Got Melk?

In the middle of a career year, Melky Cabrera was suspended for fifty games last season after he tested positive for high levels of testosterone, which indicated usage of performance enhancing drugs. After being found out, and while appealing the ban, Cabrera had a website setup to reverse-engineer a digital trail that would make it appear as though he had purchased a legal supplement in good faith, aiming to argue that he’d ingested the drugs through no fault of his own. He was quickly found out, failed to get the ban overturned, and when it expired five games into the playoffs, the San Francisco Giants declined to add him to their playoff roster, despite having an anaemic offence– which obviously didn’t hinder them very much.

So… why sign him?

Oddly enough, it’s kinda mostly because of that.

No, drug-suspended guys aren’t the new market inefficiency, except… maybe they kind of are.

Cabrera was getting MVP whispers before word of the suspension surfaced, and for good reason. He was worth four-and-a-half wins through just 113 games in 2012, with a .346/.390/.516 line and his best-looking defensive metrics since 2009, thanks to the Giants’ astute realization that he’s nobody’s centre fielder.

But even without the drugs or the suspension there was a problem, as those numbers were powered by an stunningly high batting average on balls in play. Melky hit safely on 38.7% of the balls he put in play in 2011– well above his career BABIP of .328, which is itself now skewed by the 2012 number and the abnormally high .350 he posted in 2011.

To add some perspective, BABIP is Ichiro’s calling card, for example, and even he’s only topped Cabrera’s 2012 rate once in his career.

So… it’s fairly safe to assume that Cabrera won’t ever reach those kinds of BABIP-driven numbers again– even the typically-bullish Bill James Handbook projections have him at a considerably-declined .295/.348/.432 for 2013. But while that kind of additional reason to expect regression may sound like a double-whammy for those who are PED wary, but the reality just isn’t so simple.

It’s understandable that many folks look at the suspension, coupled with the career year Cabrera had in 2012– not to mention his next best season by far having come in the year previous– and conclude that he took drugs, got better, and is certain to turn back into a pumpkin now that he’s been caught. And frankly, I can’t with any confidence say that there isn’t a chance that we’ll never see the same Melky that we did in 2012– in fact, we probably won’t. I can’t even say that his 2011 won’t ultimately be an aberration as well. But I’m far more concerned about BABIP aspect of it than the PEDs– I mean, isn’t the whole steroid narrative that they’re supposed to make you stronger? Give you more power?

That certainly wasn’t the case for Melky– he hit just 11 home runs in his suspension-shortened 2012. And it certainly isn’t the case, if you look at league average BABIP numbers through the PED era of the late-90s and early-2000s, that players being juiced up appears to lead to a higher percentage of balls in play falling for hits. To me, that means there’s reason enough not to completely dismiss the notion that Cabrera changed something about his approach or his swing, and that maybe some not insignificant level of BABIP skill he displayed in the last two seasons is genuine.

And even if not, it remains an shrewdly calculated risk for the Jays to be hoping the answer isn’t as simple as the reductive “no PEDs, no production” line. Especially when you factor in the money.

I’m sure it will never stop feeling weird to suggest that a sum like $8-million isn’t a crapload of money, but in terms of an MLB payroll, it’s really not. Especially a payroll that now looks like it may genuinely reach north of $120-million. Cabrera’s deal will take up just one fifteenth of what the club spends on salaries in 2013, and the $8-million figure means that the club isn’t even paying him to be average– the cost of one win above replacement on the free agent market is generally cited as being in the neighbourhood of $4- to $4.5-million, though Cleveland president Mark Shapiro recently said placed the figure way up at $9-million.

Say what you will about the accuracy of those figures– the wide variation makes clear that it can certainly be debated, and I’ve never seen the value in taking that stuff as gospel– the fact is, the Jays are getting a major discount on a guy capable of the production Melky’s provided in the past two seasons, especially by getting Cabrera to agree to two-year deal, and much of it is down to a PED stink that, to me, isn’t nearly as troubling as it may seem on the surface.

It’s a fantastic deal, all things considered– doubly so considering the beautiful shit fits and convoluted logical twists its sure to provoke as the local hacks try to wrap their minds around it. It’s one that will hardly kill the club even as a worst case scenario, and one that was entirely made possible by the Marlins deal that preceded it.

To a free agent like Cabrera, having a shot at being a part of a fantastic, winning team matters. Playing in a very hitter-friendly park in your first season post-PED-suspension surely doesn’t hurt either, but it’s not nearly so easy to envision Cabrera agreeing to join the Jays had it not been for the reinforcements brought in this week, and the commitment ownership has shown. That’s precisely why Alex Anthopoulos had his back against the wall this winter, before he pulled a Marlins fire sale out of his ass.

The Jays now have a fantastic pair of switch hitters at the top of their lineup– two former NL batting champs, if you can fucking believe it!– which should provide ridiculous opportunities for Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion to drive in runs.

Shit, even Adam Lind and whoever they bring in as his platoon partner (Jonny Gomes you very much?) will get in on the action, assuming the club goes in that direction. You could even DH Rajai Davis against left-handed pitching and be entirely fine. Crazier still, Brett Lawrie and Colby Rasmus (who, if he has another 2010 in him– not that he has to– look the fuck out) were perhaps being counted on to be the third and fourth best hitters on the club as of a week ago, and are now looking at hitting sixth and seventh in the order. And Travis d’Arnaud is coming. Aaaaand whether it’s Izturis or Bonifacio who ends up taking most of the at-bats at second base, they’ll get on base a decent enough amount to get things going again with the ridiculous, video game dream top of the order– two batting champs, followed by two 40 home run sluggers.

Best of all, there’s so much talent, one through nine, that everything doesn’t even have to break right. Down years out of half of these guys will still give you a very nice lineup, and it’s still only November 16th– can anybody outside of the front office really believe at this point that Alex is ready to put his feet up? We may still see a DH move.  We may still see Ricky Romero pushed down into the fifth starter’s slot.

I mean… holy shit, pinch me!

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  1. “And frankly, I can’t with any confidence say that there isn’t a chance that we’ll never see the same Melky that we did in 2012– in fact, we probably won’t.”

    Holy double negatives Stoetman! My head is spinning.

    • Quadruple negative!

    • Seriously what the hell kind of sentence is that? Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I wouldn’t like the article without the double and quadruple negatives but it’s not worst thing to have or not to have in a piece of writing or not.

    • Fenway on Canada Day weekend.. Ohhh yeahhhhh

    • If there was an award for worst writer of popular blogs, Stoeten would win hands down.
      I love coming here for up-to-date information, but coherent sentences are only found in the comments section.

  2. Those last two (well 3 with the pinch me part) pretty much sum up every Jays fan’s reactions right now. What an unreal week.


  4. Great post. All my hopes for this winter have come true so far so I might as well keep hoping AA gets us another starter over the next couple of weeks. As you said Jonny Gomes would be the cherry on top after that.

    Kind of interesting to see the payroll sitting at $121 million for 24 players so far considering the $120 million Globe and Mail piece. You have to wonder if he now has to make other moves to get it down or the if the $8 million coming back gives him that room. Of course if he moved Buck and possibly Davis there’s another $9 million right there.

    I noticed Berkman said he might consider playing for the Astros this year. I wonder if AA can’t snap him up too if he could move Lind in some kind of package (obviously he wouldn’t be the key piece). He’s done wonders in collecting switch hitters what’s wrong with one more?

    • Berkman has had a pretty drastic platoon split the last few years. Wouldn’t want him.

      • Huh? .354 wOBA vs LHP in 2011 and .421 vs RHP in 2011

        In 2012 his numbers vs LHP were for only 17 AB’s.

        Anyway it would still probably be better with a Lind/Gome platoon and you wouldn’t have to find a taker for Lind.

        • I went back to 2009. 2011 was a pretty big outlier year for him in all respects.

          • Rather, recent outlier. He obviously had some big years earlier in his career.

          • Actually he was pretty awesome vs LHP from 2003 – 2008 before having those 2 down years in 09 and 10 but bounced back nicely in 11 so I wouldn’t say it was an outlier. Anyway I was just rosterbating when I saw that he might play again. I still think Lind will bounce back further this year if he’s only seeing RHP. Getting Gomes would likely guarantee you .800+ from your DH for the entire season.

  5. Makes one absolutely giddy, no?? Not that 120M will automatically get you into the postseason, but it sure as fuck will let you bang on the door.
    Hopefully, the guys will gel into something cohesive (I can see Jose Bautista being a real steadying influence there, provided he doesn’t start the year going ape-shit on the umpires)….otherwise, it could be a clusterfuck of pissed off Latino egos all sitting at opposite ends of the bench.

  6. I really really really really want to see John Dickface Farrell’s reaction to Alex’s supergenius moves.

    Fuck your own face Farrell…

  7. So if you’re buying a new Jays jersey this winter or spring which one are you going to get? So many to choose from this time around.

  8. The dizzying highs
    The terrifying lows
    The creamy middles
    2012 Blue Jays season. And thanks Simpsons for material ha.

  9. I’m ready for baseball please

  10. This is great news for Blue Jays fans, especially the long time, loyal ones. It is very rewarding for fans like Stoeten, who aren’t Giants bandwagon jumping hipsters who randomly and suddenly start cheering for the flavor of the month team and then get obnoxious when the team we’ve been cheering for since 2010 wins a World Series.

    • Parkes should get back on the Jays bandwagon soon before it’s too late. There’s enough room for all.

      • oh there will be enough band wagoners soon to come, it is literally the only downside to the recent developments. it comes with the territory though, I’m sure there’s an all time low of red sox band wagoners right now, sans John Farrell.

        • The organization needs bandwagoners to make more money, so they can keep justifying high payrolls in the future. I welcome them all (but will always remember who was there before).

          • Roll Call!

          • Exactly, I will do nothing but encouraged bandwagon Jays fans. I will encourage them to buy merchandise. I will encourage them to buy ticket and I will encourage them to buy ME tickets.

      • Parkes can kiss my purple ass.

        • +1 Parkes can fucking stuff it.

          So appropriate to be leaving blogging or whatever the fuck he did at GB at this time.

          • I’d like to see todd stottlemyre pay a visit to the Getting Blank show and give Parkes his epic “kiss my ass”
            comment to his face.

    • It’s going to be fun to go to games when the Bosox are in town. Their fans will be a lot less obnoxious.

    • I’ve met a lot of people who are gettin into jays again but are worried about the bandwagon, and i’ve told them all the same thing

      The bandwagon is empty, and the seats are dusty. If you get on now you’ll be in a prime spot to feel great about yourself for a long, long time.

  11. If drug-suspended guys are the new market inefficiency, let’s throw a minor league contract at Manny. Why not? Career .411 OBP players aren’t exactly readily available.

    Cabrera, BTW, is an awesome signing particularly for the price. Fills our positional need perfectly and there’s very little downside here. He will almost certainly see a dropoff in BABIP from 2012, but he is moving from an enormous pitcher’s park to a hitter’s park. That will only help his power.

    • Manny is the kind of guy that could fuck things up a bit, given that he’s old and not nearly as good and would still probably be loud in the club house.

      • Weak excuse for not doing it. There’s nothing to suggest Manny would fuck things up (if he even is able to make it back to the majors, which is obviously no guarantee). At least no more than Melky Cabrera (who the team just handed a multi-year deal).

        • ummm Manny’s behaviour has been only about 10000000x more out of line than Melky’s in the past. I don’t think the risk/reward is that great since I’m not sure if Manny sitting on the bench (if he does make it) for half the year would be a good thing

        • I think it’s a perfect excuse for not doing it.

          • If AA believed in that particular ridiculous excuse, undervalued perceived malcontents like Bautista, Lawrie, Rasmus, Escobar (gone now, but did well when here), and now Cabrera would never have been acquired in the first place.

          • come on?? Manny is well known for being an idiot in the clubhouse, probably top 3 in the game in this regard. the guy recently assaulted his wife, routinely acts like a child, and has overstayed his welcome on other teams. plus we don’t even know what he has left if anything at all. AA would never do it, but it wouldn’t be a worthwhile move anyways.

        • I don’t think Bautista was a perceived malcontent. And anyway, AA didn’t sign him.

          Manny is done. Please.

          • Yeah Bautista was just plain shitty throughout his early years of his career

          • If the guy has something left in his bat, it would be a worthwhile move considering our situation at DH and his OBP.

            And yes, Bautista was perceived that way by several teams. AA suggested JP trade for him, anyway.

        • I have a hard enough time accepting Melky on the Jays, adding Manny would probably turn me into a Yankee fan.
          I get that the move is a smart and potentially great baseball move but I’m not entirely comfortable cheering for a douchebag like Melky Cabrera.

          • What is hard about bringing on a guy who got caught?…peds will always be a part of sports…go use ur live strong bracelet as a beer holder…

          • haha. Good one.

            It’s not so much that he was cheating, as much as I dislike cheaters; it’s the way he tried to cover it up. The fact that his own team didn’t want him back in the post-season is concerning too.
            Top that off with the slight hint of desperation which kind of makes the Jays look like that guy who dated the slut in high school. Leaves a slightly sour taste in my mouth is all.

    • Let’s not ruin a good thing shall we? The Jays were amongst many teams who had an extended look at Manny. He’s pretty much done and would be a fucking waste on the 25-man roster. I wouldn’t even place him on the 40-man, or even a 60-man, if such thing would exist.

    • His .697 OPS in the PCL last year, might indicate he is done.

      • I’m not sure there’s all that much to take away from a sample size of 17 games with a .302/.348/.349 line.

        I’m not all that convinced he’s finished yet considering his .400+ OBP in the last MLB season he played in, but if he can’t play anymore, he can’t play. The idea his mere presence alone would somehow ruin this team is a rather ridiculous one.

        • have to agree. if he wants to come back again, there’s hardly harm in putting him at AAA. i bet the good people of buffalo would enjoy watching him more than whoever is supposed to replace yan gomes or whatver.

          had vlad been able to chill for 2.2seconds in vegas, maybe he would have been called up when everyone hit the deck in july.
          and, as bff points out: manny is awesome. off the top of my head, i think pujols and arod might be the only rhb i’d put ahead of him that i’ve seen in my life.

    • Manny is in his 40s, Melky is 28… It’s not even a remotely reasonable comparison…

  12. Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  13. Does it make me a bad person to be oozing schadenfreude? From the Orioles’ Camden Chat we find, ‘Happy Thursday, friends. The weekend is almost here, nothing new is really happening on the O’s front. November is so boring.’

    • The O’s are keeping their powder dry until there’s nothing left to shoot at.
      As for the ‘oozing schadenfreude’–good luck with that. Nurse Karen is on call 24/7.

      • I’m off tomorrow SP. Gourmet Food & Wine Show.

        • Yum! Enjoy yourself.
          No hurry on the schadenfreude front–Kevin is feeling no pain (at least none of his own.)

          • If RADAR can get a day pass I’ll bring him along.

          • Tempt him with ice cream–works every time.

            (I almost advised bringing a nurse along–silly me!)

          • I ain’t falling for for that trick again.
            Plying me with food and wine isn’t going to work this time.
            I have resolve and disipline.
            I will be strong.
            Gourmet food and wine?
            No absolutely not.
            Ummm.Free ticket?And food?And wine?
            Well maybe just this one time,like what could happen?
            You only live once I say.Never pass up a good opportunity.
            Okay.I’ll do it.

            I’m so weak.

  14. I still miss Travis Snider.

    • Still miss Snider with the lineup we have now?

      That’s like pining for the homely girl you had a crush on in high school, when you’re an adult and dating a model.

  15. Does Grieneke now look at the Jays as a possible destination? If AA makes a similiar money offer, do we now have enough that we could attract a guy like that?

    Shit I’d be happy with any body really… Sanchez, Jackson, Marcum, still lots of prospects in the pool to trade for Garza…. Dempster! Canadian boy, competitive team, come on down! Break out the maple butter!

    • I think if AA is going to go for another pitcher it will be through trade. If they do sign a guy it will be all or nothing, but guys like Sanchez or Jackson come at premium prices and are pretty good but not super good. It has been mentioned many times, but I think Dickey is a golden opportunity, if AA has the pieces to get it done.

      • If AA added a Dickey or Garza that would be phenomenal. I dont know the extent of Garzas injury but hes a guy I really like and has had success in the AL east.

        I dont know what it would take to get it done but agreed there are enough pieces in play for the jays to pull one more move off.

        • Wonder what it would take to pry Jeff Samardzija away from the Cubs instead. He reminds me of a younger Morrow. Personally I would happily give up one of the remaining Lansing two for him + another lesser prospect or two. 3 more years of control and a fairly cheap price would be nice.

          • I dunno, I think the Jays system has taken some hits in the last 6 months. It might be better to start sitting on some guys until the system is replinished somewhat. Unless of course the club sees something in a player that makes them believe there value is going to go south in the future.

          • I think AA would be leery of trading with the Cubs because its such an obvious target. Harder to get what you want while keeping what you want in that kind of situation.

          • It strikes me that at present we are able to revel in rosterbation, while at the same time still fully indulge ourselves in prospect porn. Good times! The Golden Mean. Don’t upset the apple cart.

      • Actually I was reading somewhere – Mockingbird I think- that if you look at the numbers from last season, there was not a whole lot of difference between Sanchez and Johnson.

        Sanchez: K/9 7.68 BB/9 2.21 ERA 3.86 FIP 3.53 WAR 3.8
        Johnson: K/9 7.76 BB/9 3.06 ERA 3.81 FIP 3.40 WAR 3.8

        Jackson should be a fair shot cheaper, could be a good buy, just quickly looking at the numbers, Jackson was bit by the homerun bug in a big way last year with a HR/FB of 11.7%, by a fair bit the worst of his career. Might not be a great fit in Rogers Centre and the AL East at large.. but hey, he eats innings and it can’t be stressed enough how important that is after watching last season.

    • I’d bust out the maple lube after a Dempster signing. Wipe up with pictures of beavers

    • I prefer if the jays targetted younger players. Why not send a’cibia and Rasmus as part of a package for ogando and kinsler.

  16. I’d be looking for another starter now, and then a bunch of minor league try outs (um, Jason Bay).

  17. It’s like winter 2006 all over again.

  18. THAT took all day? u suck man.

  19. i feel sorry for all the jays fans that waited all day to hear the fat homeless douchebag’s take. what a waste.
    scott lewis for new DJF editor!

  20. don’t worry about the PED either, Joey and Ed will get him the good stuff this year

  21. I just got back from the hairdresser.

    I got a amazing avocado amazonian hair condition done with a blow dry to bring back the body in my mullet.

    Yeah, it’s been that excited for me.

  22. I will say, my one concern re: Melky last year was how much damage was done at Coors and Chase Fields (almost 12% of his PAs in those two parks where he put up a 1.300 OPS but it was 19% of his XBH – 3 HRs and 6 doubles).

    And, 2011 was an AL Central year where he feasted on the shitty White Sox, Cleveland and the Tigers (The AL Central teams were 7th, 8th, 10th, 12th and 13th in ERA and BAA in AL pitching in 2011).

    I love the Melky signing and hope that these small doubts will easily be erased by the performance on the field with a impressive crew of hitters surrounding him.

    • he has spent most of his year in the AL east already though, with decent but not great results.

    • You conveniently left out how he played half his games at the worst park in the league for hitters.

    • For me the nice thing about the upgrades in Left, SS and having EE play first is that going into the NL parks we should be that much stronger. I know we haven’t exactly relied on a killer DH the last couple of years to make a difference but it’s one less worry. Also have the flexibility with the switch hitters and Bonifacio’s ability to play all over the diamond is going to give the manager that many more options for late game situations when the pitcher is due up.

      Even if the bench stays Davis, Izturis, Buck and say Sierra for instance it will easily be the best bench I can think of in a long time. There’s some actually skill there.

    • Now he’s going to feast on Andy Pettite, Huroki Kuroda, The entire O’s rotation, the back half of the tampa rotation, and the entire red sox rotation, plus, you know, the 81 games he will play against teams that aren’t in the east.

      • The back half of the Rays rotation is really really good as far as back half of rotations go

  23. In Canada, Melky Cabrera comes in bags.

  24. Found out that my car is destined for the scrap heap today. And yet I’m still grinning from ear to fucking ear!!

  25. Does Melk bat 2nd or 5th?

    Is Bonafacio better suited in the 2 spot with all that speed at the top of the line up?

    Perhaps spring training will have to be the deciding factor but given Melk is a switch hitter it would be nice to have that flexibility behind Jose and EE

    • You want your better hitters to get more AB’s so I’d definitely say Melky to start the season especially if he hits anywhere close to how he did last year.

      • Tooshay

        Adam Lind should buy a fuckin lottery ticket!

        He has somehow managed to retain a roster spot on this team and is now gonna come into next season with next to know pressure and no such expectation compared to had these moves not been made.

        He wont have to deal with half the attention surrounding his shittyness. Hopefully this bodes well for Lind and he can come thru with a big year by flying somewhat under the radar of this revamped roster

    • I don’t want Bonafacio batting 2nd…he’s not one of the top 6 hitters on the team, I don’t want him getting all those extra at bats over the course of a season.

    • OBP man. Melky deserves number 2 spot. Bonifacio or Izturis should be in the number 9 hole.

      • this. you get the pseudo-speed combo with Boni going 9th followed by Reyes leading off but you don’t have him taking ABs from superior hitters.

  26. He also has one of the best lasers in baseball. He and Bautista will make a nice duo of howitzers in the outfield.

  27. I know it seems to be the thing for “real” fans to do, but why bother caring about the bandwagon fans? Is it really such a sin to only be drawn to a team once they start winning? I have been following the Jays a long time, but I certainly watch fewer games once their season is clearly down the drain. I don’t know, in the same breath that people will make fun of Leafs fans for endlessly cheering a team that never wins, they will also make fun of people that suddenly like a team when it starts winning. Hypothetical: I like a band. Let’s say this band after a string of great albums releases 19 shitty albums in a row. I am not going to buy this band’s new albums anymore unless they produce something worth listening to. I know it’s not a perfect analogy, but I’m just saying who cares about fairweather fans? Why get worked up about it?

    • Let’s go with the concept of ‘big tent.’ There’s room for all.
      Except Parkes.
      Ask the GOP how ‘small tent’ is working for them.
      Forget ‘authentic’ & ‘pure’ and welcome any and all.
      Except Parkes.

      PS-for what it’s worth–if you’ve bought 19 shitty albums in a row, and you even know the exact number of said shitty consecutive albums, you might…………..sorry, I lost my train of thought there.

    • The Dome is a hell of a lot more fun with 50,000 in attendance (bandwagon or otherwise) than it is with 11,000. The more the merrier!

  28. If this wont convince Oliver to come back for 2013 I don’t know what will.

  29. Love the moves and love the fact that Toronto is starting to act its size.

    When you consider the population, affluence and growth rates there is no reason Toronto shouldn’t be throwing its weight around in the mlb. Throw in an appreciating CDN dollar on top of that and there you go. When the Jays were spending 90 million in 2005/6 that is still more than now considering the low value CDN dollar at the time as salaries were and are paid in American $$ and inflation..

    So there is room for more even though we shouldn’t expect it.

    It’s a good week to be a jays fan!

    • Actually the $97 million in 2008 is only about $104 million in today’s dollars but you’re not wrong on them being able to afford it.

      • That is inflation only. You forgot the CDN dollar is now at par and it wasn’t then for sure. Makes a big difference.


          CDN $ vs US $ was 1.06601429

          Inflation calculation showed $1 in 2008 is now worth $1.05 in 2012

          $97.7 million x 1.06601429 x 1.05 = $109 million.

          Sorry was off by $5 million but it’s still $11 million less than where the payroll sits today.

          Maybe the currency figure you were using wasn’t the average like the chart uses. The dollar was already at a pretty high level by 2008 and inflation has been low the last 4 years due to the poor economy. You have to go back to 2001-2002 when they spent $77 million. That was worth $146 million in today’s dollars.

        • During most of the 2008 baseball season, the cdn dollar was a bit lower than the USD but the financial collapse in October 2008, brought it below 85Cents so about 1.15-1.20 CDN- 1 USD.

          What makes me very happy is that AA has struck first & caught all the other teams off guard.

          He has set the standard for the offseason & can use some of these players as further trade chips or keep them.

          I wonder if Farrell was purposely shut out of any strategy sessions with AA & Beeston after he let them know he wanted to go to the red sox last year.

          The red sox & yankees message boards indicate that they can’t believe what the Jays are doing.

          With 5 good teams in the AL East, next year will be a dog fight, wtih the Jays in the thick of the race.

    • Yup and AA’s not done yet he wants an

  30. The Jays may have a created a situation here that Roy Halladay might actually want to come back to as a FA next offseason. If they can’t re-up Josh Johnson (or even if they can), that has to be an option this team needs to consider.

    • You think Doc will bounce back from his shoulder issues? He was absolutely brutal in the 2nd half last year. There’s a ton of innings on that arm.

      • You’re overstating things there. He still had a sub 3.70ish xFIP in August and September last year (which, while bad for him, is good for basically everyone else).

        In reality, Halladay would have still been the best pitcher on our team in fWAR last season even with all of his issues and missed time. If there’s anybody that can bounce back to being an elite level pitcher, he’s the guy. He’s one of the greatest pitchers in the history of the game with an incredible track record of success. Honestly, if the Phillies made him available right now, I’d be up for trading for him. The Jays shouldn’t cut any corners in 2013 to try to win and Doc could make this staff the best in the game.

        • Fair enough regarding his xFIP. However, that assumes the HR rate normalizes. His FIP isn’t as nice. Did the HR rate spike because he’s got issues? I see he lost about 1.5 MPH off his FB over 2011 and his BB/9 nearly doubled. Was he trying to nibble more? Is the velocity issue a potential red flag? The velocity stayed consistent over the course of the year and didn’t increase after he came back off the DL so I’d be hesitant to actually trade for him. However, I’m a huge fan and was crushed to see him go originally. If he was available as a free agent I’d be all for it if he bounced back in 2013.

          • Josh Johnson’s velocity has dropped even more than Doc’s and he’s had even more injury problems. Does that deter you from trading for him in his case? I think talent and the potential of significant value wins out for me in Josh’s case and also in Doc’s (if the Phillies happened to make him available).

            A lot of the Halladay struggles (and velocity decline) can probably be explained by the injury. He had a very similar season to it in 2004 when he went through a lot of the same arm issues. He’s 8 years older now, but if I was going to bet on a guy that could bounce back again, it would be him. I’d also bet that as he gets older, he’ll also learn to better deal with the declines in velocity like other HOF pitchers before him (Maddux and Clemens) did. He’s certainly got the other pitches to still be very effective.

          • As per Balls Johnson was indeed throwing better and the year over year drop was only 1 mph according FanGraphs. The both are down 2 mph over the last two years. He was far cheaper than Halladay as well in terms of 2013 payroll. Again don’t get me wrong if he’s a free agent and shows improvement I’d be all over him in 2014 as it doesn’t look like he’ll meet his vesting option requirements though I don’t know if that’s for certain because it doesn’t say whether it’s 225 IP in 2013 or a combined 415 IP in 2012-2013. If it’s just the 225 IP I’d say there’s a good shot at him vesting.

        • Johnson was throwing well in the latter part of the season. Per KLaw, Johnson was in the 93 to 97 range with the FB and his slider looked good. And he was commanding his hook.

          Not worried too much about Johnson. He started poorly after his injury riddled 2011 but finished strong.

          Its fair to say that AA has a shit load of scouting reports on each pitch he threw in 2012.

        • Fuck Roy Halladay

        • I do think though that, given his age and the seeming decline in the robo-skill set that he has, paying the back end of that contract is going to be less valuable than paying even the same dollars for a johnson extension. It locks up a lot of future dollars. If you’re going to add that much payroll, why not add just a little more and blow Greinke away?

          • I’ll take Halladay on a short term deal (or if you’re trading for him, a one year deal) over Greinke on a long term, potentially crippling one. Some forget that Greinke’s underperformed his peripherals for three years running and hasn’t truly been an elite pitcher since 2009.

    • How much would he cost?

      A 2 or 3 year incentive laden contract with a crap load of bonuses ah

      • Depends entirely on the kind of season he has. If he performs anywhere close to 2009-2011 levels (best pitcher in MLB) in 2013, a hell of a lot. Probably something very similar to the deal he got from the Phillies three years ago (3 years/60M…which was him giving them a bargain then).

        If it’s more of the same as 2012, he’d probably have to accept taking a shorter 1-2 year deal with incentives and would no longer be seen as a top level pitcher.

    • I really really wish we as fan of the Jays could let go of Halladay already. Pining for him still, at this point, is just kind of… Pathetic. It’s so small market jays thinking of…. Last week.

      • Hardly. Last week, I wouldn’t have been in favour of acquiring, signing, or trading for Doc at all any time soon. They weren’t in any sort of position where it would have mattered (and didn’t look close to being so either).

        Now that they’re spending like the big market team they are and always have been (or it seems), now is exactly the time to look at elite pitching options to add to this group (especially those with a history with your organization and a history of AL East success). I fail to see what’s not to like.

        • In fact, for a win-now team, experienced quality pitchers of his ilk are exactly those they should be looking at, especially if they’re in contention come July.

          • I’ve been pining for Roy Halladay since the all star break.

            Which was semi-delusional because it always seemed like a longshot.

            However, after what has transpired this week, unless Halladay falls off a cliff, he absolutely has to be pursued.

            Hell, I hope he is being persued now.

            He wanted to win a ring in TO and never would have left if the Jays were contenders.

            If Doc moves on from Philly, Toronto HAS to be his #1 destination I think.

  31. This is going to be one crazzzzy press conference when it finally goes down!!! I vote AA goes out and picks up that SP this weekend so he can trot them all out in front of the cameras at once! Hell, hire a manager too so it can be a giant parade of awesomeness!

    • Agreed he’ll have all the players introduced and a you mad bro look towards Farrell

    • If Rogers was smart they would make a prime time special out if to fill the hole hockey has created in their schedule. Would be a good first step in paying for all those guys lol

      • It’d be nice if we could trade Buck first too I guess… No need to parade out a bunch of kickass players and then one flaming bag of suck!!!

      • Although I remember the Miami Heat marching out their 3 saviours and they went on to lose.

        The folllowing year was less blah blah blah and they brought home the championship. I know its important to promote on a fan base perspective but I dont think over hyping will be the best thing in terms of results

        • Then remember too that LeBron promised “not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7″ championships. THAT”S overhyping. That’s hubris. That’s not cool.

      • 2night manimal.

        That would be a great idea.

        They can rap up the marketing campaign for season tickets & flexpacks with the new players once everything is official.

        There should be baseball specials like they did with Bautista last year. Stephen Brunt did a behind the scenes interview with Bautista.

  32. I don’t know why people continue to pine for another SP – they have 4 good ones, and Happ + Laffey can have a turtle race in Dunedin for the 5th spot. Isn’t Drabek due back at mid-season? Maybe McGowan can put some starts together.

    Assuming there is some sort of upper limit on Rogers’ spending, they need to get Lind the hell off the roster and replace him. WIthout that hole in the lineup, it won’t matter who’s pitching because they will put up a lot of 8 run games.

    • Hopefully but starting pitcher depth is always useful no matter if its an Kevin slowey type

    • Adam Lind cant believe he is still on this fuckin team!!

      But like I said in other post , perhaps the newly aquired talent will allow him to fly under the radar with no pressure and result in some actual fuckin production!!

      • @chanse. I think Lind will do better without as much pressure to perform.

        The load has been taken off him , Bautista & Rasmus.

        This is a lineup that will drive opposing managers crazy with switch hitters.

        Stoeten seems to be very happy, so that’s great.

        More parties at Opera Bob’s next year.

        A few people at the office already asked me about getting tickets to games next year.

        ON PTS, they predict average attendance of 35K plus with the new team. Very exciting!

        Of Course Bob Mccowan shows ignorance by continuing to bash Colby Rasmus.

    • The reason we need another starter is because, in general, you’re going to lose 25+ starts from your opening day rotation each year to injury (I just made that number up but it’s probably even higher). So it would be nice to have another SP in there… if one of the top 4 starters goes down for a significant length of time, or if Romero doesn’t bounce back, then Happ steps in instead of having to resort to pitchers who are lower on the depth chart.

    • Injuries man.

      • Resigning Villaneuva as a swingman/6th starter is a pretty good idea.

        I doubt he gets starter money/years on the open market.

        • Ya and I have no problem handing Carlos the #5 spot in the rotation even. He did a fine job last year and could be had at a reasonable price no doubt.

        • @wow.

          I wonder aboutthat.

          I have no problem with Carlos V coming back.

          Maybe he would be willing to come back to the Jays no that the team has been upgraded.

          A winning/world series contending team in 2013 will be magical for everyone involved.

          Rogers was still trying to milk the glory teams of 1992 & 1993 with flashback fridays in 2009 & 2010

        • I think at this point, Carlos will only sign if he’s guaranteed to be a starter.

    • Why? Well…mostly because Romero was one of the worst pitchers in the game last season and nobody has any idea what to expect from him in 2013. And also because there is literally no pitching depth after Happ (Drabek is terrible and won’t come back this season anyway, McGowan is McGowan, etc).

      I agree completely about Lind, though. A platoon would be fine, but I’d just as well get him off the roster if possible. This seems to be the week that dreams are made and that’s been one of mine for a long time.

      • I am just as amped up as anybody about the Marlins’n'Melk signings, but if it isn’t too much Lord Anthopoulos I beg just one more thing. Get Lind the fuck off of this team. Trading him and Davis and Cecil for some kind iof 1B power hitter would be wonderful, but that might be wishful thinking of the hockey fan kind (you know, let’s package up five chunks of coal and trade it for a diamond, the kind of nonsense they phone in to jock talk radio). I don’t care if you don’t get another star on 1B or not, you can platoon Cooper out there, but just get Lind onto some other team’s roster. Please.

  33. Well this has been a week that Blue Jays Fans will be talking about for years to come.

    I didn’t follow the team in 2005-2006, but I think the trades & Melky signing this week are bigger than what happened in 2005.

    It seems than the fan base is very energized now.

    I feel like a big black cloud has been lifted from the franchise.

    A few weeks ago the franchise was in despair with the loss of Farrell, the cheap compensation received for Farrell, etc.

    The 500K saving on Rajai Davis’s contract seemed to imply that AA was on a tight leash.

    The Davidi speculation of payroll of 90-95 million got me upset because I knew they needed more money to compete.

    Today , the Jays are a top 10 payroll tea that gets the star players. It’s a completely different mindset.

    I love the fact that there are 4 Dominicans at theh top of the batting order.

    I suspect Jays will become the unofficial Dominican team, so if you go down there on holidays wearing Jays merchandise everyone will be happy to see you.

    I have a feeling that Bautista will be very happy to have a few more Dominicans on the team . It will be a source of National Pride.

    2013 will be the best year to follow this team since this blog was started.

    • It would be nice if they got their status back as the unofficial Dominican team that they had in the 80′s and early 90′s under Gillick.

    • Ya can you fucking imagine if the Red Sox had aquired Reyes and Johnson while AA was still fuckin around with the waiver wire.

      We would all be losing our fuckin minds on here right now !!!

      • @chanse.

        Very true.
        I wonder if the rumors of the red sox chasing Reyes & JJ Johnson were true.

        If so, did Farrell know about AA’s interest in those players?

        Perhaps the red sox only wanted those two players but didn’t have the prospects to get the deal done?

        Perhaps AA offered to take Buerhle & Beneficio & less cash than the red sox ?

        Rosenthal;comments about s AA itching to trade was very prophetic

      • Yeah. How easily this could of been the worse week in Jays history! Thank god for the ninja!

  34. You buried the lead in the last paragraph. DJF podcasts just got a lot more fun. Bring DP back to the AL.

  35. Melky was great in 2011 when he was with the Royals, he passed 6 drug tests that year according to espn. Melky was a high end prospect coming up but the problem was his body. He was a bloated mess that could only crush buffets, forget the high fastball. When he signed for peanuts in KC it was pretty much his last shot at a career in MLB. He was noticeably slimmer and in better shape. He had a monster year and continued that in SF. Somewhere along the line he made the horrible choice to take syntheti

    • C testerone. Stupid, but I still think he’s more likely the player he was in 2011 then the guy from 2009.

  36. Forgot about this gem. I think I just Viagra’ed myself for another 4 hours:

    Cabrera was involved in a bench-clearing brawl against the Tampa Bay Rays in a 2008 spring training pre-season game. MLB claimed to have seen video that showed Cabrera punching Rays third baseman Evan Longoria during the brawl.

    Cabrera – Gomes: reunited??

  37. Guys, just do me a favour? Don’t bust out the confetti for the Dream Team yet. I’m not being Debby Downer. We’ve got an extraordinary lineup. But I’m superstitious and I remember what happened to the most recent ‘greatest team in history’.

    • I’m also afraid – its a symptom of cheering for losers the past 20 years

    • The thing is, I don’t see anybody doing that. Nobody is saying the Jays are World Series champions or the best team in the AL even. This is not a “dream team” and most fans would agree there is still work to be done. I think sometimes you just need to react to a move and not be afraid of being supersttious or getting your hopes up only to have them crushed. Fans are just really excited about the moves made and what they might bring. I’d say 99% of Jays fans reactions today have been civil and not over the top. It’s a good baseball team now, maybe great if you add some other pieces and some players improve or have bounce back years.

      Let’s just enjoy this, hell it’s November, baseball is so far away, why not get excited looking at the possibilities.

    • I went out with Debby Downer in high school…although she got that name for another reason….what a woman!!!

    • Queue the whiny trombone.

  38. What sells out from Jays shop quicker – Bonfacio Lo Viste tshirts or Melk Man swag


    Wonder what it take to steal Jeff Samardzija away from the Cubs. The chart shows the 2 year numbers but the 2012 comparison is pretty good too.

    3 more years of control left for Samardzija.

    • I remember last year during the off-season, I kept reading that everyone on the Cubs is available, including Castro, with Jeff Samardzija being the once exception and being the only untouchable.

      I’m sure he is not untouchable, but would probably cost something like Aaron Sanchez and JP Arenciba.

      He would be costly.

  40. Anthony Alford update – not starting at QB this week – hamstring injury.

    Alford announcing a commitment to baseball would be a nice capper to this memorable week.

  41. Wait until Murphy gets his hands on this kid!

    Pull everything, and hit 50 HR!

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  43. Deep breath. Its so good to be relevant again.

    I’m a 40 year old man. I remember the success. I remember the mid-90′s, always convinced that we had just hit a bad spell and would turn it around and get back on top. And we’ve all lived the last fifteen year cycle of hope, shit, and despair.

    It makes me sick to see all these 20-somethings that I work with be Yankee or Red Sox fans, because they never saw a competitve Jays team growing up as kids.

    I have a lot of American friends. I’m sick of trying to explain to them that Toronto isn’t some fucking tiny backwater.

    Carry on, AA. Help me let go of this bitterness. Also, please find a way to unload Adam Lind in the process.

    • @Turner this is true.

      Can’t to see ESPN having to put Jays highlights on their sportscasts.

      Rogers needs to find a Spanish speaking reporter to get interviews done & bring a different perspective to the team.

      Toronto is starving for any competitive tam & with the Raptors & TFC still very bad & the Maple Leafs not even playing, Baseball could be the “hot thing” in 2013.

      The Rogers Centre with 40K is a much better ambience than 15K.

      It’s interesting to see how Wilner’s Jays talk will evolve with the new tlent on the team.
      Wilner won’t have to apologize for Rogers cheap payroll anymore .

      This blog will get more crowded with new fans.

      • Bring the new fans on, Oakville. I for one welcome our new fan overlords (that’s funnier if you think of it being said in a Kentt Brockman voice, and with ‘insect’ instead of ‘new fan’. I’ve had a lot of Caesars tonight).

        But seriously, I’m fine with new fans. I can’t wait for you guys to explain to them why batting average and RBIs are useless (you just know the new fans won’t get it).

        • Hard to say that it’s that many new fans vs the oldies posting like crazyyy in rejoicing with the new 2013 JAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

        • @Turner.

          I am very happy talking Jays at the office. I wear Blue Jays gear sometimes to work & now people ask me about tickets etc…
          I have learned a lot about baseball over the past few years, & the different stats.

          I feel vindicated that Rogers finally approved a realistic budget for the team & now the team is set up to compete in April 2013.

          Isabella is correct hat the team could still disappoint.

          Two years ago, everyone thought the red sox would march into the world series & they had an epic collapse.

          I seem to recall the Jays team in 87 or 90 collapsing at the last minute.

          But these are different players. There are 2 more playoff spots & the team has a good mix of young talent & veterans .

          It is a big relief not having to worry if AA has to dump a player for salary reasons or a litany of excuses as to why the team couldn’t get a trade done.

      • +1 on the Spanish speaking reporter…to add to that thought they could be cutting edge and go ‘Mexican weather girl’ style.

      • Good point Oakville : Rogers dies need to hire a Spanish speaking reporter. I remember during the Escobar fiasco when CNN was grilling him that Rogers was so unprepared, they couldn’t even figure out what it really meant under his eyes. ESPN and the other networks all had Spanish speakers.

    • ^5 for us loyal 40 somethings.

      • Keep it big tent, night_manimal.

        Don’t be goin’ ‘decade proud’ on us.
        40 something so-in-so’s indeed.

      • 40 somethings?
        You’re just a kid.
        I remember when I was forty.I was full of wisd…
        Actually i don’t remember.
        Fuck I’m old.

    • Turner Ward was never relevant

    • You shouldn’t be dissing Lind; he’s a fellow former Jaguar. I saw the both of you play at Eddie Stanky Field (not at the same time, of course). All Lind needs is a platoon partner who’s a bit of a lefty killer.

    • Fairly concerning. While general contract law can allow for verbal representations to be held up in court even if something isn’t in writing, given that the norm for sports contracts is to have a clause for this kind of situation, and since it didn’t, I doubt it’ll amount to much other then the players being really angry.

      Hopefully that anger doesn’t lead to sour grapes about playing for the Jays (Joey Bats and EE love it here, so…). I can see Buehrle’s family having an issue though with their dog, unfortunately.

      • Reyes already has Jays swag on his Instagram profile.. At least from that perspective he seems like he’s excited.

  44. I predict Melky will have a better 2012 than Justin Upton. Who disagrees?


    That’s a chart for 2010-2012 comparing some free agents still out there including a possible trade target or two even if they aren’t realistic and some of our guys. Columns are sortable for rankings.

    Switch the season date to 2012 only and sort them by FIP to see estimates for 2013.

  46. I’d like to see Justin Morneau in Adam Linds roster spot.

    • So we can pay almost 3x as much for a similarly injury prone, can’t hit lefties 1B/DH with a passport you like? No thanks, sell mapleboners elsewhere.

      • Morneau wouldnt cost 3x times as much as Lind. And hes an ex MVP whos also a 4x all star. JM is a .280 career hitter who hits lefties better than Lind and none the less thats what splits are for.

        Its not the worst idea in the world dude.

        You can argue his onion is still rocked but look at what Aaron Hill did this year he bounced back to all star form whos to say Morneau cant.

        • Doesn’t Morneau make 14 mil in 2013 compared to Lind’s 5? The 9 million extra in salary doesn’t seem worth it for a player that would be a slight upgrade to Lind (.903 career OPS against righties for Morneau vs. .836 for Lind), especially when you consider it’s a platoon role and not a full-time role. I’d much rather just keep Lind and use some of that 9 mil to get him a platoon partner.

        • 1) I said almost…Lind is at $5M, Morneau is at $14M, so yeah almost 3x as much.

          2) You wanna use AVG? Really? OK, vs LHP .232 in 2012, .144 in 2011. Granted 2010 was better w/ a .325.

          3) OPS shows a similar pattern going from .966 to .401 to .569

          Bottom line: he’s not the same player he was and citing batting average and career stats aren’t a cogent argument. Willie Mays had one of the best careers of any player ever and his last few years were nothing to write home about.

          • Obviously any trade involving Morneau would be dependant on how much salary Minnesota would be willing to eat. Nobody said take a 9 mill hit. Hell nobody even said to aquire him but replacing him with Lind is not a bad idea in my opinion.

    • At this point, the Jays can afford Lind having a mediocre season. And who knows? Maybe the line up surrounding him will motivate him.

  47. Monday the jays were 35/1 to win world series on bodog and now friday sit at 11/1.

    Tied with the Yankees odds

  48. I miss BJ Ryan…

  49. So.

    Whaddaya say Opera Bob’s for an opening day shit show so big it’ll make the G8 summit look like fuckin Sunday British tea party.

    Guests of honor at our table will be Radar, Small Po-Tats, Balls Muthfukin Deep, Fukstik, the Fuck Off Guy and that chump Formerly The Smasher, and anyone who has played the game is welcome. Only alcoholics are allowed, because quitting is for losers.

    Stoeten is welcome for a drink, as long as he’s buying.

    And Parkes will be close by dancing on the strippers pole.

    Who’s in bitches?!!!

    • I am in groooobah. Opera Bob’s better have a plentiful stock of Crown Royal.

    • I’m in too-I’m pumpeed about this year now and I never thought I would be. Now I know for sure my favoriye arsehole fukstik from last year and his famous strikeouts will not be back yippeeeee. AA is still going to get one more SP by hook or by crook

    • Opera Bob’s may be too small a venue.
      last year they needed an over flow bar

    • With Parkes hair he’d be a pretty hot atripper

      • The Richo Coliseum should be suffice!

        If Stoeten gives me the go ahead, wherever the venue he chooses, I can volunteer to help organize it……… Name tags and all……………….. HELLO IM: MIKE WILNERS BITCHTITS

        Serious, would love to help out. It would be a blast.

  50. “But what I like most about the moves Alex Anthopoulos and ownership made this week: The Jays are finally acting like a big-market franchise. Despite a metro population of more than 6 million — the sixth-largest among major league cities — the Blue Jays have spent the past decade acting like a lower-tier midmarket club. Here are Opening Day payrolls from USA Today and the Blue Jays’ rank among all 30 teams:

    2012: $75.5 million (23rd)
    2011: $62.6 million (23rd)
    2010: $62.2 million (22nd)
    2009: $80.5 million (16th)
    2008: $97.8 million (13th)
    2007: $81.9 million (16th)
    2006: $71.9 million (16th)
    2005: $45.7 million (25th)
    2004: $50.0 million (21st)
    2003: $51.3 million (21st)”

    Setting up for a bit of a change from the usual, it seems.

  51. Found this when I was trolling the BoSox boards.

  52. Ok last one spent way too much time here today – again,

    Staring lineup for 2013 plus the 3 bench players we have right now and Jonny Gomes my choice for last spot lol. No particular order.

  53. I don’t think we will see too much of a fall-off from PED free Melky. Testosterone shouldn’t make his timing better or increase hand-eye co-ordination… though I suppose bat speed may be negatively affected.

    • Melky had a strong season in KC when clean.
      And im sure he will be playing with something to prove next season. I think its reasonable to expect good things outta him despite the PED questions

    • I wouldn’t expect bat speed to drop much if at all. How much force he is able to produce at that bat speed (also known as power) might drop off a bit.

  54. Read this fangraphs post from the beginning of August – they estimate 5 years and 58.7 million to sign Melky. This deal is fantastic.

  55. Wow, the jays are poised to have the best 1,2 hitters they have had in YEARS with reyes and cabrera. Not only that, the versatility in the lineup with the 4 switch hitters and the SPEED. Holy crap, it should be fun. To be honest, i have no idea what production to expect from cabrera, but if he could bring roughly a .280 avg with 15 homers and a .350 OBP I’ll be very happy. Also, Im very confident in saying the next manager of the blue jays will be a spanish speaker with all the latinos on the roster now. So, I dont think Wakamatsu is the guy unless he speaks spanish, which i doubt. I know AA mentioned he wants experience but I think Sandy Alomar Jr. would be a perfect fit. Especially if Robbie can be a bench coach.

  56. Not bad not bad…I think AA has done himself a favor by going after these deals now, instead of waiting. I think even if he puts the payroll for next year at 135 mil he still is not in the top five is he?

    • Agreed. No sense on waiting for the big free agents like Greinke or Hamilton. These guys will wait until the New Year before making a decision.

  57. Yankees, Angels, Tigers, Dodgers and Phillies would have to be in the top 5 I would say and who knows what Boston will spend this off season.

  58. What are people’s thoughts on using JPA as the righty half of the DH platoon with Lind? I would rather JPA DH’ing than Rajai Davis, but I think JPA would be more valuable as a trade chip. Still thought it was an interesting idea that the BBB Facebook page suggests.

    • … to clarify, that’s only once D’Arnaud is ready to make the jump.

    • wouldn’t moises sierra be a better option? jpa’s value, at least to me, is tied to him playing c

      • Sierra’s major league sample size is too limited for me to say for certain that he could perform better than JPA against left handed pitching. But I don’t know, maybe Sierra has crushed lefty pitching all the way through the minors?

        • ehn…i don’t know that it matters all that much. i’m not a fan of what lind has done here the last 3 years, but it might be better to have him dh everyday than platoon him. we’ll see. first game is still over 4 months away. there are, however, real reasons for guys to get in the BSOHL (best shape of his life)

    • JPA has more value as a trade chip.

  59. was looking at melky’s splits.
    looks like he started to have success because he can now hit from the right side…historically he was useless against lefties, but the past 2 seasons he hit BETTER from the right side.

    i don’t know what, if any, conclusions you want to draw from that.

    • looked it up on bref, and it looks like melky’s poor numbers from the right side were against relief pitching more than starters…sample sizes pretty small tho.

  60. Maybe he can give Lind some ped advice lol

  61. earlier this year I said that the Jays didn’t have a winning mentality, that they never try to aggresively land players. I was 100% wrong on that, so heres to AA, Rogers, the beest, etc.

  62. I’m about to lose control and I think I like it!

    Go JAys!

  63. Jays have added 100 sb with 4 players. Going to lead the league in sb.

  64. I can’t see a new manager taking the reins of this club. I think we are going to have a surprise one as well, such as a torre or larussa come back and try to win again. I don’t see ownership letting someone with little experience earning his degree with this roster.

    • I’m thinking it’s going to be ozzie guillen. AA has played this perfectly. He now has all the leverage. He can dictate the terms of any contract. This is a plum job. Ozzie will have to beg for it.

    • I would be surprised at this point if it wasn’t Manny Acta. 5/9ths of the lineup is dominican.. and they loved Acta at the WBC. He also suits AA’s style of manager in terms of approach.

  65. I’m looking forward to the first video interview of Farrell being asked about what he thinks of the week we had here ‘up in Toronto’. Can’t wait to see those jaw muscles clenching and unclenching in rapid fire as he fake-smiles and pretends like he might’ve known something like this was in the works. Pretty sure I’ll enjoy that.

    • I can’t wait till be steal 10 bases in 1 game against the sox and farrell just sits there looking helpless like george bush in a kindergarden class.

  66. The worst part of waiting for this trade to go through is anticipating if any of them will be flipped again or someone else on the team.

  67. I feel like PED’s = home-runs was probably accurate in the 90′s and early 2000′s but might not be as applicable now. I think it was Andy Pettitte who mentioned why pitchers take PED’s, specifically HGH, which is in essence, to help them heal more quickly so that they’re fresh. If this is true for pitchers, wouldn’t this also be true for a guy like Melky, where increased ‘freshness’ and some strength would lead to increased bat speed, harder hit balls and therefore a raised BABIP? Obviously I have no idea if this is true but it might be something to think about when we discuss whether a guys home run total equates him taking PED’s. That said, having Melky in left field, even if he’s 75% of what he was the past two years, is a nice addition for this team and getting him on a short term deal makes a whole lot of sense. AA strikes again.

  68. I just hope Grienke and Hamilton don’t land in the al east. Beyond that we are set up for a year well into September.
    All this great news this week and we still need a manager.
    I don’t even miss hockey right now

  69. I wonder how long the line up is getting to be the manager of the Jays?

  70. Whoever the manager is gonna be, he will have to do a lot of fence-mending with some of the Marlins guys. Rosenthal reports that Reyes and Buehrle were given verbal no-trade assurances because they were concerned about precisely this given Loria’s history. I doubt Reyes is that concerned. It’s a Latin-friendly team and town. But apparently Buehrle and family are really upset.

  71. They should have worked a if you trade me I make an extra 10 million or something then. Be pissed at their agents then.

    • @Sprague.

      I’m sure they are royally pissed at their agents. Doesn’t make a difference. I mean it doesn’t stop them being pissed at us. They’re here now and i hope they settle well. Sounds like Buehrle is the one possible problem.

      • If Buehrle is going to mope – I could see AA packaging up Buehrle and his big contract along with JPA or whomever, and getting another quality starter.
        The last thing I want is a malcontent…and frankly, that giant contract of his is a big nut to eat every year.

  72. AA is a mad man, so strange for a lifelong jays fan to get so much talent coming in an off season. I have a question though what about Cooper? I haven’t heard anything about him being in the lineup. I would trade lind, get a prospect backfor the cubboard and develop cooper into a fulltime player. The guy can hit for average if he ever got a fair shake he could be real good.

  73. Morosi isn’t quite sold on the moves AA has made. He’s got reasons. Just not good ones.

    How will they forge an identity as the #1 reason? C’mon dude. You’re being a dick.

    • Agreed work still needs to be done including hiring a manager but jeez morosi is grasping at straws

    • But if the Red Sox sign Josh Hamilton to a 30-year deal, and Anibal to a 40-year deal they’ll be considered the favorites because they now have 3 people who can hit (Hamilton, Ortiz, Pedroia), and 1½ of a decent roation (Anibal, the corpse of Lester).

      The media really tries too hard to spin negatives.

    • Nothing forges an identity faster than winning. Nothing beats winning for bonding as a band of brothers.
      Yes, he’s got a point about Buerhle – if he’s gonna be a problem, I don’t want him spreading negative vibes. On the bright side, he won’t be hard to move…even with his gag-reflex-inducing contract. But, as Morosi stated – it’s HALF of what Sanchez wants. Package him up and get a starter and a prospect back. Morosi listed two or three options…and I’m sure the Greek Ninja has a bunch of numbers on speed-dial.

      • How about Buerhle coming here and living up to his commitment. That works

        • +11,000,000

          He’s got $11MM worth of reasons to honour his contract. If he’s got a beef, he should take it up with his agent and Loria. Maybe he should consider buying a cocker spaniel.

        • Yeah…and have a guy on the team who doesn’t really want to be there? He’s got value – and he can be flipped for a quality piece elsewhere. That 11-odd million dollars that he’s getting next year, plus the 18M and 19M per that are due after that….well, that will get you a pretty decent guy or two. Buerhle’s a horse, granted…but there’s a lot of horses and horse dealers out there, too.

      • I think McCowan had a great comment yesterday where he basically said that once guys actually came and played in the city they ended up loving it for the most part. He cited two that didn’t in Clemens and Burnett and didn’t exactly have very nice things to say about them claiming that there jerks before they got here to begin with. He said that all things that are commonly tossed around as negatives at first glance end up not being a serious issue at all.

        Buehrle might ultimately be an issue but I don’t think it will amount to much at the end of day. Personally I would be happier if they did flip but after this season.

        • I do have sympathy for Buehrle… but he has to know the risk involved with signing a contract without a no-trade clause. He turned down a 3 year deal with the Nats for the “big money” from Florida. With that comes risks.

          • @ Wow. Iam tired of the players from the US not wanting to come here….how big is this problem. I get that a guy doesn’t want to be traded, but is it fair to just exclude teams? I don’t think so.
            Just asking Buehrle to live up to his contract bad feelings or not, I know Alex will live up to his end

          • People don’t want to play with other teams for a myriad of reasons… how is that any different?

            The hassle of crossing the fucking border all the time is a major deterrent. Especially for the families.

          • Ok so Buehrle dosn’t come, Johnson says the same thing. Now the deal is dead, and its the players, not MLB deciding the rules as of trades apply. Toronto, is the only MLB team that has players worrying that their kids will losr out on their American education. My concern is with the Jays and not the player – it has to be or we will always be near the basement in the standings. What about your family, your enjoyment? How can you ever get a winning team if guys don’t come here

            • Not a lawyer, but wouldn’t refusing to carry out a legal contract have some severely negative repercussions on the players involved?

          • @wow

            Good point on Beuhrle but I dont share your sympathy.
            Like you mentioned he couldve went to Wash and fuck me its 2012 if you wanna for sure no move then get it in writing and if they dont do no trade claues down in Florida dont sign there in the first place if its such an issue.

          • The thing with Buerhle is , and bear in mind he hasn’t actually said he is pissed off or whatever, but thetime to move hime w/b now as he is owed 11+18+19=48m.
            To a team that does not get Ejax or Sanchez, that is like a 3year FA deal at 16m /year, similar to what Sanchez wants anyway butfor 2 less years which a lot of teams would like.
            If u wait a year, it becomes 37/2 or 18.5yr abg and a lot less palatable.
            No, If he turns into a fukstik, he’ll be dealt this winter before the cost to move him increase a la Wells

    • Wasn’t Morosi one of Farrell’s messenger boys?

      If the Red Sox had made the exact same moves as the Jays this past week, Beantown would be fucking celebrating and parrots like Morosi would be anointing the team as the best ever.

      If Morosi really wants to bring something tangible into the equation, he should get a fucking quote from John Farrell. That would be mildly amusing.

      • @ballsdeep.

        It’s funny to see Kenny Rosenthal.& other baseball pundits urge significant caution over the Blue Jays moves.

        Were they this negative when the red sox or yankees went on a spending spree?

  74. Where are all the Shaun Marcum rumors coming from? Lots of tweets over the past day that the Jays are close to a deal with him.

  75. @Buster_ESPN

    The Jays are close to announcing their next manager. Two of the final names they discussed were Jim Tracy and Jim Riggleman.

    You have got to be fucking kidding me. Jim Tracy is potentially a finalist?!
    Jesus Christ.

  76. Olney is tweeting that the Jays are close to announcing a new manager:

    “The Jays are close to announcing their next manager. Two of the final names they discussed were Jim Tracy and Jim Riggleman.”

    • Gun to head Id go Riggleman

    • I just saw that. WTF??? Stoeten’s beard is going to fall out if Tracy ends up being the guy.

      • Wow… it cannot be Tracy.

        I really hope its Sal, tbh. He may not have the experience at the major league level… but I guarantee he can keep guys like Lawrie in line.

        • I don’t think Fasano was actually in the running this time around but you never know. You almost have to believe that the manager doesn’t get announced until they have the mother of all press conferences with the players they just traded for and signed. I am sure the team will want to do justice to both groups as far as presenting them to the public.

          Between the press conferences and all the other talking he has to do I can just imagine that AA’s voice will be down to a whisper when he’s done.

  77. no sweat with Melk, Ryan Braun had a pretty good year this year after all his B.S.

    • Ryan Braun was caught cheating with PED’s – that is, unless you believe that the Fedex courier who didn’t follow the proper procedure and took the sample home on the Friday for the weekend, injected PED’s into Braun’s sample (he’d have no way of knowing whose it was) and then turned it in for testing.

      If you’re stupid enough to believe that the FEDEX courier injected the sample, and you may well be that stupid, then you can say that it was BS. that Braun was investigated. Otherwise, Braun’s a cheater who got away with it because of a technicality.

      • @fakeOakville69.

        Why don’t you get another screen name.?

        The battle over Rogers commitment to the team is over.

        The team is finally ready to compete for a playoff spot, so there is no need to attack fans that wanted Rogers to do what they just did last week.

        • It took more than one reading, but I respect your point here. It was necessary to make the point that Rogers needed to man the fuck up. It is never respectable to steal someone else’s identity and falsify comments in their name. If your don’t have thw presence you wish you had here, grow the fuck up yourself some balls m’lad


    Hopefully that doesn`t work out for the Mets. Still would love the Jays to pull a trigger on a deal for Dickey.

  79. Can`t remember where I read it this morning but supposedly there`s been some interest in Buck already from other teams. Who knows if it’s true but it would be nice to dump that $6.5 million and use the amount towards signing a 5th starter.

    • Interest doen’t mean action at 6.5m
      I think they can move Buck but it will along the lines of Buck +3m +? for a player. No one will pay big bucks for a catcher who can’t hit much and very well m/b the worst catcher in MLB next to Barajas. Ever seen Buck try to stop a low and away FB?
      Thta’s right he basically waves at it like a smilin idiot politician. Dump him and Lind on Pittsburgh for Some guy in A ball and be done with it for fuksakes

      • Of course it doesn’t. Who knows what will happen? Just reporting what I heard. Even if they manage to save $3 or $4 million that’s something to be put to use elsewhere plus whatever they get back for him.

  80. We’ve made some great strides. The SP additions, 2B, and now LF are exactly what we needed. It’s no secret though we still need to address another SP. With the injuries to our younger pitchers waiting, and McGowan, and with Alvarez gone, who is first in to address an injury or a poor streak of performances? Cecil? Jenkins?

    Its not even a matter of “going for it”, some additional depth is greatly required. I’m all on board for Burhle and his 200 or so innings but has anyone looked at his numbers against Boston and New York? Even before Ricky broke down last year, you could see what facing those teams did to his confidence and performance knowing he would struggle against them more often than not.

    • Hopefully they do add another starter. Depth after the top 4 drops off substantially. It would be great to see Happ the first guy to come in a fill that emergency starter role but hopefully it’s for no more than 1 or 2 starts over the course of the season.

      Depth Chart

      Morrow, Johnson, Buehrle, Romero

      Happ, Jenkins,

      By July there is a chance you could be adding Drabek to the depth. Hutchison probably won’t make it back this year imo as his surgery took place so late in the season. As for McGowan I’m not even counting on him right now

      I didn’t include Cecil because his status is going to depend on what happens with Oliver more than anything. If the Jays are intent on keeping him it could be Loup that gets sent down since he has options. Cecil’s splits vs LHP are pretty good so I don’t think the team would lose much in sending Loup down.

      Basically there’s not a lot of starter depth in the minors right now, at least guys that would be able to adequately contribute. I wouldn’t be surprised if AA doesn’t go on some kind of minor league veteran binge before he’s done.

      • Trade for dickey already jeez

        • The beauty about the Rays rotation was they had 5 starters make 92% of the teams starts in 2012 and in 2011 it was 91%. In 2010 it was even better at 95%.

          For the Jays in 2012 the top 5 guys in starts accounted for only 72% of the starts. In 2011 72% with 34% of those going to Cecil and Jo-Jo. In 2010 it was 79%.

          The WS Giants had 5 guys make 99% of the starts!

      • After what happened between Villanueva and AA at the end of the season I don’t think re-signing Villanueva fits the definition of “realistic.”

  81. Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal

    #BlueJays have not contacted Riggleman, according to his agent, Burton Rocks. Would be interested in job. Has always wanted to manage Reyes.

    • I bet every manager would say they always wanted to manage Reyes.
      And I think my heads done spinning over manager. Its anyones guess when it comes to AA and his spontaneity

  82. Re: Melky

    Is he able to start on Opening Day?—or are there more games left to serve….too lazy to look up exact date of suspension…..

  83. The 2013 Jays have the potential to put 4 or 5 players on the AL allstar team.
    When was the last time you could say that?

  84. How in the fuck is Jim Tracy still being rumoured??

    I was also all for Fasano taking over but the more this off season goes on the more I doubt he gets the job but I hope Im wrong.

    • Wasn’t there some talk a few weeks back about how Bautista likes Jim Tracy from back in his Pirates days? Maybe Bautista’s giving his input, hiring a guy he respects and then promptly beating his teammates into also respecting Tracy?

  85. A few people have floated around the idea of trading Buehrle to the White Sox for Floyd.

    Not sure if the White Sox would be up for it, but it would open up a lot of flexibility on the Blue Jays end.

    It would also free up quite a bit of money to try and extend Johnson.

    I expect Buehrle to be better than Floyd in 2013, but only by 1 win or less.

    • *Turns Anthopoulos Mode on*

      B+ Prospect



      • just vomitted

        • Something wrong with freeing up money while slightly improving the rotation further? Not to mention Peavy is 2 years younger than Buehrle?

          Hypothetically, I’d rather have a rotation with Peavy and signing McCarthy than Buehrle and Happ.

          • with what we gave up,probably losing JJ next year, buherle for one year of peavy and his shitty mechanics would be a letdown

          • Peavy is signed for 2 years though, at least I thought he was. Buehrle will give you more innings though. I dunno, personal preference I suppose.

  86. Looks like Reyes is embracing the Jays

    “New flow Toronto all day team #loviste”

    Between Reyes/Bonifacio’s Lo Viste gesture, Bautista and EE’s La Fuerte home run gesture and whatever the fuck redneck handshake Lawrie and Rasmus have planned for next year, the Jays are going to be pissing a lot of teams off. It feels good to be cheering for the team with the cocky motherfuckers for once.

    • Thats legit

    • Yeah, they have potential to be the,most hated team in baseball………..I we shouldnt care too much if they are winning.

      I got to through this out there though, but when Reyes alleged pulled HIMSELF from the game a dew years ago to capture the batting title I puked all over my Panasonic flatscreen.

      Lets just say the new manager might have his hands full….

      I am excited though, sorry to pull a Debbie, just speaking the truth….

  87. If Jim Tracy is selected what the fuck took so long, even with the trade and the signing what took so long for Jim Tracy. If it is the names been said already Sandy or Acta are my two choices however more interested in some unnamed guys like Bobby Cox, Felipe Alou, Torre, Lou Pinella, Frank Robinson types. Guys who the players will recognize and respect.

    • In terms of respect, Tracy is up there. A couple of weeks ago, Bautista specifically named him as a guy that would command respect in the clubhouse. The knock against Tracy is that he’s a trainwreck as a tactician. In terms of respect in the clubhouse, he’s actually very well-respected. AA has also repeatedly stated that he wants somebody that can control the clubhouse and can manage relationships with the players more than a tactician. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Tracy was hired. I’m not saying agree with it, but to me it smells a lot like Tracy.

      I think Sandy and Matt Williams are basically done. There’s no way AA is going to stake his own job security on someone that is going to learn on the job for his first ever managerial job.

      • what are the complaints about tracy as a tactician? I don’t know this guy

      • All Up and In Listeners will tell you that Not Jim Tracy would be the best. But seriously, never Jim Tracy

        • i can imagine a weekly bit here called TheTrouble With Tracy with the actress of that old cbc show having her image papered over with Jim tracy’s face

          fuck i think thats going to happen

          but even if he sucks he cant be worse than John Feces

        • + 1 – Not Jim Tracy please

    • again I reiterate what took so long, unless jim tracy did not want to come to toronto till the jays made the aquisitions he was not on boston, or miami’s radar.

      • I’m not really looking forward to a non-tactician manager after seeing Farrell make consistent mistakes. Manny Acta seems like the best choice to me.

        • @Jimmy.

          I think Acta would have the inside track. He’s worked with AA when AA was in the Expos organization.

          Acta is from the Dominican Republic & this team has a strong roster of Dominicans on the team.

          Frankly, this team could play exhibition game in Santo Domingo as a home team since the front 4 would be on the dominican all star team.

      • If AA swung and missed at his offseason player targets and we went into 2013 with a roster largely similar to the one that ended 2012, he would probably be more comfortable with a 1st time manager like Alomar or Williams. Now that it’s a more veteran-laden club gunning for contention, he is probably more certain he wants a veteran manager.

      • What took so long??? It’s clear the managerial hiring wasn’t AA’s top priority. He’s been incredibly busy filling almost every hole on the roster. There was never a need to hurry the process, and he didn’t.

      • There is no fucking way its tracey..the guy is a bunt loving, platoon non utilizing, throwback of a gimp.

        AA is not going to fall for this crap. The more names bantied about by the media as to who is in the running, the more leverage AA has in negotiating a contract with these guys. its just like with the players.

  88. so today the Melky signing and trade will be official?

    • AA will probably have a pressure with the marlins trade, Melky and the new manger all at once!

      • only problem I see with this is that it would make trading any of the Marlin players awkward. I’m sure if they are going to be welcomed in in a press conference they won’t be traded within a month.

        • This is the bigs…Unless you have a no trade or other stipulation, you can be traded at any time to any place..and you better accept it and move along. its part of the deal when you sign up to play big boy ball.

          • of course but you can’t deny it would be awkward to trade someone shortly after having the feel good press conference of the decade for the Jays. handing out the jerseys, taking the photos, handshake, and letting the players speak their mind on playing in Toronto. All this followed by trading someone yet again is not the ideal situation. in the past AA always traded people away before any sort of welcoming, such as Aviles or Napoli.

  89. It only mid-November, there has got to be more to come. The roster still looks incomplete. The players at 1st base and 2nd base are still kinda questionalble in my mind.

    • EE is 1b bub. and DH can be filled by Lind, bonifacio, izi, and anyone else who has a day off from there assignment. If 2b looks questionable then you should bet to see izi or bonifacio flipped because both of them cannot play the same role of utility thats why I see them splitting time at second. really who on the market is available as 2 bagger that would be worth the money… Seriously a bonifacio/iziturus combo is not terrible at second, If anything look at there stats they are more reliable then Rasmus at center.

    • Hahahaha… That’s just greedy, particularly 2b

    • 2B is questionable as compared to the rest of the roster if you’re playing fantasy baseball. Izturis/Bonifacio are more than adequate at 2B, you’re not going to get an all-star at every position. The Giants just won a world series starting Brandon Crawford at SS every day.

      • A healthy Bonifacio has the potential to be an All-Star if you ask me. I’m not saying he’s Roberto Alomar or anything but 30 stolen bases in 64 games is pretty good.
        This might be looking ahead a bit but I can see this team really hurting a team like Detroit, the speed is unbelievably deep here.

  90. The only hole the Jays need to fill offensively is at DH. If AA can dump Lind I think he could go with an option like Travis Hafner, otherwise going out to get a left handed DH is probably not worthwhile.

    Bonifacio is an excellent utility guy because he could push Rasmus or Izturis off the roster if they aren’t hitting well. I don’t think they need another infielder.

    • Yup just sign Gomes/Hafner

    • Replacing Lind with Hafner is an exceedingly stupid idea. He’s an injury prone veteran thats past his prime.

      If the Rogers wallet is open,, why not Youkilis? But I can get behind the Gomes idea.

  91. also for all the idiots such as Zaun and some american media that think the Cabrera trade was a hefty risk, consider that he is making as much as Coco Crisp.

    • You can make an arguement you dont know what Melky you are getting but once you take on all the Marlin players your all in.

      • I agree with the all-in but Melky is definitely a risk, the optics are a little gritty for me.
        But, if he’s contrite with himself and committed to his team; it will be well worth it. There’s no denying the guy is a talented baseball player.

        • Melky has been a 4 WAR player the last 2 years hes a very talented player. Id be happy if he puts up his career OBP of .340 this year

          • exactly I don’t think Melky at $8 Million is all that much of a risk. I think the chance is greater for Melky to outperform rather than underperform his contract.

            • Brandon League just signed a 3 year $22.5 million deal. If anyone wants to complain about Melky’s contract, they damn well better be complaining about League’s.

          • Yeah, you’re right. The Jays should just ignore the warning signs, it’s only 2x$8 million; what could go wrong?

  92. Ok AA, its been almost 2 days since the last trade, comm’on I getting bored!

  93. It cost new york a combined $423.5 million for Sabathia, Teixeira, and Burnett in 2009. The Jays got Buehrle, Melky, Reyes, Bonifacio, and one year of Johnson for a combined $171 Million + prospects. I think they got pretty good bang for their buck in today’s market.

  94. okay Rogers, the next big move is grass – GET ON IT

    • The key word I saw in their is Drainage which the Rogers Centre does not have

      • I think I remember the beest saying that it would be tricky but possible to get grass in the dome. A renovation of the whole dome would be a good idea if a new stadium is a decade or more away. Doing something about the field, such as either putting in state of the art artificial turf or going for a hybrid field as mentioned, (if not a complete grass field) would be the most. important step. Maybe changing the outfield walls, renovating seats, and changes to the general decor would also be good ideas.

      • how do they drain all the water from Disney on Ice at the RC?? There are drains and there needs to be some engineering solutions to the issue for sure, but not a real impediment.

        Grow lights are getting better as well:

    • At least do what they do at Tropicana: dirt infield.

  95. writers keep saying Stanton’s a goner and will be traded by the end of next season the latest – just makes me wonder what it would take to make that sort of trade happen

    I know Marlins fans would all but abandon the team if he was traded but at the same time if he doesnt want to be there, lots of teams would line up and fork over whatever to get him, especially teams like the Rangers and Jays who should have playoff worthy teams next year and also have young prospects that are close to MLB ready and highly regarded.

    If Jays do well next year, it’s not out of the question to think Stanton might want to join some of his old Marlins pals in TO. Cant imagine how many bombs he’d hit at the RC

  96. @EyeOnBaseball
    Jake Marisnick is still in a Blue Jays uniform at AFL, means the trade hasn’t gone final. It’s like watching for smoke at the vatican

  97. it’s ok-Trade likely can’t be finalized til monday -you don’t expect Bud and his apes to work on the week end do you?
    I know AA is waiting for the formal announcement as I’m sure he is pursuing other things he can’t advance at the moment like trying to dump Buck on someone else

    • The trade will be finalized just physicals to be worked out.

      However, A could have an ace up his sleeve and deal either JPA/TDA/Buck + a package of prospects or mark Burle for a established starting pitcher or young one with years of control.

      Those could be Sammardjzia, Gavin Floyd, etc

      • sure ass fuk won’t be Floyd. Not only is he not that good ( basically a 5) he is a FA at the eoy. No, if he is going to flip pitchers it will be for someone like Peavy who just signed a mini extension with the Chisox

        • I think you can get Floyd for next to nothing and heres why..

          They already have Peavy, Sale, Quintana and Danks..

          Their already at a 100M dollar payroll already 3M over what they spent last year with only 9 players under contract.

    • Time for MLB to get a real Commissioner

  98. I’d like to see Buhrle + JPA + some of the cash that came back in the Marlins trade for Dickey and a hard throwing right handed reliever (or some other asset of moderate interest to AA). It would free up cash now for signing another back of the rotation starter and future funds for a JJ or RA extentension. In fact, the more I think about it, the less I can imagine Buhrle’s contract as part of the opening day roster. How does NY state feel about pitbulls?

    • The Mets are in a tight spot money wise and ideally want to sign Dickey. I don’t think Buehrle is the answer when they could probably have Dickey for cheaper. JPA+Sierra+average pitching prospect is what it might take.

      • you’re right, I just want to see that contract off the books. I’m guessing AA feels the same way

        • me too, if they can ditch Buehrle then re-signing Johnson is more realistic. He is good enough that it isn’t the end of the world having him for the rest of his contract though.

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