AA has gone full bad boy. He pissed off everyone in baseball by stealing the Marlins soul – and without pausing for so much as a minute to give a shit – he’s done it again by reportedly reaching an agreement with Melky Cabrera. Two-years and $16 million is what we’re hearing.

Presumably, the conversation went something like this:

AA: We’re interested in bringing you to Toronto to play for the Blue Jays.

Melky: I have some interest from several teams.

AA: What are they offering?

Melky: One-year incentive-laden deals.

AA: We’ll give you two years, guaranteed.

Melky: Amo Toronto y todos los fanáticos del béisbol canadienses.

Ok, so let’s rundown just how fanfuckingtastic this is before the trolls chime in with their dimwitted cries of “he’s a cheater” and “he won’t be any good without his precious PEDs”. The question of who hits in the two-hole has been answered. If the season were to start tomorrow, then the Jays lineup would look something like this:

SS Reyes
LF Cabrera
RF Bautista
DH Encarnacion
3B Lawrie
1B Lind
C Arencibia
CF Rasmus
2B Izturis -or- Bonifacio

Sweet son of Ted Rogers’ ghost that’s something to behold, isn’t it? And don’t act like that sexy .346/.390/.516 triple-slash line is all due to PEDs. A slight regression would be in order, but it would be for anyone putting up gaudy numbers like that.

Drew has more on the Cabrera signing over at Getting Blanked, and I’m all but certain that Stoeten will be jumping on here shortly to have his own say. With that, I leave you with some epilepsy inducing eye candy.

Three GIFs for Melky Cabrera

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  1. Rogers needs to spend some money and terminate Zaun’s radio and tv contract and get someone who knows what the fuck they are talking about.

    • Zaun knows what he’s talking about, it’s just that point of view is jaded. It’s just not a god fit for the product that AA is building. He’d be perfect with the White Sox crew!

      If you really thing that your broadcast talking heads are of value (which I do), I would be contacting Rex Hudler “The Wonder Dog”. He could turn a rain out into a positive!

    • Let’s call Miami and see if we can’t trade Zaun for Dave Van Horn,

  2. To everyone saying “best offseason ever”, it’s exciting for sure but does no one remember the hyper for the ’06 season when they signed Burnett, Ryan, and traded for Overbay? That was HYPE too

  3. You think last year was PED induced? well he was tested in 2011 too, .305/.339/.470. I’ll belive it when it’s processed though, last time ESPN Desportes broke a story there was a sale at Eatons. More false reports come out of that site than an excel sheet full of zeros.

  4. Be interesting to see just how big of an increase there is in season ticket sales over last year.

    Rogers could really come up with some funny commercials. “We built it bitches. Now do your part and come on out.”

    For all our bitching, and I fully believe it was warranted, they really do deserve a tip of the hat for finally living up to their end of the deal. Let’s just hope everyone can stay healthy and we get close to the expected results.

  5. Projection on the lineup using Bill James
    avg/ obp/ slg/ woba

    SS-Jose Reyes- .295 .352 .434 .339
    LF-Melky Cabrera-.295 .352 .434 .339
    RF-Jose Bautista-.259 .377 .529 .387
    DH-Encarnacion- .271 .359 .504 .364
    3B- Brett Lawrie- . 289 .342 .465 .348
    1B-Adam Lind- .272 .329 .460 .340
    C- J.P. Arencibia- .232 .278 .451 .311
    CF- Colby Rasmus-.237 .312 .427 .317
    2B- Bonafacio- .275 .336 .350 .304

    what do u think?

    • i think d’arnaud can’t come up fast enough

      • Jose Bautista should see more hittable pitches with Reyes and Cabrera in front of him in the line up.

        .257 seems awfully low considering that.

        .280 is more realistic

        Fuck thats a solid line up

    • Bad year for the Jays – no .300 hitters.

    • Reyes and Melkman have the same projections?

    • Projection on the lineup using Bill James
      avg/ obp/ slg/ woba

      SS-Jose Reyes- .295 .352 .434 .339
      LF-Melky Cabrera-.295 .348 .432 .338
      RF-Jose Bautista-.259 .377 .529 .387
      DH-Encarnacion- .271 .359 .504 .364
      3B- Brett Lawrie- . 289 .342 .465 .348
      1B-Adam Lind- .272 .329 .460 .340
      C- J.P. Arencibia- .232 .278 .451 .311
      CF- Colby Rasmus-.237 .312 .427 .317
      2B- Bonafacio- .275 .336 .350 .304

      what do u think?

  6. Rogers next big move should be hiring Coke to prepare the 2013 WS commercial for the Bluejays


  7. AA’s next Ninja move will be trading the Bluejays into the AL Central for the Tigers

  8. We want Dickey!!!



  9. This one is a classic as well

  10. Who should be the next starting pitcher that AA picks up?

    • Dickey or Haren would be just fine by me. One would cost you more players and one would definitely come with a lot more medical risk but the upside for both is pretty sweet.

  11. I thoroughly enjoy seeing Melky try to low-five Robinson Cano in his home run trot.

  12. Fuck off Parkes! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  13. I never thought any of this would happen this soon and this fucking amazingly, so it got me pondering toward next year’s free agency:

    Does AA have the balls to be making a run at Cano in 2014? Fellow D.R. guy who already is friendly with some of the Jays looking for a big payday that the Yankees will be forced to break the luxury tax on – would Rogers pony up the money on a 30 yr old stud 2b, currently the cream of his positional crop? Or will AA worry he could go Chase Utley and drop off severely in his 30-33 years?

    The thought of another HOF Robbie at 2b and how fucking stacked that team would be is making me tremble

  14. Utley did manage to average 4 WAR from age 30 to 33 despite injuries and drop off in play – I’m assuming Cano will want a 6 year deal – the first 3 should be fantastic enough but the last 3 could be pretty bad – looking at Alomar’s #s he played exceptional until age 33 to 34 and then it all fell apart

    • for Cano, I think the Yankees would throw out their goal of getting under the tax line in 2014. so i don’t see us getting him.

      nothing wrong with driving the price up, though!

      • Yea I cant picture Cano not being a Yankee lifer, but recently I have seen some articles by NY writers suggesting the Yankees need to stop doling out big contracts starting with Cano and because of his age not worth re-signing.

        I agree that Jays should at least try and at worst they can drive the price up!

        Who knows, Cano may see the Jays as more of a contender than the Yanks. The Yanks will have Jeter, A-Rod, Grandy and Tex – I think Reyes, Bau, EE and Lawrie could be better than that 4 core not to mention whoever else Jays have. Maybe the Yanks try and trade a veteran piece to the Indians and acquire a younger, cheaper talent like Kipnis?

        Tons of possibilities – very exciting times for the AL East

        • I guess it also depends what Wright gets – Mets offered 6 years 110 million so that’ll likely be the bench mark for Cano – 6 years and a hundo – Yanks already got 3 of those 100 mil contracts to deal with . . .

        • Cano is not going anywhere.


          Im as fired up as everyone else but lets keep it straight here folks LOL

      • No way. If they don’t get under it, it costs them $50 million/year. So if they don’t get under it because of one player (or put another way, if they CAN get under it by NOT signing that player) They would be effectively adding that $50 million onto Cano’s contract.

        Depending on how long it took them to get to the threshold and reset the tax rate, you could be looking at an effective salary (from the Yanks perspective) of $40, $50, $60 million/year for Cano. Nobody is that stupid.

        • Agreed which is why I think it’s at least a possibility, more so than Fielder or Votto ever were (for coming here)

          Unless Yanks make some big trades that shed contracts, it will be really difficult to re-sign him

      • I’m sure the Yankees would pay someone 85% of A-Rod’s contract before they let the luxury tax prevent them from signing Cano.

        • Exactly or something along those lines. Im not saying they will keep Cano even if they have to go over the luxury tax but that they will clear the necessary space needed to retain him.

          Hes not goin anywhere IMO

  15. How about this: JPA + Rasmus + Osuna for Hellickson? Then we’re done.

    • How about never, ever, ever do that trade.

    • considering he is 16 and has ability comparable to the Lansing 3. Hellickson looks like a better Ricky Romero, IE he is getting lucky and players will catch up to him. Trading JPA+Rasmus+ Osuna is a bit of an over pay, when you think that Osuna is 16. I think jays fans look at JPA go offensively he is meh, well if you look at the strides he has made defensively he will get much better defensively. not to mention, Rays will say no to this trade. In division and better offers on the table.

    • Intradivision trades make even less sense now with the added importance of winning the division. Unless TBay were trying to rebuild, which they are not.

      I’d love if the Rays would help the Jays in their quest to win the division, but it seems unlikely.

    • Would you make that trade for Shields?

    • Hellickson’s peripherals are a disaster. I stay away and let somebody else find out if he’s legit or not.

  16. I just can’t stop looking at that potential lineup.

  17. Fuck, after 20 years I’m finally getting a woodie!!

  18. I’m the real JB!

  19. im fucking vibrating im so excited. how many times do you get to wake up to a new team?

  20. where’s the chubby homeless dude? he’s got nothing to say about this?

    • He looked really rough on that podcast a few days back. It has to be a subconscious cry for help.

  21. I feel like I’m fishing on a good day….I’ve got my limit on the stringer, but I’m just catching fish to upgrade the ones on the line.
    I don’t think there’s a giant impetus to do anything more…but if someone really wanted JPA, I’d listen. We’d like a young, manageable highside pitcher – you take JPA and Buhrle’s big contract.
    I’m almost embarrassed to ask for anything else. We’re the NICE guys, remember? We politely bitch and moan at the other teams when they spend money like drunk sailors – but now that drunk sailor is us! SUCK IT, HOSERS.

  22. This calls for more cat videos! skydiving cats!


  23. I found this gem on the ESPN comment board…..

    “Where is the All-Star game this year?

    Answer: Everyday in Toronto”

  24. Josh Johnson is a stud!!


  26. PaulBromby: John Farrell feels like the guy that ran into his EX who looks amazing, has lost 30 lbs and is now “trying new things ” #Jays

  27. I hereby formally petition all loyal DJFer’s to ask that John, I believe that was his name, quit his allegiance to the Jays and switch it to the Angels on or around November 13th every year from now on. Your actions, officially to be called The Great Bandwagon Leap from this day forward, undoubtedly triggered the greatest off season in Jays history. Being a superstitious fool, I am most certain that without your heroic, karma fueled, leap none of this would have been possible.

    Thank You.

    • ya as I said when John first moved to the angels fans, I said how does the angels treating you now.

    • More pratfall than Great Bandwagon Leap.
      John barely made it halfway to the curb before hearing the news and having second thoughts.
      He might’ve been the straw that broke the camel’s back, however.

      Any chance it’ll become a Stat?

  28. So Manny Acta is clearly going to manage right?

    Can a team that is 5/9ths Dominican really go any other way?

    Reyes, Melky, Joey Bats, EE, Bonaficio, Perez, Rogers.. am I forgetting anyone – Sierra..

  29. Do the Jays still ave a protected 1st round pick to play with? Just ask’n.

    • Ja

    • yes something like the bottom 15 picks are protected I believe

    • Jays Kept their best prospect and Catcher “D’aurnad, best OFer “Gose” Best 2 pitching prospects “Syndergaard and Sanchez” their 2 1st round picks last year “DJ Davis and Marcus Stroman” and still have the 9th overall pick this year.

    • Yes. Top 10 picks are protected. Pirates get the 9th pick for failing to sign Appel. Jays pick 10th, so it’s protected. If the Jays sign a FA who had received and rejected the qualifying offer, they’d give up a 2nd round pick.

  30. It feels like AA is playing “MLB The Show 13 GM Edition “.

    This can’t be real life.

  31. Are the jays at a point now where it would make sense to give up a good asset for Joe Maddon?

    I’m thinking yes.

  32. Well this will give the sports writing crowd in the T-dot something to talk about…

  33. the ninjas has to be the best GM in baseball, period.

    I think he has another move up his sleeve :) perhpas flip Burhle and JP for another pitcher

    • for ra dickey type perhaps?

      • fuck never. mark buehrle is a horse. if you are going to flip him flip him for something a bit more than 38 year old RA dickey. yes he had a great year in the NL, but that is just it the NL. I guarantee that shit would have a 4 era in the AL.

  34. I no loger think that ninja is appropriate in describing AA.

    I think that we have to consider Sensei.

  35. My husband still has a lot more players available if you are interested…call 1-800-FIRE-SALE.

  36. I highly doubt Beuhrle and his back loaded contract or anyone else from that trade for that matter will be flipped.

    I think in spending on Melky AA has illustrated spending this off season is finally a reality thus flipping any of the assets aquired from the Marlins who are all core pieces albeit John Buck not very practical.


  38. earlier this year I was posting dream off season scenarios, where I didn’t even think the moves would happen, something like signing Travis Hafner and Edwin Jackson…………… AA you proved us all wrong.

  39. How do you like us now??!!??

  40. to John Henry:
    I have enjoyed my time in Boston, but I feel I should let you know, that if there is any way to trade me back Toronto, I wouldn’t mind, as it’s sort of my life long dream to win a world series …

  41. do you know what is fucking crazy? a few days ago someone wondered if it was possible that Halladay might sign here in 2014. everyone was all “just let this die already.” he could be back now if he hits free agency.

  42. Sure will be nice when “The Trade” and this signing become official…..

  43. Are the Jays going to hire a translator so that the English speaking players know what the hell is going on in the dugout?

    • They already had Luis Rivera who did a lot of that I believe. Wouldn’t surprise me if more of the American born players didn’t have a decent grasp of Spanish already.

  44. My co-worker just decided to bet me that the Jays won’t make the postseason with these moves. I took him up on that without hesitation and asked him if he’d be planning to file for a charitable exemption after the donation he just made to my chequing account.

  45. I wonder how many calls Farrells getting from media asking for reaction interviews. Bet he’s thrown at least one phone by now.

  46. I’ve had a raging boner since Tuesday. This is going to be an exciting season. After the slew of moves AA has done, I don’t even care what’s going on in hockey town.
    I don’t want to see JPA get flipped. I’m a fan of the guy, and I’m sure he loves Toronto (before the moves). But if we can get pitching help, I feel this team would be complete.
    Feel free to comment fellow Jays fans.

    P.S John Farrell can gargle on Ace’s cock.

    • If JPA and or Rasmus can be moved for a starter capable of slotting in that 3 hole per say you have to do it.

      And for everyone who still feels Darnaud needs start in AAA coming off injury to settle himself, Im okay with Wilson and Buck sharing catching duties until Darnaud gets the nod.

      If there is anything in play for pitching regards to JPA the perfect time to move him is now and I would be all for it.

      • You’re right. But I don’t know if Zeus 2.0 is going to move Rasmus. JPA might fetch more along with a prospect. I’d hate to see him leave but if it would make the Jays an even stronger superteam then go right ahead.

        Did I mention John Farrell likes the taste of day old horse shit in his morning Boston tea?

    • Epic!

  47. May 14 and 15 vs SF Giants at Rogers Centre
    June 4 and 5 vs SF Giants at AT&T

    The Wireless Cup

  48. So….. The next manager is:

  49. I can’t believe this, but I am really pumped about the Blue Jays getting the former “Worst Everyday Player in the Major Leagues.” Funny how much of a difference two years can make.

  50. Dan Szymborski (@DSyzymborski) tweeted that ZiPS has Melky projected for 2.6 WAR next year and then 2.3 in 2014 with that caveat that ZiPS doesn’t take into account any possible effects of PED usage.

    That’s pretty encouraging and a 2+ win player for $8 million seems like a decent deal to me, especially with the Jays in the “marginal wins are incredibly fucking valuable” territory.

  51. Shi Davidi ‏@ShiDavidi
    Paperwork for #Jays-#Marlins blockbuster all filed, announcement possible this weekend, but Monday may be more likely

    • To me this means physicals = passed

      • Sounds good. It will probably be the mother of all press conferences when it’s finally announced. The Jays writers are going to have enough story lines to keep them busy well before spring training even starts.

      • I can’t wait another two days for an official announcement. I can’t walk around with this Blue Jay boner forever lol

  52. This is THE best fuck you Farrell, fuck you in your Masshole.

  53. best piece I read today http://aleastbound.com/2012/11/16/alex-anthopoulos-the-art-of-war/

    basically get off AAs nuts for hating on him, ever.


  54. tonight i am getting so fucking drunk and smoking so much goddamn dope and cigarettes

  55. Going for the broke. 2012 is the redemption year. Zack Greinke do you want in?

  56. I’d just like to give a little shout out to all Sox, Yanks and Rays.

    We’re baaaaaaaaack…….muthafukas.

  57. Were the Dutch playing footy today by any chance?

  58. Hulet notes Descalfini would most likely been in the 16-22 range on the prospect list but will be in the Marlins top 15.

    Also promotes Tirado, Lopes and Pillar into the 13-14-15 holes respectively with the Marisnick-Nicolino-Hech departures

  59. Do any of you folks out there (potatoes?) think it is possible that AA moves Romero this offseason?
    I can envision a scenario where some team , say NYM, want JPA but AA says you gotta take RR off ofour hands. S’thing like Miami did to us when we wanted Reyes-they said yeah but Buerhle and that contract goes too and it expanded form there.
    Or do most of you think AA gives RR 8 weeks of redemption next year and if he still shits the bed thru May he just gets Lincecumed( Moved to the BP to rot?)

    • I agree with yer seond half of post. I dont think you run Romero outta town that soon. He will be given ample opportunity to put last seasons debacle of a year behind him. I think 8 weeks is an appropriate timeline all things considered.

      Heres to a bounce back season for RR and heres to hoping he throws a wild pitch into the boston dugout at Farrels onion

    • I would give Romero to the all star break to sort himself out. I would be interested to see how he does with a potentially new pitching coach (Hentgen) and fully healed.

    • it could be a bad move to give up on Romero so early. I am fine with giving him the #5 spot for 2013. not sure how much value he has at the moment anyways.

    • Jaysus fukstick

      It hasn’t been a week since I had to calm you the fuck down, and here you go again!
      You may need a trip to the vet if this keeps up. Just sayin’.

      So…in terms (and lyrics) I know you like and understand…
      Don’t Stop Believing

      Be the guy “paying anything to roll the dice just one more time.” RR is that guy.
      You gotta think a ton of pressure has been taken off his shoulders in the last few days. His fierce pride and solid work ethic will see him right as rain, just you wait.

      Spud out (until your next anxiety attack.) Cheers.

  60. The Blue Jays still aren’t winning much love from a good portion of the main stream media, especially outside Canada. All I hear is “they have gotten better but there are still the sox and yankees.” Fuck that bull shit. Look at the teams, the Yankees aren’t the 1930s Yankees and it’s the Rays not the Red Sox that will be competitive.

  61. They better approve this f*ckin trade. The panzy mayor of miami wrote bud selig a letter to stop it

  62. 3 thoughts:
    1. I wish Henderson Alvarez was on the team to learn and experience what will be an amazing season and post-season. He’s a young guy, and a good pitcher, who gave it his best for us last year.
    2. Mark Buerhlem must be psyched about the Melky hire. He’s probably not thinking about his dog as much.
    3. Those of you who keep talking about your erections: stop it. For one, your wives deserve your erections when you’re in bed not what you’re on line. For two, it’s really sick (I mean that in the bad way.)

    • Yeah would have loved to keep Alvarez too but what can you do? At least he’ll have a spot in the rotation for the foreseeable future in Miami.

      • LOL, I had a thought that we might be able to get back all those players, after they have improved for three years, for a burned out Buerhle, Johnson, and Reyes, at the next Miami fire sale.

      • night manimal: I hear you. no criticism of the trade intended.On any metric it’s phenomenal. But of all of the guys we sent to Miami, he’s the one who deserved to stay.

        thought:4: Miami got some awesome talent. The trade is not lopsided. We got a better 2013 but they got a better 2015.

        thought 5: JPA must be dying not to be traded now. And he’s someone (like Lind as someone pointed out above) will thrive in this spectalcular crowd of stars that’s now our team. (Can you believe it?!) Less pressure on him to win games. (Which, remember, he did pretty well last year).

        Panic button: maybe you need to look farther afield for websites that produce sexual excitement.Or maybe .. meet a girl?

    • Your post gives me a raging fucking hard-on

  63. Havent heard much about Nick Swisher have we?

    Honestly forgot all about the guy there for a while

  64. MELKY!!!! I knew it!! What a steal for this guy. What a great looking team!!!

    I cant help but think this is going to be really great for Adam Lind. He will be seen as one of the “weak” hitters in this line up and that means he should get a lot to hit rather than nothing but pitches on the outside part of the plate. Have him and EE rotate between DH and 1B so there’s not as much wear on Lind physically…. who knows maybe it could work!!

    Now all thats left is the 5th starter situation, I honestly dont mind Happ but we all know thats not HAPPening heheh. The wallet is open, make a move for a guy like Marcum or something, see what happens.

    FUCCCCKKKKK someone put me in stasis until March!!!! it’s too god damned exciting!!

  65. Haven’t heard Stoeten’s thoughts on this deal at all today. Did he blow his wad a little too hard?

  66. So I gotta say this. The events of the past few days make John Farrell look like a complete schmuck.

    And one more Farrelly thing. The Big Deal originated in the summer. When Farrell was our manager. Surely he would have known the Jays and Marlins were talking, so Johnson was theoretically available. But he didn’t tell the Sux? Who could have used that info. So either he’s a man of probity who honors the confidence of his former team (doubtful) or our front office saw the mess at Fenway, knew Farrett would be out of here the second the axe fell on Valentine, and kept him out-of-the-loop on who they were going after. Which makes him look like a schmuck to the Sux as well as it underlines how little trust his own employers had in him.

    • The Sox were after Johnson and Reyes, I think, but the Jays obviously had the better offer.

    • Agree and disagree

      Farrel=Schmuck (abso-fuckin-lutely)

      Whether Farrel was in the loop on the Marlins deal is irrelevant.
      I have no doubt Miami made it clear to all teams if they were willing to part with the pieces that came to Toronto in a salary dump deal. They are trying to get their best return as well and Im sure it was no secret who they had available.

      I do believe that there was simply no other team that could provide the young talent and swallow as much payroll as the jays. Red Sox def coulda took on the payroll but couldnt have matched the return the jays provided.

    • Farrell could have told the sox all about it and unless they were prepare to give up Middlebrooks and a lot more. The Red Sox dont have the farm system that the jays have so even if they had known about the deal they would not have been able to compete with the jays there. Plus Cherington would have looked like a mental patient to get rid of all that salary and then turn around and give up prospects to pick up a whole bunch of salary. Their fans would have been like “uh…. ok what the fuck man?”

  67. Roy Halladay? You there?
    Come on home now.

  68. I can’t believe this is happening.

  69. Here’s how I see the East this season as of now…

    Jays – these additions plus the likely addition of another pitcher make them the favourite… sure American media and analysts will still find a way to make someone else the favourite in the division but we know its not true.

    Yankees – The 4-5 spots in the rotation are who exactly? Will Pineda show the form he showed in his rookie year? Who knows. But in my opinion this team is old and has no real chemistry. Other teams are starting to flex in the East.

    Red Sox – well, we know they have a shit manager, we know that they are rebuiding etc. This could either be a very good year or another bad year for em.

    Rays – The pitching is there but what else; is there? Not enough offense here to be a factor in the east.

    Orioles – they will be back to their usual ways in no time

    • PTI had beautiful analysis of the Melky trade, topped off with Kornheiser saying “Edwardo Encarnacion is a good hitter” and that Melky has never hit .300 in a full season (which he did in 2011).

      But the American media wouldn’t call the Jays contenders if they were in the world series.

      • Tony Kornholer is a f*cking idiot

      • agreed…. in every prediction, the writers will find a way to make the Yankees favourites somehow.

        Moving on,,,,

        Some folks seem to think Marcum could be the 5th starter, seems solid to me. But some also think there’s another blockbuster coming as soon as the marlins deal is signed sealed and delivered.

        I am just so god damned excited!!!

    • And the Jays are relying on a Ricky Romero who was absolutely TERRIBLE last season, and JA Happ in the 4-5 spots in the rotation.

      Yes, be excited, but CC Sabathia is better than anyone the Jays have, and the Jays rotation isn’t exactly solid.

      • ha if just Sabathia goes down to injuries the Yankees are FUCKED. Also a healthy Johnson could out-pitch Sabathia.

      • The Yankees also currently have three starters and holes at the 4-5 spots. Pineda will also be a question mark for a bit. Not to mention that the Yankees have no starting catcher, no right fielder, no DH, no closer and no back up for the aging Jeter and ARod.

  70. Dudes: we don’t need another starter. We’re good to go. Look at our offensive power. No team past or present in the last ten years or more importantly next year can match it.

    • Just swing man insurance type would nice…

    • I’m not too worried… We have a top 4 of Johnson Morrow Burehle Romero (healthy).

      Happ is a decent 5th – we only really need a cheap shitbag to hold us over as insurance until Drabek and Hutch are back from TJ (and I’m likely forgetting an obvious 6th pitcher already on the roster). Don’t get me wrong i would be happy to get another starter but I dont want us to sign an albatross contract or sell the farm to get one.

      • As of right now, Happ is the favourite to be the 5th starter – he’d be about as good a fifth starter as any in the majors, and he’d be a #3 on plenty of teams out there.

        Other candidates on the roster at the moment if Happ shits the bed or an injury: Brett Cecil and Chad Jenkins.

        I can live with Happ, Cecil and Jenkins as the fifth guys for a few months until July if all goes well on the injury front, but I wouldn’t say no to an one-year stop-gap guy (i.e. a Blanton or an Oswalt when he first joined Philly, not the one who first joined Texas). A guy brought in for one year would be perfect as a bridge until when Drabek and Hutch are ready to show what they’ve got after TJ surgery.

        • Thanks – forgot about Cecil and Jenkins. Too crunk from celebrating.

          • Buerhle would be a terrific role model for Cecil to emulate – a lefty who knows how to locate his pitches and go deep into games.

            • Yeah I’m sure Cecil never thought about this new concept of throwing a ball to a location and the master wizard Buerle will show him how….

          • @Cam_13 … it’s one thing for a pitching coach to tell Cecil how to do something and it’s another thing for a veteran guy with a similar style to be there to glue yourself to and follow around. Look at how Burnett improved when he had someone like Doc to follow around, and then look at how Burnett shit the bed after he moved on to New York.

  71. If Lind & Rasmus do anything – this will be a top notch line-up….

    I’m smelling October baseball finally!!!

    • I get the feeling Lind is going to have a good year. He’s going to be seen as the weak link in the line up offensively along with Izturis so those two are going to get pitches to hit, Lind wont be getting pitched on the outside of the plate and we know he can hit fastballs over the plate to the upper deck, Izturis is also a scrappy hitter with a good eye that can put the ball in play.

      If you picture a healthy Lind getting pitches to hit, you can see the possibility of him having a come back year. I hope so for his sake, Ive always like Lind but now its time to shit or get off the throne.

      • 1) I would like to see Encarnacion and Lind rotating between the 1B/DH positions.Give Encarnacion at least 100 – 120 starts at 1B.

        2) I would never let Lind play 1B in a day game after a night game – don’t let his back act up – kind of like how teams handle their catchers.

        3) Lind will still get pitched tough – why would anyone go away from “the book” on him? Do you suddenly let guys get hits?

        • 1) agreed

          2.) agreed

          3) when you become the weak link in an order full of better hitters, the book can change and so can a hitters approach. Pitching him on the outside 1/3 of the plate may end up turning into free passes or,, with the pressure some pitchers feel to ensure they turn weak links into outs he could see a few more mistake pitches. Either way i just hope more meat in the order takes some pressure off Lind.

  72. Christ I don’t even think the Yanks have ever gone this fucking bonkers in the off season. April now dammit!!!!!!

    AA is a GOD. I dont think the Blue Jays, or the MLB for that matter will see a greater GM ever.

    As for the rest of the offseason, I doubt Gose will be a bench player behind Rajai this year, or for 2 years, and I certainly cant see him in AAA in 2014… He is prime trade bait. Maybe we can get Billy Butler and Joakim Soria or Justin Morneau and Matt Capps for Gose and Lind… I wanna see Lind go he is too unreliable. And we still need another stud in the bullpen. Oliver is aging and wont be as useful as last year. I also think AA is gonna sign Edwin Jackson to be our #5.

  74. Sad to see Adeiny Hechavarria go but I’m more excitted to have a proven all star at shortstop in Jose Reyes. John Johnson could be the real gem of the deal. He’s definitely Cy Young capaple. Mark Buehrle is an innings eating lefty arm that every contending team should have. He’ll show Brett Cecil how it’s done. Toronto could be the best landing spot for Melky Cabrera. Bautista’s leadership and work ethic will hopefully keep him in line. I get the feeling that AA might not be done making moves so it’s a toss up right now who stays even with these new signings. Napoli didn’t stay long in T.O. remember?

    I’ll say this about Colby Rasmus and the recent talks about his availability. The guy has John Olerud/Wade Boggs high BA hitting potential. There’s power in his swing to all fields if he would just get off being so stubborn of pulling the ball every time he goes to bat. I strongly believe Rasmus has star all over him if he concentrates more on taking the pitch and driving it rather than trying to turn the ball over and pull it.

    As for the position of manager? I’m all for Ernie Whitt because he really wants the job and is a fan favourite. I’d rather have a former blue jay who knows the team and wants to stay here for the long hall. This team doesn’t need another guy who’s gonna leave after a season or two.

    I’m liking these moves so far. Keep it up AA!!

  75. Sorry, I meant Josh Johnson could be the gem of this trade. If Alex trades Rasmus(which I hope he’s doesn’t), I’m comfortable with Gose in center with Cabrera in left and Bautista in right. Rajai Davis should get most of the platoon starts in all the outfield positions as well as the occasional DH assignment. I would play Bonifacio in the infield more than the outfield to spread out the opportunities. He could backup both Reyes and Izturis. Glad to have John Buck back in a Jays uniform too. The question now is how many games and at bats does this team take away from J.P. Arencibia? I can’t see John buck being content with a pure backup job but he was a good team player when he was here. One thing I do like about these signings is that the new players may contribute greatly when interleague play arrives. The more versatile bats in the lineup and on the bench, the better to manage tight game situations especially against the NL. The jays haven’t faired well in interleague play in recent years. These new bats may change that.

    • Gose may not start the season with the big club, but he will finish it with them. Colby is getting late to prove his value, so he’s got to produce. Rasmus’s history is against him with his cold spells at the plate. I like Gose to replace Colby in July

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