AA has gone full bad boy. He pissed off everyone in baseball by stealing the Marlins soul – and without pausing for so much as a minute to give a shit – he’s done it again by reportedly reaching an agreement with Melky Cabrera. Two-years and $16 million is what we’re hearing.

Presumably, the conversation went something like this:

AA: We’re interested in bringing you to Toronto to play for the Blue Jays.

Melky: I have some interest from several teams.

AA: What are they offering?

Melky: One-year incentive-laden deals.

AA: We’ll give you two years, guaranteed.

Melky: Amo Toronto y todos los fanáticos del béisbol canadienses.

Ok, so let’s rundown just how fanfuckingtastic this is before the trolls chime in with their dimwitted cries of “he’s a cheater” and “he won’t be any good without his precious PEDs”. The question of who hits in the two-hole has been answered. If the season were to start tomorrow, then the Jays lineup would look something like this:

SS Reyes
LF Cabrera
RF Bautista
DH Encarnacion
3B Lawrie
1B Lind
C Arencibia
CF Rasmus
2B Izturis -or- Bonifacio

Sweet son of Ted Rogers’ ghost that’s something to behold, isn’t it? And don’t act like that sexy .346/.390/.516 triple-slash line is all due to PEDs. A slight regression would be in order, but it would be for anyone putting up gaudy numbers like that.

Drew has more on the Cabrera signing over at Getting Blanked, and I’m all but certain that Stoeten will be jumping on here shortly to have his own say. With that, I leave you with some epilepsy inducing eye candy.

Three GIFs for Melky Cabrera

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  1. So. Much. Win.

  2. Anyone know any good places to stay in Buffalo?

  3. Just wow…

  4. Is this really an improvement over Bonafacio in LF? Assuming of course that last year is probabably not going to repeat itself for Melky.

    • If you meant, is this an improvement over Rajai in left field, then the answer is a resounding, STFU and stop making stupid comments.

    • Yes. Look at Melky’s 2011.
      And Bonifacio can now serve as a super sub and still add a tonne of value there.

      Melky + Bonifacio >>>>> Bonifacio + McCoy

      • Bonifacio could play 2nd

        • What about Izturis? McCoy was never playing anything.

          • McCoy could have been the backup IF if Bonfacio was playing LF and Izturis was playing 2B. In my new scenario Melky is LF, Izturis is still 2B and Bonifacio is the UTIL guy….
            And McCoy is writing a book comparing Buffalo to Las Vegas.

    • Yes. Very much so.

    • -100 to you for obvious reasons.

    • Yes, worst case Melky is probably equivalent to the best case Bonifacio.

      Also, think of it this way. Instead of having Bonifacio replace Davis, we have Melky replacing Davis and Bonifacio replacing 250 PAs from Vizquel and McCoy (and who knows how many sub-par hobbled Kelly Johnson PAs).

      • Cabrera was pretty awful up until 2011. I’m not as convinced as you are that he’s a good player.

        • He was a 1.5 WAR player with the Yankees. That’s not awful

          • His WAR prior to 2011 was as follows:

            2006 – 2.7
            2007 – 1.2
            2008 – 0.2
            2009 – 0.9
            2010 – -0.5

            Maybe terrible is being a little harsh, but he was basically replacement level for the 3 year prior to 2011.

            Also even ignoring the PED suspension, if you normalize his 2012 BABIP to his career level of .309, he should have put up a .789 OPS last season. That’s not far off the Eric Thames production of .769 from 2011 and hardly inspiring for a LF.

          • We are looking at different sources for WAR, but regardless…

            If I recall correctly he was not healthy in either 08 or 09…
            Admittedly 2012 was ugly…
            Plus we are talking about a very young player. He didn’t hit his mythical Age 27 season until 2011, which is also when we saw a significant improvement.

            I’ll grant that expecting anything close 2012 is wholy unrealistic, but I don’t know if looking for a repeat of 2011 is out of line.

            Or maybe Bill James’ projection of .295 .348 .432 is close… and that looks pretty good to me (even a bit less than that is still a lot better than what our other LF options would likely put up)

          • sorry… i meant “admittedly 2010 was ugly”

          • @peter demarco, so was bautista *flies away*

          • His line with a BABIP adjusted to his career level in 2012 would be .334/.455/.789. I think that’s probably a fair expectation for 2013, assuming of course there is no further drop of if he gets off the PED’s.

    • Why not Boni at 2nd?

      • Agree. Why is nobody slotting emilio in at 2B? Put him there for fuck sakes and leave him alone.

        • Marlins broadcaster was on the Fan yesterday saying he plays both a fantastic CF and 2B. I imagine his bat plays better at those than LF anyway.

      • That’s semething for ST to figure out probably.

    • well bud he did hit something like 305 the year before…

    • look for bonifacio to be the primary second baseman with izturis being the utility guy at 3b.ss.2b.

  5. Is now at full mast

  6. May the BABIP gods look down on us with favour.

  7. Just fucking shows what some actual ownership commitment is capable of achieving. I wonder just how much easier the trade and this signing makes getting a fifth starter now.

    FUck Yeah BABY!

    • Ownership was committed.
      The trick was following a plan and sticking with it.
      Don’t fall for the BFF and Oakville shit NM.
      You’re smarter than that.

  8. This could work out very well for the Jays. PED’s or no PED’s, Melky’s an upgrade in LF.

  9. Just when I thought my hard-on had some time to recede

  10. who needs pr?

  11. When I heard about this signing….I came in my pants.

  12. Odds in Vegas probably just went even. Good lord what a week!

    • Should have laid some money down when they were still 100-1 eh?

      • I hit them at 30-1 when I heard whispers of the trade.
        Was 11-1 about 3 hours last.

        Were they ever really 100-1? I can’t imagine they were.

  13. Absolutely brilliant to pounce early and not wait out a market that is likely to go bananas later into the winter. I don’t know if this deal is there in mid-December.

  14. Regardless of any griping about the morality of PEDs, or what it means for him without them, bad Melky is still better than Rajai.

    • Bad Melky is a replacement level player.

      I’m getting the impression that I’m the only one that doesn’t like this signing. I guess it’s not a lot of money or term so it’s not horrible and there is some nice upside.

      • I’m more concerned about his 2012 BABIP than whatever (if any) impact the PED had.

        And its a good signing, short term, not a massive financial commitment with tons of potential to work out great.

        • See above comment regarding a normalized BABIP production level at a .789 OPS, and that is as you said ignoring the influence of PED’s.

  15. I was 13 when the Bluejays won in 93, and although I watched all the games and was a fan, I couldn’t appreciate what was happening as being the big spending team, the destination, the mover and shaker team every season, nor did I have the ability to drive myself to the dome for a game.

    The past 72 hours have produced a continuous boner where I really should be seeking medical attention, but I don’t want the signings to stop, I can’t tempt fate.

    Having already purchased opening day tickets, this is probably the best I’ve felt as a Toronto sports fan since Carter’s homerun/Borshvesky’s OT winner.

    The thought of a pennant race in September brings tears to my eyes. And of course a raging hardon.

    Holy fuck this is awesome

    • Agreed. This doesn’t even feel real. It’s like the opposite of how I felt after finding out that Texas won the bid on Darvish.

      A. Maze. Ing.

    • Ha! Well said. Sounds like I am about a decade older than you but I’ve been experiencing the same thing lol

      • 92-93 were awesome. I was in high school. Followed the Leafs playoff runs in the spring, Watched the world series wins in the fall. My high school year book devoted a page to the Jays.

        • I was 47 when they won in ’92. Was beginning to think I would not live to see another run like they had from about ’85 thru the championship years. Now, with a bit of luck…..

    • Almost* the exact same experience here. I recently stumbled on all my old Jays stuff from 90-94, games scored, the odd ticket, newspaper clippings. It was the perfect age to get into the sport, but I couldn’t appreciate it the way I do now.

      *Minus the boner (haven’t got the right parts) and the opening day tickets (excuse me a moment…)

    • “The past 72 hours have produced a continuous boner where I really should be seeking medical attention,”

      All of us man, all of us. I’ve been touching myself for days straight. Probably lost my job.

    • Same age as you and agree with all you said. Can’t wait for April 2!

  16. Farrel must be crying in his Sam Adams by now.

  17. Not sure if this is going out on a limb, but I gotta think Manny Acta is the new manager based on the last few weeks of transactions.

    And it’ll be even more justifiable to the public to have a manager fluent in both English and Spanish.

    Super sized press conference coming up!

    • Or Luis Rivera but something else I read the other day which really struck home was you don’t get a manager to manage your current team you get the best guy for the job period. That said, who is say either one of those guys wouldn’t be the best. Fuck I am so happy right now lol

      • This is all still pretty surreal.

      • This is crazy and surreal…when NM and other DJF posters were waxing on about how the Jays had to go get Cabrera, I was thinking, “it’s not happening…be thankful for AA making a big splash already…”

        I was quite wrong it appears.

        If anyone has the older BP book (Baseball Between the Numbers), you might want to dust it off and read up on PEDs (it’s a fairly big part of the new one — Extra Innings — too I believe). The upshot is that it is somewhat difficult to say to what extent PEDs improve baseball hitting performance. It is clear that they help injury recovery time.

        All that is to say that I won’t pre-judge whether Melky will be an offesive bust yet…I’ll merely pre-judge that he’ll be better than Rajai Davis…

    • Actually night_manimal, I just heard the opposite yesterday.

      Asked about the Jays’ job, Pat Gillick said you don’t go looking for the “best” manager, but the right one for your team, echoing what AA has been saying.

      So ya I say totally look at who’s going to fit well with the players you’ve got signed and/or projected for thenext few seasons.

    • If you want someone who speaks Spanish, why not Ozzie Guillen?

      He did after all win a WS with Chicago?

      If we can tolerate Brian Burke and Don Cherry, we can handle Ozzie.

  18. I figure by this point, AA has earned WWE-style entrance music when he finally surfaces for a press conference. And if he wants to wear a cap and hold a bejewelled walking stick, too, more power to him.

  19. Viva Los Blue Jays!

  20. oh my god, we’re winning the East. we just took one of the only lineup holes and filled it with a guy who hits like an All-Star.
    he’s not going to repeat how he was going last year, that’s just obvious. but doesn’t 3 WAR out of LF seem feasible?

  21. Next move – Hire Francona away from Cleveland (and really fuck over Farrett and the RSux)

  22. Too lazy to translate, anyone know what that last line is in English?

  23. If AA keeps this shit up I’m going to get myself fuckin fired here…. I’ve ben reading these blogs, twitter, mlbtr all fuckin week and havent done a god damn thing at work. AND I FUCKIN LOVE IT!!!!!!

  24. Baseballgasm!!!!!!!

  25. AA’s press conference should go as follows:

    Sit down. Take out phone. Put it on speaker. Dial number. Start laughing when Farrell picks up.

    Ninja. What a fun summer this is going to be.

  26. And I thought watching the kittens stream was going to be the best thing to happen today

    • I’m still watching that stream

      • All of the above, especially wrt press conferences, crank calls and intros, awesommme!!!!

        For all of the Ultra Ninja-ness of our Supreme and Fearless Leader, shouldn’t the Jays PA announcer just start each game’s player intros with: “In the General Manager’s box, the Greek God of Stealth, Alex Anthopolous!!!”

  27. WTF????

  28. Funny Shit… Another Great move. Gives Goose more time to get ready. Unless they trade Colby this year or next.

  29. Brett Lawrie just added 8 more people to the double-digit Redbull-powered orgy he’s been having since The Trade went down.

  30. There’s only SO MUCH sudafed can add to ops

  31. Really shocked at this, not a big melky fan, those BABIP’s make me nervous, without it he’s pretty much nothing as his baserunning, defense and power are all so-so attributes. Would’ve rather seen this money go to Edwin Jackson. Although I realize an AAV of 8MM is never going to get Edwin here.

    • He’s far superior to what they had in LF, his BABIP will average out obviously, but its a ridiculously cheap upgrade in LF and sends a bigger message to baseball that the Bluejays are back in a big way, what free agent isn’t going to consider the Bluejays going forward?

      • MLBTR points out that his contract is this year’s equivalent of the ones that went to Coco Crisp and Jason Kubel last year. I agree that this was quite an inexpensive (but really meaningful) upgrade all things considered.

    • No, not Edwin Jackson. He’s got no-hit stuff but he’s too wild and unpredictable. He’s not a young guy who you can influence to adapt and change for the better with ease. He’s been in the bigs for quite some time now and I don’t think Bruce Walton’s greatness can fix him. It would be a tough assignment not worth putting the extra effort needed. Walton is one man and he’d be spending too much time trying to fix Jackson and his inconsistencies.

  32. I live in Nova Scotia and have been a long time Jays fan…at least 2 road trips to Toronto this year and one to Boston when the Jays play in Beantown! Awesome!

    • Sat beside a guy from Nova Scotia last year. We were up in 227. He and his wife had bought their tickets early. One of the games that weekend the Jays fielded one regular..so it must have been in Aug or Sept. Felt sorry for them, they were so very disappointed. Maybe they’ll have better luck this year.

  33. What the fuck now? Second base, right?

  34. The line up is just silly so so so so so so silly. Who the fuck wants to pitch against that line up!

  35. Woooool

  36. We’re now looking at 4 switch-hitters on the 25-man, 3 of which will probably be in the lineup every night.

    Pretty good. Prettttay, prettttayyyyyy, pretty good.

  37. Pffffft! Getting Blanked had this like 10 days ago.

  38. best off season in a long time. amazing

    • Has there been a better one … ever?

      • The best off-season ever was the one where the Jays traded McGriff/Fernandez for Robbie Alomar and Joe Carter.

        Until the Jays win a championship with the players obtained in this off-season, nothing will ever beat the one from the winter of 1990-91. It’s all about the post-season bling.

  39. FUCK YA!!!!!!!!!!!! The ninja is kling it

  40. I cant wait for the Red Sox to go blow their wad on Josh hamilton and Zach Greinke only to see Hamilton get hurt the first week of the season and Greinke to suck vs the AL East.

    • I can’t imagine any free agent pitcher wanting to sign with the Red Sox now. Pitching against the Blue Jays would be very scary.

    • Greinke will crack if he signs in Boston. They may as well sign Dr Phil too.

      • The Red Sox would need to dramatically overpay Greinke to get him to leave the West Coast for Boston, I think.

        and the last major FA they convinced through an open wallet instead of personal appeal was Carl Crawford. we know how that went!

        • And your basing this on his affinity for the West Coast that he spent 2 months developing after pitching in the MIdwest his whole career? S-M-R-T

    • I hope Boston signs Hamilton to an A-Rod contract and realize mid 2013 that if A-Rod isn’t worth his contract Hamilton sure as fuck isn’t either

  41. I can’t remember being this excited for a baseball season, and we’ve got some months to go here, folks.

    Cant wait for this press conference.

  42. I hope Handsome Tony Viner makes another appearance on twitter to accept thanks.

  43. Well this certainly makes the option of moving Davis as part of a package trade perhaps involving one of the catchers that much more viable now.

    Of course AA might like the depth Davis offers. If they Jays go out and get Gomes I would say that would lend even more credence to that scenario.

    • you are really really stupid

    • Gomes is the last realistic piece to make this lineup complete, imo.

      Unless of course someone like Ian Kinsler becomes available.

      Who knows with the ninja!

      • I don’t really see a great need for Gomes now. There are now 4 switch hitters on the team now. I think money/assets will be spent on pitching.

        • There definitely is a need for Gomes since Lind hits lefties so poorly. Gomes will come very cheap. Even if he doubles what he made last year that will put him at $2 million a year.

          • Pretty impressive year he put up, especially when you consider where he did it.

            I think he gets 5 Million

          • Davis as your DH against RH pitching is not the worst thing in the world. How does Cooper hit lefties? Pitching, pitching, pitching, please!

        • However, you’re right pitching first. Gomes would be a final luxury imo.

      • When we’re facing lefties, put Izturis on 2nd and Bonifacio at DH.


        (Might not be ideal, but it’s a better option than throwing Happ out there every fifth day.)

  44. This has been the best off-season that I can ever remember.

    • for any team in Toronto, not just the Jays

    • it is one of the greatest baseball off seasons period, done with style too. I would take this off season 1000 times in a row over new york’s sabathia/burnett/teixiera off season any day. it probably still has cost less so far

  45. Damien Cox is going to write an absolutely insufferable column about this. NOBODY READ IT.

    • I’ll have to read it, his articles are the ‘Family Circus’ of the sports writing world

      • Of course someone will write a complaint article about hiring a cheater, black eye and embarrassment, etc.

    • “When someone has been caught by baseball and suspended 50 games for taking steroids, you just gotta ask the question… is he on roids?”

  46. Do they still pay him if he gets suspended again?

  47. This has been the best week EVER.

  48. No the conversation went like this

    AA: I’m offering you a 2year deal

    MC: I’ll have to think about it

    AA: I’m giving you 1 hour

    MC: ok I’ll take it

  49. Melky…awesome..love it….that is now.what? four switch hitters?


    talk about balance.

    now, to borrow a phrase from Winston Wolf….lets not start sucking each other’s dicks yet.

    the team stlll needs at least one more starting pitcher before I think we are LIKELY to make the playoffs. I believe , as contructed now..we are at least likely to be in contention.

    • Are you out of your mind? There are 2 wild cards now. We are more likely to make the playoffs than not. I would say we are even with the Yanks for taking first in the east. And ahead of the other 3.

      • at this point, if you’re a pessimist, i think it’s because you think the wild card game is gonna be two AL West teams.
        which is a perfectly reasonable opinion. we might have to win the division.

    • @AGR Ha, that’s almost my favorite quote ever, next to the “psychos?” line, is that Clooney’s name in that movie? I actually never knew that.

  50. I’m so happy I could listen to Mike Wilner talk for hours and NOT feel sick to my stomach. FUCK YES BLUE JAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You’ll get bandwagon jumpers calling in saying they’ve been fans since that snowy day in ’77

      • I’ve been a fan since that snowy day in ’77. That’s right, I was a fan almost a decade before I was born.

  51. I’m so scared that I fell into a coma sometime last week, and everything that’s happened since is a hallucination brought on by medication and my fevered imagination.


    • I’m feeling a little woozy myself. Hopefully it’s just the non-stop parade of good news around here lately…

  52. Pat on the back for AA here.

    Some pressure on Colby now too, he could become the 4th if he doesn’t improve at the plate, since Gose or Rajai is the 4th and Melky can play a decent CF.

    • Maybe just maybe Rasmus gets moved for a starter or JPA possibly

    • Unless there’s another trade there’s no chance Gose is on the opening day roster.

    • Gose will be in Buffalo this year until there is an injury.

      • Gose in AAA has to be done. He got a taste, a kick to his big ego and a little success. Get him in Buffalo and let him play centre every day and get lots of reps.

    • I’m pretty sure Bonifacio will be our 2nd CF

    • I see it differently. Colby can now bat 7th or 8th or whatever and do his own thing. Just needs to OPS in the .750 to .800 range with stellar defence.

      Less pressure on Colby with the lineup around him.

      The same could be said if Lind is platooned to play against RHP and if somehow, we get a big LHP masher who can DH. Many have suggested Jonny Gomes. I would normally dismiss this as a realistic option. But after this week, I say, why the fuck not?

      AA get us Gomes and another starter please.

  53. No fucking way! This offseason is blowing my mind. Are these really out Blue Jays?

  54. looks like colby rasmus might be on his way out.

    • Why do you think that? That just creates another hole.

    • I could see him staying or leaving. Rasmus in Cf, Gose in AAA or Gose in CF and Rasmus,Buck, Cash for Jon Niese or someone like him. Young and years of control just in case we Don’t resign Johnson.

      • The Bluejays aren’t spending 125 million to have Gose as their starting CF this year.

        • If it brings back Niese or Derek Holland they will.

          • No it won’t. What is with people’s obsession with Niese and holland. Romero has better peripherals and results overall throughout his career than both of those two. The cost to acquire those guys would be huge and their both mid rotation starters at best. Something we have plenty of now

        • Exactly. Gose is going to be in AAA. Let him take sometime to develop, absolutely no need to rush him.

    • lol and you called me stupid for saying the 4th outfielder might be on his way out?

  55. Hell yea, now get the Knuckler or bring back Roy !

  56. I still would love Gomes and Mccarthy but I have no idea how much money is left.
    Sounds like the money the Marlins sent us went into Melky, so hopefully that still leaves something for a SP.

  57. Here’s the updated roster and costs as I see them.

    Figures in parentheses are for 2013 salaries in millions of dollars.
    * Denotes the arbitration estimate via MLB Trade Rumors.

    Position Players – Starters (9 out of 9): Reyes (10), Melky (8), Jose (14), EE (8), Lind (5.15), Lawrie (0.5), Rasmus (4.5*), JPA (0.5), Bonifacio (2.5*),

    Position Players – Bench (3 out of 4): Buck (6.5), Davis (2.5), Izturis (3)

    Total Cost for 2013 for 12 position players: $65.15 million
    Holes to Fill: 4th Bench Player

    Starting Pitchers (5 of 5): Morrow (8), Johnson (13.75), Buehrle (11), Romero (7.75), Happ (3.8*)
    Relief Pitchers (7 of 7): Janssen (3.9), Santos (2.75), Delabar (0.5), Lincoln (0.5), Loup (0.5), Oliver (3), Rogers (0.5)

    Total Cost for 2013 for 12 pitchers: $55.95 million
    Holes to Fill: None or one starter if Happ ends up as depth (praying to BJ gods one more time)

    Total Cost for 2013 for 24 players: $121.1million
    Additional Costs**: $1.5


    Again for the pre-arb guys Lawrie, Delabar, Lincoln, Loup and Rogers I gave them $500k. I changed Rasmus’ arbitration number to reflect the estimate they had in MLB Trade Rumors of $4.5 million. In addition to Rasmus, I put Happ down for $3.8 million and Bonifacio for $2.5 million as per MLB Trade Rumors.

    I have Bonifacio as the starting 2nd baseman at this point. Again feel free to flip Izturis and Bonifacio if that rocks your boat a little better. Unfortunately, I have included Happ as 5th starter at this point. Still hoping that the Jays make another move for someone else like Marcum perhaps and send Happ back to the depth bench but that looks doubtful.

    Total payroll is sitting at $121.1 million for 24 players.

    Spots that still needed to be filled: 4th Bench Spot or 8th reliever if you’re into S&M.

    • Thanks for the breakdown. I might be high on this offseason, but I think Happ’s a pretty solid 5th starter. That is, I don’t think it’s essential to add someone that’s clearly better than him. Happ had his best ever FIP with his worstt ever BABIP last year, with improved controll and K/9… there just might be something worthwhile there. As for the last bench spot. i can’t even think who to look for, since most names have already been crossed off the wishlist by virtue of being acquired by AA in the last week. Worst case, McCoy is back with reduced PT at around $500k.

      • NP. Still hoping it’s Gomes. I bet he could be had for $2 million maybe $3 million tops. Of course first preference would be for one more starting pitcher.

    • Excellent work as usual NM.

      Although Melky’s deal may be slightly backloaded and (hopefully) with a buyout/option attached.

      Even more monopoly money for AA!

  58. Only thing missing is a JJ extension to make this the greatest off-season I’ve ever witnessed for a team I happen to cheer for.

    The current best off-season in my mind is still this one without a JJ extension, but still..

  59. Holy shit, we’re really going for it!!!

  60. SO…..the jays sign cabrera, off the heels of the big trade…hockey is locked out…..and yet…on the fan 590 right now…they are talking hockey lock out

    who the fuck cares man. what the fuck.

  61. Jays roster is pretty much set now.

  62. REAP IT Farrel you fucking trader piece of shit!!

  63. Thank you Sir may I have another!

  64. I am starting to think John Farrett made all this happen – this is the biggest revenge FUCK YOU of all time in baseball. AA is an angry ex, except he gets even.

    My new t-shirt for RedSux series

    Dear John, I ain’t mad atcha . . . Actually, Thanks.

    • Yeah I’ve thought that for a few days. Rogers didn’t like being dissed and neither did Beeston or AA. It’s not the only reason, but Rogers would have to protect their brand after that mess went down.

    • When Farrell had his press conference after defecting to beantown, he speciflcally took a shot at AA and Beeston saying that he was happy to be with a team that was willing to go after pieces to build a winning team.

      After what’s happened over the last week, we can assume AA, Beeston and Rogers took that comment personally.

  65. Moises Alou for hitting Coach!!!

  66. No one is going to give a pat on the back to rogers? They finally ponied up money and everyone is congradulating AA? Give rogers some credit for adding like close to 200 million lol

  67. With Reyes and Melky hitting 1-2 and a 40 homer guy hitting behind, Bautista’s RBI over/under has to start at 135.

  68. #GoJays #FuckFarrell #Can’tGetAnyWorkDone #AA


  70. does anyone know if rasmus has been offered arb yet? it seems if he’s not traded he will simply be non tendered at this point. He has little value at 4.5 mil.

    • Um……what?

      Of course he won’t be non-tendered. He’ll be offered arb. He’s still a plus defensive CF, and is light years ahead(offensively) of the only other plus defensive CF.

      Rasmus isn’t going anywhere

      • Completely agree.

        …and 23 HR from your +D ain’t nothin’.

      • Except that melky can play centre so you can spend 5 mil better for a left fielder.

        • Rasmus >>>> Cabrera in the field.
          Melky should play LF, Id be more than pleased with that

        • A lawn chair can play centre, but that doesn’t mean it should.

          And if we’re being honest, a lawn chair offers about as much defence as Melky would on the field.

    • You are really, really dumb.

    • Rasmus stays. This takes pressure off of him. Now he’s just a piece of the puzzle. Cletus breaks out in 2013. Book it!

  71. We’re really doing it Harry!

  72. The lyrics from the new Soundgarden song go well with this situation right now lol

    Coin in every pocket
    More mouths to fill
    So weak in the land
    Strong in the will (need)
    I’ll be your beast of burden
    I’ll be the seed
    I bring you the healer
    Feel your disease
    I bring dirty water
    And make it clean (young)
    And you are the cure
    I am the drug

    And we settle for
    A little bit more than everything

  73. I’ll throw this out there, I might be crazy, but then again the Jays did call Bobby Cox.

    It looks like the Jays will get a Latino manager with this roster. And as long as they are calling old guys, there’s a very respected Latino (Dominican) former manager who was down the 401 for a long time. Acta would be fine, but you know what? I make that call to Mister Felipe Alou. As long as you’re going for it like this, why the hell wouldn’t you ask him?

  74. What was Melky supposed to get before the PED’s? Something like 5+ and $100+?

    And really, as with most long term deals, you only pay for the back years so you can get the front years.

    We got the guy in his prime for two years (without having to commit to any on the backend) and way, way below what he was gonna make if he didn’t get caught.

    As for the PED’s themselves….I feel way better then I would if he had a Brady Anderson-esque power surge out of nowhere….but really, his XBH rate was about the same as career norms. His triples are a lot more, but he’s about on his regualr pace for doubles and HR.

    Maybe PED’s jsut weren’t helping him that much?

  75. Beeston: We need to make the playoffs twice in the next four years per my comment last offseason.

    Alex: It shall be done.

  76. i.imgur.com/3jiah.gif

  77. Reyes



    Who you like more, friends?

    • Seems pretty close on the surface.

      Like the Jays upside more.

    • Games against the Yankees will be some exciting baseball.

    • I fucking *love* that A-Rod is nowhere near that list. He earns $28 million next year, plus $6 mil bonus for #660, which he’ll probably hit.

    • Many 10-9 games

    • us. Cano will probably out-WAR whoever our leader is. but overall, us.

      Tex does not look the same anymore. and you have to be skeptical of Jeter every year at his age, despite how solid last season was. Gardner’s more of an injury question mark than Melky is a PED question mark. is Granderson even a lock to come back?

      • Granderson has a bad playoff and you think their gonna write off those regular season stats?? Crazy

      • Look, the Blue Jays look great on paper. But stop with this automatic “BLUE JAYZ WIN EAST LOLZ!!1111″

        Despite their ages, Yankees are still a stacked team. And you’re kidding yourself if they don’t make a move if they feel they’re even remotely close. The Rays are also a fantastic team that the Blue Jays always struggle against no matter how craptastic their stadium or uniforms look. The Rays have pitching and a deep farm system with probably the best GM in the game. Let’s just be happy that the Jays are a competitive team who will continually stick to the long-term plan set forth by AA and co.

    • I hate to say this, but I like the Yankees top 5 slightly better.

      BUT, I think the Yankees top 5 is more prone to aging/injury than the Jays top 5. Jeter could easily have a garbage season next year as age finally catches up to him, like any one of the seasons he had before last season. That alone would drop the Yankees top 5 below ours.

    • The Jays might have the edge when you look at those five. But when you include ARod, it gives them the edge overall. Before he got hurt last year, he was quite good. Even as a shell of what he once was, he still walks a lot and hits for some power.

  78. Melky Cabrera is 2013′s Candy Maldonado.

  79. Remember when moses said let my people go or I will rain down plagues on you?

    Well he let the slave farrell go and is raining down plagues on him anyways!!!!!

  80. This is not rogers. This is all Beeston. Remember we were told that AA had to guarantee a playoff spot to get money. I think Beeston told rogers that he could now guarantee playoffs, which would result in a lot more revenue and so they approved it. Now if it doesn’t work he’s shown that these are mostly short term contracts so it can be dismantled easily.

  81. Even if Melky regresses some back towards his KC numbers that’s still a 4 WAR player for Left Field. That would rank him 2nd in the AL among full time left fielders and 4th if you count Hamilton and Trout who played there part time. If the PED thing was a red herring and he continues to perform at the pace he was on last year that’s 6.4 WAR for 155 games.

    The beauty about playing in Toronto is that the park factor could potentially negate some of any potential benefit from the PED’s

    • Good point. The Rogers Centre, man in white or not, will hopefully offset the potentially tetosterone-aided BABIP.

    • I was making the same argument with some work friends re: Skydome being a muhc friendlier park for hitters than AT&T.

      Honestly, I’m more concerned about his sky high BABIP from last year than the PEDs.

  82. Maybe Farrell comes back now? heehee

  83. yessssssssssssssssssssssss!

  84. ok time to get on the phone to the Doc and see if he wants to come win a title.

    • at the trade deadline…

    • next season, when we’ll be coming off an ALCS loss and he’ll be a FA when his option doesn’t vest. Rogers will want the actual playoff spot before they kick us up another $12m or so. =)

  85. Rogers has been rewarded with my money. Ten game flex pack purchased. Outfield 100s. My favourite spot. Ironically right behind Melky for eight of the ten games.

    • Just curious, how much does a flex pack like that cost…. I’ve never bought one before, but am thinking of buying one right fuckin now.

    • i have to wait for in-season so i can narrow down specific dates i want to go, but i’d send them an IOU right now if i could.

    • I’m with you man I’m just waiting for offical confirm of the Miami deal and then me and my buds will be renewing the flexpacks. I have mentioned a few times on here that unless they showed a commitment to the fans by spending $$$ I was OUT.
      Now, I am glad to say we are back IN. Good job AA and Rogers!
      Let’s ppaly ball. More after official notification

  86. mind…. exploding…

  87. So now after AA finds a manager the next thing on the list is to find a starting pitcher to fill the 4/5 slot in the rotation so Happ can be the super long relief/fill in starter guy

  88. So after all this, how many times will the Blue Jays be on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball or FOX Saturday baseball? I set the over-under at…0 games.

    • I’ll take the UNDER!

      …. no… wait….

    • Over for sure. Hard to ignore the Jays now, no?

    • Baseball is a regional television sport. As long as Toronto is a part of Canada, networks won’t be looking to get them on TV unless they’re a world series champion or have a transcendent star like Trout or Harper.

    • As someone who’s is temporarily living in America…. your comment is spot on.

      We might get a token game. Maybe.

  89. Holy Fucksticks! Jays are woody the woodpecker’in nicely!

  90. Ok since I am completely on a Blue Jay high right now I’m going to let the euphoria carry me away and wonder if these moves might make it even more attractive for someone like Dan Haren perhaps to take a one-year deal on the chance he can rebuild his value some and play for a stacked team while he’s at it?

    I guess to be fair it’s probably unlikely there’s an extra $10 million or so lying around for him but a one year deal with potentially so much upside….

    A healthy and productive Haren would give you at least 3 #2′s to go with Morrow and Johnson who just might make it to true #1′s this season if both pitch like they are capable of.

  91. I agree with Wilner, spending this much money, and some much uncertainty in the bullpen Brandon lyon or Jason Frasor are coming back, hopefully Lyon.

    • so much uncertainty

    • What uncertainty in the pen?

      • Wilner isn’t completely sold on Delebar, Loup, Lincoln, Rogers, Jeffress, Cecil. and Santos coming back from injury can’t blame him if Oliver comes back fine, but if not with how much money rogers has spent this season maybe we should spend and bring Lyon back.

        • Fuck Wilner, he hasn’t hasn’t possessed the proper thinking on a number of issues, philosophies and courses of action in the last 3 to 4 years.

          Many of his opinions are at best a day late and a dollar short. It’s like he’s trapped in a baseball time capsule from 1998 to 2006. He is not on par with the course of the direction of the game’s trajectory in my opinion.

          Bring us the Rex Hudler “The Wonder Dog”!

    • Just hire John Gibbons as the manager and the bullpen will be fine.

    • They have Santos, Janssen, Delabar and Lincoln at least, as RH relievers. Throw in Jenkins or Carreno as long men and they look pretty good. Also wouldn’t be shocked if one of Jefress or Rogers breaks camp as well.

      If Oliver retires, they might want to look for another loogy though. Loup is still only a 24 year old that came out of nowhere.

      • Ya nothings wrong with the pen. And theres still a chance Happ ends up there.rong

      • Evan Crawford will be given a long look in spring training. But yeah, having another LOOGY should Oliver retire would be warranted.

        Let’s not forget that Cecil is out of options and wouldn’t fetch much in a trade. With the new additions to the rotation, Cecil’s best shot of making the 25 man roster is in the bullpen.

        • Cecil would be a perfectly good LOOGY at least going by his splits. Imo the Jays have Loup, one of Oliver or Cecil and Delabar for dealing with LHB. Check out Delabar’s splits vs LHP they are pretty sick.

    • If I’m AA, neither one of those 2 come back. Frasor was 3.8m last year and Lyon 5.5m for a total of 9.3m! There isn’t a hope inhell he’ll spend anywhere near that on 2 retreads-not with Janssen at 3.9. No, he’ll be after another starter like maybe a Niese (or GEE from NYM) or Masterton from Cleveland

      • I am with you on those guys not coming back especially Frasor. I mean if you had the luxury of doing it Lyon would be the safer bet over Rogers. That said, if he could put the money towards a starter instead then it would be worth the risk considering filling a pen spot is far easier to do from your minor league depth. Let’s not forget there’s a lot more elite arms like Stroman that are far closer to helping later on this season compared to last season.

  92. Damien Cox is gonna have a field day with this!

    So many questions to ask!

  93. Aside from the obvious amazingness of the players acquired this week, the thing I’m most pleased about is that the Jays put themselves in a position where Gose, TDA, Synd, are Sanch are all now pushed down the depth chart where they can take the necessary time to develop properly as opposed to being rushed out of depth needs.

    • Yes, yes, all day yes

    • Yep and payroll is looking very good for next year even when you include the bumps for Reyes and Buehrle.

      • That’s another good point. This payroll actually looks sustainable.

        As salary increases happen over the next few years, there will be a steady flow of contracts expiring along with a handful of 0 to 3 service guys/ early arb guys waiting to replace them so that it all adds up.

        • Here’s the comment I made about 2014 payroll from yesterday. Sorry for length.

          Don’t forget the following contracts come off the books in 2014. Johnson – $13.75 million, Oliver – $3.0 million, Buck $6.5 million, Davis $2.5 million for a total of $25.75 million.

          Expected raises for returning players that are not arbitration eligible will eat about $16.95 million of that if you bring back Lind for his $7 million option. Without a huge turnaround that is probably unlikely but we will leave him in for now because I’m slightly delusional or a supreme optimist, you choose.

          Rasmus, Happ and Bonifacio are the only 3rd year eligible players on the team in 2014 and those years could potentially be expensive if they have good seasons. If you give them another 50% bump over what they made in 2013 you’re on the hook for an addition $5.4 million. Again that number has the chance to be a lot higher but it’s impossible to say at this point.

          The other arbitration eligible guys – JPA, Lincoln and Rogers are first year eligible in 2014 and they usually just get double what they had the year before if they had good seasons, so count them at $1 million each or $1.5 million more than last year combined.

          So if you count Lind in for 2014 (I’m such an optimist I know) you’re looking at roughly a bump of $23.85 million for 2014 minus $25.75 million for a net decrease of $1.9 million in payroll compared to 2013.

          If you filled those vacant spots internally with Gose for Davis, d’Arnaud for Buck, Cecil for Oliver, Hutchison for Johnson – I know, I know that makes me a sad boy, at the major league minimum of $500k for everyone with the exception Cecil who would be in the same spot as Rogers at $1.0 million then you’d be virtually even with just a $600k increase. If you take Lind out you’re back to a decrease of $4.4 million compared to 2013.

          However, let’s not forget Daddy Selig is also increasing your allowance by another $25 million in 2014.

          Imo AA has done a really great job in setting up the payroll for the next couple of years at least especially if Rogers sticks with it.

          • One eye on the stars, and one on the horizon.

          • I hope JJ’s 13M+ don’t come off the books

          • @torontojeff you and me both. With the $25 million coming in 2014 and potential revenue increases from 2013 hopefully the cash is there for him. If not I’d still love for them to try and move Buehrle instead and use the money on Johnson. The potential drop from Buehrle to say Hutchison is likely to be less than the one from a healthy Johnson to Hutchison.

          • i don’t even think Toronto fans for the most part know how good JJ is, because Marlins don’t get much (game related) coverage. he’s a young Doc when he’s on. Soon enough everyone will know

          • I’ve been jonesing for him since he became available last year. He’s a legitimate ace if he stays healthy. Morrow was on the path to becoming one last year as well with 3 SO’s in his first 13 starts. That would be an awesome pair to look forward to for the next 3 or 4 years.

          • they can be the most dominant 1-2 in the league if everything pans out. Watching Johnson pitch will be one of those treats for toronto, just like Doc, Roger, etc

  94. I’m not a huge fan,but wouldn’t it be great if the new manager hires Bobby V as third base coach of something just so he could walk into Fenway and kick Farrell and the Bosux around.

  95. when is Cybuslski announcing the presser?

  96. [...] alas, it’s not. Christmas is actually in November. The Jays are about to announce the signing of OF Melky Cabrera, which combined with the colossal trade that will hopefully soon be [...]

  97. Surprisingly dull offseason so far.

  98. FAN 590 people are retarded. “Jays don’t need another distraction in Melky because of his 50-game suspension. Will the Blue Jays fans be able to look passed it?”

    Really? The Escobar thing was 10-times worse, and no one gave a shit once he came back.

  99. reyes, bonifacio, cabrera, bautista, encarnacion…potential five of nine starters from DR

    this is like the old days

  100. May 6-9…At the Trop…I want to see a fucking Maple Load shot all over the 7 fucking mouthbreathers watching the game…I am going to get alcohol poisoning this season for sure…

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