“The Trade” Gets NMA’d

The Trade may not be officially official just yet, but I’m feeling confident we’re past the point of no return now, because how in the hell could they take it back now, after Taiwan’s Next Media Animation has worked their magic all over Jeffrey Loria’s face?

They can’t! That’s what I say.

Yeah, Scott already had this over at Getting Blanked, but on the off-chance that you didn’t see it, here it is again.

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  1. Can someone seriously tell us if the trade has gone into the league?

    If so when do we hear more?

    Starting to actually get a bad feeling here.

    • We’d know it by now if it wasn’t getting rubber stamped.

      • There would be fucking outrage if MLB nixed the deal. Its not like the Marlins got nothing. If the Red Sox can dump salary on the Dodgers, why can’t the Marlins? I guess cause its Loria and the whole baseball stadium angle.

        Blair was saying this morning that the delay is likely related to getting physicals done for 12 players, including some who are in the DR.

        • This:

          Jon Heyman‏@JonHeymanCBS

          Selig said to be “not happy” w/ #marlins trade, but so far doesn’t see basis to disallow. Selig’s quote: “under review”

          • Selig would never come down on his bestest buddy Loria no matter what he does, Selig is forever indebted to that asshole for robbing Montreal.

          • Can’t see Selig disallowing deal at this point. He could however scale down the deal but thats even unlikely as the Marlins would just deal the player(s) to someone else. If that even were to happen, I think Beeston should demand compensation from MLB.

          • You’all forget that Beeston used to be the president and COO of MLB.
            Selig may not be happy and could nix the deal but you can bet Beeston knows the internal ways of MLB and the rules governing all of this,along with past precedents.
            It’s gonna be hard to cancel the deal.

          • @ RADAR

          • @ RADAR

            In addition, Beeston knows where all of Selig’s dead bodies are buried. So, there is that.

            Fuck I miss Disqus.

    • Bigger concern should be over the physical than the league…

  2. Reading the headline I started freaking out, thought NMA stood for No More Approval or something like that.

  3. @JakeMarisnick

    Getting Marlins uniform for AFL today #change

    • This pretty much means/confirms that just the paperwork and physicals are left to do as the trade isn’t going to be nixed

  4. Heard this great song about Loria, the lyrics really work

    Loria You’re always on the run now
    Runnin’ after somebody
    You’ve gotta get him somehow
    I think you’ve got to slow down
    Before you start to blow it
    I think you’re headin’ for a breakdown
    So be careful not to show it
    You really don’t remember
    Was it somethin’ that he said?
    All the voices in your head
    Calling loria loria

    Don’t you think you’re fallin’?
    If everybody wants you
    Why isn’t anybody callin’?
    You don’t have to answer
    Leave ‘em hangin’ on the line,
    ohh Calling loria

    loria (loria)
    I think they got your number (loria)
    I think they got the alias (loria)
    That you’ve been livin’ under (loria)
    But you really don’t remember
    Was it something that they said?
    All the voices in your head
    Calling loria

  5. NMAs jumped the shark a long, long time ago, but I did sincerely enjoy seeing the french Mr. Met get clubbed in the head.I guess Youppi isn’t the international sensation I thought he was.

  6. Too fucking great, those videos always take a great shot at western culture.

  7. Lots to love in that video… with the exception of the old uniforms. Dammit, Taiwan!

  8. trade reyes and davis to texas for andrus and cruz

    • Umm, I would say a big no. AA coveted Reyes last season and now he fucking stole him from Miami.

    • @texas would never do that deal, Andrus > Reyes and Cruz >>>>>>>> Davis. AA would do that trade in a heartbeat if Jon Daniels had a temporary brain aneurism.

  9. Not that it has to do with Josh Johnson, but his agent Matt Sosnick has broached the idea of Jay Bruce signing an extension 4 years early:


    One would think AA acquired JJ in the hopes of a spring training extension. Well, at least his agent seems into extensions.

  10. So apparently, Selig says the trade is ‘under review’. Is that is way of saying paperwork / medicals is being looked at or is this being ‘reviewed’ in a broader sense?

  11. I too, have a bad feeling about this. After all, it is Selig…

    • Yup…Dudes, the Yankees and Red Sox Dodgers and all the other owners cant stand to see an upstart like AA run circles around them. Moreover they definitely are not inerested in yet ANOTHER team threatening the Yankees and Red Sox hold on the AL East. Dont forget, they changed the CBA rules to stop him from stockpiling draft picks.

  12. how much you wanna bet the yanks and sox went crying to selig that this deal is unfair

  13. Chinese surfer babes are hot

  14. Post says Selig hasn’t been tabled anything as of Wednesday night. Probably just completing physicals;


  15. Also, why has it taken a South Asian animation house to point out Loria’s part in destroying Les Expos? Haven’t got a sniff from any North American media outlets.

  16. @AndySlater

    Told by @BNightengale that the current review on the Marlins-Jays trade by Bud Selig is not a normal one.

  17. @EricFisherSBJ
    Selig:”I’m going to be usual painstaking, careful slow self” re reviewing megatrade

    Selig on whether he thinks Fla will try to reopen #Marlins stadium deal; “time will tell.”

  18. Awesome Vid.

  19. The “review” is just posturing for local government in Tampa, Oakland and any other team looking for a publicly-funded stadium in the near future. Doubt Selig nukes the trade.

  20. Just wish they’d get this deal official. Can’t help but feeling there’s more to happen. I don’t think AA is done even if it means flipping one of the new players. AA can’t drop the other shoe until this deal is official.

  21. Sigh. They didn’t even mention Toronto or Blue Jays.
    In Taiwan, they never translated the team Blue Jays properly.
    They’re called Blue Birds (藍鳥). While there is a proper term for Blue Jay is (藍堅). When they started to cover MLB in the late 80′s into early 90′s the term stuck and never changed.

  22. That video pretty much sums it up. Loria is a bum.

    See the Lakers D’Antoni video here!


  23. The best part of that Next Media video was Loria beaning the Expos mascot and then dragging his body acoss the border. If it they had used Youpi, it would have been perfect.

    Oh, and the second-best part was the bikini-clad at the end. Lived in Taipei for a while and Taiwanese girls are hot!

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