothing transpires. But as we are all in, it would be foolish not to get one more arm. I’m more concerned about upgrading at LF and/or DH. Please, for the love of Christ, not another summer of Adam Lind’s bad back

  55. Just shit balling here but I really think the pit bull thing is going to be a problem for Buehrle and can see AA moving him. I know it’s not additional pitching but I can see Buehrle and his back loaded contract going to Chicago for Count G. Floyd (yes I went back there) who’s a free agent after this year.

    Lot of extra money for the Sox to take on but they want catching so throw in JPA and they could throw in a controllable Jose Quintana or Philip Humber and you’ve got yourself a trade and some extra pitching.

    • You are assuming that Buehrle will have his family living in Toronto.That’s not likely.
      The dog thing is a non issue.
      The dog will be fine.

    • If they trade Buehrle they better have someone signed long term, such as Johnson or potentially RA Dickey. 2013 looks like the year they are going for it but pieces should be left in place for 2014 and 2015.

  56. Whether or not the Jays add another starter, they’re still going to be in a much, much better position with their starters than they were heading into last season.

    Johnson, Buerhle, and Happ > Carreno, Drabek and Alvarez.

    Side note: Brett Cecil, Jeremy Jeffress, Dustin McGowan, Luis Perez, Esmil Rogers and Cory Wade are all out of options and will need to find a place on the major league roster or something. Perez is coming off TJ, right? And, McGowan is perma-injured so I wonder where the rest fit in.

  57. It seems to me the Jays need a righthander to offset MB and RR. Young, controllable, and reasonably priced would be awesome.

    If Milwaukee can’t swing a big trade of FA signing, they may be headed for a sub-500 season. AA might try to pry Yovani Gillardo from them, although the price would be steep.

    Given that we have Sanchez/Syndergaard/Osuna/Norris/Smoral in the mill, maybe dangling Syndergaard (not sure if he’ll ever have a decent curve/slider anyways…bullpen bound IMO) out there with a couple of other smaller pieces gets it done. This would enable them to slide Happ to longman where he belongs…

    In the event that the Brewers don’t make Gillardo available, there are other similar talented, controllable options out there…

    • Gallardo or someone similar would be an amazing pickup if it doesn’t cost the entire farm.

      I recognize that you say it’s just your opinion, but I think it’s way too early to say Syndergaard is BP-bound. Have you seen him pitch? He’s only 20 and seems to have a plus-curve, though as with anyone that age, some more consistency from their breaking balls would be good. I think the changeup is the 3rd pitch he’s developing. His fastball is consistently around 93-95. Again, hard to predict with a 20 year old, but scouts out there smarter than me see his ceiling as a #2 starter.

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  58. How about Derek Holland for J.P. Arencibia ?

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