Getting Blanked has already run this, so I’m sure many of you have caught it there, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t pass along to the rest of you this nifty piece of work from the social team at theScore, as they give us a sneak peak of what the Jays might look like when they hit the field in April, featuring all of their delicious new toys.

Though… so help me if Kelly Johnson, Ben Francisco and Francisco Cordero somehow wind up back on this team. And please, let’s not pretend that there’s more than one version of OK Blue Jays worth polluting our ears with. But… whatever! Jose Reyes!

BONUS: For those of you who missed it last night, starting around the 23 minute mark of this clip you can hear me talking for several minutes too loudly into my phone about the Jays mega deal with Matt Cauz of TSN Radio.

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  1. Is today in mlbtr coming back?

  2. Is that a flyball?
    No, no, that’s a Reyes bunt.

  3. The part when the video showed “fransico” in the back a the jersey just crushed my excitement

  4. amazinggg video up until around the 2:15 mark where they show kelly johnson…. I thought he was gone.

  5. Haha Alex Anthopoulos mode, that’s funny!

  6. Anyway you can package that and send it along to the Masshole’s blog sites?

  7. Josh Johnson – high socks – sweet.

  8. MLB The Show 13 should hopefully have some improvement on the Jays side, since they are now a hyped team – maybe they will try and give them due justice like some of the other well known clubs.

    MLB 12 did some pretty good animations for Bautista, but some of the Jays were really messed up when it comes to running – EE ran hunched over like a gorilla and KJ’s home run trot looked exactly like Lind’s in real life.

    As long as they add the damn chicken wing to EE’s HR trot I will be stoked!

    • oh man MLB 12 pissed me off so much with how undervalued a lot of the Jays players were/are. Im shocked you ever even got to see KJ make a homerun trot, I’m not sure he hit the ball out of the infield when he was in my lineup. Guys like Lawrie and Escobar were horrible defensively.
      Whereas guys like Jayson Nix would hit and play like a superstar just because he had a Yankees logo on his chest.

  9. When are Shin Soo Choo and RA Dickey joining the Jays this offseason or next?

  10. oh shiii

  11. I liked the TSN interview a lot. Well done bearded one.

    Hey, that’s an interesting concept is have never heard spoken before……………. “I think keeping healthy is an acquired skill like hitting the ball… ”

    That might be one of the best comments I’ve heard about sports in some time….. At least gets you thinking.

    Should ask Cal Ripken what he thinks about that line… I’m

  12. Wassup Bitches!!!!


  14. MELKY

  15. I hope Anthopoulos mode manages to stick it to the Marlins even more by flipping Buck+Buehrle+something else for Stanton in a 3 way trade. Or even Upton!

  16. seems only natural that the canadian team would bag the melk man

  17. Blue Jays sign Leche 2/16MM…..melky me!

  18. Is this real life??

  19. Jays sign MELKY

  20. Holy hell Melky! AA strikes again!


  22. AA has been unleashed…

  23. anyone else concerned that PEDs might EP…specifically the P of Melky?

  24. Serious!!!!!?

  25. Damn did I ever sign with the wrong team…

  26. MELKMAN!

  27. Did we sign Melky?!!!


  29. It’s all happening at once! AA is playing video game GM with real life pieces. Melky!!!!

  30. MLBTR is reporting thru ESPN Deportes.

    Pending physical, as usual.

  31. Holy shit!


  32. Holy shit is this enough convincing for Oliver to unretire

  33. The Blue Jays now possibly have 4 of the 9 starting players on the DR WBC team for this spring (Jose, Edwin, Reyes and Melky) – we now have two WBC teams to cheer for –

    Canada vs Dominican Republic final

  34. I’m not going to lie. Everytime i hear “OK Blue Jays” my heart races and i get a little misty eyed.

  35. ummm, are the chips lined up to get Robinson Cano as a FA next year ?????? (joking, only sort of, but yes joking)

  36. My fuck!!

    Getting Them to The Greek!

    My jersey is muthfukin coming on again for 4 straight days in a Row!

  37. Looks like the Score’s gonna have to redo this video

  38. Jeez at this rate there will be a presser on Monday announcing the trade, Melky and the manager all in one shot!

  39. 4 switch hitters in the lineup , mofo Blue Jays

  40. This is fucking AWESOME!!!! It’s like Rogers are trying to prove how wrong the critics were, and at the same time telling Farrell how much of an ass he was to bail

  41. The Blue Jays have agreed to sign Melky Cabrera to a two-year, $16MM contract, Enrique Rojas of reports. ACES represents Cabrera, who must pass a physical for the deal to be completed.

  42. “Hello, AA, this is Greinke. Call my agent because I wanna come and play for the Jays and get a WS ring”.


    I wish

  43. Think the Jays get on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball now???

    Set up a Jays shop in Dominican Republic asap Rogers – petition for a licence for SN – DR.

    And, can we now get a Spanish speaking beat reporter for the print and/or TV side

  44. Reyes Vs LHP Reyes
    Melk Man MelkMan
    Joey Bats Joey Bats
    EE EE
    Lind? Jp Dh
    Lawrie Lawrie
    Rasmus Itsurizs
    Jp Rasmus
    Bon Face Buck


  46. Is Melky’s suspension done?

  47. Stoeten no you’ve been busy, but if you do a afternoon snack, Fangraphs has the updated top 15 prospects list and a great article on how the Marlins coming to Toronto have more than just higher taxes to deal with.

  48. Now the question is how many club options are attached.

    Since he’s a free agent, I’ll guess AA could only squeeze one out of him, though he did get two from Kevin Gregg.

  49. Well fuck me and cally me Sally. Jesus, Melky?

    AA is pushing it in folks. After sitting and folding 90 hands in a row, he’s got bullets and he’s pushing his chips in.

    All we need is another arm for the rotation.

    FUCK YOU John Farrell!!!!

  50. Melk is so fucking good for you!

    Rogers: “Alright Alex, now that that idiot Farrell is gone, you can have your fucking money.”

    What the fuck is going on? Do MLB front offices really think the Yankees and Red Sox are that vulnerable (yes)? Do AA & the Beest really believe wage inflation is about to go nuts and they are trying to get ahead of the curve (probably)? Is Rogers really, truly, worried that the Jays will negatively impact the brand (harder to believe; people already rather dislike them…)? A mix of all three? Am I about to wake up?

    Allright. No more coffee.


  52. I don’t think there is any doubt about it that AA will sign a Spanish speaking manager.

  53. Holy shit. My mind is blown. All this time hoping that moves like this would come, pinch me!!! AA really got on it early this offseason, not many other teams seem to have made any real moves yet. Strike while the iron is hot!

  54. Fuck Yes!!! AA me love you long time. Just one more starter to go now!


    Boom Baby!

  55. AA is a joke. He only got Aviles for our manager? Basically giving him away?
    He has no clue what it takes to build a winner.
    Rogers is cheap as hell.
    Fire AA and bring in a real GM!

  56. Breaking: Cialis sales around Canada plummet

    Man, is this even medically healthy? Was just going flaccid and now I have another rager.

  57. Best week ever!!!

  58. Quite honestly just started giggling uncontrollably. The idea of there being actual people in the Skydome beyond opening day? Get the fuck in.

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